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May 29th, 2017

The Entertation Index: May 22-29

Each week KSR’s Funkhouser collects the best of pop culture. The Entertation Index collects the best of the week for your consumption.


Day, Memorial — In honor of Memorial Day and all the real-life soldiers who have and continue to protect us both in this country and around the world, it’s worth revisiting this great Grantland piece saluting the greatest servicemen of our pop culture landscape.
Link: The Top Ten Movie Troops of All Time: A Definitive, Armed Forces-Informed Ranking

Foxx, Jamie — The Ray Oscar winner told Howard Stern this week that during the run up to his Academy Award accolade, he received a call from Oprah Winfrey, who gathered together prominent stars like Quincy Jones and Sidney Poitier at her home to stage an intervention for Foxx’s partying. Since then, Jamie Foxx has gone on to star in other Oscar-caliber movies like Valentine’s Day, Stealth and Law Abiding Citizen. Thanks, Oprah!
Link: Foxx – “Oprah Staged and Intervention for me, Told Me I Was “Blowing It.”

Foxx, Jamie (2) — The Law Abiding Citizen star appeared on Jimmy Fallon this week where he pretended to use sign language on a Tonight Show promo, angering activists for the deaf and hearing-impaired community. Thanks, Oprah!
Link: Nyle Demarco – Jamie Foxx Was Disrespectful to Make Up Sign Language on Tonight Show

Man, The Running — If you’re not familiar with the Earwolf podcast “How Did This Get Made?”, it focuses on terrible movies and picks them apart piece by piece in a fantastic way. Some episodes are stellar, some are just okay, but every now and then they really find a prime subject. Like 1987’s The Running Man. Mowing the yard or driving today? Put it on and enjoy. Good times.
Link: Podcast – “How Did This Get Made: The Running Man”

Plinko — This week saw a lot of news, but perhaps none more groundbreaking than the fact that this Penn State student broke a Price is Right record when he hit the $10,000 slot three times while playing Plinko. Did you see it? THIS IS A TRICK QUESTION OF COURSE YOU DIDN’T SEE IT YOU HAVE A JOB LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.
Link: Watch a Dude Go Absolutely Apesh*t After Breaking a Plink Record on Price Is Right

Rodriguez, Alex — Number one Alex Rodriguez fan Alex Rodriguez has allegedly been tapped by ABC news to serve as its newest correspondent, with sources saying the ex-Yankee is interested in “lifestyle and family-oriented programming.” Because there’s no one better to tell you how your family should work than an egotistical, philandering multi-millionaire ex-professional baseball player with a painting of himself as a centaur hanging over his bead. Salt of the earth, that guy.
Link: Alex Rodriguez Lands ABC News Gig

Transformers –– It’s a long weekend. Here are clips of the Transformers ruining your favorite movies and TV shows. Enjoy!
Link: The Transformers Ruin Your Favorite Movies 

Kentucky included in point guard’s top four schools

Immanuel Quickly’s recruitment is down to four schools.

The five-star point guard in the 2018 class narrowed his list to four on Monday and Kentucky is still in the mix for his services, along with Kansas, Maryland and Miami.

Quickley told’s Evan Daniels, “I think those four schools fit me the most as a person and as a player… I think off and on the court those schools fit me the best.”

Ranked No. 2 at his position in the 247 Composite rankings, Quickley was the first point guard in the class to receive a scholarship offer from John Calipari. “Getting freshman PG’s, developing them and getting them to the NBA is what I like about Kentucky,” he said of the Wildcats.

Calipari will get a closer look at Quickley next month when Quickley tries out for the U19 team in Colorado.

Lexington Regional Announced

Photo by @ukbaseball on Twitter.

The number one seeded Kentucky will host Ohio, Indiana, and NC State next weekend at Cliff Hagan Stadium. The Cats fell just short of a national seed and were paired with the Louisville regional. The first game of the weekend will be Kentucky vs Ohio at noon ET on Friday. The two seeded Hoosiers will play NC State at 7 ET later that night.

The Lexington Regional is paired up with Louisville, which means a super regional could be UK vs. Louisville on June 9-12.

We will have a full preview of the teams headed to Lexington later this week. But for the time being, here is the full bracket for the NCAA Tournament.


Tiger Woods is Charged with a DUI


How the mighty have fallen.

Tiger Woods, once the world’s most dominant golfer and highest-paid athlete, spent Sunday night in a Florida jail.  According to WPTV in West Palm Beach, Woods was arrested for driving under the influence and taken into custody last night around 3:00 a.m in Jupiter, Florida.

Tiger’s mugshot is many things, but mostly depressing.


UK Fan of the Day wants to see the New Plinko Price is Right Record

Is this a Kentucky sports website? Yes.  Is this a post about Kentucky sports?  No.  Do I care?  No, because The Price is Right is an American Institution and this might be the greatest moment of the Drew Carey era.

Ryan Belz of Millerton, Pennsylvania is an intense participant, an intense participant who lost his freaking mind after setting the record for most money ever won in Plinko on The Price is Right.

Ya gotta love it when the crazy ones are rewarded for their craziness.

Enjoy a “Best Of” edition of KSR today

Your favorite two-hour morning radio show took the day off to celebrate Memorial Day, but the airwaves will still be filled with KSR. Shannon The Dude has a “Best Of” show for your listening pleasure today and we encourage you to still tune in and comment in the thread below. We’ll be back tomorrow with new material and a recap of the weekend. Go Cats.

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Memorial Day: A Tribute to Fallen Hero Athletes

At times, we can all be confused by two distinct American holidays: Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. To clarify, Memorial Day is a federal holiday intended to remember those who died while serving in the armed forces. Veteran’s Day is an official holiday that honors military veterans. Today, Memorial Day cookouts and gatherings will be commonplace. War movies will be predominantly aired on television. But, surpassing casual observances are real stories of true American heroes that should never be forgotten. From the Greatest Generation and beyond, a number of athletes have taken up arms when their nation called. Let’s take a look and pay tribute to three that paid the ultimate sacrifice:

Bob Kalsu

As an Oklahoma Sooner, Kalsu was an All American tackle. Along with being a gridiron star, the Oklahoma City native completed ROTC and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the US Army. Following a stellar year for the Buffalo Bills in which he earned the team’s Rookie of the Year award, 2LT Kalsu entered active service and was later deployed to Vietnam. While serving in the 101st Airborne, 1LT Kalsu was killed in combat action on July 23rd, 1970 at Firebase Ripcord. He was survived by his wife Jan and daughter Jill. His son James Robert Kalsu Jr. was born just two days after his death. He was 25.

Sacrifice- to give up something that is valuable to you in order to help another person.

Jack Lummus

Lummus was football and baseball star at Baylor University. Upon graduation he went on to play for the New York Football Giants before eventually enlisting into the United States Marine Corps. After earning the rank of Corporal, Lummus attended and graduated from Officer Training School. In the first wave to land on Iwo Jima on February 19th, 1945; his platoon engaged the enemy for two straight weeks. After being wounded by grenade shrapnel, 1st Lt. Lummus knocked out three enemy fighting positions before losing both legs after stepping on a land-mine. He succumbed to his wounds while on the operating table. The Ellis County, Texas native was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. He was 29.

An excerpt from Jack Lummus’ Medal of Honor citation:

Although knocked to the ground when an enemy grenade exploded close by, he immediately recovered himself and, again moving forward despite the intensified barrage, quickly located, attacked and destroyed the occupied emplacement. Instantly taken under fire by the garrison of a supporting pillbox and further assailed by the slashing fury of hostile rifle fire, he fell under the impact of a second enemy grenade but, courageously disregarding painful shoulder wounds, staunchly continued his heroic one-man assault and charged the second pillbox, annihilating all the occupants. Subsequently returning to his platoon position, he fearlessly traversed his lines under fire, encouraging his men to advance and directing the fire of supporting tanks against other stubbornly holding Japanese emplacements. Held up again by a devastating barrage, he again moved into the open, rushed a third heavily fortified installation and killed the defending troops. Determined to crush all resistance, he led his men indomitably, personally attacking foxholes and spider traps with his carbine and systematically reducing the fanatic opposition, until, stepping on a land mine, he sustained fatal wounds.

Courage- strength in the face of pain or grief.

Pat Tillman

In the prime of his NFL career, Arizona Cardinal safety Pat Tillman left professional football to enlist into the United States Army. As a member of the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, Tillman deployed in support of both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. On April 22nd, 2004; Pat Tillman was killed in action by friendly fire. As the first professional athlete killed in action since Bob Kalsu, the Arizona State alumnus was posthumously awarded the Silver Star. He was 27.

Duty-moral or legal obligation; a responsibility.

So on Memorial Day, honor those that heroically gave all by enjoying the simple freedoms for which they courageously protected. May God Bless Our United States of America.


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May 28th, 2017

LaVar Ball’s $3B family sponsorship pitch isn’t looking too good after LaMelo’s latest game highlights…

I tried to avoid using this family’s name in a story at all costs, but this one was just too good to pass up.

LaMelo Ball, youngest son of LaVar Ball and younger brother of NBA Draft prospect Lonzo Ball, was featured in a new highlight tape that may end Big Baller Brand entirely.

LaMelo is currently listed as a consensus 5-star prospect in the class of 2019 with a firm commitment to UCLA, his only offer.

You may remember LaMelo for scoring 92 points in a single game on wide open layups (and not getting back on defense) several months back. At the time, he took over the social media world, and many thought he could eventually become the best Ball brother in the game.

After watching his latest game highlights, recruiting services may need to pump the breaks on the hype for this kid:

Down 25 points at halftime, good ole’ Coach LaVar gave his team quite the pep talk rocking a “Stay in Yo Lane” shirt…

The “Big Ballers” lost to the Compton Magic 109-57. 52 points.

A little rough when you play someone with half a lick of talent and have to play defense, eh?

LaVar Ball better hope Lonzo pans out, because his Dr. Evil-esque negotiation tactics with sponsors aren’t getting him anywhere…

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Read the latest DraftExpress scouting report on Isaac Humphries

Isaac Humphries

The focus is certainly on De’Aaron Fox, Malik Monk, Bam Adebayo, and Isaiah Briscoe when it comes to the NBA Draft, but Isaac Humphries is still taking a stab at making it in the league.

Last week the former Kentucky big man worked out for the Denver Nuggets and the Milwaukee Bucks, and hopes to get looks from several other teams with late second round selections.

Here’s a video of him dunking in Carmelo Anthony’s No. 15 during his workout with the Nuggets:

DraftExpress released their scouting report on Humphries, with both positive and negative analysis of the former Kentucky big man.

Check out a few quotes:

Measured at 7’0 at the 2016 Kentucky team combine, Humphries has good height for a big man, to go along with a strong 260 pound frame, but his 7’0 wingspan and 8’11 standing reach are closer to those of a power forward than an NBA center ideally. His lack of length and reach hurts his ability to protect the rim from the center position and he does not make up for that with tremendous athleticism to compensate, often struggling with the quickness of more dynamic collegiate big men.

His best case to carve out a role looks to be to trim down his frame and try to improve his explosiveness while increasing his ability to move laterally in space to be able to play away from the rim.

Humphries is most comfortable inside the paint, with the majority of his offensive possessions coming from post-ups according to Synergy Sports Technology. He will certainly have to expand his game at the pro level as he is not a dominant post player but he can use his strength to back down his man under the rim.

Most of his moves end up with a decent look at the rim off of a right handed hook shot, but he lacks a counter move to keep the defense guessing and it will be difficult to score at the next level with his back to the basket without a more well-rounded arsenal of moves.

Humphries will certainly have opportunities at a two-way contract or D-League affiliate spot should that interest him. If not, being an Australian citizen will give him an excellent chance at finding a lucrative contract back home to expand his game in hopes of working his way back to the States one day.

At 7-feet, 260 lbs., it’s no surprise several teams are interested in Humphries based on size alone. As the common phrase goes, “You can’t teach size.”

He’s only 19 years old, and has shown spurts of massive potential in his time in a Kentucky uniform. If Josh Harrellson can improve his game enough to get drafted and earn minutes on an NBA roster, Humphries has a chance too.

It’s a long shot for Humphries to get drafted on June 22, but there’s little doubt he can find his way in the D-League and work his way up to the NBA once he develops his game a little more. Worst case scenario, he’s going to make a whole lot of money overseas.

Show them what you’ve got, I-Zack!

UK baseball will host their first NCAA Regional since 2006

UK Athletics

Moments ago, the Kentucky baseball team were named as a host of an NCAA Regional this weekend at Cliff Hagan Stadium.

After going 39-20 on the year under first-year head coach Nick Mingione, the Wildcats will host their first regional since 2006, an unprecedented feat.

Tomorrow at noon, we will find out UK’s opponents for this weekend and whether the Wildcats will be named one of the eight national seeds. If they are named a national seed, Kentucky would be guaranteed to host a super regional at Cliff Hagan Stadium if they win the regional.

Tickets go on sale to the general public tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. ET on

Fill the stands, BBN.

NCAA Baseball Regional Sites will be announced at 8:30

UK Athletics

The NCAA will announce the regional sites for the upcoming NCAA tournament tonight at 8:30. The Cats look to be on the outside looking in to have one of the top 8 national seeds, but do look like a solid candidate to host a regional site game. On Twitter, the UK Baseball team had this to say,

“We are expected to be named one of 16 NCAA Regional host sites tonight. Selection Show tomorrow at noon on ESPN2. Stay tuned… The eight national seeds will be named tomorrow.”

How this works is that the top 16 seeds will host regional games, while the top 8 will get host the Super Regional round. Even getting the chance to host an NCAA Regional is a huge accomplishment for Nick Mingione and UK Baseball.

You can watch the announcement of the top 16 seeds at 8:30 tonight on Facebook Live. Here is a link to their Facebook page. 


The Reds Report: May 28

Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

That’s more like it.

The Reds were able to put their recent struggles behind them, and they racked up a 4-2 record this week. Cincinnati won series against Cleveland and Philadelphia. They find now find themselves just two games out of first in the NL Central. There isn’t a team pulling away from the pack just yet, and if the Reds continue to get healthy things could get interesting.

Let’s get to this week’s Reds Report

It’s a Bad Idea to Heckle Joey Votto

This Indians fan learned the hard way that if you’re going to heckle Joey Votto, then he’s going to give it right back to you.

Can we talk about how bad this guy’s heckling skills are for a moment? “I remember when you used to be good?” Votto is hitting .287/.413/.567 this season with 12 HR and 39 RBI. He’s been one of the best 15 hitters in baseball. This guy needs to try again.

The Starting Pitching Stepped Up

Last week we lamented the state of the starting rotation. The Reds were desperate for a starter to give the team some quality innings. They got a few of those performances this past week. On Monday, Scott Feldman gave up one run over six innings of work. Tim Adleman was even more impressive on Friday. He pitched eight innings and held Philadelphia scoreless during his time on the mound.

Billy Hamilton is Still Fast

Can anyone go from first base to home plate on a single? Billy Hamilton answered that question this week.

The Reds Have Some Pretty Good Position Players

Earlier this week, Wick Terrell of Red Reporter wrote about how well Cincinnati’s position players are performing this season. According to FanGraphs, the non-pitching portion of the team has been the most valuable group in baseball. Check out Wick’s article to read his breakdown of this pleasant surprise.

What’s the Future for Zack Cozart?

Coming into the season, most fans assumed the Reds were going to try and trade Zack Cozart. His hot start hopefully increased his trade value, but is it possible it might be in Cincinnati’s best interest to try and extend Cozart now that the team is more competitive? You can read C. Trent Rosecrans’ answer to that question here.

The Return of Brandon Finnegan is Getting Closer

Mark Sheldon of provided an update on Reds starting pitcher Brandon Finnegan this week. Finnegan threw off of a mound for the first time since his injury, and it means things are heading in the right direction with his rehabilitation. As of now, Bryan Price expects to have Finnegan back on the mound at some point in June. You can read more about Finnegan’s recovery here.

Scott Schebler Keeps Hitting Home Runs

Fans weren’t quite sure what to expect from Scott Schebler in his first full season with the club. Needless to say, they’ve been pleasantly surprised with his production over the season’s first two months. Since Monday, Schebler has connected on three more home runs. He now finds himself tied for the National League lead in homers with Bryce Harper.

The Reds head to Toronto on Monday for three games with the Blue Jays. Over the weekend, they’ll welcome the Braves to Great American Ball Park.

You can read Eric’s writing all season long at Red Reporter and Baseball Prospectus. He also hosts the On Baseball Writing Podcast and appears on the Red Reporter podcast.

Way too Early 2018 NBA Mock Draft

I will be the first to admit that I am a Mock Draft nerd, whether it is the NFL, NBA or even MLB, I love reading Mock Drafts. What I never do understand is mock drafts for a draft over a year away. With that being said, three outlets have already released their 2018 Mock Drafts. Here is what they are predicting:

Draft Express
Hamidou Diallo 18 14 6
Nick Richards 20 13 9
Jarred Vanderbilt N/A 10 16
Kevin Knox N/A 11 10
Wenyen Gabriel N/A N/A 24

What does all of this mean? Absolutely nothing, but it is interesting on how different each draft is. I ask you this question, which of these NBA Mock Drafts do you think is the most accurate? Vote in this poll and then let me know/follow me on Twitter @GormleyKSR