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August 23rd, 2017

Yahoo!: Mitchell Robinson not expected to play college basketball

Mitchell Robinson is not expected to play college basketball this upcoming season, according to a report from Pat Forde over at Yahoo! Sports.

The one-time Western Kentucky Hilltopper, if only for a moment, will instead focus his efforts on preparing for the 2018 NBA draft, per Forde’s sources.

Robinson had been considering Kansas and the University of New Orleans as potential options for college, but the sources say Robinson, a five-star center in the 2017 class, hasn’t maintained contact with the two schools and he will not play college basketball this fall. He would likely have to sit out the 2017-18 season due to transfer rules anyway.

Robinson was the No. 9 overall player and top-ranked center in last year’s high school class. He enrolled at WKU early in the summer, only to leave campus shortly after.

His recruitment and the couple of months since he signed with Western have been very bizarre, to say the least.

BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: What If We Have Players Kneel During Anthem?

The expansion of players kneeling during the national anthem in protest during the NFL preseason has been a story worth following.  There is certainly a wave of athlete activism since Colin Kaepernick began his silent protest last season and while he has basically been blackballed from the NFL, the league will have to start recognizing that they can’t remove all of the players who now are protesting various social issues while wearing NFL uniforms.  Point being, this is going to be a consistent “issue” during the NFL season and maybe moving forward.

That brings us back to a local spin.  No matter what you actually think of the issues of police relations with African-Americans, Donald Trump, or any other social issue the players have been protesting, we are now in a sports culture where public protesting is a thing.  And college athletes, no matter how much you want to call them “kids” are actually adults and largely African-American.  Point being, if you think the protests are going to be limited to professional athletics, you are being quite naive.  As far as I know, I haven’t heard of any publicly known protests from UK athletes but you have to know there are a bunch of players on the football team (or other teams) who disagree with Trump and his policies, have negative opinions towards police, and are opinionated.

So what will you, as fans, do if any UK players choose to protest before games this year by kneeling/praying during the anthem?  Would it make you angry?  Would you consider not coming to games, dropping support for the program if this allowed?  And should Mark Stoops mandate that it can’t happen?  Does he even have that power?

My thoughts would be two fold.  First, this is America.  You as fans can absolutely hate protests during the national anthem.  And you can respond by not renewing season tickets, not attending games, calling for Stoops to be fired, whatever.  But the players, as Americans, have every right to protest as well.  These protests are the absolute definition of peaceful.  A word is never said, a punch is never thrown.  Just a very simple message.  Personally I agree with the protests and the attention it has brought to some concerning issues in this country, but even if I didn’t I think EVERYBODY should support the players rights to do it, even at the college level.  What would disappoint me the most is if Mark Stoops attempted to bar or ban the players from protesting if they so choose.  Once the anthem is over, it’s game time and the players should get back in gear.

Again, this is not a question of whether you agree with the opinion of the players protesting or not.  The argument is what will your reaction be if a player or players choose to do it.  Would it have any impact on your fanhood for the program, whether football or another sports team?  I haven’t heard of any player say they were going to protest in any way but you have to know it is in the minds of some and I wonder if Stoops has addressed it with his team or not.

Today on KSR: Going mobile, picking restaurants, and more

Good morning, Kentucky-Sports-Radio-dot-com readers. We have some big news this morning regarding how you read your KSR on the go, plus we kick off the KSR restaurant bracket and more.


We’ve gone mobile!

It took us about five years longer than it should have, but we’ve finally upgraded our mobile website. The switch went live last night and the reviews have been positive, so we’re pleased with the finished product. For those of you who don’t know what this means, we changed the way the KSR site reads and looks when you access it via your phone’s web browser (probably Safari). For those of you who had seen how it looked before the upgrade, you know that it was horrible and damn near impossible to read. Finally, we made the necessary improvements and we hope you’ll check us out even more while you’re on the go.

It’s time for one of the biggest events of the year: KSR Restaurant Madness!

Who will be this year’s Outback? We’ll begin shrinking the field on today’s show.

See the bracket:


(I still don’t understand how Outback won last year.)

School starts today at UK.

Today marks the first day of classes for students at the University of Kentucky.

In related news, John Calipari’s basketball team is back on campus after a couple weeks off to rest up for the big year ahead. Let’s. Go.

No football updates today.

With the start of classes, there will be no updates out of football camp today. Maybe Nick or Freddie will be kind enough to produce some in-depth analysis for you to hold you over until the football facility’s doors are open to the media for questions again.

There’s a new KSR Football Podcast available. 

Forgive us if it’s a little dated because we recorded last week, but there is a new podcast available from the KSR Football Podcast crew.

End UK Football Training Camp with The KSR Football Podcast

It was recorded before this past Saturday’s scrimmage, so it’s pre-Dorian Baker injury and other recent news.

Want Keith Bogans’ autograph? What about Jamaal Magloire’s?

You can get both at All Sports in Fayette Mall this Thursday:

The KSR Summer Tour is in Northern Kentucky.

The summer tour hits Dickmann’s in Northern Kentucky for what is always one of our favorite stops across the state. And to reward Dickmann’s and the great people of Northern Kentucky for their continued support, Matt and Ryan will be giving away tickets to the UK-UofL basketball game to one lucky winner in attendance. I encourage you to get out there.

August 22nd, 2017


Tomorrow on the radio show, we begin our 3rd Annual Quest for Greatness. A simple question teases us all…What is the best Fast Food/Chain Restaurant in America?. The last two years we have approached this contest on KSR Radio and we have reached vastly different (and controversial results). From the amazing QDoba defeat over rogue entry Subway to last year’s Outback/Cracker Barrel debate that went all the way to the Republican Convention, the KSR Restaurant Bracket never ceases to add excitement. Tomorrow Drew will have the below match ups in bracket form but for now, here it is….the four finalists from the past are #1 seeds and the rest are ready for an August to remember. Get your picks in now:


Krispy Kreme

Ruby Tuesday

O Charleys

Red Lobster
Little Caesers



Longhorn Steakhouse

Bob Evans
Cheesecake Factory




Olive Garden

Dairy Queen

Papa Johns
Dunkin Donuts

Captain D’s


Big Boy


Golden Corral


Burger King
Texas Roadhouse

PF Changs

Waffle House

Pizza Hut

Steak N Shake

Taco Bell
Long Johns


Cracker Barrell
Chuck E Cheese

Jimmy Johns
Five Guys

TGI Fridays



Buffalo Wild Wings
Panda Express

California Pizza Kitchen

White Castle

Five Observations from an Open Kentucky Football Practice

On the final day of preseason training camp, the Kentucky football team opened its doors to the media.  I was only able to see the first 30-45 minutes that primarily featured drills in individual groups, but there were still a few enlightening moments worth sharing.

1. Tons of Teaching on the Defensive Line

The individual portion of practice is focused on fundamentals.  It’s usually not as entertaining as the scheme you see in group/team period.  Working on fundamentals is detail-oriented.  That can be mundane for a veteran or an observer, but not for young players.

To help bring along his young defensive line faster, Derrick LeBlanc split up every defensive line position during individuals.  LeBlanc worked with the nose guards, while the tackles and ends each had their own graduate assistant.  Instead of working in a large group and waiting around to receive individual attention, there were no more than five players per coach.  The players received more reps and more feedback (especially freshman nose Quinton Bohanna).

Things move fast on the D-line.  If your hands and feet aren’t where they need to be, you’ll get crushed.  These extremely small group sessions will reward Kentucky’s young players with improvements throughout the season.

2. A Completed Hitch

I’ve seen the Kentucky offense make big plays.  They’re exciting.  I love that s*it as much as Stephen Johnson.  Unfortunately, you can’t throw a deep post on every down (unless you’re a ten-year old playing Madden).

In order to grow, the Kentucky offense must prove they can consistently make routine plays.  UK has jokingly been “2nd and 10 U” because they drop easy, short passes that would normally get them 5-7 yards.  They aren’t third down highlight-makers, but they play an integral role in expanding the offense.  Today I saw that when Johnson completed a hitch to Tavin Richardson who was defended tightly by Derrick Baity.

“Keep it simple stupid,” is an idiom for a reason: it works.

3. Naasir Watkins is an Incredible Athlete

The freshman left tackle is fits the role “offensive lineman of the future.”  The best offensive linemen aren’t built like traditional offensive lineman.  It’s difficult to describe, so I’ll make a comparison.  Charles Barkley’s do not play in the NBA.  Now when players quit growing, they bulk up and become offensive linemen.

Watkins has the traits of basketball players I used to gawk at on the AAU circuit.  He has incredibly long arms, broad shoulders and a thick trunk.  Even though he tips the scale at 300-pounds, he doesn’t look that heavy because of his explosiveness and lateral mobility.  A player that’s drawn comparisons to Landon Young, Watkins is an elite athlete that’s going to be an absolute stud.

4. The Cats Didn’t Lose all Their Leaders

While many dwell on the recent injuries to senior leaders, there’s still plenty of veterans keeping the underclassmen in check.  Nick Haynes can be heard giving praise and criticism, almost as much as a coach.  Juice is the man all of the receivers look to for advice.  On defense Courtney Love is there for the linebackers to lean on, while Derrick Baity provides similar aid to the defensive backs.  The injuries stink, but Mark Stoops has enough weapons and leaders in his arsenal to continue moving forward.

5. Wildcat Quarterback

Benny Snell is happy to add some new trickery to the Wildcat package, but that could not be revealed to the public, just like I’m not supposed to reveal who else received reps as the Wildcat quarterback.  I have a feeling you know who it is.  I can neither confirm nor deny.

Benny Snell is “Ready to be Unleashed”

Benny Snell believes he made the most out of his time at UK’s 2017 preseason training camp. “I feel like I got better everyday,” he told KSR.

“Better” than his freshman campaign will be awfully difficult to top.  He shattered just about every UK freshman rushing record with 1,091 yards and 13 touchdowns.

He accumulated those impressive numbers in just ten games.  One of the opponents he didn’t get to play against was Southern Miss.  He’s prepared to show the Golden Eagles what they were lucky enough to miss last year.


“I definitely got a chip on my shoulder about this one (against Southern Miss), only because the team took a loss and I had nothing to do.  Nothing to contribute.  None.  I definitely got some making up to do for my team.  I got a job to do.”

His job: unleash fury on Southern Miss and every opponent on Kentucky’s schedule.

“I’m ready to be unleashed.  I dream about it every night.  I watch extra film.  It’s all I live.  I’m ready to go all out.”

KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Day

The one and only Big Mick is a meaty masterpiece in its own right. Composed of two quarter-pound patties* of never-fresh, frozen, mostly beef raised close to the processing plant. Only McDowell’s has the frosted beef and processed cheese to give you a major reason for the afternoon trip to the secret bathroom only you and Debra know about on the 9th floor that is under construction.

You can be a part of McDowell’s KSR Top 10 Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtop10. You can also nominate tweets by mentioning them with the hashtag. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day.

#10 Edward Owen

Definitely sensitive material.

#9 Bil Roland

Just Ryan Lemond things!

#8 Jimmy Wethington

The shorty-shorts are coming back.

#7 Chad Hall

Some things are just better left unsaid.

#6 Larry Wilder

Larry speaking the truth.

#5 Larry Barkin

I feel uncomfortable just looking at this picture.

#4 John Robic’s Hair

Never underestimate Ryan Lemond!

#3 Twillie Stein

These screenshots still hurt.

#2 Devin Bruner

That’s what happens when it gets dark in the middle of the afternoon!

#1 Ben Rueve

Easy blue ribbon.

What food do Kentuckians hate most?

A dating app called Hater pulled all of its data from its hundreds of thousands of users to determine the most-hated food in each state across America. I have no idea how that works or if it is reliable, or why a dating app cares about food, but the results are very interesting.

According to the study, Kentuckians are united in their hatred for hummus, of all things. Other interesting states include New York (ranch on pizza), Alabama (Chipotle), California (Chick-fil-a), and Massachusetts (mayonnaise on fries).

So I’ll ask you, my fellow Kentuckians: Do you hate hummus?

I like hummus, so am I really a Kentuckian?

And what food do you hate most?


End UK Football Training Camp with The KSR Football Podcast

The KSR Football Podcast will go by a new name next week, but for now, it’s the same football and fun you learned to love.  The gang previews each position ahead of the 207 Kentucky football season before things become a little unhinged.  Enjoy the hilarity that’s highlighted by…

—  A few dated takes because this was recorded prior to Drew’s eclipse excursion to Hop-Town.

—  Memorable moments from school.

—  A few members of the D-Line who have exceeded expectations.

—  Sophomore slump for Snell?

—  What made Freddie change his mind about Nashville.

—  Stories from Chattanooga to New Orleans.

You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play.  Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to “Kentucky Sports Radio” on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.

Matt and Chip go livestock judging on Hey Kentucky!

Matt Jones and Chip Cosby stepped out of the studio and into the smelly hog pits of the Kentucky State Fair on Tuesday night’s show.

Watch as they rolled up their sleeves and got dirty in the hog pits as livestock judges:

See more from tonight’s episode at the Kentucky State Fair below:

Oh My: Kyrie Irving traded to Boston for Isaiah Thomas

There is an enormous shakeup in the NBA this evening with the news that Kyrie Irving has been shipped to the Boston Celtics. The Cavaliers receive Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and the Nets’ 2018 first-round pick in return. Holy cow.

To me, this is one of the rare trades where I think both sides come out better than before. Boston will have an insane lineup of Irving, Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Morris and Al Horford, as well as Jayson Tatum, the third overall pick in this year’s draft, to plug in. The Celtics also have a top pick next summer.

Cleveland gets Thomas, who finished behind LeBron James in the MVP voting, plus two good players and a shot at the No. 1 overall pick AGAIN in 2018, while getting rid of the troubled Irving.

This is a MEGA deal that shakes up the East. It also puts an end to all the trade talk for Irving, which included several former Kentucky Wildcats.

Eclipse of the Day Wants Tuesday Evening Notes

It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve put my misspelled words here on Kentucky-Sports-Radio-dot-com, so allow me to share some grammatically-challenged thoughts from the past couple of days while I’ve been away on the tour, if you will.


— The eclipse was awesome, but probably not worth the drive back. As I’m sure you heard, the Western Kentucky Parkway was a disaster. Traffic jams are often described as “parking lots” and this was more like a junkyard of cars piled up on top of each other from Hopkinsville to Elizabethtown and on up 65. It took Ryan and me almost two hours to get across Muhlenberg County alone; then Elizabethtown was the worst thing I’ve ever seen once we finally got there, over six hours into the trip. The great citizens of Atlanta and Los Angeles would even say it was bad, and that’s saying something. Hopefully everyone is finally home and functioning after a disaster of a trip home.

— As for the actual eclipse, seeing the “totality” (that word got a lot of play over the weekend) was incredible. To be honest, I wasn’t all that excited going into it, but it was pretty amazing to witness from the point of greatest eclipse in Hopkinsville. On top of that, the city did a great job of welcoming us and all of its other visitors for the weekend, and it seemed to be a pretty smooth and special event for everyone, outside of the traffic home.

— Big thanks to my hometown for Friday’s surprise “Drew Franklin Day” in Madisonville. I had a blast running red lights and speeding and shoplifting all across town on my big day. It was truly an honor.

— Let’s talk a little football: Dorian Baker’s injury sucks. On Friday’s show I named Baker as a player who will take a giant step forward this season; then he suffered a season-ending injury the very next day. Kayaune Ross and Tavin Richardson are expected to step up in his absence and hopefully the offense won’t miss a beat, but it was a very unfortunate turn of events for Baker, who, by all accounts, had matured into a veteran leader and was due for a breakout year.

— It’s hard to believe football season is less than a week away. As a football-first Kentucky fan, I’m pumped to kick this thing off and my own expectations for Mark Stoops’ Cats are through the roof, even with the recent injuries. I won’t tell you how much I have on UK -9.5 in Week 1, but it was a very irresponsible bet. It’s too bad I’ll be in Pennsylvania Dutch Country for a wedding instead of in Hattiesburg with BBN.

— Speaking of Pennsylvania, any recommendations around West Chester or Lancaster? Got a couple days there with some time to kill coming up. I’m driving there from Kentucky, so I’ll need something fun to do/eat along the way, too. Preciate ya.

— Back to football, I have no idea where Blue Smith is going; all l I know is it’s not looking good if you’re to believe the analysts and so-called experts. Hopefully Dawson knows what he is talking about and Smith announces his commitment to Kentucky on Sunday. He is the real deal.

— I ran into Darius Miller today at the Joe Craft Center and it sure is good seeing him in New Orleans Pelicans gear. Miller is a fan favorite and it’s exciting to have him back stateside and playing in the NBA. I wished him well next season on behalf of all of us in BBN. I also saw Anthony Davis on my way out; he just looks like a superstar.

— Also from the NBA, big congrats to Alex Poythress on his two-way contract with the Pacers. I don’t think it will take long for him to earn a consistent spot in the league.

— The team Ryan and I drafted for the UK Legends Game will DESTROY the team Matt and Shannon drafted. I honestly can’t believe they’re going through with the game with those rosters. It’s going to be a blood bath. Hopefully there is some footage of the game because I’ll be busy celebrating my team’s win in the KSR golf scramble on Friday.

— Game of Thrones was incredible on Sunday. Holy sh-t. What’s next? I’ve grown addicted to reading into theories and developing my own. Feel free to send me yours on Twitter or leave it in the comments section below. It’s all coming together!

I think that’s all that was on my mind. Thanks for letting me air it out there for you so I feel caught up. I’m back in charge of the website tomorrow so we’ll chat again soon.

Go Cats.

Joe B Hall Says “If You Didn’t Wear Special Glasses Yesterday You Probably Have A Seeing Loss”

Editor’s Note: The following was written by Harold Leeder, editor-in-chief of The New Circle Circular, Lexington’s #1 source of fake news you can’t count on.

Former UK Basketball Coach and radio personality Joe B. Hall was spotted yesterday walking around outside of the Warby Parker store in The Summit at Fritz Farm shouting at passersby, “If you stared at the sun without those fancy 3D glasses, you probably have a seeing loss.”

Hall, who was hanging out at Warby Parker while waiting for a new pair of glasses to be made because, “I was lookin’ at how weird my shadow was and I stepped on ’em,” was telling anyone that would listen that they needed to get their eyes checked. “Personally, I didn’t suffer a vision loss, but if you stared at the eclipse you probably have a seeing loss,” the crowd that had gathered cheered as he continued to repeat his famed catchphrase. However, the former coach wasn’t only concerned with the eclipse having an impact on people’s vision, “I’ve noticed that ever since the moon covered up the sun, I got a lot stronger physically, and I can even eat spicier foods than I could yesterday,” Hall concluded as he took a bite from a serrano pepper without being phased.

“I don’t want to say I have super strength or anything now but something definitely changed,” Hall explained, “I’d show you how I’m stronger but I’m kind of tired right now.” Hall then went inside to retrieve his new glasses and came out, lifted up a Mini Cooper that was blocking him in, and then got in his car and drove away.

To keep up with The New Circle Circular, like the Facebook page or follow Harold Leeder’s Twitter Account.

WATCH: John Calipari wants YOU to come to the Alumni Game

As more and more of his former players arrive on campus for Friday’s Alumni Game, John Calipari took to Twitter this afternoon to encourage fans to buy tickets, reminding his followers that all proceeds go to charity.

“Let me just tell you, we have a bunch of our guys coming back, excited to be back in town. This is their family. This is their home. This is where they want to be, and we need you there with them. Again, the money we raise is going straight to charity. We’re giving checks away that night.”

A quick check of Ticketmaster shows that plenty of tickets are still available, including $25 lower level seats and $5 upper level seats. NBA rules prohibit UK from releasing the names of the NBA guys participating, but through social media, we can connect some of the dots ourselves.

Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, Rajon Rondo, and Darius Miller are already in town to train with the Pelicans, and many more familiar faces are expected to join them as the week goes on. And while the main draw is obviously the NBA Alumni Game, something tells me the Legends Game right before it at 7 p.m. may be more entertaining.

See you Friday night?

Southern Miss RB T’Rod Daniels is Really, Really Fast

Picture by Hattiesburg American

Southern Miss running back T’Rod Daniels supposedly sports a 4.27-40 time. In a recent interview with the Hattiesburg American’s Jason Munz, USM running back coach Lytrel Pollard said, He’s the fastest person I’ve ever coached. He can get the edge even when someone is sitting on the edge and end up going the distance. I’ve seen a lot of fast guys but they’re usually taller and a little longer. With his height and how fast he is, he’s special.”

Daniels is from Bassfield, Mississippi; population 228. He is argued to be the fastest football player in Mississippi. Daniels helped Bassfield High School win a 2A state championship as a junior but was injured prior to his senior campaign. He later signed with Mississippi Gulf Coast CC where he totaled 1215 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns. He also accumulated 212 kick return yards in his final season at the school. Daniels’ highlights can be seen in this video:

I recently wrote a KSR post that outlined the Southern Miss running back situation titled “Southern Miss is not Ito Smith and a Bunch of Dudes.”

This article did not include newcomer T’Rod Daniels. Smith’s primary backup George Payne rushed for over 100-yards against the Cats a year ago but has yet to participate in fall camp due to a hip injury. Tez Parks has moved to the number two position on the depth chart and is first to relieve the all-everything Smith. But, offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson now has an element of elite speed in Daniels. 

KSR friend Jason Munz of the Hattiesburg American wrote an excellent piece on Daniels that you can read here:

[Blessed with uncommon speed, Southern Miss’ T’Rod Daniels driven by daughters]

What does all this mean?

4.27 is fast. Like really, really fast. I’ve personally witnessed just one legitimate sub-4.3 time in all my years around the game of football. T’Rod Daniels adds a dangerous component to the Southern Miss game plan. While Ito Smith will get the bulk of carries, Daniels will most likely factor in the return game and as a situational running back. Matt House and the Cats will have to prepare for a new edge threat.