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Midnight Update on Ramon from UK

Late night word for UK…..

Ramon Harris is still doing well. He will be kept overnight at the UK Chandler Hospital for observation.

Article written by Matt Jones

51 responses to “Midnight Update on Ramon from UK”

  1. champ1023

    Get well soon Ramon!

  2. BillyClyde4President

    This is great news!!!!

  3. GoCats2

    A lot of anonymous people said bad things about Porter and Harris tonight but actually some good did come out of it.
    We got shown on Sportscenter tonight and I am guessing we would NOT have been shown without that collision.
    Get well soon guys.
    GO CATS!

  4. LouisvilleBandWagonFanCraigWon'tBeOnHereForAWhile

    Your in our prayers tonight Ramon, get well soon. We need Ramon, eventhough
    with time Miller will overtake Ramon, Harris is still a key member for
    this team, either as a starter or off the bench. Either way we need him.
    Hope he gets well soon.

  5. lexslamman

    Harris was set for the game of his life tonight. Good thing he is going to be just fine.

    Porter… well, he’s Michael Porter.

  6. LouisvilleBandWagonFanCraigWon'tBeOnHereForAWhile

    #5 Lexslamman, were you ever good enough to play at UK?

    If no, would you have accepted a scholorship to play at UK, eventhough
    you were not good enougn, if the head coach offered you a scholorship?

  7. BgallowayUofK
    Rondo gets a triple double…Sorry if this has already been posted

  8. isaac_mingo

    yeah, i posted it earlier but i don’t think anybody saw it. haha.

  9. mesacatfan

    Seriously 5, just gag yourself.

  10. lexslamman

    Hey – I applaud Michael Porter for his hustle and toughness, and the fact that he wears Kentucky Blue. I just can’t find anything else to applaud him for.

  11. mesacatfan

    10) what a coincidence, we can’t find anything to applaud you for.

  12. lexslamman


    I’m not the untalented half-assed starting point-guard for UK.

  13. WINNER

    12. Let’s clear the air here. Do most UK fans want Liggins to start? Yes. Is Porter a great player? No. But, he gives 100 percent when he’s out there, and would be better suited as a two guard. He’s one of our own dude, and being anti-anything Kentucky is detrimental to the players, the coaches, the recruits…..the program in general. I’m PRO Liggins being the man, but I’m not BCG either.

  14. jrhehe2

    12. While Porter may not be the most talented he definitely busts his ass out there and tries his hardest. People that find “good” out of these injuries is a sick and twisted individual and should be embarrassed.

  15. LouisvilleBandWagonFanCraigWon'tBeOnHereForAWhile

    #12 what do expect from any player that puts on a UK uniform, that was
    offered to him? All I expect them to do is their very best and so far
    Porter has given UK his very best.

    Yet many UK fans love a player like R. Morris (who put up good numbers)
    who never gave it his all day in day out, just bc he was simply a gifted
    and talented player.

    Some UK fans priorities are messed up when it comes to the kids who play
    for UK.

    Yeah, I get mad watching someone like Porter play for UK. But I don’t get
    mad at Porter. I don’t get mad at a kid who clearly works his ass off and
    gives his heart day in day out for UK.

    I get mad at the coach who offered him. I get mad at the coach who didn’t
    recruit better or enough PGs. That coach was the problem, not Porter. I get
    mad because UK (like last year when Jasper was out) doesn’t have better
    talent at Porter’s position but that isn’t the fault of Porter. It is the
    fault of the coach at the time.

    Gillispie already has better PG talent here and will only continue to bring
    in more. But Porter isn’t the problem. Is he the solution? NO but he isn’t
    the problem.

    He is just doing his very best. What more do you want?

    If your frustrated by the “play” and/or “talent”, then blame the coach
    who offered him a scholorship.

  16. Rainbow_Man

    13. You need to change your name to LOSER.

  17. lexslamman

    I’ll tell you what I want from Porter. Our football team could use a decent wide-reciever. His athletic ability would be better used there than being wasted on our basketball team, where he lacks the skill to compete in division-1 competition.

  18. lexslamman

    Oh, and 14. – you should be able to find the good in any situation. With Porter out, Liggins and Galloway showed why they should see the minutes over him and why they are capable of being on the court in real competition.

  19. dsolzman

    I’m glad that Harris is doing fine. Say what you want about Porter but he’s a UK kid and I will pull for him no matter what. I pull for all of our alumni to do well in the pros, even if Joe was drafted by the frickin’ Lakers.

  20. SagaciousMind

    I’m sure Porter could take most of you that talk crap about him in a game of 1-on-1. He’s just against better talent that would totally school you. That’s why he doesn’t appear to be as good, but he doesn’t suck. He does play with some heart. Can’t believe people are still talkin shit about him after the dude got hurt when he was hustling for a loose ball. What else do you want from a player? The effort is at least there.

  21. SagaciousMind

    “You get scared,” UK coach Billy Gillispie said, pausing to control his emotions. “Those things don’t happen very often luckily and you just get scared, you know, fear a lot of times is created by the unknown. You just…feel bad for both of them. Those are my kids out there and you feel helpless that you can’t help them. You just hope and pray everything is going to be okay for both of them.”

    Obviously Gillispie care about his players…from CatsPause-free

  22. LouisvilleBandWagonFanCraigWon'tBeOnHereForAWhile

    #20 I think people forget last year when injuries were adding up and
    we were on our last PG, Porter seperated his shoulder. But instead of
    nursing his injury (which would have been understandable) he instead
    sucked it up and kept playing, knowing that if he went down the team be
    in even worse shape than they were already in.

  23. WINNER

    Rainbow_Man. Don’t you have an interstate rest stop to be servicing truck drivers to go to?

  24. CHunter

    dude you guys are so gay, stop bickering like a married couple. is anyone else down to roll like 100 deep at the hospital to make sure Razor is okay?

  25. WINNER

    I just got a text message from a friend of mine down in North Carolina, and it said “Karma is a bitch”, referring to Razor’s foul *weak foul* on Zeller. How classless.

  26. Ken T. Ucky

    Get well soon, Alaskan Assassin.

  27. mesacatfan

    25) what foul. Replay showed razor didn’t even touch him. Zeller is just clumsy.

  28. voiceofreason

    People that only focus on the benefit of the team sicken me. It is at the heart of what is wrong with our fanbase. Yes we want to win. But at what cost? Do we want to be the fans who dog a college kid who gives his blood sweat and tears to the team you love? When does the desire to win overcome being a decent human being? In the same spirit of supporting your troops- you support each and every one on the team not because it is what is best for recruiting or what will help us win. You do it because it is what good human beings do.

    These are not paid athletes. They are young impressionable kids. That alone should mean something to people.

  29. workingman

    Good point 28. And good thing Liggins was willing to come in the game after Porter got hurt. Real classy of him.

  30. Beatle Bum

    Good picture of Ramon.

    He was having a great game last night. I think he was going to have one of his best games. I am happy to hear he is doing well. I hope he returns to form quickly, as I want him to do well.

  31. Randomnist

    lexlammon, please go play in traffic

    #27 you are right, Harris never touched the guy. I saw that replay too, even the announcer said he never touched him.

  32. BlueBloodedGirl

    Thoughts & prayers going out to both Razor & Porter. I feel sorry for those who continue to find something to complain about this situation, whether it’s about Porter’s play or Liggins coming into the game. Nice support, fans.

  33. jacobk

    does anyone have a link to video of the collision??

  34. BigBlueFan

    #6 and #9 — Why are you two attacking a guy for stating the obvious? Michael Porter is not good enough to start. He turns the ball over too many times and really is not a good point guard. He’s better suited to come off the bench.

    #28 I guess you don’t want them to keep score either. Don’t want to hurt the feelings of the other team when they lose? That’s why coach recruits the players he does, “for the benefit of the team”.

  35. LouisvilleBandWagonFanCraigWon'tBeOnHereForAWhile

    That UNC friend of yours obivious doesn’t understand Karma. Zeller
    is out for the season bc he can’t control his body and is a skinny guy
    with weak bones.

    Harris is a tough player who has been taught to be tough. He will be back.

    and if anyone thinks we don’t need Harris your crazy and stupid. He is
    critical to this teams depth this year.

  36. Mojo Wilkins

    These two kids both got banged up pretty bad hustling for the team. All the negative losers should go play with themselves in traffic. That kind of attitude is why you people will always be failures in life.

  37. gvillecat

    33. Grainier than a sasquatch video but here you go:

  38. SlickRick48

    Matt, you need to get these pieces of trash that wish injuries on our players off this site. They are disgraces to the University of Kentucky.

  39. UK-Believe

    really hope he is able to play.

    He might be the only player that could slow down Jack McClinton(if he were to play)…

    get better Ramon!

  40. 7isntenuf

    First off my prayers are for a speedy recovery for Michael and Ramon. We NEED BOTH of their work ethics to succeed this season. Ramon is, hands down, the best defender we have on the team (which is why he was recruited if memory serves. And Porter is potentially the “toughest” player we have. His grit and determination have sparked his team in the past and I am sure it will again this year. And to all of you who are gleeful about this injury, you truly are scum bags.

    That being said, it is time for me to eat some crow with regard to Liggins. His efforts in the 2nd half of the W.V. game and last night were phenomenal. He has slowed down that hesitation dribble and made some great plays and was alot more control. Whatever punishment was handed to him by BCG and the team has obviously worked, and I look forward to seing him in the future. Also to be commended was galloway. He is by far the best ball handler and passer we have. If he steps up his D we can look to see him alot more as well.

  41. 7isntenuf

    *these *injuries

  42. mesacatfan

    34) Read comments from Beisner’s game wrap. This loser and some others were making some really awful comments like “if only it were porter on the stretcher” etc. etc.

  43. cluffy23

    louisville band wagon fan knows everything doesn’t he.

  44. booted

    42 – no need to repeat, just move on and pray for speedy recovery.

    BBN is pulling for you Harris and Porter!

  45. gakedw

    Truly impressive hustle last night out of both of these players. Shows me just what I have always believed. You put that uniform on you better be ready to get after it, and both of those boys were. Here’s hoping they both fully recover right away. Our prayers and thoughts are with you Ramon.

  46. lexslamman

    All I did was point out that the team plays much better when Porter is where he belongs – ON THE BENCH.

  47. cat1

    Yeah no $hit 46 but there is a time and a place.

  48. lexslamman


    Both guys were okay and we were playing great. If Ramon hadn’t been hurt, we could have hit 115 points last night.

  49. 7isntenuf

    46) drop it already. WE ALL KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT PORTER! and didn’t anyone ever tell you that opinions are like buttholes;everybody has one? We know yours and obviously most don’t agree, so quit beating a dead horse.
    Porter does have a role on this team. It isn’t riding the pine as you seem to think. As Liggins and Galloway increrase their PT then Porter can go back to the role he was brought here to play. #2. Granted at this point he will be a backup to meeks, but he was brought here to occupy the shooting guard spot. Due to injuries and lack of depth at PG he was thrust into that position, which he is unaccustomed to playing. And IMHO he does so much better than he’s given credit. He is,by far one of the hardest working members of this team, and he leaves it all on the court every game. I peronally think UR a POS for acting this way towards him. You remind me of the azzho behind me at the game last night who said ” Well there’s 2 problems solved, now if they can just break Stevensons arm, we’ll be good to go.” I wasn’t too pleasnt with him either. Had 2 firsts last night: 1) fisrt time since I got season tickets in 1978, that I have seen a stretcher on the floor or Rupp. 2) First time I have ever been threatened to be removed from Rupp for chastising the Richard Cranium that said the above.

  50. ruppcrazy

    The Porter injury was obviously a blessing in not so much disguise. Whether you wanted him hurt or not, it probably was good for the team. I don’t want him to stay hurt, but I want BCG to realize after what Liggins did tonight and in Vegas that he is ready to be the primetime PG. I hope for a speedy recovery for Porter and Ramon, but I also hope for a lot more bench time for Porter. And for that matter, a little more for Ramone wouldn’t hurt either.

  51. 10, 2, and 4

    No, ruppcrazy and anyone with such a comment. Any combination of one of our players having an injury and “blessing in disguise” or “hope for a lot more bench time” resulting from said injury, or as earlier said by someone else “how ironic…that should tell the coach something, huh?”, or referring to the collision as taking out “two turds with one stone” all cross the line.

    If you want to know exactly what the term “classless” means in the realm of sport, those are the examples. Just to be clear to all, since for some bizarre reason some you don’t seem to get it, suggesting that an injury to any Kentucky player is somehow a positive for the team is not only disrespectful to the current “20 strong” but it’s disrespectful of every player who wore our jersey and put themselves in the position of being injured. Next time there’s an injury I hope everyone gets it figured out and avoids being an embarrassment to the Big Blue Nation. Got it? Peace.