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Article written by The Fake Gimel Martinez

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27 responses to “Is Coach Brooks on the Mountain of Nebo?”

  1. katmancsm

    Exit Stage Left Coach.

  2. barkley25

    I say let him go out on his own terms…..

  3. barkley25

    Let’s see next year at this time, since we don’t know who’s staying/leaving.

  4. Miller's High Life

    I love Coach Brooks for reviving the program, but I think it’s time to let a young coach instill some fire into these college athletes. Brooks has healed our wounds, now it’s time to take the next step.

  5. drewky

    Does this make Fulmer Ramses II?

    Beating LSU last yr = parting the Red Sea

  6. drewky

    Brooks is a VERY young mid-60’s guy (capsized boat anyone?) I say atleast 3 more seasons are a given.

  7. barkley25

    You say that like Brooks doesn’t have any fire left. Did you see him the last few games? He went nuts!!

  8. shmu evans

    If he doesn’t step down after this year he’ll stay one more year. He’s still very passionate about what he does.

  9. Miller's High Life

    7. I just question the season long passion. The past two years we have gotten off to great starts only to fizzle out towards the end. The Clemson bowl win was huge, but honestly last year against FSU was handed to us with all their players suspended.

  10. Miller's High Life

    Last years team had the talent to do MUCH better than the Music City Bowl.

  11. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    What do you mean that we need a young coach that can relate to players? Did you see the Dickie video where Coach was rubbing elbows with the boys and showing them how diving was done back in the day.

    Maybe he was showing them how he jumped out of the boat as it was sinking. Not sure which.

  12. ChadBurton

    9, We play lower tier teams and then the SEC. I think that has more to do with a difference in wins than Brooks’ passion fizzling out.

  13. KYTurtle

    I sit in section 139 and the only people that we trash are the officials and any opponent close eonught to hear. Oh yeah, and Matt Jones when he walks by, usually near the end of the first quarter/beginning of the second.

  14. Miller's High Life

    12) I agree but we beat Louisville last year and LSU. Only to lose to Mississippi St. later on. Idk I guess I’m just ready to see what Joker can do as head coach. Papa Brooks doesn’t exactly have the greatest career record. If Joker can recruit like he does as OC then I think he can do wonders as HC.

  15. Chuck Norris

    Unfortunately I think the tickets are all inclusive, so the “bleacher coaches” are part of your ticket package at Commonwealth Stadium. Everyone loves to listen to those people who were stars (in their own memory) on the high school gridiron; you know, they could have made it to the big time if they hadn’t blown out their knee, their coach didn’t have it in for them, or if they actually had one iota of talent. You deal w/ the same type of behavior at UK basketball games, too. There is a guy that sits right behind me, and won’t shut his yapper the entire game–I have daydreamed about throwing him off the top section at Rupp & watching him fall like Hans Gruber at the end of Die Hard.

  16. monstermash
    watch this 5’10” white boy fly

  17. JR

    If you have hopes of a freshman quarterback leading us to the promised land in the SEC than you are a dreamer. When we are two deep on offensive and defensive lines, with adequate substitues in all other positions especially defense we will be able to play with the big boys. Look at what happened this year to those who had losses on the interior line. Injuries come from fatigue, only the few “iron men” can play a position an entire game for an entire season and we have had just a hand full of those of players in the past five years. Until we have the luxury of redshirting six or seven linemen their freshman year, giving them time to mature in size, strength and endurance we will be a 6/5 or 6/6 team unless we have a lot of luck and face it, luck isn’t the deciding factor in most games. If you look at the number of upper class linemen on both sides of the ball, the teams with the most mobile, agile, hostile big uglys will on average beat the teams with the smaller number, remember, upper classmen! Coach Brooks gets as much out of the material he has as anyone, just doesn’t have the numbers yet. It will take another four or five years to build us to a 7 or 8 win a season team. When we beat half the teams in the east division yearly and Florida and Tennessee more than every 5 years then we will be able to recruit against those teams. Just keep going to the games, cheer those who are working for this and don’t listen to the negative nitwits!

  18. TheStabilizer

    This website is slowly but surely piling on to ways to screw up our programs.

    1. Rick Brooks can stay as long as he wants. That includes another 5 years if he wants. Joe Pa has like 10 years on Brooks and he was neck and neck for the championship this year.

    2. Also, speculating that our bowl crowd will be light the day it’s announced because your friend isn’t going is a real piece of crap too.

    3. BCG is THE MAN and Matt should whine about him in the bathroom while taking craps.

    And remember, Duke alumni suck just as bad as Duke does. There is no difference.

  19. TheStabilizer

    4. Telling UK fans that the stadium in Memphis sucks and isn’t worth going to is a big piece of crap as well. Who the hell goes to a football game because of the stadium Matt?

  20. CAnTuckeeBoi

    10.) Last year’s team was full of nobodies coming out of high school, Brooks found those guys, developed them into what they have become and now many of them are successful young men. We lost virtually all of our offense from last year and produced with what little we had this year. Noone, and I mean noone, could turn this program into a top tier program overnight, but what brooks and company has done is get us on the right track. It is ludicrous to call for the man’s job!!!

  21. TheStabilizer

    OK I take the Duke Alumni part back… if you can name a couple worth a crap.

  22. LandonSloanwillkillyou


  23. theheftylefty

    I’ll gladly wander around in the desert with coach Brooks leading the way.

  24. TheStabilizer

    Why don’t you KSR turds (Gimel, BTI, Matt recently) speculate on which one of you will piss off the most people with your next post. Unless Biesner’s writing you guys have been in the tank in the last quarter of this year.

    Well, ok, that’s not fair to Gimel and Matt to put them in the same category as BTI. But you know what I’m saying. There’s nothing worse than a partially confident turd. Turds have nothing to be confident about. So if you’d stop being one (a turd), then you might correct your ways and get a date and a positive fan base that appreciates real confidence that comes with being worth a crap and not fake surface confidence that is easy to spot from turds.

  25. Iceman

    I want to see him comeback at least 1 more year and do something that is unheard of at Uk. Lead us to a 4th straight bowl appearence. Let’s be honest his coaching career has been a losing one up until these last 3 seasons and to see him make it 4 would be the greatest honor and a great send off. Most likely we will lose lindley to the draft in my eyes. Jarmon and Micah have a shot, but won’t go in the first round. We will have a good, but not great d even if they do all leave. If they stay though our team could possibly reach 9 wins next year. Our offense will be drastically improved. Were bringing in 2 highly regarded qbs(1 has the second strongest arm in this class). Although I love Cobb at qb he has a better shot at going pro at wr and hopefully Boyd will turn into the beast we expected him to be. Now I love what dixon has done in his years here, but this year I was not impressed and we have 3 great guys behind him. If our d does lose some of our juniors look for the incommung brothers walkers to be great players especially the safety who is predicted to play linebacker. If you have not seen this kid play look him up jarvis walker. The words espn uses to describe him on the recruiting page made me want to watch and I must admit he is definatley a run away freight train and hits with athority.

    Thank you brooks for all you’ve done for Uk football. Any true fan appreciates every win and bowl game you bring us.

  26. UKhoopshysteria

    Is Thurgood Jenkins giving away free crack over at Catspause? I just read where a blogger stated that there have been flashes when this year’s team defense has been comparable to 96. My sentiments to such a remark resemble those of rapper Lil Jon, “WHAT?”

  27. HanOfTheBluegrass

    You all can talk all you want about whether Brooks will leave or not, but he said a couple years ago before he got his extension that his plan and goal was to coach at UK for 10 years, which would make him the longest tenored coach in UK football history. That was his goal. He wants to be a stabalizer for this program, unlike previous coaches. I’m sure Joker is aware of this, as well.