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A Star is Born


Think about those UNLV teams from the early 90s. You remember the guys, Grand Ma-Ma, Stacy Augmon, Anderson Hunt and a point guard named Greg Anthony. Those teams sure seemed dominant, but did you ever really believe that they could produce a top-notch college basketball announcer? Well it turns out they did, as Greg Anthony burst onto the stage this weekend, calling the Indiana-Kentucky game, and making viewers everywhere say, “gosh Billy Packer isnt nearly as negative, sour….or white!” Anthony did a great job breaking down the game, showcased an in-depth knowledge of the programs he was watching (especially UK) and gave viewers a lively, exciting experience during his first college broadcast. Kudos all around.

So then here is the question. With Packer gone, and Greg Anthony now on the rise, who takes the place as the most hated announcer? It cant be Dick Vitale….he is simply a loud goober….no I want to know, who is the guy you love to hate and you groan at his very sight. Go ahead and answer below, and I will be putting on my old school UNLV kicks…..

Article written by Matt Jones

91 responses to “A Star is Born”

  1. barkley25

    I thought he did a great job calling the game. Nice addition…….

  2. xlfine

    While technically not an “announcer,” I absolutely despise Seth Davis. One of the best parts of the UK-IU game came at halftime, when Davis showcased his gross lack of athletic ability at the basketball camp. The guy is pathetic.

  3. UK81

    Greg Anthony did a great job. Liggins should listen to his analysis.

  4. westcoastukfan

    I really don’t care for Vitale–he’s annoying (enough of the diaper-dandy BS) and pro-Duke.

  5. barkley25

    I’d have to say my least favorite is Larry Conley simply because it seems to me that he tries to make everyone forget that he played at UK. It’s almost like he is afraid of getting dis-credited as a journalist/commentator if he makes a pro-UK comment. I think he’s moved too far in the other direction. Just my opinion, though………..

  6. barkley25

    Jay Bilas would have to also be up there…… probably above Conley.

  7. mrnoosebaum

    Billy Raferty is the worst.

  8. Chase

    Mike Patrick never calls our games, but the sight of him and/or the sound of his voice make me want to claw my eyes out.

  9. clydes_shadow

    I agree that Bilas is a complete ass hat. I was terribly suprised when he got a little love
    on this site not that long ago. He certainly knows the taste of Coach K’s ass and I’ve had to endure
    him ripping us a new one far too many times. OK, so we’re down as a program right now but we’re not
    out. So STFU already!!

  10. high and mighty

    7. sacrilege

    Mike Patrick is the worst. I really don’t like Len Elmore either.

    Gus Johnson is the best. I did like Greg Anthony–did a great job.

  11. DOC23UK

    Barry Booker drives me crazier, Raycom games here we come…

  12. bilhelm

    May I go ahead and name Bill Curry… so maybe he doesn’t call basketball games, but hearing him knit-pick a team from the press box is like listening to Jim Jones giving out Kool-aid recipes over the loud speakers at Jonestown… no matter how great it sounds… DON’T DRINK IT!!!

  13. Hunter Campbell

    Everybody who said Mike Patrick is right. Just accidentally flipping to a game he’s calling ruins my day.

  14. commonwealthambassador

    May I assert with conviction: THE GUMBEL BROTHERS?

  15. barkley25

    AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Oh no, it’s RAYCOM!

  16. GoCats2

    Mike Patrick has no competition, he is the worst. I will take Gus Johnson and Clark Kellogg any day. They never seemed biased and are always entertaining.

  17. barkley25

    Don’t mind Greg Gumbel, but Bryant Gumbel comes off like a jerk.

  18. CHunter

    I refuse to listen to Seth Davis after seeing how terrible his attempt to play basketball was the other day

  19. SlickRick48

    Mike Patrick is by far the worst. I also hate Bill Raferty. Anthony was good except when he called Liggins the most talented player on our team. Other than that, he was great.

  20. Bigpoppa

    Without a doubt for me it’s Vitale!
    His very name even makes me CRINGE!
    And to hear his voice b4 any game makes
    me wanna turn the channel. As a matter
    of fact I do know people that will mute
    the TV, and turn on radio so they don’t
    have to listen to him!!

  21. barkley25

    What about the dude who kept talking about all the eyes in the arena a couple of games ago and Syndrome? ha ha

  22. Thomas Beisner

    I’d like to see what Madden could do with a UK game.

  23. slappy

    Mike. Patrick. He looks like an evil little elf and doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact that he has a boner for Duke. Maybe it was 2 years ago- After they dropped their 3rd game in a row, he actually made the statement, “Well, it’s CLEAR they’re getting better.” What a flippin moron. Like 13 said, just taking a minute to think about that guy makes me freaking sick. I don’t usually throw out the word “hate,” but I hate Mike Patrick. He is the absolute worst in the world. His Britney Spears comment during the end of the Bama-UGA game last year was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  24. MRCCAT

    SETH DAVIS….although he isn’t an announcer, just an arrogant d-bag who knows the sports director at CBS (Puke grad).

  25. Hunter Campbell

    21) That was Jimmy Dykes. Up until the Miami game, I always thought he was good. After hearing about the eyes and CSI:Miami about a thousand combined times, my opinion has changed.

  26. LeBowlingAlley

    Don’t forget Digger Phelps

  27. barkley25

    We probably couldn’t watch the game because of all the tele-strator drawings. He’d draw all over the screen so we couldn’t see what was going on. ha ha

  28. mark faggard

    Listening to my own audio blog where I break down a game can be very annoying. I sound like a pre-pubescent 5th grader talking and I act like one as well.

  29. YourMomGoes2college

    Bill Raferty Is a complete Quief bag….He’s terrible! Someone needs to explain to him where he should stress his words…..!!! “Nickle-Dimer, Nickel-Dimer!!! THE BIG GUY!!!! With A LITTLE KISS!!!! What a Effin Poon Satchel!

  30. drewky

    Gotta be Dave Baker doing the BBN coverage. He’s terrible.

  31. KYTurtle

    Can’t stand Jimmy Dykes. Did anyone know he was a coach at UK? It was only mentioned once last season, so you might have missed that info. He gets one of his talking points from the beginning of the game and drills it home all game. He was at UK during one of the darkest times and talks about it like he is anticipating a standing ovation everytime he comes back.

  32. BCGFanatic

    I know he isn’t an actual commentator during games, but I despise Doug “I’ve got your credit card” Gottleib. Dude is a complete douche.

  33. gossie21

    Mike Patrick is the worst out there, there’s not even much competition.

    Without Packer, and excluding Vitale, it’s hard to make a decent list of bad announcers. The rest are only mildly and occasionally annoying. Seth Davis as the studio commentator is a really bad call by CBS. I almost expected him to tell us that Ramel Bradley needed to pick it up in the second half if UK wanted to beat IU.

  34. YourMomGoes2college

    I either have to put it on Mute or not watch a game When Bill Fagerty is announcing. Thats about as bad as Bob Sagget on Americas funniest home videos..HAHAHAHAHH NOT Funny BOB!

  35. terwilliger

    Best: Gus Johnson, Hammond/Conley, Barry Booker, Steve Lavin

    Worst: Mike Patrick, Len Elmore, Craig Bolerjack, Ian Eagle

  36. GoCats2010

    Jay Bilas and Seth Davis are my most hated, by far, then digger

  37. AppalachianWonder

    Mike Patrick is definitely the worst lead announcer. Worst color guy has to go to Barry Booker simply because his voice makes me seasick. Clark Kellogg and his made-up words gets pretty annoying. I liked Jimmy Dykes okay before the whole “CSI Miami” thing – that was plain dumb. In-studio, Doug Gottlieb and Seth Davis are both horrendous and clueless…Digger Phelps takes the prize for worst ever in that category, though…I have yet to hear him give a pertinent piece of information.

    Just give me Gus Johnson, and it doesn’t matter who the color guy is…it could be a talkking garden gnome for all I care.

  38. Miller's High Life

    Best: Gus Johnson, Clark Kellogg

    Worst: Mike Patrick and Bill Rafftery are equally fudge dragons.

  39. GoCats2

    is Martin Newton still doing games?

  40. shmu evans

    steve lavin

  41. barkley25

    AW come on. I like Baker.

  42. kyfan31

    Seth Davis is the worst – a smug arrogant clown. Last year during the UGA game when big redneck ogre knocked out ramel in the 1st half, Davis’s half-time ideas were that “ramel really needs to get on track if UK is going to win this one – only 2 points in 1st half”….This was after they already said ramel was out for game and it was CBS’s only game that day. The guy is not only an asshole, but he doesn’t even try to do his job. What a douche…

  43. jessepalmerstie

    While it’s not hoops, Doris Burke and Bill Curry for the 12:00 Saturday Big-10 game. Usually Michigan State and I often have nightmares about being stuck in a room for three hours and forced to watch this game.

  44. UKIreland

    I’m glad this post was made. I was so happy to be able to watch CBS games with SOUND! Anyways to the point, without a doubt Dicky V/Mike Patrick is the worst announcer. I actually like Bilas, despite him being a puke grad! Obviously who doesn’t love Gus Johnson.

  45. barkley25

    Jay Bilas is just stupid. It has nothing to do with where he went to school. Just don’t like his style.

  46. schquigly

    Jay Bilas no doubt about it.

  47. Yesterdays

    Not sure how anyone can hate Raff. He is my all time favorite with Gus Johnson a close second.

    My least fav announcer of any sport= Jesse freakin Palmer. Especially when he wears those midget ties.

  48. CHunter

    Jay Bilas knows what he is talking about, he is just arrogant. I actually think he would make an alright coach. Bring back the Bilas-strator!!!!

  49. jessepalmerstie

    Can’t stand Palmer, but he’s pretty good. Does his homework and still can relate to many of the players. He’s much better than James already.

  50. barkley25

    I like Palmer’s comments most of the time because he does have some experience to back up what he says. But you’re right. Those ugly little ties hafta go. ha ha

  51. barkley25

    No Bilas-strator, please…………..

  52. jackwilkinson

    Jimmy Dykes is the absolute worst! Vitale is a very close second. The combo of Steve Lavin and Brent Musberger is painful as well. My previous least favorite was Majerus, that dude was just gross.

  53. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    I “live” with most college commentators but the two that I can not stand to even hear their voice are:

    1. Bill Walton

    2. Screamin A. Smith

  54. barkley25

    I totally forgot about Walton. HE IS A TOTAL IDIOT!! Good call #53!!

  55. jessepalmerstie

    I love his skinny ties because will without fail laugh my ass off! He looks like a queer European limo driver (a la Llyod Christmas)

  56. CHunter

    yeah Bill Walton sounds like a retarded zombie, and Steven A. Smith is a racist bastard who “talks” too loud

  57. barkley25

    I think Palmer’s been takin his hair style tips from Nick Calathes, too.

  58. YourMomGoes2college

    47) Not sure how anyone cant hate Raferty. He’s a Moron, doesn’t know anything about basketball, Always tries to put the last word in, Tries to be loud and Annoying and Emphatic like Dick Vitale. Dick is just annoying and loud by nature…Raftery is putting on an act…He’s a Phony

  59. macon_volfan

    #11, there is no room for Booker criticism on this site. You may be banned for life.

  60. YourMomGoes2college

    Sceamin A Smith doesn’t do college games neither does Walton,,,But they are both Complete idiots. Smith is WAY TOO Loud and Annoying!

  61. barkley25

    Booker’s a joke, too.

  62. ryanfertig


  63. UKfaninAlabama

    I do like Greg A.. I liked him when he was doing pro.

    I would like to see Charles Barkley to a college game. That would be interesting.

  64. monstermash

    Clark Kellogg= worst

    Steve Lavin cracks my ass up, think he was tipsy calling our game vs. WVU

  65. shmu evans

    55)Llyod Christmas was neither queer nor European. Watch your mouth……Harry, i took care-of-it.

  66. UKfaninAlabama

    The best thing about Stephen A. Smith, is when he does Cold Pizza with Skip Bayless. He is the only one that can shut Skip up. Skip is the most annoying idiot out of all the idiots that ESPN has hired.

  67. catlanta91

    Dave Neal- means the game is on Raycom/JP/Lincoln Financial

    Kyle Macy- means, even worse, it’s a UKTV production

    Ian Eagle- means we drew the short straw with CBS

    Billy Packer- means I am watching UK-Duke ’98 for about the, well, 98th time

  68. bakert

    I wonder how long it will take for the Greg Anthony lovefest to end the first time he is critical of UK? I’m guessing about 32.4 seconds.

    Having said that, I thought he was very good. You could tell by the preparation he did he was very excited about his first big time game. It was also great to listen someone actually add to what we were seeing rather than just talk about who knows what.

    FWIW, Lavin is horrible. Much too worried about making every cultural reference possible to show how cool he is. I want to hear The General, Robert Montgomery Knight, do a game. I bet you will learn more about basketball before the first TV timeout than you would have listening to Vitale over his entire career.

  69. 081305

    I’m just glad they went outside the ACC to find someone. ACC alums dominate tv basketball commentating.

  70. crjohn02

    Gotta be Seth Davis.

  71. JMcClinton slaps like a grl

    Mike Patrick and it’s not even close.

  72. Hunter Campbell

    How has Doug Gottlieb gone through this thread virtually unmentioned? He may be the worst of the lot.

  73. slappy

    Next time you’re watching Bilas open up a game, watch and see how he stares at the camera for just long enough to be a little creepy. He always has this goofy smile and just stares at the camera long enough to always make me uncomfortable.

  74. smiddy911

    lol – funny story 69.

  75. KentuckyJR

    Gotta be “Gay Bilas”

  76. DOC23UK

    59. I can not stand to listen to him…He is not stupid like Doug Gottlieb or Seth ” The President of the
    DUKIE midnight shower society” Davis…

  77. YourMomGoes2college

    How is everyone Not hating on Raferty?! He’s by far the Biggest Douche! I now have a new found hate for Seth Davis after 69’s story. Gottlieb actually isn’t that bad…I just can’t bring myself to hate someone who is close friends with Colin Cowherd. Cowherd is God-Like!

  78. bosshogg24

    No one has mentioned Bob Knight. I would rather
    listen to two frogs mate!

    Gus Johnson is the best! Mike Patrick
    the worst.

    Jimmy Dykes is good and an ex UK coach.

  79. LandonSloanwillkillyou

    he really did a good job announcing the game, my friends even talked about it. Must have learned him something at UNLV other than what color the money envelope is.

  80. tubbyrulz

    chubby redheaded guy that does all of the duke games. he is such a homer for duke. he never sees a duke foul

  81. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    Yeah, it’s Vitale for me. Irritating. Terrible. Irritable.

  82. Mojo Wilkins

    Bob Knight hasn’t been doing it long, but he really is HORRIBLE. His attempts at humor are pathetic and disruptive, his analysis is hollow. He’s just a complete failure as an announcer. He has no knack for it whatsoever.

  83. TheStabilizer

    I h ate tobring this name up and realize everyone is GLAD THE HAVE FORGOTTEN IT but:



    3 Things CM Newton brought us that suck: Hal Mumme, Tubby Smith, and Martin Newton.
    But then he brought us Rick Pitino so that 1 to 3 ratio actually balances out.

    BTW who brought us Bill Curry? Ugh.

  84. mjbiven

    Seth Davis, Bill Raftery, Steve Lavin and Dick Vitale.
    I agree with what most say about Davis.
    Lavin is basically a zero on in-depth analysis.
    Raftery has to make room for all of his sayings. I always hope each team starts out playing zone so I don’t hve to hear the “man-to-man” thing.
    Vitale is OK in the studio because I can turn him off when he goes into on of his lectures but when he is doing a game I just hate it when he does anything more than comment on the game. Especially when he personalizes his “expert” suggestions as some type of LAW.

  85. ThatsWhatShe

    Gus Johnson and Greg Anthony would be a helluva pair for college games.

  86. donj14

    Greg Paulus, I mean MIKE PATRICK!!!!!!!!

  87. jauk11

    Wow, pretty amazing to see this many posts with none of them really critical, although most of them were busy ripping others. Did you notice Greg’s dental piece, he wore it half the year competing with a broken jaw and with his teeth wired shut. Tarkanian didn’t have to go far for Greg, he played for Rancho high school in Vegas although he played his freshman year at Portland (or Portland State) before transferring back to UNLV. Tarkanian took a lot of borderline talent and characters and did a great job with them on the court. His hard way eight averaged over 110 points a game (their strong point was susposed to be their defense) and lost to UNC by one I think when Dean Smith went to his stall, legal at the time. Greg and Larry Johnson were both high quality people though, not to say the others on that team weren’t, don’t know personally. Four of UNLV’s undefeated teams starters had career off games against Duke when they beat them by one point, Greg was the exception and he fouled out toward the end of the game. That was the same team that beat UK in the heartbreaker the next year, they had some stars too, including the big arrogant jerk.

    As for Tarkanian he always claimed the NCAA had a vendetta against him and let UCLA get away with murder and I agree with him. UNLV’s president fired him after the hot tub incident in which four players were photographed in a hot tub which belonged to a bad guy who happened to be one of the players AAU? coach, no wrongdoing was proven and most locals think the President was just jealous and it gave him the excuse he needed.

    Tarkanian did win his suit against the NCAA you know.

    Sorry, maybe too much history, but interesting I think. Congrats to Greg for a good start and hope he covers UK in the NCAA finals this year.

  88. aspenmurphy

    I don’t know why MJ says it can’t be Vitale. We’re talking announcers here. The vast majority of them are plain awful. In fact, that’s a whole other discussion — how is it that virtually all of these guys are absolute trash. But come on…Vitale. No one else even comes close. Every single other commentator I can zone out, forget he is there. Not Vitale. It’s 2+ hours of complete despair and misery. The guy is the worst. The only thing worse than having to listen to Vitale…is having to listen to Vitale during Jimmy V week. Yes, I know I’m going to hell, but it’s true.

  89. mattcat68

    Jimmy Dykes is absolutely excruciating to listen to. He carries on the Packer tradition of negativity. Plus, he’s a naturally born pr*ck.

  90. UKHeckYeah

    Tommy T….. (Tom Tolbert) used to do ESPN NBA games….the combination of him and Bill Walton made you want to die….Tommy T was the WORST ever…..Len Elmore gets on my nerves too