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75 responses to “Jai Lucas To Decide Tonight?”

  1. GoCatsLonelyolWife

    Thank You!

  2. daddy43040

    Oh man that would be awesome!We really need him and to have him for three years would give us as good a incoming class as anyone even if it doesn’t help in the actual rankings

  3. ukjosh25

    is big blue nation hoping that lucas comes in and replaces porter??? unless an appeal is formed i do not believe that he would be able to start playing officially til next years 2nd semester. its kinda ya damned if ya do and damned if ya don’t

  4. BillyClyde4President

    We don’t need Lucas at UK.

  5. CHunter

    even if we don’t NEED the guy, how can acquiring a solid point guard to pair up with GJ and Liggins and Porter be a bad thing?

  6. I'm Just Sayin

    4 Based on what I looked at yesterday I disagree.

  7. DavidEShelton

    If Pilgrim decides to transfer
    does he have to sit out yet
    another year?

  8. Forrest4Three

    Matt is all about this midget… for whatever reason…..

  9. roseysdaddy

    Who is Jai Lucas?

    hehe…i kid because i care.

  10. BillyClyde4President

    6: What did you see yesterday to make you feel this way?

  11. jerseygreg

    No sense even waiting around for the announcement. He isnt coming to UK.

  12. BillyClyde4President

    Folks, next year we will have (4) kids who can bring the ball up the floor and run the PG:

    -Michael Porter
    -DeAndre Liggins
    -GJ Vilarino
    -Kevin Galloway

    Why waste a scholarship on a kid who is undersized and who has to sit out, while we could instead give it to a big man to help rebound and score from inside.

    Again, we don’t need Jai Lucas.

  13. gobigblue32

    6. Why because we missed a lot of threes? The point guard play was not actually that bad yesterday. Like BCG said, when the threes are going down everyone thinks the point guards are playing well, but when the threes aren’t being hit everyone thinks we aren’t any good. I don’t understand. It is a long season he are getting better and I agree with 4, we don’t need him. If we add him that would be fantastic but we don’t NEED him.

  14. BillyClyde4President

    13: We only had 7 turnovers yesterday and Liggins and Porter only accounted for 2 of those so I have no idea what poster # 6 observed yesterday:)

  15. truBLU

    #7 Pilgrim will not transfer. Why don’t you go spit that shit somewhere else man? Next year Pilgrim, Stevenson, Orton, AJ and whomever else we have (Patterson, Cousins, etc.) will dominate nationally. Didn’t even mention a hopefully improving Harrelson next year. I honestly don’t care if Lucas picks us because I’m more interested in this year and not next year at this point! Shelton must not know that Pilgrim is going to be a BEAST.

  16. CHunter

    12. the only bad thing about that is that Galloway and Porter will be seniors. but i know what you are saying…..

  17. CAnTuckeeBoi

    14.)what have you seen that makes you think that we couldn’t use Lucas…..

    1.) Liggins cries every time he gets taken off the court
    2.) Porter is definitely developing into a solid BACK-UP point guard.
    3.) Porter cant drive.
    4.) Liggins cant set up the offense.
    5.) You know about as much about Vilarino as I know about being an Astronaut.
    6.) Galloway is playing the 3 guard.
    7.) and the biggest reason of all….. Other than Michigan state and Magic Johnson name one great college team that was led by 6’7 point guards, (I think we all know that neither of these kids is a Magic Johnson)

  18. truBLU

    On a lighter note, I have never understood why Porter can’t get on football scholarship and play both. Adding a quality ball handler/floor general type of PG wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for this team. I’m not asking for him but on the other hand, thinking about the last 1.5 seasons as a whole, it’s not like we’re adding a 2 star uncoordinated 7 footer or something like that. Lucas we know could add to our quality of depth. You never know how the scholarship thing is going to work itself out. If Lucas came here and GJ happened to redshirt his first year, would that really be a legit concern to you for next year’s team? My point is that you shouldn’t hinge in him coming here but if he did then it would be a “good problem” to have.

  19. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    2 – Beyond the general correlation between recruiting class rankings and good incoming talent, the rankings don’t matter. I can think of nothing that matters less as an accomplishment that recruiting class rankings. We got the best class = We might have the players who might one day lead us to be the best team if the player rankings were accurate and all players on all teams reach their full potential.

  20. truBLU

    Sorry, the second sentence in my rant should read ‘About Lucas, adding a quality ball….’

  21. UKY10

    12. 3 of those 4 are on the team now. So why would we have pg problems? And I’m not sure but I don’t know why Lucas would have to sit out. Hes sitting our right now. He played in I believe one pre-season game. I might be mis-understanding you on that one.

  22. DavidEShelton

    #15 Why was Pilgim thrown out
    of practice Friday and why
    wasn’t he on the bench Saturdat?

  23. BillyClyde4President

    17: Liggins is awesome and it will take time for him to mature. But when he does, he will be one of the best PG’s UK has ever seen. Give him time and remember he’s only about 17 years old!!!

    -Furthermore, Porter is getting better by the minute. Yes he’ll still turn the ball over from time to time but he’s embracing his new role and learning more and more each day. And he has experience so he will most likely start until he’s a graduate from UK.

    -As for Vilarino, I haven’t seen him play at UK but I did see him play with UK’s current players. He is SUPER quick and handles the ball better than any other player. He should be a great fit for Gillispie.

    -Galloway will not play the PG that often but can if and as needed.

    -As a team, our turnovers are MUCH improved and that means the players are “getting it.” It takes time to form a machine and in all honesty, I think UK is slowly becoming a machine again. Patterson will probably bolt for the big bucks and if so, we’ll have only Stevenson, Stewart and Harrellson as returning experienced big men. Therefore we need to go after another big man to hopefully help assist those 3 guys and Orton. I wish Lucas well but he will never put on a UK uniform!!!!!

  24. Hunter Campbell

    23) Liggins is almost 21 years old. Born March 31, 1988.

  25. zachkyzach

    If Lucas could maybe possibly get PPat to come back for one more year, sign me up.

  26. krebscalledmeagirl

    I thought Matt was supposed to talk to Jai?

  27. UKY10

    I just want to know who this mystery transfer is.

  28. BillyClyde4President

    2009-2010 Kentucky Wildcats tenative roster:

    PG’s: Porter, Liggins, Vilarino, Galloway
    SG’s: Meeks, Hood, Slone, Williams
    F’s: Stevenson, Stewart, Pilgrim, Miller
    C: Harrellson, Orton………………. and possibly Patterson but highly doubtful.

    I just don’t see where a 5’8″ guy named Jai Lucas fits into our “TEAM NEEDS” category.

  29. truBLU

    Who knows at this point but until anything is clarified, how can you sit there and start spewing negativity like vomit? Go put on your Loserville gear and drink some haterade. And to #21 as of right now Lucas would have to sit out the next 2 semesters which would be Spring 2009 and then Fall 2009. They are saying since he played in 1 game this year that this semester doesn’t count toward the transfer penalty. Something to that effect.

  30. BillyClyde4President

    24: It’s not like that at all. Lucas does not influence Patterson’s decision making or else Patterson would have been a Gator. Patterson is his own being and does not need Lucas to hold his hand. If Patterson wants to come back and be a mightiful superstar at UK next year, then he’ll make that decision on his own.

  31. SagaciousMind

    Porter has shown he can drive in previous games because when he does he kicks it out or dishes it off to the big men. People can say what they want about Porter, but he is only goin to get better. Liggins is young and still learning. Galloway has shown he knows how to make things happen and he is definitely a pass first kind of player. And from what is heard about GJ, he is really fast, a good penetrator, a crazy verticle, good passer, and is even coming along on his 3pt shot. You have to realize, GJ has been committed so long that he is already learnin UK’s plays and by the time he gets to UK, all he will have to do is run it with his teammates that he has already played some pick up games with so he’s already gettin used to playin with them. That’s why Jon Hood will be so nasty because he’s played so many pick up games with them that he is comfortable playin with them already. So basically what I’m sayin, we don’t really need Lucas. If he comes, whatever, but I seriously doubt he will and it doesnt matter to me either way. Because that next year KC Miller is comin in and who knows, Gillispie may land Brandon Knight or someone else in that class that steps up. So Lucas is not a coveted, must have player here. Whatever coach wants though. And 15, from what my friends say that have seen Pilgrim at the pick up games, you are right, he is a beast.

  32. SagaciousMind

    23, Liggins is 20

  33. UKY10

    28. If thats theh case I don’t see why we would be interested unless he was not taking a scholarship until the I guess 2010 school year. We get him we do, we don’t I wish him luck

  34. CAnTuckeeBoi

    23.) Come on how are you going to say that Liggins will be one of the best in UK history?????
    He is not a true point guard, go the NBA, 6’7 pgs are great in theory, but they hardly ever pan out. He is small foward that can pass…. NBA teams have given up on the 6’6 6’7 point guards, most college teams have as well, he needs to learn to shoot, and play within the offense, and one day he will be a good small foward how can bring the ball up the court if needed.

    We have averaged 20 turnovers a game for 10 games, just because we did better yesterday I wouldn’t called that much improved

  35. daddy43040

    Why so many people don’t want lucas?Maybe just sayin that because they think he’s gonna turn us down again?

  36. cfelker

    Since when is there a problem with getting a SOLID winner. Forget Lucas’s size for a second and realize that this kid is a quality PG and a LEADER. We’ve got plenty of size elsewhere, especially if Patterson stays another year. We need a TEAM LEADER who can run an offense. He’s quick, fundamentally sound and he’s a four year guy. Not to mention that he can shoot the three. Porter is a great role player and is playing much better as of late, but he’s not the answer for a serious contending team. I love liggins and his potential but he’s still shooting first and his defense is average at best. He’s got NBA potential but he’s VERY immature at this point. I’m not down on him but that’s just the reality. It would be great to have a PG controversy in a good way for once. That’s what Jai Lucas would bring. Plus he’s not a thug and would represent the school well. He would be A GREAT addition to this team and to our future sucess. All that being said, unfortuately I don’t think he’ll sign with us.

  37. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Big name 09 transfer coming is Hunter McClintock. Kid has mad handles and is a white boy that can hit the three. Since everyone thinks that UK needs a “white boy” that can shoot, this will fill the void.

    Carry on.

  38. zachkyzach

    29) I know that, but I also know that there was more than just Lucas in his initial college choice. All Im saying is that in the small outside chance (see me putting earlier “maybe possibly”) that he would want to play one year with Lucas I wouldnt complain. Plus I think Lucas is a good player anyway. We are on the same team I am just throwing out random thoughts.

  39. CAnTuckeeBoi

    23.) Oh yeh and Liggins went to Prep school so I doubt he 17…

  40. truBLU

    #32 thats what I’m saying. If we get him good and if we don’t oh well.

  41. cfelker

    I hope we get lucas and knight. Guard play is the reason patterson isn’t averaging 40 points a game. We still struggle to feed him the ball in the post and that’s because of guard play. All the negativity aside, the guard are getting MUCH better right now and at this rate we could make a serious post season run.

  42. FartFaggard
  43. FartFaggard
  44. BillyClyde4President

    I hope Lucas goes to Texas or Baylor or anywhere besides UK.

    And furthermore, thanks for letting me know that Liggins is 20 years old but that’s still VERY young and he has a long way to go before he matures as a player but it will happen sooner than later hopefully. And I seriously hope you guys aren’t really buying into that “transfer coming to UK talk” because it’s idiotic.

  45. truBLU

    Plus Lucas isn’t hurting for money (see: Daddy Lucas) so maybe he could pay his own way?

  46. overspeed

    Liggins hasn’t been 17 for several years. Soon we are going to have to worry about him buying the team beer, ahahaha.

  47. BillyClyde4President

    Faggard, where’s your UK link to all this info regarding this kid?

  48. truBLU

    Hey fart you have it all wrong man. The transfer is the mystery South American PG that was tearing up the world last year. Remember him?

  49. BillyClyde4President

    LOL, I told you guys it was idiotic.

  50. daddy43040


  51. FartFaggard



  52. BillyClyde4President

    Faggard, no worries, you and your site are worthless. It’s folks like you who give recruiting a bad name. But it’s professionals like me who don’t pay any mind to your worthless, IDIOTIC garbage.

    Happy New Year.

  53. MarcMaggard

    U guys are retarded…. Lucas has NEVER been coming to UK and UK was never really trying to get him….this bad info is what you get when you rely on asking recruits where they may go….. it’s going to be a team in Texas….


  54. Tommy

    51) If you think we are ok at point guard, you are a dummy. If only we could have Jai on this year’s team.

  55. BillyClyde4President

    Tammy, what do girls know about hoops??

  56. BillyClyde4President

    54: I apologize for making fun of your name and calling you a girl but I couldn’t resist. And by the way, UK is fine at PG. It takes time son, give it time.

  57. 10, 2, and 4

    53. FarcFaggard, yeah recruits only go where they’re told – they have no idea other than which dart hits the school pinned to the dartboard.

  58. 10, 2, and 4



  59. MarcMaggard

    57… whatever you want to think, but I’ve been telling everyone that Lucas has zero chance to come to UK from the very beginning…. just like I told them Hopson wouldn’t sign with MSU and Pigrim was in school and wasn’t “second choice”. Let me know what you think when Lucas announces for Texas later tonight……mm

  60. BillyClyde4President

    Marcus, I can only hope you’re right. I hope and pray Lucas goes anywhere but KENTUCKY.

  61. 10, 2, and 4

    I’m sure I’ll think the same as now…Lucas will go to TX. That’s a different issue altogether. You saying that an attorney can’t gain useful info from a recruit is ridiculous.


  62. jwbm


  63. MarcMaggard

    61… recruits tell you what they want to have reported…it’s that simple. Practically ever interview I’ve ever seen from a recruit has some “fluff” in it. If that’s what you want for recruiting info….have at it.


  64. 10, 2, and 4

    63. Perhaps my demand for recruiting info gleaned by some angry, frosty-tipped jerk is not up to market value, but I do know I don’t care for what you’re sellin.


  65. pji

    Maggard, I agree that a smart recruit would manipulate what gets into the press. My question is this: Does Lucas not have interest in UK, or is it the opposite? And what did he mean to gain by saying he had interest? Only thing I can think of is he was trying to make himself more attractive to his school of choice.

  66. Blue_Lawlz

    Marc Maggard is gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

  67. Grits Gurgler

    What’s Lucas defense? His 2007-2008 Florida stats show:

    Averages Per Game
    Minutes – 30
    Points – 8.5
    3 Pointers – 43.5%
    Assists – 2.3
    Steals – 0.5
    Rebounds – 1.7
    Turnovers – 1.6

  68. soup

    marc maggard, you are soooooo dreamy!


  69. bigdaddy

    maggard rocks NOT

  70. Grits Gurgler

    FG % – 45.9%

    Lucas’s College Career FG % & 3pt % are better than Jodie Meeks both by a couple of % points. So the size might not be as big of a factor as people are making it out to be.

    His assists are low for a PG while at Florida (2.3) yet you have to consider the Calathes factor. Calathes was a second PG on the court and took a lot of 3’s, yet also helped set up Lucas for the open shot (which could have played a small role in Lucas shooting numbers – open shots = better numbers).

    As a Freshman in the SEC to play 30 minutes a game yet only have 1.6 turnovers says he’s ready to run a team.

    To answer the question of is he a good fit for the cats you really should look at the numbers as they say his size isn’t a limiting factor. There really are 2 questions left…


    Anyone want to comment on his defense??? since I hate/hated watching Florida play I missed a lot of scouting on that aspect of his game. Also, the stats don’t give us viable any insight.

  71. WINNER

    Being new to this site, why do you all hate this Maggard guy so much?

    Oh, and I believe Lucas will go to a Texas school too. Homesickness solved.

  72. BillyClyde4President

    Jai, do us all a favor and go back home honey. We don’t need you here. We have Porter, Vilarino and Liggns.

  73. SagaciousMind

    Marc, you wanna bash Matt and his website and say that everything on here is stupid and unreliable, so why are you wasting your time even posting on here? And I think you have been wrong plenty of times so stay off of Matt’s site. No one cares what you think. I think most people know anyway Lucas isn’t coming and some, like myself, doesnt really want him anyway. Yeah he may help, but he snubbed UK once so I dont want him. So not everyone is retarded, dumbass.

  74. ransmith

    Lucas would be our starting PG if he had come to UK instead of Florida.

    The bottom line fact is, we don’t have a proven true point guard, which is what Lucas is. You give us a true, experienced point guard, and others get better, we probably only have one loss and are nationally ranked.

    We need Lucas!

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