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Kentucky Sports Radio Takes on Goodman

This week, and seemingly every week, our friend Jeff Goodman gave a little nudge about the Cats. This time it was his comment that the Cats would struggle to finish in the Top 8 in the Big East. Because Goodman has been good enough (get it, “Good” enough….yes we are clever here), to come on my radio show, answer my annoying texts or generally respond to any criticism, I asked him to come defend his statements. Once again, he did and as always, we thank him. Here is the transcript of some of the proceedings (a Kentucky Sports Radio exclusive….dont try to steal this Greta van Susteran!)

MATT JONES: Thanks for Taking the time to talk with me. It is always very nice of you and I appreciate you defending yourself without just telling me to blog somewhere else.

JEFF GOODMAN: Glad to do it. Its always fun.

You said in a recent column that Kentucky would struggle to finish in the Top 8 of the Big East. Care to elaborate a bit?

AT this point I think it is fair to say that Kentucky would be fighting for eighth place….clearly UCONN, Pitt, Louisville, Syracuse, Notre Dame are better. That’s 5, Marquette would probably be 6, Villanova I just saw. Could you say Kentucky would be right there with Villanova or Marquette or Georgetown? Yeah you could say that. Again, I think there are four or five teams that are clearly better and another three that probably could beat Kentucky 5 out of 10 times. They could finish 8th out of the Big East. Again, I think Villanova and Georgetown are better teams than Kentucky, but there isnt a huge difference between all of them.

Take Georgetown for a minute. The Cats have two common opponents, Tennessee and West Virginia. Kentucky beat both of them on a neutral or road game, Georgetown got beat handily by both of them, on a neutral or home court game.

Thats true, but you cant just look at it like that. Georgetown did blow out UCONN at UCONN. I have seen 21 of 22 top teams in person. From seeing them in person, that it is absolutely fair to say that Kentucky would be a struggle to be a Top 8 in the Big East. Is there really anyone who will say that the SEC is not down?

Yeah but Jeff thats not the question. No one denies, at least I dont, that the SEC is down. But the question is how can you say with confidence that a team like Georgetown is better than Kentucky when the similar opponents rendered different results?

You gotta look at their overall body of work. You cant just look head to head. When you look at the overall body of work, you see the differences.

Ok, lets look at the overall body of work. Take a team like Pittsburgh. They have beaten terrible teams and the only name wins they have are over Georgetown, which we already talked about and Texas Tech.

You are outta your mind if you think that UK is a better team than Pittsburgh. Out of ten times Kentucky beats Pitt once on a neutral site.

But Jeff, how can you say that? Pitt goes into Freedom Hall a week after Kentucky and essentially plays them the exact same way. Pitt has beaten no one of consequence and Kentucky just blew out Tennessee and is undefeated in conference play. What basis is there to say they would only win 1 out of 10 games?

The same basis as the other Big East teams I mentioned. They have a better roster top to bottom. All those teams have more balance. Kentucky has two great players but it is easier to stop 2 guys with a gameplan than to create a gameplan against a balanced team. Take a team like Villanova, that matches up extremely well with Kentucky. They have good role guys who could guard Meeks and Cunningham is a good matchup with Patterson. Villanova beats Kentucky 6 out of 10 times. Now do I think Marquette matches up as well? No, but I still think Marquette wins 5 out of 10 against Kentucky. College basketball is about matchups and the teams as a whole in the Big East are more balanced. Kentucky needs a third scorer and has major point guard issues.

You say they need a third scorer, and I used to think so too. But if Meeks is averaging 25 a game and Patterson 17, do they really need one?

Yes, you cant beat good teams with just two guys. I mean do they have one of the best 100 point guards in America?

Thats a tough question. But what about Davidson last year? They had one guy and they were one random dude making a three at the buzzer away from the Final Four.

Well ok, if Jodie Meeks plays that well, then yes he can take Kentucky on his backs as Curry did with Davidson.

But he is playing that well. He only averages 3 a game less than Curry.

Yeah but you cant expect that every night. Look, here is what I am saying. I am saying they could finish anywhere from 5-9 in the Big East. I mean they would struggle to come in the Top 8, they might get there, but there is no guarantee they would come in the top 8. That is my whole point.

And I guess my point is that with the exception of UCONN and Louisville, I dont see a huge talent discrepancy between some of these teams and Kentucky, and in the case of the Cards, they played them and took them to the wire.

And what I am saying is, that just looking at those teams, Kentucky is not as good as they are, in my opinion.

What does Kentucky have to do for you to think they are a top-notch team. What if they were to finish, say 15-1 in the SEC?

IF they finish 15-1, then they clearly are a team that could battle and be a Top 10ish team. These days there is so much parity in college basketball. though. Could they finish 5th in the Big East, yes…but are they the fifth best team in the Big East? I think probably not. But having said that, Oklahoma is #6 and I don’t think there is a lot of separation between them and Kentucky. And, I would say the same thing about teams in the Big 12 and teams in the Big 10. Put them in the Big East and I would say the same thing about a team like Purdue.

What about a Michigan State? Are they much better than Kentucky? I mean they just got run at home by Northwestern.

Yeah that one really surprised me. I think they are definitely a notch above a team like Kentucky, but not if they play like that. I mean look, I think Kentucky could maybe win the Pac 10 and contend in the Big 12 and Big 10. So its not like I dont think they are a good team.

Well it sounds like then, if you think Kentucky can win or contend in 4 of the 6 BCS conferences, you think they are pretty good. But is the Big East so good that a team that can win 4 of the 6 BCS conferences really cant come in the top 8? That seems like a crazy statement

Its parity and matchups. I just went through those teams with you and I think they are all better or right there with Kentucky in the top half of the Big East. Honestly, I don’t understand how you can say that the argument that they might finish 8th is a crazy lunatic statement.

Not a lunatic statement, but I think Kentucky is more likely a 4-5 team in the conference. But we agree to disagree. Tell me what you think of Patterson and Meeks. Two of the best 20 players in America?

I would absolutely agree with that. I will be the first to say that Meeks and Patterson are as good a duo as there are in college basketball. And they have both vastly exceeded my expectations.

What about Gillispie? You have been critical of him before. What do you think about the job he has done this year?

I think that Gillispie has done a very good job with this team so far and be doing it with two front line guys and not a lot around them. I thought his Freshman would give more but this is how Billy works. He will make them learn it. But those guys should play more if they are going to be good.

I know what you mean, but what is odd is that when they play, the team struggles. You put in Harris and Porter and individually they may look bad at times, but the team ends up doing better when they are in the game.

I have noticed that. It certainly happened at Louisville and Tennessee. Those guys baffle me sometimes and the team is better when they play. But those Freshmen I thought would play more. That has surprised me, no doubt.

Where do you see the Cats when it is all done?

Hard to say. I want to see them for the rest of the year. If they are as good as you (Matt) think they are, then they should take care of business in what is a weak SEC. If they do that and only lose a game like at Florida or at Arkansas, then we may have to say they are good.

But not top 8 in the Big East? (laughs)

(laughs) I guess we will see

As always, thanks Jeff

Anytime man. I dont hate Kentucky like you think and I love the passion of their fans.

Thanks again to Jeff Goodman. As always, it was a great interview and I thank him for taking the time to talk to the blog.

Article written by Matt Jones

96 responses to “Kentucky Sports Radio Takes on Goodman”

  1. UKfansNKY

    GOODMAN BLOWS….and we all know what!!!

  2. smiddy911

    lol – this was fun to read.

    Thanks Matt…

    Dear Goodman,

    LOLOLOLOLOL – Big East will let you down in the end. NOT as good as you think sir….

  3. Evan Hilbert

    Meeks is better than Stephen Curry. There, I said it.

  4. The King

    Thanks for getting that up Matt, just made my day. This is where Goodman lost me

    “But he is playing that well. He only averages 3 a game less than Curry.

    Yeah but you cant expect that every night. Look, here is what I am saying. I am saying they could finish anywhere from 5-9 in the Big East. I mean they would struggle to come in the Top 8, they might get there, but there is no guarantee they would come in the top 8. That is my whole point.”

    Hello, he is averaging only 3 points less. An average is what he usually does on any given night, so…… I’d say you could expect that every night, since well, you guessed it, It is what he is AVERAGING. I totally don’t understand his logic on that one.

  5. SevenRings

    Very good give and take….sounded alot like a “yeah but” conversation.


    Goodman is right about one thing in particular. IF a team can shut down Patterson and Meeks has on off-night, we can only hope that our pressure defense will keep us within 8-10 points of the other team, be it UCONN or Eastern Kentucky.

    Sorry, Richmond. Just making a point.

  7. bigbluegh

    OK, so Meeks could carry this team like Curry did for Davidson IF he plays as well as Curry did? I think he is playing that well. OK, Matt says he averages 3 points less, but Meeks is a far better all around player. But 3 points is not all that much AND he has Patterson to keep defenses honest. Curry didn’t have that.

  8. jbrady630

    Ok it’s great that you get guys like Goodman to give an interview bc it’s real entertaining to read and get his thoughts on the team. But did you really try to compare us to Pittsburgh? The former number 1 team in the country? How bout we crack the top 25 before we start thinking crazy stuff. You have to crawl before you walk.

  9. SlickRick48

    That was AWESOME! Now whenever people on here complain about Liggins and Miller not getting enough PT we can say, “so you agree with Jeff Goodman then?”

  10. gossie21

    Every team we have played this year has TRIED to shut down Patterson and Meeks. Not one team has been successful in shutting down both in one game. If we played Villanova or Marquette on a neutral floor (or even split home games) we would win 8 out of 10 against them. Meeks and Patterson are just that good.

    I don’t see why the conversation is always how will UK match up with other teams. They have to match up with us too, and our top-2 players are head and shoulders above any duo in the Big East.

  11. BlueDNA

    Goodman and pundits like him are trying to support their overrating of the Big East based on games the Big East teams have played within the conference. As Matt so accurately pointed out, their position cannot be supported by out of conference game comparisons. They are overrated, have been overrated from the beginning this season and now it is too late for that to be corrected, since they will only be [playing each other until tournament time.

  12. jbrady630

    7. Meeks is a far better all around player than Curry? Seriously? I think a lot of NBA scouts would disagree. Meeks is a baller though and it’s been great to watch him do his thing this year

  13. drewky

    Damn, great interview, Matt. I don’t come on here and fluff anyone (well, maybe Beisner, a little now and then). I didn’t expect this interview to go anywhere but your questions were well thought out and left little room for wiggling. I can honestly say that Rob Bromley or any other UK sports talking head (sans Vaught) would’ve conducted such a sharp interview. Can we get you to do the BillyG TV show on Sundays?

    I’m thoroughly impressed.

  14. Bodd71

    Perception is reality……that is the only explaination for the high Big East ratings.

  15. drewky

    Curry is a better passer than Meeks, by far. Meeks is the better defender and spot up shooter. Its hard to say who is “overall better.”

  16. gossie21

    9) If that’s all you know, then I submit that you don’t know anything because Auburn’s center was 6’7. Besides you can’t know something that is a complete hypothetical, so congratulations on verifying your complete lack of any substantive knowledge. Take a bow.

  17. ukcats07

    9, Mark Coury is gone to Cornell. Maybe you should go over to their blog if you’re going to keep bashing Kentucky.

  18. jbrady630

    You know they will beat their fair share of good teams. I would argue that Fields is the best all around pg in the nation, Young has NBA game, and Blair is an absolute beast. I don’t want to hate on Kentucky bc I love that our guys play hard and give their best, but I would be VERY surprised if we make the 2nd weekend in March. We have to wait one more year IMO to start bragging about our team. Of course thats just my opinion and I hope it ends up wrong

  19. Chuck Norris

    9) All I know is if you put that statement (changes words around doesn’t change the meaning) in the comments of another thread, I’m gonna deliver a roundhouse kick to your dome!

    But seriously, WHO CARES?!? This debate is kind of like two nerds arguing about would would win a fight between Superman and Spiderman…this Big East debate is based on conjecture, and won’t matter until March rolls around.

  20. adamnjohnson

    Good man to come on and explain himself

  21. catsfan420

    we are 1-1 against big east right

  22. jorts4life

    Nice. The real Chuck Norris wears Chuck Norris from comment #22 pajamas.

  23. Bodd71

    I think Ky can win 2 games in the big dance. Anything more than that is reaching I think.

  24. wildeers

    as much as i would like to disagree with him, it would be tough to compete in the Big East. Could we win alot of games? Hell yes we could, but facing a quality opponent on such a consistent basis would b tough. I would say that with the exception of a couple teams, we would be right in the thick of things but nights like the one we just had against Auburn would kill us if we werent facing the cellar dwellers

  25. Bodd71

    But remember that in the Big East you dont play everyone twice like SEC. And like Louisville this year they only play the big dogs once and 2 of them are at home.

  26. nybrasky

    There’s a big difference between him saying UK would be “fortunate to finish 8th” and then when he says he doesn’t see how we could think is a lunatic statement that they “might finish 8th”

    “Fortunate to finish 8th” means 8th is their ceiling and they’d more than likely be below that. “Might finish 8th” gives the flexibility of saying they could be anywhere between 5-10 I’d say.

    All is just speculation since we’ll never know. Saying definitively that UK couldn’t beat those teams is dumb. I think they could beat any of those teams on a given night, but could also lose to any of them on a given night depending on which team shows up. It would be interesting to know how they matched up if played night in and night out, but we’ll just have to take care of the SEC instead and make a good showing in the Big Dance.

  27. TheFutureMrsGillispie

    I totally think that Kentucky could be competitive against the teams in the Big East. I have made Matt’s argument about Georgetown myself – Kentucky beating Tennessee and West Virginia. Kentucky will prove themselves and then haters be damned!

  28. cleveland

    First, ups to J. Goodman for speaking to KSR regarding his continued columns. Very professional and courteous of him, even if his opinion is wrong.

    Next, I fail to see how Notre Dame is “clearly . . . better” than UK.

    Looking at Pomeroy’s ratings, UK is clearly better.

    1) ND has two significant wins, neutral site Texas (by one point) and at home against a 12-5 Georgetown team. UK has has two significant wins, Neutral site WVU and away at UT.
    2) ND has to quality wins, beat Seton Hall and Depaul. UK beat K-State, Vandy and Auburn.
    3) ND has 5 losses, UK has 4. UK lost to VMI, ND lost to St. John

    Surely ND’s Texas win (a team Arkansas, Okla, and Mich ST. also beat) and vicitory over 12-5 GU cannot be so impressive that ND is clearly better than UK. Likewise, surely UK’s lost to VMI in the first game is not so bad as to be much worse than ND’s loss to St. Johns.

    So I’m asking would someone please explain why Goodman and the rest of the media think Notre Dame is “clearly” better than UK?

  29. SlickRick48

    17, 18, 20. All I was trying to do is find new ways to make fun of the nerds who get into fights with other nerds on here. Looks like I may have found a few…

  30. HillbillyBillyBob


  31. catsfan420

    i dont see how louisville is better i know they are playing better after they beat us, but so are we. there press was not effective, and it applys the most pressure then any press i have seen. All the other full court presses that i have seen depend on the offense to make the mistake not louisville they apply pressure. The way we played louisville, vols, and vandy we looked as good as anybody. but yeah who cares jeff goodman is a terd. The SEC isnt that bad the vosls just arent as good as expected, why would they be. Pearl is a nice guy i think he is fun and cares about his kids, but his players dont take him as serious as our players do BCG. Or florida players take donovan. I think we would destroy Notre Dame. Patterson would go off.

  32. catfannamsterdam

    Well done, Matt. You challenged his logic and pushed him on his answers…just like a journalist should do! Kudos.

  33. cat since the cradle

    jbrady’s a hater! mark it down

  34. Bodd71

    Louisville is better because they beat us. It sucks but they did beat us.

  35. jbrady630

    I don’t like to be biased

  36. ukcats07

    Slick Rick, just so you know we weren’t talking to you. The comment got deleted we were refering to. Sorry man.

  37. ukbbfan

    good work Matt. fun to read. i gained a little respect for Goodman just for showing up and trying to explain his point of view further.

  38. TheFutureMrsGillispie

    Just because a team wins on a given night does NOT mean that the winning team is overall “better” than the losing team.

  39. Pokey Chapman

    We have a chance to prove ourselves but he did say he thought we were on par with the #6 team in the courtry. I can live with that.

  40. UKfaninAlabama

    Goodman’s arguement is based solely on Big East teams have better rosters from top to bottom. That may be true. But ROSTERS do not define a BASKETBALL TEAM.

    A lesser talented team can be much better than a more talented team with good Coaching, Heart, Effort, and Teamwork. He says you have to look at the complete body of work, but he is the one not doing that. He is looking at the avg. star rating.

  41. asdfasdf

    We beat Louisville by 10 points if we play them again AT FREEDOM HALL. I don’t care how “on fire” they are on right now, they played their best game of the year against us, and barely won, while we played below average. Meeks owns Freedom Hall, he had his first “off” night there. If we play them again there, he drops 50, we win by at least 10, case closed.

    Who cares about the hypothetical situation of a team shutting down both Meeks and Patterson, because you can’t show me one team who can do that. I am not saying we are one of the best teams in the country right now, but if we had our heads on straight and brought our tough nosed game night in and out, we could battle for 3-7th at worst in Big Least. The problem is, who knows if we could bring our tough game each night, so the argument is possible, but I don’t think its anywhere near probable.

  42. asdfasdf

    40, you got it man. His analysis who better talent on the entire roster is a LESS practical approach than comparing two teams performances against common opponents. The best TEAM is not who has the most talent, its who gets the most of their talent.

  43. ruppcrazy

    It’s been shown time after time that noone can hold down Meeks and PPat. The only thing you can do with those guys is hope for bad nights and those to come along too often. We would be one of the big dogs in the Big East with Uconn, Pitt, UL, etc. We would compete with all those teams. I took a good look at UofL’s schedule and I don’t think we would lose more than 5 games with their BE schedule.

    If we were in the BE right now, we would already have our Top 20 ranking.

  44. asdfasdf

    *out of their talent, oops

  45. MarkCouryismathletic

    42) The UofL/UK game was about a 7 point game most of the way.
    UK led for a total of 1 second. Get real. Had Clark not thrown
    the ball all over the court in the final 50 seconds, UofL would have won
    by double digits.

  46. UKfaninAlabama

    41-No one is shutting them both down. WVU is supposedly the best def. team in the Big East. We watched that game.

  47. asdfasdf

    a 7 point game with them playing out of their ass, especially from three pt land, and with us playing pathetic. If we play above avg and they play avg, we win by 10.

  48. MarkCouryismathletic

    Name the top 8 BE teams Porter and Harris would start for?
    This should be good.

  49. ukcats07

    MarkCouryismathletic, let’s play a game. You say one positive thing about UK today. I mean I know it’s a stretch but this is a UK blog. If you hate UK so much or think we suck soooo why are you on a UK blog?

  50. asdfasdf

    What does they have to do with anything? Did you miss the posts stating that top to bottom talent doesn’t prove the best team?

  51. catsfan420

    45. your a fagget if BCG didnt get a Tech for that one second, we would have won in double digits. you get real

  52. TheFutureMrsGillispie

    No way would Louisville have one THAT game by double digits. The Cards have trouble closing games and it almost bit them in the ass that time. The fans, team, even the announcers were celebrating their victory with around 2 minutes to go in the game and WAIT, whats that?? The Cats came back and almost snatched it from them. Double digits?? I think not.

  53. mattcat68

    Why do people continue to acknowledge the existence of this shock hack? His only agenda is to stir up UK fans for ratings and hits on his articles. Apparently, he is making a living on UK fans that he continues to incite. As with most evil, ignore it and it will become bored and move elsewhere. Perhaps to Louisville.

  54. UKfaninAlabama

    48-Name any players in the BE that could take Jodie or Pat’s position. That doesn’t matter, brah. It’s a team sport.

  55. MarkCouryismathletic

    47) They made all those threes because UK’s 3 point defense
    was terrible. They were all wide open. Plus, UofL leading scorer (Samuels)
    was on the bench most of the game. How would UK have done with
    Meeks or Patterson on the bench most of the game? Clar also had
    is worst game of the year and we still won.

  56. asdfasdf

    HEY, I am mathletic, too! Look, I’ll give you a showcase of my mental talent… ready?


  57. asdfasdf

    It doesn’t matter if they were open, bc they consistently miss those wide open threes. And better talent taking it to his ass and strategy kept Samuels on the bench.

  58. ruppcrazy

    45)So UofL made stupid mistakes that got us back in it. How does that prove they are a better team? I thought better teams didn’t make stupid mistakes, but maybe I’m missing something. I say we could win a lot in the Big East on FT shooting. Have you seen those teams shoot FTs? they suck!

  59. UKfaninAlabama

    55-Sosa and T-will had their best games, That all balances out. The won…on a last second, 30 ft. shot. At HOME! That’s what it takes for them to beat UK. It’s simple.

  60. cleveland

    If Uk pulled out a 1 pt win against VMI, UK would be a legitimate top 15 team with anly away losses to UNC (RPI 5, AP 5) and UveL (RPI 11, AP 9) and a home loss to Miami Fl (RPI 28 & 8 votes in the AP). Even still, with Goodman’s logic, we would be the 5th – 9th best team in the big east.

  61. ukwildcats1217

    45, surely you can’t refute what 47 is saying.

    I can’t believe this guy say with no hesitation that Notre Dame is better than UK. Some people take rankings way too seriously.

  62. MarkCouryismathletic

    54) Luke Harongody
    Dejuan Blair
    Haseem Thabeet
    Greg Monroe

    All the above are going to be high draft picks

    For Meeks:
    Kyle Mcalerny
    Scottie Reynolds
    Paul Harris

    These threee may not replace Meeks but all are very good.

  63. wildcatmountaineer

    Huge Big East bias and a Clark Grizwold chin.

    What more do you need?

  64. UKfaninAlabama

    62-Your retarded if you think any one of those guys start over Jody or Pat.

  65. mattcat68

    Oh and Matt, of course Goodman’s going to come on your show. You’re doing him the favor, not vice versa. He’s using you as a forum to piss off even more UK fans. That’s what pays his bills, that’s where his bread is buttered. If you really want to get to him, don’t debate him, ignore him.

  66. SlickRick48

    36. And my apologies to you good sir.

  67. asdfasdf

    I’ll still take Patterson and Meeks, any day

  68. asdfasdf

    Jeff Goodman? Looks like hes two burgers away from being John Goodman.

  69. UKfaninAlabama

    69-Deal! I want to hear you say it…or see you type it when it happens.

  70. Billyclyde-superglide

    Hey #6, if my aunt was a man, she’d be my uncle. What if, what if, hell you can kick that dog all day long. Truth is, we have probably the most lethal 1-2 punch in College Basketball. Another truth is that Goodman is a root inspector. I can’t wait to see him eat his words come tourny time.

  71. ukcats07

    68, LOL

  72. JoeBHall

    No Down Syndrome references–glad you guys got some class. Down Syndrome is not funny–ever. Goodman’s opinion is like many in regards to UKs play. I disagree with him and we’ll have to show the world come tournament time. I hope we play UofL again in the tourney; we would win. The moron who posted that the cards had the game in hand is in denial. They were at home, shot the best ball all season, blew a 7 point lead and a loser player that was instructed by Pitino to transfer hit a shit shot at the buzzer from 26 feet. Please, the only thing UofL is is lucky. I guarantee they will lose 3-4 games in a row. Count on it. Can’t wait when it happens…

  73. phat jones

    He was saying if Meeks played as well as Curry did in the tournament last year, when he was averaging what – close to 40 points per game? Not if Meeks played as well as Curry is playing this year. Pay attention people.

  74. ruppcrazy

    69) Yeah, I guess we should blow them out kinda like that great Big East team, UofL, blew out Western.

  75. 10, 2, and 4

    The Georgetown question reveals his fallacy of reasoning: Given evidence of our wins against UT and WV and GT’s losses, he completely brushes that aside because of one in-conference win. That’s what the rabid overrating of the Big East does for objectivity. Don’t get me wrong the Big East is the best conference right now, but don’t get silly with it.

  76. UKinBham
  77. Chuck Norris

    66) Yea, my post was directed at Mark Coury’s biggest fan, not you SlickRick…

  78. pji

    I honestly agree with about everything he said. I do feel we are a little better than he gives us credit for, but his logic makes sense.

  79. booted

    If UL was a great team they would have not lost to WKU, UNLV and Uminn.

    Also, you talked about Samuels being in foul trouble, what about Blair and Young for Pitt in foul trouble.

    All and all, UK would not be in the top of the BE, but if UL is the top of the BE then that conference is overrated. The only quality non conference win is against UK, and they have 3 losses (2 really bad).

  80. truBLU

    Oh man I feel bad–I thought that was a picture of Corky Thatcher from Life Goes On.

  81. mgcat

    It only took me reading 1/3 of this article to come to the realization that Jeff Goodman DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE CRAP HE”S TALKING ABOUT.

    I feel better now.

  82. Miller Time

    markcouryismathletic: molests goodman’s man boob’s!

  83. cubsfaninky

    I’m late the conversation, but MJ, I think you made Goodman your son. From now on, he should call you daddy.

  84. cats1068

    How can he say UK would only be 8th best? The one stat that no one is binging up is FT shooting. Pittsbugh is shooting 64% for the year. UK is 79.3%(Tied for 3rd nationally)Pittsbugh shot 9-16 from the FT line against U of L. They lost by 6. You do the math. UK is also #1 nationally in FG% at 50.8%. When you are a good field goal and free throw shooting team, you are in every game and are hard to beat. At the end of the game, if you are behind UK, then it is lights out. That to me along with good defense night in and night out makes a good team. And UK is a good team even with only 2 scorers. Goodman is just Big East biased. He can’t help it.

  85. SeoulCat

    Goodman just got taken to task.

    If this mano-a-mano were a boxing match, Matt would’ve just scored a 1st round TKO.


    Sloth: Yes, you cant beat good teams with just two guys.

    Matt: But what about Davidson last year? They had one guy and they were one random dude making a three at the buzzer away from the Final Four.

    Sloth: If Jodie Meeks plays that well, then yes he can take Kentucky on his backs as Curry did with Davidson(=a shot away from the Final Four)…Look, here is what I am saying. I am saying they could finish anywhere from 5-9 in the Big East. I mean they would struggle to come in the Top 8..

    So with Meeks playing well, and that he is doing, Kentucky is capable of having a Davidson-esque Elite Eight run, but not good enough to finish in the top 8 of the Big East.

    Makes no sense whatsoever.

    Goodman’s basis for a nonsensical argument is that he has seen “21 of the top 22 teams in action.” Stats don’t matter, and apparently neither do results. Nope, it seems that Goodman’s eye for talent and ability is the real determinant of a team’s chances for success. Why is he wasting his time as a hack college hoops writer? It’s quite clear that his skills would be better utilized as an NBA scout.

    Matt, good job in exposing Goodman for what he is.

  86. Mojo Wilkins

    Give Goodman credit for doing the interview. He may be wrong, but he’s not chicken.

  87. ConcreteCat

    Jeff Goodman would not finish in the Top 8 of Herald-Leader Sports Journalist!!!

  88. Clarence Mason

    Ok it’s not like we haven’t played good teams this season. The book on Kentucky is to stop Meeks and Patterson and has been all season. It doesn’t take a scholar to figure that out. Goodman’s logic seems to be you can’t win consistently with only two guys. Guess what doche, we’ve been doing it all season. These teams don’t need your innovative intellect they know who to stop, they just can’t do it.

  89. Clarence Mason

    LMFAO 91

  90. TheWorldFamous

    We havent beat a top 25 team. West Virginia is our marquee win. We dont DESERVE anything. If we win a couple more, we will be ranked. Matt should just represent Porter and Harris for their next careers. How he weaved them into that one is beyond me.

  91. macon_volfan

    Um, UT is UK’s marquee win.

  92. Jaxalum

    Is Notre Dame better than us???? I’d take PPat over Harang(r)ody and certainly Meeks over Mclarney. The rest of the guys………who are they other than a decent PG and Tyler Zeller’s brother. How ’bout the Cuse??? I think we’re better. Good PG and a couple of retards. UofL needed a 25 footer at the buzzer to get us. No way Pitt gets us

  93. jzoneblue

    can you get billy reed on…

  94. pk715

    I say this not just because I am a UK fan but that has to be the most one sided battle of wits I have ever saw. Matt offered logical, empirical evidence to refute Goodman’s claim and Goodman just kept saying the same things over and over.

  95. ManBearPig

    94- UK beat UT on THEIR HOME FLOOR!!! UT had a huge winning streak at their place until Gonzaga broke it like a week before UK played UT. UK absolutely deserves to be ranked after an 18 point win against the pre-season SEC favorite.