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Seth Davis Goes on North Carolina Radio and Trashes Matt Jones, and Worse….UK Fans

Our feelings about Seth Davis are well known. He is still the ONLY person in the national media arena that has refused our requests to be on the radio show or the blog and I still have no idea how he has become the central commentator on the most important studio show in college basketball. Plus he went to Duke….which I did as well, but not the undergrad so I dont think its as bad. Be that as it may, Davis has the nation’s microphone and thus gets to give his opinions to a listening audience.

Well today he was on our friend Bomani Jones’s radio show and he was asked about some comments I made and he said that I, and the UK fanbase, had an “inferiority complex about Duke” and that I, along with the fanbase” wish I were a Dookie. The clip is below….he told Bomani he would come on here and face the UK fans for an interview. I will save my righteous outrage for them. Feel free to bring yours in the comment section:

Its at the four minute mark of the Davis interview:

Seth Davis on Cat Fans

Article written by Matt Jones

102 responses to “Seth Davis Goes on North Carolina Radio and Trashes Matt Jones, and Worse….UK Fans”

  1. drewky

    Sef who?

  2. Miller Time

    What a tool!

  3. Miller Time

    Jones are you going to sit back and let him question your manhood?

  4. drewky

    Well if Bradley would get it goin in the 2nd half UK should be fine.

  5. Band Of BlueCats

    wow! He don’t know what he is stirrin up.

  6. asdfasdf

    Game over for Davis, his head will be on a stick sooner than later, and I would love to be the guy marinating it with bourbon glaze over an open flame…

    But in all seriousness, if he a fool? Does he know that 7 NC’s > him and all he stand for. I just thought he was a complete idiot by the way he broadcasts from the past season or two, but now he is just a brain-dead jerkoff. Get’em.

  7. kittylitter

    Well, in a way, he’s right. I wish we had it like Duke. I wish we could always play all of our tough out of conference games at home. I wish we could get 60-80% of the officials calls to go in our favor. I wish we had our own national network (ESPN) to tell the world how great we are. I wish we could lose more games than teams in the Big East and Big Ten and still get higher rankings and higher seeds in the NCAA tournament. I wish we could always play our first 4 NCAA tourney games in our home state like they always do. I wish network sports shows would do endless stories on our rivalry games. So, in a way, Seth has a point. He’s still a douche, but has a point.

  8. SevenRings

    I can’t stand Duke or Seth Davis as much as the next guy but he has a point like it or not. UK fans (not the entire fanbase) are jealous of all the publicity and success that Duke has had over the last 10 years. When I talk to friends it is evident that they wish UK got the press that Duke does. Deep down I think most people know this but would never admit it.

  9. scfcats

    See, this is exactly why Seth Davis needs to be in the “mosted hated” tournament. Please make a play-in game just for him. Surely he can make the final 4 now.

  10. Miller Time

    Duke is a joke. They’ll flame out when they road for games with hostile crowds. Mark it down.

  11. scfcats

    I’ll try “most hated” instead of “mosted hated”. 😉

  12. Miller Time

    9) I agree. Can we make him a write-in candidate?

  13. ThetaChiUKfan

    I don’t even listen to anything this fool says after watching him attempt a simple lay-up.

  14. gossie21

    How can we have an inferiority complex when our program is superior to Duke? Doesn’t make sense. But neither does voting Notre Dame (at 12-8 with a 5 game losing streak) 20th in the nation. Nor does saying Bradley needs to step up in the 2nd half when he was out with a concussion. So, par for the course for Davis.

  15. ukisgr8

    Seth would be nowhere if not for his dad

  16. R. Lee Ermey

    Gunney’s blood is boiling at this insignifigant little maggot. This Pukie needs to sit on a live grenade.

  17. 081305

    Again…Seth Davis is the most unqualified college basketball analyst..and he can thank his daddy (Lanny Davis for those who may not have known) for having this gig

    It is my policy to refuse to comment on his ridiculous statements because of his lack of qualifications

  18. Riddle32

    Matt ill forgive u for goin to puke.. but only because u hate them as much as us… AND your a lawyer and there a good law school lol

  19. Riddle32

    but i still really hate seth davis alot

  20. huffy12spd

    did anybody see the clips they showed on cbs where he went and practiced a little with michigan st. earlier this year?

    he was beyond awful. i mean the little squirt, literally, cannot even dribble a basketball and when he tried to shoot a layup it resembled a 1st grader trying to launch a full size basketball at the goal. it was pathetic and i still fail to see how such losers can sit on tv and expect me to respect what they have to say about a sport in which they couldnt even get any clock for a rec team.

  21. Chuck Norris

    I believe Seth is the one with an inferiority complex; and I think it’s because a part-time blogger like Matt Jones has more fans than he will ever have…

  22. jbrady630

    Seth Davis is a little bitch

  23. BlueBloodedGirl

    Puke sucks and Seth is a douche. We have no reason to envy Puke (except for the well stated list in #7) and are by no means inferior. Seth Davis seems to have some kind of sick little obsession with UK and its fans, maybe he’s the one who’s envious that he didn’t choose a better school. Loser.

  24. EyewearMan

    #7, wtf???? Kentucky fans are not Jealous or envious with the exception of a few that Pitino is at U of L…. There are the obnoxious, ridiculous, embarrassing fans, but at UK, there is no need to look up to anyone. The SEC is not a basketball conference, but Kentucky is still Kentucky. They talk about the ACC and the Big Least all the time, but look at the number of games that UK plays on National TV. Look at the attendance record since 1977. Maybe we don’t have the players to compete at the top right now, but that doesn’t mean we want to be like Duke, Carolina, or anyone else. We just wanna win baby, and want our players to play hard, and our coach not to look like an ass in public!

  25. fearnloathing20

    one word for seth….d-bag.

    I know its really kinda 2 words but its also undeniably true.

  26. ThetaChiUKfan

    I think Matt should decline to have this guy on. He is an idiot.

  27. katkrazy

    Give him hell Matt!

  28. ukcatsfan2

    Ignore him and he will go away.

    He has to have the UK Fanbase hating his guts so the numbers are where they need to be….

  29. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    “…as often as Kentucky has lost to Duke…”

    Kentucky – 11
    Duke – 8

    I guess Seth only thinks in terms of Duke Basketball starting after 1990s. Duke is 3-1 against UK since 1992.

  30. gossie21

    14. Just because we hate them does not mean we have an inferiority complex or want to be them. It just means we hate them.

  31. monstermash

    Seth Davis’ comments have as much credence as a poop speckle on my dog’s butthole

  32. swimcatz1

    Seth is nothing more than a buffoon..all he ever did was write a little notes column for SI a few years before then lucking into his gig. My dead aunt knows more about basketball than he ever will.

  33. Billyclyde-superglide

    He is trying reverse psychology in an attempt to hide his own short comings including a very small wiener. Pukies go down tonight(love my wording on that one)by 12 to Carolina at home, which is not all that good since I hate them too.

  34. YourMomGoes2college

    Take a look at their fans and honestly ask your self would we want to be these people??? They look like a bunch of Nerdy D-Bags that just came from a Star Wars Convention…Yeah thats what we want…..We wanna be virgins our whole lives. Seth Davis fits the mold perfectly…What a Queer.

  35. jman3715

    His name is “Seth”. Any other questions…

  36. Beatle Bum

    Sounds like Seth has a pretty good sense of humor. I am sure that Bomani did not bait him into his response in any way.

  37. Bomani Jones

    #36. i hadn’t even thought of playing matt’s comments until my producer suggested it right at the start of the show. what you heard — assuming you ilstened — was how it went in real time.

  38. sethicus59

    hey hey hey why you gotta dog the name seth

  39. UKfaninAlabama

    “inferiority complex about Duke”??!!! Really?!!! Does he not know that we are the winningest program of all time. Uhh…how many CS’s does duke have. What in the hell would we have to fill inferior about?!!…they’re ability to fill up a 9,000 seat arena?…OHH WAIT, we fill up a 24,000 seat arena.

    He has it backwards. We are what they ALL want to be. That is why we are hated on so much.

  40. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    #37 — I like how Seth took Matt’s “New Jersey Kids” insult directly…

  41. bige

    Seth Davis is the Lane Kiffin of media.
    Daddy’s boy and Dukie on top of that.

  42. Mojo Wilkins

    UK fans are not jealous of the publicity and national attention that Duke gets. Instead, it’s righteous indignation because Duke does little to earn it. A record and SOS that gets UK an 8 or 9 seed gets Duke a 5 seed, a national ranking and a POY award for an overhyped nobody who sits on the bench in the pros.

  43. Thomas Beisner
  44. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    #34 — I love you, as I love all of the Big Blue Nation. And there are plenty of members of the BBN that go to Star Wars conventions. Please don’t hate my Wookie Suit.

  45. UKfaninAlabama

    Do you guys know why there are so many dukies on ESPN commentating?……..

    Because none of them NONE of them know enough about Basketball to get into Coaching.

  46. bige

    Neilsen rating have gone down on CBS college bball ever since he joined. They used to blame it on Packer but now they can’t blame him.

  47. sethicus59

    44- lmao

  48. Billyclyde-superglide

    Had it been the Pukies that we were playing last night, we win by 6 instead of 3.

  49. ir4uk27

    so who is making the i hate seth davis shirts for next time he comes to rupp?

  50. recruit_a_shooter

    MATT, please list 7.’s post (above) when talking to Seth Davis.

  51. bige
  52. recruit_a_shooter

    You could get the most hits in the history of KSR when Seth Davis comes on here or it would at least give the PPatt signing day a run for it’s money.

  53. overspeed

    no one want to be harsh then i will. he is no ass virgin…F A G

  54. ThetaChiUKfan

    I have tried finding that video of him playing basketball for the past month and a half but can’t find it anywhere

  55. sure5

    Don’t forget about the ’98 Cats douchebag…I know that still stings!!!

  56. RyanINLILY

    seth and reece davis are into leather……. TOGETHER!!!!!

  57. catsfan420

    hes right id love to be like duke and only have….3 championships. what an idiot we go 7 with 4 different coaches. BCG will bring banners.

  58. lexslamman

    Seth Davis? That is just the kind of faggotry we expect from duke grads.

  59. RichieFarmer'sMustache

    Per Facebook, it looks like Daniel Orton’s mom has passed away. My prayers go out to him and his family.

  60. AJBUK

    What a douchebag. Who cares if the Duke-UNC rivalry is a bigger rivalry. That has nothing to do with who has a better program. Second, its not just UK fans that hate DUKE, its pretty much everyone east of the Mississippi. He actually seems to get defensive when UK is mentioned. Duke has a great program, but all once successful programs have a couple rough patches. Duke is like the little kid who just finished puberty…grew up fast and got big real quick, but those joints wont hold up too much longer. You cant avoid growing pains.

  61. catsfan420

    51. that is really interesting seth davis should look at that and see what kind of job hes doing. Uk fans havent drropped like that

  62. Meeks1fan

    Seth Davis is nothing but a Punk he got his job cause he went to Duke… Matt Jones could take his job any day and do a whole hell of alot better.

  63. ukrick

    Davis has always been a smug little pr!ck.

  64. recruit_a_shooter

    Why don’t they list his Seth’s email address on Sports Illustrated’s website? Does anyone have it?

  65. toddp8

    Great point 24. As a fellow Fairdale alum I agree. No way in hell am I jealous of any other program especially Duke. Most media and opposing fans are jealous of us because our passion.

  66. ConverseDenimJerseys

    Reality check time for dumb-ass Davis…..We all know how the programs stack up wins and championships. That Duke education is realy expensive to be that ignorant. JUST SHOWS THAT YOU CAN PAY FOR SCHOOL, BUT YOU CANT BUY CLASS. You stay calssy Jonesy

  67. catsfan420

    most of us just dont like coach k for all the american express commercals(which don’t seem right to me) and how many times we played him in big games. seth davis doesnt know anything about basketball i wouldnt worry about him. he really doesnt kno.

  68. ConverseDenimJerseys


  69. drewky


    Buy ya own damn fries.

  70. ThetaChiUKfan

    66- nice Jay-Z reference

  71. drewky

    John Clay serves BillyG:

    Not sure what Billy Gillispie is trying to prove with his behavior in those halftime interviews with ESPN’s Jeannine Edwards, but truth is the Kentucky coach comes off as something of a jerk, which doesn’t do anybody any good.

    It’s all so unnecessary, too, All Billy G. has to do is give a couple of cliches and continue on to the locker room. But instead of scolding Edwards for her question as he did at Ole Miss, Gillispie faked Tuesday like he didn’t hear the question, then told Edwards he didn’t know where she got the Nick Calathes “vision” question when it was he the day before who complimented Calathes’ “great vision.”

    It’s a tired act, one bordering on sexism, and Gillispie needs to retire it. It’s a poor reflection on him and the school he represents. If he doesn’t want to do those interviews, there are plenty of coaches out there who would be happy to take his paycheck – and talk to ESPN.

    To paraphrase an old C.M. Newton saying, “Come on, Billy, you’re better than that.”

  72. chicken_little

    Seth this is why i hate duke fans, because even though we have 4 more national championships and the most wins in COLLEGE BASKETBALL HISTORY you little shit heads think that you are better than us. WTF!??!? Oh yeah, people don’t talk about this to much but i hope that last second heave by Laettner made up for the 41 the Goose dropped on you and that sick dunk by James Lee. Yeah, i migh still watch that game after we lose somtimes….

  73. crazycooter

    Yeah, I know I want to trade in 4 National Championships and a whole bunch of wins to be a Dookie. Being an arrogant, self-centered prick is definitely more desirable than National Championships and winning games.

  74. ukballer

    no doughts that seth davis has a certain queerness about him, and the fact that Duke is one of the most coveted enemies of the big blue nation. i hate duke w/ a passion!!! more than i hate unc, but realisticly tonight Duke needs to beat UNC!!! i base this on the fact that the more wins UNC can collect the closer they get to UK’s greatest trophy, that being most all time wins!!! i can say that on this rare occasion i have to root for the Pukies, because of my love for UK basketball… 🙁

  75. Hayesfan

    It’s really hard to listen to this. Davis has officially gone onto my people I’d like to smack list.

  76. dobby

    I really don’t know who to pull for in the Duke/UNC game. I kinda think Duke being that would give us a little more of a lead in all time wins.

  77. Squirms

    it’s no wonder his initials are S.D.

    think about it…

  78. Vote For Nader

    76) The best we can hope for is the ceiling falling

  79. overspeed

    hahahahahahahah, nice 77

  80. Billyclyde-superglide

    I hope they both loose.

  81. mtt23

    seth davis is a chode

  82. CatsGrad04

    We learned in Catholic grade school that the opposite of love is not hate, but apathy. I hate Seth Davis.

  83. JoeBHall

    When Duke has 7 National Titles, the most wins and can fill a gym of 23,000 fans every single game–then we’ll talk. Until then Duke will choke like they always do. Especially this weak-ass team. If they miss 3s their done.

  84. jllouisville

    See, I was going to actually cheer for Duke tonight (reluctantly) because of Carolina and the whole record book thing. Now I
    can’t. It’s not envy, Seth. It’s hatred. Of fans like you.

  85. SavannahCat

    Nothing like a good liberal cat fight. Three weeks in power and your already turning on each other. It is obvious that Seth Davis has used the coat tails of his father to get where he is. He has the social skills of BCG, the attitude of Ricky Henderson, and the basketball analytical skills of Magic Johnson.

  86. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    This guy is a complete tool and I wouldn’t wipe my ass with his face. Oh, wait a minute…on second thought, yes, I would. Seth=Douchebag.

  87. JerryTownBlotter

    Seth Davis is a pederass – 8 year olds dude…8 year olds.

  88. Jack Bauer

    I wouldnt say UK is jealous of any program at all, but we do have more dipshit fans than any other fan base. I can’t tell you how many people were flipping their lids on Saturday, trashing Coach and players, and now everything is wonderful again when Jodie hit that shot. My friend was telling me how much Meeks sucked all night, then when he hit the shot, he turned great again. Support a team through good and bad. Good lord. I had to get that off my chest.

  89. mesacatfan

    Seth is right. I wish my team’s coach was a sailor-mouthed douche mcdouche. I wish we had the biggest nerd fans on the planet. I wish we were THE MOST HATED program in all of college hoops.

    Seth is delusional if he really believes that Kentucky fans believe Duke > Kentucky. This alone is proof that this guy works for CBS and SI because of the Make-a-wish foundation. Actually, that makes a whole lot of sense…Seth is such a retard that he was given a job as a pitty gift. No offense to all the people with disabilities and diseases out there, but Seth Davis makes us all root for cancer.

    note: tongue in cheek

  90. AlohaStateWildcat

    You’re right, Seth.
    Deep down we think you are better than us. We don’t get caught up in pesky FACTS, nor do we allow passion and knowledge from the players and fanbase tell the tale. No, we let Dook Vitale and guys like you let us know what to think about everything basketball, and “deep down” we know that you are… an idiot.

  91. Dude1

    Never had much respect for this guy. Then a couple months ago I saw a clip of him at a basketball camp. The guy could barely dribble and couldn’t make a layup. After seeing that, I’ve had no respect for him. It’s like taking financial advice from a homeless person.

  92. StitchJonesSays

    Seth is an Ass Clown. We have an 11-8 lead over Dook in series. beat their asses in 78 for the title….. hell, we let little brother beat them in 1986….. DOOK….watch them get beat in 1st or 2nd round again this year. ranked so high…and choke like usual!

  93. playersfan

    The best thing to do with Seth Davis is to ignore him, which is quite easy to do. When I used to listen I never heard anything but BS. Let his sponsers know that the most passionate fans and one of the largest fan bases don’t hear or watch their commercials, because he is an A$$.

  94. phat jones

    #8 is right… it’s jealousy, not inferiority: “jealousy is about something one has and is afraid of losing…” UK has it, and has had it for a long time. Duke is (relatively speaking) an upstart rival that wants to take it. Whether “it” is wins, titles, attention from the media, etc.

    Our fans just hate seeing Duke get the respect we think UK should get.

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  97. LeeW

    yawn….another nerd fight. Whatever.

  98. edgehoops

    Kentucky leads the series over Duke, so he is trying to push buttons. Matt, I would not give this guy the day of time. He is a Dukie’ and his commentary shows that.

  99. jaxcat07

    UK is 11 and 8 all time against Duke, including a win the last time it mattered (98), and the 2 teams haven’t played each other in 8 years.

    For a guy who supposedly knows so much, he’s quite the tard.

  100. MIDDAY


  101. secretagent0014

    So much is made over the UNC/Duke rivalry that it makes me think. You almost cannot mention duke without unc, and vice versa. They need each other to be a big deal. I think if they did not have that rivalry they by themselves would be insignificant. Where as UK stands alone. We have a rivalry with everyone. We do not need one other team to be significant.

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