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Seth Davis….The Classic Dookie

As you probably know by now, yesterday the man, the myth, the Dookie, Seth Davis made a point of calling out UK fans on our good friend Bomani Jones’s radio show. You can hear the clip again if you missed it down below, but the basic gist of it involved Davis being played a clip where I made fun of Duke fans for their lack of basketball knowledge and general overall dorkdom. Now of course such a criticism is perfectly valid, because as we learned in law school, truth is the ultimate defense. Duke fans can be loud, they paint themselves and they are most certainly sweaty….but as for knowledge of the game, they are profoundly lacking. (There are of course exceptions, but we speak in generalizations here). The reason is simple…..unlike Kentucky, Indiana, Kansas or even North Carolina fans, they didnt grow up with it. They discovered the joys of college basketball when they went to college and thus they dont have that gene that we do in which we know exactly what Kentucky did to LSU in 1990 at Rupp as Shaquille O Neal got a technical foul and the crowd went nuts. They are missing that trait and thus their fandom isnt the same.

But the ultimate Dookie, Seth Davis took offense to this characterization and said that Cat fans had an “inferiority complex” towards Duke. He went further to claim that this was not due to ESPN’s obsession with the team, the plethora of Duke alumni in the media or the overall obnoxious of the players who wear the uniform, but rather was because the Cat fans were “tired of getting beat so often by the Blue Devils.” And here is where Seth shows his inner Duke-dom. While he can get on television every weekend and act like he has a deep knowledge of the game, at its core he is still a “Johnny come lately” to the beauty of college sports. Like most Duke fans, he remembers only the last 20 years, and has a selective memory at that. So for Seth, losing the 1978 title to the Cats doesnt register….neither does the 1998 18 point comeback….or for that matter, Kentucky’s overall 11-8 record against the men from Durham. No, Seth assumes that Duke dominates Kentucky, because Duke fans assume they dominate everyone….no matter what the facts. Davis should be very careful making such assertions….he showed a few weeks back on CBS that he has no actual basketball ability (his attempt at a layup was beyond embarassing)….if he gets the facts wrong as well, what does he have?

But Davis doesnt stop there…..after going on and on with gibberish about how UNC and Duke fans “respect each other” and want both teams to succeed (at least as it pertains to UNC fans, this is gibberish….they would like most Duke fans and players to be deported), he finishes by saying that UK fans, and me in particular, secretly wish we were Duke. Now let me say this right now….I cannot think of a worse fate in humanity than being a Duke basketball fan. Yes I went to that institution for law school and I am a proud alumni of that school. And I have found myself occasionally cheering for Duke football, as its lousiness precludes the bandwagon fans that make Duke students so “passionate” according to Mike Patrick. But when I watch a game at Cameron and see all the rich, spoiled, obnoxious, unathletic, Northeastern freaks who paint their body and act like they are somehow cool, irreverant college basketball hipsters……I seriously want to round up a posse from my hometown of Middlesboro and go through them like a buzzsaw. I cant imagine a fate worse than to find myself in that group, dressed with such vulgar absurdity and to have to look at myself and have something resembling self-respect in the morning. Call me a Gator, call me a Vol, heck call me a Cardinal….but dont ever call me a Duke basketball fan.

Like Seth, I know that of which I speak. I went to virtually every basketball game at Cameron during my three years in Durham. I sat in the graduate section (the fans behind the basket) and cheered as Brendan Haywood hit two free throws to upset the group, Shane Battier lost on Senior Night to Maryland and Coach K was teed up by John Clougherty. On each of those occasions, I was the object of scorn by the largest mass of dorks outside of a Fake Gimel house party. But I never wavered in my Duke hate. There is no part of me, and I would venture to say no part of any True Blue Kentucky fan, that would wish to be a Dookie. Because unlike Seth and other average Duke fans, we know our basketball….we live it….we breathe it….and we understand it. And with that knowledge comes the understanding that no matter how many ACC defense-optional games they win….no matter how many times they are crowned college basketball royalty… matter how many times Mike Patrick and Dick Vitale tell us they are the gold standard….they are still Duke and we are still Kentucky.

7 championships are a lot more than 3….I would think a Duke education could teach you that Seth.

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Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. high and mighty

    well said.

    I used to think Davis was just a nuisance but now I really can’t stand him.

  2. funkadelic

    Matt, you have an inferiority complex. You wish you had 3 titles instead of 7. In fact, John Wooden is even jealous of Duke.

  3. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    We don’t have house parties, Matt. We just hang out on the Internet and Xbox Live. Going outside is reserved only for 1) bringing home a paycheck and 2) buying more Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

  4. dboyer

    If you switch the first letters of his first and last name you get Deth Savis…which ironically is the only thing that can save a dookie from utter ignorance.

  5. mtt23

    seth davis is a chode

  6. gossie21

    Anything from the man who voted Notre Dame 20th last week should be completely disregarded. I wonder if Davis has any clue how wrong he is most of the time?

  7. JKW1974

    I am always amazed that so many of us even worry about what this guy or any other guy thinks. He is obviously lacking, and I suspect he does this routine to bait people into reacting for the attention. Not to mention, we will help his ratings and make him more money. Sometime, let’s all try to not even notice him.

  8. adaircam4

    Ramel Bradley thinks Seth Davis needs to have a better 2nd half for his team to win

  9. I Like Kentucky


    couldnt have said it better myself.

  10. chicken_little

    So right about becoming fans after they arrive at Duke Matt. I have a relative who’s going there next year and I’m not even sure she knows Duke has a good basketball team or even what basketball is….

  11. MRCCAT

    Matt, your best post EVER….PERIOD.

  12. clifford hawkins

    #4- Great.

  13. drewky

    But the ultimate Dookie, Seth Davis took offense to this characterization and said that Cat fans had an “inferiority complex” towards Kentucky.

    You mean “towards Duke.”

    Great post, btw.

  14. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    boom shakalaka.

  15. Chris_Tomlin

    What Davis means by “UNC and Duke respect each other,” what he’s really saying is that “UNC fans respect Duke,” which is his own self-validation. It’s not hard to at least respect UNC’s decades-long tradition (note: not like them, but respect the tradition).

    But this is like saying, “I like your hair, you like mine too, right? It looks really good, right? Right? Say it! Say my hair looks good! Say mine is just as good as yours!”

    Also, Matt, why do you hate UK and love Duke so much? Just wondering. I’ll hang up now and wait for your response.

  16. wildcatfandave

    8) I’m glad I’m not the only person who remembers that moment.

    Seth Davis just sits on CBS, smiles, and pretends to know something about a sport that a 5th grader could beat him at.

    I bet he voted for Obama.

  17. halfcourtshots

    I know this is all in fun, but it was very unprofessional of him. The guy is an idiot and has done nothing to deserve the job that he holds.

  18. DavidEShelton

    The Duke student body goes
    to Cameron to perform not to
    watch the game. Last night
    they didn’t seem to even
    realize they were getting blown

  19. wildcatfandave

    Oops, the face was supposed to be an 8, referring to #8’s post. Sorry.

  20. UKfaninAlabama


  21. bwyatt

    Hey Matt, I’m from Middlesboro. Can I join the posse?

  22. cat since the cradle

    8. Yea i remember that too. I laughed so hard because I realized he doesn’t analyze sh*t.

  23. AlohaStateWildcat

    Well said, Matt.
    I’d rather be a UK fan in 1990 than a Duke fan any year.
    The Duke fans I know know nothing about any other team. Even UNC. From most interviews I’ve read/seen/heard about, neither do most of their players. They have no historical perspective, and that lack thereof seems to be encouraged by their loathesome coach. He seems to have instilled an obliviousness that helps to propel his status (in his mind) as the god of Basketball. Their fans din’t even remember who they played in their greatest wins. Or for that matter how they achieved said victories. At least other elite programs know who else is elite.

    I hated Duke before the Laettner shot. I do, however, appreciate them for being one of the only schools so worthy of our hatred. But also, there are maybe two players in their entire history I would rather have gone to UK, and I can’t think of their names right now.

    I often say even after losses, we are still Kentucky and you are still __________ (fill in the blank with whatever school). I rest easier after losses because of that. No one is us. This especially rings true when pertaining to Duke. I also mention how great it is that now they can tell their grandkids about that one(1) time their school beat UK.

    Oh, and Seth, Tyler owns Cameron.

  24. wldctky

    Seth Davis is not relevant…he like most journalists/ reporters that want to make a big splash go after the biggest fan base there is…The Big Blue Nation…Ignore him.

  25. kyfan31

    Thank you AdairCam4 – why are we the only one who remembers that? Definitely that Seth DOOKIE Davis’s most egregious mistake. That guy has no limb to stand on after that – it was CBS’s only game that day and he wasn’t even watching…

  26. jdwhit5

    F U C K D U K E

  27. veeper

    The acorn never falls far from the tree — an excerpt, “6:51 p.m.–Next person he calls is his eldest son Seth. Lanny insists I speak with him. Seth is sort of an alternate universe Lanny–gregarious and talkative but pro-Obama. (He talks about Hillary in the same polite way his father talks about Obama–she has a “great personality.”) He’s also a journalist–Seth writes for Sports Illustrated and is also an analyst for CBS’s NCAA coverage–whereas his father is a journalist manqué: As a student, he was chairman of the Yale Daily News.”

    For the full reading on daddy Lanny — follow this link:

  28. wildcatfandave

    25. I said I remembered too…my post just got screwed up. In case anyone is wondering what we are talking about, Ramel got severely injured in a fall to the floor and was carted off. At halftime, Seth Davis said that Ramel Bradley needed to step up in order for UK to win the game. Idiot!!!!

  29. veeper

    The top headline of the Yale Daily News — Seth’s training ground for journalism — lead headline today is: Finding New Haven’s cheapest cup of coffee.

    Yep, that makes sense why Seth boy will never win a Pulitzer.

  30. Mojo Wilkins

    Nice final sentence there, Mister Jones. Deserves a salute! You really could have bypassed everything else and just typed that one line!

  31. jsiegel82

    BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN! What now Seth Davis? You gonna reply to that? You ignorant piece of shit.

  32. dobby

    Did anyone see Seth trying to play at Tom Izzo’s camp earlier in the year? He couldn’t dribble or hit a left handed layup. I think that disqualifies him from talking about basketball period.


    Very Well Said, Matt!
    The only thing you forgot to point out was the level of hotness in our girls at UK as opposed to the busted ones at duke.

  34. ChicagoBob

    Matt, I have a feeling you put more time and effort into this post than you ever have for any brief. And that’s what makes being a Kentucky fan and not being Seth Davis the greatest thing in the world.

  35. Broadway Danny Rose

    Bitter over your “career” going nowhere, the way even the law school students mocked your hair and accent, the national irrelevance of KY basketball, Rick Pitino making Gillispie look like an amateur, Davis treating you like the hick you are, or Harrison Barnes wearing a Duke shirt last night.

    Go round up your little posse of Cletus, Ricky Bobby, Darryl, and every other self-hating white guy you know and load them into one of those classy pickup trucks. Don’t worry. Both of your clients can find another ambulance chaser to get them out of your specialty, the parking ticket in front of a KFC.

  36. tzuzaki4

    There is a rumor going around that Courtney Fortson is suspended for the UK game. Anybody hear that?

  37. booted

    35 – bitterness will kill you. What makes you more mad, that a hick from KY went to Duke law school, did better than you while there, left without turning into a Dookie, runs his own law practice and by the way….this is his blog!

  38. kyfan31

    is their a more appropriate name for the DUKIE that came on the site than “Broadway Danny Rose”? That sounds like a tough name for a tap-dancing fool from New Jersey…

  39. bwyatt

    #35, Bitter over a loss and mad that stats show UK is better, much? Obviously you have never been to Kentucky, and most of my tickets were in front of a Long John Silver’s!

  40. topps06

    Heck of an article. Best you’ve written in a long time.

  41. kyfan31

    don’t stub a toe Broadway Danny Rose

  42. BigBlueJim

    I can’t believe we haven’t had a comment about Seth the “Blue Devil”‘s horns in that picture!!

  43. BCO


    Give me the word and Ill go round up some boys from Notown, Polly Holler, and Frakes and we’ll go take care of biness.

  44. teevee999

    Every time I hear the name “Seth” I think of a closeted Mormon. Fits him. I say add his ass to the hate bracket as a late entry!!!!

  45. NewWildcatOrder


  46. ukcats07

    Matt – Well done sir.

  47. I'm Just Sayin

    I hate Duke period. I can’t stand UNC but they were my second favorite team last night. We could beat Duke by 20 every year for the next ten years and I will still hate Duke, and while we’re at it you might as well throw Duke Vitale, Mike Patrick and Seth Davis in there too.

  48. KYTurtle

    Seth needs to go through Billy Boot Camp.

  49. I'm Just Sayin

    Furthermore, I will pull hard for Florida, Tennessee, and the Russians to beat Duke any day of the week. God I hate Duke.

    My favorite basketball moment as a 40 year UK fan was Padgett’s 3 against them in 1998. Every time I think about it I smile.

  50. macon_volfan

    Matt, you’re a Vol.

  51. UKIreland

    I’m not really sure why we’re all getting mad at seth. We all know he doesn’t know much/anything about basketball, so he says something that is completely wrong. It’s like talking to a 7 year old & when she/he says something stupid we get mad, when we should be expecting it. I say just ignore the fool. I certainly don’t listen the dick vitale when I watch a college game, I just put it on mute, because I know he’s just going to scream.

  52. btcoop71

    Matt…’ve never owned someone so completely as you just owned Seth Davis. Best post I’ve read on this blog in all of the years I’ve been coming here.

  53. Lee20ky
  54. UK81

    I was a freshman when UK beat Duke in 1978 for the championship. James Lees put the exclamation point on the victory. I have never thought Duke was any big deal.

  55. JerryTownBlotter

    To borrow a line from Seth Davis for your post Matt, “what do you expect from a 5’9 Jew from Maryland”

  56. kevinlw1974

    Who is this Duke you speak of? Oh, is that the new little kid a few blocks over who has come over to our street a couple of times? *yawn* Well, it is probably past his curfew.

  57. payne

    maybe he is jealous of UNC having a 21-10 record against the Cats

  58. katkrazy


  59. catsfan420

    seth davis really knows less about basketball then any other ESPN journalist. Davis is just some playstation playing mommas boy. I WILL DUNK ON HIM!! BEAST MODE BABY. he dont know nothing about it. go read college boy. AAAHHHHHHHHHH

  60. catsfan420

    lol sorry im working out trying to get hyped

  61. IjustWantToWin

    Great Post Matt. My brother and I were mad and talking about Seth before the post. They never show highlights of us beating Duke in 98 and I don’t think people recognize we beat them in the 78 championship. Kentucky has 7 championships, combine that with Louisville’s 2 and that rivalry brings 9 championships to the table. Outside of UCLA vs Anybody, no rivalry can match that.

  62. jsiegel82

    I love how a dookie checks a UK website.

  63. wildeers

    sick burn

  64. LikeSpinningPlates

    From: Taylor, Jennifer
    Sent: Friday, April 16, 1999 2:55 PM
    To: Brand, Elton
    Subject: Leaving Duke

    I graduated from Duke last May and just wanted to express my disgust for your decision to leave the Duke program after only two years. As an alum, not only do I hold the school in high regard, but the basketball program as well, especially since both have deservedly garnered such a great deal of respect for their accomplishments.

    As part of our basketball program, you represent Duke as a whole. We are first and foremost an academic school, you clearly did not belong at Duke in the first place if this was the extent of your commitment to Duke and a college education in general. You have not only insulted the current students who are putting in four years at a school they love, but also the thousands of alumni who have realized the value of a Duke education and what an honor and privilege it was to be there for four years.

    If you do not realize the opportunity you has infront of you to play for Coach K and at the same time attain a Duke diploma, then that is certainly your loss. I just wish that you has spared us the notion that you were continuing in the tradition of being a Duke student-athlete, in emphasizing excellence in both academics and athletics. You will not be considered part of the Duke family, in my mind as well as many others. You have by no means proved yourself worthy of that title.

    Jennifer Taylor

    From: Elton Tyron Brand
    Sent: Sunday, April 25, 1999 8:05 PM
    To: Taylor, Jennifer
    Subject: Re: Leaving Duke

    Thank you very much, for reminding me of the reason why I left Duke. People like you can not and will not ever understand my situation. I’m sure daddy worked very hard to send your rich self to college. While real people struggle. I would also like to extend an invitation for you not to waste your or my time ever agin. Never being considered a part of your posh group of yuppies really hurts me to the heart. Yeah, right. Because I don’t care about you or your alumni.

    Elton Brand #42 NBA

  65. stammalammy
  66. GummyBear

    64.. that’s good stuff.

  67. VOL_FAN _N_KY
  68. ukfan_n_cali

    Seth Davis has an “inferiority complex” of straight males, as a matter of fact he secretly wishes he was one…

  69. CatsGrad04

    Seth Davis takes baths.

  70. JerryTownBlotter

    67- Your volunteer statistician is about as awful as your new football coach – Incomplete and wrong.

  71. ukwildcatwildfan

    Hi-yo!!! Take that Seth Davis!

  72. VOL_FAN _N_KY

    70- How you figure the stats are wrong? The win and losses are what they are. I hate Duke as much as anyone and I am a CATS BBALL season ticket holder. And are you really going to talk about football?

  73. UK81

    #67, the chart says in 18 matchups, Duke won 7 and Kentucky won 11. Kentucky has defeated Duke more times. Is that your point?, because I think you are looking at it incorrectly.

  74. VOL_FAN _N_KY

    73 Matt said it was 11 for Kentucky and 7 for Duke and seth said of late duke has had the win advantage. Just wanted to see what the record was of late. My point was KY has the advantage.

  75. Wheeler-WilkinsonFan

    Well put, Matt. I think he is mistaken and his argument ignores several facts that you previously acknowledged (40+ more years of history, a 58% winning percentage, and 4 more NC’s). Wasn’t Davis the commentator that last year during half time said Rameel Bradley needed to step up his game, after having been injured and taken out, 4 minutes into the half?

  76. 7ukncaa

    Best post in years. How did Seth Davis get this job?

    I will never forget a few years back when he picked Gonzaga and Stanford to meet for the title after the seeds were announced AND THEY BOTH DID NOT EVEN MAKE IT PAST THE FIRST WEEKEND.

    Excellent article. I hate UL like an idiot neighbor but I hate Duke like a untreatable disease. And to top it all off the have by far the ugliest collection of girls in all of major college sports.

  77. Lip Man 1


    Well played response.

    I hope you sent it to Davis and your friend Bomani. (Knowing Bomani I’m sure it will get some air time.)

    Mark Liptak

  78. Seattlekat

    “The acorn never falls far from the tree – an excerpt, “6:51 p.m.–Next person he calls is his eldest son Seth. Lanny insists I speak with him. Seth is sort of an alternate universe Lanny–gregarious and talkative but pro-Obama. (He talks about Hillary in the same polite way his father talks about Obama–she has a “great personality.”) He’s also a journalist–Seth writes for Sports Illustrated and is also an analyst for CBS’s NCAA coverage–whereas his father is a journalist manqué: As a student, he was chairman of the Yale Daily News.”

    For the full reading on daddy Lanny – follow this link:

    Very well put. Seth Davis would be more of an absolute zero if Daddy Lanny didn’t always intervene in his life decisions. Seth Davis is a true example of liberal political media manipulation….a person with a media job that has NO qualifications, but, THINKS he is over-qualified. Seth is a joke. I find it interesting that Matt would “diss” a Son of one of the left’s “most favored” attorneys. Strange happenings here at KSR.

  79. Clandestine

    Well said Matt.

    How did Bomani respond?

  80. secretagent0014

    great post matt!

    So much is made over the UNC/Duke rivalry that it makes me think. You almost cannot mention duke without unc, and vice versa. They need each other to be a big deal. I think if they did not have that rivalry they by themselves would be insignificant. Where as UK stands alone. We have a rivalry with everyone. We do not need one other team to be significant.

  81. Dude1

    Glad someone else saw his attempt to play at that camp. It was beyond pathetic. Anybody know where to find that video? I’d like another laugh.

  82. ConverseDenimJerseys

    Articulate, consice, and to the point. Could not have said that any better myself, Matt. When will we as fans, and you more importantly, get to defend our program and point out the glaring truths to Seth? His over-inflated self-worth pisses me off more than listening to Digger Phelps give his extremely biased opinion about KY basketball. What I am sayin?!?! They both suck. Great post Matt!