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Stupid Murphy and His Law

“Can’t you see I’m blubbering?”

That did not go well. The Cats just couldn’t catch a break, and the fell to Vandy, 77-64.

I’m too lazy to make up a fake location for Beisner and Matt, so I’ll just jump straight to the notes:

-Um, well, the officiating was…interesting. There’s nothing lamer than blaming the refs for a loss—and I won’t—but it warrants a mention. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen so many questionable off-the-ball fouls. It seemed that every 50-50 foul call went their way, and sometimes that’s how it goes—especially on the road. If you are wondering, they shot 40 FT’s to our 23.

-What basically led to the Cats’ demise was Vandy’s ability to keep Meeks in check. They did a great job covering him and switching on screens, and the Cats were unable to do anything else offensively. It’s a difficult proposition without Patterson, but someone, still, needs to step up and score.

-Hey! A.J. Stewart played fairly well! He scored 11 off the bench, including a second consecutive random three! Exclaim!

-Stevenson and Harrellson, however, were less than impressive, combining for only five points.

-Galloway and Miller, again, played solidly. Galloway seems rusty, which is to be expected, since this is his first real game action (he has to now steal those minutes back from Landon Slone, see). Miller still has trouble controlling the ball, but look, we don’t have many options. Plus, he gets more confident offensively each game.

-Porter made a lay-up and was credited with two blocks.Harris made all his free throws.

-If I told you Jermaine Beal had 17 points, would you believe me? Well, he did, with 10 coming from the line.

-A.J. Ogilvy is the college basketball version of Cristiano Ronaldo.

-A point that is usually belabored mercilessly by television announcers: the first five minutes of the second half were monumental tonight. A similar scenario was presented in UK’s loss at Ole Miss, and the outcome was mirrored tonight. Some attribute those crucial minutes and their result to coaching, others to…well, you guys can hash that out.

-Moral of the story, folks: the Cats have seriously endangered their tourney hopes. Tonight was a bad, bad loss. Not only because it came to a mediocre team, but also because of the upcoming schedule. UK still has USC on the road, UT and LSU at home, and Florida on the road.

-But don’t go soaking your pillows with tears, yet. Remember, there’s still a lot of basketball left, and all indications suggest it will no longer be Patterson-less. So, if you’re more of an optimist than me, you have something to look forward to!

Now, we just absolutely have to win Saturday. No pressure or nothing.

Article written by Evan Hilbert

139 responses to “Stupid Murphy and His Law”

  1. Miller Time

    Those refs sucked big time!!

  2. Lexblue00

    Holy shit that was unbelievable, as if our inside wasn’t thin enough, every time they drove a foul was called regardless of whether or not we had a player within feet of them. All the while they were playing in our jerseys and nothing at all was said.

    I’m going to jump off the ledge now…..

  3. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Where in Murphy’s Law does it say that your own coach will shoot his team in the foot?

    I don’t care what anyone says, Gillispie tanked it, not playing Harrelson is inexcusable. Sure, you’ll cry, “Why would he do that, that makes no sense.” You’re right. It doesn’t. He still did it.

    Something’s got to give. Someone’s got to let him know, he’s not bigger than the program & never will be. Hopefully he can feel the leash choking him….


    AJ Stewart fouls out before Stevenson and Harrelson? This was arguably the worst coached game I have ever seen. What is BCG thinking? Enigma.

  5. Buford T Justice

    BCG did some fantastic coaching tonight as well! Just squatting there on the sideline the whole game with a big shit-eating grin on his face like he was taking a huge dump…Dickhead!

  6. H-townkyfan

    I dont understand BCG…why would’nt you put Josh Harrelson back in??

  7. Bluer Than You

    Have to agree as bad as I hate to. This one is on BG.

  8. JKW1974

    Officiating is always somewhat strange at Vandy. We haven’t played well there in a long time now, and this was no exception. By and large, we played like crap and got the kind of result you can expect when you do that.

    I thought AJ offered a glimpse of maybe starting to become a player we can use. I thought Harrellson moved back two or three great big steps.

    We can still make the tournament, and I think we will….but we do need to win Saturday and also at USC. Realistically, we are about where I thought we would be when the season started. I thought we were a recruiting class away, and it pretty much still looks that way.

    See you Saturday at Rupp….

  9. HunterYork22


  10. Miller Time

    This should not have happened tonight.

  11. chesticles

    Any game Billy G has won in the last two years aren’t of his making anyways, he’s won them all with Tubby’s boys.

  12. Tommy

    Could we get a thick Emery envelope and mail it to every top notch point guard in the country? If Porter and Liggins could have a love child it would dribble the ball off its foot while running over people with its head down constantly. I mean, Anthony Epps or Ed Davender have to have kids that are college age by now right?

    The scary thing on the officiating is that I think the calls on us were mostly fair. We got beat off the dribble constantly and fouled when helping. We just didn’t get quite our share of whistles on the other end, but that happens down there everytime.

  13. ukwildcatwildfan

    N-obody steps up to be a leader.
    I-nexcusable coaching lapses
    T-wo offensive threats, and one of them is hurt.

    What does that spell? NIT! NIT! NIT!

  14. david8577

    +17 free throw attempts? complete bullshit.

  15. chesticles

    I’d give three oxycontins and a case of mountain dew to get pitino back.

  16. Tommy

    AJ Stewart made the cardinal sin of playing well tonight. Have fun with your 2 minutes of playing time against UT AJ.

  17. DavidEShelton

    Does anybody have the email
    address for Barnhart? Let’s
    bombard him with our feelings
    about BCG.

  18. drizzlemizzle

    for those worried about harrellson not playing, i would guess that it had to do with the fact that a.j. ogilvy was banging him around like a little biznitch (and he only played like 4 min)…what is wrong with a.j. gettting several minutes…we had to go small to attempt to stop their dribble penetration, and with perry in foul trouble and harrellson’s brain stuck in lexington, there was no other option…

  19. JKW1974
  20. chesticles

    Imagine how bad we’d suck if we hadn’t given that scholarship to Donald Williams!!

  21. gmo

    Don’t know what was worse. Kentucky’s play, the refs, or Evan’s post. They all three sucked a$$. Did you even try or are you drunk like Billy G will be in 15 minutes?

  22. Miller Time

    We are offensively challenged to say the least w/o Meeks and Patterson scoring. Miller plays good for freshman but, who else gives you anything. Stewart proved tonight he’s better than Harris. Porter shot one and missed the damn backboard by 10 ft’ what the hell, he was wide open. Jorts was jerked early for his fouls and never returned? I don’t understand it he was at least trying. KG made some mistakes but, he made some damn good passes! Stevenson couldn’t deliver off them.

  23. chesticles

    Euton to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. E Cat

    Yes, the PG situation is drastic. We have to get some type of help at that position before next season or I still see big problems for UK.
    Did we set many screens for Meeks? Especially in the first half and start of second.
    If Jimmy Dykes says “violent cuts” one more time I’m going to violently cut my wrist.
    Also, loved when Dykes foolishly wanted Stallings to call a TO because “Meeks had a look in his eye.” I wish he would have. Instead, on the ensuing possesion, Taylor hit on an old-fashioned three-point play to extend the lead back to 9.

  25. Tommy

    18) It’s mbarnhart@davidesheltonshouldfindbetterthingstodowithhistimethanemailuk’

  26. JKW1974

    Come on folks, who really thought we’d have a GREAT team this season? They are what they are, and it is what it is. Hopefully, they are better down the stretch. While I often disagree with coaching moves, he is the one who is here and he is recruiting well.

    We can’t really judge him until after next year and the year after. Then we will see what we have.

  27. tyson

    #13, i’m glad i am not the only one that noticed liggins’ head down all night. how can he be a point guard and do that???

    and i have not criticized bcg all year, but this may have been the worst coached game of his tenure so far. the second half of the second half was basically street ball. after the play where the 5 guards were in at the same time handing the ball off to each other in the weave outside the perimeter, there were no more set plays. it was pure street ball. this sucked.

  28. chesticles

    MichAndre Porggins makes Saul Smith look like Isiah Thomas.

  29. gmo Check it out. It’s sweet. you’re welcome 18.

  30. Miller Time

    Note to BCG: You can’t clear out on offense for Meeks when the teams are keying on him without setting multiple screens to free him up for shots!!

  31. chesticles

    When will Jarod Carter be back from injury? Not every team has a 7’3 stud coming back in March!

  32. wildeers

    im pretty sure the 4 guard lineup was exactly what needed done. Vandy got a ton of calls and played great d on meeks all night, so they won. Sometimes you just lose games. There were no egregious coaching errors in this game, harrelson is too slow and the small ball lineup was fine until turnovers and bad calls gave them a lead we couldnt overcome. Porter, however, can suck my balls

  33. gmo

    I want to know the REAL reason BCG aka “Otis” hasn’t signed the contract. Mitchy needs to come out and tell us or BCG needs to man up.

  34. E Cat

    31. Right on, brother. We were doing nothing to get our only offensive option looks.

  35. Band Of BlueCats

    I wonder why we always totally back off some of the talented players that were interested in us like Jeffrey Taylor, Wesley Witherspoon, Willie Warren and this year in the 09 class Noel Johnson, Andrew Fitzgerald, and Roger Franklin, but you get Donald Williams and don’t even play him…wtf?

  36. UK81

    Porter and Harris in the lineup together will never ever work successfully. I don’t understand BCG’s determination to play them together so much. Game was lost with about 10 minutes remaining in the game when Porter and Harris were reinserted into the starting lineup.

  37. Tommy

    30) I thought I didn’t like you after you bagged on Evan’s post. Thanks for removing that inkling of doubt.

  38. gmo

    I’m not sure why they don’t play more like a NBA offense when teams play man. Clear the other 3 (I’m not talking Miller) bums to the baseline and let PPAT and Meeks play a two man game.

  39. chesticles reporting Alice Loyd interested in talking to Gillespie…I knew this would happen if he started having success! They’re offering 4 years at 6 grand and a case of Bibles.

  40. H-townkyfan


  41. drewster

    We should have come out in the second half wanting to completely kill Vandy. I thought some of the first half officiating was questionable and we were a little sloppy, but I completely expected BCG to have them fired up and ready to roll over the Dores with much better execution after halftime. Considering the way this season has unfolded, there is no excuse for the way we played in the second half, regardless of the horrible officiating. This team has not improved the way normal Kentucky teams usually improve. With over a season and a half of evaluating, I have yet to see anything to lead me to believe that BCG has what it takes to win a national championship. His recruiting is tireless, but his game/bench coaching is a couple of notches above awful. And if anyone disagrees with my comments know this: Tonight is the first time I have ever criticized a coach or a player after a game… EVER. As I said on the game thread — the honeymoon with BCG is officially over.

  42. Miller Time

    #27, I disagree totally. We have the talent here now to win these games. What other SEC teams has 2 potential 1st or 2nd team all-american’s on the roster?

  43. chesticles

    I just hope we don’t get an effing ACC team in the first round of the NIT!!

  44. chesticles

    “I suck. Balls.”

  45. gmo

    Sorry Tommy. I’m hatin EVERYTHING right now. I’m currently dangling my feet off the roof thinking about jumping head 1st.

  46. Wheeler-WilkinsonFan

    The officiating was horrible and one sided. That being said, Vandy’s game plan to go low was a good one and they also hit the shots that they needed to. With the exception of Harrellson riding the pine the last 38 minutes, I did like our line-ups. Horrible game to watch though, for several reasons…we need Pat!

  47. G.loomis

    When is the NIT selection show?

  48. H-townkyfan


  49. bluegoose

    10. Get whipped!
    9. Not being tough enough
    8. Playing very, very, very, very hard and not win!
    7. All the bithcin and moaning about Tubby, when I would take him every day of the week over BCG.
    6. Why we are not better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. When healthy we have 2 of the top 15 players in the country. One that was Tubby’s recruit the other would have come if he would have stayed. How are we not better…in a mediocre conference.
    4. Setting records like losses to Ole Miss, streaks at Vandy, and losing to teams ew have no business losing to.
    3. Other teams smelling blood in the water. The next 5 games will be rough.
    2. Crazy substitution patterns.
    1. GETTING WHIPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Band Of BlueCats

    Ben Howland is a man to man defensive minded coach and look at his record his first 2 seasons at UCLA.

    1st season: 11-17 no post season
    2nd season: 18-11 lost in NCAA first round

    So coach Clyde is actually a little ahead of schedule, the first 2 seasons are expected to be rocky.

  51. JKW1974

    43, I understand your point, but they kill us at the other 3 spots.

  52. Lip Man 1

    Can’t say this was totally unexpected without Patterson in the lineup.

    Vandy dominated around the basket which tells you Kentucky still does not have the depth and size needed to play well throughout the season.

    Defense was awful again tonight allowing far to many points, just like when they went through that losing streak.

    However I disagree with some who think UK is now in serious trouble with making the tournament. This is Kentucky folks, and the name still means something as well as the fact that they draw fans even in tough economic times. Don’t think for a second the selection committee won’t think about that if its a borderline case.

    Unless UK completely implodes (which granted is possible) if the wrap up the SEC tournament with 21 or so wins, they are in.

    Mark Liptak

  53. bluegoose

    51 your an idiot!

  54. Tommy

    Here’s a question that I have trouble answering: What has BCG done to earn the faith that he will be successful here?

    I think each of his first two teams here have underachieved.

  55. G.loomis

    UK B-Ball=Rumdumbs

  56. gmo

    Agree with 52. You can’t win with two players. Those two are good but the others – Miller are totally worthless. OK. Take PPAT and Meeks off and then the best two players off every SEC teams and look at the other 10 and where would Kentucky rank………way way way down the list.

  57. ColdBeerMug

    46) You are undoubtedly the whiniest lil Bit** I have ever encountered.

  58. Band Of BlueCats

    54- Well he’s been to 3 straight final fours since those 2 seasons.

  59. G.loomis

    Vandy B-Ball=Rumdumbs

  60. E Cat

    I’m disappointed, but will just have to be patient. The talent level is seriously down and we are a fairly young squad. Worst PG play I think I’ve ever seen at UK … and that includes Saul’s junior year and Sean Sutton’s sophomore year.

    Adding Orton and Pilgrim should help us next year in the paint. And we’ll pray Patterson returns. We were really soft tonight.

  61. MyBloodisBlue

    A friend of mine has two lower arena tickets for sale for UK vs Tennessee in Rupp. The number to call is 606-438-9372.

    ** Serious inquires only PLEASE at his request.

  62. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    Maybe if we had 5 super stars we wouldn’t have to argue about who should be playing.

  63. bluegoose

    54 He plays Tubby Ball…which I was fine with. BCG walked in to a much better situation than Howland did.

  64. G.loomis

    I’ll give him a Thorton’s hotdog and half a redbull for um.

  65. C-Mills21

    Building UK back to what it once was cannot be done in less than two seasons. Give BCG 3-4 years then get on here and bitch. Some of you guys are childish with your impatience.

  66. Band Of BlueCats

    I hate to say it but if Meeks and Pat return with the addition of Pilgrim, Orton, and Hood and we lose 10 games I think Coach is gone, I hate to think it but it very well could happen and I hope not.

  67. G.loomis

    How about just beating VMI and Garden Ridge at home for a start!

  68. Band Of BlueCats

    66- exactly, look what I pointed out in post #51.

  69. G.loomis

    Who is the PG for next year?

  70. MyBloodisBlue

    65: He’s allergic to Red Bull. Make it a Sierra Mist and put mustard on the hot dog and you’ve got a deal.

  71. sortleader2

    50 I love it. However, #1 should have been no PG. BCG ran off the only vable one in our stable. That should have spoken to his decision making right off of the top.

  72. G.loomis

    BCG is git’n pounded on the talk shows tonite

  73. Miller Time

    Damn’ it we’ve got the players now to make a Sweet 16 run!!

  74. G.loomis

    Next years class has no PG

  75. sortleader2

    We can’t judge BCG until after next year? WTF? If I performed in my job similarly to what BCG has over the past 2 years, I would have been piss tested then summarily fired for poor performance, merginal professionalism, mismanagement of resources, irratic behavior, and inconsistency with policy/program standards.

  76. sortleader2

    Yeah. The KHSAA Sweet 16….

  77. G.loomis

    If UK misses the NCAA this year what should be BCG’s status be next year?

  78. drizzlemizzle

    75. GJ Villarino is a point guard (not saying he is the answer, just saying he is a PG)

  79. drizzlemizzle

    76. you should be fired for spelling like a third grader.

  80. BluesMan

    I’ll be glad when Tubby is a distant memory, no matter who our coach actually is. We went from the best program in the country to a top-40 program in eight seasons and then people make a big deal when are slightly worse after two seasons. Clyde doesn’t yet have the players to be a great team. Yes, Patterson and Meeks are All-American caliber, but everyone else is so bad or so green that we can’t compete. That’s reality. Clyde might not be the answer but that doesn’t mean that Tubby should still be coaching here, not recruiting or devoloping players. Get a clue you idiots.

  81. G.loomis

    Dude UK is in some trouble!

  82. SaulSmithsBankShot

    68) it’s Gardner WEBB, not ridge. UK has no talent; this is obvious. two guys, patterson and meeks. everyone else is a joke. if you think we can beat UT, SC, and LSU these next 3 games you are out of your mind crazy. we have zero chance at that unless Jodie Meeks scores 30+ in each game. Bottom line, we just plain suck. hard to believe this is what has become of Kentucky Basketball. can you believe at one time we were actually good? my oh my how things change. Good luck Billy G. you are gonna need all the luck you can get around Lexington. goodbye NCAA tournament; not gonna happen.

  83. sortleader2

    51. Did Howland lose to San Diego, VMI, Gardner-Webb, Vandy, Ole Miss, Miss St., etc. I bet he signed a contract….

  84. mwstar

    The guy is not an elite-UK level coach. People that know basketball recognize it. Let’s hear another year of excuses when Patterson and/or Meeks are not on this team next year and we lose at least 10 games. Not just lose 10 games, but look completely inept!! This is an embarrassment. UK should not have a middle of the pack basketball coach.

  85. sortleader2

    80, you’re probably right. I am way into the Evan Williams this time of night. What did I mispell drizzledizzlebizzlemy nizzle?

  86. G.loomis

    83 I know that JACKASS is sarcasum

  87. G.loomis

    Goodnite now!!

  88. sortleader2

    BCG lost against the associates of Garden Ridge at their Co. picnic. I believe it was lack of adjustments when the lady from glassware got loose for a string of 3’s. Check

  89. SavannahCat

    Go to and look at what Howland has brought in and compare that to the garbage Gillispie has coming. A five star here and there is unacceptable at UK. We can’t even keep up in the SEC with two football schools in UF and UT. Please stop the madness.

  90. SaulSmithsBankShot

    87) umm, yea right. oh BTW it’s “it’s sarcasm”

  91. SaulSmithsBankShot

    UK is officially dropping off the face of the globe in regards to basketball. we got zero game and no good skillz! hard to believe as it is but man, we just plain suck so horribly bad it’s pathetic.

  92. Kige Is the Oracle at Delphi

    Well, we were going up against a really mature and experienced Vanderbilt team. Oh, Ogilvy’s a sophomore you say? Same with Ezeli? Tinsley and Taylor are only freshmen? And that Goulbourne kid, too? Oh, nevermind then.

  93. sortleader2

    At Arkansas, the fans shot Nolan Richardson’s horse following a string of unacceptable losses, and he won a Nat’l Championship. I don’t care. I will shoot Gillispie’s Vodka bottles if it will bring about change we can believe in. Barnhart is a football guy. He made a football hire with this basketball coach. He resurrected a couple Texan teams, and beat UofL in the NCAA’s. All the previous UK coaches had far more impressive resumes, and UK ties(save Eddie Sutton).

  94. _Blackhawk_

    not saying the refs were horrible or anything but lets think about this….last week Hodge steps on Perry and gets tossed for the game for a dead ball intentional technical foul….the big Aussie throws an elbow at Liggins face and get a T but isn’t tossed. Now you tell me which worse and if Walter had to be tossed for what he did after the play why not AJ?

    I hate to say it was the refs fault but there is no question that they didn’t play a role in tonight’s game by calling touch fouls at times and not calling them at others….consistency is what you want not a guessing game.

  95. sortleader2

    Homer, er, Kevin Stallings owns UK in that cursed gym.

  96. _Blackhawk_

    96 – actually he is 5-5 at home against the Cats 7-13 overall

  97. _Blackhawk_

    take that back I am forgetting to count tonight….hey chalk one up for already being able to forget tonight’s game! Makes him 6-5 and 8-13

  98. sortleader2

    Anyone catch the shots of P Pat. Though he is not ready, he will explore all options to jump to the league having endured this B.S. As for Meeks, he is the most likely to leave in order to strike while th iron is hot, yet another year could solidify his legacy and prospects. Has BCG honestly looked into the mirror and done a lil’ soul searching. Who is his counsel? Bill Self, a competitor? he under estimated the collective knowledge and tolerance of the greatest fan base on the planet. A lot of folks say keep him for the sake of continuity. My question simply is, do you want this embarrassment to continue?

  99. sortleader2

    Margin of victory Blackhawk. I, like the tourney selection committee, am mindful of that.

  100. segdirb1

    I am so f*****************************************************************************************************************king MAD. What the F************************************K what that piece of S*********************************IT Game??????????? Coach will NOT make a change!!!!! I only hope it burns them more than it does me because I can’t understand what the hell UK is doing losing to a team like Vanderbilt! WEAK, No BALLS, PU**Y, Tired ass team with no direction. Gillispie… I can’t even start on that guy. People hate on those who don’t support our coach. All I could think of is Tubby tonight and how he would not have lost this game. Gillispie can’t win with his own players and he can’t win with Tubby’s. His head is so freaking big….. MAKE A DAMN CHANGE. Put in Carter for gawd sake!!! Someone!!! Try at least!!! All he does is give his little smile and keep on playing porter. Why no Slone?? What an ass, he won’t even make a change for the better of the team! No reason we lost that game other than the fact we have a PUNK COACH! No reason for Jorts not to play in the 2nd half. NO REASON! Makes me sick…….. F*************UCK!!!!!! I’m MAD

  101. _Blackhawk_

    100 – didn’t realize I had gotten into the NCAA selection discussion.

  102. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Don’t give me this shit about “no talent.” Darren Horn steps into USC & in few short months tuns perennial bottom feeders into world beaters. SOUTH CAROLINA!!!!

    I don’t expect this team to be great, by any means. But competency, I expect. Killer instinct. I expect that too.

    Watch their faces, they don’t know what the hell is going on, nor what to expect. We’ve all seen it, and someone referenced it earlier… Come off the bench. Play your ass off. Provide a lift. Your reward? Splinters in your ass. These guys play scared… What/who are they scared of?

    This is a grave situation. Anyone who thinks otherwise (bloggers?) might as well get a shovel & help BCG dig…

  103. sortleader2

    I feel your pain 101. Why would BCG put in 7′ Carter to guard 6’11” Ogilsvy? He clearly had plenty of fouls and athleticism to throw at the oppositions most domintate player with 6’9″ Stevenson and 6’7″ Stewart. tubby could coach his ass off, and BCG can recruit his ass off. Like separate peanut butter and chocolate. Somehow, UK keeps coming up shy of that perverbial Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

  104. JerryTownBlotter

    What is playing out between Coach, team, and fans right now is literally stealing itself scene by scene from the movie Hoosiers.

    “my practices arent designed for your enjoyment”

    “Theres more to basketball than offense, like fundamentals and defense”

    “All of you have the weekend. Decide whether or not you want to be a part of this team or not, under the following condition. What I say when it comes to this basketball team is the law, absolutely and without discussion.”

    “you cant play those boys man-to-man all the way..”

    “my teams out there”

    “Mister, the sun don’t shine on the same dog’s ass every day, but you ain’t seen a ray of light since you been here.”

  105. sortleader2

    I may be a lil’ buzzed, but there are a few things you often fail to realize 102.

  106. sortleader2

    Well said 105. I always liked the Star Wars quotes.

    “I don’t believe it!”

    “That is why you fail.”

    “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

    “Pride. Arrogance. Fear. Anger. Those are the paths to the dark side”

    Last time I checked, ain’t any sunshine on the dark side, no matter which b*tches ass has a tale a waggin’.

  107. CyYoung1123

    – This was a HORRIBLE loss! This game only shows us what we already know: we have no PG and we have no inside presence when P-Pat is out.

    – I respect that Billy G. continues to give Michael Porter the chance to prove himself at PG, but Porter is not a PG. He cannot dribble, pass, and he has become too timid to shoot. But, I don’t think that Liggins is ready to take over the starting job either. He looks like a young Ramel when he was a Frosh; out of control and trigger happy. The only other option is Galloway. Galloway came in this season as a highly touted PG, so I don’t understand why Billy G. continues to use him as a forward?? Yes, it is nice to have a forward who can handle the ball, but he is just out of his element. I truly believe that if Galloway was given more opportunities to bring the ball up we could see the emergence of a great leader. A leader that we desperately need.
    *On a side note I would rather have Harris bring the ball up the court over Porter.

    – We have NO vocal leader on the team.
    We need a FLOOR GENERAL ASAP! Jodie and P-Pat lead through their game play and Porter and Liggins are not going to be able to lead the team. The only players that I could see stepping up into this role is either Galloway or Harris. Harris shows signs where he wants to be more of a vocal leader but he still is not in a position to become a strong vocal leader. I have always believed that a PG should be the true Floor General. It is the PG’s job to get the offense set up and make sure that everybody is doing their jobs, but again, we lack this person. Even if someone decides to step up, it is still too late in the season for it to matter. We should have established this person in the off season. Jasper really screwed us on this one.

    – Perry Stevenson needs to know his role.
    Stevenson needs to realize that his role on the team is to get P-Pat the ball and to dunk the basketball. He should never have the ball outside of 12 ft. because when he is past that point he gets himself in trouble. He believes that he has dribbling but he only ends up either walking, breaking his own ankles, or bouncing it off of his foot. I think that he could be utilized better by understanding that he can hit the 12 footer and that he is almost 100% when he yams it. By following these rules he would increase his efficiently dramatically.

  108. CatsGrad04

    Vanderbilt is a team full of virgins – except for Ogilvy. He’s been dating the same ham hock since he left Walkabout Creek.

  109. BluesMan

    101- Ha. Ha.

    “All I could think of is Tubby tonight and how he would not have lost this game.”

    How many consecutive games did Tubby lose to Vandy?

  110. greenwell

    101) – I hope your post was either in a drunken or cynical state – Carter or Slone???? No one can disagree with your point of in-game adjustments but reread your post tomorrow when your head is clear.

    I just love how so many people are wanting Tubby back right now. No final fours in his final 9 years. That’s just what I want. I’m realistic enough to know that 2-3 final fours in a 10 year span is actually not bad in college hoops today. But wishing for Tubby back is just asanine.

    Peace from Mexico!

  111. greenwell

    108) for the most part, a good post. I think what you are wanting is a freshman like Derek Rose (or John Wall) to come to the promised land.

  112. catlanta91

    To whom much is given, much is expected.

  113. bestdamnukfanperiod

    I didn’t see us dominating like some UK fans thought we was going to this year, Patterson was hurt, and Meeks can’t score 40 every game. We can blame BCG all we want but untill we start getting top recruits in like,N.C.Memphis.Duke, we are basically a team who has to all-stars playing with a church team with fans telling them to go to the final four. Right now we have a bench of players who can’t score over 15 points, Liggins and Miller will get better, Untill we get top recruits in we are just a decent team, The refs were terrible tonight, they wouldn’t let UK can’t close to anyone. Galloway was trying to hard, Porter was to slow, and Meeks was shut down. Cats will need Patterson back saturday big time.

  114. mattcat68

    Stallings was obviously the better coach tonight.

  115. greenwell

    114) I agree. Good post but to ≠ too.

  116. CyYoung1123

    continued from 108:

    – We have no offensive sets.
    There are too many times where we are stagnant on offense. We get caught standing and watching, which is why we turn the ball over so much. The team needs to realize that you have to move without the ball. Setting screens and cutting to the basket without the ball creates lanes and frees up the offense. In the past game Meeks was working this Rip Hamilton style of offense to perfection and he prospered from it, but tonight he went away from this. They need to realize that taking it into the lane and leaving their feet with no way to go is only asking for trouble. Miller, Liggins, and Harris are horrible at this.

  117. playersfan

    Gillespie is a loser, with his smirky smile. We are the only team in the country that doesn’t have an offense plan or set, or that doesn’t run screens for their only offensive weapon. The first option several times was a 3 by Porter. I feel sorry for Porter, Harris, and Stevenson, Stewert and its all Gillepie’s fault. He has put them in a situation were they can’t succeed. Miller is so confused he dribbles in a circle.
    I fell sorry for Meeks, an all-American that may not be awarded it because his coach is so dumb.
    But our athletic directors have screwed us again. If Gillespie leaves, so do the new recruits, and we have to start over again like Indiana. We are so screwed!

  118. » BBL: Another maddening night at Memorial Gym John Clay’s Sidelines

    […] Evan Hilbert of Kentucky Sports Radio laments Murphy’s Law. […]

  119. YourMomGoes2college

    The refs flat out Bent us over and gave us the short end of their stick’s. Its been happening all year.

  120. wildcatcorner

    This loss will not hurt as much as some think. The committee will take into account Patterson’s absence. While it won’t negate the loss, it WILL be taken into consideration and no world famous bloggers can convince me otherwise.

  121. dwp1231

    This is my view of the problem. They beat the hell out of us on the inside. Just like we did with them with out their big man. Vandy is tough to beat at home, I don’t care how mediocre some one is. The only person whobeat them with the three ball was the guy who had hit six all year coming into last night. Go figure there is always someone who breaks out against us and has there best game. Stevenson and Harris should have stayed on the bench they were worthless tonight

  122. dwp1231

    118. Stop being a fan. You are the one that sucks. You probably feel like if we don’t go undefeated it is a bad year and fire the coach. You were also probably on here singing praises after the Arkansas game. We are going to be fine, we are right on schedule. Sometimes it takes longer than we like to polish the turd that was left. No disrespect to Tubby, I loved him as a coach and a person. Kentucky basketball is great but there are games where you are outmatched, tonight was that. Inside we couldn’t match up our big guys are thin and got pushed around(and got called for lots of fouls). Different game if we had our muscle inside.

  123. NashvilleCats

    A lot of this goes on BCG. Our talent level is down, but we’re still underachieving for this season. Our team still has enough talent to easily make the NCAA tourney. The only reason I can come up with for why that’s happening is because of BCG. Right now, our starting lineup should be Galloway, Meeks, Miller, Stevenson, and Patterson, with Liggins, Stewart, Harrelson, Porter, and Harris coming off the bench (in that order). I think that is painfully obvious to everyone, but BCG doesn’t do it. Why? Well, that’s a totally different story.

    On the other hand, our incoming recruiting classes aren’t that impressive. If you look at what teams like UNC, Kansas, Memphis, Duke, etc. are doing year after year, our next couple classes look good to mediocre but certainly not great. Hood and Orton are UK caliber, but who knows about Villarino. For 2010, both Ross-Miller and Euton are nobodies. UK should not be signing guys outside the top 150 unless there are special circumstances. Even this season was weird. We sign Harrellson who doesn’t really show the athleticism to play at a high level and Donald Williams who doesn’t play at all. Why? Again, who knows.

    One way or another, BCG needs to figure out what is more important. Winning or coaching his way, because I don’t think those two are the same right now.

  124. 7isntenuf

    The problem is COACHING….even BCG took the blame onm it again. Tubby bashers can bitch all they want but fact remains that BCG couldn’t coach his way out of a wet paper sack. And OTS fFINDS a way to win or at least be competitive. Don’t believe me? Look at where the gophers are in this second season versus where we are. And don’t even start with the talent issues. We have better players than most of the D-1 schools.
    The definition of insanity is doing the exact same things over and over with the expectation of different results.

  125. NashvilleCats

    One more thing. Maybe BCG will win 5 national championships in the next 10 years, I don’t know. But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t doing a poor coaching job this season. I’m not calling for his head, I just think he could be doing a much better job this year.

  126. cat1

    I guess a number of you all posting on here are the same ones who left football game early this year when you thought we were beat. We cant judge him until the end of Orton and Hoods sophmore season. Yeah it hurts to watch our program go through growing pains but did you not honestly expect this. We support the team and get through this year and next year UK is going to make a turn back to greatness. And we will play the PPat card like last year and still get into the tourny.

  127. cat1

    yeah 125 considering he has lost 5 of his last 8 games and we probably be going to the NIT for the second straight year. Damn im glad Tubby quit on us before the season was even over!!!!!!!!

  128. cat1

    will probably

  129. ukwildcats1217

    I’ve had plenty of criticism for BG, but last night I didn’t have too many. Vandy played as well as they could play, and the refs gave them enough edge to beat us. My only question was, why start Porter and Harris in the 2nd half after the bench gave you the lead in the first until they came back to tie it at the half. In a game this close, we can’t have a weak 3-4 minutes.

    Meeks didn’t shoot the ball well, Porter played awful, Stevenson played awful, the refs were one-sided, and Patterson didn’t play. Hard to blame BG when we had all that against us.

    Now the Cats have to really regroup. 5 games left to prove something. Win 4 and we are in good shape. Win 3 and we need to win one in the SECT. Win 2 and we better win the whole thing. It is time to man up. We learned alot about this team the last 2 games. Now BG needs to put this thing together. Liggins, Meeks, Galloway, Stevenson, Patterson. Miller is first off for either Liggins or Stevenson. Sprinkle in just a little from Stewart, Harrelson, Harris, and Porter (in that order) and we have something.

  130. ukwildcats1217

    By the way, can you guys really not see the improvements since BG got here? There is still more to be desired, but our guys are in much better shape, they never give up, they move alot on the offensive end (go back and watch the film if you don’t believe that), they play a much more aggressive and exciting defensive style. We are more efficient offensively than we ever were under Tubby, and we are top 20 defensively (Pomeroy). Our kids are not getting in trouble off the court, and don’t act like idiots on the court (see Ogilvy, UT guys, UF guys). Losing sucks so bad, but we need to appreciate what these guys are doing- rebuilding UK basketball! The Ben Howland comparison is very appropriate, and I am really looking forward to next season. Again, if we tank next season, then we have some serious issues to discuss.

  131. LeBowlingAlley

    You are giving Ogilvy too much credit when you compare him to Cristiano Ronaldo

  132. CAnTuckeeBoi

    131.) You will slowly start to realize a coach like Gillispie can not flourish a top notch University with high expectation. He is a good coach and a bad fit. Tell me where he has coached that has expectations for their basketball team??? It is easy to come in and do good when no one expects you to, but thats not the case here. He has to swallow his pride and play basketbally like every other D1 coach in the land PLAY YOUR BEST PLAYERS!!!!!!! I played football at UK, do you realize how bad we would have been if kids only played because they practiced hard? You have to take the most talented kids, and put them in a pool, and choose from them which ones are best in game situations. That is why we have 2 exhibitions and half a season of cupcakes!!!! The problem is Gillispie insists on starting kids who practice hard instead of kids that are gamers. He is finding out the hard way, and as soon as some of you guys take off your blue blockers, you will see too!!!!

  133. ale8one

    #131) are you this optimistic about everything in your life? I surely hope so. I hope you don’t just pick and choose with your favorite coaches.

    We like who we like and then we make up the rest.

  134. NashvilleCats

    131. Answer this question please. Assuming Meeks and Patterson leave early, how many games will UK lose next year?

    My point is that if we lose both those guys we’re royally screwed next year and don’t have the class coming into replace those guys. So then we’re back where we started, grasping at straws and hoping freshman can overperform.

  135. Maesh

    This is pathetic. NIT, here we come. I’m pullin out, this team has broken my heart far too many times, and I clean my hands of them. Best of luck to the guys, and I really hope they do well, but I can’t take all this pathetic basketball anymore. It’s the worst team in my memory, and I don’t even know what’s to blame.

    Go baseball!

  136. cat1

    133 what do you mean how bad you would have been. Didnt know UK football was that great. And another thing there isnt another university that expects so much out of their coach. We hold our players and coaches to godly expectations. Its a joke! I think this team is showing a lot of improvement and we beat that team last night with Pat no doubt.

  137. dwp1231

    136. Get the F$%^ off here. You make me sick with your giving up. Don’t come back. Go cheer for the hated cards!

  138. dwp1231

    137. Right on with that comment