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Rick Pitino and Christian Laettner Team Up to Mock “The Shot”


You want something to get your blood warmed up on a Friday afternoon? How about this piece of news from a KSR spy (we really are everywhere) that has me thinking somewhat evil thoughts. According to a KSR source, Vitamin Water is producing a new television ad featuring Christian Laettner and Rick Pitino which is likely to run throughout the NCAA Tournament. According to the source, the advertisement was shot yesterday in Louisville and will show Laettner following Pitino around his house making “the shot” over and over to torment him. The two principals to the event (neither of whom is exactly in good favor in Big Blue Nation) are the only ones involved in the shoot and the former Kentucky players are not part of the advertisement campaign.

There are pictures of the shoot below….so my question is this: How does the Big Blue Nation feel about the Vitamin Water campaign taking the most famous shot in college basketball history and the most painful loss in UK history and having the former coach (who now coaches the arch-rival) profiting off the misery? I am sure it will be funny and I dont mind the parody….but Rick isnt here any more….and thus it does rub me a little bit wrong. I mean Laettner can do whatever he wants, but Pitino is now the coach of the Cards and is making an ad that he KNOWS will infuriate (or at least bring up bad memories) his former Cat nation. Yet he still does it, makes whatever check he will make off the proceedings and marches on down the street. I could deal with this if Rick were still at UK, but with him at Louisville, it sort of ticks me off. Am I off base?

Here are some shots from the shoot….I gotta give credit to our spy here for showing that the Big Blue Nation truly is everywhere. This was supposed to be a surprise commercial….guess not now:

Article written by Matt Jones

106 responses to “Rick Pitino and Christian Laettner Team Up to Mock “The Shot””

  1. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    I guess Christian will do anything to pay off those bad loans. I still say Laettner could make $50K/yr going door-to-door in Lexington offering folks a chance to punch him in the face for $100 or in the gut for $25.

  2. Indy_Cat

    guess I’ll be switching back to PowerAde

  3. abortionshowers

    The principle of the matter is kinda bothersome but at the same time as devastating as that shot was it was almost 17 years ago. That’s a real long time now. WOW!

  4. crash11

    I used to like Vitamin water but since they are using this ahole in a commercial. I will no longer buy it.

  5. barkley25

    I will never buy Vitamin Water again. Period. I’m not joking.

  6. barkley25


    From what he looks like in that pic, looks like he already started doing that. haha

  7. UFgaytorhater

    screw laettner….screw pitino…screw vitamin water!

  8. Splat Jones

    Just so you know, I originally used the username here The GuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds. If anyone should care about this it should be me since I wasn’t put in position where I should have been guarding the guy throwing the ball in bounds, Vitamin Water can’t contact me to pay me royalties for this profiting opportunity.

    If Pitino was still at UK and they did this I would be pissed… but now it’s not that big of a deal to me. Pitino has followed his heart and so have I. As long as the commercial stays as a mochery of Lattener beating Pitino instead of any mention of UK, that’s his deal.

    As Pitino is the one who forgot to put someone throwing the ball in bounds.

  9. Steve Perry

    The next person I see drinking Vitamin Water will get a swift kick in the junk. Vitamin water is piss anyway, the Sobe version is much better.

  10. tzuzaki4

    Pitino was as much a victim of the shot as anybody else, so I guess he can mock it if he wants. Should be funny. I have no problem with it.

  11. GOBLUE23

    Can you imagine the amount of gel that was involved in that commercial shoot?

  12. barkley25

    Maybe I’m just looking at it wrong, but I see it as a slap in the face of UK.

  13. JerryTownBlotter

    hey #11 UNC is not a historically great program. Up until the 90’s they were tied with NC state for most NCAA tourney titles. Plus hanging banners for Helms Titles???? Kentucky has been there every decade sans this decade since basketball became basketball. No one else can hold a candle to that. Every other “storied” program at least 3 steps behind us.

  14. ukcats07

    You think Pitino will tell someone to gaurd Grant Hill this time around?

  15. monstermash1

    Small house… you would think Rick could afford better….

  16. recruit_a_shooter

    Hey Matt, is this the “big news” that you said would be up at 2 pm on the blog today?

  17. Splat Jones

    If they tried this with BCG in 20 years he’d stab them in the gut with a fork.

  18. tzuzaki4

    You know what would be really bad? If this commercial aired nationally, and the story became all about how those crazy Kentucky fans are still upset by Laetner’s shot and they’re all worked up about this commercial. Let it go, guys.


    Always thought vitamin water was overrated anyway…but I will NEVER buy vitamin water for sure now!

  20. 96wildcat

    Serously, if this REALLY bothers you…you have an anger problem. Get over it! This is kind of funny.

  21. GOBLUE23

    Look at it this way……we beat Duke in 92, we then lose to UNLV in the finals. Pitino then decides to jump ship to NBA at that point after getting several offers and being younger and greedier at that point. We then don’t win 96 or in 98…..things happen for a reason. At least we know that’s the last success Laetener had……it sucks to see that every damn year during the tourney, but I’m over it…..unless I’m drunk, then I’m mad

  22. I Like Kentucky

    aminu timberlake makes a cameo in the commercial…if only

  23. veeper

    Maybe we can get Timberlake to tweak the commercial by punching Laettner out.

  24. NashvilleCats

    Rick P. is kind of a sleeze ball so this really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Beat the Cards by 20 next year and I won’t care about this commercial at all. If they made a commercial with Scott Norwood constantly missing things wide right, it would be funny. The idea is humorous, so I’m not that upset.

  25. MasterBlaker

    17. I hope not.

  26. 7isntenuf

    NO tzuzaki, I will not. And Laetner better be glad I got no hint of his being in the state,Otherwise I’d be sitting in Jefferson Co. Jail waiting on Bruce and Jones to get me out for a second assault on the azzho! Only this time there would have been no bouncers around to stop me from beating him down and givin’ him a good 250# chest stomp! HE’S A PUNK!

  27. veeper
  28. Dickard

    I’d rather drink urine now rather than Vitamin Water. F@#K Rick and F@#K Vitamin Water. I already hoped Laettner would burn for his actions looooong before this ever hit film…

  29. commoncat2

    Seriously, it’s time to move on. 17 years is long enough.

  30. Rhythm_Bruise2354

    Not buying Vitamin water…No Joke..No kidding. I will not buy it.

  31. BlueBloodedGirl

    I thought Laettner was afraid to drive through Kentucky for fear of being mauled…

  32. Braddy

    2:00 big news???????????????????

  33. bigbcurry

    Hell no you aren’t off base. String up Laettner and burn the house down.

  34. Shoop

    I LOATH Christian Laetner…DESPISE Rick Pitino…and this doesn`t bother me at all. I would be more pissed if I was a Louisville fan…

  35. payne

    For the sake of all my Kentucky fan friends I hope you guys don’t make the tourney. That way you can just not watch and avoid seeing this commercial over and over again.

  36. Todd_Svobodas_Lunchbox

    Textbook Pitino….I’d expect nothing more. It would be funny if he were still here.

    He should take the check and give it to the Bill Keightley Scholarship Fund or somethign similar, but there’s a fat chance that’ll happen.

    And hey, Laettner found the one place in the entire freaking state that he can set foot in without fear of violence.

  37. gobigbluecat

    I think Rick had for the most part gotten back in the good graces of most of us after his words at Mr. Wildcat’s memorial service, but I guess he couldn’t leave it that way. No more Vitamin Water for me.

  38. bakedawg

    #21 r u serious?!!!. Im with #13 i see this as a slap in the face to UK.. #8 WTF r u talking about?! If pitino was still at UK u would be pissed?!! If he were still at UK i wouldnt give a shit about this, but now that hes with the louisville, big difference! THAT makes me pissed.. And I wonder if theyll act out the fact that gayttner shouldnt even of been in the game at this point and show him intentionally stomping on one of our players chests? Im guessing not.. SLAP in the face for sure. F pitino, laettner, and piss water

  39. Jareduk7

    #12 Yea KY gel that is!!! LOL

  40. ukisgr8

    Is there still a 2 pm news story coming out Matt?

  41. nkypapa

    Lighten up Francis

  42. SagaciousMind

    See, thats why we hate Duke. And it’s pretty pathetic how Seth said he didnt recall him stompin on somebody…just like a Dukie. They are dirty, that’s why we dont like them.

  43. CalifCatFan

    I will never, ever buy Vitamin Water.

  44. Miller Time

    Looks like Rick will do anything for buck these days.
    Funny Rick will cash in on his coaching mistake by failing to guard the inbounds. Thanks Rick!

  45. Cosmo

    It’s time to let it go and move on with your lives folks. Everyone else has…

  46. MIDDAY

    Will someone please quote Clark Grizzwald’s mini meltdown that happened just before cousin Eddie brought his boss in the house wrapped in a bow?

  47. RobJones

    Do you all think Billy Clyde and Sosa will get together in 15 years and re-enact this year’s shot? Just a thought

  48. adaircam4

    it’s not like UK fans don’t see “The shot” over and over again on ESPN, CBS and every other sports channel, but now we have to watch this commercial during the tournament…and now CBS is showing the Sosa shot in their commercials. For a team that has almost 2000 wins and 7 national championships, you would think they could find at least ONE play that shows UK in a positive light, but apparantly not. But CBS will sure as shit show Miles Simon from 97 before every game. I’m just a little tired of it.

  49. UnKnown75

    I agree #22, although UNLV did not make the Final 4 that year (they did in 1990 and 1991). We probably could have played with Indiana, or Cincinnati, but I think we would have gotten pummeled by Michigan’s big, athletic front court and guards that could break the pressure. I do think we need to let that shot go and relish the fact that we won 2 more over the next few years and Duke didnt win anything again for almost 10 years…FACT.

  50. slappy

    Does anybody think they’d do this if UK had hit the last-second shot and not Duke?

  51. secretagent0014

    I was mad at pitino at first. but man he took us from the nothing that sutton left us with and almost gave us back to back championships. he left us way better off than we were. its not like he borrowed the ferrari got drunk and ran it off a cliff.

    but on the other hand, laettner can suck my arse.

  52. 1996Wildcat

    39 – uuuuuhhhhhh yeah I am serious. Why is a joke about losing a basketball game such a big deal? It sucked and I hated Laettner when he was playing, but it’s been a long time since then. So, I think it’s ridiculous to get mad over something like this. I guess you would be the type of person that would still send Bill Buckner death threats. Get over it.

  53. NashvilleCats

    49. Isn’t the Sparks shot against Michigan State in the CBS video intro?

  54. 1996Wildcat

    Mods – Did I say something in a previous post to get cut off?? I had to create a different account and didn’t think I said anything bad. Just curious??????

  55. Miller Time

    Maybe they’ll do a hair-club for men next.

  56. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    I hate duke.

  57. IloveUKdoU

    I don’t care if it’s been 17, 27, 37, or 50 years, this is one game and one shot that will NEVER be forgotten by any TRUE BLUE Ky Fan. If I met Christian Laettner on the street today, I would slap his face blue. I thought Pitino showed very poor taste by taking the joy at Louisville in the first place and now this just takes him that much lower. BTW, since we are on the subject of commercials, why does UK never get shown during the March Madness since they have the most wins–or maybe they will now that BILLY PACKER is gone.

  58. StitchJonesSays

    Laettner is a pole smoker. Pitino is nothing but an egomaniac. Vitamin water tastes like piss.

    The conclusion, I dont give a rats A$$! I am sure it will be funny but it still kinda stings…….

  59. ukcats07
  60. ruppcrazy

    Are we going to get the big news soon?

  61. adaircam4

    54) you may be right, but I’m not sure..I’m just really tired of seeing that shot over and over again, but it’s not going away. Hopefully in the future, UK can make a game winning shot to send them to the Final Four and that will be shown over and over, but I’m not sure if that will happen anytime soon. Or if CBS will show it.

  62. MIDDAY

    Slap Jones – Are you really Sean Woods or Richie Farmer?

  63. ukcats07

    61, this is the big news.

  64. GummyBear

    50.. Except Michigan was all freshman that year. Our senior led team might have made the difference. Point is that I would have like to have found out. I don’t think #22 even realizes that it was an elite 8 game and not in the final 4.

  65. 1996Wildcat

    I still don’t get the hating of Pitino. I bet if Tubby went to Louisville most would actually be pretty ecstatic. People hate that Pitino went there because they know he will have them on or near the top consistently and he isn’t doing that for UK. If he passed up UK to go there that would be one thing, but this job was alreayd filled, so what is a guy supposed to do?? If he loves Kentucky, should he not be allowed to take a job in the state?? Get a grip people.

  66. soup

    marc maggard reporting that this was shot years ago and first reported on his premium section. also says that its the “fun dip” people and not vitamin water… just sayin.

  67. bigblueben

    64. If this is big news, than it would probably be beneficial to not tell everyone you have big news all day long. It is like when people say they got a funny joke. They go on and on about how funny it is, then it never lives up to the hype. This is that funny joke.

  68. ukcats07

    68, Don’t shoot the messenger. Go back and read the top of the live blog what Matt says. “I have big news that will make some people upset.” This is the big news.

  69. slappy

    Does anybody think they’d do this if UK had hit the last second shot and not Duke?

  70. Hambone721

    Pitino can do whatever the hell he wants and there’s not a thing we can do about it. I don’t have a problem with it. We would do the same thing to Louisville if we were in their situation, you know that.

  71. slappy

    No. They wouldn’t.

  72. bigblueben

    69. Sorry if you took it that way. I am not pissed, just a little letdown.

  73. jcb973

    47) This is for you….From the mouth of Clark W. Griswold, Jr.
    “Hey. If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I’d like Frank Shirley, my boss, right here tonight. I want him brought from his happy holiday slumber over there on Melody Lane with all the other rich people and I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, fore-fleshing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is. Hallelujah. Holy shit. Where’s the Tylenol?”

  74. ukisgr8

    69, I hope this isn’t it. If it is, I’ve wasted a couple of hours.

  75. toddp8

    Thank You 58. Anybody that doesn’t see this as a HUGE slap in the face to UK either don’t remember the shot or aren’t true UK fans. That shot ruined my Prom and will never be forgotten.

  76. jwbarren

    I see this as more proof that Pitino has NO class

  77. Squirms

    RICK IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. MIDDAY

    74 – you rock. thanks!

  79. Chuck Norris

    If you can’t learn to laugh about things like this, then it will eat you up inside. If you need proof, just browse through the comments…

  80. MasterBlaker


  81. Band Of BlueCats

    I bet this wont go over well with Pelphrey and the boys.

  82. ukisgr8

    76, I think you are taking it too personally. It’s the #1 shot in history, which makes this commercial hilarious. Hell, that shot gives most of us nightmares and makes us want to kick Laettner/Brian Davis in the rear.

  83. slappy

    Is this thing on?

  84. Squirms

    one funny thing is…it’s kind of a ‘where are they now’ deal…

    no one knows where Rick is anymore…’isn’t he that guy that used to coach at Kentucky?’

  85. Squirms

    how would the KU fans react to Roy Williams doing an ad with H. Warrick from
    Syracuse about things always getting rejected?

  86. Hoop Fiend

    Leattner looks older than Pitino!

  87. drewster

    66 — I don’t hate Pitino. Hate is such a strong word. But if it doesn’t bother you that Pitino went to Louisville, then you’re really not a Kentucky fan. Hell, even Dick Vitale advised Pitino NOT to go to Louisville at the time — suggesting that he should consider the open job at Michigan. Then, of course, Terry Meiners (WHAS) got involved and ridiculed Vitale in a live radio interview and basically told Vitale that he should keep his mouth shut. Meiners then labeled the majority of Kentucky fans “small minded” because we thought Pitino’s actions were traitorous. Now I know in the grand scheme of world and life events, this is such a trivial matter. That is why I don’t hate Pitino. But do I dislike him for going to Louisville? Yes, as much as I dislike everything else associated with our ghetto redneck friends that affectionately refer to themselves as the “VILLE”.

  88. DT in DC

    Think RP will be wearing UK gear in the commercial or would it be against regulations?

  89. RKA

    Pitino’s Jersery needs to come down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. RKA

    And his Jersey too!

  91. Not Necessarily the News

    I’m never ever going to bite on the “big news coming” ploy ever again.

    Last time it was Gillispie “supposedly” going to be on a live blog. And he was asked about it a couple of week later on his Call-in show, and he said he had no idea what the caller was talking about.

    Anyway….I’ll live I guess.

  92. ruppcrazy

    Bigger news than this is that we are still in Lundardi’s bracket today. We’re an 11 seed against Syracuse. Syracuse would not be good news but having Memphis as the two seed potential elite eight meeting would be.

  93. ruppcrazy

    sweet sixteen meeting*

  94. catlanta91

    I love the concept. I hope it’s as funny as the other commercials that have played off “the shot” namely the chris farley- espn commercilals from about 15 years ago… Move on people. As jimmy buffet said, tragedies better turn into comedies pretty quick or you’re in big trouble.

  95. dstnshpp

    Does the “spy” have Laettner’s current where-abouts? I’d like to pay him a visit…

  96. overspeed

    *&%$*&^%*&^#*&^#*&^%$*&^%*&^#*&^ VITAMIN WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. BCO

    good thing i dont drink that sissy-juice…ill stick to my lipton diet green tea and bourbon.

  98. jllouisville

    A friend of mine (huge Louisville fan) is a rep for Vitamin Water. He had the pics on his facebook yesterday. I asked him why
    he didn’t invite me so I could step on Christian. In stillettos, of course.

  99. sunnycat

    Hitting that shot is the only thing laettner ever done and probably needs the money to pay his drug dealer, as far as Pitino he will do anything for a little attention and MONEY

  100. Ken T. Ucky

    Pitino has already ruined his legacy, might as well do this.

  101. kdawg
  102. jauk11

    I didn’t have time to read all the comments but what is vitamin water? Makes sense that those two would be pushing a vitamin product just after a big medical study showed that vitamins are basically worthless and maybe detrimental to your health.

  103. The Tennessee / Kentucky Game Proudly Brought To You By Vitamin Water! |

    […] The Tennessee / Kentucky Game Proudly Brought To You By Vitamin Water! […]

  104. chworld22

    I have never bought that water and I won’t start now. With or without that commercial it sucks. It is full of calories and doesn’t really do much for you to compensate for them. I will stick to Powerade Zero and G2. Twice as much drink witht he same calories maybe even less.

    As far as the actual commerical I think it will be pretty funny but Laettner is a jerk and alwasy has been. I am surprised Slick Rick let him in his house I thought Rick had a no gays policy. Rick is Rick and he will and would do anything for a paycheck regardless of how it might effect others.

  105. GoDevils

    # 43, Duke is dirty? Really? Can you remind me how many NCAA violations the Cats have had again?
    Also, # 75, only a UK grad would need a couple hours to finish reading this.