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27 responses to “Offensive Rebounding”

  1. Mojo Wilkins

    We get a lot of defensive rebounds and our opponents get a lot of offensive rebounds simply because teams tend to shoot poorly against us. We rank very high nationally in shooting percentage allowed. Simple as that!

  2. ThetaChiUKfan

    if we played Pitt, DeJuan Blair would pull about 35 rebounds.

  3. Miller Time

    Harris couldn’t get 8 boards at a lumber yard.

  4. wildcatmatt

    Call in Gerald Fitch, a top rebounding UK guard. Speaking of which, where is Fitch these days?

  5. UFgaytorhater

    tennessee got alot of their offensive rebounds off of all the 3’s they shot. i think that speaks alot for opponents’ offensive boards, kentucky dares teams to beat them from long range.

  6. soup

    #2, troof.
    #3, hilarious!

    and for everyone else, lets push for the Kige Ramsey live chat. KSR history would be made. I’d buy Kige’s book. WE MUST HAVE LIVE KIGE CHAT!!!

  7. smiddy911

    Very good post. Nice research.

  8. Braddy

    It goes back to the basics……….FIND YOUR MAN & BOX OUT…its pretty simple really……..i understand at times when you have to help and your out of position but many many times the cats are simply not finding the man they are guarding and boxing out……..RAMON HARRIS is really bad about this!! see Prince for Tenn

  9. bubbleup

    Not enough defensive quickness on the perimeter means we get broken down off the dribble forcing help. The helper’s man is left to grab the rebound, or move out for an open three. Tennessee was long lean (and not too quick) so our denial defense forced more bad shots.

    Devan Downey is so excited about Wednesday night that he’s having trouble sleeping! That does not mean that they beat us, but he’s got to love having bigger, slower guys now matter how we match up.

  10. Red Rooster


  11. Billyclyde-superglide

    As bad as we suck at rebounding playing man, could you imagine if we played a Zone?(which by the way will never happen unless it is mandated by the NCAA). Rebounding that bad is nothing but a coaching issue.

  12. ikeeveready

    Bottom line-we give up way too many offensive boards because Patterson can’t do it alone inside and the guards are getting back to slow transition opps. We have lost 3 games because of ricockulous 3 point shooting nights (UL, MSU, SC) because you just don’t guard that hard 25 ft out. We have lost 3 more because we gave up too many second chance points. VMI was a bad matchup and Vandy was a direct result of Pattersons out.

    We’ll see what happens when Pilgrim and Orton get in.

  13. SlickRick48

    Nice job FGM!!

  14. SlickRick48

    It looked like we were playing more of a sagging man to man against Tennessee at times on Saturday, anyone else notice that?

  15. secretagent0014
  16. 081305

    #11 is exactly right. Playing a zone hurts rebounding. Since we never play a zone, we can’t use that excuse.

    Rebounding is achieved by working harder than your opponent, period. We are being out hustled.

    The UT game stats are skewed. We had 22 assists to UT’s 4 (!!!). We were finding easier shots while they were jacking up crap and thus allowing for more errant rebound opportunities.

  17. bubbleup

    12) ricockulous ???

  18. ikeeveready

    Stronger language than ridiculous-you know, for effect.

  19. sox4life

    when you have 2 guys tring to block everything then you need good guards or a great wing rebounder, which we don’t have. If we don’t block the shot then we are usually a man down and not in the best position for rebounding. No. 3 in blocks in nation and terrible in giving up offensive rebounds. Sometimes you get the good with the bad.

  20. Todd_Svobodas_Lunchbox

    You know, I think this stat makes perfect sense for this team. We’re one of the leading shot blocking teams in the nation. When you go to block a shot, you’re not in a position to rebound, providing more opportunities for offensive rebounds to the other team.

  21. Braddy



  22. WildcatDJ

    Damn. Those are two staggering statistics.

    UT had 30 points off of second chance points, which is horrible for us. Equally impressive, for us, is the fact that they only scored 28 points on first shots throughout the game. That’s defense. If we can start grabbing some boards our defense will be extremely efficient.

  23. k-dog1000

    Quit posting gay charts!!! I’m at work all day looking at these damn
    things. I don’t come to KSR during my breaks to work, I come here to have fun and
    discuss the greatest basketball program of all time.

  24. Burly

    Replace block shots with drawn charges and block out the players that you can get a a$$ on would help out.

    We never block out and very seldom draw a charge. BCG is not a fan of either…I don’t agree with him but he gets paid the big bucks. We will see if his odd ways of Coaching will translate in to a successful tourney Coach. He is 0-2 so far at UK.

  25. GummyBear

    3… Classic!

  26. Clandestine

    #24. LOL