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An AJ Stewart Kind of Night


We are going to keep this short for three reasons:

(1) I just found and am officially addicted

(2) I have to get mentally prepared for the Alan Cutler Live Blog at noon

(3) We have been chasing this story all night.

Those three things make this post short and to the point. If you werent online on Thursday night, then you missed the news that AJ Stewart’s status with the basketball team is officially in flux. Here is what we know. After the game in Columbia, there was some issue involving AJ in the postgame locker room. Now I have heard a variety of stories that are all over the map and no consensus has emerged. But what is clear is that some incident took place involving the player. Today AJ was not part of UK’s practice and his locker was cleaned out, with his name plate taken off of the locker. I was told by a source that AJ had been kicked off of the team and that he would no longer be part of the team for the rest of the year. There were other reports that he quit the team and then was not allowed back on the team when he asked later, but I have not heard anything confirming that story. Late Thursday evening I spoke with AJ’s mother who said her son had not quit but she didnt know if he was still on the team. UK had not comment late this evening.

All of this suggests to me that AJ was likely removed from the team for some amount of time, but it is not clear to me that it will be permanent. AJ has been “kicked off” one other time this season and it was my understanding then that his locker was cleaned out at that point as well. So it may very well be the case that today, AJ will be back on the team and the reports that he was kicked off will be said to have been untrue. Dont believe it. There is no doubt in my mind that AJ was not at practice today and that he was released from the team. But with this regime, such events can change, so whether his dismissal will remain permanent will likely be made clear later today.

All in all, another bizarre day in the UK basketball soap opera….you just never know in the Big Blue Nation. Alan Cutler at noon, and I will begin live blogging at 11 am. Come join us….

Article written by Matt Jones

106 responses to “An AJ Stewart Kind of Night”

  1. ale8one


  2. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    drama llama llama osama

  3. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Wow—Just jumped on in time to catch the news. This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. He was suspended last year, no playing time to speak of this year and I have said since before the season started that in order to make room for “Billy’s” players a few players would have to go and first up would be AJ. I just thought that it would be at seasons end and not with a week left.

  4. Hambone721

    Pandora is a great site, I use it all the time when I’m bored and looking for some new material.

  5. goodchange

    here are my worthless predictions for the rest of year. we loose to lsu on saturday and gp down at florida, beat uga and win the first game of the sec tourney.
    we then loose the next game and do not make the ncaa tourney. at that time, mitch makes a deal with billy Donovan to be our next coach. billy d is tired
    of getting no support or love down in florida and realizes he made a big mistake not taking the job two years ago. at that time uk and bill G come to an agreement
    that it is not working out and he decides to move on. we make billy D the highest paid coach in history of college b-ball and the program moves on. this move by mitch
    will safe his job and legacy. finally, the alabama football program did the exact samething with nick saban.

    only time will tell……

  6. jezzy

    I wish our primadonna players were at least studs. Carruth ran his mouth and was a general idiot, but he could play some ball (given that kind of ball is streetball and 3 pointers).

  7. yen

    i wonder if this will be part of the gameday coverage.

  8. yen

    next time all-access should involve a colonoscopy

  9. goodchange

    i guess aj figured he would try something crazy and be a jerk. it got liggins about 30 minutes the next game. hell, there is only 3 regular
    season games to go.

  10. DaMooseIsLoose

    yeah this happening with three left has gotta be the last straw. the dichotomy is getting a little shaky around here.

  11. vator32nh

    This will hurt our run to the NIT championship.

  12. MoBettaBlue

    AJ Stewart, Alex Legion, D. Jasper, Mark Coury, Moryinko Williams, Dusty Mills, that other freshman walk on that played over Crawford last year…

    I count 7 players… he should have enough space cleared now, right?

  13. Frank Zappa

    I wonder if Tubby would take AJ at Minnesota now that Gillispie has taught AJ how not to quit… I mean uh… how to never give up… er uh?

  14. SFcat

    I’m truly embarrassed of what this program has become. I guess UK is now offically a football school, and not a very good one at that. Mix in the below-average education and you don’t have much.

  15. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    UK is a cheerleading school. Our cheerleading program is a lot more accomplished than our basketball program.

  16. vator32nh

    I live in Vegas and people on the radio here were comparing us to UNLV. WHY, HOW, HELP……….

  17. SagaciousMind

    14, I think it’s funny how people like you think UK is the only team that goes through these kind of issues. It’s just another bump in the road to gettin us back to where UK needs to be. If he is gone, so be it. This program is not in any worse shape than it has been the last few years. Every blue blooded program has had their down periods and have rebuilt their programs, UNC, Kansas, UCLA…they all done it. And our football team is only getting better each other. I expect Brooks and company to land some quality recruits this year, including keep most of the good in state talent. UK is already starting to excel in other programs, like baseball, tennis, even women’s basketball is getting better. People just need to be patient and realize you can’t take what was tore down over a period of several years and built it back up in one or two years. Hopefully this season ends on a good note, but I am still lookin forward to next issue. Rebounding wont be an issue when we add the likes of Orton and Pilgrim. I know for some it seems to be the end of the world, but I’m sure everyone thought that when UK got put on probation as well. Just takes time and I dont care what anyone says on here. UK will be back on top again.

  18. MoBettaBlue

    I’m starting to believe the cospiracy that Lee Todd and Barnhardt don’t really care about bball that much…

    Bad decisions ever since letting Larry Ivy go.

  19. fearnloathing20

    the wheels are fallin off

  20. TiMbO_sLiCe

    17 – Yea, UNC went through a FEW tough seasons. But it didn’t take them NO time to get back on top. And now, I see no end to there dominance. I just wonder if we EVER are going to be ELITE again. I’m so tired of being the laughing stock of college basketball. My boss at work bad mouths UK all the time, and after last night…….. sigh. It’s really hard times for our beloved program…

  21. MoBettaBlue

    one thing is for sure… our terrible years still include 20 win seasons!

  22. TiMbO_sLiCe

    Still isn’t good enough

  23. litig8tr

    It cracks me up that people think our program is in a shambles because A.J. is kicked off or leaves.

    SO WHAT???

    He was a terrible player anyway. Goood riddance!

  24. RuppsCats


  25. ThetaChiUKfan

    this picture makes me miss RaSmooth

  26. Rock_Cat78
  27. Frank Zappa

    Anyone with a brain knew the first 2 years would be the toughest for BCG.

    We’ve lost some games this year and it really sucks but we’re going to be fine. The fact that AJ Stewart has made it through 2 boot camps is really a representation of his character and because of that I give him a thumbs up whatever happens with him in this current situation.

    Now back to “earns it gets it.” Saddle ’em up boys, we’ve got 4 guaranteed left to play!

    The way this team plays, that means 2 tough fought fun games and 2 “oh crap I hate when we start the game like this down by 10 in the first 5 minutes of play.”

    I know 2 will be worth watching, now if I can only pick the right ones!

  28. RuppsCats

    27. do you really think wkyt knows more than maggard? I say maggard and not maggard and jones because matt jones gets his info from marc. just because the news reports it, etch it in stone right? genius..

  29. bestdamnukfanperiod

    If he quit or was dismissed from the team who cares? I have nothing against the guy, but he hasn’t done nothing, except keep a chair warm for someone. He fell asleep watching a game film and seems to me he just doesn’t care.

  30. Band Of BlueCats

    I love Pandora.

  31. chucknorrisstotalgym

    There had been a rumor for awhile that AJ was going to transfer after this season. I still think we needed his 10 mins.

  32. Band Of BlueCats

    One bright spot is there is always coaching changes at the end of the season and players re-opening their recruitment and this year I will bet Gillispie and staff will go hard after every good player available regardless of number of scholarships.

  33. WestWorld

    I bet AJ will have lots of time to listen to Pandora Dot Com – a very cool site.

  34. Band Of BlueCats

    Jodie’s live chat is sometime today.

  35. Red Rooster

    A.J. has been “kicked off” the team several times, out of the lodge and locker cleaned out. BCG likes his players to apologize and he reinstates them. A.J. will be back on the team if he wants, just like the 2-3 times before.

  36. boots45

    pandora is one of the coolest things ever. Uncanny how you can enter an artist and it will link others in your collection or former collection you never really considered linked. Also introduces different artist you may have never heard before.

    For those with Iphone and data plan it is an extra cool app. I love music and couldn’t think more highly of the site.

  37. Red Rooster

    and 18 – you can’t up and fire a guy two seasons in. That would show more disdain for the program than letting him stay and be average for 4-5 years. Todd and Barnhart know what it takes to win, they also know that season tickets will sell either way, which is a business decision, and a good one.

    Oh, and not too many coaches (except Calipari, who CALLED UK) really wanted to touch this job after Tubby. Don’t let the papers and blogs fool you, UK is a powerhouse but has had a bad run. Oh, and their fans are complete jerks most of the time. I instigate du to wild hairs sometimes, but give BCG time with some talent, and he may surprise people.

  38. UKCatFan01ABC
  39. Band Of BlueCats

    My favorite station is my Iron & Wine radio station.

  40. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    They say the nile used to run from east to west.

  41. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    38 lolz. Poor Crean, he had a hell of a team at marquette this year too.

  42. flipisatrip

    I have been posting on here for about 3 weeks now, and during live chats, and you give me no love?

  43. ksmithinsurance

    I will give AJ this – him and Patterson and Meeks are the ONLY 3 that play with any passion out there.
    Patterson slacks sometimes, but overall AJ was a real worker, just didnt get time on court for it to really show.
    Have a gut feeling he may not be the last to leave this season…I am getting close to jumping off the BCG bandwagon. True, we have talent coming in, BUT WE HAVE TALENT AND ATHLETICISM NOW AND BCG CANT COACH THE THEM!!
    He is also too bullheaded to adjust in game situations. Lets give BCG to the end of season, then decide…

  44. Beatle Bum

    Too often, AJ looked lost on defense or just weak in the paint, playing matador defense. But, his offensive game was showing promise, he seems like a good kid, and he is one of the best athletes on the team. Would have been nice to see him put it all together as a Cat.

  45. Beatle Bum

    AJ got enough time to let his skills show on the floor. This idea that all a bench player needs is more time on the court to prove that he is not what we all see him to be when HE IS on the floor is just ridiculous.

  46. ukwildcatwildfan

    Hey, Pandora’s pretty cool! I didn’t know about it before, but I’m glad I do now.

  47. The King

    This is from a friend of mine.

    Just wanted to pass along some info I learned a few nights ago that is quite interesting. We had our annual Chamber Commerce banquet here the other night and by me being the Prez and also MC , I had the distinct pleasure of sitting beside our guest speaker Mitch Barnhardt. He is indeed one of the most impressive people I have ever met. He dodged no questions from anyone and realized the problems he has facing him. We talked at length about UK BB as well as the FB program. He is well aware of the fact that the talent level , especially jr’s & sr’s is non existent. He realizes the pressures of being AD and coaching BB at UK. He was not in much of a mood to take up for BCG but never one time did he even attempt to throw him under the bus. when I asked him what was it going to take to bring the Cats bach , he simply stated 2 more yrs. He praised the kids for their efforts, but also acknowledged the fact that we have no D1 talent in our upper classes. He is very high on Miller , and optomistic about Liggins , although he classified Liggins as a wild horse that will take more time to tame but also stated that he is probably the best athlete on the team. When asked about BCG , and I was most impressed with his answer. He said Billy is the most passionate person he has ever met. He has a desire to win that matches no other .He is no doubt a recruiting machine and he has only touched the tip of the iceburg in that category. He stated the biggest problem with him is that BCG has not yet been able to invest in the UK fan base and therefore has not been able to draw the support he so needs right now. He said that this is just his personality and he keeps his distance.
    The main problem he states , is the fact that the Herald Leader is so opposed to UK sports and it’s success that they at any opportunity will slam BCG or anyone else they can.When Tubby was mentioned he simply stated, Tubby was a great guy but as we all know , the last 3 years in particular his recruiting suffered drastically. The tale of the tape was when he passed up Tyler Hansbrough for Jared Carter. He said Tubby just didn’t want to go distance to get him. After talking with him , it gave me a new found hope and also made me realize , that I for one , have expected way too much , way too soon from BCG. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening and Mitch Barnhardt , IMO , is exactly what UK has and needs , to keep the boat afloat. Look for better things to come , but we must apply patience . It took 9 years to tear it down so don’t expect it to be rebuilt in 2.

  48. Your Daddy

    You think AJ asked BCG about playing a 2-3 zone?

  49. JKW1974


  50. JKW1974

    Exactly on target, 47. It takes at least 2 to dig out from the rubble.

  51. Rock_Cat78

    47) I was right there with ya man, till you said Tubby passed up Hansbrough for Carter. Simply not true at all. Hansbrough committed WAY before anyone even knew who Jared Carter was.

  52. The King

    I didn’t say any of this, this is all information that my friend passed on to me. And as far as the whole Hansbrough Carter thing, that was wat Mitch said. I’d take Mitch’s word on this stuff long before I’d take just about anyone else.

  53. Band Of BlueCats

    Other than Jodie the junior class is killing us, once they graduate the future will be bright. I haven’t wanted to say anything but word is we a have a committment from a big time sophomore that wont be made public until this summer when his sophomore year is over to avoid the NABC crap. I’m not gonna say his name cause I don’t want to take even the slightest possibility of ruining it.

  54. Rock_Cat78

    51)If true, Mitch is sadly mistaken on that one and since I don’t believe he could possibly be that far off, I just can’t believe that. Hansbrough committed very early to UNC after he visited there. It was previously thought that UK was in great position to get him. He visited UNC and committed very short thereafter, before the fall signing period. Carter didn’t start to get noticed until about midway through his SR year. By then, Hansbrough had already signed with UNC a couple of months before. Regardless, that just isn’t true at all.

  55. Fastcats007

    I miss AJ already…he just needed to be developed and play. mmm. Hope Dakota is feeling big.

  56. CAnTuckeeBoi

    47.) Sounds like Mitch has caught a small case of tomjurichitis. Lets hope he can get a shot of pinicillin and gets it back together. Denile aint just a river!!!!

  57. ThetaChiUKfan

    We will be sick next year, and the year after that we will be sick too. I for one am not worried about the future one bit. hell, next year, we might have TOO many good players….if that’s possible. I am just worried about this season and keeping the streak alive, because it isn’t looking good right now.

  58. ThetaChiUKfan

    when I say TOO many good players, I mean there will be good players sitting on the bench not playing. i’m not complaining though

  59. ThetaChiUKfan

    and where are all you Tubby lovers now? his team is slowly moonwalking themselves out of the NCAA tournament. a month ago, people were wanting him back.

  60. ruppcrazy

    52)I hope it’s a great shooter. Teague maybe? That would be a great!

  61. ThetaChiUKfan

    52- not happening

  62. ruppcrazy

    Ok, I’m done with Billy hatin’. I think he’s the man to get it done. I’ve been hatin’ on him for two days now and I’m done. He’s going to get it done in a year if Meeks comes back, in two if he doesnt.

    I really want to steal Brandon Knight.

  63. flipisatrip

    57-59) I usually agree with you, but to say we may have too many good players next year is silly. We are still going to lack good offensive players. Hood will likely only play small minutes next season, and Orton is not an offensive player yet. Same problem next year.

  64. TonyDelk00

    I don’t know how to take 47. If you heard it from a friend a few nights ago, then that’s a lot of information to retain for a couple of days. Not saying in any way that you made anything up, but some of that I don’t think Mitch Barnhart would exactly say. On another note: I like AJ and think he is a heck of an athlete and getting to be a good player. I hope he’ll be back, but if not it’ll free up a scholarship.

  65. ruppcrazy

    60)Maybe Jeremiah Davis then. My bro goes to Ball State and has watched him and played pick up games with him. He says he’s quite a player, really quick. We need quick.

  66. Assassin Number 2

    #50 yeah Hansbrough committed to UNC before we knew who Carter was so it was not like he “passed him over” for Carter BUT when asked about UK’s reqruitment of him Hansbrough said (of Tubby) “He did not make me feel like I was wanted.” That is why he had to go.

  67. ThetaChiUKfan

    62- I meant 2 years from now, not next year.
    I may be missing some people but here is who will be on the team in 2 years.
    PG- Liggins, GJ, Ross-Miller
    SG- Hood, Slone
    SF- Miller, Ferguson
    PF- Jorts, Euton
    C- Orton

    And the way Billy G recruits, he will bring in atleast 2 more beasts for that season. I am extremely pumped for 2010. Ferguson is going to be a monster.

  68. Red Rooster

    Barnhart story is totally made up. I know this.

  69. ruppcrazy

    66)Looking at that makes me want one more guy that can bomb it. Slone isn’t ever going to be a 15 minute guy with BCG, too slow. I still haven’t decided how excited I am about Euton, and I want one more great big man.

  70. ThetaChiUKfan

    68- yeah, but I can definitely see BCG bringing in a big time scorer and a PatPat type big man. I just went and looked at 2011’s top ten recruits and we are near the top on atleast 6 of them.

  71. ruppcrazy

    69)If we could add Brandon Knight to that list I would declare us Final Four contenders.

  72. ThetaChiUKfan

    71- Who is this Brandon Knight guy you are talking about?

  73. ale8one

    #47) you are truly delusional, Chamber presidents have zero credibility.

  74. Rock_Cat78

    Assassin, I don’t doubt that a bit. But the whole we CHOSE to go hard after Carter over Hansbrough stuff is just hogwash.

  75. ruppcrazy

    72)Check out the 2010 class on scout. He will be at the top of our prospects page. He’s a beast of a PG. He can shoot. He’s quick. I’ve heard lately that we seem to be gaining steam with Knight and are right in the heat of the battle with KU, UF, Duke, and UNC.

  76. ThetaChiUKfan

    75- i hope we are offering him more money than the other schools

  77. deuceinyoeyeISBACKagain

    noone offers more cash than UNC

  78. ruppcrazy

    76)Haha…money’s for chumps. To get the big boys, you better get a house and a great car.

  79. barkley25

    I haven’t seen UK on his list of schools he’s considering. Anybody have that link?

  80. LandonSlonewillkillyou

    i like AJ hope hes not gone.

  81. UFgaytorhater

    predicting the lineup for 2010 is really looking ahead. next year’s is more predictable i believe:
    G- liggins
    G- meeks
    F- miller
    F- patterson
    C- orton
    F- pilgrim
    G- galloway
    F- stevenson
    G/F- hood
    G- porter
    F/C- harrellson
    G- GJ
    F- harris
    G- slone
    wouldnt be suprised if someone like liggins or harrellson or stevenson was gone after this year however

  82. ThetaChiUKfan

    Harrellson and Stevenson won’t go anywhere. I could see Liggins taking his act somewhere else.

  83. hymiet

    #47: Thanks for the great story and I could not agree more.

  84. Lee20ky

    Who is Anthony Kendrick????? Walk-on???

  85. Lee20ky

    Nevermind, I think they put a football player on the basketball list…..

    My bad

  86. Red Rooster

    80. Anyone, ANYONE who thinks, minus Meeks or PP leaving, that we are going to have a different lineup this time next year than we have now is fooling themselves.

  87. CAnTuckeeBoi

    85.) You took the words right out of my mouth. I dont know what it is, but BCG plays favoritism and if you think Harris and Porter wont start next year your crazy!

  88. barkley25

    Looks like Kendrick is a football player that will play bball, too.

  89. soup

    Tubby didn’t take Carter over Hansbrough. Hansbrough chose UNC over Kentucky. And I know Dr. Todd isn’t happy about whats going on right now.

  90. ruppcrazy

    87)There is another Kendrick kid, Jalen I think, that is in the 2010 class. He’s a good SF. Someone on here told me a few weeks ago that he really liked the Cats.

  91. UFgaytorhater

    im not saying they are the starters, im saying that is the lineup that will probably play at the end of the game.
    and im not saying stevenson and harrellson will be gone, im just saying it wouldnt suprise me. there’s not alot that would suprise me at this point.

  92. ruppcrazy

    Stevenson can’t leave. He’s a junior. If he transfered he would lose all of his eligibility.

  93. Red Rooster

    89. Interesting last comment. I have always observed nothing but respect between he, Barnhart, and BCG. They all know the ship can’t be righted immediately, and the same starting lineup is cool if we come out like we did against UT, but will have more firepower. BCG needs time, and only the goofs can’t see that.

  94. Red Rooster

    89. Interesting last comment. I have always observed nothing but respect between he, Barnhart, and BCG. They all know the ship can’t be righted immediately, and the same starting lineup is cool if we come out like we did against UT, but will have more firepower. BCG needs time, and only the goofs can’t see that.

  95. KillaB007

    87) From what I hear, Harris and Porter won’t even be back next year

  96. ColdBeerMug

    95) Why would you say that?

  97. UFgaytorhater

    95- where did you hear that from? they may be like mark coury. last year BCG started him all year and then he was gone. maybe BCG is practically giving porter and harris a last chance by starting them and seeing how they do. seems pretty fair to the 2 players…

  98. KillaB007

    A person who works with the team heard that those two would be asked to leave at the end of the season. I have no validity to it except for that he has been right about everything else he has told me. So who knows?? Wouldn’t surprise me at all though. Especially with Ramon having the injuries….

  99. UFgaytorhater

    98- i really hope you are right. that will not only get rid of the mediocrity in the starting lineup, it would also free up scholarships. now it makes sense why BCG has offered so many scholarships.

  100. cat1

    Anybody know if the changed the games sat from 2 to 4?

  101. GoCats77

    pandora is awesome

  102. KillaB007

    I thought the game was always at 4

  103. BluesMan

    There’s no way two players about to enter their senior season would be asked to leave. Plus, I don’t think that’s how Clyde rolls.

  104. Around The SEC East - 2/27/09 |

    […] Year honors by the US Basketball Writers Association.UK:  There’s some debate as to whether AJ Stewart has been kicked off the Kentucky basketball team or whether he’s quit the team.  But his mother says he’s […]

  105. SagaciousMind

    20, UNC also had a season where the only won 8 games. Have we ever been that bad? No. So get over it. UCLA, Kansas, and UNC all went through periods of times where they had losing seasons and failed to make the tourney. So far, that has not been the case for us so we are not as bad off.

  106. CatFan4444

    #11 old post by now but that was funny but sadly true….UK is nothing but black licorice that nobody likes. Time for some sweeping changes over at UK; sorry to say it, but this was not the right hire for our prorgram.