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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

If the season ended today, here is what the SEC Tournament schedule would look like:

First Round
(E3) Kentucky vs (W6) Arkansas
(E4) Florida vs (W5) Ole Miss
(W4) Alabama vs (E5) Vandy
(W3) Mississippi St. vs (E6) Georgia

(E1) Tennessee vs Alabama/Vandy winner
(W2) Auburn vs Kentucky/Arkansas winner
(E2) South Carolina vs Mississippi St/Georgia winner
(W1) LSU vs Florida/Ole Miss winner

Tennessee/Alabama/Vandy survivor vs Auburn/Kentucky/Arkansas survivor
South Carolina/Mississippi St/Georgia survivor vs LSU/Florida/Ole Miss survivor

Thoughts: I actually think this draw would be perfect for the Cats, as the teams they matchup worst with (USC, LSU, Ole Miss, Florida, and Mississippi St) all are on the other side of the bracket.  Remember that Arkansas would likely have Courtney Fortson back, so I think the Arkansas game would be tough.  But then Auburn is a good matchup and we all know UK has Tennessee’s number. 

State High School Tournament

Friday Results
#2 Elliott County 78, West Carter 65
#5 Holmes 64, Beechwood 43
#6 Ballard 85, Trinity 49
#7 Boone County 65, Ryle 50
#9 Shelby Valley 103, Belfry 67
#10 Lexington Catholic 80, Lafayette 56
#12 Corbin 66, South Laurel 58
#14 Franklin County 71, Western Hills 38
#18 Scott 48, Bishop Brossart 44
#19 PRP 68, Western 55

Saturday Results
#3 Jeffersontown 69, #4 Eastern 65
#11 Warren Central 60, Bowling Green 53
#20 North Hardin 59, John Hardin 29

Note: 17 of the Top 20 teams won their district tournaments, #4 Eastern finished runner-up, and #15 Bryan Station and #17 Seneca did not make it out of districts.  Regional tournaments start Tuesday.

Rick Bozich says that one word describes this UK basketball team: dysfunction.  Not a good thing going into the month of March. 

Alot of good results in UK’s other sports this weekend: the 28th ranked baseball team got two wins over Western Michigan by a combined 31-9 score.  The 20th ranked women’s tennis team upset 14th ranked Clemson, moving their record to 8-0.  And the softball team went 4-0 over the weekend in Florida, pushing their record to 9-4.   

Digger Phelps dancing.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

24 responses to “Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click”

  1. payne

    You mean almost perfect. A perfect draw would involve not playing on Thursday.

  2. drewky

    Isn’t So Carolina East #1?

  3. Miller Time

    Fortson would have his way with Porter.

  4. funkadelic

    Interesting take from ASOB. Basically, if a couple of shots fall here and there, this would be a non-issue. I agree.

    Matt Jones takes Gillispie to task for “throwing a player under the bus.” I have seen all coaches call out players in the media, and Gillsipie has only begun doing this very recently. Clearly, taking the blame on himself wasn’t working, so I’m not quite willing to complain when he calls guys out a little, particularly upperclassmen like Perry Stevenson. Tubby Smith famously called out Azibuike when he was a junior with “Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane,” and I haven’t heard anything that strong or direct from Gillispie. Yet it seems to me he is getting more heat than Smith did. Maybe he needs to throw a little humor in there — “Perry looks like the beanstalk, but plays like a bean,” or something.

    Frankly, I think this criticism of the coach is misplaced, and really constitutes nothing more than piling on. It is common, and it has happened at Kentucky with every coach I can remember. Let’s save a little of the self-righteousness, we may need it later.

  5. ukwildcatwildfan

    I think that would be a good draw (except, no first round bye), and we could easily make it to the championship game.

    UK vs Arkansas (We’ve already beat them once, and if coach starts playing Galloway, then Fortson can be contained)
    UK vs Auburn (We’ve already beat them once, and I don’t really think they would be much trouble)
    UK vs Tennessee (We’ve beat them twice, by an average of 18.5 points, no problems here)
    Championship- UK vs LSU/Florida/Miss. St/South Carolina (Which ever team it was, I think we would have trouble, but Florida would be my choice)

  6. payne

    2- No, UT has the tiebreaker with USC.

    Just so you guys know, here is the scenario UK needs to win the East:

    UK wins out
    UT beats USC, loses to Bama
    USC loses out

    basically UK needs to be in a 2 way tie with UT to win the East due to their getting swept by USC

  7. Azubuikebicep

    Dysfunction is about right. It drives me crazy when I watch other decent college basketball teams. At this point in the season most teams are fine tuning for the tournament. Their rotations are set, and barring injury everyone knows their role. At UK we are still trying to find out who is going to play point guard. It seems like Galloway should start at the point. No he is not great by any means, but he is okay. He is a terrible shooter, but he does create easy shots for other guys. We should have been grooming Galloway for the position earlier in the season against teams like Delaware St., Longwood and Lamar. The thing is would anyone be surprised if Galloway didn’t even get in the next game? I wouldn’t.

    Also, I have no problem with BCG calling out Stevenson. Stevenson isn’t Mark Coury. The guy actually has talent and he has displayed it before. Lately, however, he has been completely worthless. In my opinion he is the most frustrating individual on this entire team.

  8. Memphis Cat

    I happen to think if we got by Arkansas, Auburn would give us a tough game. They play the exact same way USC plays. Lots of guards and drive and dish style of play. Obviously the talent isn’t the same…

  9. MoBettaBlue

    Wow, bozich questioning bcg’s wisdom. This is the most public dysfunction since Des Allison days… Well maybe rondo.

  10. I'm Just Sayin

    I am afraid we are dreaming if we think this team is going to beat anyone outside of Rupp right now. Togetherness and chemistry wins tough road games and neutral site games and this team has none. One and done at the SEC tourney is what I expect after a blowout loss at Florida. I know I sound pessimistic but this team isn’t the kind of team that wins big games in March period.

  11. booted

    Matt Jones is a whiny little baby…and his “fake” media credentials are hilarious. If BCG takes you seriously, then I lose all respect for him. You run a “free blog”, and get pushed from one radio station to the next. Just so you know….YOU ARE NOT THE MEDIA!

    Just because BCG does not give you warm fuzzies inside when you ask him a question, don’t knock him for doing something every coach in the country does from time to time. You don’t like BCG because he does not respect you…and why should he? You played (maybe) high school ball and appear to have little knowledge of the actual game. But your “media” pass makes you the expert and you know more than coach.

    Never knew an attorney who thought they knew more than anyone (sarcasm)

  12. Miller Time

    11) Maggard needs to ease up on frosting your tips.

  13. booted

    I support this site, and enjoy it. Don’t know this Maggard person, usually skip all write ups or “nerd fights” about him.

    I was just saying the double standard is funny….

  14. I'm Just Sayin

    13 Double talk is bad for the soul….

  15. drewky

    I agree #10. 20 pt loss to Florida and then a first round loss in Tampa sounds about right.

  16. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    10 and 15 – I guess we’ll see. But I think we win at Florida.

  17. goukcatsgo

    South Carolina will smoke UTK and will be the #1 in the East. I like our team as a tourney team…

  18. I'm Just Sayin

    17 Not to be argumentative but please tell me what you have seen the last month that indicates that this will be a good tournament team. Maybe you will make a good point and make me feel more optimistic. I see this season as a poorly put together roster that has been poorly coached.

  19. ukclassof93

    Auburn is THE hottest team in the league, second only to LSU. They have been playing really well. WE were fortunate to have them at home this year. I don’t think they are a good matchup for us. Course, I don’t think anyone is a good matchup for us.

  20. 1996Wildcat

    I would love to play teams that beat us with maybe the exception of LSU – Miss, Miss. St., SC, and Vandy!

  21. 1996Wildcat

    18 – neutral court and a fresh outlook and EVERYTHING to play for. I can see it as well.

  22. ruppcrazy

    18)This team played well on Saturday. Yes, we lost. But to act like we just played awful is way off base. We lost to a top 15 team on a 3 in the final seconds. This team is capable of a run as long as we don’t play a team with the style like SC.

    20)I definitely don’t want to play SC. We just match up horribly with them. I wouldn’t mind Ole Miss, or Vandy.

  23. TrumanClaytorRules


  24. rbdono2

    How bout some love for the rifle team? They just won their conference tournament title after going undefeated in the conference.

    Next up is NCAA’s where it should be a close match between our Wildcats, West Virginia and the University of Alaska.