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A Senior Salute Tuesday News and Views

young jay cee

I don’t know Matt Jones very well, but I do know there is very few things that would pull him away from the News and Views. One of those things is anytime Nathan Fillion is on television. With Castle debuting next week, Matt is scrambling to bring his site up-to-speed. News and Views was thus deligated to Beisner, who sent me an urgent text message that his “internet” was “out” (which is code that his “significant other” is “pissed”, I’m sure). Thus, you are stuck with me, The Fake Gimel Martinez. I’ll try not to link any lame musicals or anything else offensive.

As previously announced by our Fearless Leader, we will be having a day-long tribute to lone Kentucky Senior Jared Carter! All of us at KentuckySportsRadio dot com appreciate the dedication Jared has made to our program. Who knows if Jared could have contributed to this program if it wasn’t for his multiple injuries. Folks tend to forget that Jared was ranked the #7 center in the 2005 class by Scout (4-star ranking) and the #9 center by Rivals (3-star ranking).

As with the popular Tennessee Hate Day, we have a schedule for our all-star tribute extravaganza:

Beiser – 9 AM
Bryan The Intern – 10 AM
Evan – 11 AM
Bobby Perry – 12 PM
Tomlin – 1 PM
Mosley – 2 PM
Intern – 3 PM
Rob – 4 PM
Hunter – 5 PM
Fake Gimel – 6 PM

On to the news:

* When you lose 10 or more games at Kentucky, you tend to get a lot of criticism. Big Blue Moaning haven’t been at these levels since February 2007. And when the moaning gets this loud, you can expect the heavier folks weighing in. Start with the venerable Larry Vaught who says there are several players considering to transfer (without naming names). Larry also says that Gillispie should take much more of the blame for the team’s lack of execution and for not playing “smart”.

Gillispie has taken the blame for the disappointing performances thus far. Nearly after every loss you hear “that’s my fault” not too far after Gillispie says, “we got whipped.” But Gillispie doesn’t seem to focus on saying that he’s sorry more than once or twice. In fact, he doesn’t like repeating himself much at all.

With all due respect to the coach, its clear that he has difficulty finding a working relationship with the news media. Let’s not even get into the whole “let me tell you how to ask your questions” assbackward comments which make the Coach look bad. I don’t believe Coach Gillispie was a fantastic interview back in his Texas A&M days (from what little I remember seeing on ESPNU). Gillispie seems to dislike answering similar questions. He doesn’t realize that sometimes the news media needs him to repeat himself and rephrase his answers so that his quotes work better in their stories. They also need him to confidently answer their questions instead of deflecting. I know Billy is smart enough to know that what he says and how he says it will get picked apart by the media; I wonder if this is an issue of trust between Billy and our local/national media or an issue of Billy getting flustered when interviewed.

One thing is for sure: Calling out or challenging players in the media is as old as sports reporting itself. Rick Pitino had no qualms talking about how disappointing he was in somebody’s play during his tenure at UK. Coach Pitino still bakes his players in the fires of the media, on his website, or to whoever might be broadcasting him at the time. There’s a possibility that Billy is trying the same thing with Perry Stevenson and other members of the team. In this case, Billy is executing the technique poorly. Billy should be pious and holier-than-thou, like Pitino making his grand statements about Derrick Caracter. Maybe Billy should say he’s getting whipped by the sportswriters and the Internets. Would that make everybody feel better?

* Also on the Bash Billy train today: Former Wildcat Mike Casey. In an interview with A Sea of Blue, Mr. Casey was asked what he thought about Gillispie’s tenure thus far:

“First of all, I think he’s in over his head. I think he has no clue as to what’s going on in the game.”

“I just don’t think he knows what it means to coach at UK. I hate to say it, but a change has to be made, and soon, or we’re going to lose what UK is all about. Ask (Richie) Farmer, or (John) Pelphrey, or (Deron) Feldhaus what it means to play at Kentucky. Ask them what that “Kentucky” across their chests means. Somehow we’ve let that go. If we lost we came out fightin’ mad; we weren’t going to lose two in a row. It’s beyond me why (Mitch) Barnhart and (Lee) Todd put up with it.”

(Emphasis mine.)

I honestly don’t believe that the basketball program will EVER lose what its about. There are too many people who care too deeply about Kentucky basketball. They care deep enough this year — amidst our our troubles — to crowd into Rupp Arena on Saturday for the 4th largest crowd in Rupp history. They will still care (and whine about the coaching, and bitch about the refs) next year. I don’t see Kentucky fans ever defecting.

I also don’t see UK Athletics giving Kentucky fans a reason to defect. The men’s basketball program is the crown jewel of the University. Football may make a lot of money but basketball will always be first priority. Licensing revenue would surely drop considerably if the basketball program was considered second-class. The interest of Kentuckians who never attend the school would also die. If the Kentucky basketball program can survive Eddie Sutton, it can survive anything.

Furthermore I don’t necessarily agree that Coach Gillispie has no idea what is going on in the game. (Presuming Mr. Casey is talking about Billy’s coaching during the game.) Its clear that Billy is a “setup and execute” type of coach much like Bill Self. Anybody who’s been watching Kentucky play this season sees the offensive plays and the defensive schemes. They also see the constant lack of execution and mistakes of inexperience.

Of course, Billy can’t win either way with the Wildcat faithful. Not playing Liggins, Miller and Galloway dredge up the “but they can’t play through their mistakes!” crowd. Leaving Stevenson in during the second half and letting him play through his mistakes was a coaching error to the same fans.

The real question of Billy’s ability: Can he find a way to win? Most coaches are smart enough to adjust. Bill Self has done it this year by not comparing the level of execution on his current squad to last year’s NCAA Champions. Billy did it last year, when he let Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley be Joe and Ramel in the offense. Is it too late adjust this year, or is no adjustment necessary?

* Basketball is a game of streaks. Look no further than last year, when the Georgia Bulldogs used a tornado to whip up an impressive 4-game run to win the SEC Tournament. Anything can happen in college basketball, even when the dynasty of Kentucky basketball is currently defended by many inexperienced players and coaches.

While the team seems to be on the brink of disappointment there is still time left for a miracle run. It starts on Senior Day against those same doggone Bulldogs. The key to the run has to be Kevin Galloway and/or DeAndre Liggins. I don’t expect either player to suddenly become Rajon Rondo. But these two players are the only ones with the talent to successfully play point/lead guard. With either in the game, our offense has more fluidity and it will take some pressure off of Meeks and Patterson.

The men say we will not live out the night. They say it is hopeless.

There is always hope.

Article written by The Fake Gimel Martinez

I may be fake, but my passion for UK sports is real. Probably put all my best work at and, so go there when I start coasting here.

79 responses to “A Senior Salute Tuesday News and Views”

  1. ukkentucky

    bobby perrys post – Jared is tall!

  2. Kentuckys3rdscorer

    Heard some talk today that Kentucky would have to “lose out” to not make the tourney. There was some talk on espnradio, that the NCAA considers Kentucky a “name brand” and you almost have to put them in the field of 65, as in “Kentucky brings viewers, which the advertisers covet”. Not too worried about the cats being a “bubble” team right now.

  3. Phili5

    I thought Jared showed promise as a freshman, sad that shoulder injuries killed his career.

  4. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    2 – Don’t believe it, the sky is falling.

    I always feel bad for Jared Carter – he just looks sad all the time.

  5. Kentuckys3rdscorer

    4, if cats go 1-1 this week and lose 1st game of sec tourney, then i will be worried. win 2 games in sec tourney and the cats are in. talk show “talking heads” say a 20 win Kentucky team is a lock for tourney regardless of their rpi ans sos. who knows?

  6. adaircam4

    I would obviously love to see UK in the tourney, but as of right now, I don’t think they deserve to get in..the season is not over yet, but if I were an outsider looking in, I would say no.

  7. JerryTownBlotter

    Enough of bracketology – All this Ewww’n & Ahhhh’n crap about hey look at this 4star point guard or hey look this PG owns a white horse for which to carry him to Lexington. Well I’m sick of it. I’m sick of Mark Story writing about Chuck Hayes and being right. Most of all, those who want Billy G’s head and who think a John Wall type could make next years team FFour material are crazy. Seriously. (reference those who expected the NCAA basketball folk to mail us the champioship trophy upon hearing Randolph Morris’ commitment).

    I have never heard so much crap being stirred up about certain past successes, present failures, and future possibilities. This is KY basketball. We get knocked down. Hell we are the only program to get threatened with the death penalty (TWICE). But we always get back to where we belong – On Top.

    TFGM is right. The Race to cross the 2,000 wins line continues on Jared Carter day and I wish him the best. Go Cats beat the Dawgs.

  8. voiceofreason

    2 This is part of the reason everyone hates us. I want to get in for the right reasons. Not by default because of our name brand.

  9. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Please don’t take this the wrong way. I am and will remain a BCG supporter as long as he is the Coach. Funny thing happened on the way to Youtube though. See if any of this sounds familiar. It is 7 minutes long but worth the time.

    For those that don’t want to watch, here are some takes (sorry if some of the wording is wrong or misspelled)

    1. When asked what he strategized while calling a timeout with 6.5 seconds left, Billy replied, “We were talking about how to get the ball in.” Reporter says, “No, the first time.” Billy remarks, “We couldn’t get the ball in.”–Seen that happen–Check.

    2. “We never figured out how to guard the ball screen or baseline screens. We did a good enough…huh…we figured it out so well we gave up 87 points but luckily we scored 97.”–Seen that happen–Check.

    3. Close your eyes and listen at the 2:55 mark and pick which games you plug this scenario into this year. He pretty much says, “Their guards penetrated and beat them (That’s what she said). We have to get better with helping out. Their shooters are good and they spread us out so it opens things up in the middle so they can drive. THERE ARE A LOT OF TEAMS THAT HAVE EXPOSED US THAT WAY. I thought we were getting better but we still have work to do. I HAVEN’T BEEN DOING A VERY GOOD JOB OF ADJUSTING AS A COACH.” Hmmmm, really.–Seen that happen–Check.

    4. 97 points were scored and only two by your bench. You had 5 players in double figures, what is your take? “I don’t care who scores them. Usually if your starters score 95, two is all you need from your bench. Usually. There are 5 players that can score and THAT MAKES IT EASIER THAN HAVING ONLY ONE OR TWO OPTIONS.” Ding, ding, ding. Ring the bell, win a bunny. No kidding. Really?–Seen that happen–Check.

    5. His sister is a coach and says she is better than him but he doesn’t get to talk to her much. Talk to her Billy, talk to her.–Make note to call sister–check.

    I am sure I will get bashed but I just found the similarities oddly familiar. I am not one calling for his head and like him as a recruiter and coach even though there are times that I scratch my head at some of the decisions. I have withheld judgement until there is not one player left from Tubby’s group. At that point, it is all on BCG.

  10. bigbcurry

    Nice post #9. I have said all along that I will not judge Billy Clyde until he has a roster full of his players. Billy Ball will work in Lexington.

  11. catsfan420

    im sticking with BCG right now. I dont see any player on our team starting anywhere inthe top 25. maybe SEC except miller at georgia. And jodie and Patterson of course. other then those we dont hae a starter, so i dont see why people say we got enough talent when we got no shooters, dribblers, or passers since nobody can make an entry pass to the post.

  12. catsfan420

    im sticking with BCG right now. I dont see any player on our team starting anywhere inthe top 25. maybe SEC except miller at georgia. And jodie and Patterson of course. other then those we dont hae a starter, so i dont see why people say we got enough talent when we got no shooters, dribblers, or passers since nobody can make an entry pass to the post.
    if casey is right then its not BCG’s fault. its barnharts fault. bring in pelphry like you should have the first time, he played for pitino, and coached under donovan. I know Newton would have. pelfrey plays the ball we wan,t shoot the 3 in transition and full court press. I like him just cause he got Rotnei Clark and i heard BCG passed him up. i dunno. I get tired og BCG looking like tubby on the side lines, we neeed a pacer, someone that motivates the team. not someone who doesnt say shit all game and then gets a Tech at a crucial part of the game.
    I see what Casey is saying, but I say get rid of Barnhart he made the decision. Gilispie is bringing in talent we got 2 top 35 players already with hood and orton, i dont think any other team has that except UNC. when we add a 4star PG to the team everyone will see difference. A PG is what its all about. Hang in there BCG, get er done, or we’ll fing someone who will.

  13. BravoBigBlue

    The Billy G supporters are up early this morning. But there seem to be fewer and fewer of them every day. Mike Casey (he who played for Rupp and was a dynamite player)nailed it. It’s very obvious except to those who cannot or won’t see. Gillispie is a buffoon and it’s only going to get worse as long as he’s here. I listened to the call-in show last night and it (he) was a joke. Be prepared for more Porter (and Harris) in the starting line-up, less of Galloway than you’ve ever seen before, and worse 3-point defense than you ever could have imagined. The guy is a mental case.

  14. yen

    Watching Gillispie coach is a form of abuse – not as ugly or stressful as “Tubbyball” but still quite bad. We should be much better with players like Meeks and Patterson.

    This is mediocre basketball at best. We have a beast inside like Patterson, you got a majn like jo Meeks. what? i’m on that purp.

  15. StitchJonesSays


  16. Crakaveli

    13. It’s not that the supporters are fewer and fewer, it’s just we actually know about how basketball is played and not just think we do, so we don’t constantly have to complain on message boards or defend ourselves. It’s really a waste of intelligence. We supporters of BCG understand the big picture. We understand that if he quits or is fired, the players coming in won’t come, and the “name coach” you think you’re gonna get (like the one you thought you’d get when Tubby left) won’t come, and UK basketball is officially in the stone age. And it’s because of over critical know-nothings such as yourself. UK is better than last year, and Billy is doing what he can with what he has. Now, I could be wrong and everything could keep getting worse, but I highly doubt it.

  17. yen

    /me switches to rabid support of Gillispie

  18. man-bear-pig

    Here is the thing for the Billy haters. Like it or not Billy Gillespie is the coach at UK. If you’re a fan of the UK basketball program then you need Billy Gillespie to succeed. Do you think that the team (read Gillespie) will succeed with the fan base criticizing him or supporting him? I’m not saying you can’t criticize him but which would be smarter, at least when it comes to beating Georgia and Florida?

    I want this team to win and win every game they play. I want this team to win so, to me, that means supporting the coach right or wrong. Trust me, I understand your frustration but at this point nothing constructive will come from calling for the coach’s head.

  19. jughead07

    FGM, I like the Lord of the Rings reference.

  20. kcky

    All UK fans want Gillespie to succeed, period.

    It’s just our battles are getting limited and arrogant people usually don’t change over night.

    + Every minute Galloway and Miller play are investments in the University of Kentucky’s Basketball future.

  21. BravoBigBlue

    Here we go again, as Ronald Reagan would say. Blame those pesky UK fans . . . for everything. It’s their fault Billy G isn’t upt to the task, can’t coach, is a jerk, is not real smart, players want to transfer, etc., etc., etc. There is no sense in continuing to go down road when it is clear he is no the answer. His supporters are banking on his recruting prowess to bring in enough good players so that we “out talent” the other team. I get that, beacuse we sure as hell aren’t going to out coach the other team (unless it’s UT and Bruce Pearl).

  22. Crakaveli

    21. Or Billy Donovan, or Bob Huggins?

  23. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    My mom say Jared in the mall sometime before Christmas at the Godiva chocolate stand. Apparently he was looking and not buying anything and she felt sorry for him and felt like buying him chocolate. She didn’t though. How sad.

  24. Red Rooster

    Mike Casey’s a has been. He needs to fall back into Shelby County insignificance from whence he came. Leave the hard decisions to Barnhart and Todd, who CAN do it. One day in either of their positions and he would head home talking to himself. Mike, go home and shut up.

  25. ItsNotBCGfault

    Why does this board contain articles that do nothing but Bash BCG? I swear this board is ran by nothing but Tubby Lovers!

  26. Red Rooster

    I question his decision making capabilities at time,s but I am more convinced that he is in a tough position with inferior talent more so than that his first years as coach were dumb luck. He is a good coach, and once he has this team loaded with talent, all the nay sayers will hop right on the bandwagon like always. Add Mike Casey to that group. In two years, he’ll suddenly have learned how to coach, right? Wrong. At the moment, he just doesn’t have a big enough stone in his slingshot for most teams.

  27. Thomas Beisner

    23, i wish i knew that last night. he used to do the same thing when i worked at hat world and i wanted to write how he was reviving the economy. but, i didnt have enough evidence.

  28. BravoBigBlue

    Calling Mike Casey names? That’s blasphemy. When were you born?

  29. CAnTuckeeBoi

    26.) Congrats to you for knowing more about basketball than Mike Casey………We will be rebuilding for 5-6 years after these kids transfer. If JOdie and Pat leave with them, we will be this year’s Indiana……

  30. Braddy

    BRAVOBIGBLUE……….why do you get on here if your such a hater?

  31. CAnTuckeeBoi

    24.) Who is your favorite UK player of all time?

  32. BravoBigBlue

    I am not a hater of Kentucky basketball – I am a long-time fan. I don’t believe Gillispie is right for the job for many reasona, and I am voicing my opinion.

  33. Red Rooster

    26. I don’t know as much as him I would say. He is a legend, but to say what he did is reckless, and he obviously didn’t think before saying those things. To criticize the coach and administration is just absurd under the circumstances. A change needs to be made soon? Does he know the fallout from that result?

    Favorite players:
    D. Anderson

    Again, I’m no basketball genius, I just don’t like such destructive comments from a guy who has so much to lose by making them.

  34. Braddy

    BRAVO – what i’m saying is how can judge him after only 2 years and one recruiting class? Its like the lvlle football fans with Kragthorpe. Give him at least 3-4 yrs and then voice your opinion. But for now supporting the wildcats also means supporting the coaching staff. Something your not doing so in my mind your not a true fan………i’m just voicing my opinion!!

  35. BPatte

    Favorite Players:

    1. Cotton Nash
    2. Jack Givens
    3. Louie Dampier
    4. Kenny “LukeSky” Walker
    5. Jamal Mashburn

  36. JoeBHall

    BCG needs to step up now. Stop playing Harris and Porter as starters would be a good place to begin…

  37. stammalammy

    Casey’s comment is about as stupid as anything I have ever heard. If you have a player that has a good chunk of talent but doesn’t try in practice or doesn’t get it done in practice, what kind of message does that send if you start him and play him? I am just speculating on the actual reasons for playing time, but it sure seems that way.

    But Casey and you morons really think you know more about coaching a team and building a program than a guy who has been coach of the year the last 5 damn years? Get a clue.

    We have some wildly inconsistent players, Stevenson can switch from solid guy double/double guy to a guy who can’t have the ball without walking, turning it over, or not catching it? How do you coach a college player to not freaking walk? Seriously?

    I don’t see eye to eye with everything that BCG does, but I also see the program headed in the right direction, which is the first time in many years I can say that.

    As for the interviews, I am fine with it. Someone needs to tell the media to STFU.

  38. Scottyp

    Nice job Gimel. THis is what we should all want. SOme unity and common purpose needs to prevail right now and stop with all this infighting and petty b!tching. If we’ve learned anything over the last couple of years my main thing would be that the media IS NOT objective and in many cases does have an agenda and bias. Tipton is terrible, Clay to a degree, and now Vaught are not reporting accurately or objectively imho. Vaught’s little article down below is terrible I think and also inaccurate. If you read the Herald Sunday, you would have seen that LSU’s own point guard, Bo SPencer, said that CBG was telling his kids how to defend the pick and roll they kept running but the players weren’t doing it and not listening to him. Vaught left that part out and only said CBG didn’t adjust. For once I would like to see this fanbase and local media all on the same page and support this coach. We all know the best thing for this program is for Billy to succeed and be here a long time so why dont we do the only thing we can to make that happen and support him. IF the media doesn’t like his personality maybe they should put themselves in his shoes a little, the man is intense and doesn’t like losing either, he will come around when things smooth out. DO any of us really care if the media gets its feelings hurt some, they’ve done enough damage themselves and I could care less about there feelings or opinions.

  39. BJ

    Good post, FGM

  40. Red Rooster

    37 – Yep

  41. Scottyp

    CBG has not done his best job this year but the team sure hasn’t helped things either. THe blame can be spread around, lets look long term here and realize CBG hasn’t forgotten how to coach. He ahs won several COY awards already (about 5 out of 9 years coaching or something like that) that’s pretty damn impressive and something no one else has done. He sees the same things we do and is not ignorant or blind, he has reasons we dont know about. I would like to see different rotations and less hostility also and I think we will over the next year or two as things settle down, he has some guys that either wont or can’t execute the way he wants and I’m sure that is extremely frustrating. I dont know if he is the savior or not but the treatment he is getting right now is not fair and needs to stop. He can coach and he is working his butt off, rebounding is what has killed us the last half of the year more so than point guard. CBG can win without a great point guard but can’t without rebounding and that is all effort on teh players part. He has told them what and how to do it but they aren’t doing it. If they block out or rebound we beat LSU and that is why he is so hot right now at Perry.

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  43. BillyClyde4President

    Best quote (regarding Gillispie) that I’ve heard in a long time and it comes from UK great Mike Casey:

    “I just don’t think he knows what it means to coach at UK. I hate to say it, but a change has to be made, and soon, or we’re going to lose what UK is all about. Ask (Richie) Farmer, or (John) Pelphrey, or (Deron) Feldhaus what it means to play at Kentucky. Ask them what that “Kentucky” across their chests means. Somehow we’ve let that go. If we lost we came out fightin’ mad; we weren’t going to lose two in a row. It’s beyond me why (Mitch) Barnhart and (Lee) Todd put up with it.”

  44. Red Rooster

    Kentucky Basketball fan base acts much like little league parents:

  45. UK81

    Gillispie needs to only know one thing. I don’t care about his interviews, I don’t care who plays or who transfers and I don’t care how they practice, but he had better realize that he is being paid $2 million dollars a year to win, period. Just win and everyone will be happy.

  46. Scottyp

    Mike Casey was way out of line with his comments. Give the guy a damn chance. Boy we sure are a classy bunch. We get a guy who is exactly what the program needs and 1 1/2 years into it we start bashing him from all angles. Maybe the national media is right about UK fans. Maybe we dont even deserve to have a top program anymore, if the 15% of our fanbase who no coach can please outside of winning a title every 5 years, can’t get their heads out of their a@@es and show some patience and class then we dont deserve it. HOw many examples do you people need, Bill Self, Ben Howland, RIck Pitino. IF Pitino was doing the same thing here he has done at UL to this point you would have yelled for his head also years ago. Not to mention Donovan, who so many of you wanted, his team hasn’t even made the ourney the last couple of years. ITs called rebuilding and it doesn’t happen over night. ITs the same thing at Kansas, UCLA, Florida, UL and on and on. TUbby tore it down and know we have to rebuild it.

  47. UK81

    I could take a lot of crap from a lot of people for $2 million a year. It comes with the territory.

  48. I'm Just Sayin

    I will say it again. We should have hired Calipari.

  49. Scottyp

    Calipari didn’t want to come!! YOu think just because you want something that it will happen dont you? That’s what too many of you seem to not understand. These coaches dont want to be here because of people like you. Wake up and realize YOU are the problem, not coach or the team (they will come around but I guess we will always have “fans” like you that ruin it for us all). Tubby is gone because of people like you and Donovan, Barnes, Calipari etc. dont want to come here because of YOU. Seems to me you and your type should wake up and realize you are what is hurting this program. We wouldn’t win another game if your type were in charge of our team, either in football or basketball since I’m sure you were also calling for Brooks to be fired about a year into his tenure.

  50. matt s

    “The key to the run has to be Kevin Galloway and/or DeAndre Liggins.” You know that. I know that. How come Gillispie doesn’t know that? He’s blinded by his own stubborness. This is exactly what Mike Casey is talking about, not knowing what’s going on in the game.

  51. Braddy

    matt s – you know b/c you & mike casey have been at every practice right?? not hardly…… can you possibly form that opinion not having a clue what goes on behind the scenes?

  52. ale8one

    What the recalcitrants fail to see is that Clyde has enough patterns that won’t change which will handicap his coaching whether he has ‘his full roster’ or not. I’m not saying he’s a bad coach and I sincerely hope he turns it around. But I guess these are the same guys who see what they want to see, like when they tell themselves their wives or girlfriends aren’t cheating on them.

    IROC-Z-Wildcatz: have you been to every practice? you don’t know &*%%@ about basketball!!

  53. yen

    Billy Clyde is showing signs of male-pattern baldness. He should consider Propecia ™. Propecia stops hair loss and has been shown to regrow hair in some cases. Everyone buy Propecias from their favorite dimelot, all up in it like.

  54. matt s

    We can form opinions because we know what does not work. And Porter does not work. I don’t need to see practice to know that. I don’t need to know what decisions AIG has been making behind the scenes to need a 3rd bailout. I see it in the results.

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  57. nybrasky

    Letting Deandre run the show is nowhere near the key to our season. It would be disastrous until he gets his act together. Galloway, when playing smart, is another story and BCG knows that. We’ll continue seeing much more of him.

    According to Mike Casey, only Kentucky born people should be playing or coaching at Kentucky apparently. Yeah, we’d love that. We’d be saying good bye to Jared Carter tomorrow night after his 60+ consecutive start. Let’s be honest, I love the Unforgettables as much as anyone but they wouldn’t have come close to their success without Pitino and Mashburn.

    Mike, I wish you the best with your health situation, but keep your mouth shut.

  58. Billyclyde-superglide

    You either recruit players that fit your style of play, or you adjust your style of play to fit your recruits, we are ass backwards. If Billy is dead set on playing this high pressure, onball man to man every minute, he should have gotten himself a couple of quick-fast guards. Using slow players in this regard is like trying to make peanut butter fudge with coco. It just don’t work. My worry is that he won’t change, no matter what. If that happens, the results will get no better.

  59. Braddy

    matt s – if AIG fails then the banks fail – you do realize that right?………i’m not saying that porter should be playing over liggins/galloway. what i am saying is i’m not sure that liggins/galloway is the answer we need………..not sure there would be a difference in wins right now

  60. 7isntenuf

    I’m sorry but I just don’t think Coach BCG truly grasps where he is at. If he had that understanding we would not be beaten by mid majors and D2 schools. Inflexibilty will not win Basketball games, and he has shown us, both last year and this that flexible is not in his dictionary. I thought towards the end of last year, that he had improved immensely between the first and last games, but alas here we are with 2 games left in the season and his inflexibility is back with a vengence.

    As far as my fandom is concerned, know this:
    I watched my first game in Memorial Colesium when I was 6. I attended every home game from row EE in section 213 in Rupp through my senior year at Henry Clay. I moved to the midwest for college and was still able to attend at least 4 home games per year when I lived there. I have been to 10 SEC tourneys, 5 regional semi finals and finals as well as 4 final fours. I fished with Coach Joe B Hall for many years, both here in KY and in Canada. I still consider him to be a good friend. I lived down the street from Eddie Sutton and played ball with both his sons and himself. I have fished and hunted with numerous players from SKY to Shepard to Mashburn. I used the Shively center facilities to lose weight for City league football, and weight traing during junior high. There are very few pieces of my daily wardrobe that aren’t blue and white. I will be there tomorrow night to send off Jared in the style that is befitting of his tenure here. I agree that it takes great tenacity and perserverance to lace up every day, knowing your chances of game play are slim to none. I have been there and done that, so my deepest respect and admiration will be resounded through Rupp as I watch Jared leave.

    So ANYONE who questions MY fandom and love of all things U.K. due to my criticisms of a coach doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

    Good Day! Go CATS!

  61. Braddy

    60- don’t care what your fandom is……….at least give the guy 3-4 years to show what he is worth…… can’t gauge how successful or unsuccessful a coach will be in under 2 years……….thats all i’m saying……….is that so much to ask?

  62. AppalachianWonder

    “If Kentucky can survive Eddie Sutton, it can survive anything.” That depends on its ability to hire a coach the caliber of 1990’s Rick Pitino to clean up the mess.

  63. man-bear-pig

    With two games to go and sitting on the bubble of the NCAA tourney, now is neither the time nor place to exacerbate problems for the basketball program. This really has nothing to do with who the coach is. UK basketball is bigger than one coach. Right now is more about the status of the program itself and what the fan base can do to either lift it up or tear it down. Many of you are actively engaging in bringing down the very thing you claim to love.

    YOU can’t control substitution patterns, YOU can’t control who takes a shot and YOU can’t control what defensive scheme is ran. But what YOU can control is what you say about the program at a critical point in the season. What YOU can control is the scuttlebutt (or lack thereof) around the program. I guess what I’m saying is for the haters to hold your tongue until after the season, then, if have at it. It’s just a matter of timing.

  64. catsfan420

    good post

  65. nybrasky

    Like all regime changes, things take time. You have to institute a whole new culture and way of doing things. Success doesn’t come with the quick easy fix. No coach worth anything would just “adapt” to some other philosophy just to appease someone else. Short-term, it might be good. Long-term it gets you nowhere. It’s like cookin the books in finance. Yeah, your books might look pretty and fool people for a while, but pretty soon it will start to show that you’re a fraud and you’ll come tumbling down. We didn’t hire Gillispie to do it someone else’s way and he hasn’t had the time to implement, teach and have players perfect his way. His guys can’t even run a basic offense — how should he “adapt”?

    Do you really think that BCG “adapting” to win 2 or 3 more games this year would get them any further than they are going to get? No. Who’s to say if he “adapted” like you want him to that they’d even win? It’s up to the players to win games. They’ll be better for it in the long run.

    What were your expectations of this team pre-season? Other than those who thought Ramon Harris was going to be an all-american, your expectations should have been about the status we’re in.

  66. playersfan

    BCG is our only option unless we want to be worthless for 5 more years. He has some good points, maybe its as Casey said he is over his head. But if thats it, replacing is not the option. How about getting him some help, and getting him to accept some help in some areas. Donovan a few years ago admitted he needed defensive help and hired a defensive coach. Pearl, egos of all egos, has an assistant that make all substitutions, Duke has 4 assistant coachs, Florida has at least 3, if Cox and Cyprien aren’t right for some of those problems, hire somone who is, and maybe keep them all, UK can surely afford it.

  67. 7isntenuf

    61- point taken. But I can take the data of these past 2 seasons, extrapolate the facts, and based on THAT information, come up with a reasonable hypothesis. As I stated in my earlier post, BCG has shown nothing but rigidity for 2 years, therefore I can assume/hypothesize that this will continue to be the norm.
    If a scheme or set is not working, then you must have contingencies in place and ADJUST to overcome the obstacles in your way. I just don’t see Coach changing his position on that. I SINCERELY HOPE that I am wrong, but as a scientist, I follow the data. It doen’t lie, and is often a good predictor of future events.
    That being said, I know that 2 years of data doesn’t make a very good consensus, which is why I have’nt called for his ouster. My mainconcern is that he stays, continues the pattern and does irreparable harm to the program.

  68. 7isntenuf

    66 good point and I hope that he is FLEXIBLE enough to realize his shortcomings and ask for what he needs.

  69. Billyclyde-superglide

    He’s not flexible, that’s the biggest part of the problem. I am as big a supporter of this program, no matter who’s coaching it, as there is, but you have to do everything you can to win, after all that is the bottom line. I don’t expect a new coach to come in and take us to the final 4 the first 2 years, but I do expect sound, fundamental decisions, which I have yet to see. Name me one other coach in D 1 that plays one, and only one style of defense. Name me another coach that makes his lineup decisions based on practice, it’s crazy. “Practice,Practice,what are we talking about? Practice?, Not the game, not the game, but Practice?

  70. gakedw

    This is a maturity problem people….plain and simple….both with the players and the coach…BCG has to learn to let this game come to his recruits….they arent big-time recruits yet… year may well tell the tale on that…and they are really REALLY young….a mature freshman is becoming a more and more frequent occurrence, but it is still not the norm. Give these young men a season, ( and a point guard….and a POWER forward) and we will be back to the top of this conference and people will forget how much we have been through….since when are Kentucky fans FAIRWEATHER????…..we need to wake up and realize we didnt get here overnight…..expectations are good….as long as we understand what it takes to accomplish them

  71. Billyclyde-superglide

    You know, I don’t want to sound like I’m always being negative when I reply to other posters about Clyde. I want to see him be the winningest coach in basketball, and there are things about him I like. But folks, if he is having to “Learn” how to coach, what the heck are we doing? We are the winningest program in College Basketball. We don’t need a coach who is “Learning” how to coach. Help.

  72. gakedw

    Rick Pitino said after leaving Kentucky that it took him a while to understand just exactly how things worked here. He said that even after he got here he was not completely comfortable with UK until his 2nd or 3rd season. The expectations, the intensity…..any coach is going to say that they want that kind of pressure to get the job…..learning how to deal with it is another thing entirely… making excuses for the mistakes in games, but this is THE pressure cooker in this country right now in Bball….look what UNC went through after Dean Smith left….2-3 coaches before they found the right fit???….Unless one of the Pitino clones comes along with the idea they want it…..there isnt one other person out there right now that I want in that spot….and I am NOT sure one of the clones would be any better….nothing negative about those guys….but this job chews up and spits out everyone that it touches…..even Pitino left for what he thought would be greener pastures….tell me that anyone else out there is more suited….then go ask them if they want the job…..when you combine the two….bring in the list and we will compare names

  73. gakedw

    #72 part 2…..The list of major universities that have fought to get back what they once had is as long as my arm….only a few have accomplished it….anyone want to trade places with Indiana???….Michigan???…Arkansas??….Look how long UCLA struggled after Wooden….Lets see how good Duke is when Coach K decides to pack it in….we have been spoiled here for a long time folks….lets make the best of what we have for now…..Im betting it gets better sooner than later….

  74. Billyclyde-superglide

    I don’t disagree with that at all. It is tremendous presure, and can’t be easy to deal with, that I can completly understand taking a while to get used to. But, that does not translate into the Xs and Os on the court. He does things that makes it harder on himself, with his unwillingness to at least try to adjust. And one thing that is not dictated by the job is acting like a ass to the media. It’s not that I’m worried about the media, but more so the message it sends to potiental recruits and their mommas. Many folks want to blow that off, but what if it was your kid’s future in question. If you are helping to make a decision on the type of person is going to influence and deal with your kid on a daily basis, would you take his attitude into consideration? I would. Hang me a couple of banners, then I’ll cut you some slack. Until then, represent this program like a gentleman, and focus on getting it done on the court. That’s all I’m saying.

  75. catsfan0013

    I think Mike Casey was way out of line to take his opinion to that extent and publicize it as we are on the week of a lot of importance and meaning. First of all, tomorrow night is senior night, do we need that type of negativity impacting the Basketball Team by a former player? Sorry, I don’t think so and I think he should apologize publicly for the publicity his opinion has gotten. Everyone calls for Billy’s head, but nobody has a better option for someone to replace him, that is willing to come here. Why would you want to come here? We are the quickest fan base to turn our backs and bash a coach because of things we do not agree with. You all dwell on the past about Rupp, well do you really think that even Rupp would have like to have coached here if we had the media coverage of the negative fans that we have now? I say Be True to the Blue, not fair weather fans. Support the players and the coach. That coach is Gillispie, do not run him off because so many of you are so ignorant and jump to rash conclusions when a coach comes to a new place and does not have a ton of success. I do say, I don’t get everything that has transpired this season, but I also know that I am not going to aid in belittling what dignity is left of this team and the coach. I do think they can make a run in the tournament this year so lets refrain from their distractions.

  76. gakedw

    For all we know Mike Casey is under the effects of medication….he is awaiting a transplant for crying out loud…..I dont blame him for having an opinion….but I am going to go all Barack here for a minute……If you have a better solution, speak up……if not sit there and wait to see how this works….everyone complains….the fans…the media….the pundits….but NO ONE has offered a better solution….NO ONE!!!….Rick Pitino isnt coming back….Adolph Rupp is dead…..Billy Donovan had his chance…..Kyle Macy wasnt the coach that everyone prayed for….Roy Williams is not leaving UNC….and John Wooden is not going to coach again….short of that list, I do not see anyone making everyone in the Big Blue Nation happy….Pitino said it best when he was with Boston….you have to win with what you have….and right now we dont have the talent to win consistently

  77. 7isntenuf

    With all due respect, we DO have talent, we HAVE lost due to coaching ineptitude, and I do have a solution. Contingency, and flexibility to make situational adjustments. That simple. If he tries it and the TEAM fails then it’s on the team. (Which is why I haven’t said a word about the LSU loss. I thought it was a well coached but poorly executed finish.) But as we all know, he is as flexible as a steel I-beam.

  78. gakedw

    With all due respect to you 7, flexible as a steel I-Beam….sounds like another great Ky coach I saw….name Adolph Rupp mean anything??…look, Im not going to defend everything the guy does….no I would not have played some of the guys he has in the situations he has….but I am not the coach. We have a lot of luxury of hindsight here on the web that a coach does not have in the game. I also wont apologize for the fact that BCG seems to be more than a bit old school as a coach. Thats one of the traits I thought we really needed with a lot of the players that have come through here and a lot of other schools lately. I know we are in the 1 and done era of college hoops, but I have two kids that if I am not “flexible as a steel I-beam” with, they will run all over me, their mother and anyone else if they think they can get away with it….they are not bad kids, its simply the culture now. Old school may be just the ticket. Now if the talent is as good as advertised, then they need to step up and show it. Again and again, and again, until everyone remembers where they are and who they represent. With all due respect.

  79. 7isntenuf

    78) There is a HUGE AND VAST difference between rigidity as a parent and rigidity as a coach who IS EXPECTED to TRY and WIN. Adolph Rupp was inflexible and it worked for him. Obviously it is not working for BCG.
    As Far as your kids running all over everyone they think they can get away with? And then Blame it on today’s culture? That sir is a cop out. If your kids are that manipulative then you may want to rethink your parenting agenda/skillset.
    As far as the talent on this team? I can’t tell you why they don’t show it day in and day out, but it’s inarguable this team has talent. In my experience as a player of footbal from peewee through college, and now as a coach myself, I believe it is up to the coach to find a motivating factor in each kid and use it to benefit the team as a whole. If something isn’t working find a different angle.
    I am a biologist by trade and I know that if I were as inflexible in my decision making as BCG has been in his first 2 years, I would have been fired. Not that I’m saying we need to do that right now, but if next year we find ourselves in a similar situation, and BCG has ALL of HIS players? Absolutely fire his ass instantly.