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Patrick Patterson’s Mom on NBA Draft and Barnhart Meeting


So its Sunday night and time to get ready for one of my favorite weeks of the year, the SEC Tournament. But rather than using tonight to recap news and views as we usually do, we will shift gears a bit. One of the common questions over the last few weeks has been what will happen with Patrick Patterson next season and will he still be at the University of Kentucky for his Junior season. There has been a great deal of speculation on the subject and rather than simply add to it, I interviewed his mother Tywanna Patterson, a wonderful lady who has always been good to Kentucky Sports Radio, dating back to Patrick’s recruitment.

With so much speculation making its way around the internet that Patrick had already made his NBA Draft decision, I asked her if this was the case and this was her response:

Patrick has not made a decision as to stay or to go. His goal is to win the SEC Tournament and that is all he is focused on. Patrick loves Kentucky and he still has hopes that we can win the SEC and make the NCAA Tournament and he really believes that we can.

I then asked her about how the decision would be made when that time comes:

He will first be looking at where this program is headed next year and what the status of it is going to be next season. We will also of course have to look at his draft status, whether he will go high or low, but he has no control over that part. At the end of the season, we will sit down and balance it all as a family and then make a decision as to whether it makes sense for him to return.

I then asked her about the report concerning her conversation with Mitch Barnhart after the Georgia game. She confirmed that they did have a conversation and when I asked her what they talked about, this is what she said:

I was just talking to him about the future of the UK program and where we are headed next year. I just want to know why he thinks we are losing games that we should not be losing. I am very concerned with how things have gone this year and the direction this program is going. So, I just wanted to talk to him and know where he thinks the program is headed because right now I don’t understand what is going on.

Patrick’s mother stressed over and over her son’s love for the University of Kentucky and she said to me that “the fans have been amazing to us for two years.” When she speaks about the UK family, you can tell how invested she is in it and it is obvious how important UK basketball is to her and her son.

We will have more all day as we get ready for a crucial week ahead…..

Article written by Matt Jones

444 responses to “Patrick Patterson’s Mom on NBA Draft and Barnhart Meeting”

  1. Kige Is the Oracle at Delphi

    Patrick Patterson and his family are everything that is right with Kentucky basketball.

  2. recruit_a_shooter

    Not as bad as I thought but it doesn’t look good. If a coaching change occurs, he’s gone IMO.

  3. lexslamman

    The Patterson and Meeks families are all great folks in my experience.

  4. raisingkain8

    Oh no…

  5. ThetaChiUKfan

    i think if billy stays, he is gone. but i think if we bring in a good coach with experience with big time players, he will stay.

    i would love to bring in an NBA coach to try to right the ship for a few years

  6. ukwildcatwildfan

    A NBA coach? Like who? I hadn’t thought of that.

  7. ThetaChiUKfan

    obviously the players are not digging coach right now. you know everything she was saying was out of frustration with the coach. she was saying what her son goes to her and complains about

  8. barefootpirate

    Awful NBA draft class, Patterson is going to the NBA. Hopefully the bulls get their chance with him and waive Noah.

    Also what’s sad, is that I believe Patterson when he says he wants to win the SEC tourny and play in the NCAA. When BCG brings up the SEC tourny, I think it’s just lip service.

    I think BCG quits for sure if a job opens up in Texas.

  9. bnoe

    Pat Riley

  10. lexslamman

    He’s gone if Gillispie stays. So is Meeks.
    Meeks and Patterson stays if Gillispie goes.

  11. R. Smith

    I was hoping to read something with a little more confirmation on her part. Pretty general statements as to whats going on although I do find it tough to be optimistic about his return (and now our prospects for any type of season next year)

  12. BlueBloodedGirl

    Seems to me Mama P is implying that if things remain the same (coach), then Pat goes to the league. Gawd, I hope he stays.

  13. Hambone721

    The part where she says “weather it makes sense for him to return” really sticks out to me.

    It doesn’t make sense for him to return, leading me to believe he is leaning a lot more toward leaving, rather than staying.

  14. barefootpirate

    Of course its the issue with the coach. Why else would she talk to the AD about it?

  15. ThetaChiUKfan

    6- i can’t really think of any, but obviously an NBA coach that could bring the attention to UK….help the stock of Meeks and Pat, and help recruiting.

    my buddy and I always wanted D’Antoni when we were looking last time, but I think he is happy in NY now. can you think of any possibilities?

  16. travism98

    Mrs. Patterson, I love watching your son play for the University of Kentucky. Losing all of these games is killing me inside so I know it’s got to be hard on Pat. Just to let you know, the entire state of Kentucky and fans of UK are on your side. We all know what the problem is and we want Billy gone as well. The way he treats our kids is ridiculous and it’s time for him to move on. We have a great team with great players and a very sub par coach. Please tell Pat that we are all behind him and the other players and we too think they can win the SEC tourney and get into the NCAA! Go Cats!

  17. ChasCat

    Well, I hope PPat is more optimistic than me about next years team, he is gone!

  18. Hambone721

    10 – I think just the opposite. Why would Meeks and Patterson want to play for a new coach for ONE year? Obviously Meeks would only be here for another year, and Patterson will definatly leave after his Junior year if he decided to come back at all. So at best both guys would only be here for another year – there is no way they come back under a new coach for one year.

  19. bnoe

    Pea Scwerd

  20. Crakaveli

    9. In the words of Ron Burgandy, “that’s just dumb.” Really, that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. 63 year old guys aren’t usually hip to sitting in living rooms, especially if they’ve never done it before. You, sir are an imbecile.

  21. jezzy

    I feel like Ralphie when he got his little orphan annie decoder ring.

  22. barefootpirate

    Patterson has plenty to complain about. The coach has no gameplan for them to win. When they win, his draft stock goes up. But they keep losing, and its not because of Patterson.

  23. 10, 2, and 4

    Alright then. Someone over there check if the “total garbage” was an accurate quote, or if he misspoke….Bejeezus this week has been total garbage, and you can quote me on that.

  24. Crakaveli

    My bad, the best response is 21

  25. barefootpirate

    25. you bastard.

  26. R. Smith

    so I think the obvious question now is – what was Barnharts response?

  27. aspenmurphy

    Wow. I am almost speechless after reading those comments from Momma Patterson. All I can say is it is truly truly such a shame that the direction of this program isn’t going to get better at all next season, and that we have a completely and utterly incompetent athletic director who refuses to do anything about it.

  28. jbrady630

    billy is a dumbass, just listen to him talk. he cant even finish a sentence without studdering or forgetting what the hell he’s talking about. i think uk needs jay wright

  29. barefootpirate

    I feel bad for Patterson. Dude is getting yammed on by things outside of his control.

  30. ThetaChiUKfan

    18- Because if they get a coach in here that can bring some POSITIVE publicity to the team, Patterson and Meeks will just see their stock go up. There is no way the practices will be as demanding, so why not? Their stock is at all time low right now, because they can’t lead their team to wins. They aren’t winners, atleast to the eyes of outsiders.

  31. d1ja


  32. PorkNBean

    I’ll take David Hobbs! Remember the Hip text messages he sent.

  33. ThetaChiUKfan

    am I the only one that thought the chances of Billy G not being here next year were at like 10%, but now are around 75-80%?

  34. CatFan4Life

    Why would they not want to play for another coach? People are idiots if they think that if Billy G. stays then they stay. I would rather have Matt Jones coach the team then this “Cowboy”.

  35. XsandOs

    we’ll we can already assume they know the players coming next year, which leads to the change they speak of as the coach?

  36. ThetaChiUKfan

    Supposedly Nebraska’s coach is on the hot seat…which oddly enough is Billy G’s old asst coach. So maybe he will run back to the Big XII

  37. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Gillispie is our man. When Meeks learns to pass, playmake, and include Patterson in the game and we are a much different team.

  38. XsandOs

    and we can also assume barnhart completely lied to mama p. he probably told her we were gonna win the NC next year

  39. beentheredonethat

    yet another example of Frosty the addict being wrong about the KY fans!

  40. raisingkain8

    UK’s Ideal Coach to me (even though it’ll never happen): Pat Riley

  41. recruit_a_shooter

    Once players lose respect, etc. for their coach, it’s over. I think they have lost that and I don’t know if the players’ relationships with BCG can be fixed. I don’t think Ford is ready, but it would bring a lot of fun, excitement, energy, etc. to the program. Plus, I love his style of play, but what if he wouldn’t pan out? I just wish there was someone who played a similar style to Pitino with enough experience to coach at UK.

  42. PorkNBean

    33) I know what you mean, but I also thought Kentuckys chances of playing in the NIT at the start of the season was at 10%, but are now at 99.3%

  43. lexslamman


    He hasn’t taught Stevenson to catch or box-out.
    He hasn’t taught Patterson how to attack the basket without being rejected by smaller guys
    He hasn’t taught Meeks how to look for the open person off penetration
    He hasn’t taught Josh Harrelson to set a solid screen.

  44. barefootpirate

    Yeah I don’t understand how people think they will stick around to play for a new coach. Sure they might if the coach is a proven stud/”players coach” but if they bring in another young up-and-coming hardass/stubborn coach…G-O-N-E.

  45. CAnTuckeeBoi

    So basically if Billy is gone PATPAT will stay

  46. Thompr03

    Not a total shock, but from what i have heard patterson and meeks have seeked the advice from a former UK player on how to go pro. Because ” Gillispie is crazy and we need out”

  47. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Tyrone Appleton says he’s sorry he chose to sit the bench at Kansas and stare at the NC trophy all year instead of coming to UK to win one himself this year.

    He still can’t get the glitter out of his cornrows that Bill Self threw on him when he entered their practice facility on his official visit.

  48. ThetaChiUKfan

    does anyone else think that 37. is Billy G? or atleast his life partner?

  49. XsandOs

    this offseason is gonna be crazy…when all is said and done landon slone will be our PG


    bring in the General!!! No, seriously I thought we should have gone with Creen or Calippari.

  51. BravoBigBlue

    Just speculation on my part. Is there any chance Pitino would return to Kentucky?

  52. ThetaChiUKfan

    47- he would have sat the bench with KG all season

  53. ThetaChiUKfan

    51- no.

  54. NashvilleCats

    Well, if you believe Matt Jones when he says there’s a huge divide between the players and BCG and then read comments like this, the problem with BCG may be a lot bigger than just winning games. We all argue about strategy and talent but if they don’t respect him or aren’t willing to play hard for him, it doesn’t matter how talented they are or how great the gameplan is, we’ll still lose.

    I think there really are only two possibilities. BCG making a dramatic change in how he coaches and interacts with the players or replacing him with someone else.

  55. jezzy

    Any word on Patterson?

  56. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #48 – ThetaChiUKfan – I back my coach like a fan should. It’s called support. You must know about it.

  57. BravoBigBlue

    10 2 and 4, arms of delk, and braddy are Gillispie’s assistant coaches (whom I cannot name).

  58. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Coaches Kentucky Considered and the results they would have expected in year 2:

    Billy Donovan – 19-12 with this group would have been luck being that he barely outperformed that with his 5 star recruits from his free “Florida 2 NCAA titles advertisment” who played a much weaker schedule this year.

    Hmmm… how many Jr’s and Seniors does Florida have that are capable of contributing quality minutes? Sound familiar?

    John Pelphrey – 14-14 (2-13 in SEC) With a bench of players that in many respects is better than KY’s current bench (Having 3 of the players KY recruited – Clark, Fortson, Sanchez).

    How well would 14-14 have gone over here at UK this year?


    Again, the reason Tubby was given as long as he got, because what’s important has been dilluted for “well did he at least let the players call their moms in between practice?” type reasoning.

    When did mens college basketball become overrun by Ned Flanders? Why don’t you poorly aimed softies go eat cotton candy at the girls basketball media extravaganza and let “sports” remain as they once were?

  59. recruit_a_shooter

    If UK comes out flat the first game in the SEC tourney the writing is on the wall. That would tell me they don’t care about playing hard for BCG.

  60. ThetaChiUKfan

    56- I have backed Billy G. since he got here. I gave up on him a couple weeks ago. It’s called being a realist, not a homer.

  61. lexslamman


    Players don’t like him. Media doesn’t like him. Fans don’t like him.

    Gillispie needs to be run out of Lexington on a rail.

  62. UKrulz

    If not Riley, Dan Issel. But Gillispie isn’t gone. The season isn’t over. It’s too early to talk coaching changes — but not to early to talk changes in the way BCG coaches.

  63. barefootpirate

    When I see Billy G fiddle with his fingers like a nervous crack head on the sideline, I want to punch him in the face. His nonverbal communication screams: “I’m screwed.” The only time I was confident in him lately was when we were up by 10 on LSU. But UK squandered another double digit lead. He just looks like the creep you would never leave your girlfriend around.

  64. ThetaChiUKfan

    62- Issel would run plays where Jodie doesn’t get the ball so he doesn’t break any of his records haha

  65. BillyGIsNotMyLover

    A UK player should never have to worry about “where this program is headed”.

    A recruit should never have to guess where the program is headed.

    The players know more about what’s going on behind the scenes than we ever will. If they aren’t even sure what the direction of this program is… that’s a frickin’ bad sign.

  66. Crakaveli

    58 You hit the nail on the head.

  67. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    I am confident not many people understand how Adolph Rupp won all those games. They just know he did.

    Let me share a little something with you. I dated a daughter of one of Adolph’s starting players at Kentucky (he played in the late 1960’s) for 6 years through High School and a little bit of College and had plenty of discussions with him about Adolph Rupp and his “way”.

    Rupp was the toughest whip cracking demander that every player was completely afraid of. They were over worked, over pushed, and over loaded. Soft players weren’t recruited by Rupp even if they were good since he knew they wouldn’t last. And even the tough ones who back talked were sent packing.

    You can say it’s a different time. You can say there’s better ways. But you must accept BCG is not using an unproven strategy. He just needs to hand pick the right guys. We will love the end result. An army of Kentucky monsters.

  68. BravoBigBlue

    58 – Tubby wasn’t “given as longashe got”. He left on his own. It was time for him to go. But please, don’t compare this a$$ clown to Tubby, either as a coach or person. No comparison.

  69. barefootpirate

    58 and 66. Hows the koolaid? Also I have some beach front property in Wyoming im looking to sell.

  70. ThetaChiUKfan

    67- we get it, you’re old

  71. Crakaveli

    The UniversityofJodieMeeks is on of the only guys on the internet making sense.

  72. Al Purnell here

    What happens if this team comes out Cold as Porters jump shot on Thursday. I cannot imagine the OUTCRY..

  73. NashvilleCats

    71. It’s okay if you BCG supporters want to support one another, but you don’t have to be so romantic about it.

  74. jon in jeff

    58- Tubby Smith was given so much time, because he won five SEC championship, 5 SEC tourney championships, went 19-0 in the league in 2003, went to 3 elite eights, and won a National Championship. Sorry haven’t been updated on number of momma phone calls.

  75. Crakaveli

    Koolaid? Maybe UCLA should’ve gotten rid of Ben Howland after 2 years. 11-17 and 18-11. Now look at him. You have to give him some time. Quick triggers on firing coaches make prospective coaches nervous to come here.

  76. Crakaveli

    Not that I think it will happen, but what if they win the SEC Tournament?

  77. jezzy

    58- Take your viagra and go make use of it with yourself…if you catch my drift.

  78. jon in jeff

    yeah, like felton won it last year?

  79. ThetaChiUKfan

    76- if i was 6’10” and black….

  80. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #65 – BillyGIsNotMyLover – Kentucky should have never sat for 9 years without a Final Four.

  81. recruit_a_shooter

    No way UK wins the SEC tourney. You can’t tell the players don’t give two shits about playing hard for Gillispie. I can’t wait for the national media to pick up on the story when 5-6 players leave this offseason.

  82. jaxcat07

    Most of the mock NBA drafts have Patterson at the mid-to-late 1st round, going between 16th – 22nd.

    Meeks is projected as high as 21st, and as low as mid-second round.

    It is a possibility that BOTH Patterson and Meeks may go in the 1st round. If that were to happen, I would be willing to bet that this year’s UK team would be the WORST college team in HISTORY with 2 healthy first round NBA players.

    More likely, however, I see Patterson staying as 50-50 right now. If he does stay, he is DEFINITELY gone after next year. Meeks on the other hand, in MY opinion, is DEFINITELY staying.

  83. BillyGIsNotMyLover

    76 – 1) Elvis comes out of hiding 2) Kentucky gets an automatic bid 3) we’ll undoubtedly win the whole fricking tournament, Billy Gillispie will win national coach of the year for the turn around, all of us Billy Bashers will admit our idiocy, and you Billy Lovers will be invited to his house for a night of oil wrestling with each other

  84. Mackdogg32

    Pat Riley?? Dan Issel?? I swear.. if some of you ran the program we’d be a bigger laughing stock than we are now.. Billy isn’t going anywhere unless he’s fired, which won’t happen and he’s not walking away, get real.

  85. Crakaveli

    81. So you want UK to fail?

  86. NashvilleCats

    75. And what was UCLA’s record the two years before Howland got there? Because it looks like he improved from the first season to the second whereas we’re going in the opposite direction.

  87. UK81

    One phone call to Travis Ford and your problems would be solved. Ready or not he is the man for the job. We would not be worried about the NCAA tournament with him as the coach. He is definitely someone who knows a little bit about the point guard position. If the players and their families revolt in mass after the season, Gillispie will be gone. Your never want to piss off Mama!!

  88. barefootpirate

    75. Look, I want BCG to do well just like the rest of UK fans. But this team has no Chemistry. Look at what John Clay wrote on his blog today about his gut feelings.

    Ben Howland also didn’t have 2 of the best players in the Pac10/USA playing for him in those years.

  89. Crakaveli

    83. I did preface my post with Not that I think they will

  90. jwbm

    All you guys are wrong…. Billy Clyde will be back, Meeks will be back and Patterson will be back. It will be business as usual, we’ll be better next year than we were this year, but we still lose eight games. Write it down…

  91. Mackdogg32

    87. We DO NOT want Travis Ford and for a number of reason he would never be an option..

  92. barefootpirate

    90. yeah and the federal government is done bailing out banks…bahahaha

  93. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #86 – NashvilleCats – That’s all about having players with “Solid Fundamentals” in your Junior and Senior classes.

    First year we had Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley, 2 seniors who worked together (very important point) and one who BCG was able to get to open up and try much harder than previously seen (Joe Crawford).

    When you lose the upperclassmen who have solid fundamentals you lose the experience and leadership that holds the ship above water when the younger less experienced guys waiver in their consistency.

    It’s real easy to figure out our issues this season.

  94. charleshurtme

    I spoke to PPat after the LSU game. This kid is a great kid. I am proud he wears UK on his jersey. He is very down about the team and its record. I think if coach stays he leaves, with Meeks, Liggins, Stewart, and some others. If coach leaves, I think PPat and Meeks stay. PPat said nothing bad about coach, but you could see his mother is not happy with coach.

  95. BillyGIsNotMyLover

    89 – I know… it was just a fun what if… and I’d love to see it happen (the serious part).
    65 – I want final fours as much as anyone… but it’s one thing to have recruits told “your coach might leave for the NBA {but our coach… no NBA team wants him, so come here!}” or “those fans are so demanding, the sweet 16 isn’t enough {but if we make it into the tournament, it’s the biggest deal ever, and our two fans are so happy}”… it’s another for recruits to be told “Kentucky isn’t Kentucky anymore… they’re an NIT team, and who knows if they’ll even be eligible next year… and their coach might be gone after this year… to the NBA? oh, you’re joking, that’s a good one, kid”

  96. NashvilleCats

    I think if anyone says they want Pelphrey or Ford, they’re basically saying they’re willing to wait another 4 years before Kentucky will be a top 5 team again. I mean, we may have no choice on waiting that long either way, but if we hire a young, unproven coach, we have to commit to giving him plenty of time to get his act together and learn on the job.

    Maybe that’s the problem with BCG. We all thought we were getting a much more experienced and proven coach than we actually got.

  97. recruit_a_shooter

    85. No, I do not want UK to fail but all signs (losing 8 out of the last 11) point to them maybe winning 1 game in the SEC tourney.

  98. Crakaveli

    Didn’t Pitino go to the NIT with Louisville? Am I wrong or are they doing pretty good since then?

  99. barefootpirate

    93. Yeah it is real easy to figure out our issues this season. We knew about them after the Miami game. How do we finish the season? By not fixing the problems.


    Force the ball to PPat.

    Meeks hits a FG.


  100. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Can anyone remember Jodie Meeks passing the ball the Patrick Patterson once this season?


    They might have been on different teams. That’s not leadership or teamwork. And how on earth can you blame that on Gillispie.

    I don’t blame Jodie, I just think he has a lot to work on to improve his game for the next level. Same with Pat. They should have “worn out” the inside outside inside outside passing between the 2 of them. But they just don’t completment each other on the court.

    Something to work on.

  101. UK81

    #91, What number of reasons?

  102. ThetaChiUKfan

    93- that doesn’t explain the lack of adjustments and offensive movement. yeah we are young, but we still have players on the team. there is no reason why we shouldn’t be in the tournament. If we would have won ONE of our last 4 games, we might be dancing, but we couldn’t even do that.

  103. lexslamman


    STFU about ‘solid fundamentals’ in our Jr. and Sr. classes. If Billy Gillispie wanted Jr and Sr classes with solid fundamentals, he would have taken some of the 2.5 years he’s had as our coach and taught them some damned fundamentals. He is the failure. Stop putting it on the players.

  104. UK81

    Billy Donovan went to Florida after only a couple of seasons at Marshall. How did that work out?

  105. lexslamman


    Who’s job is it to teach Meeks to pass to Patterson?

  106. barefootpirate

    102. What is the point of dancing when you aren’t going to be able to compete anyways?

  107. Crakaveli

    103 He hasn’t been the coach for 2 years yet

  108. ThetaChiUKfan

    100- the coach could maybe tell jodie to pass the ball to pat

  109. raisingkain8

    84) do you know anything about Pat Riley/Dan Issel and the connections they would have? or they kind of staff they could put together? or anything about UK basketball?

  110. ThetaChiUKfan

    107- yes he has

  111. ThetaChiUKfan

    109- yeah i agree issel or riley would be dumb as hell

  112. lexslamman


    Right. 23 months. He’s had 23 months with these players and so far he’s taught them NOTHING. He needs to go, he needs to go now.

  113. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #99 – barefootpirate – The only thing that fixes turnovers is having personnel who has solid fundamentals and the experience and leadership capabilities to not get rattled when something bad happens. It’s the juniors and seniors of team that usually provide that however we have a buldge of juniors on this bench who lack solid fundamentals and don’t have any reason being in the position of UK starter.

    We simply don’t have experienced veterans who you can rely on. It’s that simple.

  114. lexslamman


    Who’s job is it to teach his players fundamentals?

  115. barefootpirate

    100- how about the coach has a frickin game plan. The mississippi state game, south carolina, georgia at rupp, there was no game plan. And if there was one, I don’t know what film he was watching.

  116. Crakaveli

    Pat Riley is 63 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!! Dan Issel got thrown out of the NBA for saying racist comments. How do you think that will jive at UK?

  117. ThetaChiUKfan

    113- liggins actually had one of the best asst/to ratio in the conf. a couple weeks back. with his limited playing time, i am sure it went down some

    but liggins could have played all season and developed into a decent player

  118. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #105 – lexslamman – You honestly think BCG hasn’t asked Jodie to pass to Patrick? LOL

    Jodie hasn’t passed gas since he was 3.

  119. NashvilleCats

    93. I think you make a critical mistake in how you evaluate this team. You act like players don’t learn anything in college. They just come in with a ton of talent, the coach develops a gameplan to use those awesome skills, and they win. If they don’t have the skills when they get to college, you act like they can’t learn anything new, and that somehow absolves the coach of any responsibility.

    This isn’t the NBA. College coaches have to develop players, and that sometimes includes teaching them the most basic basketball skills and fundamentals. When college teams and players don’t improve, that’s on the coach. His job is to “develop” these players. They’re still very young. It’s not like 35 year old guys out there, they’re kids or very young men still.

  120. dudewheresmygillispie

    How Willie Warren is rated in the top 10 and Meeks is #20 or higher is nuts.

    I’ll say it again, Pat Patterson is not a lottery pick. So in my opinion I think he wants to come back however it seems clear by the points his mother made something will have to change for that scenario to happen. Buttface Barnfart needs to sit Billy down and tell him the way it is, period. If Gillispie complies then he needs to be kept on a short leash. Any deviation from the way and he needs to go that second. If Billy says he won’t bend then he needs to be fired and the program needs to move on.

    Lets face it he has lost the team. The players don’t want to play for him anymore so something has to change that dynamic. Gillispie needs to go to the team and apologize, have a heart to heart, or something. He also needs to critically evaluate himself and admit his mistakes not only to himself but to his team. Only then can the healing begin. THen he has to prove to everyone he has a plan to make this team better. Anything short of these events and next year is a carbon copy of this year and we lose Patterson and Meeks becasue there is no way they are coming back for this nonsense.

  121. UK81

    Ford would instantly make it fun and players would love playing his style. It would be worth waiting 4-5 years to rebuild because it would be exciting during the process. I don’t see us getting there any sooner at the rate we are going.

  122. ThetaChiUKfan

    120- it’s all about potential in the draft. hansborogh is better than pat, but pat has more potential

  123. SeoulCat

    For the record, I hope BCG goes and someone like Jamie Dixon is brought in to patch things up. My feelings on this are based solely on in-game performances. I could give a damn about BCG being snippy with sideline reporters, alcoholism, or whether the man walks around in Renaissance period Venetian masks in his free time and has Eyes Wide Shut-esque parties in Casa de Billy every Saturday night…only the records and on the court achievments matter–nothing else. Billy hasn’t gotten it done on the hardwood, and it certainly looks like things will only get worse before they get better. We need to cut our losses now and look to the future.

    Having said that though, I find it highly disturbing that the parents of current players (who have “my child is special!” selfish agendas)are able to have meetings with the AD and talk about the direction of the program. The thought of soccer moms and drunk little league dads having any influence over the direction of the program–or letting them think that they have any influence over the direction of the program by entertaining them with Dr. Phil postgame counselling sessions–makes me sick to my stomach. When your child (who is over 18, and thus an adult, btw) signs the dotted line and commits to a school, shut up for the next four years and let those in the know take care business.

  124. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #112 – lexslamman – 23 months now? What happened to your theme of overexaggerating… 2.5 years? LOL

  125. ThetaChiUKfan

    123- if my son was possibly losing millions because of the way his coach handled things, i would say something too

  126. barefootpirate

    113. I can’t believe you are putting this on the players. You just said you were a true UK fan, and true UK fans stand behind their coach. You praise Billy but rip on the players abilities. Dude, they learn fundamentals before college. You don’t get recruited and given a scholarship without knowing fundamentals. Experience, I can agree with. But as the season went on, all the same people are making the same mistakes from the beginning on the season. This team has regressed, I blame a coach for that. Not the players.

  127. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #114 – lexslamman – Now your showing your knee deep in a subject that you have no business in talking about.

    When a player reaches Division 1 college basketball, especially a program like Kentucky, unless your a 7’2″ “project” your not teaching fundamentals at that level.

    That’s what Jr. Pro is for in the 4th grade, Jr, High School, High School.

    You don’t have a fish in the pond.

  128. NashvilleCats

    127. Then what are you teaching?

  129. ThetaChiUKfan

    127- i actually think it is the other way around. as a 7’2” freak, you have to be taught how to catch the ball, how to pivot, etc.

  130. jbragg10

    I am not fond of Gillespie lately, but he will be our coach next year.
    I don’t like his system and things about him, but I will support him and hope he turns it around. We are not going to get a “great coach” like Pitino, Calipari or anyone like that in here next year. It would be a “high riser”. That is not what we need.

    I hate to say this, but our best bet is to stick with Billy for another year or two to see what he can do with players he brings in (Orton, Hood, Pilgrim).
    Last year he was SEC coach of the year and now we want him out. We only had like 34 pts. returning from last year. I expected this year to be rocky and knew it would be rough. I told everyone I knew that we would struggle this year and I was curious if our fan base would rally behind him (thinking that last year). My assumptions was correct. We jumped off the wagon.

    I am not trying to stick up for Billy, but if he is our coach we need to support him.
    How bad does it look to recruits that he is trying to sign if we want him gone? Every coach will use this against him. Like I said, I am not a huge fan of Billy, but I will support him as long as he is our coach.

    If Gillespie leaves, Orton probably opens up his recruitment. Hood will stay, but what about Ferguson as well? That would really set us back if Orton and Ferguson didn’t come because those classes are almost locked up already!

  131. bigbcurry

    I have always supported Billy Clyde, but that loss to Georgia may have been one of the worst losses that I have ever seen. How do you let that happen with so much on the line? I tried so hard to be optimistic (wait till next year, more talent,etc.). Every game is the same thing; the opponents nail their threes right from the start and we turn the ball over. How can a coach not adjust to that? It’s so fu<king frustrating as a fan watching this debacle, I feel bad for the players more than anything. Especially Patrick, he doesn’t deserve this nonsense.

  132. barefootpirate

    what would you do if you were patrick patterson?

    I would be watching a hell of a lot more NBA after a first round exit in the NIT.

  133. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #117 – ThetaChiUKfan – Deanndre Liggins put himself on the bench with back talk.

    He could have helped this team immensely and had he chilled out in December we wouldn’t have had this skid at the end here with BCG refusing to play him because he’s fed up with his behavior.

    That’s one player that any coach could have to deal with.

    BTW, Liggins Turnover % is ranking in the top 25 in the country (that’s turnover’s divided by possessions). That’s not a good result. Porter is 7th in the country (ugh).

  134. wickedgood

    86 and 88 ben howland inherited a team who had been to 3 sweet sixteens out of the last 4 years lavin had not won a championship with very good the fans expected more. he had bozeman ,farmar ,and affolo all mcdonald all americans the first 2 years .if you review the archives they thought they made a mistake also in the papers experts thought he should have stayed in the more physical big east. when his recruits became jrs and seniors things changed.

  135. barefootpirate

    134. So you would want Ben Howland to coach at Kentucky?

  136. jezzy

    Come on BBN, we need to calm down and take a step back. Michael Porter is hard at work breeding the next generation of Kentucky NIT MVPs.

  137. barefootpirate

    136. Porter is going to bring back the one high sock for the NIT game in memorial.

  138. recruit_a_shooter

    We can debate this until we’re blue in the face and the funny thing is no matter what way you lean towards Gillispie, you don’t decide if he’ll be the coach here next year.

  139. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    Anyone else find it interesting that Patterson graduating was not mentioned … ?

  140. NashvilleCats

    134. The problem is that any coach is going to struggle in his first year. What you have to hope for is improvement. Our team improved as last year went on, which I thought was a product of us getting through the coaching transition. Howland’s team was better in the 2nd year and the 3rd was his big break through. With us, you are seeing a regression this year and I will be shocked if you see that breakthrough next year.

  141. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #135 – barefootpirate – I would have taken Ben Howland in 2007. But now we have a coach we must stick with for at least 4 years (unless he punches Tom Leach during an interview and then we can call it quits).

    Basketball is a 4 year gig. 4 Classes to prove you can get it done (Freshmen, Sophmore, Junior, Senior). You win consistenly with seasonsed veterans (Juniors and Seniors).

    Look at every championship team in the past and that’s the common theme. Seasonsed veterans = dependable when things get rough.

  142. BillyGIsNotMyLover

    123 – If your kid was on an academic scholarship at UK and majoring in anthropology (btw – why the heck did you let your kid major in anthropology? going to be tough finding a job)… anyway- you find out that soemthing weird is going on with UK’s traditionally excellent anthropology dept… Isn’t it okay for a parent to sit down with the chair of anthropology and ask why the heck they aren’t doing what they originally promised? I mean, geez, your kid could have taken different academic scholarships to study anthropology at other schools that aren’t so messed up, but you liked what the dang anthropology dept promised.

    It’s one thing for parents and players to tell the AD they need to fire the coach, who to replace him with, make practices easier, etc. But it seems totally okay for a parent to talk to the AD to express her concerns.

  143. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #140 – NashvilleCats – What part of we don’t have the personnel don’t you understand?

  144. jaxcat07

    When is the last time UK Men played an actual game at Memorial??

  145. barefootpirate

    142. I don’t think anybody is going to argue with you there.

  146. NashvilleCats

    141. Okay. So that’s two more years after this one and 2 more recruiting classes. Do you really think there’s enough talent in those two classes to turn this thing around and put us on the level of those UCLA teams? You really think we’re two years from the level of talent you think we need to make the final four?

  147. jaxcat07


  148. Azubuikebicep

    It sucks that Pat’s UK career is going to end like this. He has to try to carry this sorry team every game, and he doesn’t even get breather. It is amazing that he hasn’t slapped Perry Stevenson in the face for not helping on the boards. He listens to Clyde irrationally yelling “be tough, or whatever” all the time. At the same time, he probably sees the dudes he grew up playing ball with in Huntington (Walker and OJ) making 7 figures in the Association. It has to be frustrating. …

  149. barefootpirate

    143. I don’t know what you are talking about. Porter is a freakin stud. Surely, I jest. Imagine if Porter would have had one of his avg. type of games against UGA. Woo boy that loss would have looked even worse!

  150. wickedgood

    140 we lost our 3 best players from the end of the year,crawford ,bradley, jasper. we returned a freshmen with a broke foot,and a junoir who missed his soph. year who averaged 8 pts as a freshmen.i cannot believe any very knowledgeable fan would have thought this team would be very good .now if meeks cannot not throw at least 30 a night in we are going to lose a majority of games till someone or group of players can compensate.the worst thing that happened to bcg is meeks getting hot and starting 16-5 .there is no other gimmick or coach that can overcome the lack of talent we have.besides meeks and patterson we have a mid major squad. check out the players tubby recruited that left and they cannot even play where they transferrred too.williams at marshall is a perfect example.i am hurt also but tubby left us a worse rebuilding project than sutton left pitino.meeks had a freakish first half of the season or we would have been a 500 ball club. howland never had to start over each year.

  151. NashvilleCats

    143. It’s not a matter of not understanding anything. I just don’t think that’s true. I think we do have the personnel to be much better than we currently are. Not final four personnel, but tourney caliber personnel.

  152. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #140 – NashvilleCats – Ramel and Joe and Pat took every shot last year. Joe was a seasoned veteran and dynamic shot creator who could single handedly win a game with the entire team on his back.

    When you lose that and have nothing to replace it you drop down a notch.

    Jodie and Pat don’t naturally completment each other as players on the court. The chemistry isn’t there. You can’t just magically create it.

    If you’d listen to BCG’s post game interviews he talks about how the players sometimes don’t run what he told them to run. When the balls in Jodie’s hands 90% of the time, who do you think BCG is referring to?

    Jodie wants to make himself look good. He still hasn’t realized that happens when the team looks good.

    Last game there was a fast break 1 vs 3, and Jodie refused to pass it forcing the shot over the defender who didn’t even think about guarding the other 2 players. Everyone knows his tendencies and that makes him stoppable now.

  153. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    # RunninRamelLeftTCP Says:
    March 8th, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    Anyone else find it interesting that Patterson graduating was not mentioned … ?

  154. ThetaChiUKfan

    148- oj played in ky first right?

  155. ThetaChiUKfan

    153- not really, i doubt he cares about that, he can always come back and finish when he is done with playin nba ball

  156. NashvilleCats

    150. Well, since BCG is running off all his own recruits, we very well could be starting from scratch again next year. So we’ll be in year 3, no better off than we were in year 1. Then we’ll go into year 4 with a little hope, but after year 4 when Orton and Ferguson both leave for the NBA, we’ll be left with mid-major talent again (Villarino, Ross-Miller, Euton).

    When exactly does BCG become accountable for the level of talent on his own team?

  157. LeeW

    Interesting baseless totally random name to chew on for those who are talking NBA coaches: Avery Johnson.

  158. ThetaChiUKfan

    157- host shiz i was seriously thinking the same thing. the dude is a basketball genius in terms on x’s and o’s. and he knows as much about the pg position as anyone alive

  159. Goose_is_Golden

    When this team eventually does have to look for a new coach we’re screwed again because Barnhardt doesn’t know what to look for in a basketball coach. He just doesn’t know what to look for.

  160. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #156 – NashvilleCats – So now we go believe rumor and speculation?
    That’s been the problem since the beginning. No one ever gave BCG a fair shake.

    He was either gay, a drunk, a prick, or a slave driver.

    Now he’s running his players off and everyone’s quitting.

    I recommend people quit believing everything they read. Do you have conversations with any of the players?

    Liggins had a head bigger than it should be. The kid needs to grow up. Every coach deals with that every year. Players want to play, some are ready some aren’t. Some grow up some move on. Legion sits the bench at Illinois.

    We will be fine. We will not win a National Championship as long as people in Kentucky suffocate the program. That includes Matt Jones, Marc Maggard, and all the lexslammans that can fit into the Jr Pro Fundamentals Clinic being held at the Henry Clay Gym on Saturdays at 8am.

  161. wickedgood

    156 that why tubby left he had used up pitino’s legacy for recruiting .then pitino moved next door with his flamboyant style of basketball.he knew his time was short .no matter who we bring in calipari,howland,donavon,self all took 3-4 years to get to the level the fans may not be the answer but he gets the same time limits the others did.

  162. jezzy

    141. What about florida? I believe they started one junior on that team and relied on sophomores for most of their production.

  163. BillyGIsNotMyLover

    142… okay… 4 yrs from now… our seniors are Liggins… nope, he’s gone. Darius Miller – okay, there’s a solid senior. Galloway… nope, he’s considered a Jr this yr due to USC & JUCO. Harrelson? he’s gone, burned up a yr in JUCO… maybe a walk-on will pan-out.
    Juniors – Orton… will he still be here? (chance of NBA for a solid big man? chance of transfer w/ what looks to be a history of transfers). Hood – solid junior. Villarino – I don’t think anyone knows what to expect yet, and Gillispie hasn’t shown much ability to build players that I’ve seen.
    Sophomores – Dominique Ferguson – great. Hopefully still around.
    Dakotah Euton and KC Ross Miller… well, I’d say hopefully they can contribute a little…
    Maybe Billy G can sign some studs, but it doesn’t look like we’ll have a lot of experienced veterans on the team… and if our problem this year is too young/not enough experience… won’t it still suck in 4 yrs?

  164. bluegrass

    KSR all over the news. WLEX 18 News.

  165. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #159 – Goose_is_Golden – If your going to hate on BCG, this is the direction to throw it.

    Why hurt the BBall program hating coach? Hate on the man who picked him.

    The Goose is Golden. Good play.

  166. ThetaChiUKfan

    165- why hate barnhardt, UK athletics is the best it has ever been

  167. cooler92

    BCG is a disgrace to the University. Besides the fact that he can’t coach, he seems to be a pretty crappy human being. It boggles my mind how there are people who still support this guy.

  168. wickedgood

    162 he underachieved by most experts before that class.and he was under the gun for the years he had been there.find a coach who took over a down proram as an example who had been there less than 2 years

  169. ukhooligan

    we HAVE to give the coach another year. getting on here and talking about how terrible he is can only hurt the program. at least wait til we see how they do in the tourney.

    FACT: if Patterson and Meeks stay next year it doesn’t matter how boneheaded some of BGs coaching decisions are – Kentucky will be a force. our program next year will eitther be much better or much worse so everyone needs to focus on the positive until we know how it’s going to shape up.

  170. gmo

    Anyway that dude w/ the Santa Clause beard down here in the corner coaches us next season? Kentucky basketball has ruined my entire winter as if winter doesn’t suck enough.

  171. Goose_is_Golden

    166 It’s not necessarily hating on Barnhardt. Of course the guy has elevated UK athletics across the board, but would you rather be good across the board or in basketball? The guy is a good AD but I don’t have faith in him to get the guy that our BASKETBALL PROGRAM needs.

  172. CatsfaninFL

    I think Meeks should stay based on the fact he has a shot and that’s pretty much it….and even that is in question as teams have shown that if they put a hand in his face constantly he’s not the sharpshooter he was earlier in the season. Patrick should stay based solely on the fact that he could actually play his position (4) next year w/ Orton coming in. He could really benefit from that dominating of a tandom down low.

    However…the biggest wild card in this entire thing is the poor draft level this year. That could end up pushing them out the door faster then BCG in my opinion. If it is a normal draft talent year, PatPat is pushed down a few more notches and thus a borderline lottery pick while Jodie is second rd/possibly not drafted and they both stay.

    Bottom line is if they stay, we stand the chance of being really good next year if we can get a PG to produce. I think that has single handedly been our downfall this year… b*tch bout coach all you want, but he’s proven he can win with his style if he has a decent PG. We’ve lacked that and will continue to next year unless Galloway figures things out or Liggins stays and figures it out. College game has so much to do with guard play and we are missing 1/2 of that equation.

  173. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #162 – jezzy – What Florida team are you talking about?

    This years Florida team we beat in Rupp and they beat us in Gainsville.

    Walter Hodge led the way for them as a senior. They also have a bench full of high 4 and 5 start recruits they got from the aftermath of their 2 title runs in 2005 and 2006.

    Florida also is not going to the NCAA tournament for the 2nd season in a row.

    What about Florida???

  174. ThetaChiUKfan

    171- we can have both. he made a mistake with billy g, he won’t mess up again

  175. ukhooligan

    160 hits the nail on the head with the last comment some of you fools ought to read it.

  176. Goose_is_Golden

    174 I like your faith, we’ll see, but I do think that going to the NBA is the wrong way. If those coaches have a good run they usually end up going trying to go back to the NBA again (see Rick Pitino).

  177. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #166 – ThetaChiUKfan – UKAthletics. You bring that up when people are wondering about our bread and butter basketball program? Another problem with UK. Forgetting your identity?

    If you want to talk about people not qualified for the responsibility handed to them then it has to be Mitch Barnhart.

    But anyone wanting to hate on BCG should aim at his boss. That’s the guy who picked him.

  178. ThetaChiUKfan

    176- yeah i see that, but i was thinking more of a quick fix until there is a clear cut decision because i dont think there is one out there right now

  179. ThetaChiUKfan

    anyone watching espn2??? did that guy just say whining and bitching on live tv?

  180. Goose_is_Golden

    178 You’re right, the coaching market is still affected by two years ago when we went looking for a coach. Meaning most of the big names just signed huge contracts two years ago

  181. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Who said they wanted good athletics across the board at UK?

    You don’t see a UKAthletics blog drawing a crowd anywhere do you? Please don’t tell me if you know of one either.

  182. jezzy

    173- UofJM I was talking about billys first champ. team, 2006 I guess?

  183. johnisblue

    161. All those coaches you refer to in post 161 didn’t act like an ass in public, didn’t act like an ass on the raido and ESPN and they weren’t so stubborn as to only play one type of defense and run an offense that has a minimal amount of plays…it is an NBA style offense that he really hasn’t figured out how to run with players that have lesser talent or when traps or zone defenses are employed. Couple all that with the latest that Meeks and Patterson are off the BCG bus and he has big problems. Let also not forget his arrogance in dealing with his employer. Could you please tell me who is in this guys camp that really matters? Fans that want him to stay are in the minority. I would bet the Board of Trustees are going to exert some serious pressure on Barnhart to get a contract within 30 days from the end or the season or BCG is gone. He basically has thumbed his nose at the establishment. That is fine if he produces but not conforming to the job and then not producing usually results in a firing in the business world. You either produce or you do it the way your employer wants it done or you leave. It is that simple.

  184. BillyGIsNotMyLover

    Who does Billy have lined up to solve our PG problems? I don’t see any Kentucky quality point guards available to sign (well, Wall, but we’re not on his list). And the next year… 6 of the current top 10 rnaked PG already committed… and only 1 of the 4 available has Kentucky listed, and only as “LOW”… you have to go to the 83rd ranked player in the class to get Medium Kentucky interest at PG… but hey, Tubby left the PG cupboard bare w/ a kid named Derrick Jasper… that kid was only ranked 38th overall, 5th for point guards, and only turned into a really solid college PG… but why settle for that when you can try to recruit over him, not let him rehab, and treat him like crap despite him turnign the team around and leading you to a coaching award? You wouldn’t – a sane coach would rush him out for players that are more his style… which, apparently, is a style that no ranking service understands.

  185. Goose_is_Golden

    Bottom Line: I would say goodbye to Gillispie right now if it would guarantee that Meeks and PPat would stay around for another year.

  186. ThetaChiUKfan

    185- I would anyway, because he obviously can’t win with both of them playing at their best

  187. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #183 – jezzy – Special Team. 2004 recruiting by Florida could be argued as the best recruiting class in the history of the game.

    Starting 3 point ace – Senior Lee Humphrey
    Backup Center – Senior Chris Richard (Florida Mr. Basketball of 2002) currently plays in NBADL.

    2 Lottery Picks (Noah and Horford) a son of a former pro and solid PG Tauren Green along with too slow for Tubby Corey Brewer?

    Yea, that’s a magical bunch that proves things can change very quickly. But all those players filled their roles and played what the coach demanded.

  188. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Commitment Lists: Florida 2004
    SIGNED LETTER OF INTENT Pos Stars Ht Wt RR Video Hometown
    Corey Brewer SF 6-7 174 5.9 Portland, TN 4 star
    Taurean Green PG 5-11 165 5.7 Boca Raton, FL 3 star
    Al Horford PF 6-8 211 5.7 Grand Ledge, MI 4 star
    Cornelius Ingram SF 6-5 215 5.6 Hawthorne, FL 3 star
    Joakim Noah PF 6-10 200 5.8 New York, NY 4 star

    WOW. One class.

  189. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #185 – Goose_is_Golden – You’d say goodbye to BCG right now to keep Jodie and Pat one year while losing the future:

    Ross Miller

    Is there anyway I can make sure your not my financial advisor?

  190. ThetaChiUKfan

    189- Hood wouldn’t leave, and Orton might not either, if we brought in a good coach. Ferg might stay too, never know.

  191. BillyGIsNotMyLover

    190 – have you watched Villarino, Ross Miller, Euton, and Zollo play? I’m sure they’re all really nice kids, but are they a step up from the Tubby years?

  192. i heart bud mackey

    I hope Coach Clyde leaves….then I get to be one of those “I told you so” Tubby guy’s while Travis Ford or whoever makes this program worse.

  193. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #190 – ThetaChiUKfan – Jodie and Pat don’t play well together. I don’t see the benefit unless Jodie changes his game.

    He has to work over the summer on:
    passing (transition passing, feeding the post)
    playmaking (setting up teammates with easy shots)
    His handle while driving (it’s not an NBA guard handle)
    defense (staying home)

  194. Goose_is_Golden

    189 Orton can’t leave because he signed his LOI, Hood isn’t going anywhere, I would give up Ferguson to ensure that we could actually have a decent year and that class isn’t shaping up behind him yet, and i haven’t seen anything out of euton or zollo that would make me sad to lose them. However I get where you’re coming from

  195. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #191 – BillyGIsNotMyLover – More rumor and speculation to base on why we burn BCG at the stake?

    It’s really getting old man.

    When Tubby was coach, we wouldn’t even have a class picked for next year at this point. Yes, it is a step up, but most important it’s Billy’s picks. His boys. He wants each of them for certain reasons.

  196. ThetaChiUKfan

    Jodie’s game wasn’t like that until he scored 54 against UT. Billy fed off of that. Don’t blame Jodie Meeks for anything.

    Also, I am reading everywhere that Oregon is going to offer the bank to Mark Few, while we are stuck with mediocrity

  197. BillyGIsNotMyLover

    196 – I’m not sure what my rumor and speculation was.

    Billy definitely wants them for a reason… player named after square midwestern state, check… player who might just maybe somehow grow to be a 7 footer, check… point guard who goes by two initials… double check…

  198. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Big men have to rely on their guards to get them the ball. Seriously, do you ever remember Meeks passing to Patterson?

    Ever? 1 time? Seriously?

  199. ThetaChiUKfan

    why do people keep referencing to me with the wrong #s?

  200. CAnTuckeeBoi

    195.) Why did he want Liggins, Legion, Miller, Galloway, and Harrelson??? So they could set the bench and watch Tubby’s recruits play????

    You have no point….

  201. Goose_is_Golden

    196 I hear people throw his name around but he’s been at Zaga for so long, I think he’d have a tough time handling a big program. Look up his coaching resume, the only thing he knows is gonzaga basketball. Look for a good, up and coming coach who’s young and has been around success before.

  202. Donna Smith

    We LOVE success. Look at us.. We are at a damn terrible time in the Big Blue Nation…Yes.. Hell I was at the FL game. I had to see it in person. But come on….all we are doin on her is running off recruits….we are a better program than this…YES.
    But I want to make sure that the same people talking $hit on here are here when we are on the winning trail in 2 years with Billy G. We all Bleed Blue and want to win….damn. I’m just as pissed off as everyone….what the hell? We GOT SEVEN BITCHE$!!!!!!!!!!! GO PHUCKIN BIG BLUE!!!!

  203. BluesMan

    those are kinda rare.

  204. BluesMan

    203 references 201

  205. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #197 – BillyGIsNotMyLover – Your prejudging these players abilities based on unqualified self named talent watchers. If you have seen them yourself you’d make sure you saw more than one viewing. They all appear to be excelling at their schools and their teams are producing.

    If Marc Maggard was worth a grain of salt, he would be a full time scout for multiple colleges or a pro team who’s time would be way too valuable than to be running amateur hour on a web forum.

  206. ThetaChiUKfan

    201- he is from oregon, and he is friends with the AD, so maybe that helps

  207. Goose_is_Golden

    206 Oh really? Cool I’ve wondered how he’d do in a power conference maybe now we’ll get to see.

    204 Yeah I know but there are a couple out there, you just have to look around a lot, but any AD worth his salt already has a list of those guys.

  208. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #200 – CAnTuckeeBoi – Either you can’t read or you have ADHD.

    If you could read you wouldn’t have said what you said. Maybe you suffer from ADHD. So you can read, but you can’t pay attention to what your reading for long so you move on and miss what you thought you were reading.

    One of the 2. No doubt about it. Those aren’t names or insults. It’s diagnosis.

  209. ThetaChiUKfan

    208- shouldn’t you be watching tape of ole miss instead of defending your job security to a bunch of fans

  210. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #209 – ThetaChiUKfan – Again, the use of the word fans. Fans support their coach. You don’t. So your not a fan.

    Your a member of a group of people who aren’t fans.

    Now, you don’t have to have any knowledge in basketball to be a fan, but you are not only not a fan, but have no understanding of what is required to have a basketball team work.

    Here’s some watered down Cliffnotes:
    – Personnel + Determined Coach with tried and true methods who Actively Recruits = Successful team
    – Fan = Team Supporter Win or Lose

  211. Donna Smith


  212. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Yea Donna!!! You know your husbands no longer the coach, right?

  213. Donna Smith

    YEP….But I’m a Billy—ver!!!!

  214. Goose_is_Golden

    210 While I agree with you that Gillispie shouldn’t be gone and he definately has the tools to succeed, I’m not sure that I buy your synopsis on the fans and their relationship with the team.

  215. ThetaChiUKfan

    210- i don’t support the team? paying money to go to the games, putting my health at risk by watching this team on tv, buying the jersey, spending my free time on here making you look stupid….what else does it take to qualify for a fan? i have supported billy g since day one, up until a couple weeks ago. i don’t know about team work? i used to coach high school ball, before giving it up to be a team manager, and then to work for an NBA team. anything else you want to be wrong about?

    just because you are old enough to rail Rupp’s ugly a$$ daughter, you aren’t a genius.

  216. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #213 – Hey tell your husband I’m sorry he lots the game for his team on Saturday.

    What’s a Billy-ver?

  217. Donna Smith

    216…He didn’t LOTS it…he freakin L-O-S-T it!!!! And it means: I’m a Believer!!!!

  218. Goose_is_Golden

    215 whoa whoa whoa, do you really work for an NBA team? BTW just because UJM supports BCG doesn’t mean he’s old. My Grandmother HATES BCG

  219. ThetaChiUKfan

    218- he said he dates rupp’s daughter, or something to that extent

  220. ThetaChiUKfan


  221. Goose_is_Golden

    Donna you add so much flavor to this site, and you were the best fan we ever had. Hope the gophers make it so we don’t have to play them in the NIT

  222. BluesMan

    I just want to win and win big. Tubby had the potential to be better than Pitino, but got too comfortable. Gillispie has the potential to win big, but this season appears to be quite a setback. I really think he is just trying to have the team play his game but the players just aren’t capable of doing it outside of Patterson. It could work in the long run, but as we’ve seen this season, the short term results can be hard to swallow.

    So, I’m ready to support the team and the coach, whoever that happens to be, regardless of what kind of roster turnover we see going into next season. If we see a mass exodous of players, we should treat it as an opportunity.

    With that said, if Billy bolts for Texas Tech I will never forgive him.

  223. Donna Smith

    Baby….I want to see the men in Blue make it so bad….my heart aches..

  224. whitetailbuck01234

    Way to go you bitching supposedly Kentucky fans. All I ever read is fire the coach, certain players that suck and all that stuff. Do you people not think the player read this shit. Would you play hard or listen to your coach if all you ever read is dogging the team and the coach. The whole UK program is down right now because of you nagging bitching fans. Do you really know what you all are doing to the program. Do you not think that the decision that Patterson and his family will make will be based a little on the atmosphere that surrounds the UK program. If they feel there is no hope because of things that are going on and all the Kentucky fans ever do is bitch and nag well then he is probably gone. But you see, there is really nothing going on. See look you have a coach that is in his 2nd year of coaching. Trying to fix what Tubby left us. You people that think that this can be done in 2 years need to get off the crack and come back down to reality. Think about it, what players on this years team are Tubby’s. What players are coming in next year if you bitching fans don’t make them change their minds. And when it comes to recruiting, what players do you think would want to come to a fan base that sucks this bad when their is all kinds of schools out there that would love to have them win or lose. And by the way Donovan didn’t make NCAA for 2nd straight year, Pelphrey didn’t make it, Tubby didn’t make it, Ford didn’t make it, this is for the fire the coach and get one of these. It would be hard to find someone that would come to Kentucky and coach, I know I sure the hell wouldn’t. You need to get off coaches back and support him, and quit making his job harder than it already is.

  225. Goose_is_Golden

    219 LOL, oh man. In that case don’t the Old Folks homes have some kind of curfew? If he stays up any later he might lose his internet privledges

  226. Donna Smith

    I can never leave the Big Blue Nation….

  227. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #215 – ThetaChiUKfan – That’s a hell of a resume. Head coach to team manager. That’s an intersting path.

    Work for an NBA team. You know, I don’t think everybody is aware but NBA teams have janitors on their staff that can say the same thing. Interesting how there’s no mention of what you did for the NBA team and how that was left out. We’ll move on.

    Since you don’t recognize there’s no veterans to rely on and that is the top issue with the team it’s easy to say you don’t know what it takes to make a team work in division 1 college basketball.

    Do you suffer from the same illnesses as knee jerkin CAnTuckeeBoi? I never said I screwed Rupps Daughter. I dated a former player of Rupp’s daughter. That doesn’t make me old.

    But it gives me insight into who Rupp was and how he accomplished his legendary career.

  228. Goose_is_Golden

    Donna you know Billy is a single man… just saying

  229. Donna Smith

    Whitetailbuck01234: Read my posts baby….I hate to be away……throw me a pom pon!! (Ashley!!!)

  230. Donna Smith

    Whitetailbuck01234: Read my posts baby….I hate to be away……throw me a pom pon!! (Ashley!!!)

  231. ThetaChiUKfan

    someone else blaming the fans…….good lord

  232. Donna Smith

    Hey Goose….Billy G may be single…
    But hun..I can’t draw up the x’s and o’s…

  233. Donna Smith

    Let’s just hope for a win for the men in blue and white….

  234. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #231 – ThetaChiUKfan – Someone else hsa their head out of their ass and is looking around seeing what is corrosive and unhelpful.

  235. ThetaChiUKfan

    227- i coached hs, then went to be a team manager for the school i attended…and with that nba team i kept stats. not a janitor, good try. google harvey pollack, that guy knows his fair share about basketball.

    experience is not the most important thing in the world. we have two of the best 15 players in the nation. we have one of the best scorers, well he was until billy g told him to just force shit. we also have the hardest working big man, he has the best hands of any big man in college basketball. seriously, there are 200+ d-1 coaches out there that could have taken this team to the ncaa tourney. no reason for us to go .500 in the conference, no reason at all.

  236. ThetaChiUKfan

    234- what’s not helpful is the way our team is playing. i am not going to sit back and accept the fact we might be the worst d-1 team in the state.

  237. ThetaChiUKfan

    235- and by school i mean college. because i am interested in getting into collegiate coaching

  238. 10, 2, and 4

    224. good post, whitetailbuck.

  239. Trashmaster

    Harvey, you are one old dude to be on here so late. 😉

  240. Donna Smith

    Liggins gone
    Harrellson gone
    Carter gone
    P-Pat gone
    Meeks gone
    Galloway gone
    Stewart gone
    (and everyone forgets) Pilgrim gone

  241. Donna Smith

    Donna here

  242. ThetaChiUKfan

    239- haha, i know, i need to hit the sack

  243. Goose_is_Golden

    UJM… You are just trying to pick a fight I think.

    224 It’s not to much to ask that we beat Gardner-Webb, San Diego State, VMI, Houston, and Georgia on senior day with everything on the line? This no questions should be asked of authority is a bulls*^t answer to the criticisms some fans are posting on here. However I’m of the same opinion that it’s to early to bail on Billy.

  244. whitetailbuck01234

    Hey 231 do you actually think that the fans are helping the team. There is nobody to blame. Why did anybody think this years team would be any better than last years team especially considering all the new players that came in. You won’t go out and get 2 or 3 five stars recruits to come to Kentucky when you have only had 2 years to do it. These players are being recruited when their freshmen in highschool. You can’t turn around a program in only 2 years. I don’t understand why Kentucky fans are bitching for, we haven’t done anything in over ten years. Why not give a talented coach the time to rebuild this program instead of making it harder for him.

  245. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    240) You really believe all of these guys are gone? A couple I could see, but all of them is rather difficult.

  246. ThetaChiUKfan

    244- because, to be honest, how has billy g showed he is talented since he got here?

  247. ThetaChiUKfan

    last year, all billy g did as a coach, was hand the ball to ramel and joe, say kill the clock and then iso the last 5 seconds and get a shot off. it doesn’t a phil jackson character to do that

  248. BluesMan

    he was SEC coach of the year last year and won some big games without Patterson late in the season, Florida specifically.

    but this year has been awful aside from the Tennessee games.

  249. Donna Smith

    and who are you disagreeing with?? 1 is a senior….1 is a PG that play behind Porter….2 are NBA players…..
    Galloway..and Stewart? Stewart is going to go to a FL school…he’s from Jacksonville….Galloway…we’ll see.

  250. 10, 2, and 4

    243. No one is saying ask no questions. Just don’t have it too loud and negative so it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy by making it impossible for Gillispie to achieve the success we’re all after.