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Late Night Notes


I was pulling for the boys from Western tonight, but they couldnt get it done (and yes they deserved the timeout and yes Seth Davis is a goober). That means that all of our state’s energy can now be focused on making sure that Louisville loses. Come together people, its imperative!

Two quick notes…

— As I wrote earlier today, a meeting on Gillispie’s future did take place on Friday. Those of you who are on this site regularly know that I dont speak in absolutes very often, but I am certain it did take place. As I stated earlier in the comments section, I dont have that same level of certainty about the results of the meeting, and either way even if I get that certainty, I wont write about it until the season is over. All will be known soon enough….and as I have said multiple times, it would take only a few words from Mitch to end all speculation and rumor mongering. That isnt being done and it is either telling (that he is gone) or is a mistake of epic proportions in judgment (if he stays). We shall see.

— WKYT did a report tonight in which they interviewed the families of all 2009 recruits. The basic gist of what they said was that they would all re-evaluate their commitment to Kentucky if Coach left. That should surprise no one and is the standard answer for all recruits. When a coach changes, the school usually enforces the LOI to the degree that they require the kid to meet with the new coach. 90 percent of the time that kid stays at the school (like DeAndre Jordan when Gillispie came here). This process will likely be similar if a change were to be made.

Interestingly Daniel Orton’s father said he had called Mitch Barnhart to find out what is going on, but had received no return phone call. Like all the rest of us, the recruits’ families are in wait and see mode. If Gillispie is coming back, leaving them hanging by not supporting the Coach is a mistake by Mitch. If he is not coming back, then not talking to the recruits may be Mitch’s only choice.

Gillispie has a 2 pm press conference tomorrow that is regularly scheduled to preview the Creighton game. We will let you know what he says about the big matchup and anything else.

Article written by Matt Jones

316 responses to “Late Night Notes”

  1. shOOter

    BCG is gone!

  2. Basteballer

    Yup. He’s gone.


  3. TheBigBooyah

    Cats are Top 15 with Mendez-Valdez (see above) running point.

  4. ukwkufan

    Goober is too nice…..Seth is an idiot! The loss was a tough one, but I couldn’t prouder of the way guys battled through the whole game. I think the program continues to grow. Love Coach McDonald and his mind-set to get the team on the level of other mid-majors who have found a way to get automatic bids. We’ll be back! Go Toppers!

  5. Trashmaster

    Watched the report on WKYT and none of the 3 fathers seemed too happy with the thought of Billy Clyde leaving. Orton and Villarino seemed the most disturbed.

  6. GoCats2010

    anyone want to go after Mitch on this one? I mean he was essentially the supervisor over the recent collapse of our prized program, yeah, he built the others up, but he has done nothing for our Basketball program (sans Craft Center b/c that was coming anyways from the boosters) except allow Demoss to leave the women’s team.

    Keep Rich, Ditch Mitch

  7. 10, 2, and 4

    All the Gillispie haters better temper their fervor. When he’s back, you’ll have hard feelings and next year spend the whole season wallowing in a cesspool of your own bitterness. That’s no way to be friends.

  8. fallenprogram

    Matt…IF BG is gone, do you expect a mass exodus? Or conversely, he goes?

  9. fallenprogram

    How odd is it that Mitch hasn’t given BG any words of confidence to the media or recruits??

  10. fallenprogram

    Conversely, he stays rather…

  11. BluesMan

    I don’t see the point of having the meeting while there are still games to play if they were going to fire him. It seems like they would just fire him before the game and start their search for a new coach. Unless of course Gillispie asked for the meeting and said “I need to get out of here”.

    All mindless speculation from me, of course.

    Matt Jones, I think you’ve played this one perfectly.

  12. Trashmaster

    Last time Mitch gave encouraging words, our coach bolted for the northern country.

  13. The_Source

    whats the point in saying a meeting took place and providing
    no information? Wouldnt it be better just to wait until there
    might be facts to post? When there is no meat to a story
    there is no story.

  14. Crakaveli

    Really, there’s nothing to discuss. Nothing has happened. Mitch’s silence speaks loud, but it may speak for other reasons we’ll find out later. I can’t believe Gillispie would be gone after 2 years. It may be PR russian roulette for UK.

  15. A-to-the-Z

    Why would anyone be worried about losing GJ Vilarino? Heck, BCG is recruiting his position in HIS class – not once BUT TWICE.

    Orton and Patterson are very close – in fact, their moms became good friends before Orton’s mother passed. If PP comes back, I bet Orton will be here. It is unlikely that Hood bails on his home state – he’d be remembered for that forever.

    I think BCG is gone. If not, Mitch is making a huge mistake like MJ said – which is sadly noy outside the realm of possibility.

    Is it confirmed that BCG was not at the meeting..?

  16. dk96

    14 – There is a lot of meat to the story if BG was not there and no comment of support has come out. Face it, you’ve been comltely wrong in your assessment that BG will be back.

  17. dk96

    15 – UNC fired 2 coaches in a row after only 2 years. Why is it so bad if UK does it?

  18. fallenprogram

    14) No. We appreciate Matt keeping us in the loop re ALL news. Thanks Matt.

  19. Trashmaster

    IMO The national media is waiting for the WORD and then it will be lights out UK. Either way we get reamed!

  20. byebillyhellobilly

    The media seems to be on board with getting rid of Gillispie so im not concerned about any back lash. What i want is Calipari,Donovan or Pitino. If that happens we are in better shape for the future and we will keep 3/4 of our roster and recruits and be just fine.

  21. dk96

    20 – Wrong. The national media hates BG and would love to see him fired.

  22. Crakaveli

    Who was the first? Guthridge retired and Dougherty was fired.

  23. GoCats2010

    GRRR BCG is a nazi who wants us all to fail..GRRR

    Gosh Matt I hate it when you give us as much information as you deem possible (sarcasm). If he lets too much out, it can cause disaster for the program. Good call

  24. The_Source

    I have no clue as to whether Billy will be back, but neither
    does anyone else.

  25. BluesMan

    If Gillispie returns, I don’t see how that necessarily makes Barnhardt’s silence a mistake. It may only confirm what Matt has been saying for a while now: the decision has not been made. Barnhardt has real concessions he wants to get from Gillispie about being the face of the program, and he can’t get them if he gives up his leverage by saying that the coach is being retained. Plus there’s the whole business of Mitch giving Billy a vote of confidence, and then Billy bolting a la OTS.

  26. dk96

    23 – Guthrie retired is like Tubby upgrading his career at MN. Either way, they fired a coach after 2 years and it seems to be working out pretty good for them.

  27. KentuckyWildcats

    For us to get an elite level coach/top notch will take big time money.
    Probably around 4mil a year. The fans who don’t like Gillispie didn’t
    even give him two years. How are you going to justify giving an elite
    coach around 4mil/base salary when it will take at least 4 years to turn
    things around? You didn’t even give Gillispie two years, eventhough we
    lost our two PGs from last year and another experienced elite guard/SF.
    So your going to give an elite coach making around 4mil a year more than
    two years? Yeah right!

    Or we could give Gillispie, who has proven to be a very good coach, a
    year to turn things around with a possible very good team with lots of
    talent. If things don’t get better next year, then UK fires Gillispie.
    Then at least our 09 recruits are already here, Ferguson already signed,
    giving a new coach a much better chance of keeping them here.

    Giving Gillispie one more year is the safest bet in my opinion. We
    are going to suck next year if Gillispie is fired. We might be really
    good if he stays or at the least we will suck, which would anyways if
    Gillispie was fired after this season. Then we could just let him go.
    At least the 09 class would already be here and Ferguson signed. That
    would give a new coach a great chance of keeping them.

    Best thing for UK is to give Gillispie another year and see how things
    go next season. What could it hurt? Nothing. Letting him after this season
    is taking a big risk. Things could be okay or things could really get bad.

    Giving Gillispie one more year is the best option.

  28. ruppcrazy

    7)I’m in the BCG’s gotta go camp, but I have already come to the realization that I may not like next year’s coach and if that happens I’ll cheer for them and him just the same.

  29. Trashmaster

    22 – We both have opinions. All may hate but some have supported him having more than 2 years at UK. We shall see.

  30. byebillyhellobilly

    The fans had nothing to do with this. Gillispie caused all this on his own and now Todd and Barnhart will deal with it. The fans did nothing but support him and sell out a home NIT game. We are suitting by and watching this unfold.

  31. Enrico_Pallazzo

    my version of (someone on the inside who definitely knows what’s going on) informed me today that the decision was made by Todd & Barnhart to fire Gillispie and that they’ll let him know after Monday’s game, adding, be careful how you circulate this as “these things have their way of unraveling” – let it be known that my contact’s connection with UK is/was purely media driven and that they deeply despise Billy Clyde, and have from the start…

    I wasn’t able to ask them but here are my questions, for which no answer exists: What if we win on Monday? Who will coach the next game? What if we win the NIT Tournament?

    If Billy Clyde is fired Tuesday morning, I hope Patterson & Meeks declare for NBA that afternoon. And I hope every single recruit decides to go elsewhere, this is an absolute disgrace

  32. aspenmurphy

    What a convuluted ridiculous mess. Mitch inpsires almost zero confidence in me. I honestly have no idea how any of this is going to turn out. If I had to guess I’d say 60% chance he is gone, and if he is gone, 99% chance Mitch amateuristically stalks/begs/blows Donovan again.

    And unfortunately (for me at least), I consider Donovan at most a 1-2% upgrade from Gillispie. The thought of him as our coach honestly makes me sick to my stomach.

  33. KentuckyWildcats

    I don’t want Billy Donovan. He has been in two straight NITs. He can’t
    get his highly recruited players to play good enough right now.

    Calipari be stupid to leave Memphis with a good young team returning next
    year and maybe the best recruiting class of all time coming in. Plus he
    wouldn’t have Fed-Ex to back him up anymore.

    Who will we get?

  34. BluesMan

    27. What was the deal with the press conference thing from Thursday?

  35. dk96

    27 – You are not giving UK fans the credit they deserve. Everyone loved Pitnio’s 1st year team because we could see that the future was very bright even though we were 14 – 14. We don’t need anymore time to see that BG is an awful coach.

  36. Goose_is_Golden

    ethan, sorry I didn’t see your post. If I had to pick between Shaun and Monk, I would go with Shaun. Monk just has to many habits that would piss me off

  37. byebillyhellobilly

    How the hell do you bring back Pitino when he may be playing for two more weeks? Isn’t that too long to wait an anouncement? You can’t have this out while his team is playing.

  38. TayPrinceJr.

    “Don’t speak unless you can improve the silence.”-Adolph Rupp

  39. byebillyhellobilly

    Donovan needs a change it’s as simple as that. Once he gets here he will win a third title.

  40. Crakaveli

    Rick Pitino is not walking through that door! Is that one okay big brother?

  41. GoCats2010

    39. thats BS dude that was my facebook status earlier today

  42. BluesMan

    “Gillispie caused all this on his own…”


    and I don’t think Calipari’s recruiting class would be much of a reason for him to stay in Memphis. That’s a one and done class and he’d be here for many years.

  43. GoCats2010

    39. and…its “Boys, we have a rule here. You don’t speak unless you can improve upon the silence.”

    don’t misquote the Baron

  44. aspenmurphy

    People saying they don’t think Calipari would come here make me laugh. The guy can win 2,000,000 games in Memphis and no one will really remember it. And no one in their right mind would turn down a better job because they had great recruits coming in the next season. And, make no mistake about it, more than any other school in the country, these kids choose Memphis BECAUSE of Calipari. He can pull in kids like that ANY year at virtually ANY school.

    The only problem is…well, back to my Zero Confidence in Mitch thing. I doubt Calipari will even be considered. Again.

  45. dk96

    42 – Can you say the same about Calipari? I can’t see that happening either.

  46. Kuen


    Assuming Gillespie is gone (whether or not thats true…) what do you think of these odds:
    Donovan 60%, Ford 25%, Calipari 5%, other 10%

  47. KentuckyWildcats

    Jones – Orton, Pilgrim, Stevenson, and an older Harrellson is better
    than Patterson and Stevenson. Liggins still has star potential.

    If we can put two good ball handlers on the court next year who
    don’t turn the ball over, then we could be a better team with
    an older Miller, Pilgrim, Orton.

    I know that is a big IF but I still say next season comes down to the
    development of Liggins/Galloway, how quickly GJ/Hood/Tucker develop, and
    if we can get Bledsoe and/or Armstead.

    lets not forget that how good Meeks is and lossing him means lossing a lot
    of points but we also would get rid of of Meeks turnover problems, horrible
    passing, horrible handles, and get rid of his inability to beat people off
    the dribble and shoot over them.

    Next year comes down to guards. The only thing holding us back this year
    were turnovers. We were a good offensive and defensive team, at least
    good enough that those things didn’t cost us games.

    Turnovers did, the same turnovers we didn’t have last season when we had
    Ramel, Joe, and Jasper and we came out on the winning end of close games
    instead of the lossing end of many close games this season.

  48. A-to-the-Z


    FedEx backing Calipari – what does that mean? I know they pay the bulk of his salary but UK will pay top-dollar as well.

    I think the top-notch recruits he is signing is the bigger issue. Also, MJ has mentioned that Donovan is probably option #1 and I think thats how far Mitch will have to go this time.

    I think Caliapari would bring instant credibility but it will be hard to get him.

  49. dk96

    46 – Mitch couldn’t even get a face to face meeting with BD last time. I agree that he won’t be able to get Calapari.

  50. Al Purnell here Mendez-Valdez Jones

    So are you saying Billy Donovan will be the new coach in 4 weeks?
    Thanks and I’ll hang up and listen to your answer.

  51. dk96

    49 – We came out on the losing end of a 1st round NCAA game. Is that your measure of success?

  52. Enrico_Pallazzo

    48. Who is Gillespie?

  53. Crakaveli

    52. Don’t hold your breath

  54. TayPrinceJr.

    45. Its the best I could remember out of some book I don’t feel like looking for right now lol

  55. byebillyhellobilly

    Yes it will be Donovan.

  56. GoCats2010

    50. FedEx employs a few parents of current/past players as well as maybe a recruit or two. Its an NCAA infraction waiting to happen

  57. Crakaveli

    Maybe we can get UPS to hire some people for UK?

  58. Trashmaster

    So, little Eddie Munster is coming to UK. lmao

  59. A-to-the-Z

    The true irony is that Tubby would have been on UK’s short list if he hadn’t coached here before… HA!

  60. Enrico_Pallazzo

    53. Billy Clyde was awarded SEC Coach of the Year, in my book – which is titled “Reality” – that qualifies as a measure of success…hanging another banner in Rupp Arena (2009 NIT Champions) would also fit into that category

  61. Al Purnell here Mendez-Valdez Jones

    57) I hope so, I bought one of those damn Got Billy G shirts 2 yrs. ago, that way I can mark out the G and put a D and save a shirt.

  62. greenwell

    I really don’t want Billy D. Those players won the back-to-back titles, sorry.

  63. KentuckyWildcats

    So we are going to fire Gillispie, take a chance of lossing a lot
    of players for Billy Donovan who Gillispie has beaten twice with two
    totally different looking teams at UK and has just has been to his
    2nd straight NIT.

    I rather take a chance with Gillispie for another year than start over
    with Donovan.

  64. Kuen

    49 – Orton, Pilgrim, and Stevenson are not better than Patterson by himself. Orton has been injured, Pilgrim is an unknown, and Stevenson is consistantly inconsistant.

    We have no ball handlers coming in that will unseat Porter. Our best option for next year is Galloway/Liggins, but we already know Billy won’t play them.

  65. GoCats2010

    56. was it laughing with uncle adolph? cuz i just read that one last week

  66. A-to-the-Z

    58 wow, thats bad if true. We don’t need that at UK. Lexmark/Toyota employing recruits parents or something, LOL

  67. dk96

    62 – NIT banner will not happen. Please don’t base your opinions on futures.

  68. byebillyhellobilly

    64 did those players get him to the other Final he went to?

  69. Crakaveli

    Isn’t Dixon basically YOUR favorite, Matt?

  70. TayPrinceJr.

    “What we need is some payin’ gigs. Amen, Johnson”-Slingblade lol

  71. Kuen

    I don’t know why Calipari isn’t the top choice…..

    UMass got in trouble because they had an amazing talent in Camby and he took money from an agent…That is not Calipari’s fault.

    He is the best recruiter in the game, and based on the results of this year, one of the best pure coaches.

  72. byebillyhellobilly

    No coach could keep the current roster or recruits like Donovan,Pitino,or Cal. Anyone else and we would be IU all over. Todd/Barn will get one of the three.

  73. aspenmurphy

    I give up. I have zero power. I wish this site and tens of thousands of UK Nation would rise up and scream for Calipari and express their collective nausea at even the prospect of Donovan…but that isn’t going to happen. Mainly because everyone seems to feel differently, and a ton of people sound like they would be overjoyed with Donovan…but also because even a site like this doesn’t have any true power.

    You want to win multiple championships over 10-15 years and have a true legend on your sidelines, one that would eventually do more than Pitino ever did — then you bring in Calipari. If you want more frustration and inconsistency, and players that everyone hates like Matt Walsh and Joakim Noah, as well as prissy little bitch teams that play little to no defense and underachieve virtually every season, then go ahead and get Donovan.

  74. A-to-the-Z

    I think it would be a mistake to swap BCG with Dixon, Ford or Matta. Just a fans opinion.

  75. Al Purnell here Mendez-Valdez Jones

    I could only imagine how good UK could have been with a PG. If they only had a Slaughter/Mendez-Valdez running the team.

  76. TayPrinceJr.

    Donovan is getting good recruits and sucking right now. If he can’t make his own team play good how is he going to coach this team any better then BCG would? I’d wait on rolling the dice.

  77. Crakaveli

    75. Calipari didn’t know about Camby, like Eddie Sutton didn’t know about Chris Mills. wink wink

  78. dk96

    65 – Crawl? I hope you are right but I don’t see it at all. Why would Calapari crawl to UK?

  79. byebillyhellobilly

    #77 you hated those players because they played for UF. Just like you hate Duke. Donovan has been to 3 Fional games. Are you reading this correctly? 3, he laso played in a Final Four anmd was a coach at UK for another Final Four. He knows what winning in the tournament is all about.

  80. Crakaveli

    Yeah, but do you REALLY know first tier and what the hell are we talking about anyway, Gillispie is not gone.

  81. KentuckyWildcats

    I didn’t say we would be better without Meeks and Patterson. I am saying
    it comes down to guards. Good guards make all the difference. I think
    Meeks and Patterson stay anyways if Gillispie stays, so that really wouldn’t

    Donovan – two straight NITs with players that made up two highly ranked recruiting

    Calipari – dream on! No way he leaves the situation he is in next year at Memphis

    Dixon – Well if you don’t like Gillispie style you won’t like Dixon’s. It is slow
    and Dixon won’t have the luxuary of building a team like he wants to. You
    all will destroy him everytime he took a 3star over a 5 star.

    Ford – hasn’t landed an elite player yet. YOu all like recruiting, so if that is
    still the belief of many then you don’t want Ford who hasn’t proven anything
    in recruiting yet.

    Matta – Now that does intrigue me. Great Recruiter already and now put the UK name
    with it. Good coach and the media loves him.

  82. aspenmurphy

    Matt: what is this “significant roadblock” to Calipari? See, that is why I wish these morons like Barnhart who live in their own little bubble would have to be made accountable to the masses. Don’t just sit back there in your backrooms and make decisions based on…God knows what information.

    Ugh. Donovan. I’m literally about to throw up in my mouth.

  83. 10, 2, and 4

    You will rest now but when you awake you will have the image of Joakim Noah in a UK uniform…

  84. GoCats2010

    lets all admit that we at some point have thought of Cal as slime…but he could be our slime this time around

  85. Trashmaster

    To be fair we should hire the new coach for 1 year with a one year extension and if during any year he wins less than 25 games we can his ass.

  86. WildcatScratchFever

    I just can’t see him coming back next year if Barnhart or Todd won’t give a straight answer on the question. I would imagine the day or so after we play our last game they will have a press conference to announce his departure. I don’t really want this but I don’t see how he stays at this point. Just please no Donovan. Please god.

  87. A-to-the-Z

    Matt, can you explain more on the roadblock for Cal? Is it the fear of NCAA violations?

    In any case, it feels like it’ll be Donovan to me.

  88. dk96

    77 – Good point. I hope we don’t have to cheer for Walsh/Noah types.

  89. Al Purnell here Mendez-Valdez Jones

    According to Matt Jones uncle, Jerry Tipton, the Arkansas AD has voiced his support for John Pelphrey. Wonder when this will happen for BCG?

  90. BluesMan

    Matt, do you use the “you’re living in a dreamworld” argument in court? And as a follow-up, does it work?

    I think Tubby and Billy G are both excellent coaches. One walked after he inexplicably stopped doing a major part of his job that he was actually pretty good at (recruiting), and one may be fired because he inexplicably stopped doing a major part of his job that he was actually pretty good at (public relations).

    Can we just find someone who just does his job?

  91. Kuen

    Calipari will come to UK, is the best choice, and brings the best recruits immediately…he just needs the money.

    Ford is the favorite of the locals and the parent’s of the players.

    Donovan is the likely choice for a reason unknown to me.

  92. TayPrinceJr.

    Meeks and Patterson stay no matter what happen I think. They wouldn’t transfer anywhere and they would be making a mistake by going when they aren’t ready yet IMO.

  93. dk96

    91 – You’re missing the point again. Results are secondary to seeing improvement and a future. Point back to Pitino’s 14-14 team his 1st year. We loved them!

  94. byebillyhellobilly

    #98 is being a part of winning 34 NCAA tournament games and going to 5 Final Fours not good enough for you?

  95. Crakaveli

    What if Mitch Barnhardt came out and said, “I’m putting Jeremy Cox as an interim coach for 1 year. Dr. Todd and I have agreed to look for a basketball coach for one year to put the perfect coach in the best basketball program in America.” That would be nutty, huh?

  96. greenwell

    71) Did he win it? Kruger got them to a final four 6 years earlier.

  97. KentuckyWildcats

    UK fans put the heat on Joe B. Hall and forced him to retire then
    you got Sutton.

    Not saying Gillispie is Joe B Hall. What I am saying is be carefull what
    you ask for when saying you want Calipari.

    Calipari can get away with things at Memphis and he has Fed-Ex helping him out.

    All eyes would be on him at UK and I don’t know if having Calipari with
    all eyes on him is a good thing.

    You all got what you wanted when you asked for Sutton (or when your fathers asked
    ask for Sutton, for those who are young), you might just get what you ask for
    if Calipari comes here

  98. Kuen

    101 – being part of…….. yeah that means NOTHING to me

    winning championships means a lot, and Donovan has 2, but he turned us down once, and is underachieving as usual since.

  99. Crakaveli

    96. When have I said, “I don’t believe you” and you don’t know what you’re talking about?”

  100. dk96

    103 – You are really grasping now and showing your ignorance.

  101. TayPrinceJr.

    104. With Fed-Ex, Calipari has faster shipping options for packages to recuits ughh…friends ughh..guess he’s going to get caught red handed.

  102. Trashmaster

    We loved Pitino’s first year because they were blue collar KY boys (most) that stayed because they were at home with UK.

  103. CatFan615

    How about somebody explain why Gillispie doesn’t get 3 years or even a full class of his own recruits to prove he can do something? No PG to a basketball team is like no QB to a football team and we all sat thru that.

  104. Al Purnell here Mendez-Valdez Jones

    I can’t imagine the uproar at Rupp next season with no Meeks or Patterson and the team possibly losing a lot of games. No way he would withstand the pressure from the fanbase..Hell he can’t stand the pressure from Jeanine Edwards halftime interview.

  105. Trashmaster

    dk96 – You must have mistaken me for someone else.

  106. TayPrinceJr.

    Matt, I just can’t see why they would leave NOW, it doesn’t make sense to me. Anybody else I can see, but not them too. I don’t think I’m wishful thinking though.

  107. dk96

    111 – That’s not why I loved them. I loved there style of play. Don’t you remember the press and screaming “3.” What are you excited about now?

  108. Kuen

    What is this Fedex garbage?

    Who cares who the boosters are? The NCAA doesn’t. Ok St gets 40mil from an oil billionare. Oregon gets the same from Nike. Fedex can’t hide cheating, because Calipari isn’t cheating.

    He is just the one of the best.

  109. scv87

    If Gillispie is gone I doubt we ever see Tucker in a Kentucky uniform. Villarino may leave, but where’s he going to go? He’s not a higly rated recruit. Hood will be here no matter what. Orton’s situation could go either way. Another big name team would snag him up in no time, but if Patterson comes back then he might want to play with him.

    One thing that hasn’t been talked about is the impact of the rumor about 5 players leaving if Gillispie comes back. If that’s true and Gillispie knows it, then it might cause him to leave “on his own.” If those 5 players include Patterson and Meeks, then he will have a losing season next year and he’ll get fired. If he knows next year’s going to be worse than this year he might rather leave on his own terms instead of being fired.

  110. landbetweenlake

    Mitch better come out soon and say something either one way or the other it’s getting out of hand now, one things for sure if he does decide Billy has to go he better make damn sure he brings in a big name who can get the job done or he will be the next to hit the road.

  111. Trashmaster

    dk96 – My wife and kids.

  112. greenwell

    Matt Jones 73) Kruger got them to a final four 2 years before BD arrived. No basketball tradition then either. Where’s Kruger now?

    Actually, it’s 3 final games in 13 years for BD. Not bad but not great either when you have the team he had for the 06 and 07 teams. That team had chemistry and not many Coaches can “coach” chemistry.

    Sorry dude, you can LOL if you want but you’re usually the one blaming a coach when he is losing and crediting the players when they are winning. See your LAST 2,000 posts on this site.

  113. Al Purnell here Mendez-Valdez Jones

    116) We get to scream now in Rupp when the clock is down to 6 seconds and the Offense is trying to setup something…lol

  114. KentuckyWildcats

    #117 your right and then UK gets negative press for text messaging,
    moving midnight madness up a week (which was within the rules), etc.

    What goes on at other schools is one thing. It going on a UK would be
    a totally different thing.

  115. dk96

    120 – I’m happy for you then. Anything from BG make you happy besides a bunch of recruits that could end up like Legion and Liggons?

  116. aspenmurphy

    112: after this season do you really need to ask that? Good Lord. If he was even moderately competent at the totality of this incredible job then of COURSE he would have been given time, and plenty of it.

  117. A-to-the-Z

    I envy Mitch. He makes $500K a year and still has a secure job despite totally blowing the coaching search in 2007.

  118. dk96

    123 – We would get a free pass on this one. BG has been such an A-Hole that even the media would let us slide on this one. Besides, who cares what the national media thinks?

  119. dk96

    126 – He didn’t just blow the search, he blew $6M!

  120. wfc7

    Matt, I am hearing that many of the high-dollar boosters are actually pushing for Pitino … what have your heard?

  121. Trashmaster

    dk96 – I support the CATS and I’m an optimist. Time does great things. Not saying Billy should leave or stay.

  122. aspenmurphy

    The lunacy of not even considering Calipari last time, and probably not this time either just furthers my belief that Barnhart is a complete and total amateur. If Calipari was cheating he would have been caught many times over by now. That perception of him isn’t new. After UMass it essentially was stuck to him, and tons of people have already for years now just assumed he was cheating his ass off to get these players at Memphis. Again, if he had cheated, even a tiny bit, at Memphis he would have been caught by now.

  123. Kuen

    123…..any team in the final 4 is closely scrutanized. Period. And Cal has been there and will be there again.

    The biggest thing to me is that his kids LOVE him, and they are AWESOME to watch.

    Can you imagine seeing a team running up and down the floor for the first time since 2003 (or 1997)?

    Thats what Cal brings. Plus he probably brings John Wall.

    Everyone should think about this lineup:
    Wall, Meeks, Pligrim/Miller, Patterson, Orton

    That team is a preseason number 1

  124. A-to-the-Z

    Leftover sushi is actually pretty good

  125. dk96

    131 – What did time do for Tubby while you were probably being optimistic for 10 years?

  126. byebillyhellobilly

    I like leftover clams.

  127. Trashmaster

    134 – never tried it

  128. KentuckyWildcats

    UK lost two senior guards last year Ramel and Joe (eventhough he did play SF,
    he was really a guard in a 3 guard lineup). We also lost Jasper who started
    for two years at PG (even if he stayed he wouldn’t have played this year due
    to his injury).

    That is like lossing our QB, back up QB, and star runningback.

    What did you all expect from a team with a guard like Porter, turnover
    master and weak ball handler in Meeks, a JUCO transfer, and a freshman?

    I try to tell you all before the season started we would struggle this year
    because of no quality guards and turnovers would kill us but if we just
    get through this season, then those guard troubles could become a strength
    the season after. I was dead on because turnovers is what killed us this year.

  129. byebillyhellobilly

    138. If he is gone it’s 5% coaching 95% off the court issues.

  130. Trashmaster

    dk96 – You have hated for too long (12 years). Must have been tough.

  131. Crakaveli

    139. Off the court issues? I’m still wondering what they are? Bad interviews? That’s it?

  132. dk96

    138 – What I expected was a team that overachieved, played inspired, and looked well coached. I did not get that did you?

  133. dk96

    140 – I wish I would have been wrong but unfortunately I have been proven right.

  134. 10, 2, and 4

    Matt, do you still think the hardcore Billy Clyde supporters are few and far between?

  135. Kuen


    I think Donovan would be a fine coach at UK, but he has an awesome talent base in Florida. He can miss with the big name recruits and still find random walk-ons that can contribute.

    UK used to be able to do that, but the in-state walk-on talent is not there. It was there 15 years ago with Pitino, but it isn’t now.

    UK is a hard place to recruit to in general. You have to get a hit with your big swings, and get steals with your walk-ons. That isn’t easy.

  136. senorpuma

    17 and 26… wrong. Doherty was fired after year 3 at UNC. He went 8-20 (EIGHT AND TWENTY!!!!) in year 2 and was BROUGHT BACK for a third season (finishing something like 17-16) afterwhich he was fired.

    Clyde needs a third season to right this ship and redeem himself. After the job he did last season and the finish we had, he’s earned a third year AT LEAST to see what he can do with our program. Being so rash with our judgment and making hasty decisions of this magnitude is unwise.

    On the bright side… it doesn’t get any worse than what Doherty did at UNC… and they won the title two years later. We think we have it so bad in the NIT, but we have no clue.

  137. KentuckyWildcats

    Okay, If UK knows for sure that Calipari would come here without a doubt,
    Wall would come, no one on the current team who matters will transfer, at least
    one stays between Meeks and Patterson, nobody in the 09 class goes elswhere,

    then I say go for it.

    Now can anyone tell me that anyone would know that answer right now?

    You think Calipari can promise that by coming to UK?

    You sure all those things will happen if Calipari comes to UK?

    If so, then I say bring in Calipari

    If those things for sure will happen

  138. aspenmurphy

    142: EXACTLY. And I would add: to me, the ESPN all-access thing was a borderline fireable offense. Go watch the video of when ESPN did that with Memphis last year. It was basically a 3-minute infomercial for coming to play there. For a guy who allegedly eats, sleeps and breathes recruiting, seeing Gillispie botch FREE PUBLICITY like that was horrifying.

  139. greenwell

    Matt, for the record, this is BD’s 13th season at Florida. Of course, we’d all take 3 title games too but my point is that team had all the pieces to the puzzle (mainly solid play at all 5 positions AND chemistry AND defense) and I wouldn’t start giving BD all of the credit for those two runs in 06 and 07. He’s fizzled out early in the tournament several other times with better talent.

    How do you explaing the last two seasons for BD? Most on this site including you would be calling for his head by now.

    Matt, 5 (56%) of BD’s 9 NCAA appearances resulted in 1st or 2nd round losses. He’s missed the tourney 31% of his seasons at Florida. Yeah, he’s tops on my list.

  140. KentuckyWildcats

    #142 you expected a young team to do all that? Do you even know
    a little bit about the game of basketball?

  141. A-to-the-Z

    138 – Dude man, you are one persistent ^&%* and I really respect you for that (no pun intended)

  142. wfc7

    Folks, as far as UK has gone with this smoke and flame mess without asserting that BCG is coming back, they HAD better be letting him go and bringing in a top coach (Calipari, Donovan, Pitino). I know some want to argue that BCG should get another year based on this or that factor, but for UK (Barnhart / Todd) not to support him now – or in the last two weeks – when all of these rumors from every angle have swelled HAD BETTER indicate he is done. If he comes back, he will have a near impossible task to deal with, and a splintered fanbase and media attention that he certainly won’t handle well at every turn.

  143. byebillyhellobilly

    Gillispie has been a disaster overall. Can’t win at home. Loses to no name teams. Recruits 8th graders,Euton,Ross Miller,Zollo. Acts horrible to our local media and does not play the best players and will not adjust one bit with a possible zone. He will not change and i would love for him to go to another institution.

  144. aspenmurphy

    149: thanks. I just threw up in my mouth all over again. Ugh. It’s amazing to me that amateur Mitch could very well can a guy after just two years and bring in someone who is at best a marginal upgrade…when there is a friggin legend who would “crawl” here.

  145. Crakaveli

    IF Gillispie is gone, perhaps UK is doing the PC thing of not saying anything to keep pressure off a coach still coaching in the NCAA tournament?

  146. dk96

    150 – I think that IU looked well coached this year. Looking inspired and well coached has nothing to do with experience.

  147. Chase

    #153 – I couldn’t have said it any better.

  148. KentuckyWildcats

    #153 You will eat your words on Zollo and Avery. Avery played against
    very good competition on a team with very balanced scoring, and was
    still the best player on the team as a freshman. Avery is good

    Zollo at the least would be a very good roll player at UK.

    Euton – I give you that
    Ross Miller – we just don’t really know how he will workout or have any guess

  149. Trashmaster

    Just heard that Todd, Barnhart and G were all wearing brown suits standing in a circle around a corpse chanting something incoherent, The corps was said to be none other than…… may he rest in peace.

  150. Chase

    #155 – That would be the sensible thing to do, I would think. It would be a very classless move by UK to mention coaches that still have a team that is alive in the tournament.

  151. BluesMan

    I bet hiring Digger Phelps would please many of you. We’d lose 20 games a season but you would be placated by THE ZONE–that magical defense that solves all defensive ills, especially the one that plagued our team this year: too many shots. Oh wait, I guess that goes back to turnovers and not having a point guard.

    Gimme a break people, you whine about the most insignificant things. If Gillispie doesn’t return, it will be 99% due to the fact that he can’t handle the non-coaching pressures at UK. It has nothing to do with on-court stuff.

  152. byebillyhellobilly

    158 im going to eat my words on a roll player. Hell Gillispie actually cried when he landed this kid. he may be ok but come on. Avery is way too young to give a scholly.

  153. CatSmitty

    while i normally support you on almost all things, i have to take exception with your constant cardinal bashing. last time i looked louisville was still part of ky. and deserve our support except when playing our beloved cats.
    my lifelong dream has been to see the cats and cards for the ncaa title and it nearly happened except the wizard of westwood getting in the way. my pride is kentucky pride for all things ky, but you are showing yourself to be a hater of something the whole state should be proud of, a ky. team making a run for the title. wake up son and smell the roses.
    for the first time since i started coming to this site i am ashamed of you.

  154. Kuen

    158…chances are Zollo and Avery will never play here…

  155. Crakaveli

    160. Kind of like when Alex Rodriguez released during the World Series while the Red Sox were winning it, his contract with the Yankees.

  156. KentuckyWildcats

    #162 You say that now about Avery but you will see. Just wait!

  157. Kuen

    163 – Nobody likes the Cards. Louisville is a terrible city. I throw up when I think of their campus. Go Matt, keep hatin on the Cards!

  158. byebillyhellobilly

    158 listen to yourself….you gave me one roll player(Zollo), one your right on with Euton, one 9th grader, and one guy who we don’t know yet and his father is a headcase(Miller). COME ON. Dude get a grip on what UK is all about.

  159. Crakaveli

    163. If you go against King Matt, he’ll go Eric the Midget on you or say you “always” disagree with him, when you’ve actually never done it.

  160. Chase

    #163 – Do you think Carolina fans cheer for or support Duke when they aren’t playing each other, or vice versa?

  161. KentuckyWildcats


    in less than two years on the job

  162. guindage

    138: i agree that we weren’t playing with a full deck of cards this year, but there is NO EXCUSE for the complete collapse that this team exhibited. for christ’s sake we were 16-4, 5-0 in conference, nationally ranked, and touting our junior guard as a NPOY candidate. then we finish the regular season 3-8? we lost to GEORGIA on senior night! we never lose on senior night (we’ve lost something like 3 times in the last 75 years on senior night), and yet we lose to the worst team in the SEC when our season is on the line?

    i have never seen as comprehensive a failure as we had in the second half of the season. ever. we’ve never had a non-winning home record in conference until this year. the team got worse, and worse, and worse.

    this was one of the worst coaching jobs i’ve ever seen in my life, in any sport. i don’t know what i want to happen, but i can’t stand seeing a team with all the wind at its sails flounder like we have.

  163. KentuckyWildcats

    and Pilgrim

  164. dk96

    161 – If is is the off court stuff that gets him fired then so be it. I personally want him fired because his style of play / offensive game plan is horrible. UNC scoring 90 points a game is a big reason they get the recruits.

  165. Kuen

    171 – that’s 3 players that have never seen an NCAA court and 1 player who is a 1st round draft pick who might be gone.

  166. byebillyhellobilly

    You can convince Texas A&M players who are for the most part 2 or 3 stars to buy in but its’ harder when you get to UK and get a roster of 3,4,and 5’s to be broke down like mules and want to win for you. That’s part of his problem as well.

  167. Kuen

    172 – I agree. 2 of the best scorers UK has ever seen and we choke away an NCAA Tourney appearance. Sad.

  168. CatSmitty

    170) thats a good enough reason not to live in carolina. we are kentucky and our standards are not carolina standards.

  169. BluesMan

    163. Get a clue. Louisville is the smegma of Western civilization.

  170. KentuckyWildcats

    #174 Gillispie runs more offensive set probably than any other coach.
    Look at what he ran at A&M, even last year as the year went on we ran
    more offensive sets and got better because of it.

    But we didn’t have that senior leadership this year to run many offensive
    sets. The guards we had couldn’t even run basic offensive sets without turning
    the ballover 20 times a game.

  171. dk96

    171 – Stop betting on futures and base your opinions on what you have seen up to this point.

  172. A-to-the-Z

    what’s up with all this “throwing up” tonight? aspenmurphy has thrown up at least 6 times and now Kuen. Y’all need some avomine or something

  173. Kuen

    180 – we had one set this year – the high post – and it was an EPIC FAILURE

  174. TayPrinceJr.

    Matt, do you even remember the year before they won the title in ’06, the fanbase was calling for Donovan’s head because of too many early exits?

  175. BluesMan

    174. If it weren’t for turnovers (which, incidentally, are NOT part of the gameplan), this team might score closer to 90 points a game. We had the best FG% in the SEC.

  176. Kuen

    I thrown up in my mouth when I think of UL dominating UK in EVERY sport….unfortunately over the last few years, they do that in everything but baseball

  177. Trashmaster

    CatSmitty – I anonamously post that I would love to see the Cards win it all.

  178. senorpuma

    175… the point is that is how you build a year-in year-out great program… that’s 5 outstanding players in 4 straight classes.

  179. dk96

    180 – HAHAHAHAH! He runs more offensive sets than any other coach??? Listen to Dykstra call our games and how he continuously calls our offense simple (3 around 2). You just proved your knowledge of bball.

  180. byebillyhellobilly

    We have papa Brooks coined would it be ok from now on that we call Barnhart UCNLE FESTER for letting all this fester on in the media without a statement. OK Uncle fester it is.

  181. Kuen

    188 – name them – Patterson was a Tubby recruit from our backyard. Miller was from our backyard. Almost any coach would have kept them here.

    I haven’t seen Ferguson play in the NCAA, but I think he will be good. I am not sold on Orton because he missed almost his entire senior season and was not even eligible to be a Mcd’s All American. Hood is from Kentucky, and I hope for the best.

  182. BluesMan

    186. Did you just awake from a coma? Steve Krathorpe coaches UL football now.

  183. dk96

    180 – 50% of the time BG does not even call a play! Porter looks over to the bench and he just stays in his stupid squat / smirk position. Watch the rest of the tourny and see how many coaches don’t even call a play from the bench in a half court set.

  184. BluesMan

    191. Yeah, Patterson liked Tubby so much he wouldn’t sign for him.

  185. CatSmitty

    179) so you say but small minds beget small thoughts and you are not a big picture kind of guy!!

  186. byebillyhellobilly

    One of Billy’s plays is the crack your knuckles on the sidelines like you don’t know what your doing.

  187. senorpuma

    I still remember the look on Donovan’s face back in ’03 when we were running the Gators out of the gym. He had no answers. No thank you.

    Clyde needs more time. This season was disappointing. That is all. Not the end of the world. The fanbase needs to chill out and have some patience.

  188. KentuckyWildcats

    #181 what I seen so far is a program that had fallen during Tubby’s last
    year and I said then I bet that things get worse sometime in the next
    couple of season before they get better.

    I have seen a team last year under a new coach, not with a whole lot of
    talent and injury problems, do good under Gillispie with senior guards and
    another experienced guard.

    I seen Gillispie this year struggle without any senior leadership but
    I have seen a big man develop into a great player under Gillispie. I
    also seen a guard (Meeks) who can shoot real well but can’t handle the
    ball real well, turn it over a lot, and not able to create his own shot
    anywhere on the court, become a star under Gillispie.

    So I seen two guards do really good under Gillispie (Ramel/Meeks) unfortuntley
    one of them only had one year then graduated. I seen a SF have a great year
    under Gillispie (Joe). I seen another SF, not as highly ranked out of HS as
    Joe, start showing signs of who he can be under Gillispie (Miller), I seen
    a Big Man (Patterson) have sucess under Gillispie.

    What I haven’t seen yet is what a Gillispie team with experienced guards and
    quality big men can do. I think he deserves that chance.

  189. byebillyhellobilly

    197 we aren’t making the decisions.

  190. BluesMan

    179. haha, but I DO see the big picture. The big picture is that I still have to interact with Louisville fans for the next year, and that is not the case with any other team!

  191. Kuen

    192 – Look at our record against UL in the last 6-7 years in every sport. We suck.

    194 – Patterson waited until the second semester. So what? Tubby was here until March of 07 and the signing period is BBall is in April.

  192. senorpuma

    196… that’s actually the main thing that bugs me about Gillispie, that nervous hand-wringing he does… did he do that at A&M? Can anyone confirm? Maybe it comes from the fact he knows he has to rely on Porter to run his offense… I’d be a nervous wreck too!

  193. Kuen

    198 – Crawford and Ramel took over last year, because Gillispie gave in and let them run the team. Joe Crawford is an NBA talent and he didn’t even start some games last year. Gillispie is nuts.

  194. BluesMan

    Seriously, I mean does anyone here remember when Louisville sucked at basketball? You couldn’t have found a Card fan with a search warrant. Now its getting that way with football.

  195. Crakaveli

    203. Was Tubby “nuts” when Rondo was coming off the bench?

  196. senorpuma

    198 BRAVO!! (except for all those “seen”s)

  197. KentuckyWildcats

    #191 there are great things we all debate and discuss on here. I like
    it because I am aruging with others who also have good knowledge. If they
    don’t they at least have a basic knowledge of the game.

    You don’t even know the simple facts. We don’t know if Patterson would
    have come here with Tubby here. We just don’t know.

    Miller was not coming here if Tubby was here, Tubby didn’t even recruit him.
    Nor did he recruit Hood. Both Hood and Miller have said publically they wouldn’t
    be at UK or coming to UK if Tubby was here. At least get your basic facts

    #189 You laugh about what I said but I said basically what Pitino said
    after playing A&M two years ago in Gillispie’s last season there.
    Funny how you want Pitino back at UK but you don’t even listen nor believe
    the things he says about coaching.

  198. CatSmitty

    bluesman you are a sore loser and a bad sport and do not represent a true ky. fan. go back to the state you were born!!!

  199. UKCatFan01ABC

    I keep reading about how no word from MB means BCG is gone. Why is that? They’re not obligated to hold a press conference because the fans want some news.

    I’ve been watching the news and ESPN and there’s no bad press about UK on TV. They’re mostly talking about the NCAA, they’ve got other stuff on their minds. The only people tore up are the people on this site and perhaps other blogs. Last official word we got was they would evaluate the season- at the end of the season and it’s not over yet. So the folks saying MB should put the brakes on all the gossip are just grasping at anything they can point to at getting rid of BCG.

    I don’t want Ford, I don’t think Calpari would leave what he’s got and I don’t want Billy D. So, for now, I’m supporting BCG.

  200. byebillyhellobilly

    In my heart of hearts i don’t think Gillispie could win 6 straight tournament games and truthfully we need a man who can. Some of his losses make me question that long a tourney run against top notch competition.

  201. BluesMan

    I think you’re the one outnumbered here. Go to a Cardinal blog.

  202. Kuen

    205 – Rondo was a freshman, not a senior. and if you want my honest opinion, Rondo should have started every game.

    Rondo was TOO good. Tubby has said that since. Fatty-Patty Sparks just held him back.

  203. benherewaiting

    Coach Gillispie has not forgot how to coach…. Dammit… these comments are crazy…. We had a few teams this year shoot out their asses against us,sinking late shots ect. DONT TRY TO GIVE ME TRY THE ZONE THING.. think about how stupid that is when teams are draining threes. Sure i dont agree with some coaching decisions he made but Damn we just had some very bad luck this year…. If PP and Meeks come back next year with the returning players and the incoming class… Do you Gillispie haters think that he can SCREW THAT UP… IF YOU DO.. YOU ARE TOTALLY OFF THE WALL CRAZY….. He needs next year at least and the results will be amazing. Our fans are alot of cry babies that think that they know all the answers.. HE CAN COACH.. SHUT THE HELL UP.. If he comes back and then loses then vent… until then.. GROW UP… I watched him a few years back at A&M, those teams were tough and he did not have the talent except for Law.. Who was the last team to beat kansas at Kansas???? SHUT UP.

  204. KentuckyWildcats

    #203 Your a complete idiot. Can’t you see we all argue and have different
    opinions but we all at least bring basic knowledge to the arugments. That
    is what makes it fun.

    Your just an idiot. Gillispie didn’t give in to Ramel and Joe, even those
    who really hate Gillispie will say that. Gillispie refused to play Joe until
    Joe played the way Gillispie wanted him to play. Joe grew up and became a
    better player. His shot selection got better, he was more comfortable, and
    he became a better leader and positive example to his teammates.

    At least bring the basics to the arugment, LOL

  205. byebillyhellobilly

    So was there a meeting or not? Some say yes and some say no????????

  206. BluesMan

    I love this notion that Billy “gave in” to Ramel and Joe. This coach doesn’t give in to players who won’t do it HIS way.

  207. CatSmitty

    211) make me, you pig bastard!!! MEOW!!!

  208. Kuen

    213 – he didn’t forget how to coach….he just never was good enough to coach at UK

  209. senorpuma

    212… how did benching Joe work out in the end? He got better. Thank you. Next.

  210. Trashmaster

    IMO Finding a new coach would be like picking the best turd from the sewer. The ones out there right now that might come to UK are all tarnished in some way.

  211. byebillyhellobilly

    The turd we have now needs to be flushed.

  212. BluesMan

    217. I didn’t know they let patients use the Internet at the psych ward.

  213. adaircam4

    IF PPat and Meeks are gone, then next year will definately suck, and IF Gillispie is allowed to coach that team, the fan reaction to him next year losing numerous games will get VERY ugly. So the question is, do you hinge all of the hopes of PPat and Meeks returning next season and let Gillispie get it going with a good class comeing in, or do you cut ties and bring in somebody like Calapari and build for the future. If PPatt and Meeks do not come back, then getting rid of Gillispie is the only option IMO. The fan base would accept a bad season next year knowing that a coach like Calapari is running the program and can recruit like nobodys business, but if BCG has a shitty season (which is very possible) then the University has wasted a full season.

  214. Kuen

    219 – he got better? give me a break. Did Liggins get better this year? I doubt it.

    How bout AJ, or Galloway, or any number of talented guys we had on our bench this year. You get better by playing. You don’t get better by sitting on the bench the first semester of your senior year.

  215. BluesMan

    I think the point is that he got better when he listened to Gillispie.

  216. KentuckyWildcats

    I do agree that Gillispie could have done better this season if he
    adjusted and I wish he would have. Gillispie stuck to his style and
    system which I didn’t agree with for this season. However, I do think
    he is a very good coach with his type of players, when most have at least
    one year experience.

    I do fault Gillispie for not doing as good of a job with the team he had.
    That I agree with many of you on.

    What I think you all are not realizing is that Gillispie is a very good
    coach, coaching his style with his players, who are experienced, doing it
    his way. Heck, Tubby was a great coach with a very good style, he just couldn’t
    recruit the players and awhole team that fit his style. If he did, he still
    be our coach.

    Give Gillispie a chance to showcase his true style and fully implenment
    his type of system with his players and you all will see a very good
    coach and a very good team.

  217. CatSmitty

    remember folks, that if we drive coach off, that will be 3 out of the last 4 coaches run off for whatever reason. that would make a wonderful conversation piece in a recruits home!!!

  218. benherewaiting

    #218… In the fans minds.. neither was Hall, Sutton or Pitino or Tubby…. he just deserves more than two years.. After next year we may all be singing his praises. We have to be rational here and give him a chance, that is all i am saying.

  219. Trashmaster

    1 year contract fire his ass if he wins less than 25. LMAO

  220. byebillyhellobilly

    Did the meeting even happen folks????????????

  221. Kuen

    223 has a good point. Gillispie has failed. If we was loved by the fanbase, the NIT would be tolerable. But he isn’t. He skips appearances. He is an a$$ to reporters. He sleepwalks through post-game interviews.

  222. Trashmaster

    Yes, the meeting occured and they all wore brown suits.

  223. BluesMan

    230. Is someone now saying that the meeting didn’t happen? Why do you ask?

  224. senorpuma

    209… I agree. No word from Mitch means nothing. The fact Matt Jones (god love him) keeps spouting off about that being “not good news for Gillispie” shows (I’m sorry to say) his bias… oh I’m sorry, his opinion. Mitch and Lee were probably meeting (if they were in fact meeting) to discuss the situation, not make decisions about it. Or they might have been meeting to discuss any number of other important things that ADs and University Presidents get together to talk about. Get a grip people. We have a game to win on Monday. The fact Lex media is picking at this scab of a story so feverishly is pathetic. Fans speculate. We worry. We repeat rumors. Media are supposed to be better than that.

  225. byebillyhellobilly

    233 yes someone has mentioned now that no meeting happened at all. Sounds legit.

  226. BluesMan


  227. KentuckyWildcats

    #224 I say Liggins is better now than he was most of the season. He refused
    to do anything any coaches or his teammates told him to do for most
    of the season. That is on Liggins not his coaches or teammates. But he doing
    those things now and last game he looked much better, under control, and only
    had 1 turnover. Liggins held his own development back. Any basic knowledge UK
    fan, Gillispie lovers and haters alike, know that.

  228. byebillyhellobilly

    236 id raher not mention that but it’s true that he said he had heard of no meeting tonight.

  229. Kuen

    218 – I wasn’t a UK fan when Sutton and Pitino were here so I can’t comment on them. I was here for the entire Tubby tenre. I loved that guy. I was fine with 25-10. I could even handle his lack of recruiting (although Meeks and Jasper were awesome finds IMO).

    This is different.

  230. Rhythm_Bruise2354

    My friend had a really good point. Not my view on things but:

    We have a great Coach, a coach forced out/under appreciated, a dud ( he used the term drunk.),a great coach, under appreciated Coach, and according to him we are just on our drunk.


    –Just thought this would lighten the mood.

    Even though I support Gillispie.

  231. benherewaiting

    I will apoligize to everybody if I am wrong.. but they have not had no meeting. The season is still on going and if they had had a meeting now, it would make no sense. And if Coach Clyde was told he would not be back next year, as nasty and hatefull as some fans say he is. He would hold a press conferance and tell us all to stick it up our asses. The meeting will take place after the season. This is all just a bunch of bull.

  232. BluesMan

    Is this a source of yours or another site?

  233. Trashmaster

    If the meeting didn’t happen then Matt will pull a Maggard.

  234. KentuckyWildcats

    #231 Being an ass to reporters is a cool thing according to ESPN and
    in fact they will hire you for having a career being an ass to reporters.

    signed Bobby Knight (who himself went to many NITs)

  235. byebillyhellobilly


  236. asdfasdf

    “KentuckyWildcats” is BY FAR the sanest and smartest person posting here right now, and that includes Jones. Firing Coach is program disaster, we will NEVER recover, UNLESS Calipari is gauranteed but he is a cheater. The JOBS recruits get at FedEx are absolute cheating in my book. People don’t go to Memphis because of prestige or playing in the spotlight or even for getting to the pro. Its Pro-Am ball there.

  237. Crakaveli

    243. Matt has been pulling Maggards for a while now.

  238. benherewaiting

    We all need to be concerned on how we are going to get the filthy Cards out of the tournament.. lol

  239. Kuen

    237 – if Liggins got better, it was because he is a year older, not because BCG helped him. “Any with basic knowledge UK fan… know that” BCG and Liggins have the weirdest relationship in coach-athlete history and it’s not weird in a good way.

    Liggins is the perfect example. He is a HUGE talent. He can get to the basket at will. His passing is very similar to Rondo’s.

    Chances are great that (1) he will transfer and (2) he will make the NBA.

    The fact that BCG couldn’t figure out how to get him to contribute meaningfully is on BCG, not the player.

  240. KentuckyWildcats

    I said it once and I will say it again.

    I will jump on the Calipari bandwagon and get rid of Gillispie bandwagon

    If Mitch/Todd know for sure they can get Calapari, no one who has good potential,
    on this current team leaves, Either Patterson or Meeks stays, all the 09 signees
    stay, and Calapri can promise Wall to UK.

    Then go for it