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The End of an Era?: The Emotion of Billy Clyde

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As the clock wound down its final few ticks on Wednesday night, the cameras panned to Coach Billy Gillispie for what could be his final few moments as Kentucky basketball coach. Gillispie stood there with a look on his face that showed a man full of emotion. With tears seeming to well up in his face, Gillispie looked genuniely sad and disappointed as his look suggested a man who knew his fate was likely already determined. It was at that moment that an emotion that I have not had for Gillispie yet showcased itself. For a short period of time, I genuinely felt sorry for the man. Here is a basketball junkie, someone who lives and breathes the game 24-7 and was given the keys to his own personal Camelot, the UK basketball program, now having to accept that he may lose that which seemed so perfect for him. Its one thing for a person to never reach his or her goals….most get used to that. But to have your mountaintop ascended and then see it all taken away….well that has to be difficult. In those last few moments, I saw what looked to be that pain on Gillispie’s face and I realized that no matter what led us to this point, I genuinely feel sympathy for the guy.

We all like to play pop psychologist and try to analyze people’s emotions, but over the past week or so, I have gotten the feeling that a there is a genuine sense of regret in Coach Gillispie’s demeanor. I first noticed it at the NIT game in Memorial when for the first time in months, the team looked free and loose and seemed to be having a great deal of fun on the court. While Gillispie was still barking orders on the sideline, the players talked afterwards about how he had expressed to them how much they needed to enjoy this moment and had written “FUN” on the top of the pre-game message board. Patrick Patterson spoke about how players were much looser and “not afraid to make mistakes”, a knowing nod to all the times that mistakes have led to tight play and hurt feelings. Then came the change in Gillispie’s demeanor, with multiple comments about his love for the program, his more positive interaction with players and the media and his willingness to mix things up on the court (even playing zone for a couple of plays at Creighton). While on the court the team’s play was up and down, the atmosphere was much different….gone were the dreary faces and what replaced them were smiles and happiness. Gillispie was more relaxed and looked like a man who was intent on making up for lost time and trying to give the best impression he could to a critiquing public.

A December Press Conference

The whole scene reminded me of a pattern with Gillispie. When Clyde was first hired, I spoke to a person who knew him well who said, “he can be both the gruffest and the nicest guy ever…sometimes in the same day.” I thought of this back in December when I got to experience the two sides of Gillispie after a UK game. During one of UK’s contests, I spoke with an individual who works for UK who was in charge of charting the players’ +/- ratio (that determines whether the team scores more or less when a player is in the game) at the direction of Gillispie. Because I am a statistics geek, I was excited to find out Gillispie was into the statistic, especially when the individual told me that it was that statistic that explained why Porter and Harris were so effective….the team’s plus/minus was better when they were in the game.

Armed with this information, I asked Gillispie in the post-game press conference about the statistic. I said, “Over the last couple of games, Michael Porter’s plus/minus has been the highest on the team, why do you think that is the case?” The point of the question was just to see Gillispie’s thoughts on the issue, but what I got instead was a classic biting Gillispie answer that was somewhat demeaning. He said, “Plus/minus….I dont know why you are asking about that. That statistic….what does it come from hockey?” He acted as if he knew nothing about the statistic, while at the same time quoting AJ Stewart and other player’s plus/minus from previous games….showing that he did actually use the statistic. I had seen this action before….in nearly every press conference, Gillispie picked out one media member and when their question was asked, belittled it….and this happened to everyone ranging from Brett Dawson and Alan Cutler to a 20 year old girl from the college newspaper. Everyone has their “Jeanine Edwards” moment with Gillispie and this was mine.

I was a bit ticked off about the whole situation, but media members all said “dont worry, it is just Billy being Billy” and I dropped it out of my mind. But then I ran into Billy that night at a Lexington Catholic game where he was watching Vee Sanford. At that moment, I saw a completely different Billy Gillispie. Away from the press conference platform, where he sits above everyone and is the arbitror of what is and is not a good question, he was sitting at a table by himself watching a basketball game. As I walked by, he shouted “hey lawdog” and when I came over, I saw the other Billy. He apologized for his tone with me and said, “I didnt mean anything by what I said”. He told me how he does use plus/minus and the two of us actually had a mini-debate about its uses. He asked me about my law practice, the blog, etc and as I left said, “keep asking questions, you are doing well.” No one heard that but me and I still felt the embarassment of the public reprimand, but I knew this was “Billy being Billy”‘s way of remedying the situation.

The Regretful Coach

I thought about that interaction as I watched Billy tonight. For weeks leading up to the NIT, we saw a defiant Billy, that culminated in his now-famous and damaging line at the SEC Tournament that he had not “signed on” to be an “ambassador” for the program. Since that line, the administration has not taken up for Billy and all quotes have been ominous. But after that line, Billy has seemed to become the more thoughtful, regretful Billy I saw before. He looks and acts like the guy who wants a second chance and an ability to explain himself, both to the fans and the administration. Gone are the smirks and putdowns that were so tiresome to watch for so long. Instead you have a guy who simply says he has done “the best that I could” and wishes a chance to come back and try again. In the same way that he showcased a sense of regret to me in December, I think the more flexible Billy has tried to showcase that same regret in the last week. Unfortunately for him, it may be too little to late. Billy’s bed may have been made after the Ole Miss game when he said he would not be an “ambassador” and his attempts now to become just that may have fallen on deaf ears. When people have told you for two years that you need to change some of your actions and your response has been to either ignore the requests or simply defiance, it is hard to believe that a genuine turnaround can, or will, occur.

But even if that is the case and even if he deserves the fate that he may end up getting, I cant help but feel a bit sorry for Clyde from Texas. This marriage could have been wonderful. Had he bent just a little bit and done just a few things differently, everyone…from administrators to the players to the media to the fans would have all seen him differently. As I wrote on here a few weeks back, we WANT to love our coach….and Gillispie could have been that guy. Unfortunately stubborness and unnecessary bouts of arrogance may have prevented that from happening and even if that is totally his fault, it is a shame. Tonight Billy looked sad about the realization of what might have been, and actually to be honest, I am too.

Article written by Matt Jones

333 responses to “The End of an Era?: The Emotion of Billy Clyde”

  1. AClay07

    Excellent piece of writing Matt, probably the best of the year so far.

  2. bigjas

    I just have this gut feeling that if UK gets rid of Gillispie, we’ll be making one of the biggest mistakes in the program’s history.

    I can understand that people want Calipari. I don’t understand why people want Donovan, but hey, he’s a name. If you can’t secure those two (or say Izzo), then aren’t we just making a lateral or even backwards move?

    Give him at least another year….

  3. A-to-the-Z

    I agree. I was wondering if anyone else noticed him tear up.

    A tragic ending indeed. I wish him the best regardless of where he is in the future.

  4. high and mighty

    yeah, i feel a bit sorry for him too. But, he has 2.5 mil x2 to salve his wounds.

  5. SlickRick48

    Well written Matt.

  6. ukerock2005

    I really wanted Billy to be our coach for years to come. Sadly enough it looks like that wont happen. The administration better bring in someone amazing if they fire billy.

  7. Crakaveli

    I can’t get over the infatuation some UK fans have with Tom Izzo. Aren’t you the same fans that bitched about Tubby’s style of basketball and record? You won’t be happy with Tom Izzo. Tom Izzo’s style of play makes Tubby’s teams look like UNLV of the 90’s.

  8. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    Don’t leave Billy. I’ll stand with you in the Craft center until the cops come.

  9. high and mighty

    I don’t care about style of play if we win.

  10. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    Billy back or not, I want him to have fun coaching again. I honestly don’t believe he had much fun with his job this season. Maybe Mitch and Lee need to write “FUN” at the top of the whiteboard in the Patterson Office Tower conference room whiteboard.

  11. Iceman

    1.) I was going to say the same thing.
    2.) Yep me too.

    As Matt said this guy eats, sleeps, and walks basketball. He recruits in his sleep and he goes after everyone. If he goes, I hope Mitch follows shortly behind. I’ve been a little sore of Donovan(if that is who we are going after), but he will bring instant success as well. The recruits won’t go anywhere and he may even land another. His 2 Nit’s are due to talent and players who went to the nba.

  12. CatsGrad04

    5. I totally agree and have felt the same way the past couple of weeks. I have never minded that he wasn’t that great to the media. So is Bill Belichick. Obviously, two different animals with the NFL and CBB, but the point – I think – stands up. Some people’s minds just work like that, it’s how they’re effective. Their anger/negativity is what drives them, focuses them.

    At this point, all we as fans can do is cheer on whatever product is given to us. It’s what makes our program great. And we can hope that the administration has enough foresight to do what is right, whatever that may be. Maybe they should read “The Alchemist” before they make their decision! It’s a short book! Go Cats.

  13. VOL_FAN _N_KY

    Very nice matt. I have to say I totally agree. The man wanted to do it his way. I truely think he needs at least another year and if there is no change than do what has to be done. This could prove to be a huge mistake if they fire BCG.

  14. high and mighty

    So Matt, are we still gonna get that live blog with BCG?

  15. NewUK

    if coach is fired, mitch and company better answer some serious questions. i really feel this firing is bullshit. and as for the millions of dollars comments, that needs to stop some coaches care about basketball not money

  16. scv87

    I think this situation just goes to show how hard it is to coach at a major program. You have to do so much more than just coach, and there aren’t many that can handle it all. That’s why the good ones make so much money.

    It was so much easier to be mad at Billy when we were getting blown out by South Carolina or losing to Georgia on Senior Night. I wish this whole situation would have been avoided, but obviously there are events that are costing Billy his job that none of us know about.

    If Billy’s gone, I do think he’ll take what he’s learned at UK and find success again. I actually think he’d make a good NBA coach someday.

  17. shOOter

    I met the man in Pikeville this summer when I took my son to his BBall camp. Have to say he was one of nicest person I’ve ever met. Took time to talk with the kids, sign autographs, and pictures. I told my son tonight after watching the game and press-conference I felt sorry for him to and that he was starting to get what being the UK coach was all about. I think Mr. Wildcat could’ve had a big impact on how BCG handled things this season and his job would not have been on the line.

  18. 10, 2, and 4

    It’s easy to feel sympathy for a man who once down was kicked over and over again around in the press and on this blog. But I suspect some of this newfound sympathy may be guilt. Keepin’ it real.


    Sometimes marriages just dont work. Is there anyway that Clyde can take our “son” Michael Porter with him?

  20. slappy

    Surely this situation can be resolved. I’ll be freaking sick if we let Coach G go, I really will.

  21. high and mighty

    12. negativity will get you nowhere and I don’t know anyone that is truly successful and truly pessimistic at the same time.

  22. ukbballrules23

    Matt – Wonderful piece – I felt your emotion – what a great closing argument to keep BCG. I have to think that it would be bad for the program to fire BCG only 2 years into his contract – sends the wrong kind of message and it makes Todd and Barnhart look just as fanatical as our fan base. They need to sit down and “coach” BCG on the expectations of the program – i am sure that an outsider like BCG had no concept of what it took to be the coach at Kentucky – everybody wants the job – but do they fully understand the expectations. I doubt it. Kentucky needs to give BCG a second chance and keep him.

  23. lexslamman

    I’m actually a little sorry he didn’t work out. The guy does totally love basketball, he’s just not fit to coach here. Both parties will be better off if he leaves.

  24. Iceman

    19. That should be in the buyout clause. He must take Michael Porter and he gets all 6 million. He should also take Liggins.

  25. GregJ

    That read like an obit. The man was piled on by ALL the media. I’ll be very, very disappointed if he’s not here next year, and not the least bit surprised when we get someone worse. We would deserve it.

  26. Gillispie is Rupp

    he signed up for six years, and i think that should be honored by mitch and lee t

  27. AClay07

    Despite the guilt, I found something funny from ESPN’s write up on the game. The article talked about the mounting “judgment” that Gillispie was facing. His response:

    There’s only one judgment I’ll ever be concerned about, and I hope I pass that judgment. That’s the only one I’ll ever be concerned about, and I’m really proud that that’s the only judgment that will ever have a real effect on me, and I hope I pass that one with flying colors.

    The author of the article followed with:

    Gillispie declined to answer when asked whose judgment he was referring to, saying it was obvious, apparently referring to Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart.

    I don’t know about you all, but I think maybe he was talking about Mitch’s boss… you know, God?

    Identity notwithstanding, BCG definitely does have a sort of fatalistic tone going on.

  28. lexslamman


    You can’t blame Michael Porter for being played out of position and 30 minutes a year over higher talent. That wasn’t his decision. The guy always plays his heart out and never takes a game off. There is only one person responsible for his playing time at a position that is not his natural position.

  29. Browntown

    He might genuinely be sorry and regretful for how he did things. However, it might also be the same “sorry he got caught” emotion that one feels when one is pulled over by a cop for speeding.

  30. shOOter

    19) You better be glad Porter was here this year after watching Liggins and Galloway struggle.

  31. slappy

    This feels like a bad breakup with a girl you thought was marriage material. I’m still hopeful it can be salvaged. Write Mitch an email in support of Coach G at

  32. cincywildcat7

    This article is ridiculous…Matt why feel sorry after this site has been so hard on him for so long. HE HAS BEEN THE COACH FOR TWO FREAKIN YEARS…how is that an assessment of who he is? This is going to stain the UK program far more than it will Billy G, and us fans and especially MITCH BARNHART, will regret the way things have been handled. It’s sad, but at this point the only guys that can coach the UK program are high ego/ thick skinned coaches like Rick P or John C. I am ashamed of the program right now…

  33. gxsilver

    Do you him a second chance? Has he learned? And will he apply what he has learned if he does get a second chance? Tough decision for Barnheart, can’t wait till friday.

  34. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    It’s not dead yet. Hopefully Dr. Todd (who I am not a big fan of, being a student at UK) will give him another year to get his act together, so then we can spend the next 3 years after that in Final4land. Then again, if the reports about Darius leaving are true if BCG stays, I don’t know what to think.

  35. GregJ

    Sure will be funny when we pay $6 mil to get rid of him and he takes another school to the final four or beyond.

  36. fiddlerky

    One more year…

  37. DaMooseIsLoose

    wtf is wrong with me and why is there a man-sized tear blurring my vision?!?

  38. gossie21

    BRAVO! Matt Jones! This is the kind of writing that keeps everyone coming back.

  39. cincywildcat7

    36) Thank You!

  40. slappy

    33- “Barnheart?” Really…?

  41. shOOter

    Why the hell would Miller leave? He’s already a good player as a freshman and will be great before he leaves.


    Just my opinion but I would have rather let Liggins and Galloway try to play through the hard times and see what happened then. Talent alone these guys are better than Porter. Freshman year is always a learning year. Galloway even though a jr this was like his freshman yr. Porter was/is a JP Blevins caliber player.

  43. Blue_Lawlz

    I wanna give him one more year….=/

  44. villecrckr

    been visiting the site for a long time but i had to register tonight just to compliment you on your work on this piece. has become THE sounding board for all that is uk athletics.

    thank you for your eloquent journalism and the i can only hope that your site never loses its grassroots feel.

    don’t ever sell out!!!

    nice work matt…

    -ryan cox

  45. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    John Calipari
    17 years as a Head Coach (8 at UMass, 9 at Memphis)
    2 Final Fours
    0 Championships
    No Thanks

    When you can’t win with the best recruits money can buy then you must really suck.

  46. ukforever

    I swear this has the making of movie. Savior of the program,fatal flaw, then potentially hero again. Who knows, there could be an oscar for this one. Who would play the roles of the characters. Sounds like one for Beisner to me!

  47. A-to-the-Z

    The truth is that most of us are torn. All of us want UK to be on the top. Most of us recognize the human side of this debacle.

    There are no winners here. It does not matter if Pitino or Calipari come or if BCG stays.

    No winners here.

    WE will rise again though. I guarantee it. Any school that can fill half of an arena 400 miles away from for an NIT game cannot be down for long.

  48. Rock_Cat78

    Nice article Matt and I agree. Regardless of all that has happened and I’ve been as befuddled as most everyone else by a lot that has gone on this year, but I still couldn’t help but feel sorry for Coach tonight. When I saw the close up of his face as the final seconds ticked off the clock, I knew that Billy knew his fate was sealed and he probably wishes he had done some things differently. Just a difficult and sad situation for Wildcat Nation as a whole to be dealing with.

  49. cincywildcat7

    Jimmy Dykes nailed it on the head tonight…Mitch Barnhart should be looking at a job change if Billy G goes. He is a joke!

  50. dstnshpp

    31…my email has been sent.

  51. pfbarker

    Great post, Matt.

  52. adamnjohnson

    great read and I just bought a case of Popcorn to be ready for the next couple weeks.

  53. cincywildcat7 says it all. Read it!

  54. gobigblue32

    The look on his face really hit hard. Tubby was ready to go when he left, but this guy really feels he can do more and think may regret the way he acted a little this season. I really wish this guy would succeed here, I really wish it could be worked out.

  55. MEEKSatterson

    u know i do things all the time that i dont mean to do or that i regret…but does anyone ever feel sorry 4 me?? NO!!! bcg made this bed so let him sleep in it!! and u know when i do sumptin wrong i dont get paid 2.5 million $$$ for it either…so lets quit feeling sorry for him….its not the time or place…But I agree if we cant get Billy D or Calapari (prefer Cal.) then we do not need to get rid of BCG. Why would we…it would be a down grade..and we def. dont need that…BUT PLEASE dont feel sorry for BCG…he did it to his self!!!

    GREAT POST MATT…DONT GET NO BETTER..unless its about PITINO coming back or CALIPARI coming to town…hahaha..GO BIG BLUE!!!

  56. nextyearwillbebetter

    just got a text from one of the players that said Billy and the assistants gave goodbye speaches after the game. this sucks.

  57. AustinW

    55. I feel sorry for you.

  58. marsrover

    Has anyone ever read the Old English story/historical account “The Battle of Maldon?”

    Somehow Billy Clyde in general and this whole situation, and seeing him tonight near the end of the game, reminded me of the Battle of Maldon and Byrhtnoth, with his ofermod, or “overmastering pride” allowing the vikings across the causeway. But maybe that’s just me.

  59. Squirms

    Matt, you get it, thanks for your site and post.

  60. cincywildcat7

    I AM ASHAMED TO BE A WILDCAT FAN RIGHT NOW…ESPECIALLY BC OF FANS LIKE YOU #55. We will in fact be taking a step back…prepare yourselves.

  61. tnuteacher16

    I seriously hope they give him another chance. This team didnt have to fight the last three games and they did. Its not Billy’s fault I cant believe people can’t see that. I just feel like this is going to be a HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake if they get rid of him…..

    Anyone remember when Duke almost got rid of Coach K after a couple years… think they are happy they gave him another shot?…

    There needs to be a talk and he needs to be let known that his actions with the media need to change….dont let Billy go….

  62. drewsster02

    Another smooth talking lawyer, riding the fence. Just kidding, great post. I do agree. I believe the only thing holding coach from a successful stint here at UK is his arrogant attitude.

  63. UK4540

    save billy clyde 1 more year!

  64. byebillyhellobilly

    60 If we get the right guy we may have a Final Four team next year. Keep Patterson,Miller,M<eeks, Orton,Hood and add Bledsoe and the rigth coach and we may be as good as we thought we cold be going into next year.

  65. Section 137

    62. Are you seriously comparing BCG to Coach K? Go take a nap dude. It is your bedtime.

  66. uksbiggestfan

    first and foremost, Matt this is an article that completely sums up what is going on. not many people take into consideration that Billy G was dealing with all that went on this year without Mr. Wildcat, something nobody before him had done! Billy loves basketball and this state loves basketball. i am deeply saddened that he might not get that second chance, but i’m also hoping that mitch and dr. todd realize that, through all the crap that has been going on, he has not quit coaching, recruiting, and he has clearly taken the initiative to become a better person with the media, fans, and players. i think, unless there is something horrible that we don’t know about, that they should give him until he has a full roster of his type of players, the ones that can play the man defense every play, the ones that won’t crack under the crazy practices, and i think we already know he instills a never give up attitude into every single one of those guys! Billy deserves more than this and i can tell that he wants to right the ship and have us UK fans screaming for more Billy Clyde coached teams in the future! God Bless Billy G in everything that goes on and his future, wherever that may be, and let this year be a lesson learned!UK#1

  67. UK-Basketball-Freak

    Matt you are an incredible writer and this was an amazing write up. I want the man to get more time and I hate that we are at this point. It just sucks all the way around.

  68. LetsGetBackOnTop

    Great Job Matt! Very good write up!

    Once the truth comes out after all this is over you all will find
    out Gillispie was offered a contract to remain the coach of Kentucky.

    He refused to sign and he had good reasons not too.

    Both sides failed because no side would give in and meet in the middle
    and come to an understanding.

    Please don’t act like UK didn’t want Gillispie, they did but he refused
    to sign. On the flip side, don’t think it was all his fault. Mitch
    didn’t offer Gillispie what he should have offered Gillispie.

    Both sides failed and people on both sides will be punished. Gillispie
    will not be the coach anymore and Mitch will no longer oversee mens

    In the end, the stubborness of both men cost them both

  69. HoboKat

    Really good read Matt.

    For me, I love the underdog story. And Billy G is that underdog, at least right now. We all know the guy can coach, we know he can recruit, we know he loves being here, and I just want the guy to succeed so much…

    But if he fails, I want it to be because he wasn’t a good enough coach or he wasn’t a good enough recruiter. Its really too bad that he probably wont be here long enough for us to know either way.

  70. landbetweenlake

    Think you summed it up nicely Matt, that’s pretty much the way everyone feels. Billy Clyde has brought a lot of this on himself by being a a**, he’s had to eat a little humble pie the past few weeks and I think it’s been good for him. Give him one more year and I bet he’s the coach at UK for long long time.

  71. LetsGetBackOnTop

    It is OFFICAL, Billy is gone!

  72. AustinW

    71. It’s always fun to see how long it takes for guys to run over from Maggard’s site to report the news

  73. Jethro Bodine96

    Hey Matt if u read this blog, I was just curious whatever happened to our 10 year reunion from our high school graduation class?

  74. TJ Taylor

    It’s something I sensed about the guy long ago. Quite poor in his presentation but obviously a wonderful man at heart.

  75. wfc7

    IN the long run, I think BCG will see that UK was not his Camelot. It was his gateway to that place. He is going to be an even more successful coach at the right place. UK is going to be an even more successful basketball program with the right coach. Tonight was sad, but it is not the end. It is the continuation of a journey – one that will lead to a better place both for BCG and UK.

  76. gossie21

    68. I agree that Billy’s persistence in coaching and recruiting are admirable traits. I feel bad for the guy, but I’m not sure if I am ready to say he “deserves” another chance. He has acted the same way for two strait years. He has been admonished by the administration to clean up his act before. Despite all this, he has not changed. There is no reason to believe that he will.

    He may get another chance, he may not. But he does not “deserve” a third chance to do the job he was supposed to do the first two years.

  77. Squirms

    Billy seems to be unstable. Which is a big reason why I wish he could have succeded like crazy…

    UK fans aren’t stable either…a good match.

    Billy just didn’t budge on making adjustments. And now it SEEMS his time has past as our leader…

  78. Trashmaster

    I cried my eyes out and couldn’t finish reading Matt’s post. Could someone please read the rest to me. Poor Billy G we killed him. But seriously, I hope the best for him whether he stays or goes. Like Patterson said when asked about coach G. “He’s only human” Many on here including MJ treat him like he’s not. Hope we all sleep well tonight.

  79. Hambone721

    Fantastic read, Matt. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed this piece. I truly hope this was not the last game I saw with Billy in the huddle.

  80. byebillyhellobilly

    Anyone want to go eat at Waffle House im starved?

  81. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Why the censor on a birdseye view of UK Basketball Statistics under Direction of Mitch Barnhart, Matt?

    There’s nothing there in my post that’s slanderous. It’s all accurate factual information.

  82. gorbe ye abi

    If Mitch isn’t going to oversee men’s basketball anymore, then he needs to be let go.

  83. Lexblue00

    It’s going to be great to be heading to the NIT every year under Billy D while coach clyde is bringing banners home for another school. But hey, as long as donovan understands what UK basketball is about right?

  84. UKCatFan01ABC

    You know Matt slammed a guy earlier today for saying Keightley would have been a help to BCG this year. He told him he had know way of knowing that and to not tell something that he didn’t know was fact. Which I thought was stupid because these message boards are 99% rumor.

    But I digress. I do think that if Mr. Bill had been here this year, there would have been times, like after some of BCGs rough spots that BK would have had a little Andy to Opie talk with BCG and given him some fatherly advice about the job.

  85. HanOfTheBluegrass

    As everyone reads various reports online the next couple days, I suggest you take everything with a grain of salt. This video should remind all of us why not everything we see online is true:

  86. Trashmaster

    MJ is very fond of MB

  87. bkcotton

    just remember that you did this to yourselves 2 years ago…

  88. ThatsWhatShe

    Billy is kinda like the girl we all really like, but she really pisses you off at times. But at the end of the day you still can’t get past her. Let’s face it, Billy has really pissed everybody off at times, but you will be sad to see him go and it’s hard to get past him.

  89. Lexblue00

    85. You sick son of a bitch, how can you rick roll at a time like this

  90. Browntown

    Maggot says: “I have confirmed that Billy Gillisipie has 100% been fired.

    I have posted a blog on the front page where in depth details will be posted.”

  91. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Matt’s afraid of getting blackballed by both Kentucky schools Athletic Directors (Tom Jurich already nailed him in Louisville when he had the plug pulled on their radio gig).

    My point is he won’t have to worry about Mitch, since he won’t be there long anyway. Let’s see the facts. Let’s look at the Basketball program under Mitch Barnhart. Lay it out in a new thread Matt.

    Barnhart will have cost the University $7.5 Million over 7 years with bad coaching decisions.

    Who knows what this will cost us in the long run. Soon to no longer be the Winningest Program. What coach will want to come here and want to deal with Mitch? Think about 10 years from now 2019. That’s the real damage.

  92. lexslamman


    Gillispie isn’t Opie, he’s Barney Fife. And I’ve always thought of Bill Keightly as more of an Aunt Bea type – not because he was old or even remotely feminine, but because he was such a good-hearted person. Maybe that’s just the Le Fin du Monde speaking.

  93. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Mitch Barnhart

    Kentucky AD since 2002 (7 Years)
    -He held onto a coach through 9 consecutive years without a Final Four and five 10+ loss seasons in 10 years – *Both unprecedented statistics for UK Coaches (Tubby Smith)
    -Hired one that never was given a chance (Billy Gillispie)
    -Lost the program 7.5 Million in buyout and parting bonus gifts ($1.5 Million to Tubby, $6 Million to BCG)

    How many AD’s can cost a school over 1 million dollars per year in bad decisions for 7 years that are directly associated with the sacred program that they were hired to maintain and keep their job?

  94. UKCatFan01ABC

    The thing I like about BCG and have, even when I didn’t understand what he was doing, was that he was a freak basketball workaholic. I thought that it would take someone like that to create new “Camelot”, to really build an empire of a program. Someone who eat and breathed it. I’m certain that he was unaware or unprepared for the off court responsibilities and etiquette that people have come to expect. However, I felt he could learn and adjust.

    I like that he doesn’t kiss ass and I presume doesn’t like to put up with ass kissers. I like that he doesn’t cozy up to rich boosters. Probably not smart, but I’d be the same way. Snooty people get on my nerves.

    If BCG does catch a plane back to Texas, he’ll have enough money with him that we won’t have to worry about him living in government housing and drinking Milwaukee’s Best around the clock, but I do think there’s a big, “what might have been” attached to his stay here.

  95. nextyearwillbebetter

    93 you just don’t give up do you

  96. raweber

    gillispie and the cats are a bad marriage. end it now before we have any slow children like Matt! Coming soon, Gary Sinise is Billy Clyde in “I Did It My Way And They Showed Me The Highway”! LMAO!

  97. lexslamman


    It’s over. It was a good debate, and I and those who agree with me might yet be proven wrong, but what’s done is done. I wish it could have ended differently. Gillispie has a heck of a class he brought in for our next coach to his credit. He will be a great coach somewhere, and we should support him just like we all support Tubby in Minnesota. However, our new coach is going to need UK fans to get behind him as a united front from the start.

  98. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #95 – nextyearwillbebetter – Why censor non slanderous factual information?

  99. Squirms

    94, i agree…but, times have changed too much for a ‘guy like him’…

    it’s an ESPN/Fraternity of Buddy system where refs are taken on golf outing in the summer
    and coaches are paid bigtime money to speak at events…think about AIG, the government…
    do you think for a second the NCAA isn’t corrupt?!

    Clyde doesn’t fly in this system of today, sadly, it’s all about stroking the egos of the powers
    that be…it’s how you get to play in your homestate come tourney time, it’s how you get things…

    Billy won’t play that game, he doesn’t ‘fit the suit’…

    sad but true, times have changed…it’s no longer about playing hard, playing smart, playing together…

    it’s about getting the calls, playing where you want, and padding the recuits with ESPN
    gigs after graduation

  100. nextyearwillbebetter

    98 I agree but you see where this is headed, it’s been deleted like 4 times already, most of us got to read it already. Matt and the other mods here don’t budge on this kind of stuff and it’s their site so they can censor what ever they want. I do agree with your post though.

  101. lexslamman


    Hey, we re-elected Bush, didn’t we?

  102. UKCatFan01ABC

    101. Are you talking to yourself?

  103. lexslamman


    Disappearing posts.

  104. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #100 – nextyearwillbebetter – Persistence and determination are omnipotent. Sure it’s their site, but they don’t have the time to outlast me.

    So you can try to convince me of something that is a proven failed method (quitting) or you can learn how things are accomplished. Your choice.

    I’ve been through this many times with these guys. They know how to accept things they can’t control and they do everytime.

    I’m paid more to sit here than they are to do their real job. You do the math.

  105. sktech

    The UK fanbase has killed the will of this coach….

  106. Squirms

    105, he says he doesn’t read the boards, the papers or anything like that…

    how would he know what is posted or said about him then?

  107. ThetaChiUKfan

    Lexslamman- I have kept to myself this whole time about you but you are simply a douche. You have a personal vendetta against billy g and need to get over it. I have had your back but I’m tired of you bring nothing but negative. I really hope if g is canned he dominates somewhere else just so you can look like the bitch you are.

  108. lexslamman


    No, but your IP will eventually get blocked and they’ll be rid of you until they decide to take you off the bannination wagon.


    Give me a break. This had nothing to do with the fanbase – we’re what make great players and coaches WANT to come to Kentucky.

  109. lexslamman


    I’m pretty positive right now, I must say. The future is bright for UK.

  110. vator32nh

    He just isnt a good game coach. Bottom line. Poor decisions, no fundamentals, and no changes, that equals losses. Good teams make adjustments and use the talent they have to its best, not putting them in positions that make it hard for them to win.

  111. Goose_is_Golden

    anytime that you see someone who loses a shot a their dream like billy g has here, it’s bound to make you feel sympathetic for them

  112. BluesMan

    Well, looks like he’s been fired. Sad, but he’ll land on his feet and make it to some Final Fours, making Barnhardt and all the haters look foolish.

    Time to find a new coach. No way do we get a harder worker than Billy Clyde. Donovan would be a good get, but his teams have quite often underperformed. Lets not belittle Travis Ford. He has a short track record, but he turned around a pretty big program in Oklahoma State in just one year (17-16 to 23-12).

    I’d rather have Billy Clyde than anyone, though.

  113. UKCatFan01ABC

    107. I agree.

    And on another note… it looks like John Clay and Matt were observing two different people…

  114. ThetaChiUKfan

    Being not bring

  115. gorbe ye abi

    This blog started out going against the grain. It stood out. It was apart from the media. Matt and company gave us a different slant. Sadly, it seems that now it has become a part of the media. Giving us a slightly shaded version of the news and events instead of shedding new light on issues.

    Oh well. Another one lost to the dark side.

  116. adaircam4

    BCG will be very, very, very, very successful somewhere else, just not UK..I wanted to like him and really wanted him to be successful, but it just didn’t work out. I feel bad for the guy, I really do. I wish him the best of luck wherever he ends up (just not against UK). The simple fact is that he was just in over his head..I’m sure he had an idea of what this job was about, but until he actually experienced it, he just couldn’t adjust…it’s not for everybody.

  117. senorpuma

    Very nice post Jones… too bad you fed the beast that made his firing seem like a foregone conclusion. I hope Coach is back next season. People make mistakes and deserve opportunities to correct them. Some people need 2 or 3 chances or more. I just think Gillispie will get us back to an elite level if he’s given the chance… and that’s all we really want, right?

    PS: I don’t want to have to root for Donovan as my coach. Please, no. Or Calipari… or Izzo… or Barnes…

  118. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #108 – lexslamman – I’m an IT Consultant. You sir are out of your league.

  119. catdawg

    27) That’s who I was thinking of.

  120. Uk8thBanner

    I really do not want to see BCG go. Even if he has acted like that uncle you always question and wonder what he’s thinking, he is still part of the family. Hiw work ethic and ability to coach even through this rough patch shows his true character. It obvious he cares about what he’s building here and the history itself, even if he doesn’t show it in press conferences. It will be a gloomy day Friday if I read that Billy G is no longer the coach of UK. I think he deserves another shot seeing as next year brings so much potential.

    And here is an actual video of the man you never see. The off camera BCG.

    Go CATS, and hopefully Billy G will be back at UK to fight another day. If that isn’t in the cards I hope he prospers wherever he ends up.

  121. lexslamman


    Don’t get your pocket protector up in a wad, I cede the point.

  122. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #108 – lexslamman – What’d ya stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night? Step away from the keyboard. I’ve told you like 5 times now.

  123. ThetaChiUKfan

    I seriously can’t get over the changes that are about to be made. People like lexslamman will cum on themselves until we lose our first game when they decide they could to better. I hope your happy lexslamman

  124. UKCatFan01ABC

    117. I agree. I thought the post was uncharacteristic for Jones, I didn’t expect it, but it’s written as if BCG is Gonzo but he throws in the “ifs” just to be on the safe side.

  125. BillyGillispiesBeerCan

    I can’t make myself feel sorry for this guy simply because his attitude over the past two years has been so self centered and arrogant and completely disrespectful to anyone and everyone who asks him a question. But BCG put the icing on my cake when I observed him get rude with a 6 year old kid in Rupp Arena. I was done with him that day.

    Furthermore, 40-27 in two years doesn’t cut it at UK. I know the players aren’t typical UK caliber players but we still started 5-0 in the SEC but something happened. That’s when Gillispie began his tirades and from sources that I know are very accurate, he turned on his players. This man is a millionaire and will never have to punch in and punch out on a time clock like I do so I’m sorry Matt but I’ll “NEVER” feel sorry for a jerk like this.

  126. El Borracho

    Marc Maggard’s Facebook status says “Billy Gillispie has been fired as the coach of UK. I can confirm this.”

  127. scv87

    Gillispie might have great success somewhere else. But, he’s not doing things right at Kentucky. Sometimes you have to make a hard decision for the future, that’s what Barnhart’s job is. It worked out well to keep Brooks as football coach, this time he thinks he’s seen enough of Gillispie to know it’s not going to work out.

    Barnhart has been great for the majority of the athletics department. He coldn’t get rid of Tubby, even if it would have improved the program, it would have been a pr nightmare. We all thought he made a good hire in Gillispie. Obviously now he thinks he messed up, so he’s going to fix the problem. If he didn’t know what he was doing then he would just let Gillispie stick around and see what might happen. Barnhart knows there’s a problem and he’s going to fix it.

  128. vator32nh

    He doesnt coach good enough to win championships. I liked the hire 2 years ago but watching how he manages games is just scary. Good coaches find ways to give their teams a shot at winning each and every night and with 2 all american caliber players we should have a shot at winning every single game. Not necessarily winning every game but a game plan that gives you a good shot at the win. We didnt have that this year. We had games that 5 minutes into the game you knew we were not going to win. I dont know if Donovan is any better and know that Cal isnt any better but there is someone out there that is. We need a good X and O coach (Jay Wright) That gets the Kentucky kids out of high school every year. Also would be great if he was an ambassador for the state not just the team or the school but the entire state. Say the right things that isnt too much to ask for is it?

  129. BillyGillispiesBeerCan

    127: Bring on Billy D!!!

  130. lexslamman


    I’ll be happy to see this team playing under a new coach and look forward to hanging our next banner.


    The matter has been settled already. Matt is careful with what he says and when he says it. The ‘ifs’ are unnecessary.

  131. BillyGillispiesBeerCan

    I’ve actually had in depth conversations with Coach Cyp and Jeremy Cox and those two guys are first classs fellows. I hope the new coach will at least try and retain these guys if they’re interested in staying.

  132. lexslamman


    I agree, and you articulate the point well – what makes Barnhart such a great AD is that he knows when to pull the plug. The time was right.

  133. lexslamman


    I definitely agree with that. Gillispie surrounded himself with talented recruiters, and at least one of those guys would be great to retain for the next staff. Cyprien would be my choice.

  134. UKCatFan01ABC

    130. I’m so glad you know everything.

  135. raweber

    good night john boy. good night mary ellen. good riddance billy clyde! LMAO

  136. lexslamman


    It is a bit of a shame he isn’t coming back, because Gillispie loves basketball and understood what Kentucky stands for, but wasn’t able to live up to it. You had to know that he saw the writing on the wall, even as he was wearing the brown suit in Memorial Colisseum – but he still did it because that is the kind of coach and lover of basketball that Billy Gillispie is. But he just wasn’t Kentucky basketball material. He’ll do well at a non-marquee BCS program or a mid-major, perhaps even write his name into the history books at one of those places – but we can and should do better than Billy Gillispie at the University of Kentucky – and now we have another chance.

  137. Aaron87

    I don’t know that Billy Clyde is the answer, but I know he needs another year. Billy likes a scoring point (Acie Law), which is why Bradley was so effective last year. There are too many players left over from the Tubby era, and I’m not even bringing quality of players into the argument there, just different styles. We currently have no real depth in the post, Stevenson looked like he would be a really good player this year from how he finished out last season, but he has regressed to the point I really hate seeing him on the floor most games. I’m just waiting for his inability to catch and hold onto passes, and as much as he walked this year he’d make a charity a ton of money if he could get someone to pledge just a little money for every traveling violation he commits. He does flash good defense (although he uses the block vs. actual defense too much) and he can score if he gets in a groove and is close to the basket. Meeks’ 54 at UT was the best and worst thing to happen to this team. No SEC team with the exception of Arkansas let Meeks totally dominate them the rest of the year, and the team crumbled when Meeks struggled for buckets. This even put more pressure on Meeks which hurt more. Harris seems to not possess the drive and pull-up jumper he had last year, I really expected him and Stevenson to contribute more offensively this year due to their play last year. We still don’t have an all around PG, Porter was in a tough spot and played to the best of his ability, but he’s a bench player that was forced into a lot of minutes. Both Porter and Miller hesitate way too much to shoot from 3, and the hesitation effects some of the shots they do take. With next years recruits I really expect a line-up of PG-Galloway/Liggins competition winner(Vilarino could be the answer as BCG’s first true PG recruit) SG-Meeks SF-Miller (with Harris as a defensive specialist) PF-Patterson (with Pilgrim getting more minutes off the bench then Stevenson) C-Orton…….obviously this depends on all coming back, and would also decent minutes for Hood in the SG/SF role. Stevenson would be the 4th post player. There will be more scorers next year, with Orton an upgrade in the post over Stevenson, and Hood/the progression of Miller taking more pressure off of Meeks and Patterson. The court will be spread more often and allow more looks for players like Porter who can shoot, but lacks the ability to really create his own shot. I think this team would have to be viewed as near the top of the SEC as both our offensive and defensive ends of the floor improved. BCG minus his “ambassador” comment and the Georgia loss, and he’d probably be back for sure. His attitude will be more warm with winning teams and I think we need to allow him to atleast play with a team of HIS players before we fire him, next year would give us that. As for a new coach I don’t know why Donovan is getting a pass. Someone said his NITs are because of a loss of talent to the NBA, no one ever talks about the fact he was gifted his 2nd title because no one left early after the first title. Great teams reload (96,97,98) Kansas lost a lot last year, and they played in a very competitive league this year, they still made the NCAAs. Donovan gets good players, with the occasional star, but he lucked in the Chemistry of his title teams. Tubby’s class was more highly touted, and all showed they could be great players in the class, just not when they were all on the same floor. I don’t want a coach that goes to two NITs right after winning back-to-back titles. Donovan couldn’t get Patterson from KY even with a coaching change. BCG beat out Florida and PUKE for him. Donovan is not an upgrade, but the Titles give him more credibilty then he deserves. I’m tired of hearing Pitino is coming back, he’s not, anyone that knows anything knows that. Pitino LEFT US, we didn’t fire him, he wanted to leave what he called the Roman Empire of College Basketball to coach an NBA team that he was banking on drafting Duncan for success. Calipari won’t be effective at UK because he won’t be able to get the players he’s always gotten, and honestly I don’t want them. Lots of possibly one and dones, and tons of thugs. I don’t want that at UK. Dixon from Pitt can possibly move to UK or Arizona…NIT team with 2 year success expectancy, or team that goes through tons of coaching turmoil before/early in the season and that still made the NCAA tourney in a conference that put in 7 teams. I love UK and will always until I die, but for someone with no ties to the program to come here with a job like Arizona open might be kinda crazy. Gillispie can be the coach of UK because as Matt said, he lives and breaths basketball. Its as important to him as it is in KY. A & M made their run in his third year, I say its a mistake to not give him atleast a year three here. Like I said at the beginning, he might not be the answer, but I feel its too early to tell, and think its stupid to really base his termination on some media related dust-ups in a tough season. I didnt expect this years team to win a title, I did expect a tourney bid, but in a season with Porter, Harris, and Stevenson filling out three of the starting rotation spots I am not going to give up on Billy because we made the NIT and the the NCAA tourney. I don’t really care how he acts to the media, he hasn’t had a Chaney/Knight meltdown, so I think a lot of his media altercations were made into a big deal when they weren’t. Do you think if he had told a Raycom reporter they asked a “really dumb question” instead of an ESPN reporter that it would have been covered quite so much nationally. UK isn’t A & M, and he’s still adjusting to that, he doesn’t have the Pitino slick talk personality or the Tubby kill’em with kindness personality. Let him coach a team with better players, and hopefully better results in the W column before you crucify him about his media behavior. He’s the type that will always have his little moments of negative reporter interactions, but with better teams I doubt they’ll be focused on in the manner they were this season. This is my first post on here, so I’m sorry that this is so long, but these are more thoughts on the whole situation, and I felt this was the best place to post them.

  138. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #132 – lexslamman – Yea, Barnhart did such a great job of knowing when to pull the plug with Tubby Smith.

    -He held onto a coach through 9 consecutive years without a Final Four and…
    -Five 10+ loss seasons in 10 years
    *Both unprecedented statistics for UK Coaches in the history of the program

  139. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Gillispie would have gone 30-6 next season with PPat and Meeks back.

  140. MEEKSatterson

    I LOVE THIS SITE…THERE R SO MANY WACKO UK FANS ON HERE THAT WILL ARGUE ABOUT ANYTING…IF U WANNA CONE AND LET OFF SOME STEAM AND PISS SOME PEOPLE OFF THIS IS THE PLACE TO COME….haha its funny as hell…wonder how many of these so called fans on here actually watch the games?? bandwagon jumpers is what i call em..anyone else got a name for em?? lets c how many names their are for that kind of fan…lets hear it

  141. Kantukeeslim

    139. Shame PPat won’t be back.

  142. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #141 – Kantukeeslim – We don’t know that yet but for Barnhart to hire BCG then fire him within 2 years he better have a replacement lined up with wet ink already on a piece of paper.

    If not Rick Pitino will be right when he said 2 years ago that if we pushed out Tubby Smith at that point it would set our program back 15 years.

    What happens to a Hedge Fund Manager who sets the fund back 15 years?

  143. lexslamman


    Tubby is a hall-of-fame coach who had potentially his best recruiting class since 2004 coming in behind the very respectable class of Meeks, Jasper, Harris, and Stevenson. No one in their right mind was considering firing Tubby – UK was still winning and making the tournament – there was indeed a noticeable dip in those last two years but there was no sign that it was going to be a pattern. Tubby left over wanting to hire Saul as his coach, it was an amicable split up. No one in their right mind was calling for Tubby to go.


    And now he could end up going 0-0 if programs wise up and choose not to hire him, and our new coach will go 30-6. Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

  144. lexslamman


    Would you come back if you were projected mid-first round?

  145. hookem

    What do we do when a pro athlete thinks they are bigger than they are? We point and make fun of them. Kentucky fans are now T.O. Stop blaming “Mitch and Rich”(that went over well) and do it yourself. Its the only thing that will make you happy. (Angry mob approaches my door)

  146. CatsGrad04

    137. How about hitting that ENTER button once or twice?!? Wow. But I applaud your zeal to write such a long piece.

    Didn’t take long for the circus to begin! I would never claim to be a wise man, but one did say once “You must get up eight times if you’re knocked down seven.” We are UK. We will get through this. There will be a time when all of this is a distant memory, and we will laugh about the minutia that we argued so vehemently.

    At least that’s what I’m telling myself, b/c I need some sort of cathardic response to all this! Go Cats.

  147. bigjas

    #144…he’s being projected late first-round.

  148. Kantukeeslim

    Look if Gillispie is indeed gone, there’s no reason for Patterson to comeback. There’s no upside in playing for a new coach. A new system will be put into place, which may or may not be learned quickly. Patterson, by all accounts, will be a first rounder. If you’re going to play for a new coach, why not get paid to do it? The choice is between learning a new system for one year or going forward and learning the game you’ll be playing for the next 10+.

  149. lexslamman


    Two what-ifs to keep in mind: #1 What if Kentucky made a slam-dunk championship-ready hire? – and #2 What if some of the big guys in the Sweet 16 make a big impression and move ahead of Patterson?

    What happens to Patterson, Meeks, Stewart, Liggins, and Porter is not so cut-and-dry as the fact that Gillispie is now the ex-head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats.

  150. Kantukeeslim

    Do you really think Patterson is that concerned or driven by the difference between 2.5 and 3.5 million? It’s not like his family is poor. I think his debate whether or not to go has always hinged on what this team could do next year. And I think he wanted to do it with Gillispie at the helm.

    And there is no slam dunk hire out there. Next year will more than likely be another “rebuilding” year.

  151. hookem

    Like i said (145) DO IT YOURSELF THEN……..

  152. jreeves5319

    Pp will stay b/c he genuinely wants to see UK thrive while he’s here. The guy has never played a game in the dance!!

    If Gillispie actually ever deserved to coach here, he should have been able to get more from his players — end of story.

    We have been spoiled by Rupp Hall Pitino And Tubby…the last two guys would have done far better with this group of guys. Tubby would have for sure…

    He has to go simply b/c he has been a downgrade from our previous coach especially considering the fact that our previous coach wasn’t making do well enough for our high standards…

    oh yeah and he’s a curmudgeon to the media and boosters…

    WE had better get someone really good this time — I mean knock your f–king socks off type good or we’ll be in some deep shite!

  153. jreeves5319

    Wasn’t doing well enough for our standards — I mean

  154. rexhenry3

    Very good write up Matt.. i have been coming to ksr for a while now but after this article i had to register.. while i do not always agree with everything you write, i think its great what you do.. while doing it for free and offering this outlet to all kentucky fans.. i will say that while i have cursed bc several times this year, i do think the man needs at least another year and that if he is fired it will leave a sick feeling in my stomach.. i know the man bleeds basketball and has tried to do everything he can to win.. maybe trying too hard.. if the man is let go i am on the bandwagon call for mitch’s firing.. this was handled in the worst way possible.. weither people agree with me or not we are all fans of uk basketball and this is the worst situation i can ever remember for this programn.. i wish bg luck in anything he does when the smoke clears

  155. hookem

    “our standards” the ultimate ignorant UK fan statement. 64 teams go in. Odds are against you every year. Oh,to be so bold!

  156. jreeves5319

    Kiss my black ass Hookem.

    Well for 18 years we beat the odds…then billy screwed up…

    To be sure, my personal standards are somewhat lower than the rest of Billy’s detractors…

    However, I don’t condone losing 4 SEC games in a row considering we had not done that since oh… 1907 take that Cubbies!

  157. Funkaholic

    Okay, so I’m supposed to feel sorry for an ass who flipped off the greatest program of all time while making millions and gets fired for being an ass, while I get laid off as a valued company employee making far less because my company is going under because of Bush crap No thanks. Send the Texans back to Texas. Kentucky doesn’t need the arrogant jerks.

  158. jreeves5319

    I like ur point Funkaholic but this economy isn’t only or even mostly GW Bush’s fault.

    Clinton had just as much to do with this crap economy…or more…

    And it seems like Obama hasn’t read much of the history of the Great Depression…

    It was lengthened by 10 years due to over taxation by Hoover and increased spending by Roosevelt.

  159. damonwhawkins

    156) I know you were joking, but the SEC was formed in 1933.

  160. 46and2

    143. That sums it up, Jasper was the key to this years team. Losing DJ to a x-fer instead of a red-shirt medical problem really hurt this team. The only gripe I have with the coach was trying to play Jodie and DJ last year. Next year I hope the Texas Tornado still roams the sidelines. If only the starting five was DJ, Jodie, Razor, Perry, and Patrick.

  161. GottaLoveThoseCats

    Actually I’m hoping this is just the beginning of the “Fall of Rome”. To fire a man after his second season at the helm and not even giving him the chance to bring his own players in is nothing more than a joke. So he wasn’t an ass kisser and shunned the media, maybe Mitch should have read up on his background.
    Why all the talk about Donovan? Didn’t he turn UK down a couple years back? What has changed in the last couple of years that would make him want to coach here? But now is the best chance for all the “coaches” on this board to put in an application for the job. With the state of the economy and all the cut backs being made by the University Departments, it’s nice to know they have the millions to hand over to Billy Clyde because of his demeanor with the press. This program has become a joke and with this attitude toward Coach, I can’t wait to sit back and watch it all crumble and and burn to the ground….Wait what is that appearing from the ashes, a Phoenix…, No it’s a CARDINAL! No need to lock yourself in folks, this will be a nice smooth ride into the mouth of hell, courtesy of Mr. Barnhardt.

    Good Luck Coach in your next tenure. Hope to see you cutting down the nets soon!

  162. MEEKSatterson

    another negative about BCG….running off D. Jasper..only trye PG u got and ur gonna be a had ass to him….haha..SMART

  163. jreeves5319

    Actually the correct statement would be…

    Uk had not lost its last 4 games of the season since 1907…

    The article I was quoting must have assumed that was still in conf. play…

    But you are right about the founding date of the Sec.

    The statistic is still very telling and even worse when u consider the poor play of the Sec this year.

  164. catdawg

    At least we were the last SEC team standing.

  165. jreeves5319

    Catdawg…come on now…

    Did u see the LSU UNC game — they played out of their minds for 30 minutes…

    They were beating Unc until 11 minutes to play or so…
    Until Lawson and Ellington took over. They both scored 23 pts and about just under 40 of them came in the 2nd half…

    Point being, UNC played a great game and LSU hung with them…

    And LSU would easily be in the Final Four of the NIT…

    I think those scored

  166. catdawg

    165) Sarcasm!

  167. MIDDAY

    137 – Aaron87 – Could you repeat that? I missed part of it.

  168. UKfan215

    I really hate to see things end this way. I like Billy Gillispie. I really do. And I wanted him to succeed here. But if off the court issues are really happening and if he won’t change, I can accept why he is being removed. But still, I have mixed feelings about this whole thing. And I also have a lot of fears. Outside landing someone like John Calipari, I fear we may at best make a lateral move, or quite possibly a backwards move. I really hope we don’t end up with Donovan. That guy is so overrated and will not deliver what UK fans expect here…..CONSISTENTLY good teams.

  169. MIDDAY

    Remember Rapp’n Duke? DaHaa DaHaa

    Sometimes the best recruiter and X&O coach isn’t the right fit. I hate to use the same old term, but it’s like a marriage. UK and Billy Donovan would be the perfect fit. He’s a bonafied super star and his marriage at Florida was great for a while, but his fans loke F more than him. He deserves to be here where his business is most respected and worshiped. If he wins 2 NC’s in a row here, I could care less if we had to rebuild and go to the NIT a couple of ties.

  170. MIDDAY

    ^^Like FB more than him^^

  171. playersfan

    You know all the second chances for a coach, and the sympathy bug me. When has any sympathy been shed for the players that have to deal with this. IF Meeks doesn’t make all-american he can point to Gillespie for the benchings, even Creighton and ND when he supposedly realized he had a problem. Patterson, who only gets to show that he is a beast, and doesn’t get to show basketball skills. HE won’t be a beast in the NBA, he will need to be a basketball player, which I think he is, but with a offence that only pounds the ball in the middle, what else is there. These guys are here to showcase themselves for their millions, Gillepie has his.
    Stevenson, Porter, and Harris have been here 3 years, they have shown their best. It is division 2 or NAIA level.
    Why wouldn’t you start the year with the guys you recruited and praised at the time. By now we would know whether they could play, the team couldn’t be worse. Why wouldn’t you run a offense for your only outside offensive player. Why do he have the toughest defensive assignment, when according to the coach Harris is the defensive stopper.
    I felt like we went through this with Tubby, there were some players, especially a couple from Kentucky that were never given the ball and the necessary confidence and were wasted. I feel sorry for the players, they have a dream too.
    You people that say two years is too short and he didn’t have a chance to bring his own players in, What about Galloway, Liggins, Harellson, and Miller. They sit the bench while Tubby’s recruits failed time after time. If I hear one more time about the great game Harris had I will get sick. No one is guarding him. No one is blocking him out. He should be averqgin 20 points a game and 10 rebounds, if he was half as good as some people think he is. We have three people on Patterson, one on Meeks, and one rover. The other 4 stand ready to jump on Meeks if he ever receives a pass on time, or heaven forbid is not used as a decoy.
    Sorry, my sympathy goes to the players, that can’t speak up and show arrogance, or complain, the coach is God, and thats the way its supposed to be, but have feelings for them, not the millionaire.

  172. JR

    BILLY NEEDS AT LEAST ONE MORE YEAR! Arrogance, does anyone remember Rupp? He just happened to come before the winning tradition started, the bar was not very high, now the expectations are unreal. Billy may be arrogant, does anyone doubt the arrogance of the program from top to bottom? Billy needs a point guard who can do what a point guard is supposed to do, pass well, control the ball flow, penetrate when needed, pull up and hit the short jumper or hit the open three when needed. Porter is a great kid, just not a point guard. The program will be fine no matter what the choice, just would feel better about it if we gave the man a chance to grow into such unrealistic expectations. It is little wonder why the national media loves to give us trash, we have become arrogant, a little humility is good for the soul, back off, give the man some time to “grow” into this job.

  173. rbdono2

    I didn’t want to feel sorry for the guy. I wish he was still just as defiant and arrogant up to the end. But after this excellent piece of writing, I feel sympathy for Billy Clyde. But he made his bed a long time ago. Now he just has to sleep in it.

    I cannot stand to see people on here dragging Mitch through the mud. He hired what everyone thought was, a fantastic coach, and now he’s cleaning out the closet. Mitch is not a puppeteer and BCG sure as hell isn’t a puppet. But he is the guy who has to make difficult decisions for the entire UKAthletics program.

    If the decision was made weeks ago, as most people seem to think it was, then Mitch has got something up his sleeve. I have complete faith in Mitch Barnhart and always will.

  174. ibleedblueforUK

    Great piece of writing Mr. Jones. One of the best articles of the past year. For my opinion, I want dearly to keep Gillispie. (I hope Mitch is reading this)

  175. BettyBlue

    I feel Billy Clyde deserves another year. He should have a chance to recruit his own team. It seems ethically wrong to just throw him away so soon. It ain’t a fitten thing to do, it just ain’t fitten.

  176. King Nate

    From Marc Maggard

    I have confirmed that Billy Gillisipie has 100% been fired.

    I have posted a blog on the front page where in depth details will be posted.


    If you do not want to receive any more newsletters, visit this link

    Forward a Message to Someone this link

  177. G

    coach BCG, if you are done with the UK program, i for one will miss you and am sorry. if you wind up staying, i am happy for you and will support you as i have to date. the other people on this site all have opinions, and they do not care about mine anymore than i care about theirs, but in my view you are the right fit. what ever the outcome i wish you the very best.

  178. ThetaChiUKfan

    Is there a way to see maggards post fo free?

  179. CatFan4444

    #125…amen brother, amen. I am not in on this love fest for Billy G. 40-27 in two seasons?? Good god, this is Kentucky. That won’t cut it. We shouldn’t lose 27 games in 5 years. We can feel sorry for a few then its time to right the titanic. UK’s program the last 5 or 6 years has been like the titanic with one tugboat pushing it. Lets make the right hire this time.

  180. yen

    can we do a “who should replace Gillispie” bracket similar to the PHB bracket? Maybe with Cal and Donovan as the top seeds?

  181. King Nate

    KSR needs to hire MM!!!

  182. King Nate

    I think that Donovan is the next coach….but I have friends of mine telling me we are approcahing Pitino. If this is true…I am going to die!!!

  183. ThetaChiUKfan

    182- i have been hearing that too, but the only way it is a possibility is if we let his son take over after he retires

  184. King Nate

    I am for building a new arena and naming the floor “Billy Manardi Coart”.

    Let Rick win a couple more championships and let his son take over…..FINE WITH ME!!

  185. King Nate


  186. Crakaveli

    183. Don’t get me wrong, I think Pitino had his chance, and I don’t think there is a chance in hell he’s walk through that door of the Craft Center, but IF he were to come back, don’t you think his son gets the job at Louisville? What am I doing? This is ridiculous! Pitino’s not coming and I’ve fallen for entertaining the thought.

  187. ThetaChiUKfan

    haha crakaveli, it’s okay to fall to our level every once in a while

  188. King Nate

    I agree that he is not comming. However, I do disagree with MJ that the thought of his return should at least be acknowledged. You never know with Pitino…..only he knows what he will or will not do.

  189. PlayForKeeps

    Well written, Matt. It seems everyone I talk with about the Cats want Gillispie’s head on a platter. I feel that way myself at times when there seems to be no offense, when substitution patterns confuse me, and he is being a jerk to a media person. However, I have been a fiery fan of the Big Blue since 1975, and it kills me when they don’t do well. Is it the coach, is it the players, is it both? I don’t think either could bear the entire blame. As easy as it is to ride the Fire Billy Bandwagon, we need to consider that we have players in the starting rotation who are weak at fundamentals, and have more adrenaline than basketball savy. How many times do we fail to block out, throw court-length passes into coverage, drop passes that hit us in the hands, plow over traffic in the lane, etc? We have to face it, outside of Pat & Jodie, this is a relatively weak team. As long as they are giving it their best, though, they have my heart. That goes for the coach as well. Things will get better in time. We need to give Billy another year. We gave Tub 10 years for his mediocre effort, but Billy has given it his all, and deserves our support.

  190. Vertigo

    I feel the same way Matt. As much as the man has frustrated me with his actions on and off the court, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him last night. He does appear to be resigned to his fate. I also feel he could’ve been a perfect match if he were just willing to change a few things. It’s hard for me to understand that he took the UK job without knowing the responsibility of the ambassador role. It’s a shame, it really is.

  191. PlayForKeeps

    Another point, how can we all brandish these names like Calipari, Pitino, Izzo, Donovan, etc, like they are all lined up waiting for the opportunity to drop whatever successful programs they have and come to Kentucky at our call??? As much as I am a True Blue fan, I must acknowledge there are other respectable, desirable, programs out there…

  192. King Nate

    is Memphis, Florida, and Michigan State as good as UK??????

    Answer: NO

  193. JoeBHall

    I have been critical of BCG most of the season; lots of reasons for this. But, I feel very strongly that anyone can change and second chances are in order. Clyde can be everything we ever want in a coach, all he needs is time. I hope Mitch and Todd sit down and come out with a plan to keep him on. I literally had a dream about the press conference and BCG was leaving UK. It looked like a funeral…

  194. Band Of BlueCats

    I’m very torn up about this…I wish he hadn’t of been the way he was so long cause now you can see he realizes what he has and seems as though he wants to change…I really feel bad for him cause I feel he can change and I will miss him if he goes. I’m just so upset over this…i wanted him to work out.

    The one thing that gets lost in these kind of things is the assistants and their families and having to worry about whether or not they’ll be retained by a new coach. I feel bad cause all the assistants seem like awesome people.

    Pat Forde made it very clear on Sportscenter that it is nothing to do with wins and losses, it’s the inability to work with people inside the athletic department and media…and also interactions with players, and Gottlieb said the same thing on Mike and Mike. The 3 names all the national media are throwing out is Calipari, Donovan, and Pitino.

  195. catfanjohn

    i for one think that billy g should be given another chance to turn things around. and i believe he will do just that if he is permitted to stay at uk. he stepped into a train wreck of a program. he has two great players in meeks and patterson. the rest of the team is mediocre at best, with the exception of miller. miller is really coming along and will be one of the greats. i believe billy really loves uk basketball and i could see it in his eyes last night. we gave tubby ten years at uk, why not give billy one more year? everyone knew this would not be a quick fix. give billy a chance with his great new recruits coming in next season. i dont think that orton will want to come to uk if billy leaves.

  196. catcrawler


  197. catcrawler


  198. King Nate

    195. If Billy G was retained (which he was not) PP and Meeks both would have left the program for the NBA. After that Billy Clyde would have gone 18-12 in 2010 and we would be firing him them.

  199. King Nate

    It is over!!!!

    MM has announced that BCG was fired last night!!!!

  200. kyfaninsc

    Funny as I was watching the game end I felt kinda bad for BCG also.. Glad I woke up this morning!

  201. Band Of BlueCats

    All the national media are talking about what an elite job this is and how one of the big 5 basketball schools rarely opens up and how great a program this is. Their also saying that Barnhart better not wiff on this next hire and that he better hit a home run and not a single.

  202. Azubuikebicep

    I bet Calhoun is praying that Clyde gets axed Friday. That would certaintly take the national media spotlight away from UConn’s potential problems.

  203. Crakaveli

    Honestly, what’s really left to say about all of this?

  204. ThetaChiUKfan

    195- i guess we are racist against white people now

    199- do you have a link?

  205. King Nate

    Billy Clyde will not be fired on Friday…..he was fired last night according to Marc Maggard on TBK.

  206. King Nate
  207. UKTopherdad

    KingNate…there are only 57 reputable links that say no announcement on BCG until Friday…you are tool/UL fan troll

  208. King Nate

    207….really? why dont you click the link above you clown!!!

  209. UKTopherdad

    wow!! I went to the link…and wouldnt you know it…I need to pay money to read it…I am so UN-shocked

  210. King Nate

    209…are you ready to appologize…regardless you are still a clown!

  211. Band Of BlueCats

    Liggins is saying he may leave.

  212. UKTopherdad

    apologize for what? even if he were to be fired…it doesnt make you or any other “predictor” nostrodumbass

  213. catfanjohn

    204- why does someone always have to bring racism into the discussion? i love tubby smith and i am certainly no racist. if my post sounded racist then i apologize, i never intended for that.


    Billy probably deserves to get another year or two. However, to come to this job without realizing the support it gets and therefore the focus is short sighted. In most every business one of the key items in an appraisal is adaptability to change. Billy does not seem to get that. Or maybe doesn’t get it until the last few weeks.

  215. ThetaChiUKfan

    213- i was just saying we gave tubby longer than g cuz we hate white people. but i was just making a joke seeing as how people think we are racist since tubby left us

  216. thejoemattingly

    Love the post. Well written, informative, and the personal insight gives the reader the impression that Gillispie wanted to do the right thing for his position, but maybe just doesn’t contain the social skills that are needed to do so. Gillispie does have the tools to be a successful coach at UK, BUT he will only be able to use them if he will allow himself to. He may have already put himself in a detached position from the university enough before this past week. He probably doesn’t have a branch to mend with the administration.

  217. UKTopherdad

    Pardon me if I have a hard time believing thatMark Maggard is gonna be the first to know that BCG was fired….lol

  218. Band Of BlueCats

    This reminds me of “Hoop Dreams” when Arthur Agee is told he can no longer attend St. Joseph’s.

  219. CatFan4444

    #198, you are dead on. why wait till next spring to do what we can do this week. It needs to happen people. Your philanthropy is amiable folks but we need to keep the focus and that is our program is drifting out to sea. A new skipper is needed and he is getting his duck in a row before reporting for duty. We just don’t know who the new skipper is going to be.

  220. Mojo Wilkins

    I thought it was funny last night that Billy G said that he’s proud that he only has to answer to one judgement (implying that of God), and nobody in the entire press corps knew who he was referring to. Not many churchgoers in sports reporting apparently…

  221. King Nate

    217…he didnt say he was the first

  222. ThetaChiUKfan

    220- i found that funny too. everyone in the press thought he was talking about barnhart when anyone could see he was talking about God

  223. UKTopherdad

    219…you and 198 are basing one thing on another…..who says PP and Meeks leave if BCG stays? there are only statements to the contrary by them in public…sure you say…they are supposed to say that…OK, what about the fact that Meeks has no shot at the first round of the draft(NBDL here he comes) and PP will struggle to get in the 1st round as well…with some crappy Randolph Morris league minimum type money.

    If we lose BCG…but are somehow able to keep the recruits and current players intact…then it may not be a travesty…..but if we lose recruits….then you are knocking the program back another 2 years at the bare minimum

  224. kyfaninsc

    The truth is no matter who steps in… If we lose PPat and Orton this team is going to struggle and so will the new coach. Patience is certainly not a virtue here. Hopefully everyone stays. Mitch better get the best in the business and they need to hit the floor running.

  225. UKTopherdad

    221….well since there isnt a single other reputable source that says BCG was fired last nite……wouldnt that make him the first? His lead in for the pay to view article says HE CAN CONFIRM….which noone else is saying


    I felt sorry for the guy too…We may end up with a new coach with a Bigger name and Higher profile…….but its hard to feel good about the failure that has taken place if Billy is gone. It sucks for the Fans, the program, & the Coach and players.

  227. Band Of BlueCats

    Vaught say Gillispie and Kentucky have reached a mutual agreement for him not to return.

  228. CatFan4444

    why would recruits want to come in here and play this awful style of basketball. why they are in aw of Billy G I’ll never know but I bet they would stick to their committment if someone like billy donovan were to be announced as the next head coach. did orton really think billy g was going to take him to the next level. notta.

  229. ThetaChiUKfan

    227- link?

  230. King Nate

    227…got a link?

  231. CAnTuckeeBoi

    I feel creepy asking this but does anyone pay for Maggard’s site that would not mind sharing how he thinks he knows Billy is fired.

  232. Band Of BlueCats

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the UTEP job came open all the sudden…they would love to get Clyde back in El Paso.

    I think what was missing for billy was his family base…his parents and relatives live in Texas and I think at the end of the day it helps for a coach to be able to go home to his family.

  233. Band Of BlueCats

    230- Halfway down the page.

  234. RobsLocks

    Whether Coach Clyde stays or goes, I will be a little sad. If he stays, I will be sad at the way he lacked support during the end of this season and if he goes I will always wonder what might have been. Regardless of whether you like or hate him, the man has character. As for people bashing this site and others, we are the ones who log on. If you genuinely think this, or any other website/blog/email campaign had much to do with this situation then you are sadly mistaken. As for this blog in particular, I remember as recently as December people bashing the writers for not being critical enough of Gillispie. Think back on A Few Good Men and remember not to (paraphasing here) “enjoy the warmth of [information] that this [blog] provides and then question the means by which it provides it”. Matt is a liberal democrat douche, but his UK fandom more than makes up for his political misgivings.

  235. BlueBloodedGirl

    Very well written, Matt, one of your better pieces this season. I have been feeling the same way for the past couple of weeks as it becomes more apparant that the Gillispie era is likely coming to a close. I’ve been frustrated beyond belief with CBG throughout much of the season, but I feel badly for him now. I really would like to see the administration give him another year because I feel that if all the players return and with the recruits coming in, we will have a much more successful season. Unfortunately, that seems unlikely to happen. Go Cats.

  236. UKTopherdad

    227….230….in that mp3…LVaught says he THINKS…..once again…people hearing what they want

  237. King Nate

    236…that interview was before the ND game.

  238. King Nate

    Now Vaught and Maggard know that he is gone

  239. ThetaChiUKfan

    t ford is on mike and mike

  240. 081305

    Somebody explain to me why people pay for UKBB info on some sites. This whole story was posted on this site for FREE last week. I have been told there are 3 posters on a pay site that have used my info but still can’t get the story correct. As posted here for free last week: BCG is not being “fired”…BCG has agreed to “resign” for a certain dollar figure…BCG will not receive $6 million…Donovan is not the #1 choice. It has been said on this site plainly for free. And, despite the critcisms, the story has not changed.

  241. ThetaChiUKfan

    240- who is the first choice?

  242. TheManInTheBrownSuit

    235) I echo your disappointment, both at the season we’ve had and the way BCG has gone from savior to pariah. I’m tired of opening the Herald-Leader because lately there’s not a shred of difference between Tipton and Clay’s articles…

    Either way this situation plays out, it will be painful. BCG is a great coach, and he will succeed SOMEWHERE, but he seems burnt out and frustrated. The administration has looked ridiculous throughout this ordeal and their silence is telling. Although I love the passion of our fanbase, at times it seems it spills over to contempt. That kills me. I can’t HELP but think there are other things going on in BCG’s life affecting basketball, even if he says he eats and sleeps it. The telling line was in your article, Matt, when you said you approached Billy G at the Lex Cath game, sitting alone. Tubby had an amazing support system (hello, Donna!) which ultimately swayed him toward a more low-key position and helped him keep his composure. Who does BCG have? I have been critical at times of BCG, but never with hate in my voice. I want our program to succeed, but I don’t feel we have to break a man down in order to do so.

    It just seems that there is a undercurrent of sheer PANIC in our fanbase right now, like if we don’t return to prominence quickly, we never will. You could tell in the gasps when Porter would take a 3 in Rupp – like each shot somehow set our Return To Greatness back a step.

  243. ThetaChiUKfan

    t-ford totally just side stepped the question about coming to coach here

  244. ThetaChiUKfan

    they are about to talk about the billy g situation on mike and mike if anyone is bored….espn2

  245. kywildcatfan34

    who gives a rip? get out of town billy, and stay gone!

  246. CAnTuckeeBoi

    236.) Dude come one the dude’s gone its time to focus on the future. It is okay to be wrong every once in a while. Ask Mitch Barnhardt….

    Did anyone else here Calipari’s Press COnference yesterday???? Sure sounded like he is setting himself up for a departure from Memphis. It was very random. Maybe I know something Maybe I dont either way you guys wont believe me until its official….


  247. Band Of BlueCats

    243- and then after he got off the phone they said of course he knows what’s goin on it’s Kentucky, the same reason Crean left Marquette for Indiana. lol

  248. BJ

    That was a great piece, Matt. Good job.

  249. demi

    is anyone listening to alan cutler? 3 top choices are calipari travis billy d. alan was talking about the 3 and it was almostlike alan slipped about billy d. he said he will have no problem handling the pressure.i could be wrong alan says he knows who it is and it is a pretty done deal

  250. CAnTuckeeBoi

    240.) I guess we know the same people…….. Ive seen everything youve posted and heard the exact same stuff from my people.