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Where We Are

After the whirlwind circus that took place last night, it may be good on this morning (where once again our site is getting slammed) to take a step back and see where we are:

— As of now, Billy Gillispie still is the Coach at UK. I know that there are some internet reports to the contrary and suggesting that the deal has been done. All I can say is that everyone I have spoken with, both officially and unofficially, still says the deed hasnt been done. That is what I will go with at this time.

— Everyone should expect a press conference tomorrow concerning the resolution of this matter. I am told that as of now that is the plan, although that could change.

Patrick Patterson suggested after the game that he would like to come back but that it will be a decision he makes down the road. This conforms to what we have said all along that Patrick has a “strictly business” decision to make.

Jodie Meeks was very non-committal in his answers about returning. I think the status of the program and the coaching situation will play a big role in his decision.

DeAndre Liggins said he would have to talk to his parent before deciding his future. The coaching situation is likely to play a big role.

AJ Stewart suggested that he hadnt thought about next year and would decide later about his future. Most believe, as do I, that he is likely going to transfer either way.

Michael Porter said that he is wanting to come back but has a lot to think about, referencing his new child, his new marriage and the fact that he is finished with school. That could go either way.

Darius Miller suggested that he would come back to UK no matter what.

That is where we are….we will update you as we hear something….if you sign up for our Twitter account (KySportsRadio), you can make sure to get the info even if our site is down.

Article written by Matt Jones

78 responses to “Where We Are”

  1. King Nate

    BCG is gone

    Porter will quit

    Stewart will transfer

  2. King Nate

    everone else will stay as Billy D rolls into town

  3. ruppcrazy

    Picks to Click got Jonesed for the second day in a row.

  4. dominator

    If we are after Calipari we are playing with fire. People talk about his UMASS issues but Google “Worlwide Wes” and read the long GQ article about him. The Wikipedia page about him links to the article as well. Very interesting read.

  5. wildeers

    MM disagrees…IM TORN!

  6. dominator
  7. nickk

    Antoine Walker said that he doubts he will play for UK next season, regardless of who is coaching.

  8. mashburn4ever

    MATT JONES!!!! It seems like a lot of people are changing their view on BCG. Could you repost the poll on ‘if the fans want BCG next season’? I would be interested to see the results compared to a few weeks back.

  9. jeanine edwards sly grin

    marc maggard is saying that he can CONFIRM that bcg has been fired. espn has nothing on this guy lol

  10. CoCoCats22

    I am a UK student and If Billy G leaves we can kiss all of are players good bye. Liggins and Stewart are probably gone anyway. From all the reports on what the recruits parents are saying about thinking everything over if coach G is fired scares the hell out of me (I think Hood will still stay with us). Patt has two more years but if Billy G is fired then we can watch Patterson get drafted late first round or even second. He needs at the least one more year to develop into more of shooter and passer. Meeks was shaky the rest of the season after the Arkansas game, don’t get me wrong, he can still hit the shots and make plays when we need him to do so (Last night’s game showed how great he really is when the pressure is on him). Orton wants to play for coach G, if coach isn’t here then Orton isn’t here. I have felt like this the whole year and i still do, KEEP GILLISPIE HERE!!! If he is gone then so is our star players, reserves and recruits. How long do you think it would be till we see the NCAA tournament again? 3 years? 4 years? I can’t take more and more rebuilding years being a UK fan. GIVE BILLY G ONE MORE YEAR!

  11. dobby

    So if the status of Meeks and Liggins depends on the coaching situation, will both leave if BCG isn’t fired?

  12. 081305

    9) I hope nobody is paying for that bad info

  13. lexslamman

    Here’s a good read. If we make a good hire we’ll be right back in the hunt and no one of any major significance leaves (with the exception of Patterson to the NBA)

  14. King Nate

    Coco is CooCoo!!

    PPat and Meeks hate BCG.

  15. catfaninchattanooga

    So you are telling me there is a chance…

    No Gillispie
    No Patterson
    No Meeks
    No Liggins
    No Stewart
    No Porter

    wonderful…just wonderful

  16. Miller's High Life

    As I was walking out of my marketing exam this morning I walked right by Patterson and we made kind of awkward eye contact. He seemed to be daydreaming (probably about those millions he will be making). That exam seemed the least of his worries..

  17. sidsel_roine

    Donovan to UK. A group from Texas A&M will be in town to see if they can get BCG to come back and coach for them. A group of players said if BCG came back, they wouldn’t.

  18. jeanine edwards sly grin

    im trying to comprehend how anyone could possibly want to pay for marc maggard’s site. just two weeks ago, he could CONFIRM that gillispie was going nowhere and guaranteed that he would be the coach. the man has no business covering kentucky basketball

  19. Miller's High Life

    Only fitting it’s a gloomy, nasty day in Lex today..

  20. wildcat_99

    -Billy G and UK agree to part ways
    -Patterson will test waters but come back since he will be able to polish his game with Orton coming in to take over the “5” spot
    -Meeks needs to come back to polish his game and will
    -Liggins will be back for the new coach
    -Stewart will follow Liggins lead
    -Porter has his hands full with a new family and will move on after graduation (congrats on your upcoming addition to the Porter family)
    -Darius is a freak and will continue to his transformation into a star next season
    – UK will have a deep and talented squad and a new coach with something to prove and will have an amazing turn around. (just my opinion)

  21. HanOfTheBluegrass

    So, all day today, we’ll be hearing rumors about Donovan, Calipari, Ford, or even Pitino having an under the table handshake (that sounds very much not like what I wanted to say) to take the UK position. Of course, we can’t really trust in any of the rumors, as we heard it all 2 years ago, and then in a 48 hour period, Billy G was hired.

    As I commented yesterday, I think Billy G has little to no chance of returning, and the only chance is if he is very humble in his meetings, and if Donovan, Calipari, Izzo, and Pitino all tell us to shove it.

    It’s possible Mitch and Lee would fire Billy with only Ford lined up, but I hope not (let’s all remember that many people wanted Pelphrey or Ford 2 years ago, seeing them as no worse a hire than Gillispie).

    Entirely possible that tomorrow we get a vague press conference talking about decisions to be made, etc. Especially if our pick to take over is still coaching (Calipari, Izzo, Wright or even Pitino – I don’t think Izzo or Pitino budge from where they are).

    I will say this – if the decision has been made and Gillispie is already long gone, Mitch has seriously hurt our recruiting class for next year, as everything we’ve heard from recruits’ parents is that they can’t get word one from anyone.

  22. Shaffer42

    14) are you Patterson or Meeks? if not, then you have NO CLUE! don’t give me this source or that source

  23. ukcatsfan2

    Everybody will be back!

    Next Year WILL be a very different year, but with the same coaches and players of this year!

    At least that’s what my Crazy-8 ball said this morning….

  24. HanOfTheBluegrass

    16) Maybe because Patterson and the team had a 4 or 5 hour bus ride last night and didn’t get home til 3 or 4 in the morning…

    20) I think Stewart and Liggins would both depend on the new coach and who among the recruits still comes. If Meeks and Patterson come back, we’re dealing with schollie problems, even if Porter leaves.

    Hey Matt, any thoughts on Harris’s future from a health perspective?

  25. ukrick

    Katz, MM, Forde and Cutler all say he’s gone. MM actually said he is 100% sure, but of course didn’t he say before that BCG would stay. I guess we wait for something official.

  26. 081305

    Bluntly, BCG has not been nor will he be fired. This is a mutual decision. And $6 million is not part of the deal. {Is this Maggard guy the one people pay to read?}

  27. dk96

    If we don’t hire an offensive minded coach this time somebody should be shot. If we do I can’t wait to scream 3 and beat people by 40 again!

  28. ukcats07

    If nothing else the UK world is in flux because Maggard has a had at least 3 positive Matt Jones threads in the last 24 hours.

  29. wildcat_99

    13) I think that article about sums it up!!!

  30. dk96

    26 – This is not mutual. BG said last night that he would love to be the coach at UK next year.

  31. LaughingAtRetardz
  32. lexslamman


    I think Liggins will be back if UK gets one of their top-choices in here on Friday. Stewart seems to want to go back to Florida pretty badly. Meeks is back if Gillispie is gone. Patterson is probably gone to the league regardless of who the coach at UK is.

    I’m not Matt but I do know that injuries have not prevented Harris from coming back before. Then again, concussions are one of those cumulative injuries where after a few physicians will probably advise Ramon not to play anymore. It is a shame because he is an excellent basketball player and a phenomenal athlete.

  33. Hoop Fiend

    I would LOVE to have Calipari for his style of play and his recruiting ability!!! …. That said.

    He Ain’t Leavin’ THIS Season.

    He’s got #1 Wing Guard Xavier Henry signed. He’s got a commitment from the Top Big Man in UK Recruit DeMarcus Cousins. He’s also been reported in the driver’s seat for JOHN WALL’s services. If they all end up Tigers, he stays in Memphis.

  34. PlsFindUsApg
  35. PlsFindUsApg
  36. GOBLUE23

    My inside source tells me that there is a good chance of rain and should continue through the weekend. I refuse to discuss my source

  37. Flag City Cat

    This is BS and I’m disappointed. Unless they hire Ego Ford there is no chance of Orton coming to UK!!!

    Can’t believe UK’s mindset,

  38. 081305

    30) It is mutual. Of course he wants to coach UK next season. By mutual I am saying he is not being “fired”.

  39. MarcMaggard

    18. That is just a lie. I have never guaranteed that BCG would return as coach. I said i was positive that he had NOT BEEN fired at the time. And said why I thought it would be difficult to fire him…and bad for UK. Why do people like you just lie like that….are you really that poor at reading, or do you just not even read my stuff and post what you THINK I said…..jeesh.

  40. dk96

    #13 – Great article. My feeling exactly. Nobody is laughing at Alabama football nor are they laughing at UNC basketball. Mistakes like BG happen, you have to remedy and move on. I’m glad Barnhart is having the balls to do it.

  41. HanOfTheBluegrass

    30) The word mutual is going to be used, and all it will mean is that Billy G eventually agreed to sign his name to a buyout (which may or may not be disclosed).

    I can see it now, “Everyone has agreed that it is in the best interests of the program for a change to be made…”

    32) I think Patterson could come back to play with Meeks and Orton, depending on the coach (and Orton depends on Patterson and the coach). Patterson would benefit from another year (barring injury).

    There’s no doubt Ramon’s heart is in playing, but with the number of “leave the game” or “miss games” injuries he’s had this year, it may be in Harris’s best interests to hang them up.

    As I’ve said, he’s one of my favorite players (despite his offensive problems), and this team could use him next year, but if he can’t play safe, he should stop playing.

  42. HanOfTheBluegrass

    37) UK’s mindset is that Orton is not reason enough to keep a coach they don’t want, if Gillispie is indeed going to be fired.

  43. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    Regardless of which coach is chosen, next year will be much better than the past several months and I look forward to positive changes taking place and bringing the team and program together.

  44. claibornefield

    10) if you think about it, we haven’t ‘rebuilt’ anything… the last two years with BCG have been years of regression, not rebuilding. The last 2 years we had teams that were fully capable of making it to the 2nd round of the NCAA, which is where Tubby left us… BCG is not getting it done. By the way, it’s our players, not are players.

  45. DavidEShelton

    Atlanta Journal Constitution
    and Birmingham News reporting
    that Mark Gotfried has been
    hired as UK’s new coach.

  46. phat jones

    “It is a shame because he (Raomon)is an excellent basketball player and a phenomenal athlete.”

    OK, that statement took your credibility down a couple of notches. He’s average at best on both counts.

  47. R. Smith

    any chance that Porter could revive his football career?

  48. wildcatmatt

    36) Touche’

  49. fearnloathing20

    Silly silly boggers….have you all been doing 8-balls all night?

    Why must everyone speak in certainties?

    If you are on this site that means you DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.
    So lay back smoke a cig or whatever you smoke, have a classy Natty-light and give your opinions. I feel like I am 12 sitting in a Southern Baptist church hearing fire and brimstone.

    I think all of these players are intelligent (ok maybe not Liggins) young men and they will wait until talking to a new coach to make a decision. If the coach is the “right” pick then he will keep the people he wants/needs and cull those he does not. If we do not hire the “right” coach the wheels can fall off. But hey look at IU and Crean; he has a top 5 class coming in next year. This is still the great UK and will will rise once again to the top of the mountain. That is the only certainty here.

  50. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    I find it hilarious there’s a number of folks demanding another year for BCG and yet none of these people know a fraction of what’s gone on behind the scenes. Before any more of you start sending emails to MB, wait for the facts to be presented, as you look like fools at the moment.

  51. wildcatmatt

    39) Faggard sighting.

  52. justacatfan

    The way the game of Basketball is played anymore. We should hire Urban Meyer, instead of Billy D.

  53. fearnloathing20


    Yea that is my biggest fear in all of this. I have a bad feeling UK will be typical cloak and dagger and never tell us exactly what has went down. I am sure we will get some stuff but I have a weird feeling we are never gonna get the full story and that will cause the Billy lovers to try to derail the next coach. I really believe that UK needs to tell all on this one.

    I have a bad feeling that the only way we will ever know is combining what we hear on blogs and WHAT HIS BUYOUT is. If the buyout is on the low side he did something really really bad if its closer to the 6 mil or all the 6 mil we probably already know all the issues.

    I think his buyout will be pretty low.

  54. savethecats

    Calipari,IZZO not an option for UK. Never.
    Steve Smith from KY knows UK.
    he’s not just a coach he’s
    a teacher of the game.
    If BCG is out, other options are:
    Billy D. he was on rick p staff at UK so he
    knows about the program. he just needs help

  55. ukisgr8

    There comments tell me that they know coach is gone because why else say they will decide later. Just makes no sense to me if they knew coach would be back

  56. buzzking

    39. Go back and ask your magic 8-ball for your next UK CONFIRMED story. “Will BCG be canned?” ” It is decidedly so”….”Well that’s good enough for me”….lmao.

  57. SuperJman

    Matt, go ahead and break some real news. Quite bored with all the lawyer tip-toeing. Just because someone wont say it “on the record” doesn’t mean you can’t get the scoop. DD reported BCG gone 3+ weeks ago, with realfeal and ruppsrunts. Tell us what you really know, even MM has said he is 100% gone now. Bring the rain man!!!

  58. wildcatmatt

    If they dont’ land a huge name coach to replace BCG…ie Cal, BD, Izzo, Pitino (not happening of course)….it will be a HUGE setback for the next 4 years. A new coach with potential (Horn, Smith, Grant) will have to re-recruit the field selling them on UK instead of UK + Great Coach.

  59. smiles

    49 Repent or burn in hell. Your response is a little to down to earth and reasonable to be posted here. 🙂

    All the talk seems to be on who we would lose if BCG were fired. However, we’ve lost Tubby players (Jasper) as well as BCG recruits (Legion) so his staying doesn’t guarantee us that we will retain recruits. Second, if recruits are so willing to follow a coach then maybe we should go for Cal. We might land Walls and solve our PG problems. My point is we need to think long term about the quality of players we will get with whatever coach is hired, not next year.

  60. lexslamman


    I agree somewhat. I think Dixon, Grant, Floyd, and Anderson have proven themselves as coaches and team-builders and would be okay here going into their second year. With Cal, BD, or Izzo UK has a chance to keep the most important of its incoming recruits AND retain its players, meaning a better year next year. Either way we dodged the bullet by replacing Gillispie.

  61. crazydave

    45) Bravo Zulu….the most original post the last week!!

  62. RuppsRingFinger

    I saw Phil Jackson in Thornton’s on Winchester last night.
    He has a diet Mt. Dew and a Slim Jim.
    It’s a done deal.

  63. HanOfTheBluegrass

    60) Dixon and Floyd may have proven it, but Grant (assuming we’re talking VCU’s Grant) has proven no more than Gillispie had.

  64. lexslamman


    The relatively low amount of head coaching experience and lack of post-season play makes me pessimistic about Anthony Grant, but he has shown that he can turn around a roster very quickly, recruit well, and fill the seats to watch a very exciting brand of basketball. Mike Anderson is very much in the same boat. Those two guys are going to be the ‘Pitino and Calipari’ of their generation. They’ll put together amazing teams ofn 10-or-more interchangable athletes and skill-players and run opponents up and down the floor until they win or 40 minutes is up. A few years ago we all thought that strategy was dead, but after watching Missouri just out hustle other teams for a whole game, I think with the right players it is still a winner.

  65. Blue_Lawlz

    Matt, you should so get a new server.

  66. crazydave

    One thing that is against BD is that he is switching inner conference and he will have to deal with all the negativity that comes with that, ala, Nick Saban to Arabamer. With Cal, it will be perceived as a notch up the totem poll and won’t hardly be chastised as much as BD.

    But then again like i’ve said before, nobody gives a rats ass about basketball down here anyway. latest Tebow update…the administration at UF are holding tryouts to whom can carve the most realistic statue to Tebow. Requirements: At least twenty feet tall and all materials have to withstand kryptonite.

  67. UK98Champs

    As soon as Michael Porter relizes he can run his family better than he can run the UK offense, he will leave

  68. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    Porter would make a great 6, 7 man off the bench. Come in, run the point for 4-7 minutes each half, maybe hit a 3 or two, then sit back down until his number is called again. I don’t want him back as a starter by any means, but wouldn’t complain if he came in off the bench.

  69. DavidEShelton

    Steve Masiello’s husband
    spotted looking at real
    estate in Lex.

  70. RuppsRingFinger

    69 lmao

  71. crazydave

    67) cheap shot…make all the basketball related comments you want but leave the family out of it.

  72. tzuzaki4

    68. Agree, he was put in a bad position this year. Used in the right way, he’d be great for the team.

  73. ransmith

    What ever they do this time around, they need to handle the details better than they did the last time.

    My gut feeling:
    1. Not saying he should be, but BCG is gone

    Providing the nest coach does his job with dealing with existing platers and recruits.

    2. Liggins probably returns
    3. Stewart leaves no matter what happens
    4. Porter, he probably calls it quit, but might return
    5. Miller returns
    6. Stevens returns
    7. Harris returns
    8. Galloway returns
    9. PP & Meeks – Both test the NBA waters, and returns

    Hood stays with UK
    Orton stays with UK
    GJ stays with UK
    Tucker, probably stays

    John Wall, UK makes a hard push for him!

  74. JATR4

    Liggins, Porter, Harris, Galloway, Stevenson, and Harrellson couldn’t even make the ROSTER at North Carolina.

  75. JATR4

    Forgot Stewart. Add him to that list.

  76. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    Starting line up: Orton, Patterson, Harris, Meeks, and Miller. Harris can be substituted with Pilgrim, Stevenson, Galloway, or Hood. We have the potential to be scary good next season; why doesn’t anyone ever bring up Pilgrim? He is a beast, definitely going to be a big part of the teams upcoming success. CATS!–(Donovan coaching however…)

  77. Funkaholic

    Now, Darius is the kind of Wildcat that goes down as a legend.

  78. catfanjohn

    for enough money coach cal would come to uk and he might even bring some of his recruits with him. like i said before, money talks!