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The Man Behind the Mask


A point that I have heard very little discussion about but that needs to be mentioned is that while Barnhart gets a lot of the public heat for what may go down, he may not be the driving force behind the decision. I have spoken with a number of people and those that have some knowledge of the internal dynamic at UK generally suggest that Lee Todd is the one making the final call on this issue. Todd has been the individual most upset with some of Gillispie’s actions and it is Todd more than anyone else who was furious about the “I am not an ambassador” comment at the SEC Tournament. There is a reason all the meetings have included Todd and there has been some suggestion that Barnhart may be less behind this move individually and more executing the orders of his boss.

I dont say that to suggest that is certainly the case. But the internal sources that have said to me that Todd is the driving force are fairly solid and his public comments suggest he is much less supportive of Gillispie than his AD has been. When casting out blame, fans and the media (I am looking at you Jimmy Dykes) might want to check on that assertion and see who is really the one pulling the strings.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. -H A Z E L S M A C K-


  2. JR

    It would be unique to have the individual or individuals responsible for the actions take credit or blame. However, this concept of personal responsibility seems to have been lost some place in the not so recent past.

  3. Tubby.Smith

    Jimmy Lesbian is just jealous

  4. jaxcat07

    Todd is a HUGE UK fan, he bleeds blue, and loves everything about the University of Kentucky. If there is ONE person who will not stand for someone giving UK a bad name, it’s Lee Todd. Good for him. Bottom line is that we will not get any worse than an NIT season, so why not at least have a coach who doesn’t come across as an asshole?

  5. Billyclyde-superglide

    There is little doubt that he is the one pushing the buttons on this one. He has been associated more with this Clyde drama than any other Sports Dept issue that I can recall. No matter how this plays out, I don’t look for Barnhart to be around long term. First the issue with Brooks and his prior NCAA investigation that was not mentioned to Todd, now what has been tagged as a Bad Hire. Starting to be more than one bad apple in this barrell.

  6. claywhitenack

    Even if Todd is the one who wants him gone, and Mitch is just doing his master’s bidding, isn’t Mitch the one who brought him here? Shouldn’t he have known that Todd wouldn’t approve?

  7. bower44

    bring in Calipari you moron!!

  8. lexslamman

    Lee Todd has been good for UK in the long run. UK is better off academically than ever before. It is bringing in more research money than ever before. Just look at all the new, huge buildings we have. Chances are we’ll eventually name one of them after Dr, Todd – after all, we named a building after that idiot Wethington, didn’t we?

    Seriously, though, I hate that the UK Administration is taking such a direct interest in the basketball program, but truth be told Lee Todd was not very pleased at how Barnhart handled the Gillispie hire in the first place. I’m not saying that there haven’t been other issues with the now-former-head-coach to upset Dr. Todd and the BoT, but if he isn’t going to trust his AD to make the hiring-and-firing decisions within the athletic department, shouldn’t he go ahead and start looking for a new AD?

    Take note – I think Barnhart is a great AD – I just wanted to throw that out there.

  9. drmarc

    Todd is a douche, has been since his hiring. He is not sports friendly in any way shape or form and should stay out of sports related decisions.

  10. fearnloathing20


    This kills me to say but I have been reading this site for a long long time so I feel I can. You are losing your edge. If you want to become a reporter I think you would be great at it and could write really good articles, but the purpose of a blog is the blogger’s opinion and you my friend are “the blogger”. We know you have connection yada yada yada to protect and I am smart enough to understand that, but I think this site would be more effective and keep people more entertained if you took on an alternate identity or kept your own and gave your opinions about things. Every writer on this site is edgy and clearly worried about everything they say. What happened to crazy fun commentary on serious issues. This is a serious issue but no one knows what you think. That is why I read this site plain and simple. Not going anywhere but I really do wish we could see some old school KSR on this stuff it would make this process a lot easier and you must deep down wanna say SOMETHING. For god’s sake have some fun and speculate.

  11. Mojo Wilkins

    Billy G was toast the day that ESPN chewed Lee Todd’s ass over the All Access thing…

  12. Tubby.Smith

    I sat behind them at the Creighton game… Mitch sat nearly the whole time, while Todd was on his feet.

  13. MonstaMash93

    Matt, is their any validity to the rumors that Barnhart is making decisions when it comes to recruiting. If so is this common? Is it the reason we were turned down by coaches two years ago?

  14. shOOter

    Give’em H*LL, General Lee Todd.

  15. lexslamman


    I am not Matt, but no, and if he ever reads your comment that is what he will tell you, too. No.

  16. UKTopherdad

    4… think if BCG is gone…PP and Meeks leave because they dont want any part of another restart…Orton,GJ, and Hood leave….we are gonna be good enough to make the NIT next year?

    Don’t kid yourself….it could easily get worse….

    If BCG is gone….anything short of Calipari (Maybe Donovan)…is a lateral move that will set us back 2 years minimum…maybe longer…

    Rick Barnes, Jamie Dixon, Jay Wright, Tom Izzo, Travis Ford, and John Pelphrey are not improvements enough over BCG to chance the utter horrid 2 years we will have.

    Another year, with better players coming in…more shooters, better rebounders, and better ballhandlers….the safest bet against meltdown, and the best chance for a major climb is BCG

  17. ukcats07

    Matt – Any update on a press conference?

  18. MonstaMash93

    How do you know? #15

  19. MIDDAY

    Remember Rapp’n Duke? DaHa DaHa

    That’s who is going to be the next coach. My source is pretty solid.

  20. TheBigBooyah

    Why would he not be driving force behind this? He’s the President……the decider, if you will.

  21. chrimsun

    Does anyone besides me actually have less concerns over the off-court issues than the ones related to on-court performance? I am in the camp that doesn’t care too much about the Jeannine Edwards and press conference stuff, but am disturbed by the notorious home losses and lack of real improvement on the court. Lately it seems there is a wave of opinion that the decision is not about on-court performance, and that it is ridiculous to fire BCG based on performance in games. I tend to remember after each crappy home loss, the anti BCG sentiment grew. I thought it was his lack of connection to the players (which is part of coaching right?) and awful losses at home, and stubbornness in not making logical changes in the lineup, play sets, defensive sets, etc. that everyone has mostly been concerned with. Now there is all this stuff about not being an “ambassador” that is the prime mover? I don’t buy it. If he was the nicest guy in the world to the team, press, fans, boosters, etc. I wouldn’t feel any different that a major change needs to be made in his coaching philosophy or he needs to be replaced. Gardner Webb, UAB, VMI, Georgia, Vandy drubbings, South carolina drubbing and loss at home, teams beating us that haven’t beaten us in years and beating us at home for the first time in decades… That is not UK basketball and it has little to do with being an ambassador. I don’t know why this has been lost on this blog and elsewhere.

  22. scfcats

    7 – if Todd is pulling the strings then Calipari will not be here.

  23. chucknorrisstotalgym

    Matt I heard you on Bomani Jones’ this morning in Raleigh. You said your money is on Donovan as next Coach. Could you share more detail here since you already have there?

  24. chrimsun

    Oh, and Matt that is not a stab at you, but it just seems in the last couple of weeks the off-court stuff seems to have taken a front seat, and I don’t think that is truly what most of the fans are concerned with. Thanks for all you do and for hosting the live blogs. I would like your thoughts on this though.

  25. jaxcat07

    16 – Meeks and PPat gone if BCG leaves? Riiiiiiight…. BOTH would LOVE to play for Donovan OR Calipari. Write that down, young’n!

    UK not make the NIT. Seriously? Ok. First of all, you’re wrong. Second of all, not making the NIT to me is the same as “making” the NIT. Either way, a disappointment.

  26. Beauregard Ulysses

    Given the inclement weather, will Papa Smurf Lee Todd and his wife, Mama Smurf First Lady, wear their matching Big Blue pea-coats to the press conference? I bet they’re mad about Dawahares too!

  27. MonstaMash93

    I have thought BCG was not the right fit for a while. However, he has worked hard to have the team we could possibly have next year, so he should get one more year to coach them. If not, the administration will have some serious explaining to do.

  28. BIGBLUE2983

    Mitch should still follow Billy out if he goes for making the hire. Mitch needs Billy to workout to save his job I would think.


  29. MonstaMash93

    #21 thanks, yeah forgot I read that.

  30. lexslamman


    To paraphrase what those who typically defend Gillispie say,
    1) It’s the players’ fault!
    2) It’s Tubby’s fault!

    I don’t buy either one of those, and most reasonable people don’t either.

  31. UKTopherdad

    22….Here is thing…I am with you that all the hullabaloo about his anti-social attitude. But here is the thing. If you were BCG…and you came to UK and looked at the roster, and looked at incoming classes…wouldnt you think?

    1) I have two seniors (Joe/Ramel) and a great freshman in PP that can get me thru this year and get some wins. But year two, I am gonna struggle in some very basic categories without two seasoned guards.

    2) The next two years (2007 and 2008) recruiting classes top 25-50 guys were already signed elsewhere or heavy leans that you would be months behind on…snag Liggins if I can for some ballhandling

    3) Recruit heavily for years 3, 4, and beyond. By year three…I can have these kids (Harris/Harrellson/Galloway/Porter/Stewart/Stevenson) familiar with the system and how I want to play…they will be great bench players in small spurts to keep my starters fresh. Ill get PP some help down low with rebounding (Orton)…and get some shooters on the perimeter (Hood, Tucker, Pilgrim)…and a couple versatile wing players (Hood, Pilgrim). Add that to Meeks and then I need a smooth ballhandler that is a pass-first (not pass to save my life) PG (GJ Vilarino)..

    I beleive BCG is looking at long term by the third year seeing major improvement….

  32. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    Option #1- John Calapari (would create a lot of excitement and bring in stud recruits fast)

    Option #2- Billy Donovan (Fans would be okay with that, but I don’t think he is any better of a coach than Gillispie)

    Option #3- Rick Pitino (Fans would love to have Rick back, but I simply don’t see him leaving Loserville)

    Option #4- Jay Wright (staying at Nova unless he can become the 76er’s coach)

    Option #5- Jamie Dixon (personally I don’t think he is as proven as people say he is, but probably won’t get offered becuase he is too far down the list IMO)

    Option #6- Travis Ford (he would be a last resort option in my opinion becuase he is not shown he is ready for UK Job)

    Option #7- Billy Gillispie (I think he is gone, but just to make things interesting lets throw him in for a pick)

    Who would be your option assuming you could have your “pick of the group”…

  33. Billyclyde-superglide

    #22-I’m concerned about both, and it’s a combination of things that has Billy where he is now. Lot’s of folks say they could care less about what the media or anyone else thinks of the Program or the School, but it is most important to the ones pushing the buttons. I want Championships AND someone that represents the program with some class. There are sides of Clyde that I love and know would allow him to succeed, but there are other sides to him that will keep him from succeeding. My hope is that he know sees that he has stepped in the $hit and realizes what he must do to hang around and is willing and eagar to do it, then is given that chance. I think that unlikely, however.

  34. lexslamman


    Option #1 all the way. He has achieved enough to merit being the first one UK asks to come here, and he is the best coach in the country right now. That is the guy UK should be asking to be its coach for the next one-to-two decades, which is how long we would want him here.

    On that note, did anyone really think that Gillispie could cut it here for ten to twenty years?

  35. Billyclyde-superglide

    Exclusive BCG Interview on WKYT RIGHT NOW………….

  36. RuppsRingFinger

    Why fire Mitch?

    He is a manager and sometimes managers make bad hires.
    I have done it, many on here have done it.
    It happens.
    Mitch has done great things for the Athletic Department.

    And anyone who is talking about Lee Todd leaving needs to have
    an electroencephalogram.

    We are all diseased with this and I cannot WAIT until it is resolved.

    Bring Cal, bring the Don, but bring them quickly!!!

  37. UKTopherdad

    26… I only said PP and Meeks were gone if anything less than Calipari or Donovan came…

    and OLD farts like you seem to not wanna accept the fact that neither may want to come….

    seriously….do any of those other coaches really look like anything but a lateral move?

    Im saying that BCG will have us in the NCAAs next year if he is left in place and PP/Meeks stay and his recruits get here….Remember Pilgrim is ready to go right now…hes been practicing all year…tell me you dont know he’s been punking everyone on the court but PP down low?

  38. RuppsRingFinger

    And for the record let me be the first to dub him, Don Billy.


    Papa Cal…

    which ever way it turns out.

  39. Billyclyde-superglide

    Dave Baker just said and I quote “He was very upbeat this morning, and says that he doesn’t know his future, BUT KNOWING HIM THE WAY I DO, I THINK THAT HE “KNOWS THAT HE WILL NOT BE BACK”

    Say No More, it’s over.

  40. UKTopherdad

    OK Lex…

    as a BCG defender…Im smart enough to know it isnt just one answer…

    1) Yes, The subpar talent on the majority of this roster is Tubbys fault…including making BCG have to find JuCos to fill in spots of concern

    2) Yes, BCG needed to make some of these defensive adjustments a long time ago, and for that I fault him

    3) Yes, BCG didnt tell Porter and Stevenson not to make eye contact so Porter could throw the ball away with us only down 5pts with 2:03 remaining vs ND last night…that was one of over 600 TOs this year…BCG didnt do it, the players did…and for that I fault them

    Good news is….next year is BCGs first full class and has a ton of help to fix #1……and perhaps with better talent/speed/and athleticism…#2 wont need so much adjusting? And of course, better players means fewer mistakes…and better players means that teams can’t doubleteam and shade off of only two offensive concerns,….now they have to guard everyone straight up or pay the price…#3 solved

  41. dcat

    Lee Todd is a great great President; none better in my opinion. In so much many well justified opinions above. UK is a brand as well as a school. Spitting in ESPN’s face, the same broadcast company that just spent 2 billion for SEC rights, not only doesnt sit well with UK admin but also the admin of other SEC schools. I firmly believe the “All ACCESS” debacle was the straw that broke the camels back. Lets face it, Rupp probably wouldn’t make it at UK in this “All Access” speed of light day and age of media/information either. He was known to be a little curt and gruff as well.

  42. beentheredonethat

    Matt: don’t let Maggard’s “make nice” suck you in! Everything he does and I mean EVERYTHING is designed to manipulate. No truce! Be like Patton and look forward to peeing in the Rhine… accept nothing less than unconditional surrender! lol

    His site is in big time trouble after his major and I mean major mistake on BCG’s future!

  43. DavidEShelton

    Gillispie gone equals a big
    exodus of current and future
    players and disaster for the
    forseeable future if not forever.
    And who made out the FB schedue
    for next season? Florida and
    Bama games 2 and 3 will suck
    the life out of the team.

  44. UKTopherdad

    33 and anyone else…putting Pitino down as a possibility is stupid…the only person less likely to come coach UK is Coach K and God

    If Todd/Barnhardt let BCG go…however they do it…and come up with anything short of Calipari….we are screwed for 2 years…the only possibility is Donovan….I think he can keep the recruits BCG has incoming which would buy him a year to get more to come with him

  45. bigbluevoodoo

    I do believe Mitch has to be held accountable. As a basketball and football season ticket holder I’m getting sick of the ticket prices and donations going up to pay for these screw ups like this one could turn out. A big six million dollar mistake! I don’t know how you handle your business, but if you just cost me six million because you didn’t do the proper research on a guy and you’re a one man search committee, I can only blame you. Oh, and don’t forget the DeMoss situation where we never got reimbursed by Texas or her if she took another coaching job elsewhere. What was that? About a million there? Was it the way the contract was worded or what other reason did Mitch have for not going after the money? That could be at least seven million that I can attribute to Mitch and his leadership has wasted. I think Jimmy Dykes has a very legitimate reason to ask these questions and other Kentucky fans should also!

  46. bluegrass

    All I know is that this was one expensive mistake and if I’m writting the check, I am not happy with mitch. I do really like Dr Todd. Also, lexslamman you are truly one troubled individual.

  47. RuppsRingFinger

    Cal would be my first choice, but I think Don Billy gets
    the first call. He will, in all likelihood, accept the offer
    which means Cal will not get an offer. Either will be great
    for the program and will make us IMMEDIATE contenders once again.
    I just think Papa Cal brings a rockstar charisma that no other
    coach has right now. We need some swagger, but more importantly,
    a reason to swag.

  48. savethecats
  49. UK98Champs

    If they went out and got Darrin Horn, everybody will love everybody!!
    As a WKU alum, I know the kind of effect he can have on a team, and especially, the fans!!

  50. Billyclyde-superglide

    #46-I Agree Totally. I think Barnhart needs to be held accountable for these blunders. Some of his decisions have set this Program back in terms of $$$ and long term success. It is obvious know that BCG is going to be held accountable for his mistakes, Barnhart should not be exempt.

  51. beentheredonethat

    we are all just giving our Humble opinions so:

    1) best choice Cal.. he keeps everyone of ours he wants and brings those of his with … nobody else brings his energy.

    2) Donovan.. same as above except “his” arent as good as Cals and they are further down the pipeline.

    3) Ford.. he keeps SOME of ours, perhaps more than people think but prolly brings none of his and his arent in the same league as 1 & 2.

    4) anybody else is a 2 year rebuild IMHO but a Jay Wright might keep more of our current players than anyone else.

    …. just gut.

    I dont RP is possible so not listed

  52. HanOfTheBluegrass

    45) No one would have thought Pitino would go to Louisville after getting run out of Boston, either.

    Just saying…

  53. I'm Just Sayin

    50 Uh no.

  54. lexslamman


    1) I’m not saying that you don’t have a point, but you have to consider: a) If Gillispie is such an ace recruiter and excellent talent evaluator why did he have to settle for JuCos who wouldn’t end up playing much at al this season – and b) if Tubby’s talent is so subpar, why does it play ahead of Gillispie’s recruits?

    2) We agree here. There is nothing wrong with wanting to play man-to-man the majority of the time. The problem is that in high-level division I basketball opposing coaches will spot where there is a good match-up or run screens to get a more beneficial match-up and abuse an unchanging man-to-man defense for 30-40 minutes. A coach has to be flexible and run different defenses, and has to use substitutions to create better match-up opportunities on both ends of the floor.

    3) One play, but there were a whole string of similar circumstances throughout the year – Porter missing a high amount of lay-ups because he couldn’t kick the ball well on the run. Perry Stevenson being terrified for some reason to shoot from 12 feet out even though he is pretty reliable with his shot. Ramon Harris never being put on the base-line to take advantage of his driving and rebounding ability. Porter being played for 30+ minutes a game even though Gillispie recruited 2 ‘point guards’ for this year to give him some help. For the sake of brevity I will stop the list there.

    The good news is that BCG did his job and didn’t leave the cupboard bare for our next coach, and we should be very thankful to him for that.

  55. Bodd71

    beentheredonethat, why do you think MM made major mistakes on BCG’s future?? He posted the last couple weeks that there were no plans on either side to fire Billy Clyde or for him to that time. There are many post at different sites that claim the meeting Friday went a lot worse than expected so a decision may have been made at that point. MM site is very informative as it Jones’ site. Both are completely different.

  56. UK98Champs

    54, why not?

  57. chrimsun

    32 those are great points. I don’t even have much of a problem with our overall record. During the first season I think there was a lot of leverage with the injury situation, new coach, rebuilding team identity, etc. Lets say we split with Tennessee, lost twice to a good LSU team, got beat by Creighton, WVU, Kansas State. If we lost those games and beat VMI, USC at home, Georgia at home, beat Miss St once, beatOle Miss on the road, then I would feel much better. I would still say we had a lot of work to do. I don’t feel that VMI, USC, Georgia, Ole Miss, Miss St and really, most other SEC teams have more talent than we do. Some of them have more experience, but I really believe that by just making some coaching adjustments (i.e. switching up the defense some until BCG gets “his” type of players, and running a greater variety of offensive sets, especially to get Jodie open) would have allowed us to defend our home court better, our reputation, kept the fans more supportive, and given this team a much needed boost. I also think beating some of those teams at home would have gotten us in the tournament with the same record, as it would have greatly increased our RPI. For the coach to not recognize the importance of this, is a huge downfall to me. Even in some of our wins, I really thought we should have won much more convincingly. Sure, the players made PLENTY of mistakes that aren’t necessarily coachable, but when the coach adds to those mistakes with his own, then it is a bad recipe.

    I didn’t think this year’s team would have been signif. better than last year’s team, but I truly felt after going 5-0 in the SEC, we had enough talent to win the conference and go to the sweet 16 in the tournament. I still believe that we had those abilities. I just don’t think BCG took best advantage of what he had to work with, and gambled the wrong way.

    So, I agree, the roster is less than desirable, but I think it is far superior to the rosters of many of the teams that beat us.

    Like you I felt the turnaround would probably happen in year 3 or possibly 4, but never ventured a guess that we would go 50/50 in conference in any year.

  58. beentheredonethat

    56…. plz good grief! MANY other sources were saying all along BCG was in trouble but MM can never admit he was wrong and when he’s wrong “things” change… Of course if you are CHARGING MONEEEY for what you can get for free its bad biz to admit your peeps are gettin jipped!

  59. bubbleup

    I remember when BCG was hired that Mitch talked about how much time he and Dt. Todd spent over the 2-3 days prior. Specifically he joked that for Dr. Todd, Mitch living that close to Mitch was an advantage since they worked so late into the night on it. I can’t see Mitch getting all of the blame for the bad hire.

  60. bigbluevoodoo

    As far as Pitino coming- what would he do with his son that is an assistant coach at UL? He couldn’t bring him here with UK’s nepotism rule and I think that may be a sticking point unless that rule is changed.

  61. Billyclyde-superglide

    When everyone was clammering about
    Donovan coming last time, I didn’t buy it, he had everything to loose and nothing to gain coming off Back to Back National Championships. But now, I think the possibility is teetering on probablility. Think about it, Florida will always be a Football School and in as much, get the majority of the $$. The last 2 seasons have proven that the expectations for National Championships every year are not feasible at Fl. And finally, the timing of Florida getting beat out of the NIT the night before we did just seems so ironic. Maybe I’m reading the Tea Leaves, but I just have this gut feeling that the OTHER BILLY WILL BE IN LEX NEXT YEAR.

  62. Kantukeeslim

    Again, can someone remind me how many championships Calipari has won with all his “stud” players? Or why coming to UK will suddenly get him over the hump of not winning the big one?

  63. R. Smith

    Todd better be feeling some heat over Mitch

    Regardless of his track record in other sports, UK Basketball has not improved under Mitch’s watch, and now we’ve admitted to a multi-million dollar mistake.

    Its not ridiculous to believe that Mitch needs to answer for this.

  64. beentheredonethat

    61.. not to digress but one thing that isnt mentioned anywhwere is the effect the nepotism rule had on Tubby leaving.. we all know Saul is with him on the bench at UM.

    The media, less so in this case, loves to poke fun at us but I am unaware of ANY job where your boss tells you to do something (Tubby: make asst coach changes) and (BCG, sign your contract) and you refuse and you get to keep your job!!!!!

  65. Billyclyde-superglide

    Anthony Grant to BAMA-Announcment by Monday

  66. chrimsun

    34, I actually am concerned about both as well. I think that the so called “jerk” attitude is why it is hard for him to coach the team to success. My point is that on this blog and on message boards and in the mainstream media, the focus seems to have unjustly shifted toward the off-court stuff. I believe there are HUGE on court problems and team chemistry problems. Perhaps those are related to coaches personality and off court issues by default. I think if we had won a couple of more games here and there and not suffered the bad home losses (i.e. won those and lost more away from home to help our RPI), and made the tourney, then the off court stuff would be less important in everyone’s eyes. Fans would be more patient and hopeful.

  67. Bodd71

    beentheredonethat, No..his site has good info, and don’t you think that things do change. All he had been stating was there was no decision made at that point and when he found out there was then he popsted it. His site offers quite a bit of info and stuff that this site doesn’t…and vise vera.

  68. dcat

    PITINO IS NEVER COMING BACK TO UK…MOVE ON! You who honestly think so are who cast an unfavorable light upon the clear headed majority of UK fans…clear headed may be a slight stretch at this juncture.

  69. claywhitenack

    63 – winning somewhere else has never proven that you will win where you go next. In fact, it has never happened. So, statistically, we shouldn’t be looking for someone who has already one a championship.

  70. JKW1974

    Regardless of who makes the decision, they better get it right this time. If they do not have a rock solid pick by now (and know they will accept), then they should stay put and give him one more year to get it done. I have believed this all along, and continue to do so. I feel it does us more damage than good no matter how one looks at it.

    Plus, if they screw it up again (beleive me, they have the ability to screw it up on a galactic level) they should be ready to be removed themselves……

  71. ruppcrazy


  72. dcat

    Dennis Felton at WKU=great / UGA=BOMB

  73. Billyclyde-superglide

    #67-Yea, I got your point, and I agree. Something else that I think without a doubt had a negative effect toward the end of the season was the practice schedule. We were have GameDay, Hard practices right up to the end of the year. I know this to be a fact because Pat made the comment before the first N.I.T. game about it, and that Clyde had took it easy on them before that game. I think we were just wore out. Definately problems on the court as well as off.

  74. AppalachianWonder

    All y’all that want Calipari better be pulling hard for Missouri tonight. Memphis loses, and suddenly Calipari has nothing better to do this weekend.

  75. beentheredonethat

    68 only a TBK PLANT could come out now and try to spin that Maggard all along said the BCG scenario was up in the air. I will not call your post retarded and the most stupid in the history of the internet … but if the shoe fits….

    MM said flat out, in bold print on numerous occasions that BCG would “not be fired” and everyone and I mean everyone with a different opinion over there was called out for being passengers on the short bus. Maggard was wrong an everyone paying him $200/year should ask for a refund and cancel their subscription!!!!!!

  76. 10, 2, and 4

    In the CJ article from March 10, Todd was asked about the evaluation process after the season was over. TODD was quoted: “I’ll leave that up to Mitch to do the evaluation, sitting down with the coach, and then they’ll come to me and we’ll talk about anything they want to talk about.”

    In this, Todd states he is going to be quite standoffish. Now we find out that he’s not only attended the meetings but also been in there throwing elbows. I don’t want to come to a conclusion before all the facts are in, but he appears to be lying there.

    With Mitch hiding under his desk and Todd’s deceptive stated role, it underscores just how much of a hot potato this really is. Remember, those two created it, but they can back off now and take it away.

    Hopefully cooler heads prevail and Coach is retained before those two end up sinking the ship and find themselves in Davey Jones’ locker.

  77. BravoBigBlue

    I have felt for some time that Billy G’s fate would not be Barnhart’s call. He might be leaning toward giving him another year.
    I beleive that Todd and his bosses, the Board of Trustees, have made the decision to cut their losses. And I’m sure the Board heard from some mighty influential people (UK donors) along the way.

    With respect to the new coach, I think Donovan would be the best and safest choice. I just don’t see Todd going along with the hireing of Calipari.

  78. greghood65

    I don’t think getting Donovan would be all that of a stretch. According to Dick Gabriel, he accepted in principal two years ago, only to be lured away by possibility of coaching for the Magic. As we all know, he did an about face and went back to college. This time around, there doesn’t seem to be any “distractions” and he may feel some of the luster has worn off at Florida.

  79. dcat

    75 true that…but then UK fans will not want him anymore!

  80. beentheredonethat

    75 right on! goooo Mizzou!

  81. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Lee Todd can do what he wants including micromanage the Basketball program.

    This could answer why Barnhart isn’t talking. Boss told him too. That means Lee Todd has stepped out of his boundary and Barnhart has now lost control of his athletic department.

    This means both men are guilty of disrespecting their roles at UK. Tood by overstepping Barnhart, and Barnhart by not stepping up to insist the reins remain in his hands.

    Barnhart must simply be trying to save his job now due to the multiple hires with undisclosed blemishes on their records and the Tubby now Gillispie mess.

    Lee Todd runs the risk of alienating himself from the people of the state who will equate his decision to chosing to turn UK into a “place that everyone is an ambassador” at the cost of the Basketball program.

    And let me tell you people, I am an optimist but I know how long it takes to bring a program back from this crap.

    Bad decision after bad decision by multiple people involved. This reeks.

  82. Billyclyde-superglide

    If we do just 2 things better this season, we win at least 5 more games, and they are 2 of the most basic fundamentals in the game:


    2. TAKE CARE OF THE BALL(turnovers)
    For the life of me, I don’t think I have ever seen a team any worse at these things than we were. You can’t make me believe that this has been a focus of this staff.
    Clyde made a comment on one of his shows, and I heard this myself, when asked if he worked with his team on following their shots(Rebounding was the topic)and this was his comment, I swear-“Absolutely Not, The last Thing That I Want A Shooter To Think About Is Missing His Shot.” Now positive renforecement is one thing, but if you are basing your philosophy on none of your players ever missing a shot,?????????

  83. BigCatDaddy4263

    I know one freaking thing, I’m just so ready to get this over with and get some things finalized, whether or not BCG is out coach or not, I’m ready to get back to where we belong!!!!!!!!!

  84. Bodd71

    beentheredonethat, Take off your blinders and learn to read. What he said was…(for the second time)..that there were no plnas to fire Bill and he had no intention to quit. He never said Billy would never be fired. He just said that all his info told him that there were no plans at the time. I enjoy both sites and vist both each day. I am not a paying member of his site but enjoy the msg boards quite a bit. Just like this board.

  85. AppalachianWonder

    49 – I have been saying this for a long time – Steve Smith would be a great coach to take a chance on (though after the Gillispie debacle, no way Mitch takes that kind of chance). He has great AAU connections, a reputation for grooming NBA players, seven national championships, and his team plays NO home games – all Oak Hill games are on the road. That’s a good coach, and he is a Jessamine County boy.

  86. Bodd71

    I just wonder if Billy D will work out. I mean if he took us to 2 straight NITs would we run him out of town as well???

  87. RamonPorter

    Caliperi would give us excellent recruiting and a swagger that we have missed since the Pitino days. Plus, I think it would burn Pitinos ass off to see Cal at UK, which makes it even better. Oh the irony…

    Cal has a hell of a recruiting class coming in, so I think he might have his sites set on a possible NC run next season. However, I think UK would offer upwards of 3 Million/yr. and incentives for him to kick it in Lex-town.

  88. UKTopherdad

    Lex????? who was BCG going to get instead of JuCos when all the other talent was gone? Remember, we got rid of Tubby because he didnt recruit for the future…..all the other great coaches do…Cal, Donovan, Coach K, FSU, UNC, KU and a host of others had a head start and already sewed up the best guys…JuCos were his only option for 2008-2009….I think BCG should get a chance with that cupboard he is filling up….

  89. dcsforum

    After getting burned by BCG’s unprofessionalism, the UK administration won’t choose the “amateur hour” path again. The next coach will be a professional in every sense. I think this whole situation is unfortunate, but one person is 99.9% responsible for the whole thing and that one person has tarnished Kentucky basketball with his antics. Shame on you, Clyde. You had the world at your feet and spit on it.

  90. kywildcat

    #82 Gillispie has to be fired. he’s horrible and you’re a moron obviously

  91. WeNeedJPBlevins

    Matt, you need to put a poll finding who the majority of fans want to replace BCG. There are so many opinions but it is hard to get a feel of the numbers. IMO, there is no need to even talk to billy D, he turned us down once, we don’t want to be his rebound. Cal is the only person capable of turning this ship around in a hurry. Why not?

  92. Bodd71

    The prob with Cal is that if they do announce tomorrow then theymay have to wait a few weeks for the NCAA tourny to end. We need to get our recruits talked into staying and mange the team!

  93. ruppcrazy

    88)Not a single one of those recruits has signed a letter of intent, so they are free to follow him to Lexington.

  94. bige

    I thought BCG might have a good chance until I realized how much Lee Todd is involved.

    Todd is very serious business person. He isn’t going to screw around if he thinks it means any further embarrassment.

  95. beentheredonethat

    85: I know that the official party line at TBK is now to make nice… the site is in trouble that’s a fact. Everyone of your posts applaud KSR and I am glad you see the light but its a dead giveaway about who you are. Bottom line is I am sure you dont pay for premium at TBK because MM gives it to you for free to troll boards and preach the party line and report back to MM on everything said that reflects on him, TBK or that he can use for the dupes that pay him for info! LOL just last night he got caught punked by some guy claiming his wife was taking Mrs Cal around showing houses… AFTER he said it was Donovan or Ford!!!! lol… pathetic. If he KNEW Cal wasn’t an option why would he ask for the wife’s phone number to prove it???? huhuhu?

  96. 081305

    You all can forget about Donovan. This is Calipari’s job if he wants it. If not, Ford will get it.

  97. beentheredonethat

    I pray you are right 97…. go Mizzou!

  98. amongunz

    If we end up with Travis Ford or any other unproven coach, this move will be undeniably STUPID as hell. If we get Billy D this move will be STUPID as hell considering over the past 2 years, Billy did get us to the NCAA once… Bill D, 2 NITs.. OBVIOUS. Not to mention, I hate his face and everything about Florida.

    This does not suggest that Bill G doesn’t need to make some adjustments, but to be honest, we simply need to win. PERIOD.Billy now understands he IS the Ambassodor of Kentucky regardless if he wants to be, and will make the required changes to reflect that.

    The bottome line is this, all of the recruits coming in want him here.. PERIOD. He has been coach of the year in every conference he has coached in. Period. Maybe you like him, maybe you don’t but if anyone thinks he can’t coach you are an idiot and you need to wise up.

    Finally… We live in a microwave society where we expect dramatic change to come in impossible short periods of time. This is unrealistic. We withdraw our support for a coach 1 year after he is named coach of the year. (We being the impossible fans who don’t understand anything about coaching, establishing a system, resetting a killer instinct mentality, RECRUITING people above the quality of CARTER, CURRY the FLURRY, or Stockton {remember that guy?}) Regardless of what ever anyone else thinks, unless we have a VERY HIGH quality coach coming to replace Billy G, and I do not include 2 time NIT Donovan in this discussion, we NEED to keep this man the coach. I am right and anyone who disagrees is a moron. The only exception is if Billy has done other negative things that have not been disclosed to the public, and I am not refering to the miliions of drinking rumors or any other corny stories so many people have frabicated or repeated. With that said. GO CATS! May the basketball gods be with us.

  99. claywhitenack

    What was Cal’s trouble with the NCAA? Seems like, considering our previous violations, Cal would be off limits.

  100. 081305

    94) Wall and Cousins have not signed, but I think the rest have

  101. BurnerTurner5

    Lee Todd is to UK basketball what Nancy Zempher was to UC basketball. You know where they’re at now- in the toilet. Bob Huggins was/is an asshole. Billy G. just says what he believes and is not a “yes man”. Too bad alot of UK fans are impatient cry babies.I hope all the BCG haters enjoy Mr NIT Donovan.

  102. 081305

    100) Calipari has never been involved in any NCAA wrongdoing.

  103. SlickRick48

    103. Does Marcus Camby ring a bell?

  104. beentheredonethat

    102.. but there is a difference in not being a yes man and not having the common sense to do what your boss tells you to do. I don’t care what your job is. If you want to continue to work there you better do what he says when he says.. or she as the case may be.

  105. Bodd71

    beentheredonethat, You are and idiot….I wish I got his info for free…it is good stuff but I can’t afford it right now. Evidently you patrol the msg board to see about his conf with that poster last night. He was prob doing it to call his bluff. Also I think he posted today that some options for new coaches may have changed. Open your blinders some….I like the Msg board format over there better than the blog format here.

  106. 081305

    104) Calipari not involved

  107. justacatfan

    31. I cannot take your side. These kids are good kids, but the talent is not at the level, this school has had in the past. Their fundamentals and passing skills have proved this all year. Over 600 TURNOVERS. That’s a possible 600 points, shoooting 50%, not counting the 3’s or fouls the other team could have committed. Rebounding you may blame on the coaching staff, but please don’t tell us it was just the coach.


    Todd, grew up with UK basketball. He does understand what it means to UK and to the Commonwealth. That is at least a positive in his involvement. Regardless of the decision. I feel more comfortable with his background involved.

  109. beentheredonethat

    106 classic post by a TBK troll “idiot”= TBK buzz word. You are just Maggard’s bitch go back to TBK where you belong since you hate this format!!! effin POS!

  110. catinlvl

    Billy D? As in Billy D Williams? That would be freaking sweet. Imagine how cool the game introductions would be. Smooth.

    97 – My (current) opinion is same as yours, on Cal and Ford. Although I think Donovan at least gets a look/phone call/something.

  111. Meeks1fan

    I just got off the phone with someone and they said he was fired 20 mins ago but it wont be nothing said bout it till at the press confence tomorrow. Also Top 3 on the List Calipari and Donovan and One and Only Bobby Knight lol

  112. 7timechamps

    97) Did Donovan say no or was he not number 1 on the list? What percentage do you give Calipari being coach next year?

  113. beentheredonethat

    109 good post … Todd will move heaven and earth before he allows UK hoops to be anything else than excellent. All fans should count themselves lucky he is in that chair.

  114. Bodd71

    beentheredonethat, That is what I am talking about….you read what you want…Did I say I hated this format??? No..I said I liked the msg format better. I do not know how to talk in a more simplified manner so that you can understand. You are one of the morons that make Ky fans look and seem stupid and rabid!



  116. catinlvl

    112 – Well, you know, it’s going to be kind of weird for him on his call in show tonight on WHAS.

    I’m not saying your guys is wrong, I’m just saying I won’t believe it until I see if he does his show tonight or cancels.

  117. 081305

    113) All Calipari has to do is say yes. The FedEx guys may try to save him. Difficult to put a percentage on it, but everything is in place. We will see.

  118. beentheredonethat

    “stupid and rabid” describing UK fan base.. yet another flag you are from TBK.. the next thing you will do is blame the players. MM’s mo was to suck up to coaches so he could gain access. He was even willing to throw the UK players under the bus to support the coach. Everytime you speak you just confirm your identity.. are you a mod over there?

    Your site is in trouble.. please just go die. Thank you.

  119. UKclam

    #102–I take it you wouldn’t like “Mr NIT Donovan” as the UK coach. Would you prefer “Mr. NIT Gillispie”? Is BG “telling it like it is” when he acts like he doesn’t hear reporter’s questions, plays dumb, won’t explain controversial coaching decisions, tells trusted reporters they are asking bad questions, acts like he is surprised that the UK head coach’s job is an ambassador, etc.? If BG was more frank, and less of an enigma, then he would not be in as much trouble.

  120. Mr Schwump

    If Todd’s making the call he doesn’t need Barnhart.

  121. Bodd71

    beentheredonethat, And is your M.O. to blame everything on the coach?!?!?!…Again…I guess you just don’t realize that there is information everywhere but maybe you are affraid to admit that you look at other sites. I think BCG did a horrible job coaching and developing players this year. Do I think we had inferioor lpayers and a lack of talent…hell yes. Espec at the PG and Center postion. Look at Notre Dame this year…they are a mirror image of what Ky was. They have 2 great post and one shooter. Every team this year played them just like us….cover there 2 best players and let everyone else beat you. Not until Ayiers (sorry about spelling) started to hit some shots were they able to win some games….Like the UL game. Both the coach and the players are at fault this year. You one minded paranoid fool.

  122. Meeks1fan

    he dodge the question tonite on the air watch wont nothing be said bout it… UK wont allow him to talk bout it

  123. Bodd71

    120.) I too question a Donovan hire. His recruiting has been subpar since Anthony Wright has left….and he has been either up or down in the NCAA tournament…..His 2 championships are awesome but he has underpreformed in the tournament till then

  124. HanOfTheBluegrass

    112) It would be absolutely terrible for UK Basketball, but can you imagine the sound bites that would come from Bob Knight being offered, taking, and holding the UK job?

    It would be hilarious for anyone not in Kentucky.

  125. AustinW

    119. Care to share why you think TBK is in trouble?

  126. beentheredonethat

    122 does Maggard make you buy the vaseline?

  127. kyfan31

    how are people saying cal is more accomplished than billy d? i actually dont want either, but billy d has been to 3 more championship games than cal, won 2 titles (cal’s won none), never had ncaa sanctions (cal had final 4 vacated). What’s the argument?

  128. Bodd71

    127.) Why do you have to resort to crap like that?? Is that your only comeback??? Can you not debate anything intellegently??? Or are you just homophobic???

  129. whoa_nellie

    #112 No General, although it would make the IU games a bit more entertaining. If this is about being an “ambassador” for the university, which I think is total garbage, BK would not fit the bill though. Really don’t see any names out there that make me want to see a change. Billy Clyde has made plenty of mistakes but: Donovan – has slipped to NIT regular after 2 solid runs to the top. Pitino – turn coat. Calipari – no! Barnes – has wasted more talent at Texas than a person should have a right. Dixon – needs to prove a bit more. Few – really?

  130. kyfan31

    Izzo – 5 final 4’s in 10 years – who care’s about style of play – i care about RESULTS

  131. beentheredonethat

    126.. its apparent what some of them are from my posts above. As for the rest, its obvious from recent history that their subscriptions are down, free one days designed to manipulate people to subscribe in advance of big news etc etc etc… there is more. Ray Charles could see it.

    I just think its funny as hell that TBK is trying to make nice with MM when all they have ever done over there is rake him over the coals every chance they got… it never bothered Matt but if someone comments on MM’s frosty tips over here he goes absolutely ape sh*t over it! MM is an extraordinarily insecure individual.

  132. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    Starting line up: Orton, Patterson, Harris, Meeks, and Miller. Harris can be substituted with Pilgrim, Stevenson, Galloway, or Hood. We have the potential to be scary good next season; why doesn’t anyone ever bring up Pilgrim? He is a beast, definitely going to be a big part of the teams upcoming success. CATS!—(Donovan coaching however…)

  133. beentheredonethat

    129.. no I kinda like you.. but not THAT way! 🙂

  134. amongunz

    My sources tell Patino has been hired as AD and he has immediatly reached out to Bob Knight for a 2 year contract. Also, all of the parents of new recruits have been contacted and been made aware of this change.

  135. Bodd71

    132.) TO me info is info. Why can’t you admit both sides have decent stuff. MAtt throws diggs at Mark all the time as well. People talk about TCP all the time and RR too….get over it.

  136. beentheredonethat

    * with *Matt*

  137. Bodd71

    I wonder if Donovan could keep Orton……he would be a key next year

  138. The Pinkie Discusses the Billy Clyde Situation: Is He Staying or Going?

    […] Kentucky Sports Radio is insinuating that Lee Todd is the driving force behind Gillispie’s possible dismissal.  […]

  139. UKTopherdad

    133…???WTF??? You do know that Pilgrim is alot better than Harris right?

  140. Ciprian_True_Blue

    Who gives a SHIT about what sitedoes what. They all have ONE job… To report uk news and for uk fans to talk about the team. One thing in common- all UK fans u all acting like this is unc-duke. Both sites relate toUK you morons stfu

  141. beentheredonethat

    perhaps Matt may “dig” from time to time but its never a concerted effort like it is at TBK… hell they even had a thread over there at one point talking about a campaign to write the powers that be and get Matt’s press credentials taken away.

    What Maggard doesnt realize though is that if he was just secure enough to keep his mouth shot and run his site in a professional manner he would be able to live a lot more drama free.

  142. Bodd71

    142.) I guess my question is how is it different when you post something neg about MM then when someone there post something neg about jones?? The only time I have ever seen MM post a thread about JOnes was when he felt he was misqouted. Hell I started a thread there yesterday wondering if Marc and Matt were actually the same person???? Like Superman and Clark Kent…..

  143. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    Yes, Donovan could keep Orton….Remember Orton has signed and would have to ask the school to let him out of his LOI and they could do it with restrictions too! I think all of our commitments will be here next year whether or not Gillispie is back.

  144. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    140. Yea I do realize that, but Ramon is still going to have that leadership aspect and ability to contribute. With four other scorers on the floor, he would be a good 5th. I’m not saying Pilgrim won’t start, I would honestly get hype if he did.

  145. UKTopherdad

    you do have to admit that MM over there at TBK has made alot of “calls” and then reversed on them…noone is perfect…but once is OK…twice is Oh shucks…but after a while it sounds like sensationalism…ie READ MY BLOG PRETTY PLEASE…

  146. Bodd71

    144.) They cannot release a player from an LOI with restrictions. Only if that player has played and is transfering can the impose restrictions. And with all the neg press I doubt they would not let anyone out if asked.

  147. Bodd71

    146.) I will admit that Marc gives his opinion of what is going on from the info he has gathered. But what is worse…doing that or like Jones does at times….telling us something is happening but I will wait and elaborate later when it is all over. What kind of news is that?? But like I said…I think both sites give us good info and entertainment…I mean I am on most of Matt’s live bogs..I love them.

  148. Spanish Radio

    If Dr. Todd is making the decision then Mitch Barnhardt should be submitting his resignation. He is the athletic’s director. If the president of the university is micromanaging then Mitch needs to go. The president making the decision shows a lack of confidence in his ADs leadership and ability to do the job. If the president of the university is making the decision then he is superceding the control of the AD and the AD should move on to another university where he does control the athletics department.

  149. UKTopherdad

    148…sounds like spin…..Matt doesnt wanna say something is happening until he knows he wont look like a ajackass….MM puts up he can “confirm” BCG was fired today….though I didnt read the premium “pay me” article…Im betting he didnt site the source, their name and credentials….sensationalism…please upgrade to read my blog…lol

  150. BurnerTurner5

    UKCLAM- Donovan has been in the NIT two straight years with a roster FULL of HIS recruits. I will admit a couple of Billy’s recruits this past season didn’t exactly pan out, but until the entire roster is full of his recruits he needs to be given some slack.

  151. beentheredonethat

    143.. 2 weeks ago that would have gotten you banned over there! lol

  152. Bodd71

    152.) No it wouldn’t…I have posted stuff like that all the time. What they don’t like there is crazy rants downgrading the players and coaches just to bitch!

  153. greghood65

    I would like to think that Billy Donovan with Kentucky’s resources, tradition, fans etc., would do better than Billy Donovan at Florida.

  154. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    Maggard can’t prove anything….If Gillispie was fired today then why would he still be making appearances?

  155. beentheredonethat

    153 he banned a guy 3 weeks ago over there for this: 🙁

    no joke

  156. Bodd71

    155.) There has been no official comment but do you think he is still with us??? MM reported that they were not in the office today…were they tired from last night or was there no need to be in?? Orton’s brother’s comments seem to suggest that they know he won’t be there.

  157. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    157- Based on this post Gillispie was on the radio today and sounded optomistic about his future at UK. Do you honestly think he would do a radio show if he had already been let go? Reference post 36.