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Some Calipari News


I just spoke with someone who is likely one of the two closest sources I have in this process. He tells me two things. First, Calipari has strongly expressed interest to the Kentucky folks and that he wants to meet with the UK brass. In addition, he told me that many at UK are warming to the thought of Calipari and that part of the reason has to do with the comments down the road. There is a feeling from some that Pitino had a role in Donovan’s initial decision to turn down the job a few days ago and that there is a sentiment that getting Calipari would mean getting a Coach who is “committed to owning this state.”

The individual told me that if he were a betting man, the list right now looks like this:

1. Calipari
2. Izzo
3. Barnes/Matta/Miller

Should be interesting…..

Article written by Matt Jones

225 responses to “Some Calipari News”

  1. kywildcatfan34

    Plz Lord, let it be so! Esp for the top guy.

  2. JKW1974

    This would jive with what is being said on ESPN(News)by Stephen A.
    It would be a thing of beauty. What better way to break one off in BOTH UL and UT?

  3. UKfan215

    Hell to the yeah! Best freaking news I’ve heard all day! Gosh, I hope we get Calipari so we can all watch him kick Pitino’s ass from one end of the state to the other. Bring on Calipari! Whoo hoo!

  4. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    This is the second best post in KSR history, first being Pattersons commitment. I’m hyyyyype!

  5. PatMan

    yea baby, that what i want to hear

  6. Riddle32

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. chucknorrisstotalgym

    thx for the update Matt. So, Donovan is completely off the board now?

  8. Ken T. Ucky

    Fantastic news. I think Cal would be the biggest impact hire, much better than even Donovan.

  9. catcrawler

    Cheese and Beef and Cheese and Calipari, that’s whatsup

  10. BluesMan

    YOW! This makes it sound like Calipari is interested and is reaching out to the university, instead of the other way around, and that the university is coming around to the idea of him as our coach. I bet he wants the meeting so that he can talk about his bad reputation and how it is not deserved. Great news!

  11. Goose_is_Golden

    Does anyone else think that we should hire Tiger Woods to coach Kentucky?? I really believe that he can do anything

  12. The_Source

    there have been several flights to Lexington from Memphis. It is a done deal folks!!!

  13. ThetaChiUKfan

    if we get Cal, Pitino will run to Arizona

  14. Riddle32

    John Calipari is the BEST coach in the Nation. Hands Down

  15. PrinceFor3GOOOD
  16. jsh2001

    Tiger just proved he can hit a pull hook with the best of hackers.

  17. RCFOM

    Man I really hope this works out he brings everything we want. He is my first choice and I think the best choice as it is starting to seem he wants the job.

  18. The Real Gimel

    Is anyone else getting a little tired of Pitino sticking his nose in our business? And if this is true why can’t BD be his own man and make his own decisions with out Rick’s approval? First he told him not to take the FLA job and now apparently he has told him twice to turn us down. Stay out of our business Rick!

  19. PatMan

    Just checking some memphis blogs. they don’t seem to think that he is going anyhwere, but not completely comfortable with him staying. He evidently does a Monday night coach show from his steakhouse, so you know that will be a big question asked or maybe even a goodbye to the fans of memphis ??? i would think that he would have to give some kind of an answer on his own show.

  20. uktater

    12 LOL You convinced me!

  21. ThetaChiUKfan

    14- no he isn’t…..c’mon dude

  22. Goose_is_Golden

    16 Yeah but it worked out for him, BECAUSE HE’S TIGER F^U(K!N& WOODS!!!

  23. 081305

    **I’m copying my post from previous thread b/c it was at same time as this new thread started

    081305 Says:
    March 29th, 2009 at 3:11 pm
    Not sure how many people saw my post from last night. I think it is big news (and it comes from the ultimate source). BILLY DONOVAN AGREED TO BE THE NEXT UK COACH BUT CHANGED HIS MIND ON FRIDAY. This explains the confusion from Friday. Personal opinion: I hope we never offer him again.

    UK is deep in talks with Calipari. Whoever thinks UK wouldn’t consider him is misinformed. I know for a fact that LAST WEEK his people met with the attorney (Rice) who handles these things and there was a $4 million per year offer being discussed. {I have been posting this for several days}

    The only other name I am hearing is Ford. But Calipari seems like the hot item right now.

  24. nessa5555

    I thought John C. Said he wasnt leaving Memphis.

  25. HanOfTheBluegrass

    I still would take him over a lot of the names being tossed around, but I’m getting really sick about hearing Donovan is interested, then hearing Pitino talked him out of it. If Donovan can’t be his own man and make his own decisions (along with his family) without asking Pitino for advice, how is he gonna coach against him every year, let alone directly recruit against him?

    My personal list is Cal, Izzo, Pitino, Donovan. If Pitino weren’t so obstructive toward us, and if he weren’t likely to ride off into the sunset soon, I’d put him at 2. Izzo is just a more reliable option for long-term, frequent success. Ca is the most likely immediate success option. And if he wants to be here (probably be even easier to recruit here now that we’re building a new arena and will be on ESPN constantly), and he’s not jerking us around, I say sign the man up, asap. After the appropriate due dilligence, of course.

  26. macon_volfan

    not sure how it ‘breaks one off in UT” #2. Pearl and Cal (who have a genuine disdain for one another) are pretty even in terms in both coaching quality and style. Cal has had much better talent through his tenure and Pearl has done well against Mempiss. Would make the UT-UK rivalry much more intense (not that it needs help), but it would hurt the budding cross-state UT/UM rivalry.

  27. TheDuck

    Matt. Once again great post with news that I am sure you trust as being solid or you would not have posted. On the downside, it is too bad you work in the same office with such a dismissive douche.

    Keep it up!!

  28. mattcat68

    I’m no insider, nor do I want to be. I should also point out that Calipari would be the best fit for UK, IMO. But I know for a fact, through the one person I know close to the UK brass that Lee Todd made a comment just a couple of days ago where he made it clear that he would not hire Calipari under any circumstances.

    I do believe that Cal is interested and that’s great news, but don’t get your hopes up. Lee Todd will be a major obstacle.

  29. 081305

    24) I listened to the interview and that is not what he said (the headline of that article was misleading)

  30. nessa5555

    Matt Said the list look like this.
    The individual told me that if he were a betting man, the list right now looks like this:

    1. Calipari
    2. Izzo
    3. Barnes/Matta/Miller

    Should be interesting

  31. TheDuck

    26. Who gives a sh*t about hurting a UT / UM rivalry? This is a UK message board if you did not notice.

  32. HanOfTheBluegrass

    24) Nick Saban, Roy Williams — you don’t admit you’re thinking of leaving until you’re sure you’re leaving. It hurts you with your fanbase if things fall through, and hurts recruiting as players won’t be sure you’ll stay.

  33. slammajamma

    While this is big news, Im not sold on Calipari. Yes he is a good coach but I dont think he’s a Kentucky coach. I like his uptempo style of play and he does have the ability to recruit athletes however, graduation rates would drop, and the type of players he recruits arent always of the highest character. It would certainly shake things up but I’m not sure if thats for the better.

  34. soup

    Hell yeah! GO GET CAL! Here’s a video to inspire us all!!!

  35. nessa5555

    Rember the Rumors about the new Coach being announce by tuesday maybe that mean the UK is about to ofter CAl the job.

  36. PatMan

    Jim and Jonathan are right. According to the referenced article, Cal’s statements have not been definitive. He says he’s happy, he says Memphis is where he wants to coach. That’s coach speak for “I’ll listen to other offers, but they better be good.”

    I hope that on Monday he will make a formal statement taking his name out of the mix. The 2010 recruiting class is at stake.

  37. Cat Fan

    Let’s go CAL! Thanks Rick glad you opened your big mouth!

  38. Al Purnell here

    Gus Johnson is awesome…..Hire Calipari

  39. TheDuck

    33. The good news is that even with Calipari we would still have less thugs, gangsta’s, and outright douche bag players than UL

  40. LakeMaryFLKY

    Sweet God!!

  41. wildeers

    his daughters are both admins in a “bring john calapari to Kentucky” facebook group

  42. BluesMan

    33. IIRC, Cal has a history of very good graduation rates. I also don’t know what you’re talking about as far as his players’ character.

  43. RichieFarmer'sMustache


  44. Alamo_Cat

    OK, so third on the list is Rick Barnes? You’re saying there’s still a chance for UK and Lucas. Made my day 😉

  45. landbetweenlake

    Make it happen Mitch he’s the only one with the balls to take the job.

  46. ThetaChiUKfan

    izzo has a boring style….. winning sucks

  47. LakeMaryFLKY

    #13 that will happen

  48. TheDuck

    I am watching the UL game and I think Pitino just told his players in the huddel to “Be the Buford”

  49. Riddle32

    ok im gunna say this one.. roy williams was always a great coach at kansas but never could pull it out in the tourny. but when he went to unc he won a championship after what 1-3 yrs?

    now lets look at calipari hes a great coach the best recruiter and great with the media hes does great at memphis but has never won the championship only made the finals (williams at kansas) so if we can bring him here i think he would do just as good for us or better than Roy has done for the Heels.

    Timmy Riddle

  50. bige

    I started liking Izzo but his style wouldn’t bode well for UK fans.
    Then Ford but he is still a question mark when it comes to recruiting.
    Then after thinking Cal it makes too much sense for all parties.
    Memphis disappears into ConfUSA for two months and the only game that anybody cares about is the UT game.

  51. TheDuck

    48. Then if that happens Jurich can hire Hamilton out of FLA St. to ensure more gangstas playing at UL and NCAA probation in 5 years.

  52. Mr. Bentley

    I’m kinda worried that its only time before the NCAA catches up to Coach Cal.

    /at the same time hyperventilating at thought of him here

  53. BigCatsFan

    John Calipari,Head Coach,University Of Kentucky,check…!!!

  54. PatMan

    Calipari has a weekly show that happens on monday night at his steakhouse. Maybe he will announce to the memphis loyals tomorrow night, (if there is such a thing), that he has went and bought a whole new pretty blue wardrobe !

  55. nessa5555

    Rick B, Miller and Mattaare thrids choices

  56. CatzFan319

    Just so you guys know I am friends with Erin Calipari on FB and her and her sister are joking back and forth on their walls about the group…I thinl they just joined to join don’t read to far into it

  57. nlk

    28, then maybe we need a new president as well.

  58. CatzFan319

    Just so you guys know I am friends with Erin Calipari on FB and her and her sister are joking back and forth on their walls about the group…I think she just joined to join don’t read to far into it

  59. Matt_Jones_conscious

    I think i just wet myself. Come on down Calipari

  60. Matt_Jones_conscious

    I think i just wet myself. Come on down Calipari

  61. BluesMan

    Personally, I’m absolutely tickled that Calipari and Izzo are at the top of our list (after the rejection by Donovan). Both of those guys would be far better choices than Donovan, and each would bring their own strengths to the job. I’ll bet that Izzo is the favorite of the administration and Calipari is the favorite of friends of the program. If it shakes out with us landing either of these coaches I’ll be one happy Cat fan!

  62. kyfan31

    How bout them LOuiSvillEcaRdinalS????

  63. wfc7

    IN other news, Izzo is looking better and better. He truly knows how to use inside and outside development, and a GREAT gameplan, to win games.

  64. mattcat68

    Pitino getting his butt handed to him by Izzo

  65. RichieFarmer'sMustache


  66. tacukwildcats


  67. PatMan

    at the moment, looks like izzo is out doing ricky p. just the way i want it to happen.

  68. TheDuck

    63. Izzo is no genius, he is just smart enough to know that if you choose to shoot quickly and run with UL you get beat. If you run the clock and have a great point guard with a big man that can step out and shoot you are going to be ok. Not rocket science.

  69. itsnotcaleither

    There are two main people that have to accept Cal. Sandy Bell and Lee Todd. IF that happens he will be here.

  70. tacukwildcats


  71. itsnotcaleither

    There are two main people that have to accept Cal. Sandy Bell and Lee Todd. IF that happens he will be here.

  72. TheDuck

    63. Izzo is no genius, he is just smart enough to know that if you choose to shoot quickly and run with UL you get beat. If you run the clock and have a great point guard with a big man that can step out and shoot you are going to be ok. Not rocket science.

  73. itsnotcaleither

    There are two main people that have to accept Cal. Sandy Bell and Lee Todd. IF that happens he will be here.

  74. bige

    Tards are getting it handed to them.
    They are starting to look like they are getting that heavy legged oh-oh feeling.
    A lot of crossed arms wearing red in the stands.

  75. TheDuck

    63. Izzo is no genius, he is just smart enough to know that if you choose to shoot quickly and run with UL you get beat. If you run the clock and have a great point guard with a big man that can step out and shoot you are going to be ok. Not rocket science.

  76. TJ Taylor

    We ‘d be fools!!!

    The fact someone can even rumor that his name hasn’t been toss is enough itself. We are Fools!!!

    Calipari’s biggest plus for getting this job – Emery Worldwide no longer exist.

  77. PatMan

    at the moment, looks like izzo is out doing ricky p. just the way i want it to happen.

  78. tacukwildcats


  79. catfanjohn

    this is the best news ever! i just hope its true

  80. UKrulz

    Are the Cards running a Tubby/Gillispie offensive set?

  81. jsh2001

    I heard Pitino was throwing this game so he could have it LOL. The recruits Calipari could bring to UK would be scary… there is no doubt in my mind he would have a top 2 class every year if not number 1 every year.

  82. soup

    I just started drinking! GO SPARTANS!!!

  83. TheDuck

    Maybe if Calipari comes he can spare KSR some money to get a server capable of handling the collective of the BBN.

  84. Tim

    Right now any list without Ford makes me happy. I do not want that little turd in charge of the Wildcats.

  85. catcrawler

    Game over for the Cards!!

  86. I'm Just Sayin

    This game looks for Pitino like the final 8 game against UNC in 1995. The team just looks out of it. I hate that for them.

    As far as Calipari, if he really has interest in this position and we don’t hire him then it is going to take a LONG, LONG time for me to get over it.

  87. TJ Taylor

    jsh2001: it is scary. Too scary!

  88. GOBLUE23

    Calamari baby…..please don’t get me excited again just to let me down.

  89. mattcat68

    75) What about Izzo’s defensive plan, with under 5 to play, UofL only has 45 points.

  90. Tim

    You people watching the MSU/Loserville game still think Izzo has a boring style? Look at the Final Fours he gets? That’s boring? You people are dense! (For that matter Tubby would still have been great here if he’d have changed his assistants to ones that would actually do their jobs and recruit.)

  91. Riddle32

    lee todd, mitch barnhart, if you want to please the fans of UK and actually make up for what all youve done to the basketball program you WILL get JOHN CALIPARI!!!!!

  92. soup

    Ummm… MSU is smoooooooth.

  93. TJ Taylor

    We are fools, lead by fools!!!

  94. tacukwildcats

    Don’t worry TARDS i mean CARDS they did this to us in the elite eight also. Have fun crying. Come to Big Blue Calipari!! GO CATS BABY!!!!

  95. bfrey

    Draymond Green!!! Remember him?

  96. HanOfTheBluegrass

    GO MSU. I’ve been a fan of Izzo’s teams when we aren’t playing them, and while I, gasp, often root for UL, I’m loving the way MSU is handling UL right now.

    1800 people and growing. There’s a smaller group with 400+, too, but this one has the names.

    And it appears several players and prospective players may have joined the group. People need to be careful not to try to influence those players, compliance-wise.

  97. mgcat

    Calipari or Izzo… either way right now I’d be delighted – Izzo has outcoached Pitino today.
    1 – Izzo
    2 – Calipari

  98. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    81 – Number 1 every year? Come on, dude. Calm down.

  99. HanOfTheBluegrass

    95) Yup. He’s the guy who would’ve been sitting on the bench for UK if Tubby had stuck around. Remember how little Tubby played Azubuike, Meeks? Granted, good players ahead of them, and Morris and Rondo started as Freshmen, but Tubby liked for his players to “mature” before they got significant playing time.

  100. mgcat

    U of smelL Linebeards going down to a superior game plan.

  101. Old_Pogue_Bourbon

    Pitino is being out coached by Izzo. UL is being outplayed by MichSt. Say what you want about how boring this is…it is still a pleasure to see. I’m so tired of what we’ve watched the last two years. My only concern about Calipari is the type of “student” athlete will be wearing the Blue & White. Surely that is a concern for others.

  102. TheDuck

    Hmmmm…don’t see Sosa and T-Will doing the jig in front of the cameras anymore. OVERRATED!!!!

  103. CasualObserver

    Calipari is gone, Pitino is fading fast. Go Izzo!

  104. dcsforum

    Loserville was totally flat today. They missed a major opportunity is this tournament. They had an easy path until today and got to play their games close to home. They had it rolling and just tried to phone it in today. Big, big miss on their part.

  105. mgcat

    Not so much over rated, as OUTSMARTED and outcoached. Streetball will only take you so far. Which coincidentally, is my concern with Calipari.

  106. TJ Taylor

    Any odds on how long until we have an NCAA investigation going under Calipari.

    The scrutiny of his practices will be magnified immensely at THE highest profile job in the country. No under the radar and off the beaten path advantages here.

    Here, not only will the NCAA keep an eye on him, the local media attention will dwarf anything he has ever seen. The Herald-Leader will have a field day following his recruiting shenanigans. There will be enough story lines there for a reporter just to cover that one angle.

  107. bmack

    My sources are telling me it’s going to be someone that hasn’t been mentioned. Don’t be surprised to see Aaron Johnston named head coach on Monday. Yes, THE Aaron Johnston – head coach of the South Dakota State Jackrabbits women’s bball team. You can write it down. Just remember that I was the first to publicly mention his name (privately, his name has been familiar to the UK admin for weeks – he’s the hottest thing going in women’s D2 basketball).

    Adios Cards. Thank you Izzo.

  108. Browntown

    The Calipari Facebook group was at ~1100 earlier this afternoon. It’s gained almost 900 people in a couple of hours.

  109. WildcatDJ

    I guess my email to Barnhart and Todd in huge blue font saying “JOHN CALIPARI please” really helped.

  110. Ken T. Ucky

    Pitino – Outcoached again.

  111. WildcatSam

    Oh, I would do bad, bad things if Calipari is named…come on, UK. Bring him in!!!

  112. raisingkain8

    Maybe I want Izzo more than Calipari. Especially after his remarks about not being afraid of that fast-paced/high pressure style, and then owning UL.

  113. TheDuck

    Looks like the UL fans can shave their linebeards and go back to cooking meth and beating their old ladies.

  114. uktater

    Hey TJ,enlighten us on the facts,no hearsay please

  115. TheDuck

    Fo shizzle my izzo

  116. nessa5555

    Anyone think a Coach will be name Tomrrow or Tuesday

  117. Steve Perry

    MATT, Do you think UK will wait to hear from Izzo before they offer Cal??????

  118. Goose_is_Golden

    Can you imagine Rick’s reaction when he gets home tonight and sees that UK is close to hiring Calipari? His hair plugs will probably fall out…

  119. GodLovesUK

    My sources are telling me this. Donovan is a grown man who makes more $ than Pitino, has two national championships and he makes his own career decisions. To assert that Pitino had any influence on Donovan’s decision (btw, Donovan did not say he will turn down UK, in fact he said nothign much different than what Calipari said) is simply ridiculous.

    “The individual told me that if he were a betting man, the list right now looks like this:” That statement tells me this “source” has no inside information and is simply guessing. Matt, surely you can do better than this.

  120. brentg1117

    Izzo please. I think he’s got that toughness thing down that BCG was always talkin bout

  121. brentg1117

    Izzo please. I think he’s got that toughness thing down that BCG was always talkin bout

  122. tyson

    111 wildcat sam, i am worried calipari will too if he is named


    I say ABSOLUTELY NOT on Rick Barnes or Thad Matta!

    Bring me Calipari!!!!!!

  124. NashvilleCats

    How can anyone think Rick Barnes is a good idea? He has tons of talent every year and always underachieves.

    Cal, Izzo, Miller. That has to be the top 3.

  125. nessa5555

    Matt is saying his Sources think
    that is the list from the infromation he recived.

  126. funkadelic

    Pitino should have spent more time preparing his team instead of trying to select our next coach. I am sick of him.

    He seriously said we should have hired Ford or Pelphrey last time. Can you imagine if we hired the coach of South Alabama after he finished the NIT. good lord Rick.

  127. oldcat

    Calipari is the perfect choice.Anyone worried about him getting sanctions against the school are worrying for nothing.He would have to do anything wrong to get recruits with his rep with the kids and U.K.’s 7 national championships,along with the fan base it would be great,.Pitino would cry like a baby if Calipari comes.

  128. brentg1117

    pitino also said clyde was a great hire when it was made. maybe for him.

  129. nessa5555

    UK Wont be able to talk to the Tom Izzo untill at least a week.
    The Final four isnt untill next saturday so if they lose the earliest they can talk to
    Tom I is next Sunday.

  130. GodLovesUK

    Get over Rick Pitino.. geez, move on people. He made some very valid points and what he said was very complimentary about UK. You all spend much more time worrying about Pitino than he does UK. Get over the sick obsession.

  131. mdc


  132. seattleUKdiehard

    130: Agree completely!

  133. RuppsRingFinger
  134. nessa5555

    Someone on Catpauses said that Matta was in lexington right now.

  135. oldcat

    Calipari is the perfect guy for us in this point in time .He would have us in the top 5 next year,because i am sure everyone would return just to experience the excitement.

  136. TheDuck

    Filed under the long list of recruits that have gotten away from UK during the Tubby / Billy G. years…..Willie Warren looks good.

  137. dominator

    Meeks, PPat, Orton, Cousins, etc are apparently OK w/ Cal coming to coach.

  138. TheDuck

    134. Nooooooo!!!! I do not want to see consistent games where we score 55 and win by two. NO BIG TEN coaches.

  139. Ares

    please if there is a god not Barnes. I will be major league disappointed. I think Miller or Matta would be great. Izzo his record speaks for itself 5 final 4’s in 14 years. Yeah I would like to go to the final four every three years. I am still not sure about Cal and being clean.

  140. GodLovesUK

    SeattleUKDiehard: my god it is pathetic, they just can’t get over Pitino. Most of them should kiss his butt and thank him for what he did for UK. Besides that, he may be the greatest coach of our generation. They act like some insecure, whiney school boy who just got dumped by their first girlfriend.

  141. DennisWeaver

    Louisville goes down. Oh how a gloomy day can become sooo beautiful!

  142. JBR

    Maybe Pitino should stick to coaching HIS team instead of commenting on other school’s hiring process.

  143. nessa5555

    If Cal is about to be the next Coach.
    Why was Miller in lexington last night and matta in in lexington right now.

  144. gvillecat

    Please Matt Jones, don’t play with my emotions. I pray your sources are credible.

    Calipari will have the Cats in the top 5 every season.

  145. Jworld

    Folks now is the time to get on the internet and do whatever it take to rally to get John Calipari.Make a sign, go to Lexington, and stand on the street. It is very,very,very,very,very important we get Cal in here to turn our program around and get rid of the doom and gloom of the last 8 years……

    No Matta,no Donavon,no Miller,no Barnes, and no Izzo……

    It’s John Calipari……….

  146. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    143 Pic or it didn’t happen.

  147. oldcat

    140. dont u like to beat louisville and pitino every year ??

  148. TheDuck

    Maybe Rick should cancel in game dance competitions with his team and try working on decision making skills and shooting the basketball drills

  149. mattcat68

    Barnes? Why go back to another southwesterner who is clueless about UK basketball? Barnes would be an epic disaster at UK.

  150. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Rick to AZ.
    Billy D. to Louisville (that would explain yet another flip/flop after Rick got into his ear)
    Cal to UK.

    Start the coaching carousel and fire up the magic twanger.

  151. PatMan

    we are over Pitino, evidently he is the one who can’t let go as he is trying to decide on who our coach should be.

  152. DennisWeaver

    If Rick Barnes becomes the coach of UK, I swear I’ll move to India.

  153. ThetaChiUKfan

    i think Josh Leet, the guy talking on that group on facebook is Lexslamman.

    WHo is with me?

  154. nessa5555

    146 Well Catpause said they was in lexington this weekend.

  155. Goose_is_Golden

    140 You’re right we are pathetic, the only thing more pathetic is someone getting on a blog to talk about how pathetic people are

  156. funkadelic

    148. Nah, they were just auditioning for the And1 Mixed-Tape tour in case that NBA thing doesn’t work out.

  157. RuppsRingFinger


    You may be onto something…

  158. GodLovesUK

    PattMan????? Pitino is trying to decide who UKs coach will be? That is ridiculous. Someone asked his opinion and he gave it. His comments were very complimentary to UK as they always are. Pucker up and kiss Pitino’s butt because you haters need to appreciate what the guy did for UK. Afterwards, get over him….

  159. funkadelic

    140. Interesting screen name with those kind of comments. God thinks you suck.

  160. mattcat68

    Folks, Calipari aint gonna happen. Lee Todd is dead set against him. Matt, please tell me that Todd is the one warming up to the idea of Cal.

  161. TheDuck

    158. Masiello….does papa Pitino know your on a UK blog?

  162. benfrick

    My sources tell me that Craig Robinson is a dark horse candidate and has been spotted in Lexington. Michele Obama’s brother and the brother in law of Barack. Could be an interesting hire…

  163. TheDuck

    162. Are we hiring Joe Biden’s mom to cook for the team too?

  164. ThetaChiUKfan

    162- matt would love that

  165. SagaciousMind

    I would rather have Calipari than Donovan. From what I gather, Calipari doesnt like Rick Pitino and they had their old rivalry thing going on from the days of Conference USA. Calipari would bring in big time recruits…the combination of Calipari/UK will be big for this program and it’s the only coach I feel will make an immediate impact. I am still not a fan on how Billy G was done, but I do understand the off court reasons. Calipari is more out there unlike Billy G and would be a good fit. Either Calipari or Ford is who I want here. Only thing about if Calipari comes, he wont be able to bring his recruits, no room for them unless there are some changes with our roster. But I still find it kinda hard to believe Calipari would leave Memphis knowing what he has coming in. I just hope they hurry up and find a coach.

  166. TheDuck

    162. I bet Craig was in Lexington smuggling cigaretts to D.C. for his bro-in-law before the prices really get out of hand.

  167. drmarc

    162, Matt should be excited.

  168. blueblue

    I think Calipari will accept the job as soon as it is offered, that’s IF it is offered. I also think that the only reason it hasn’t been offered is because Donovan hasn’t REALLY turned it down. He said what he HAD to publically. He doesn’t want to repeat his Orlando mistake. Folks, the only reason UK hasn’t scheduled a press conference to introduce Calipari, is because they are waiting on Donovan. I don’t care about Anthony Grant to Alabama. Donovan is going to make the decision with his wife, not with Anthony Grant. I’m not saying I think it will be Donovan. I’m just saying I think the possibility is still there.

  169. BravoBigBlue

    163 – Hillary is gonna be team bitch.

  170. nessa5555

    So noone want Sean Miller here.

  171. The_Source

    If you read between the lines on Izzo’s post game interview it was clearly stated that he was not interested in the Kentucky job. Yet another turn down.

  172. SagaciousMind

    I hope Donovan did turn it down and that’s that. He is the one coach I do not want. If he became the new coach, I would no longer watch UK. I’ve heard the players didn’t want him as a coach because he is a rival coach, I hope that’s true and the prez and AD take that into strong consideration. He already turned down the greatest coaching position once, why would you even offer it again?

  173. PatMan

    (158) i have been over Pitino since i found out he was more in love with himself than anything to do with Ky basketball. I’ve got a problem because i like to see him get beat because he became coach for our little brother school ??? It really has more to do with Louisville instead of Pitino. Really sounds to me like you are the one kissing butt.

  174. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #157–I made those statements on a Phoenix radio station on Friday. Once every indictation was that Billy D. was interested and spoke with Rick, I thought, “He is up to something”.

    JoAnne was looking at real estate in Tucson but it was for their daughter who attends Arizona.

    C.M. is on the committee and is close friends with the AD. Rick has been #1 on their list for a long time. It has been well documented how much Rick respects C.M. They want someone to compete directly against UCLA and Rick is that guy.

    Billy D. wants to be at a “basketball” school and top dog. Instead of the “fish bowl” that is UK, Rick more than likely explained that Billy could keep the train rolling at Louisville with a lot less headaches than at UK (Although that train got derailed today).

    Cal would throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing because not even Rick could recruit against Cal if he was at UK.

    The only thing wrong with the scenario is if that was the case, then why did Anthony Grant not hold so he could go to Florida. Alabama only gave him 5 days to answer and if Rick would have won today, the earliest he could speak to anyone would be next weekend. Just like us with Izzo if he is the choice.

    Oh well, just specualtion but speculation that makes sense.

  175. nessa5555

    Anyone figure out who the mystery person was that Matt mention last night.


    I’d prefer Izzo over Cal. But Izzo is not leaving MSU for UK. He’s got no ties there, has a great program in E. Lansing, and is a guy from a small town in the UP of MI. People, whether coaching or otherwise don’t leave MI for KY. I’m a Kentucky fan first, and a Spartan fan as well, as I grew up in Lansing. Izzo isn’t going to be lured by money (MSU can match), he has with today’s final 4 trip cemented himself as the long standing face of MSU basketball. Bring on Cal!!!!!!

  177. HunterYork22

    175) David Hobbs.

  178. The_Source

    Mystery person is Krysheskilewiski

  179. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #175– The mystery man is Pat Summit

  180. mattcat68

    168) I wouldn’t want a UK coach who notoriously bows before Rick Pitino on nearly every decision. I want a UK coach who totally despises Pitino and wants to humiliate him at every opportunity. Pitino is still under the impression that he runs the UK basletball program. UK needs someone to come in a bitch slap the hair plugs off of him.

  181. ale8one

    L yeah, IZZO owns this state right now. Ricky p. popped a couple of hair plugs after that beatdown.

  182. wstepp

    All this CAL talk is working my nerves, I think its a freakin teaze, but I hope not.

  183. dudewheresmygillispie


  184. nessa5555

    John Calipari, Sean Miller connected to UK job
    March 29th, 2009 | Filed Under: Cats | Tags: Billy Donovan, john calipari, kentucky basketball, mike pratt, sean miller, tom izzo

    Friday afternoon, I think there was a lot of worrying among UK fans that the UK coaching search was going to once again come down to Billy Donovan spurning UK, and the ‘Cats being left to go after a backup choice, this time likely Travis Ford.

    After keeping my ear to the street all weekend, I think it’s pretty safe to say that a lot more people are going to have to say “no” to the UK job than Billy Donovan for it to come down to Travis Ford.

    We’ve heard about the Tom Izzo rumors and the fact that Mike Pratt said UK is “swinging for the fences”, so I think we’re safe from Travis Ford for the time being. Things can change quickly, but I feel much better about the search process than I did about 48 hours ago.

    Two names that I have heard in separate rumors regarding the UK head coaching job are Memphis’s John Calipari and Sean Miller of Xavier.

    Stephen A. Smith was on Outside the Lines on ESPN this morning, and he said that he believed it was likely that Calipari will be the next coach of UK. Calipari recruiting at UK would be a scary proposition for the rest of the country (and scary for some UK people as well). What he has done at Memphis is phenomenal, and this hire would really tick off UofL fans, which is always a plus. I think this would be a homerun.

    **UPDATE**Larry Vaught is reporting that an in-person meeting with John Calipari is occuring or has already occured today. Apparently the decision has been put to Calipari the decision-making process is not anticipated to be a long one.

    Also, in yet another example of Kentucky fans’ extraordinary ability to mobilize online, there is a website called UKWANTSJOHNCALIPARI.COM.

    700 WLW in Cincinnati reported on Saturday that Xavier coach Sean Miller would be in Lexington tomorrow to discuss the coaching vacancy. I think this would be a terrific hire as well. Miller is a young guy who has done a phenomenal job continuing the work that Thad Matta did for the Musketeers, whose program is nearly as impressive as UK’s. At Xavier, he’s gone after mostly 4 year guys who fit into the system, but coming to UK, he would have access to an all new talent pool. Look at what Matta has done on the recruiting trail since heading to Columbus.

    Every day a new name pops up, even though this weekend has been a little bit quiet in terms of hard news. Stay tuned, because I think the craziness will pick back up on Monday!


    I know Izzo is not the sexy choice. One thing is very clear though, He will out coach Pitino, Donovan, Matta, and Cal every time. The equalizer is the talent that those guys bring in. If Izzo were to leave for UK, he’d be unbelievable! The only guy I have ever seen give him fits is Bo Ryan. (not that I think Ryan is the guy to get). Izzo would be the best, but not gonna happen, so I’m getting on the Cal bandwagon.

  186. catcrawler


  187. tncat09

    I hope the AD and President have better common sense than to hire Calipari. I would root against UK if he were the coach, just because I don’t like and I haven’t since he was at UMass. There has always been something shady about him.

  188. MEEKSatterson



  189. UKCatFan01ABC

    Word from a mother of a well known, still well connected former Wildcat(hey, they have to have friends too you know) is that Billy D was in lexington and supposedly it was just about worked out. But then for reasons that I do not know, it fell apart.

  190. BravoBigBlue

    Hire Calipari and bring Walter McCarty back to Lexington where he belongs. We need some UK blood on that staff.

  191. john3191

    I saw that Vaught update and it was on a blog with no link to any story, did anyone here or see Vaught report this?

  192. nessa5555
  193. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #189–Read my #150 and #174 posts and see if that makes any sense.

  194. BravoBigBlue

    189 – I heard it was because that asked Donovan to change his hairstyle.

  195. nessa5555

    Calpari to Arizona or Kentucky?
    Posted on: March 28, 2009 at 11:17:55 CT
    gocards91 MU

    Posts:80Member For:5.8 monthsLevel:UserM.O.B. Votes:0WREC Tiger Illustrated reporting that John Calipari will resign Monday.

    This comes after Calipari told during a local banquet and once again after a team meeting in front of reporters that he insists MEMPHIS is where he wants to be but Dan Wolken was on Gerry Hall sports talk and said that Calipari dream has always been to coach a big time program with history such as Kentucky and Arizona.

    Wolken said that Calipari has already spoken with administration, but did not give them a decission.

    Wolken said that Memphis would replace Calipari with John Robic.

    Got this info off Arizona’s website

  196. recruit_a_shooter

    Why do I have an eerie feeling Calipari will go to AZ?

  197. soup

    Its getting close…

  198. BigCatDaddy4263

    I can see Calapari going to Arizona, but really wish that he would come here. I don’t think that his recruits would follow him out West, like they would here in Lexington. According to Cousins, he wants his family to be able to come and watch him play and if he’s 18 hours away, that would be difficult for that to happen

  199. wildcatcorner

    Here’s a link to the scout message being mentioned:

  200. catcrawler

    Cal will come be the modern day Pitino

  201. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #196–That article got posted from an AZ website yesterday. Larry V. reports that Cal has been meeting with UK today (an he is trustworthy source). If that is the case, why would he be meeting me with us.

    I know for a fact that Pitino is #1 on the AZ and they have been wating to speak to him.

    Cal only goes to AZ if Rick turns them down and UK does not offer. If Rick knows that Cal is a potential candidate at AZ, he will take the position out of spite.

  202. Billyclyde-superglide

    Hey T.J. Taylor, why don’t you STFU unless it’s something that you know anything about. How many times as Memphis been investigated by the NCAA?,,,,,,Let me answer that for you dumba## None. You are one of these idiots who happen to hear someone else talking about something, knowing little to nothing yourself,then start flapping. You are undoubtedly talking about the Camby thing and UMASS what 12 years ago??? That wound up being nothing. So I don’t know if you are a left over Clyde supporter that forgot the bus out or what, but do us all a favor and STFU

  203. BravoBigBlue

    199 – Sounds good to me. I choose to believe that, until of course I hear something different. If Kentucky comes out and schedules a news conference for tomorrow afternoon, I think we’re gold.

  204. bakedawg

    I hope number 28 has no idea what they are talking about…. JOHN CALIPARI OR BUST!!! EMAIL MITCH AND TELL HIM!!


    I got a funny feeling that Cal is going to try and beat Ricky to Tuscon. That would piss slick rick off!

  206. BigCatDaddy4263

    Do you honestly believe that Calapari would show up for his Monday coach’s show if he’s going to be the next coach at Kentucky? I would doubt it. So, if he cancels his show for tomorrow night, then I beleive that we’er golden with Calapari

  207. RUPPS_rhetoric

    202 – Could not agree with you more. I just sent this email out to my buddies who are cautious of Calipari as well:

    I know its easy to point to Cal as a thug recruiter, but lets not forget the ONLY involvement with the NCAA that he has had, he wasn’t even involved. From Wikipedia: “UMass’ visit to the Final Four was later officially nullified by the NCAA because Camby had been found to have accepted $28,000 from two sports agents.” He accepted this money during his last season at UMASS. If Calipari had been behind this it wouldn’t make any sense. I can honestly believe that had nothing to do with Calipari. The only bit of controversy he has had at Memphis was when he hired Dejaun Wagners dad as coordinator of mens basketball. However if I remember correctly Tubby hired Magloires HS coach, Simeon Mars to the same position at UK and Billy Clyde hired Orton’s dad and to make appearances at his basketball camps. Hal Mumme hired Dennis Johnson’s dad, Alvis, as the Nike coordinator. This happens all the time. Gray areas…? Probably. Any different than any other coach in the country…? Absolutely not. I hope the Administrators at UK do their homework before brushing coach Cal with a broad stroke.

    Lets hope Mitch gets this done!

  208. pete

    Matt, how about a live chat tonight for this Calipari talk?

  209. willow

    I have to state a few points:
    1) Donavan is a good (not great) coach who seems to recruit A LOT of douchebags: Dupay, Walsh,
    NOAH, Calathes, Jason Williams, etc. They are good players, but I really would have
    difficulty rooting for guys like that. Especially Noah. Also, Donavan looks like a vampire.
    2) Izzo is great and I would love if became the coach. Boring style? You mean controlled,
    intelligent decision-making and stifling D? Oh, and all those boring Final Fours? Yes,
    3) Calipari is also great. I am not sure why he is supposedly shady. I don’t see how it is
    his fault if Camby took $ from an agent 17 years ago or whatever.

  210. mattcat68

    204) I’m very confident that a couple of days ago Lee Todd said he would not hire Calipari under any circumstances. Things could have changed since then.

    Here’s a guy who has the same information.

  211. bell co cat

    I say bring on the SQUID!

  212. Old_Pogue_Bourbon

    Izzo proved to me today that he is the best x & o coach in America. Louisville was completely removed from their game. I don’t know if he comes here, but if he does we will be blessed with a great bench coach. If he can get a more talented recruiting base than Michigan State then watch out.

    I watched the game and it was anything but boring. It was fun watching the frustration of the UL players because they couldn’t do what they wanted.

    There has been a lot of activity behind the wall in Hartland today.


    If it’s the best “coach” you are looking for. In my opinion, Izzo is the guy. Cal can recruit some unbelievable talent. I think if Izzo were at UK he would be turning 4 and 5 star guys away (no room). He’s supremely respected by his players, long after they have left the school. I’m torn, I don’t want to see MSU lose it’s guy, and really don’t think it would happen, but man would I love to have him at UK.


    Anybody want me to go put up a sign outside Izzo’s office in E. Lansing? UK wants Izzo!!!!

  215. pizzinmeoff

    If Lee Todd doesn’t speak with Calipari , he should be fired.

  216. playersfan

    IF you really want someone to represent UK and Kentucky, Izzo is the guy. As I recall Camby also said the reason he went to UMASS was he was promised all the white girls he wanted. I’m not stating that as racist statement, just that if he was promised that you have to wonder what else he was promised.

  217. lexslamman


    Do the Todds still have a house back there? I thought they might have moved into Maxwell Place.

  218. natethegreat

    One of our boosters need to take this Sandra lady out and so her a night of her life and take Lee Todd to the Playboy mansion and let him have whatever he wants to make this happen. Calipari to UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. kimmiekatfan

    #211 *gigglng @ SQUID*

  220. GodLovesUK

    Cal certainly would load UK up with talent. I imagine he could bring at least 1 of his 5 stars with him and you might see UK in the Final Four next year.

  221. conley12

    Espn just reported that memphis has said no one from uk has requested permission to talk to cal I was dead set against it at first but you guys are selling me on it

  222. Big Blue Nation cries out to Calipari.. « Derik’s Random Ramblings

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  225. littlefeller

    Pitino should have been worried about Mich St instead of UK’s coaching position-uh-on second thought maybe he was-afraid Cal or Iz would come to UK and have to take a bitt thumping every year.