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The Grand Poobah’s Friday News and Views


The past week has been Calipari-centric pretty much everywhere….and I dont just mean in this state. If you are like me (and I hope for your sake that you are not), then you have been getting calls and messages from friends out of state who are asking you “So you have to be happy now right?” The Calipari news has dominated all of sports for the past week and has even become the lead for discussions in other realms of society. FoxNews even dealt with the issue today, although my “I wont read Fox News” stance prevented me from seeing the article that criticized Kentucky for spending so much money on Calipari (keep it up Fox, and you will really turn this state Blue). Simply put, Calipari has energized this state and its fanbase like no other. I have never seen a more collective sense of possibility than that which has been expressed in recent days. Calipari and others want to downplay expectations by saying that he isnt the “Grand Poobah” and he doesnt “walk on water.” My advice….just hush. We want to believe that….at least for now. The idea of Kentucky basketball winning (as Gregg Doyel said) “like the Boston Celtics”, is EXACTLY what we need and for a fanbase that has had its share of turmoil over the last few years, just that hope is like a miracle salve sold by Mr. Haney. Yes we know its irrational to think we can win multiple titles next season and yes we are quick to annoit Calipari the next Rupp. But I dont care. Its UK basketball and we love it….and for the first time in some time, we are excited. Lets not stop the dreaming now….

To the news….

(1): It has been an unbelievably packed day in the UK world with the state of the roster playing the central role. Today was about the coming and going of recruits as even more UK recruits decommitted from the school. We found out that Michael Avery, the 8th grader that many of us still cant believe actually existed, decided that it was in his best interest to actually be able to get a driver’s license before he made his final college choice. In addition, Dakotah Euton, the much-maligned kid from Scott County made the decision to look elsewhere, opening up yet another offer for Calipari. That makes 5 recruits looking elsewhere in the past two days. Those names of course are:

Konner Tucker
KC Ross-Miller
GJ Vilarino
Dakotah Euton
Michael Avery

Tuck those names in the back of your pocket. I wish all those kids nothing but the best and from what it seems, they all are great kids off the court. But I will be interested to see what happens with them in the coming years. When we are looking back on the Gillispie era, the fates of these five young men could have been the fates of the UK program. We shall see what they will be.

(2): That leaves two future recruits still committed, Dominique Ferguson and Vinny Zollo. Ferguson is reportedly considering a decommit, but hasnt made a final decision, even after his conversation with Calipari. I would suspect at some point he will decide to open up his search, but expect Calipari to keep the press on him. Coach likes him a great deal and I have been told that keeping him is a top priority going forward. As for Vinny Zollo, I have seen no conversation with he or his parents as to what his future may hold. He is apparently still committed for now and we will see what the coming days bring us in that regard.

(3): As for the other recruits that John Calipari is actively seeking, the news is a bit brighter. Daniel Orton met with Calipari yesterday and the news is relatively positive. He expects to stay committed at this time, although Orton and his father are going to spend the weekend this weekend discussing the issue. It is telling that Calipari spent his first night as the UK coach at the Orton home in order to try to convince him to stay a Cat. He believes in Orton and knows that his success in Lexington next year may be huge for the team’s first year possibilities.

(4): I also spoke with John Wall this evening (the interview is below) and he said that the Cats are not officially his leader, but that he is very much considering the school. In speaking with him, I got the feeling that Calipari is his favorite coach in the recruiting process and that in terms of the schools that light up his voice, it really comes down to UK and Duke. He spoke glowingly of both coaches and said that both “know how to get you to the next level.” He also spoke of both schools’ traditions and how rabid their fanbases are at each place. It was assumed that he will announce his decision at the Jordan Classic on April 18, and while he told me that is not now certain, I still think it is likely. The Cats are in desperate need of a top PG, so getting Wall must be a top priority.

(5): Finally, tonight Calipari had his first practice as the UK coach. One doesnt want to put too much weight on one practice, but you have to think that it was a big moment for the players who are trying to make an impression for their new coach. At this point, going into the practice today, the roster for next year would look like this:


So if Calipari were to bring in no other players, that would be 14 players for 13 scholarships. Everyone assumes that Donald Williams will not have a scholarship next season. If that is true then you basically have 13 players and 13 scholarships. That means that for every player Calipari bring in, one would have to go….period. That is something to keep in mind as we go over these next few weeks. I think the most likely candidates to leave (in order of probability) are:


That isnt to say that all may not stay or that someone else may not go….but that is where my bets would be. Stewart and Harrellson are potential transfers and Porter is a potential candidate to end his basketball career a bit early after the birth of his child and his early graduation. But keep that in mind…..for every player Cal brings in, one from that list goes out….it will be interesting to watch it develop.

We will be back all day….enjoy the opening of Keeneland if you are going….I will be there on Saturday. Stay tuned……..

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. Browntown


  2. ukforever

    Thanks for the update!

  3. JKW1974

    I wish some of them had gotten a bit more of a chance to play and produce than they got. Fairly enough, they didn’t do a lot out there. But, knowing what we know now it couldn’t go any other way.

    I think Harrellson has potential to help someone, thought I don’t think it will be here with this style of play. I think Porter calls it a career, and I agree AJ is most likely to go elsewhere, though his athleticism is still interesting to think about.

  4. Flag City Cat

    I predict we’re going to add some combination of three players with the following priority:
    1) Wall
    2) Cousins
    3) Henry, Dennis & Shephenson
    4) Latavious Williams

    Matt, blue states won the last election…let go of your bitterness for all things conservative:)

    Flag City

  5. AdolphCalipari

    Thanks Mathius.

  6. Goose_is_Golden

    Any word on if Calipari is still pursuing Eric Bledsoe? I know wall has to be the top priority but wouldn’t mind either one really…

  7. edgehoops

    I like your site, but I like fox news as well. I suppose there is room for basketball and politics.

  8. andrewharley

    Fox news is still around? My want list in priority level: Wall, Henry, Stephenson and Cousins. Cousins last just cause Orton is coming.

  9. SaveUK

    I talked to my buddy who is in the UK admin. He didn’t tell me much
    and nothing about any of the players futures.

    He just said that Calipari was blown away by


  10. drewsster02

    I guess everyone saw that Georgia hired Mark Fox of Nevada. His name has circled around for a couple of years since there tournament run. I’m surprised that they went with someone from the West Coast, (Nevada plays in the WAC). Nevada could be a good fit for Billy G, if they don’t promote from within.

  11. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    8 – Yes, it’s still around. Like it or not it’s the top rated news channel.

  12. ace13132

    Matt please keep your misinformed political views to yourself and stick to basketball.

  13. Mr. Bob Dobalina

    Yes, Fox news is still around. Doubling the overall viewership of all other news channels combined tends to give you a little staying power….

  14. hamby

    12: As my grandmother would say: If you accept Social Security, Unemployment, or Medicare you need to thank the democrats of the FDR era. I assume you will accept that ss check so rethink your statement otherwise please send the gov’t your check back.


    Politically Correct Logic

  15. How in the Hell could you stop me why in the world would you try

    Matt if you dont mind could you find out how the practice went and how he thinks of our players and make a post of it tomarrow

  16. TimTamTavern

    #14 Tell your grandmother that each week my paycheck is taxed for social security and medicare. In addition, my employer pays for unemployment insurance. Therefore, my individual labors pay for these “checks”. PS FDR’s fiscal policies kept the United States in the depression. Did your grandma like souplines?


    FoxNews is for the birds.

  18. edgehoops

    Everyone needs a little O’Reilly every now and then….

    Anyway, #9 I’ll be the first to tell you that many UK fans will be surprised with the work of Pilgrim. I didn’t know he was as good as he was until I witnessed it myself during the UK camps last summer. What I like about him is he plays hard, rebounds, and is absolutely unafraid. He will finish anything near the rim, very athletic. I consider him to be like a Jason Parker (though, not as much of a post up guy as him… he will face up) or Elton Brand type. He is also can step out and hit the three. He would be a huge 3 or WF, but its possible if they get Orton, Cousins, and keep Patterson that he could very well play that position. He is cabable of putting in the floor, but would rather out-power you or take the jumper. Pilgrim would have made a huge diffence this year, but was never able to get eligible. I really hope he is a keeper because this guy is for real.

    Again, however, the only question is that he is a transfer and I don’t know him personally. Often guys that are transfers sometimes come with baggage (academics, attitude, or social problems).

  19. edgehoops

    I can’t believe I am up at 1:50am doing a research paper and talking about basketball…. Got to love KY Basketball.!

  20. SaveUK

    I have heard tha Calipari got into with Miller. He was made at Miller
    for not being more aggressive and trying to score.

    It also put a smile on Miller’s face because Miller realizes Calipari
    is going to turn him into a star and he is playing in system that
    wants him to be a star

  21. robby

    people complain all the time about having part of their checks taken out for social security, disability, and such. I personally dont have a problem with it. What if you got hurt and couldnt work? It would be nice to have that option wouldnt it? Having said that I have been guilty in the past of complaining of the same thing im defending, but my problem with it isnt the money coming out. My problem is there are too many people faking injuries and letting everybody else work while they sit at home doing nothing. It’s a great program, but like all great things there will be someone taking advantage of it.

  22. SaveUK

    My buddy also told me Kyle Macy was at the practice

  23. edgehoops

    22-Save, your buddy would do you better to tell you what happen then anyone else. Sounds like you are saying he was there.

  24. billygrecruitingmaster

    I bet billy g thinks that his recruits are being loyal to him

  25. SaveUK

    #23 He was there. He didn’t tell me much, basically what I said about
    Miller and KM is it.

  26. billygrecruitingmaster

    did he say anything negative about any players

  27. SaveUK


  28. SaveUK

    He said our dribbling was kind of sad and embarassing

  29. edgehoops

    Miller has a lot of talent, just needs to continue to develop mental toughness or self-confidence in his abilities. It will come, he grew a lot this season.

  30. SaveUK

    My buddy said that Miller was doing good, along with Liggins, and Pilgrim.

    Everybody else – not so good

  31. edgehoops

    Liggins could thrive in this system. He is certainly more attuned to Cal’s offensive system… time will tell.

  32. billygrecruitingmaster

    i imagine a lot of them struggled w the new offense, im curious how ppat felt about it

  33. SaveUK

    I think Hood is going to play a lot more than people think after
    talking to my buddy. Ball Handling is a big deal and many on this
    team have trouble with that. He did say something I really didn’t
    want to share and make people upset but he said Calipari was really
    dissapointed that Meeks couldn’t dribble very well.

  34. edgehoops

    It is so funny because what KY got is the absolute opposite of BCG:
    Off the court:
    BCG is introvertive and hides what he is doing from everyone.
    Calipari is outgoing and tells you everything up front.

    On the court:
    BCG: 3 in 2 out motion inside out and very restrictive on shots.
    Calipari: Open court offensive that involves drive, drive and kick and non restrictive.

  35. edgehoops

    32, I’m sure it was just open gym with very little offensive structure..who knows.
    9, you said that Meeks did well and Cali was impressed???

  36. Ken T. Ucky

    33 – He was blown away by Meeks even though he couldn’t dribble?

  37. billygrecruitingmaster

    im sure meeks impressed him w his shooting and aggressiveness

  38. edgehoops

    I’m glad that Orton is 90% for sure, according to his father. I am going to try and make it up from Atlanta and watch the Derby Classic game… should be fun.

  39. SaveUK

    Well I didn’t want to get every down but I think we are going to
    have to get use to a new offense. You have to be a BASKETBALL PLAYER,
    Elite in every aspect, especially handling the ball. My buddy said
    that Calipari was blown away how good Meeks was but very disapointed
    he couldn’t dribble very well and that is a key in this offense.

  40. SaveUK

    Here is something funny. Everything Gillispie worked hard to make
    Liggins not do are the things that Calipari was preaching to Liggins
    to do.

    He said the most impressive people in the drills they ran that were
    geared towards Calipari’s offense where Miller and Pilgrim. Liggins
    did real good he just has to much Gillispie in his head. Miller was
    very good once coach got on to him about tyring to slow things down.

  41. SaveUK

    Pilgrim, according to him, was a monster beast and coach stopped
    practice a few times to praise Matt and point out to every one else
    that is the way you have to play

  42. billygrecruitingmaster

    how many transfers does your buddy think we will have

  43. SaveUK

    Oh how did I forget the most important player.

    Patterson was Patterson. So I guess it doesn’t matter what style
    he is in he is going to be just as good

  44. SaveUK

    #42 I asked that question and he said he has no idea. He said he could
    tell a few were probably on their way out but he wouldn’t tell me how.
    He just said you could tell from practice they were just not going
    to fit in. He said Williams actually looked like one of the better players
    out there.

  45. edgehoops

    No surprise on Pilgrim… read #18 from above (if you haven’t).

  46. SaveUK

    He sent me a email not long ago I didn’t know I had until about 10
    mins ago.

    Here is his quick breakdown on some players

    Patterson – Patterson was Patterson didn’t miss a beat
    Pilgrim – Most impressive
    Miller – almost just as impressive – coach did stop to get on to him
    but after that he was amazing in the new offense drills they were running
    a lot of 2 on 3 and 3 on 2
    Liggins – you could tell is made for this offense he just has to get Gillispie
    out of his head. Everything Gillispie has been telling him not to do
    Calipari wants him to do.
    Meeks – Did great in everything until the 2 on 3 drills. It became obivious
    Calipari was not impressed with his ball handling and in was some what
    shocked. I guess he expected better considering the hype.

    Williams and AJ both looked like they could fit in. Williams was one of the
    better players out there. AJ still doesn’t play defense and that turned coach off.

    Harrellson – My buddy just wrote LOL, whatever that is suppose to mean

  47. billygrecruitingmaster

    im sure harrellson will prob transfer,he doesn’t seem like a good fit for this offense, hell i bet is was fun to watch

  48. billygrecruitingmaster

    i think they said he didn’t even start playing basketball since high school or something

  49. SaveUK

    coach doesn’t yell a lot, he teaches not yell. For every negative
    comment there is a positive one. He keep reminded players not
    to be scared to make a mistake being aggressive but the last thing
    he wants is for them to make mistakes not being aggressive

  50. SaveUK

    My buddy also said he in the email that coach kept telling the players
    to play through their mistakes, let it go, don’t let it affect your
    next play. Aggressive was the word of the day

  51. Ken T. Ucky

    37) And his toughness and grittiness.

  52. billygrecruitingmaster

    i wonder what kind of love gj will get at the derby classic, watch him light it up

  53. billygrecruitingmaster

    I know one thing, i havn’t felt this good about our program in a long time

  54. SaveUK

    The best part was at the end of the email he wrote that Pilgrim
    was a beast and that the other players are scared of him and get out
    of his way when it takes it to the hole. He said Patrick tried to go
    head to head one time and Pilgrim literally dunk on him.

  55. mattcat68

    So Patterson, Meeks, Stevenson and Miller all practiced tonight? I read somewhere else that stated those guys were not part of the practice. Color me confused.

  56. SaveUK

    Everyone was at practice even Carter

  57. billygrecruitingmaster

    i bet he thrived

  58. SaveUK


  59. SaveUK

    #57 you don’t think Carter is made for the dribble drive offense, lol

  60. SaveUK

    #55 you might want to check where you read things, that is totally
    inaccurate. Everyone was there, do you think anyone would be stupid
    enough not to be there on the 1st practice. Think about that. Plus
    my info is solid

  61. billygrecruitingmaster

    thanks for the info SaveUk, u always seem to be right on the money appreciate it

  62. edgehoops

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Porter. I realize he is married and now has a kid on the way. Balancing all that with KY basketball will be tough.

  63. billygrecruitingmaster

    u must be thinking about the press conf, they had class

  64. billygrecruitingmaster

    it wouldn’t be that tough, he could do it if he wanted to. as long as they have the right financial situation w their families,

  65. billygrecruitingmaster

    i just don’t know if he want to put himself through it, especially when he knows he prob wont play that much

  66. SaveUK

    I think it is kind of cool Kyle Macy was there. Calipari looked up
    to Kyle when he played and wanted to be like Kyle

  67. billygrecruitingmaster

    i think all the former players are happy to be part of uk basketball again, after the way billyg distance himself from everybody

  68. SaveUK

    Did you all hear the comments from Dirk after Calipari was hired.
    I forgot he was suppose to come to Kentucky with Tracy McGrady until
    they went pro instead

  69. edgehoops

    64, I’ll respectfully disagree with you. Being married, raising a child (newborn), and playing basketball on the highest collegiate level. Not to mention that finances. He would need support, but I it would still be demanding.

  70. billygrecruitingmaster

    i forgot about dirk as well, i could only imagine what recruits that would have lead to as well


    Evidently Coack K has scared off Wall yet with his crying. LOL!! Let’s hope that the next time Coach K and Wall meet that Coach K has onion juice on his fingers and rubs it into his eyes and starts to tear like a little girl and Wall does like Patrick and calls Coach Cal from Duke’s campus and commits from there.


    The first line from the above statement is suppose to say– has not scared off Wall…. Sleep depervation is messing with me.

  73. ResurrectedConcrete
  74. phat jones

    73 Good one. Man I had completely forgotten those ads!

  75. Mojo Wilkins

    Many of the de-commits will make fine college players, but they aren’t DDM players. They are smart to look elsewhere. This isn’t a reflection on their talent-level necessarily. Avery could still end up an all-American someday. Who knows?

  76. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    Save UK-Exactly what kind of job does your friend have in the Admin. Athletics Director? Man that is alot of information to come out of one short, practice.

  77. ConverseDenimJerseys

    I know everyone is keeping their fingers crossed about Wall. I am too. But, what if he does not come to UK? Who do we go after? I do STRONGLY feel that if Liggins can dribble the ball lower to the court, he will get A LOT of PT next year. Our rotation is going to be SICK next year, everyone on here knows it! I still cannot believe that we got Cal. I had set myself up for another BIG LET DOWN. Everyone should be jacked about next year. Jonesy – great post about the scholarships, it’s about to get real interesting to see this team take shape.

  78. ConverseDenimJerseys

    Meeks will thrive in this system. i cannot beleive people are saying that he is a disappointment. He can definitely take his man off the dribble, plus he will not have 2 people blanketing him the entire game next year. Opposing teams will have to guard all 5 spots next year. GET READY!

  79. Crakaveli

    I think before we all start hugging and kissing each other about next year’s players, we need to make sure that Meeks and Patterson stay at UK for one more year.

  80. STLouisBBFan

    While watching this year’s situation play out, you can’t help but start looking forward to the 2010 class. UK and Cal will have 5-7 scholarships to work with. D-Ferg will hopefully get one and then look out.

    Who is on the radar?

  81. Getcha Popcorn Ready

    Leave it up to Matt to take a great week like this & sour it with his anti-conservative rhetoric.

    Moving to what unites us=UK BASKETBALL

    Was please to hear that Orlando Antigua will be on the coaching staff. For those who remember him, he actually played at Pitt with a bullet in his head (True Story).

    John Wall may still wind up at Memphis, as they are interested in hiring Baylor’s coach to succeed coach Cal. Although he is not a true point guard, I still see Nolan Dennis as the best option for that position next year. I’d like to have Wall as much as anyone, but he seems like he’s just not that into us.

  82. ResurrectedConcrete

    74. Yeah, I thought I’d have fun with the My Buddy thing. There are some official notes posted online about the practice but the last time I called out MJ for not using them I got deleted and banned. The point is SaveUK’s info is good but My Buddy’s name is Eric. I don’t want to get banned again so I say no more.

  83. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    We need a PG…..If Wall commmits to Duke, then we get Bledsoe….or vice versa. Both are interested in UK and DUKE. However, after practice Coach Cal may have a better feel for what his needs are for his system. Liggings and Pilgrim worry me beucase of academic rumors. With that said….

    PG- Wall* or Bledsoe*, Liggins
    SG- Meeks, Hood, Henry*
    SF- Miller, Harris
    PF- Patterson, Pilgrim
    C- Orton, Cousins*

    potential players*

    If without the potential players, I think we will be MUCH IMPROVED!

  84. Bodd71

    ConverseDenimJerseys, Meeks will thrive in this system if he learns how to handle the ball. I think most of us on here excepts that Meeks ballhandling is subpar.

  85. Bodd71

    uk_we_are_a_football_school, Pilgrim’s academic problems are just that…rumors. He is fine and will be here next year. Not sure about Liggins.

  86. gawdi

    So nothing on Stevenson, Harris, or Porter from the practice? Were they there?

  87. Mojo Wilkins

    Ironically, the Fox article took a very left wing “sports is too important in society when we don’t pay teachers enough” attitude. Must have been one of their token lefties who wrote it.

  88. columbuscats

    79. i agree i heard they were coming back but now ive heard they havent decided yet.

  89. Mojo Wilkins

    Galloway has the raw talent to be a HUGE player for us next year. This is a guy who originally came into college with “early entry to the pros” potential. People forget that.

  90. The_Source

    Fox does not even have news it is fox opinion
    and their opinions are usually infantile.

  91. drewky

    Race 1–Magical Prize


  92. Bodd71

    89.) I agree about Galloway except that he has no shot. HE can drive and dribble but could not hit the broad side of a barn. May hurt his chances of playing in this system.

  93. RuppsRingFinger

    Can we get past politics on here and stick to the important issues?

    I write a political column for my paper. I get enough spin and complaining
    in my life. When I come here I want to discuss the BBN and nothing else.

    Matt, I love ya, dude. But can we please stop with the political stuff?

  94. The Fake Fake Gimel Martinez

    74) Where are these official notes? Are they public?

  95. Bodd71

    I don’t get why everyone goes so crazy about his politcal views and statements. The one thing most of forget is that this is his blog. Hell, I disagree with his all the time but he has the right to voice his opinions.

  96. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    The only good thing about Fox is the blonde in the skirts that could pass for head bands. She is hot. Other than that, they suck, especially their Sports Staff, and in particular. Although since the Cal hire, Goodman now wants season tickets(that is a exageration btw.)

  97. pji

    81, so you must admit that Fox News is really conservative and not fair and balanced. Otherwise, why do you consider Matt anti-conservative for not reading Fox News?

  98. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    Fox news and MSNBC are just like the parties they advocate. Their entire mission in life, is to undermine the other one, no matter what effect it has on the country.

  99. Beatle Bum

    Nobody is really such a baby about Fox News, are they? That was a joke. Right? I cannot imagine someone who seriously takes on the responsibility of advocating for others would be so silly in life. So, it must be a joke. Thankfully, GMA gives us the whole and complete run-down on what Michell was wearing in Europe!!!

  100. Mr.knowitall

    how bout our governent decides were this recruits should play. It’s in our best intrest, it has to be fair you know.they do know what is best for us anyway, can’t you tell.

  101. Basteballer

    Bodd71: Yes, it’s Matt’s “blog” but… not exclusively. AND, it’s VERY clear that people don’t come here to read Matt’s thoughts and opinions on the world. We come here to find out about and discuss UK sports. Period. The name of the blog, in fact, is KENTUCKY SPORTS Radio. To use it as a personal political forum does a disservice to himself and to us. I can speak from personal experience and say that my longest times away from this blog are when it becomes political. I have plenty of outlets for that from far more sophisticated and reliable sources. Matt’s opinions on things political are no more significant than my own. I come here because he has access to UK basketball information that I don’t have. When that is not the case, I have no interest in participating.

  102. Beatle Bum

    I remember the recruiting predictions when Gillispie came on board. Every star was predicted to sign with Gillispie. I think UK fans needs to take a step back and be patient and just let things play out.

  103. The King

    I love watching Fox News, it makes me feel like I’m spying on the republicans.

  104. Beatle Bum

    101. It would be interesting to see if Matt started a political blog if it would gain the interest that this blog enjoys.

  105. RuppsRingFinger

    My disdain for the political quibbling here has nothing to do
    with Matt’s views and whether or not they are antithetical to my own.

    It is constitutional that the GYM and STATE should be separate.
    So, in my view, it is un-American to bastardize UK basketball
    with political discussion.

    Matt, throw some “lawyer speak” in here with this one.

  106. Bodd71

    Basteballer, Please…..number one I believe it is Matt’s blog and he can write what he wants to write. If you just want BB news then go to RR or Cats Pause.

  107. dobby

    101-Take it easy. At the rate you’re pissing and moaning, you might have a stroke. Back to basketball. Even if we don’t sign any more players, I think a lineup of
    Liggins (better in Calipari’s system)
    with Orton, Hoood, Harris, Stevenson off the bench is damn fine and will win us alot of games. Maybe not a national championship, but quite a few games.

  108. rackemup

    Matt, you are cute, but your political commentary is lame. The bandwagon lefty commenters on here are the lamest. Matt is entitled to his opinion and so am I until banned. I prefer to talk UK sports. After UK sports it’s politics that wound me up and get my back bowed. I’d prefer to get that way on other specified sites.

  109. ukalum92

    This is my 1st post although i’ve been reading this blog for several yrs. I love the UK coverage…can’t beat it! Matt has done an outstanding job with this blog thru the yrs. However, when it come to politics i’m an indepedent that is fiscally conservative and socially moderate. It’s Matt’s blog and he can technically make what he wants of it, however, i really don’t
    like the politics that is misrepresented via partisan lines…i would prefer the political comments stay outside what i thought was
    the true intended purpose of this blog is. As a rather political savvy Centrist, if this blog gets to “Leftist”, I’ll be gone!

  110. Bodd71

    102.) Yes you are right, I think most of us were caught up with the pace Billy G was meeting with recruits and signing people. But I think when we step back and look his evaluation of players may have been lacking. Cal has proven that he can get the best in the country…He had the #1 class in America lined up for Memphis this year. I think it goes back to proving yourself. Cal has done that.

  111. tzuzaki4

    94. It’s on the UK Athletics site.

  112. Bodd71

    Well….I think it is silly that people complain about the small amount of politics Matt throwns in his blogs. If you know anything about this site then you know they have been in there for quite some time. IF you don’t like them just ignore them or go elsewhere.

  113. DevilDawg

    Top Secret video from last night’s practice, Porter, Carter and Slone were the first to show Coach Cal what they could do!!!

  114. DevilDawg

    101) Dude, I’m as conservative as anyone BUT IT IS MATT’S SITE and if you don’t like it, well, TOUGH! He can, AS YOU CAN, say whatever he wants, it’s AMERICA dude! (Cue the national anthem…)

  115. thetruthurts

    112 I agree. I’m not a politics fan but I just ignore that stuff. This site is too awsome too complain about a little other stuff from now and then. Besides, We got Calipari!! How can you complain about anything right now!

  116. pji

    I love all you people who say Matt is a leftist, and then threaten to leave his free site. Please leave. I think you guys are a bunch of fascists because you are right leaning. How insecure are you that you get all in a tizzy because he said he does not watch Fox news? You are lame!

  117. paul_ford0

    14 – In and of itself, there’s nothing wrong with social security. The problem is simply that instead of saving the money when taxpayers paid in, the government spent it all. Its okay though, the government has promised to pay it back. Whew, what a relief.

  118. Bodd71

    You know what….Matt is right….I do not watch Fox News either…..I watch Jerry Springer reruns…..GO COACH CAL!

  119. paul_ford0

    33- meeks not being able to dribble well should be a surprise to NOONE. Its absolutely why he can’t go to the league right now.

  120. DevilDawg

    There are GREAT reasons to watch FoxNews!!! At least one anyway…

  121. CasualObserver

    Two subjects guaranteed to wreck any otherwise civil conversation: politics and religion. Would someone please start a conversation for or against one religion or another? We wouldn’t want to waste too much time on basketball…

  122. DevilDawg

    Has everyone forgotten UK can petition the NCAA for Carter to get another year??? Why is he left off all these 2009-10 rosters people keep posting?

  123. DevilDawg

    I’m baptist so I could never raise my hand in school to answer a question!

  124. pji

    There is no God, if there was we would win the national championship every year.

  125. Bodd71

    Devil…..please tell me you are joking about Carter???

  126. DevilDawg

    Billy Reed says Cal was a GREAT hire and that we’ll win a championship before Pitino wins another!

  127. ResurrectedConcrete

    94. They are on the last time I mention that; my post was deleted and so was I. MJ didn’t like that it contradicted his own posting, I guess. Why I help with such simple information? After all, the messenger got shot!!! I kid because I love…

  128. UKhoopshysteria

    I would assume after watching the guys go through drills Calipari has a clearer idea of what needs to be done. Most of us with any type of basketball knowledge know Coach Cal’s offense and BCG are different as night and day. A few guys were probably excited to see more freedom and movement in the sets while others feared they would be exposed. Remember coach Cal said, “if you can’t play….I can’t hide you”. Basically, he knows within a few practices that he will be able to see who is capable of excelling/contributing for the team. After that, he will trim the fat.
    I understand this is UK and not a pro team but I do not have a problem with guys being recruited over or given plain talk. Yes it may be a dream for many kids to simply be on the team but it is also a dream of many more to hang banner #8.
    I can’t wait to see the contrast in style of play compared to the last couple yrs.
    From a positive standpoint, things will be so much more free flowing and players will be become instinctive. Spacing and passing have been horrendous over the yrs but the dribble drive will help with that and create better shot opportunities.
    Pessimistically speaking, I think Cal’s program depends HEAVILY on the players’ abilities to execute the DD. He may not be to pleased with our current roster’s driving and playmaking abilities. Consequently, an overhaul may insue with guys who felt like family being forced out.

  129. DevilDawg

    125) Dude, you know Carter is a baller!!! Under the right coach….man he could be da bomb! Dribble/Drive was MADE for Jared Carter!!!

  130. ResurrectedConcrete

    94. They are on ukathletics website the last time I mention that; my post was deleted and so was I. MJ didn’t like that it contradicted his own posting, I guess. Is ukathletics a bad word here? Why I help with such simple information? After all, the messenger got shot!!! I kid because I love…

  131. Thomas Beisner

    130, links get marked as spam sometimes….espcially when a lot people are posting it. It’s been filtered about 30 times. I approved it.

  132. DevilDawg

    Spam is great on Ritz crackers!

  133. DevilDawg

    It got quiet in here…

  134. crazydave

    Has anyone compared the stats from Memphis to UK in the past two years. In the following: PPG, FG %offense, and TO per game. I would say wins and losses, but we already don’t want to bring up that.

  135. amongunz

    1. Fox news is conservative, but fair.
    2. O’Reilly has been #1 for 100 months now
    3. Obama and the Dems are terrified of Rush Limbaugh. (even more than they are afraid of Osama
    4. Kentucky will never be a blue state. (Too many small @ss counties)

    5. Kentucky will be ridiculous next year
    6. Pilgrim is in fact a BEAST! My friend saw him play before the season started and said that day he was the best player on the floor including Patterson.
    7. I still feel like I am dreaming. I can’t wait.
    8. Lets hope football can distract me for a bit.
    9. GO CATS!

  136. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    I made the mistake with the Clyde hire of assuming that we wouldn’t hire a ding dong. Showed what I knew. They definately made up for it this time though. I am seriously considering getting rid of my Mitch Barnhart Vodoux Doll.

  137. DevilDawg

    1.Fair? LOL!
    2. True
    3. Rush is a douche!
    4. Small counties rule!
    5-9: AMEN!

  138. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    No #135 they are just as far Right as MSNBC is Left. There is very little objectivity in their reporting, same on the opposite side of the isle for MSNBC. And as far as Limbaugh, the Dems are stil thanking him for the clean sweep last November. Radicl views in either direction will ultimately hurt your cause, no matter what it is. The ONLY people that he appeals to, are the extreme far right anyway. Everything in Moderation my friend.

  139. DevilDawg

    136) “Ding Dong?” Watch the language sonny!

  140. Mr.knowitall

    104 no way it would! His political veiws suck! Stay with BB please. Bruce Pearl stayin at ut.

  141. amongunz

    137. They sell their brand of politics. I didnt say they agree with Dems.. but fair, yes. People tend to gravitate (not sure if this is a word) towards the truth, and Fox destroys CNN and MSNBC. Why is that? Anyway, we can all agree that UK is going to represent this RED state fantasticly. I know, I made that word up.

  142. ruppcrazy

    can someone post the link to the official practice notes now that Beisner approved the link.

  143. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    I think Kentucky should be a Blue state just from a Continuity Standpoint.

  144. IcemanG2

    If what Scott Padgett thinks is true — Orton or Cousins, but not both — we need to hope Orton sticks. The kid is COMMITTED to Kentucky, already has a relationship with the players, especially Patterson, knows the fans, is a well-spoken GREAT kid with a dad who knows about our tradition and program stature, and is likely a wonderful teammate who will be at UK at least 2 years, depending on how effective he is off the surgery (could be 3 years, but not 4). Cousins, on the other hand, would just be coming to UK for his NBA audition and I worry about team chemistry. More than a few people have dogged Cousins’ work ethic, attitude, commitment on the court, etc. Is that really the choice we want to make if it comes down to it? He is the #3 recruit, sure, but Orton was #8 before the knee injury that he has apparently fully recovered from, let’s not forget that. And he is a LEGIT CENTER.

    Would LOVE to have both, folks, but I don’t see it happening. And if that’s the case, I want the kid who committed to UK in the first place.

  145. DevilDawg

    It’s 10AM, we need some NEW UK NEWS!!!

  146. I'm Just Sayin

    Not to be a negative nanny or anything but someone help me with why Pilgrim’s stats were so paltry at Hampton. It just doean’t jive with “best player on the floor including Patterson”.

  147. Wolvezzz

    All i can say is if you limit yourself to only certain veiws and outright dismiss all others without listening then you don’t have an opinion, >>>>you are just brainwashed<<<<. You just have to overlook Matt there, remember he went to P(D)UKE.

    I hope everyone with income under $250,000 is enjoying all of the increased taxes, gasoline, cigarettes, alcohol and I can’t wait to see how high our electric bills go or how many other things they decide to start taxing.

    More importantly here, I’m glad I can finally return without being persecuted for my views on BCG’s lack of coaching skills.

    GO CATS, GO CAL think im finally satisfied since Tubby’s departure.

  148. Thomas Beisner

    my bad, I thought it was in Concrete’s comment that I approved.

  149. DevilDawg

    144) Memphis had ZERO centers last season and did just fine.

  150. Big Blue Cali-Zone


  151. chucknorrisstotalgym

    #46) did your friend say if Calapri said that they got a wuppin or they weren’t tough enough during the practice.

  152. UKNation


    Why is there an advertisement for “skin it” with PUKE on it?

    Have we been hacked?

  153. I'm Just Sayin

    I don’t see why we can’t bring in Orton and Cousins. If Cousins truly is a short-timer his one year would give Orton time to get himself back together with the knee. I think major knee surgeries normally take at least a year if not more before back to full strength.

  154. Mr.knowitall

    Our country and way of life lost the last election, your personal rights are being taken away every day!

  155. wick

    Fist – None of you are going to change the world by debating politics on here. Start a blog. That’s the most efficient way to change the world.

    On Meeks – If I was the new coach of a ballclub with a 2nd team all-american debating a jump to the pro’s, I’d try and get in his head, too. By convincing Jodie that his ballhandling CAN be corrected by his system – and look at Jodie’s turnovers, there’s definitely room for improvement – Yankee John is working to convince his flagship player to stay.

    In the DDM, from my limited knowledge, one of the most important elements is the kick-out for 3. Think Devan Downey to Zam Frederick this year at South Carolina. Either Jodie kills it from 3 or he draws a defender out of the lane who is forced to respect his jumper. Meanwhile he workshops his handle. This could be the best thing possible for Jodie’s career. As great a year as he had, how many points/turnovers came from his dribble penetration vs. points/turnovers off screens? If you look at his touches, Yankee John can improve this guy’s game in a big way.

  156. amongunz

    143 agreed, kinda..if we can change the definitions.

  157. wick

    144 – ABSOLUTELY agree. I’d much rather get two years out of Orton than one out of Cousins. I love winning, but I’m not too big on outsourcing one-and-done mercenaries to make it happen. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, but if we’ve already got a rock PF committed to the school…

    I’d rather reward the guy for hanging in there than recruit over him. We WERE on Cousin’s radar early in the game and – understandably, with BCG – were trimmed off the list. Orton is 1) a good kid and 2) a hell of a ball player who stuck with us in spite of a hellstorm season. It would be disappointing to me if we actively recruited over him for little marginal use, especially when Orton could project to be more of a 2-yr guy than a one-and-done.

  158. BigBlueAl

    Matt, Kentucky bleeds blue but votes red in major elections! Sorry but I think I’ll hop off of here and watch a little Fox News. By the way Pilgram is a beast and I do think if we were to get Henry or Stephenson, Meeks could see alot less playing time. With this type of offense his ball handleing skills could hurt him. He has had trouble after two or three dribbles and with control. But then again this offense could make his game excell to another level. Just have to wait and see.

  159. amongunz

    157 – It was reported that Orton was #1 priority for Cali, so there shouldnt be too many worried about recruiting over him. I think we will get both, but either way we will be fine.

  160. amongunz

    158. Meeks is a senior who scored 54 points. I doubt Meeks will have an issue with playing time. He will still be the best shooter on the team PERIOD.

  161. babiesmama

    TBH, Meeks has no idea how to protect the ball when driving and trying to lay the ball up. He got stripped driving to the bucket more than anyone I can remember in recent memory. He takes the ball so low and it seemed like it got slapped out of his hand 2 to 3 times a game in the paint. He definately has to improve that aspect of the his game if he wants to play in the NBA.

  162. DevilDawg

    158) Ball handling is easy to teach if you’re a good teacher. Meeks won’t be losing time to anyone that may come in!!!

  163. amongunz

    Anyone who thinks Meeks will lose playing time to any freshman is drinking too much cool aid!! I don’t care who the freshman is…. This guy could go to the NBA and be fine now. He definitly needs some work, but EVERYONE on the team needs some work. Meeks will be the # 2 guy on the court, he just wont have to be the ONLY guy any more, which will open him up more. If I am wrong, I’ll eat my computer.

  164. Mr.knowitall

    obomma will decide who plays for UK he knows what’s best for us!!

  165. I'm Just Sayin

    As far as Meeks ball-handling. The biggest problem I saw with BCG’s system was that everything was clogged up all the time. The DDM spreads the floor and creates one on ones. I don’t think there are too many college players that can stop Jody one on one. If the defense collpases then the idea is to kick for open threes. I think the biggest challenge we wil have is finding enough people that can knock those open threes down. This is why a guard like Wall is so important. He can break down the defense and then find Jody who can knock the opne shots down.

  166. MIDDAY

    My politics lean moderately right.
    My religion is Jedi.

    Now, I feel part of the conversation.

  167. wick

    158- Dribble drive doesn’t work unless you have a knock-down 3-pt shooter. Otherwise, you clog the lane with a zone. Unless Steph Curry comes back – and he’d be nuts to do so with as much good press as he got this year with an NIT team – Meeks will be the preeminent 3pt threat in the nation next year.

    If his spot in the rotation is challenged, that’s a knock on Calipari moreso than Jodie. I agree with #161. As soon as he fixes his drive, which is essentially a halfback tuck through the tackles into a layup, he’ll be a complete player. Johnny can get it done.

  168. BigBlueAl

    162) Ball handling must not be to easy to teach from watching this team last season. I am totally excited to have Cal but Billy G was a three time coach of the year I think he could teach ball handling. You can improve but usually you got it or you don’t.
    Meeks Shooting=Got it
    Meeks Dribbling=Needs lots work
    And belive me don’t take that I want Billy G back from that comment! I was pushing for Cal from the begining of this process

  169. Mr.knowitall

    I need a house can’t wait till they give me mine! This cardboard box is getting old, he’ll a car would be nice to

  170. BigBlueAl

    167) I know that Meeks will fit in to the offense I’m just saying IF we got Henry or Stephenson it could be a little less than what we think. We all know Cal dosen’t mind putting young players out there if they can play.

  171. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    146 – I understand your concerns about Pilgrim. But think about Meeks’ stats. We all knew Meeks could be great because we saw him play. But his stats only suggested potential.

  172. ukisgr8

    146, it was the style of play. Pilgrim will excel in this style because he can play PF out on the baseline wing spot. He will probably end up starting next season

  173. crazydave

    These are some nice problems to have for once. We just need another shooter on the floor at the same time with Meeks on the other side….now that would be dangerous.

  174. Blueyouaway

    Donald Williams was only on a 1 year scholarship last year from BCG. He is now considered a walk-on unless Cal gives him a free ride.