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Michael Porter has left the building

Matt May of The Cats’ Pause is reporting the Michael Porter will not be returning to the Kentucky basketball team next year, choosing to focus on life with his wife and not-yet-born child instead.

The Stabilizer got some hell for his basketball performances this year, but he seems like a pretty solid human being. Best of luck to Mr. Porter and family.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

108 responses to “Michael Porter has left the building”

  1. wstewart03

    Thank God

  2. boots45

    Good Luck to Mike and his family. Nothing is more important. I wish him all the luck.

  3. jon in jeff

    Good luck Michael. Would have liked to see you stay one more year, even if you wouldnt have gotten a lot of PT. Any kid who has three coaches and has to deal with some impolite fans deserves to be reconized on senior night. BEST WISHES FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  4. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    good luck Michael….thanks for the dedication.

  5. MEEKSatterson

    Thanks Porter…Your doing the best for both situations…YOUR FAMILY and the University…..We love ya as a person…but as a basketball player your hated by many!…SO good luck!

  6. jon in jeff

    Whats the scholly numbers now? Asuming Meeks comes back.

  7. UK_Marine

    Michael was a decent player and I wish him well. His departure will free up a scolly!!!!!!!!

  8. jon in jeff

    OK, and anybody want to take a chance on who’s next to leave the team.

  9. UK-Believe

    thanks for all you’ve done michael.

    you were put into an unfair position but you drastically improved as a player from last year to the end of this year and you cant really ask more than that

    good luck to you and your future and thank you for the wildcat uniform like it should be worn.

    go CATS!

  10. UK_Marine

    Stewart NEXT!!!!!!

  11. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    who needs ya

  12. UK-Believe

    6) one open scholly open now…12 scholarship players as of now…1 open

  13. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    porter out wall in

  14. Lip Man 1

    This is best for all concerned.

    Mark Liptak

  15. lexslamman

    This is unfortunate news. Michael Porter is an essential part of the UK family and he will be missed. Best of luck to Michael in his future endeavors, he’ll always be welcome in Kentucky.

  16. UK_Marine

    anyone have any news on whether Cal likes Pilgrim?

  17. Band Of BlueCats

    I think Cal is the type of guy who will make sure Michael will get honored on senior night.

  18. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    Does this mean that Saul Smith gets the Lucky Dog?

  19. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    17. who wouldnt hes real

  20. 3 fan

    Good luck to Porter. While he had absolutely no business on the floor at UK, that was not his fault, that was Tubby’s fault.
    Good luck with the family. Will he be invited back for senior day?

  21. birdman

    Any ideas as to when Cousins, Wall, Orton, and Henry are going to make a decision?

  22. Ken T. Ucky

    If Porter reads this, know that you were appreciated by many. We think you did great in a very tough situation. Good luck.

  23. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    Maggard is hating on Matt Jones on his site!

  24. Alamo_Cat

    Current Roster:
    PG – Liggins, Galloway
    SG – Meeks*
    SF – Miller, Harris, Hood, Stevenson, Stewart
    PF – Patterson*, Pilgrim, Jorts
    C – Orton

    *Testing NBA Waters

    If nothing changes, what’s the starting lineup?

  25. commonwealthambassador

    good luck. better decision.

  26. birdman

    17- Yes Cal really likes Pilgram’s athleticism… Any word on how other than that the practices have gone? I’ve heard Cal likes Miller, Galloway, and Pilgram. Most believe that Stevenson will be back but possibly red shirting. Pat and Jodie probably come back… Whats going with the rest of last year teams?

  27. mcleancocats

    good luck mike, don’t listen to the crazy nuts calling for your head. You were still a Kentucky player and wore the uniform proudly. thank you for that… you should consider playing football now lol

  28. Alamo_Cat

    and what is the starting lineup if the two “testers” go?

  29. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    Good Luck Mike

  30. BlueBloodedGirl

    Best wishes to Michael Porter and his family. Regardless of what we thought of his playing, he gave it his all day in and day out for UK. I appreciate your efforts, Stabilizer.

  31. xXget@emXx

    I think coach Cal should invite him back for senior night. I would stand up and applaud the effort he give to U.K.

  32. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    They practiced this afternoon, maybe still going on. They only get a few hours a week until the 15th I think. This practice may have actually sealed Porters fate, don’t know that, just speculating.

  33. xXget@emXx

    12. Real classy,…A$$hole

  34. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    #34,,,,,Nicely said, it’s not often you see the words Classy and A$$hole in the same sentence. Nicely done.

  35. xXget@emXx

    Hey Matt, is there any way you could delete this stalkers name? Megan Calipari Is Fine!

  36. kywildcatfan34

    Party time!!!

  37. BlueBloodedGirl

    34, 35 – Ditto. It’s sickening that people still continue to bash the young man. Seasons over, his Wildcat career is over, let’s show the guy some appreciation.

  38. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    34. drank our beer and smoke our weed cause john wall is all we need pass out at 3 wake up at 10 mike porters gone well win again!

  39. BCO

    1 and 12, grow the hell up. the dude gave it all he had every day. sure he wasnt the greatest player, but he was a backup 2 guard playing a starting 1. his effort and passion for KY deserves nothing but respect.

  40. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    36. you dont have to be a stalker to know shes hot. tell me

  41. BlueBloodedGirl

    Hey Megan – how long did it take you to come up with that pathetic little rhyme? Trash.

  42. Band Of BlueCats

    39- You’re such a tool.

  43. scfcats

    Thanks Mike for doing your best in a tough season. Blessings to you and your new family!

  44. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    ok mike i love you man you tired and tired and still sucked buy i love you cause you tried everybody our hypicrits they gave you hell all yr and now they love that youe gone that why they are acting all happy. best of luck with your baby and stuff =]

  45. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    25-I’d say Pat, Jodie, Miller, Pilgrim and the kicker will be at the point. From what I say last year, I’d take Galloway over Liggins. But since we had a dumba$$ for a coach who apparently planted the seeds for each player to UNDERACHIEVE, Liggins might flurish.

  46. Band Of BlueCats

    Anyone know what Maggard now has up that he knows as of 5pm today?

  47. Zizou_10

    liggins is starting at point…unless…

  48. xXget@emXx

    47. He found out that he has personally caused a mass shortage of hair frosting!!!

  49. xXget@emXx

    Also, as of 5:30 he still thinks he is gods gift to U.K. athletics. More to come at 6:00

  50. Band Of BlueCats

    49- lmao.

  51. wildkatplyr

    At the beginning of the season, Porter was my least favorite player. He was my Mark Coury for this season. But I have to hand it to the kid, he did improve. His ball handling skills were not the best, but that is not why he came to UK. He came to be a shooting guard, not a point guard. He stepped up this season and hit some big shots and I commend him for that. Family is by far more important and I respect him for that. Good Luck Michael with your wife, family, and career. Go Big Blue.

  52. UK_Marine

    During the later part of the year he improved dramatically at his 3-point shooting.

  53. LeBowlingAlley

    I also stand up in support of honoring Michael Porter on senior night. He gave it his all every night.

  54. bluewhite022

    I agree with senior night, inviting potter back. He got a lot of grief but to be honest most times i felt more comfortable towards the end of the season with him at point than Liggins or Galloway..wish him luck

  55. UK is screwed next year « ROCKtheWristband

    […] Well, I guess we can only hope that the 2010-11 season brings home title number 8, because after the report of Michael Porter leaving the team, we will be lucky to win a game next year.  Cousins, Wall, Meeks, Patterson, Miller…..they […]

  56. jon in jeff

    56- Perhaps we should work on a way to let Cal know that we think he should be honored on Senior Night.

  57. jon in jeff

    don’t ask me why i typed 56.

  58. Mark

    Not that he’ll see this but, best wishes with the baby. Its a hell of a world to be bringing a baby into these days. Thanks for your hard nosed effort on the court.

  59. UK81

    Porter should definitely be invited back for Senior Night. Gave all he had and caught a lot of grief. Taking care of his family is much more important. GOOD LUCK!

  60. jon in jeff

    56- dont be an ass. He’s a kid (who should be a 2 guard) who gave it all in his uni. And wanted to be a cat so much he passed up a USC football scholarship to do so. THANK YOU MICHAEL!!

  61. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    #56-Is that a incompleted sentence or a incompleted thought process?

  62. A-to-the-Z

    You ‘da man Porter. Very few people can take the Sh!t you took. Best of luck.

    So Porter, GJ Vilarina, KC Ross-Miller and Konner Tucker are all gone. Hope John Wall realizes what Cal is doing for him

  63. Flag City Cat

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!!!

    Flag City

  64. soup

    I’ll miss you Mike. You were put into a tough situation. But your priorities are right in line with mine. Family first. Proud of you, Mike.

  65. justacatfan

    Mike thank you, for being a Kentucky Wildcat! You did your best and it will always be appreciated, by the true UK fans. The other’s are just JERKS or NERDS, who have never played the game.

    Good Luck to you and your family!!!

  66. Shea10

    I’ve spent 3 years yelling at my TV because of you. But you know, you seem like a great kid, and you sure as heck gave your all. You can’t be faulted for the crappy situation coaching turmoil has put you in. Best of luck with the family.

  67. Fastcats007

    STABILIZER STABILIZER you tha stabilizer yeah, STABILIZER STABILIZER, Mike porter leavin’ almost brings a te’ar, stabilizer STABILIZER here’s to your family three cheers STABILIZER stabilizer hopefully Calipari will be able to stabilize DeAndre when you’re not here…

    also, Mike porter…i’d still pick you over JP Blevins(stepping outta of time machine with intro music from Rocky) hands down. Also, good luck man…you took all the praise and negativity that can come from being a cat lika champ and that comprosure and pride is something that doesn’t have to go with time.

  68. Fastcats007

    oh yeah…i think you woulda balled on senior night … like some above…

  69. brkh1122

    #1. Funny you should mention God, cause that is what Mr. Porter put first in his life. I can only wish that the athletes of today were more like him. To have had a Christian not just in words, but also in deeds was very special to have. It seems like most of the athletes that we see on T.V. only mention God on 3 occasions: 1st. When they have won something and they would like to thank God(like He cares who wins the NCAA tourney), 2nd. When they have been caught doing something wrong then it’s all about God and how they look to Him for guidence, 3rd. When they mess up and take His name in vain!!

  70. SlickRick48

    Good luck with everything Porter. You are a Wildcat, and for that you will always have my respect.

  71. blizzard man


  72. lexslamman


    Die in a fire.

  73. lexslamman


    I’m not the kind of person who likes to interject god or my religion into anything public. I will say that Michael Porter brought a lot of character to the team. It seems like players didn’t survive the Gillispie era unless they had an abundance of it. This team has a lot of guys coming back with a lot of character, and that is a big reason why the future is bright for UK basketball. I think that is more important for the team than what Porter prays to at night before he goes to sleep.

  74. bud tugley

    Hey man, old lady’s knocked up, you got to rally. Believe me I know. But don’t let people here slag you. Come back for senior night and I’ll buy you a beer

  75. wildcat54

    70. I believe the lord also looks down upon people who pass judgment on others. Why don’t we keep this blog about basketball issues and try not to twist things around to fulfill your christian ego. If someone wants to say thank god then let them.

  76. wildcat54

    Congrats porter on three years at UK. Hell of a game at UL. Hope you get some attention next year on senior night! Hope you do well in all future endeavors and enjoy the family life!

  77. voiceofreason

    Any fan who has a name like Megan Calipari should be beaten senseless- my guess is a UL fan who has nothing better to do. Seriously- isn’t the whole reason for names is so that Matt can filter out the BS? This board should be above this. Other thing- why do fans BASH a kid who worked his tail off- for three years- with three different coaches- and was a big reason we won what we did. Fans don’t get it. People see this garbage and it reflects badly on our entire fanbase. We could dominate college bball if the fans would ease up on the negativity.

  78. Assassin Number 1

    #70 look God owes me BIG TIME. And once he pays me back for all the stuff i got coming to me and all the stuff ive already done for him, THEN I’ll praise him. Till then the ball is in his court…

  79. ThetaChiUKfan

    56- I put a link to this story in my blog, and so it put it in the comments section for some reason. I didn’t just forget to finish writing. haha

  80. StitchJonesSays are obviously an immature piece of crap.

    Michael Porter came in and played to the best of his ability. Was he an All he played his ass off each and every play. I am proud of you Michael for all your dedication and hard work! Enjoy your great life with your wife and child. Many on this board would kill to have that to come home to every day! ENJOY MY FRIEND!

  81. JoeBHall

    Porter–settle in Lexington. You will land a sweet job (we take good care of UK players)! Congrats on starting a family!

  82. voiceofreason

    I’m not even kidding- when I think about how hard Porter worked and what he got in return- it breaks my heart. The kid is an amazing worker with great attitude. I hope someone hands him a job making much more than the losers that have negative things to say. And the university should find a way to honor him on senior night.

  83. brkh1122

    76.I wasn’t passing judgement on anyone, it’s just refreshing to see real character.

  84. brkh1122

    74. Porter was the kind of person who wasn’t ashamed to make his beliefs public, most people won’t.

  85. brkh1122

    79. No reply is really needed for you

  86. AdolphCalipari

    I know Mike will read this so here’s my farewell note to him:

    Michael, I admit that I dished out my fair share of critisicm towards you and I am sorry. You’re not the only one I criticized however:) When UK loses, we (The BBN) tend to be pretty negative and it’s very easy to forget that you guys are only kids. I’m almost old enough to be your dad and that’s pretty crazy when I stop and think about it because it seems like yesterday I was a kid rooting for the Pitino Bombino’s. Now I have a little one and he too loves the Cats, heck its in his blood:)

    Thank you for your contributions to UK and congrats on the incoming Wildcat. I’m sure you’ll make a good father and there’s not many kids out there who can say, “My daddy played for Kentucky.” Good luck Mike:()

  87. Shea10

    83… I totally agree. I hope he gets to come out senior night. I also hope he stays around, good things will happen to him. After all the grief he has taken, for simply trying his heart out, he really deserves it.

  88. bige

    I wish he would have played football, we needed him on the field last year. Bad situation for him in bball but he improved during the year.

    I hope it truly is about his family and not because he felt so much disdain from fans.

  89. calipeari

    Mike, ignore the haters. I guarantee there are 100 silent fans who appreciate your hard work and attitude as a cat for every idiot who criticizes you publicly. I hope this was your decision. You have shown the ability to work hard and improve your game while being viciously criticized and attacked. I doubt any of the jerks who post anonymously on message boards could have went through what you have and kept improving and playing as hard as you did. Thanks for being a Cat, best wishes.

  90. PrinceFor3GOOOD


  91. AdolphCalipari

    #’s 1 and 5: You guys really need to grow up. Porter was not a PG and he was forced into that role. You better be glad he did it because if he didn’t, then Liggins and Galloway would have led the world in TO’s. Porter gave his heart every time he stepped on the RUPP ARENA floor and there are MANY more of us who appreciate his contributions to UK than those of are little inmature, spoiled babies.

    Good luck to you Mike and God Bless you and your family:)


    79. The ball is ALWAYS in His court. He OWES you nothing!!!!

  93. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    I can not believe how many hypocrites there are on this site. Not one of you can tell me that when Mike was turning the ball over, consistently, and missing layups, consistently, that ALL of you were not SCREAMING at the television for Mike to sit his ass on the bench, just praying that Galloway or Liggins come into the game for him. Don’t get me wrong, dude is a nice kid and his intentions are nothing but good, but him leaving is the second best news of the past week, first being Calipari’s hire. Deep down inside all of you, buried deep deep deep inside of you, is your conscience screaming with joy, and don’t even act like you don’t hear it. Thanks for leaving Mike, I, PRINCEFOR3GOOD, will NOT miss you! Wish the best for you and your family however.

  94. NashCats

    8. couldn’t agree with you more
    12. you make me sick

  95. PrinceFor3GOOOD


  96. Assassin Number 1

    #93 Disagree. I gave a lot to him now its time for me to get mine…

  97. AppalachianWonder

    Mike is, and always will be, a Wildcat. He represented the program as well as anyone ever has. God bless and good luck.

  98. SagaciousMind

    Best of luck to him. I know he will have his degree and is married with a baby on the way. I know he wasn’t so sure on what he’d do, but I think he knew it was in his best interest to not play this year. He would have seen very little playing time because Calipari doesn’t play just who works hard and people just because they are upper classmen. Porter did develop and became better over the year, but he would have struggled with this new offense. Makes me wonder if he just came to this decision himself, or if Calipari was already hinting to him it might be in his best interest. And #94, I beg to differ with what you say. If anyone can remember during those times, I ALWAYS supported Porter. Yes there was times I felt like he was having an off game and should be sitting on the bench, but there was MANY games in which I defended him. He really cut down on the turnovers and had a good stretch of games. Do I think it’s best for the team? Yes, I do. This is UK and we want the John Walls and Demarcus Cousins of the recruiting world, but no one can say Porter didn’t play hard and give it his all. Porter was forced to play a position he was not comfortable in and did pretty good for his athletic ability. But I remember times too when people was cheering for him, like when he hit those 3s in the UofL game and the first LSU game, was it that game? There was one game that he was keeping us in it. He will be missed for the kind of person he is.

  99. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Yes! Several more to go and we will be Tubby free!

  100. atomicdawg02

    I think everyone wins with Porter leaving the team…his family wins b/c he will be home to take care of them and UK wins b/c that opens up a much needed scholarship. Thanks for all you’ve done Mike, best wishes on your journey to parenthood. It’s a rewarding experience.


    Good luck to Porter, he seemed like a great Kid, He worked hard and did the best with the tools he had. I respect that.

  102. brittany_1532

    Michael Porter will be missed greatly. People do not need to get on here and diss him at all. He has more heart and passion for the game than Jodie Meeks ever had. Porter has got better since day one and what has happend to Jodie Meeks, nothing. He has stayed the same. We need more players like Porter who have the heart for UK Basketball. Good luck with u little wildcat Porter. =)

  103. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    Brittany, you just proved why girls should not be aloud to post comments amongst men. Yea, 103, I’m talking to you sweetheart.

  104. Dude1

    It’s funny how people get on and talk about how bad Porter sucks. Was he the best? No, of course not. However, I’d bet all the money I have that he could beat anyone on this board playing at half speed. Wish the kid well and quit harping on how he sucks. He’s not playing anymore, geeze.

  105. high and mighty

    I, for one, appreciate the effort Michael Porter has given in his time on the team. He played pretty good most of the time, considering he was playing a role he wasn’t recruited to play.

    Thank you Mike, you will always be a Wildcat. Good luck your impending fatherhood!

  106. brittany_1532

    Why? Cause i can tell when a player has their heart in a game. Porter has played his ass off this past season.

  107. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Porter, my wife bumped into you Saturday @ Keenland (as I’m sure about 5,000 others did as well). When I let her know, she got excited. Not in THAT way. At least, I don’t think so. Anyway, best of luck to you in all you do.

  108. fred

    Matt- any truth to this?

    “I got a HUGE kick out of hearing how you went up to Jeremy Cox following the press conference in which the UK coaches were announced as fired. You said “I’m sorry about…..” and the coach told you you to “[email protected]%K OFF”…. “