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BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Orton Asks for Release


One man comes, another man leaves. Evan Daniels of (who is killing it these last few days) is reporting that Daniel Orton has asked for his release from UK. That is the fall out from the Cousins commitment. He will still consider UK, but now is open to any and all comers….expect there to be lots.

Article written by Matt Jones

158 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Orton Asks for Release”

  1. Jonah Hex

    Dudes afraid of a little competition?

    come one man…..

  2. Uk8thBanner

    Don’t let this be true.

  3. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    they dont even play the same position!!!

  4. Jonah Hex

    supposed to be come ON man.

  5. boots45

    Not enough minutes available. I was wondering how we were getting it done if PPAt returns.

  6. syrin23

    This is very short sighted. Orton would be the center, Patterson the PF, and Cousins has the game of a SF. I would see all three in the starting line up.

  7. blizzard man

    I am not that upset. I would trade the number 2 player in the country for a player with serious knee problems.

  8. Uk8thBanner

    Does this decommitment mean it is more likely that PPatt will be headed out the door as well? I know they were close; Orton may be leaving because he knows PP won’t be around.

  9. Braddy

    shit happens!! can’t have them all

  10. LeBowlingAlley

    I wonder how feasible it would have been to have Patterson, Orton, and Cousins all playing at the same time. From what I can tell, they are all borderline PF/C.

  11. TonyDelk00

    NOOOOOOO!! I guess he doesn’t have enough confidence in his abilities. I really like that kid
    too but not if he’s going to be wearing something other than Kentucky. Cousins got him skerd.

  12. jeanine edwards sly grin

    ouch, but pilgrim has to be feeling pretty good right now. patterson, cousins and pilgrim not a bad trio of big men for coach to work with.

  13. BPsycho

    It’s fine guys. It sucks, but we have Calipari baby! If we didnt I would be freaking out.

    In Calipari we trust !

  14. dsolzman

    dang it

  15. belgium

    Orton is coming off a major knee injury- may be slowed this year. Would like both, but I think we got the better of the two. Also this frees up an obligation for a point guard…you would think we would get one of either Wall or Bledsoe.

  16. Shaffer42

    Orton is leaving because he doesn’t feel he will get enough PT, plus he didn’t commit to Calipari. He missed all but 3 games this year and he probably wants to play 30-35 minutes per game. Also, may want to be closer to home because of death of his mother.

  17. bluewhite022

    lets hot Pat stays now…we could do with two of the three..orton cousins or pat..with one gone..dont think we can afford to lose pat also, hopefully

  18. Jefferson760

    I hate to see him go but it basically tells me that he’s scared that he wont get his minutes. Kind of a me-first attitude and we don’t need that kinda attitude on the team so I wish him the best of luck.

  19. bluewhite022

    lets hope^

  20. syrin23

    How reliable is this Evan Daniels? I checked last night, and they hadn’t updated any of their recruiting info.

  21. jtstur2

    13 thats the spirit, couldnt agree more

  22. Jethro Bodine96

    Oh well, I knew it was too good to be true having two of the best big men in the country coming to UK.

  23. wildcat_99

    Pat and cousins could be a lot like Daniels and Hayes.

  24. bluewhite022

    20- i think he was also one of, if not the first to report cousins commitment last night

  25. Cawood2Cal

    Though he might be called a pantywaist, a drama queen, it’s just business and that’s understood….Hey, we got Cousins out of this deal. He fits the DDM scheme better and it’s not close.

  26. kc4enics

    Orton didn’t have the heart to play for UK.

  27. dcmoore28

    Good luck to Orton, he seems to be a great kid and has had an extremely difficult year. I believe Cousins is the better player right now especially with Orton coming off knee surgery, but Pat, Cousins and Orton together could have been really special.

  28. A-to-the-Z

    Sucks. Orton seemed like a really good kid.

    Cousins has not even qualified yet. Hope all this works out.

  29. Tim

    Good luck to him. He’s went through a lot, and I hope he has a great career.

    As for players who want to wear the Big Blue, my fingers are crossed this scholarship will go towards Wall, Henry or Dennis. I hope we get the entire Memphis class + Hood.

  30. Cash03

    This sucks, but its not so bad. I know he’s a 5 star Center, but with the latest commitment
    from Cousins, this opens up the door for Wall or Bledsoe to come in. And if we some how get
    Xavier(?) and Wall then we only have to get rid of one scholarship player instead of 2.
    We still will have the best big men in the counrty next year if Pat stays. You cant complain
    when your starting PF from last year (stevenson) wont even get off the bench this year
    because of how much we have up graded at this spot. So its disappointing but iwould rather
    have Cousins and Wall then Cousins and Orton.

  31. Shaffer42

    Could still end up with us though. NOTE TO CRAZY FANS: Don’t give the kid hell at the Derby Classic Game. He loves our fans and that could be what makes him come back.

  32. bluewhite022

    31- good point

  33. EyewearMan

    Stop the insanity!

  34. bigwu

    I called this 2 weeks ago. The only thing yet to happen is a Wall commitment.

  35. jeanine edwards sly grin

    everybody please lay off orton, the kid has lost his mom, suffured a tough season ending injury and lost the coach who recruited him in about a six month time frame. calipari did not recruit him, so he has no relationship with him. i have no qualms about him leaving. kid could be a good fit for capel or ford. good luck to him.

  36. dcmoore28

    Good call #31. We need to show him some Love, that was one of the things that drew him to UK to begin with was the involvement of the fans and how much we supported him. Just because he wants to look at his options doesn’t mean he is still not going to come. The Derby Classic could easily be the persuasion he needs to suit up for UK.

  37. bigwu

    If we can get Pilgrim, Liggins, and Cousins ready to go for the fall we’ll be sitting in a pretty good position. Given of course that Meeks and Patterson are back. We have to get Wall or maybe Stephenson.

  38. catinlvl

    31 – agreed, completely. Would rather hear some “good luck” calls out instead.

    Other kids will be watching, too. Don’t need any toothless meth-heads yelling slurs because he decommitted.

    These kids get a lot of input and are, in this case, dealing with deciding what positions them best for the next level.

    I don’t hold any animosity at all, nor do I even have the right to. I wish him luck.

  39. ConverseDenimJerseys

    26 – Come on…. Think be fore you type that kind of garbage. I guess you know Orton personally?? I feel that Orton is a great talent and a good kid, any program in the country would be lucky to have him.

  40. Tim

    Stop pissing on the kid! We’re doing well now, guys. If he doesn’t see himself excelling in the greased lightning that Calipari runs, wish him well. We have the best freshman center in the nation ready to tear Rupp up!

  41. drewsster02

    Orton may still end up at UK but at this point I seriously doubt it. It is very strange to me that he ends up de-committing one day after Cousins commits. Remember, he chose UK just a day or two after Thomas Robinson committed to Kansas. Unfortunately it seems like a fear of playing time factored into his decision. If he doesn’t want to compete for playing time, then should we expect him to really compete against the other team? I hate this decision, I would have liked to see him at UK. But if he doesn’t want to earn playing time, it may be better that he looks elsewhere. On the flip side, I heard that some people don’t want to play with Cousins because he’s not a good teammate. I hope that’s not true.

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  43. Tim

    We just lost a top-25 guy because we got a top-5 guy. The days of us recruiting and then losing players like Dan Werner and the dunce who went to prep school and then Notre Dame are over.

    Best wishes to Big Orton. I’ll root for him unless he’s playing us.

  44. Braddy

    all these bitches sayin orton is scared or has no heart!!! get a clue and cut the guy some slack………don’t be mad!!

  45. rbdono2

    Lets not use his knee injury as a way for us to cope with this loss. Any team would be lucky to him. The kid is talented and we could still end up with him. I still hope he comes but if not, its his choice and I wish him luck.

  46. Eric in St. Louis

    We really need John Wall. I think Calipari can sell him on the fact that he will have great players around him and he can step in and start at the point from day one. As a competitive bunch of fans we don’t want to lose any top recruit, but we’ll be in fine shape.
    Hey, I’m new to the site. I’m from Shelby County, KY but have been in St. Louis (job) since ’99. People here have no clue about college basketball; it’s a pro sports town. I had to get a license plate frame that spells out “University of Kentucky” because I got tired of people confusing my “UK” chrome emblem on my SUV with Kansas! Hey Missourians, that is KU! You know, your rival! Geez.

  47. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    Wow are you serious? What a pu$$y! He got SCARED because Cousins committed? O WELL GOOD RIDDENS! Cousins is better than you anyway, damn this is some bullshit.

  48. Shaffer42

    Who is RIDDENS?? Has he verballed yet?

  49. Goose_is_Golden

    46 cut the kid some f**king slack. his mom has passed away, show some class

  50. BlandingsbetterthanKirwan

    This news upsets me. I think Cousins is an obvious talent, but I liked Orton ALOT. I hope he still considers UK and comes to the Big Blue.

    46. First, it is good riddance. Second, have some class. Can we agree as UK fans to up the level of class we have had the last 4 years?

  51. rbdono2

    46 = D bag

  52. SlickRick48

    Well that stinks. Daniel seemed like a really good kid from a great family. Good luck in your career Daniel.

  53. Goose_is_Golden

    47 made me laugh

  54. nessa5555

    Bill G. problay told him to decommit.

  55. dcsports

    Unless Orton was a point guard, I’m not too worried about this news. I think it’s a mistake on his part. The competition would have made him a better player. And next season it would have been him and Pilgrim in the paint. I wish him the best and still hope he will accept the challenge and the gains that will come along with it.

  56. MMfiji

    46= Reason we get bad rep.

  57. wildcatmountaineer

    Blown knee and the death of his mother in his senior year. This kid needs all the time he wants to make a decision, and maybe staying a little closer to home will be good for him. Good luck to him. I hope he still comes to UK, but if not, best of luck in his future career.

  58. bige

    Can’t have enough skilled big men. Hate to see him go because I think he is a 2 or 3 year player.
    Hope PPat stays or this will hurt a whole lot.

    Wall would be huge but Orton down the road is very big too.

  59. wildcatmountaineer

    Riddens? I didn’t think he was part of the 2009 class.

  60. dcsports

    sorry…not next season, the season after next, it would have been him and Pilgrim…and hopefully Ferguson. Anyway, all you can do is wish the kid the best and support his decision whatever it may be. You can’t blame him for it, the circumstances have definitely changed. Maybe he’ll come to his senses.

  61. dcsports

    sorry…not next season, the season after next, it would have been him and Pilgrim…and hopefully Ferguson. Anyway, all you can do is wish the kid the best and support his decision whatever it may be. You can’t blame him for it, the circumstances have definitely changed. Maybe he’ll come to his senses.

  62. deuceinyoeyeISBACKagain

    good luck danny boy! but for real, if we ever play personally coming out on the court and crossing your ass over

  63. ItsNotBCGfault

    49) yes she did and that sucks that it happened…But you cant use that as an excuse forever, this was a while ago, its not like it was yesterday.

  64. bigbluefan1990

    there is nothing on any web site showing that daniel orton is going to ask for his release

  65. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    Since everyone knows so much about Kentucky basketball and the recruits, why else would Orton decommit if he wasn’t SCARED of being outplayed by Cousins? Can’t be b/c of Coach Cal (one of the best coaches in the country), Can’t be b/c of Kentucky (one of the best schools in the country), and also I’m glad there are so many educators on here who can inform me of my grammatical errors…thanks guys!

  66. bigbluefan1990

    they dont even play the same position orton is a center and cousins is a pf that can play sf

  67. CedricJenkinsTipIn

    I love all the bozos that as soon as a kid decides for another school or asks for a release they start trashing the kid. Way to go idiots!!!!!

  68. wildcatmountaineer

    65 – You’re welcome. As UK fans are viewed, you are holding out as that 5% that resides in a single wide and finds that spousal abuse a mighty good past time rather than a’ pickin’ and a’ singin’.

    Why else would Orton de-commit? He signed to play for BCG. He’s leaving here the same reason players are leaving Memphis. Could he play in a dribble drive offense? Do you know what a dribble drive offense consists of?

    Go brush your tooth.

  69. Cawood2Cal

    65. He was waivering for some time. So it’s not just one thing in his decision….there’s the coaching change, the change to the DDM offense, staying near family…all to consider.

    All the best Daniel Orton.

  70. bilhelm

    I liked the kid before, and while I may not be a fan of where he ends up going to school that doesn’t make him a bad kid (unless he goes to duke) Best of luck to him and I hope that we can act less like he is a commodity and more like he is a kid trying to make an important decision.

  71. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    68. dude I don’t even understand your first sentence, can you break it down for me?

  72. mtwhite

    at the mcdonalds game the said henry would not come to ky because he didnt want to play with orton,stephenson didnt commit to kansas because he thought henry was going there,and bozich says orton is going to kajsas,so if orton does go to kasas that gives us a shot at henry. ill take henry,wall and cousins over orton and gj vilarino.

  73. ibleedblueforUK

    Make sure you cheer him on at the Derby Classic people!! He still could be a Wildcat so let’s show him we would love to see him wearing Kentucky Blue!

  74. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    In Cal, I trust.

  75. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    68. Also, can you explain the dribble drive offense to all of us? You seem so well informed.

  76. bigbluenation24

    ki is reporting larry orton said this is not true.

  77. I Miss 1996.


  78. sethicus59

    i seriously dont think wall will come here.

  79. ukcats07

    Matt – Demling said there will be more UK news today. Do you know what it is?

  80. BlueCat_75

    Kentucky Ink just spoke with Larry Orton, father of Kentucky signee Daniel Orton, and contrary to reports, he said his son has not asked for a release…

  81. sethicus59

    76 source!?

  82. bigbluevoodoo

    What happens if Cousins doesn’t qualify and Orton goes elsewhere? How far or close is Cousins to qualifying? I’d hate to be without either one or both.

  83. BigBlueFan

    I think Cal could win with the Elephant Man, Stephen Hawking and Wee man from Jack@ss. Or am I giving Cal too much credit? I’ve heard the Elephant Man was a baller in his time.

  84. nessa5555

    Per Jodie Demling at CJ… Reply

    In his post regarding Orton asking out of his LOI he says “Trust me…More UK news today”.

    Any guesses on what this may be? I assume it has to do with recruiting since that’s what he covers. Could it be Henry committing? Wall? Dennis?


  85. frakture

    Kentucky Ink claims they talked to Larry Orton, and he denies that Daniel has asked for a release.

  86. BigBlueFan

    Add Svoboda and we have our 8th National Championship!

  87. cubsfaninky

    KI’s Chris Fischer just spoke with Orton’s father, and he is denying the report.

  88. UKclam

    Has anyone considered that Orton can’t stand the thought of life without Dakota Euton?

  89. Eric in St. Louis

    72 – Interesting info. Thanks. I checked the C-J, but that piece must be from Bozich’s blog. I agree with you regarding the recruits we have and could get, but I seriously want Wall. We must have a top point guard to make the DDM offense go. Need a guy with serious handle to cut down on turnovers.

  90. bigbluenation24

    80 chris fisher from kentucky ink

  91. wildcatmountaineer

    74 – So you’re going to be the guy that makes the argument of “well, you’re so….” that they most present everything in order to pass your test as knowledgable. Try something new.

    I bet you don’t like a team that wears headbands either.

  92. Muser24

    Orton’s knee surgery was a scare anyway, we DEFINITELY got the better player. Would’ve like both, but oh well. Now if we can get Wall, I won’t ask for anyone else. BTW, Pilgrim is overrated. He hasn’t really succeeded in a league with no competition. What can he do here? Plus the scouting on him is he’s lazy (plays hard 25% of time). Come on Wall!

  93. Miller Time

    MM: Just reported Porter is coming back and will have a bouncy seat
    for his baby on the sideline.

  94. Eric in St. Louis

    Correction: My last post (88) was referenced to 71 not 72.

  95. TayPrinceJr.

    Would you guys rather have Orton, a player who would love to wear KENTUCKY across his chest, or Cousins, usins UK as a stepping-stone for his one-and-done college career? I just want to ask everyone that.

  96. ukjosh25

    don’t hate on a kid! this decision is one that affects the rest of his life. Embrace him at the derby classic and he may come and be apart of something special!

  97. nessa5555

    Someone got thier infromation wrong about orton it seems.

  98. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    94. hmmmmmmmm

  99. sethicus59

    yeah looks like orton is still a cat guys FALSE ALARM

  100. wildcatmountaineer

    I have no problems taking a one and done.

  101. Jonah Hex

    Either way, I think he is a good kid and wish him the best.

  102. savethecats

    I’m hoping Ortin still comes our way. He would be here
    2years or more, cousins from what I’ve seen is a one and
    done. I dont see a program with one and done players winning championships.
    maybe they can prove me wrong. I hope!!!!!!!!!!

  103. BleednBlue

    Nolan Dennis asks out of his letter from memphis and is thinking about giving UK a try!!!!

  104. Miller Time

    Good I can come down off the ledge now!

  105. Muser24

    What? (98)

  106. booted

    Matt said…”expect there to be lots”
    Jody Demling at CJ….”expect a lot more UK news today”

    Guys prepare yourselves…we are getting hints from everyone that more news is on the way!

  107. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    90. Why do you continue to talk like your sipping tea with your Harvard pals? Dude use some ‘slang’ or just ease up a bit. Your probably one of those gents who sits directly at a 90 degree angle when typing on the computer to ensure the proper form while drinking a nice cold fresca. Chill out a little bit pal, try to be cool and ‘hip’ again, for old times sake. Later DUDE!

  108. ibleedblueforUK

    94. We need both..There is nothing wrong with having a one-and-done (ala Derrick Rose), a four year player (possibly Darius Miller) or even a ‘in-betweener’ (Pat Patterson maybe?)

  109. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    nice to have ya back daniel.. even though you NEVER left.. he probly did that just to see what some of you people would say about him!!!!!!!

  110. ukjosh25

    96 what do you mean?

  111. Tim

    94. If you think Orton was some Richie Farmer clone in that he bled blue, you’re delusional. I wish Orton all the best, but Demling says that Memphis is on his new list? How does that make any sense? Playing time, maybe, but that choice would be strange to say the least.

  112. Muser24

    Would somebody please tell me why people are saying Orton isn’t leaving!!!

  113. bigbluefan1990

    he is not leaving his dad just said he wasnt

  114. Muser24

    where did you get that info?

  115. sethicus59

    111) vaught is reporting that he spoke to ortons father and that he said that the information about his son leaving is incorrect

  116. Wildcat7

    True or not true, Orton is a big key to success next year – he reminds me of an Elton Brand kind of player. I think it would serve him best by playing along side of Patterson instead of the rumored Kansas big men. I don’t get – if he goes to Kansas they have more big men there than we do so that means playing is still going to be of concern, plus Kansas is already one scholy over (from what I hear) but it is true that they’ve already replaced their 2 seniors with 2 freshman so I don’t know. ORTON please STAY (if this is true!). I’ll be cheering you on at the Derby Classic, which by the way EVERYBODY NEEDS TO GO SO WE CAN HELP RECRUIT HIM BACK TO UK!! Let’s show what he’ll be missing! Get your tickets $12 or $17 at Freedom Hall or get them online at ticketmaster. Let’s sell this classic out with UK fans.

  117. TayPrinceJr.

    110. Well, not that he bled blue, but Orton embraced the fans and the school and really looked/still looks forward to playing at UK. I am glad we have Cousins, but just saying would you rather have someone who really wants to play for UK, or someone who culdn’t give a crap and is just a year away from the big bucks?

  118. IcemanG2

    From Demling, and Scout:

    He said UK wasn’t totally out of the picture and other schools that are likely to be on his list include Kansas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Memphis, UCLA and USC.

    Is there a chance father and son are not communicating with each other on this?

  119. sethicus59
  120. Muser24

    116) The point is with Calipari that if you get a “1anddone” playmaker, he can be replaced the next year, so it doesn’t matter.

  121. WildcatScratchFever

    I hope you stay Dan-O. You will have plenty of opportunities to shine at UK.

  122. flipisatrip

    not so fast….yet

  123. BPsycho

    The guys thaT said he was weak etc are hopefully feeling like dumb A’s now lol If the edited report of false info is true.

  124. calucky

    Daniel, UK is still the same place as when you visited. The new coach should even have you more excited about being a part of the Big Blue.
    We hope you stay commited to your 1st choice of being a UK Wildcat.

  125. monstermash

    please stay Daniel Orton! Please! You will see the court long time. I trust Larry Orton if he says it is untrue.

  126. BlueCat_75

    It’s amazing how some of you “fans” are all over a guy’s jock when he picks UK, then when a report says he’s decommitting you trash him. Classy.

  127. LoyalRoyal

    To all of those that think Orton is scared of competition or that he doesnt think he can earn enough PT with Cousins here, I assume you go after jobs that are already filled or women that are already committed to other men. My guess is you saw a girl at the bar, thought she was hot, took a shot of courage to go talk to her, but then saw an engagement ring on her finger and suddenly told you buddy, ‘she looks stuck up.’

  128. CAnTuckeeBoi

    I dont like this at all ….. im happy we got cousins, but the kid is not qualified and we just lost Orton who was qualified and a stud…..this is a little scary….

  129. ItsNotBCGfault

    Per they stated he spoke with Ortons father and he said it is NOT TRUE.

  130. Blueyouaway

    It’s official he is not leaving….yet….per the “frosted tipped” one.

  131. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    126. That seems a bit to creative, are you sure these aren’t examples of what YOU have done?

  132. pizzinmeoff

    We need Orton also, he is not a one and done player. PP will be a top ten pick IMO , so let’s root for Orton at the Derby Classic and start acting like we care about these kids , nomatter what they decide. The 10% of idiots on here should keep thier negative thoughts to themselves.

  133. Blueyouaway

    It was kinda funny they posted a blog saying he was gone because of Cousins as MM predicted last night. 20′ later there was an edit saying MM just talked to his dad Larry & it was not true until they hear it from hi(larry).

  134. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    Couple of thoughts come to mind regarding Orton asking out of his LOI.

    1- His mother passed away and probably wants to be closer to his family.
    2- He wants to play with Patterson (maybe Pat has told him he won’t be back?)
    3- He didn’t commit to Coach Cal, the system might not be to his advantage.
    4- Cousins might have him questioning his playing time

    Fans going to the Derby Classic should cheer very loud for this young man and not be mean in any way shape or form. This young man’s mom recently passed away, he had a terrible knee injury, probably missed out some goals he had (McDonald’s AA), the coach who recruited him is no longer at UK…he has been dealing with a lot. Please show him how much UK fans can embrace him and let him know how much we want him at UK! He could still very well end up at UK, that is why Coach Cal went and visited him as one of the first things on his to do list. PLEASE SHOW THIS YOUNG MAN WHY WE ARE THE GREATEST FANS ON EARTH!

  135. ItsNotBCGfault

    133) I bet your the type of person that thinks either EVERYONE gets a trophy even last place teams or no one gets one at all…am I right?

  136. syrin23

    130, just stop already. You think you’re saving face by picking on others here? Seriously, did mommy let you out of the basement and give you access to a PC? You already came across as a giant D bag, and every post you make just verifies it. Your worst enemy is yourself. Just give it up already man, you’re embarassing yourself.

  137. UKhoopshysteria

    #91 You sir have no basketball knowledge if you think Piligrim is overrated. He’s better than PPat. Watch and see. As for Orton I called it this morning people. The dominoes are falling in place. BCG and Self were in his ear and Calipari said okay we’ll just take that higher rated player with no injuries. We don’t need an offensive liability and that’s what Orton will be. Don’t feel bad guys he was in love with the Gayhawks before he committed with us. Fickle biatch.

  138. monstermash

    133) 1. have you spoke with Orton? Why make these assumptions? 2. Joey Dorsey, a guy with no offensive talent shined in Cal’s system so Orton could dominate

  139. LoyalRoyal

    130. Not at all, I serve those people the shots. Need another shot of Jager?

  140. BCO

    No matter what Daniel decides, we wish him the best. Dont listen to the few pricks that like to call themselves true fans. These jackasses dont represent Big Blue.

  141. senorpuma

    61 = someone who obviously didn’t lose their mother at a young age. It is not something a person EVER gets over. If losing his mother is part of his reason for choosing a school, that is as valid an reason (not “excuse”) as any.

  142. geminus369


    That’s a load of crap. By all accounts Orton seems like a great young man. I would like him to come to UK, but he needs to go where he feels most comfortable.

    I know many other people have been standing up for Daniel here; I just wanted to back up Daniel in whatever he does.

  143. geminus369

    Also, who knows if is this true, and even if it is, Orton could still come to UK.

  144. uk_we_are_a_football_school

    134- I am just stating my opinion, you can read it and agree or read it and disagree. Personally, I think they are all valid points. I don’t understand why you would say….”I bet your the type of person that thinks EVERYONE gets a trophy even last place teams or no gets one at all…am I right?”

    You don’t know me so keep you comments to yourself unless you have something worth typing regarding UK basketball and want to give your percpective.

    137- I have not spoken to Orton nor will I ever. I have read comments / quotes that Cal wanted to make sure UK was still a good fit with Orton. You are completly right..Orton could very well dominate in Cal’s system. Those assumptions I made above are one’s that come to mind when I hear he asked out of his LOI. Personally, I hope he comes to UK, apparently he thinks our fans are great. I just know there are some UK fans that won’t show the respect and act like asses (#134) and can turn him off just as much as it could turn him on.

    Now with all of that said, I have read that Orton’s father said the reports of him asking out of his LOI are NOT True and that unless it comes from him…It’s not true. Scout ususally pretty good about breaking news.

  145. BPsycho

    And here I was about to believe everything Evan Daniels says lol Youd think I learned my lesson after the whole MM ” I’m 1000% sure ” Donovan !!! ” My sources !!!


  146. KyBluez

    Would Someone please tell Danial that this team IS ?BIG enough for both the Stars. UK and its Fans love him and want him to be a part of the rebirth of greatness here. Nobody will love or take care of you like the BBN Dan. Please reconsider leaving. We want DeMarcus Cousins as a Power Forward but we want Danial Orton most as our Center because he chose UK First. Please know we love you ZDanial.


  147. Beatle Bum

    This sucks. Losing Orton is bad news.Cousins getting eligible is now huge. And, we need a PG.

  148. Daniel Orton Asks for Release |

    […] Daniel Orton Asks for Release […]

  149. Beatle Bum

    How can anyone claim Pilgrim is better than Pat. That is ridiculous. Pat tears up the competition. Pilgrm scored about 10 per game for Hampton. HAMPTON!

    I know Cyp wants to believe he is great, but Gillispie never said that during the year. On the contrary, Billy said the kid had potential, but was clear that he was wildly inconsistent.

  150. AdolphCalipari

    I hate to hear this and I wish DO would have came to UK to enjoy the ride. I think UK will be VERY good and I wish he could have been a part of it.


    OH, well, i’ll make that trade all day, if he doesn’t want to be here tell him to get the HELL ON! He knows Cousins is much better than he is and he won’t get any playing time, Hes a scared Weakling! Later!

  152. IcemanG2

    149 – Pilgrim was miserable at Hampton. That has an impact on you. See Jodie Meeks the last 2-3 weeks of the season?

  153. coachcal

    Daniel did ask for a release ~ Larry didn’t!

  154. trubluthrunthru

    According to Orton’s father this story is totally wrong. He says Orton has NOT ask for a release.

  155. thejoemattingly
  156. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    I hate to see this, but if you’ll look back at my posts for the last week, I saw this coming. I just had a bad feeling. I hope that his decision is for good reasons and not based on any sort of jealosy or P.T. issues. I know he’s a kid and has been thru alot, so even if he doesn’t come I wish him the best. Make no mistake ladies and gents, we have a BEAST COMING ANYWAY!

  157. SagaciousMind

    Apparently it IS NOT TRUE!! Larry Orton said he is not decommitted and to not believe anything you hear unless it comes from him.

  158. kyjoe

    This isn’t true per Vaught, he’s still on board need to pull this one for now, GO CATS!!!!