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Live Blog Interview with Scott Padgett

While we did our Derby Classic Live Blog, we let you folks ask questions to Scott Padgett throughout….here were some of his comments:


[Comment From BCR]
What was your greatest memory as a Wildcat?

Scott: Winning hte championship in 1998….especially after being so close in 1997

What does Scott think of the dribble drive offense?

Scott: I think its an exciting style of offense especially the way it will help bring in talented players and people will be able to use their skills and show their skill set and fans will love the up and down style

please dispel that tubby won with pitino players theory

Scott: We were Pitino’s players but Coach Smith had to make decisions all year and throughout the tournament and those decisions helped us win. His coaching was a big reason we won and made great decisions during the tournament. He is a great coach and calling the plays during the Duke and Stanford games, Tubby did his thing. We were Rick’s players but we were Tubby’s team

[Comment From Houston Matt]

Scott, How closely do NBA players in general follow their alma maters? What about you?

Scott: At the programs with the big time history, those players follow them really tightly….some guys who went to the other schools dont….UK, UNC, UCONN and Kansas…those guys follow them

Comment From Lucky Charms Leprechaun]

Scott, any aspirations of coaching on the college level someday? 😉

Scott: YEs thats what I want to do more than anything. And I would love to coach at Kentucky….my dream is to be a head coach somewhere at the college level

[Comment From Heshimu]

Scott – What are your thoughts on Meeks’ NBA potential

Scott: I think it isnt a bad idea to test the waters…but there are things he needs to work on…one is his decision making and two is his ability to set up for others…if you put him in Calipari’s system he will improve on both. I dont believe unless you are a first round pick that you should come back so I believe Meeks will be back

Comment From LigginsLovesSAT]

Scott, favorite story from the “road” during the 98 team…safe for work of course, but funny

Scott: We were all big into wrestling…and it started because of me. Stone Cold and Goldberg were the big guys…and it became a Monday Night thing where the whole team watched Nitro and Raw….we all got into it big and then Cameron Mills and I came to an event at Freedom Hall right after we beat Duke the week before the Final Four. Kevin Nash came by us and talked trash to us in the front fow because he played at Tennessee… was great

Comment From Chuck]

Scott – Your performance in the 1999 Sweet 16 game against Kansas was sensational…

Scott: That is my personal favorite game ever….although it was in the second round

[Comment From uk fanatic]

who was the better player. Antoine or tony?

Scott: The best guy I played with is probably Tony because he was a great defender as well as a three point shooter….Antoine was probably a better offensive player and could do everything but Tony was better all around because he was a better defensive player

[Comment From bigbluenation24]

scott-do you think former uk players will be back to lexington more now with calipara than they did with BCG?

Scott: I think they will feel more welcome so they will be back. Billy never did anything straight up to me and be rude but I just think there was a tension and guys werent comfortable and when you arent comfortable, you dont come around as often

[Comment From Wrestling partner]

Scott &/or Matt: Who would I be if you could chose ANYBODY?

Scott: If it were a non-wrestler, I would pick Bobby Brennan who played for Cincy…we used to talk about it back when we were playing

[Comment From Jon]

Scott…why did you let Maglorie do that to WoJo…you are a sick man…LOOK WHAT HE’S DOING TO HIM!

Scott: I am the one that pulled Jamal off of him….at the time I was upset with him but every time I watch now, I love it

[Comment From kywildcats7]

Scott, I have your KWO pic with Lex Luger and Wayne and Heshimu

Scott: The Kentucky World Order! I love that picture! His son came to Tubby’s camp

[Comment From Story]

Scott, I watched the Rockets comeback win over the Spurs a few years ago where McGrady went off in the last minute, but I know it was your steal and dunk that set the stage.

Scott: Tracy had 13 of the last 15 points and I had a steal and dunk at the end for the other two. Good memory!

[Comment From Big Love]

Scott, how was living and playing ball in Utah?

Scott: I got to learn under some of the best players playing with John and Karl and Jeff Hornacek. Also played with Danny Manning and Mark Jackson and a Hall of Fame Coach…..first two years when I wasnt playing I was miserable, last two years I was playing and I loved it. Playing time cures a lot of things

[Comment From I Hate Louisville]

Scott, what was your favorite memory during your UK vs ul games?

Scott: My favorite memory was 85-51 in 1986-1987 “the big Brother, Little Brother game”… a player, my first start ever was in Freedom Hall against Louisville

[Comment From Rick Pitino]

Scott: Do I still bleed blue?

Scott: No, Rick Pitino bleeds wherever he is at. He gives his heart to that program. I think he still thinks it is the best job he ever had but he is a Cardinal now.

Article written by Matt Jones

114 responses to “Live Blog Interview with Scott Padgett”

  1. tsevans28

    who thinks scott will be a good recruiter

  2. wildcatcorner

    I was at that Nitro event Scott was referring to. If I remember, Saul was with them. I believe he was the one holding the “Wojo fears the rings of Magloire” sign. I used to have that event recorded. I wish I could find it.

  3. Kige Ramsey

    Scott Rules

  4. soup

    Delk will be a great recruiter in my opinion.

  5. Old Henry Man

    I like that Delk and Padgett could learn for a year, and then be a assistant coach under Cal.
    I believe that both need to train, because coaching is different than playing.

  6. wildcatcorner

    My mistake. I thought Saul was there for some reason. I was looking at an old school site ( and found a report I sent in. It only said Scott and Cameron… so I’ll let you off the hook this time, Padgett.

  7. soup

    John Freakin Wall…

  8. AdolphCalipari

    I hope we get John Wall and even if we do there is no way he’ll ever be better than Saul Smith.

  9. kyfaninsc

    Matt have you read this good stuff seems a little cryptic in the last paragraph?

  10. Shaffer42

    Daniel Orton is the man!!! From the Triple H entrance to his solid performance, to his attitude he is the man!! He just said he thought he played okay, but could’ve played better, “you can always play better”. Really hope he stays committed!

  11. soup

    I think cryptic is the optimal word. Evidently Cal told Eaves something that he aint tellin many people to make him think sooner than later. That last paragraph is big news in the waiting.

  12. soup

    I agree that Orton is a man, but Wall is THE man. He can make a blind man see.

  13. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks


  14. soup

    Hopefully someone will be on here to chat about the game with. Damn, where did everyone go?

  15. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Ham sammiches are on sale down at the QuiK N SaV. Everybody’s down there, fillin their chops!

  16. soup

    Ham sammiches are pretty stout, but this game is gonna be off the mustard fo shizzle.

  17. Shaffer42

    Absolutely, Wall is the key to our success next year, but we need Orton because he can be a huge part of our success for years to come. Bring them all down and let’s restore UK to where we belong…AT THE TOP! GO BIG BLUE

  18. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks


    I coined it and if he comes to KY that’s my new name

  19. soup

    The only way this could be any better would be if BJ Carlisemo’s partner was Spree.

  20. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Michael Eades has the mic.. that’s nice. Familiar voice from Lexington news.

    I wonder if this international team can hang with WORLD WIDE WALL!

  21. soup

    Cousins is gonna take someone’s candy and kiss their mama.

  22. soup

    So the third guy is that Eaves Cat? He’s been getting some good stuff out there in Port.

  23. soup

    Demarcus Cousins, Big Dude, kicking ass.

  24. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    That Derby Festival was pretty boring IMO. Not sure if it was just me or the anticipation seeing Cousins play live with Wall for the first time had me slightly distracted.

    I guess the internet feed being all blurry and dark when expanded to full screen and the Freedom Hall red and black background made me want to puke.

  25. soup

    The Grecian dude had a FULL SET of poop toofs… WOW! Maybe Colgate should recruit him!!!

  26. mattcat68

    Fox sports here has the UK/Uga baseball game.

  27. soup

    24, I hear ya. It was rather boring.

  28. soup

    FSN Cincy

  29. soup


  30. soup


  31. Old Henry Man

    Wall has made 2 great plays

  32. soup

    Avery Bradley reminds me of Ray Allen back at UCONN

  33. soup

    Forget it. If we don’t get Wall, I will cry my eyes out.

  34. ukforever

    Fox Sports South just switched to the Nike Hoops Summit
    here in Eastern KY

  35. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    I’ve always wanted the best PG ever out of high school. Wall is that guy.

    I wanted Iverson back in the day. We didn’t get him since Georgetown had the in on him.

  36. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    I’d like to see this USA team play the regular USA team.

    Lebron and Kobe would dominate the 3’s and 4’s but it would be fun to watch.

  37. soup

    Man, Demarcus is mailing it in a little. Team USA has terrific guards.

  38. kyfaninsc

    Wall still not ready to cut his list to something reasonable at this stage of the game.

  39. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    John Olive has John Wall on the bench. What a douche.

  40. soup

    If I wasn’t mistaken, he did not say Duke in his list did he?

  41. Shaffer42

    He didn’t, but he was just listing some

  42. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Kansas, Kentucky was all I heard

  43. Shaffer42

    hahahaha, I’m reading so much into that. I was thinking okay, he’s not going to name his favorite first, but possibly the 2nd school.

  44. kyfaninsc

    He said Kansas, Kentucky, NC State, NC just to many to mention…

  45. ukforever

    Henry from downtown!

  46. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    ZahveeYEA! Henry has a nice soft stroke from long range.

  47. ukbasketball54
  48. conley12

    I’ve been trying to research former UK players to see whether they are playing or what kind of NBA career they had. Does anybody know a site that would be dedicated to former wildcats?

  49. soup

    He said Miami but not Duke though. If I was considering Duke, I’d definately mention them. Especially if I was a Duke lean. I heard no Duke, I hear no Baylor anymore. I did hear Kentucky. I like that. I like that a lot!

  50. soup

    Cousins to Wall for the slam!!!

  51. LigginsLovesSAT

    That was sick! Cal just creamed himself

  52. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks
  53. drew0422

    That was impressive.

  54. cobrecat


  55. Shaffer42

    Damn, I just got a stiffy….that could be us next year

  56. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    He had some float hangtime on that jam

  57. WildcatKyle

    This is much better game than the derby classic, even a bit of defense being played.

  58. dbc

    oh no you didn’t!

  59. soup

    Xavier is deadly. Man, if only somehow, someway, we could pull the Team USA trifecta.

  60. LigginsLovesSAT

    Just a wee bit better than the derby classic. Cool to see a UK kid on another Team USA.

  61. soup

    love john henson. springy player.

  62. VOL_FAN _N_KY

    Ok I am amazed with Wall. I just thought he was the best PG this year but this kid is a very special player. I must get for UK.

  63. VOL_FAN _N_KY

    A must get for UK not I. Hell I have no pull at UK. LOL

  64. Cawood2Cal

    As much as Wall can’t be stopped on those drives, he’s an absolute nightmare for the opposing pg. He plays hellish D and it’s his biggest strength. Reminds me of a better defensive, better driver, but not as good shooting Isaiah Thomas.

  65. catinlvl

    Okay, Matt J. needs to have a post that includes the correct pronunciation of Xavier’s. I just pronounced it like it was spelled, but you guys heard that bit about him being born in Belgium, and he pronounces
    it “X-o-veeyay”? Said he doesn’t bother correcting people, usually . . .

    You know, since we have a town called “VirSAYelles.”

  66. Cawood2Cal

    Think about Zav-ee-ay Henry….his list — KU, UK, Memphis….you figure he won’t choose Memphis again, he didn’t choose KU the first go-around why now? =>>> UK.

  67. Cawood2Cal

    I mean his mom and I believe dad played for KU. It looks like he planned to not follow them.

  68. ukwildcatwildfan

    Is it half time of the game? I just tuned in.

  69. Bone Flexor


  70. LigginsLovesSAT

    Well now we all know who Michael Eaves is or at least I do. Think he’s an alum too!

  71. Bone Flexor

    you’ve missed john wall… dude is amazing. WALL PLEASE COME TO UK!

  72. flipisatrip

    on TV throughout? channel?

  73. soup

    Mason Plumlee has yet to slap the floor on defense. Coach K can’t be pleased about this.

  74. flipisatrip

    70 he is alum

  75. soup

    What What Wall!

  76. kyfaninsc

    Henry is a dead eye shot!

  77. soup

    I freaking feel bad for Memphis. They had a national title calling their name for next year. Good God. These kids are dynamite. Wall and Henry are unreal. Never seen anything like Wall. Never.

  78. LigginsLovesSAT

    If Henry is a streaky shooter, well then I guess we’ll take him

  79. Bone Flexor

    Wall with the insane block and then the dunk a couple plays later… dude is sick

  80. LigginsLovesSAT

    soup>>>> thinking the same thing

  81. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    OK, After watching this through 3 periods, I want John wall even more.

    AND ZahveeYEA! Henry could beat Jodie Meeks in horse.

  82. Old_Pogue_Bourbon

    Wall is the best player in college right now!!!

  83. kyfaninsc

    Lets see what kind of magic Coach Cal pull off this late in the recruiting season

  84. Bone Flexor

    OMG!! The behind the back pass… i have a man-crush on wall now

  85. Old_Pogue_Bourbon

    If we get Wall we are a top 5 team. If we get Wall & Henry we’re national champions. These are two of the most impressive players I’ve ever watched.

    Cousins isn’t doing a lot.

  86. OneAndDone

    Wall just made the sickest Drive/behind the back pass I have ever seen. It WILL be on Sportscenter.

  87. LigginsLovesSAT

    Cousins looking rough against these ‘pros’ but Wall is in another league

  88. Shaffer42

    I hate that I’m so excited after seeing Wall and Henry, but slightly disappointed in the guy we have signed. He’s not competing or going for the ball!

  89. LigginsLovesSAT

    88. You sound like BCG in saying “competing” HAHA, I found myself starting to talk like that to my team too

  90. Bone Flexor

    Matt Jones is right. Wall really is a once-a-generation type player

  91. catinlvl

    Tim Floyd better be keeping Sydney away from McDonalds. That boy’s had too many Might Kids Meals.

  92. catinlvl

    Speaking of McDonald, nice dunk . . .

  93. Bone Flexor

    Too bad this game was in Portland. I would have liked to have seen a sea of blue there to support Cousins and to convince Wall and Henry to come to UK.

  94. ukwildcatwildfan

    Caliparication. Learn it. Love it.

    Thank you Ryan Parker!

  95. 4453bigcat

    He is something else!

  96. VOL_FAN _N_KY

    Wall or Rose: Who is better? I still think Rose but Wall is looking VERY good.

  97. OneAndDone

    94) Great post!

  98. mattcat68

    Has Cousins even played a full minute in the second half? WTF

  99. mattcat68

    Finally Cousins gets in.

  100. ukwildcatwildfan

    John Wall-player of the game, future Kentucky Wildcat

  101. mattcat68

    Lol! Cousins should have stayed on the bench, he’s looking rough.

  102. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    The US team was missing Daniel Orton. He’s better than Sidney.

  103. Wall2Cousins

    good lord,you people need to relax its a game that doesnt mean anything…I rather Cousins not get hurt then for someone like wall getting sent to the floor everytime and possible hurting himself.

  104. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    The refs are calling wacky fouls. and MultiUnas is a floppy Dukie.

  105. Wall2Cousins

    my name ROCKS!!!

  106. ukwildcatwildfan

    To bad we lost, but I found out tonight that John Wall is amazing, and he needs to come to Kentucky! And bring Xavier Henry with you!

  107. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Wall is faster than Rose, even Calipari was quoted as saying it.

    Can Wall shoot a jumper? That’s the question.
    As far as this game being a loss, I blame the US guards. They didn’t get the US bigs involved on offense as they should have.

    John Wall was the only one penetrating and dishing but Plumlee and Sidney were not up to calibur to the International bigs.

  108. gorbe ye abi

    seems to me that Scott said that Tubby won it with Ricks players. He just said it very respectfully.

    If Tubby had played those games with guys he had recruited and coached from day one. They would have never made it to the Final Four. Probably would have been beat by Duke.

    That’s the Tubby way. Almost…

  109. gorbe ye abi

    Tubby was the Killer Instinct Killer. His team only knew how to lose the BIG GAMES.

  110. SaveUK
  111. jauk11

    I have always had the impression that Anderson was cleared to play and could have played in 97, if he had played at all I think we would have won that overtime game, and I don’t think anyone will ever win three in a row since we missed that chance. I would like to get Scott’s (or someone else that was there) impression of the possibility that he could have played.

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    […] Jones has an interview with Scott […]

  113. bigpapijugg

    There is a Tennessee fan loose on this blog. This page has been tainted. I refuse to look at it any longer!

  114. GummyBear

    108.. you’re an idiot. You just hear what you want to hear.