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My lazy Tuesday News and Views


Sorry, Matt will not be joining you for the Tuesday notes and I’m in the rush to hit the sack and get some rest for my job interview tomorrow.  So, you’re getting a lazy edition of the Tuesday News and Views.  Sorry.  There is a lot of stuff on tonight’s Live Blog below including some John Wall notes from Bomani, Matt’s take on the roster situation, a picture of Matt trying to grind on Janet Reno and the details of Greg Oden’s doo doo drug test. 

Some quick UK notes….

As we all anxiously await any news regarding John Wall, Xavier Henry and Daniel Orton, it appears that the world will be waiting together until at least April 18 – the day of the Jordan Brand Classic.  All three of the players will be playing together on the home team in the all-star game at Madison Square Garden on Saturday and their college fates could be determined there or soon thereafter.   Here is what we know about each of them:

Xavier Henry – Henry told Adam Zagoria that he will be visiting Kentucky following the Jordan game and Zagoria believes that the longer the Henry recruitment lasts, the more it plays into Kentucky’s favor.  He wrote that if Henry continues to weigh his decision, Kansas could opt to take Lance Stephenson in Henry’s place, leaving Henry with UK.  Also, despite reporting a few weeks ago that Carl Henry believed it unlikely that both his sons would end up at UK, Zagoria writes that both brothers could end up at UK after all.

John Wall – It seems that with every passing day, the recruitment of John Wall gets a little more complicated.  After telling Matt almost two weeks ago that he planned to decide by April 18 and that he was considering Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, Baylor, NC State and Miami, Wall has now added North Carolina to that list after saying last week they weren’t recruiting him and has loosened up his commitment date to “before the signing period ends”. Wall told Michael Eaves that he is “definitely” still interested in UK and that the Derrick Rose factor and playing time have a lot to do with it, but he is not expected to visit Lexington again. However, Wall will be making a trip to Miami next weekend and he told Jeff Drummond that he will be trimming his list after that trip. 

Daniel Orton – As of this moment, Orton remains committed to UK, but it still remains to be seen what will happen following the commitment of DeMarcus Cousins and the “did he/didn’t he” reports of Orton asking to be released out of his LOI last week.  Orton seemed very gung-ho about the Cats at the beginning of the Derby City Festival, but I got about a million texts and phone calls all saying that his body language on game day indicated his interest in UK had waned.  Take that for what it’s worth.  But, Orton will certainly weigh his options – whether he asks out of his LOI or not – and it looks like he’ll be choosing between two schools that are going to be pretty heavy in the frontcourt.  Both UK and KU would certainly find a spot in the rotation for a player as talented as Orton as part of a very good freshman class, but it seems like the decisions of other players are starting to make his decision more complex as the days go on.  He has a tough decision ahead of him, but let’s hope he sticks with the Cats.

 – Speaking of Orton, both he and his Jordan Brand Classic opponent and fellow UK commitment DeMarcus Cousins got some love from Jerry Meyer of in his 2009 post player rankings. Cousins placed in every category and Orton was ranked as the #4 post defender in the class.

 – Last, but certainly not least, Coach Calipari will be making his way around the radio circuit this morning.  Here is where he is scheduled to appear:

10:20     Dan Patrick Show (CNNSI)
11:20      Tim Brando (Sporting News)
2:00       Mad Dog Radio (Sirus)

Stay tuned throughout the day for more here as we continue to bring you all the UK news in the most ridiculous manner possible.  See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner

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  1. ukwildcatwildfan


  2. Peter-Pan


    Longer we wait, better news we will get~!

  3. blizzard man

    Thomas, I make statues in your likeness out of my own stool, I am your biggest fan!

  4. SaveUK

    This is for the people who are on here a lot and know me – I got
    some stuff I will post on here later. I have to do some stuff real and
    then will be back on here to share.

  5. ukwildcatwildfan

    4) Will you be on tonight?

  6. GoCats2010

    KU stays intact

    4. you’ve been giving good info…don’t keep us waiting

  7. lextownboi

    cant wait saveuk. always love to hear your info

  8. SaveUK

    #5 Yeah I will be on later tonight, I am pretty sure. Actually if
    you know the story behind the information I get, I about to walk
    down to the person’s house to help him fix something.

    Anyone who might wait looking for me to mention names and details,
    then don’t stay up for my information. I don’t get that kind of information,

  9. Flag City Cat

    6. The news out of Kansan just keeps getting better. Self has “the best guard in the country”. Well, then we’ll just have to settle for Mr. John Wall.

    Best Settlement Ever

  10. votedmostlikelytokickurazz


    Please don’t post another link to the terrible song by Solzman.

  11. raisingkain8

    8. I’m not familiar with who you’re friends with, but i’ve come to notice the accuracy of things that you usually share on here. Your input’s always appreciated.

  12. yen

    who will we sign by Friday, besides Demarcus Cousins?

  13. IcemanG2

    SaveUK, am interested in hearing if UK still has “2 commitments” that cannot be disclosed yet.

  14. OneAndDone

    Konner Tucker found a home at Wake Forrest. Congrats and good luck, thanks for coming out.

  15. Moving4Ward

    SaveUK speaks the truth people. #8) You got an idea of about what time you will get back on here, est.?

  16. bleedingblue

    Konner who?

  17. Moving4Ward

    Lets play a game. What kind of job is Beisner interviewing for?

  18. bleedingblue

    4 Can’t wait. Love the tidbits.

  19. plinytheyounger

    I am interested to know what info you have to share SAVEUK.

  20. plinytheyounger

    Can you give us a hint before you release it as to who it pertains to.

  21. bleedingblue

    Anybody know when the practices are going to be held? Anybody heard anything yet on transfers that are unexpected? You besides Harrelson and Stewart.

  22. SaveUK

    #20 I don’t have any names, that is not the kind of info given to me.
    If that is what you are looking for I am the wrong person.

    Give me a sec to clean up and I will post what I know.

  23. TheBigBooyah

    In the meantime, click my name and vote on some UK stuff.

  24. SaveUK

    There is a player who really wants to transfer to Kentucky. All I know
    is this player would be of interest to UK fans but not the case with the
    staff. They might be interested but right now they are not until they
    see how things play out. The staff isn’t concerned about it because they
    can’t talk to players on other teams. This player would have to announce
    he is transfering before the staff will take it seriously. If the player
    did do that and how things shake out with the players we have, then the
    staff could be real interested. Right now they are not for obivious reasons.
    That player needs to make the first move.

  25. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    24) Sounds interesting.

  26. plinytheyounger

    24 – wow… not what i was expecting. That was about as vague and cryptic as you could get.

    With info that precise you should start your own horoscope business.

  27. GoCats2010

    26. except that is an actual lead and not just a shot in the dark

  28. raisingkain8

    24. usually i can make a solid guess, i’m stumped this time.

  29. SaveUK

    #26 I warned ahead of time that if your looking for names and stuff
    like that I am not of interest to you. I don’t get that kind of information.

    UK knows of 5 2009 players that will come to UK. 1 of those 5 the staff
    has told they will take. The offical announcment is being held to a later date.
    For what reason, I don’t know. The only think of is that there is still so
    much the staff doesn’t know how will it play out. It is a nice feeling knowing
    that whatever happens we will have players.

    The staff is also working on a player no one is talking about but a well
    known name.

  30. Moving4Ward

    Your boy, Malcolm White, is transferring from Ole Miss. Just throwing that out there. I haven’t heard of any mention of UK though.

  31. bleedingblue

    Scotty Hopson?

  32. ukwildcatwildfan

    24) Cole Aldrich! Haha, that would be awesome though.

  33. ukwildcatwildfan

    “The staff is also working on a player no one is talking about but a well
    known name.”

    Lance Stephenson? Just throwing out names but that would be nice.

  34. Moving4Ward

    #29) 1. Orton 2. Cousins 3. Hood. That leaves two more players. Now who could those two be, hmmmm?

  35. GtownCatFan

    Not knocking Save or his source, but I’m sure there are tons of current players on other teams who would love to transfer to UK right now. Think..any legit PG who’s sitting behind someone else could see the opportunity of a lifetime. Save might be right, but to get all excited about what very could be a common story is ridiculous.

  36. ukwildcatwildfan

    SaveUK, can I go to bed now or is there more?

  37. SaveUK

    #31 Pretty sure it isn’t Scotty Hopson. My friend knows I was a huge
    Hopson fan and has dropped his name to me. My friend doesn’t drop names
    unless he is messing me in a “inside” joke kind of way.

    #30 I haven’t heard that yet, thanks. I doubt UK would be interested
    in him but maybe they are. I really have no clue

  38. ukwildcatwildfan

    34) He said the staff will only take 1 of the 5, so I’m guessing they are uncommitted (i.e. not Orton, Hood and Cousins).

  39. ukwildcatwildfan

    I guess one of the players who would commit but the staff hasn’t accepted yet is Nolan Dennis, it’s nice to know that we have a player of his caliber as a backup plan, with BCG he would be the gem of the class.

  40. bleedingblue

    Malcolm White was recruited by Cal. White is from Memphis. Is he not?

  41. big_blue_aces

    Shelvin Mack?!?

  42. SaveUK

    #36 No more. I actually feel bad for some on here who were expecting
    a lot more. I am sorry if I was misleading in the type of information I get.
    My best friend is on the inside but he would never jepordize his job by
    dropping details and names to me. He knows me will enough to know I can’t
    get my mouth shut.

    The information I get is just on how things are progressing to some extent
    but that is it. I am real sorry if I was misleading to some about the information
    I get.

  43. ukwildcatwildfan

    I hadn’t thought of Shelvin Mack, but he seems possible.

  44. IcemanG2

    5 that want to come probably includes Dennis.

  45. hibachi

    maybe henry is who they have commited but arent saying anything because thet dont want to run orton off. And if henry is saying he will come they are working on another big man to fill the void orton would leave.

  46. seattleUKdiehard

    35) I’m with you completely.

  47. SaveUK

    #38 I didn’t say the staff would only take 1 of those 5. I meant to say
    that the staff has only told 1 of them that they are going to take them.
    They haven’t told the other 4 anything. Sorry if that was misleading.

  48. hibachi

    then you have to think dennis and bledsoe are two for sure that would come, but who would the other three be?

  49. pointblankporter


  50. raisingkain8

    42, nah you’re good man. i think people just assumed they’d hear more because of a couple of us saying how much we valued your info. no big deal, it’s still fun to hear it.

  51. seattleUKdiehard

    Save you should setup an FAQ lol. I’m laughing at how many times you have had to explain your story to someone who is reading your posts for the first time. I’m pretty sure I could respond for you at this point.

  52. SaveUK

    I forgot to add that the staff is also recruiting a few other players
    that they want but don’t know if they will committ to UK or not.

    That is probably why they are holding off on some of the players they know
    they can get.

  53. hibachi

    if calapari went to LA to see hill then you would have to think that is one for sure that would come if offered. I believe they have hill stashed away because of the possibility of orton leaving.

  54. Wall2Cousins

    Coach Cal must really “know” something about where Wall and Henry will be next year…cause you got two other players in Dennis and Bledsoe who would of committed with UK already!!

  55. SaveUK

    #50 LOL, then those people need to go to all the other UK message boards
    because they can also find someone with the “big time” inside sources LOL.

    I guess those people would rather me make things up and tell a “cool” inside
    source “rumor”. I guess I am just to straight forward and honest for those
    with a huge imagination.

  56. hibachi

    im with you #54

  57. Moving4Ward
    Have we offered Latavious Williams? Top twenty, 6’7 hybrid forward, 5* player that hates the rim. I got a feeling that he would fit in with whole grand scheme of things.

  58. SaveUK

    I really interested in the name Malcome White, now that someone
    has made a connection to a transfer and coach Cal. Kudos for making
    that connection. I didn’t know that stuff

  59. hibachi

    anyone heard about patterson?

  60. Wall2Cousins

    Well i do know we have Gilchrist in our hands for 2010~~!!

  61. Moving4Ward

    #54) I have been thinking the exact same thing. I didn’t know a lot about either Bledsoe or Dennis going into the DFC. I went to the game and came away extremely unimpressed with either. Than I went home and watched the Nike Hoop Summit. There is absolutely no comparison between Wall/Henry and Bledsoe/Dennis.

  62. Secretariat

    I’m wondering if the transfer could possibly be CJ Henry and the unreleased name is Xavier…or Xavier could be one they are still not certain of, and thus their disinterest in CJ. Getting CJ would sure be exciting to fans, as it would let us know we got Xavier. Just a thought…

  63. Moving4Ward

    58) You just gotta read the signs.

  64. SaveUK

    Here is my guess. These are just my guesses.

    The 4 the staff know will come to UK but they haven’t offered yet or
    excepted yet.

    I have no clue but I am thinking Hill

    The 1 they know and have told they will accept is Wall. That is probably
    more of a hope than a guess.

    They are holding up on the 4 they know they can get because they want Orton
    to stay and want Henry, which probably means CJ as well. That is just a guess.
    I have no information to back it up.

    Transfer? I have no clue but whoever said the name White has me interested
    in doing some research on that. Kudos to that person for bringing up White

    As for the player the staff is working to get but nobody is taking about
    them. I am guessing it is someone who is committed but didn’t sign a LOI.
    I have a guess but I don’t want to start rumors on a guess that could
    totally be off the wall

  65. Moving4Ward

    59) He’s pretty good. I’d like to see him at the pf. spot, and make a nice run in the tournament.

  66. Brick Tamland 2.0

    I feel like everytime Save gets on its like a late night drug deal. He comes in after everyone is gone, and gives us top secret info, but not enough to satisfy us, so we keep coming back, each story becoming even more vague than the last. We know each puzzle he throws at us will kill us tomorrow morning at school/work. So we try to fit the peices together to find out who this nameless person is he is mentioning, yet we continue to come back for more. Only difference, this isnt illegal, he’s doing it for free, and he is reliable as far as we know. Of course, he could also just be a person faking all this “insider” info, but I trust him. I look forward to his sercret posts.

  67. SaveUK

    Just my guess but I think Orton and Liggins are really making things
    hard on the staff right now. I think they pretty much know who they can
    get and want but Orton’s indecision is making things hard right now.

    I also think the staff pretty much knows who will be here next year and
    who will leave, from the current team. I think Liggins is the wildcard. I have
    heard strong rumors that he hasn’t been going to class and might not make
    the grades.

  68. raisingkain8

    64. I’m thinking along the same lines as you except I’m thinking that it’s Henry instead of Wall on the one that they will accept, and they’re holding out on that in an attempt to keep Orton. And I’m guessing that Wall is still up in the air and not included in that 5.

  69. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    SaveUK–I understood and follow what you are saying completely. I do however have a question. You may or may not know the answer since you don’t have a name.

    If the person “transfers” they would have to sit out a year so it had better be a pretty special player to take up a spot. If it someone (like Cousins or Hill) that only gave a verbal and is now backing out then that would make sense but not someone who is transferring in after playing elsewhere this season. I don’t see where they would help out our needs at this time when we could land a top 50 player that could contribute in 09′.


    Now i’ve heard that Henry and Orton didnt like each other, but does anybody know what actually happend between the two?


    69)If the transfer was an sec player, i believe they have to pay their way for the first year.

  72. Brick Tamland 2.0

    Personally, I’d take Xavier of Orton if thats what it all came down too. Pilgrim, Patterson and Cousins all have the big man spot locked down. Having a 3rd real shooter could helps us monumentally. But Daniel is good kid going through a rough time and an open recruitment is more stress. I feel bad for Daniel.

  73. Basteballer

    I think SaveUK is a windbag. He/she never says anything specific or provable and is no more than a clearinghouse for stuff you can read in a dozen other places.

  74. SaveUK

    #68 I am thinking Henry is one of those the staff wants but doesn’t
    know what they will do yet, yet it is putting the others they know they
    can get on the back burner. I would think Henry is the only one good enough
    to take that risk with by putting the others on the back burner.

    #69 I do know that a transfer would take up a scholorship spot the year they
    sit out. That is why I think my best friend said the staff really isn’t
    interested right now in that person with all the other players they are looking
    at. I could be wrong but my guess is that the player has to make the first move
    by announcing he is leaving his current school and then things would have
    to work out with the current team and recruits where a spot was open. Which I
    doubt that will be the case.

  75. Moving4Ward

    64) I think Wall is more of a lock than people(Bomani) think. Do we as fans, have any idea about the domino effect that will take place on future classes if we add Wall and Henry to this years class? Most, if not all, of the one-and-doners will see the opportunity that playing for Calipari will offer them. Calipari wants to put these kids into the NBA as quickly as possible. We will reload every year with the top talent. It’s just like SaveUK is saying. In the past we would have LOVED to get either Dennis or Bledsoe. Now we have the luxury to turn them away because they aren’t up to the talent level of the kids that we will be bringing in.

  76. raisingkain8

    74. that definitely makes sense. I would think that if it was Wall, then somebody would have leaked it somehow. a commitment that big couldn’t be kept under wraps.

  77. SaveUK

    My guess is that the staff won’t even considered the player wanting
    to transfer unless something opened up late. Example would be Liggins
    failing out of school.

  78. raisingkain8

    How huge would it be for us if they made it a 2 year rule instead of a 1 year rule?

  79. hibachi

    here is what i think. Wall wil be a cat. You cant look past what cal has done with rose and evans. cals system is perfect for wall and wall knows this is the place which will better prepare him for the NBA. when wall comes henry will come but with getting henry orton will say goodbye. Im not for sure on the player cal would get to replace orton but it will be a top recruit so i am not worried. cal has talked to wall and knows what he feels. he knows that if there was a good chance wall would not be a cat then he would be putting a little bit more pressure on bledsoe and the same with dennis. i believe when its all said and done we will be extremely happy with our team next year but orton wont be on it.

  80. bluewhite022

    i wonder how long nolan and bledsoe are willing to wait though? ..i could see nolan waiting it out a little longer but if certain recruits, maybe henry or wall, put this off for a couple more weeks, til late of signing period, it could end up hurting us

  81. raisingkain8

    77, By the way, you can’t tell us who your source is, can you?

  82. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    If anyone was on the Live Blog tonight, Bomani seemed pretty certain that Wall was going to UNC. He is meeting with Roy next week, it is his dream school and the point was brought up about his handlers not liking Roy. Bomani had spoken with Clifton and said that there is “nobody” recruiting Wall that he trusts and that it ultimately is John’s decision. He was pretty confident that Wall woud end up at UNC.

  83. SaveUK

    #73 I am sorry that is all the information I get. I get vague information
    and that is all I have to share. I wish I had details and names but I don’t.
    Would you like for me to make up some stuff and drop names, to make you feel
    better? They would be lies but I could do it, if that is what you want.

    I warned people what kind of information I have so I don’t know why anyone
    would be surprised why my information doesn’t have specifics. I tell you
    I don’t have specifics then you get mad when I don’t. Doesn’t make a whole
    lot of sense to me

  84. UKKILLA005

    hey SaveUK what about….Emmanuel Negedu

  85. bluewhite022

    82- you have to think though, matt pointed it out , is that the UNC fan in him talking? because he doesnt know anymore than what we have read..and us as uk fans are thinking wall is a lean to come all it is its just his opinion

  86. Brick Tamland 2.0

    Jai Lucas as the transfer? I kid, I kid.

  87. SaveUK

    #81 No not by name but he does work in the UK admin. He doesn’t tell
    me the information I wish I could share with you all. He is smarter than

    #80 you make great points. Isn’t Bledsoe having trouble making grades? If
    that is the case he might be availible throuhout the summer while he is
    trying to get his grades up.

  88. Moving4Ward

    79) I’m cool with that scenario.
    82) Bomani is also a UNC fan with a biased opinion. I HATE UNC.

  89. SaveUK

    #84 I have no clue, it could be anyone. Like someone already said, there
    are probably a bunch of players that would want to transfer to Kentucky now.
    Are they good enough? That is the question.

  90. Basteballer

    SaveUK: Mad? Why would anyone get “mad?” Just because you want to come on here and try make yourself look important? I think I’ll make up another screen name and start feeding that same nebulous bullshit. You think it will give me the same feeling of self-importance? Heck, I’ll even play it down with the “Gosh, I never said I had specifics” line. Lower the expectations but hint at knowledge. Easy formula. You are a god to the 14 yr old boys here.

  91. Brick Tamland 2.0

    SaveUK, who is your source? I’m not looking for a name, but how does he get inside info. just wondering what his connection with the program is. if you cant answer that, its understandable.

  92. Wall2Cousins

    I think Wall is a lock to come to UK…With Coach Cal system and the last two point guards he has coached going straight to the NBA Lottery….Wall is our guy…when Wall committs i think Xavier will follow!!

  93. Moving4Ward

    A lot of nationally recognized recruiting “experts”, and publications are stating that a Wall to UK possibility is a very distinct possibility. It just makes sense.

  94. raisingkain8

    90, you’re clueless. he has posted stuff before that had particular names, and then the next day when the info was made public, guess who was right? not you.

  95. SaveUK

    #90 LOL, what are you talking about? Why are you mad?

  96. Brick Tamland 2.0

    Hey Basteballer, do you like fishsticks?

  97. bluewhite022

    94- agree…most of the things he’s said have been good info, after the fact.. theres a lot of s-it out there..and if i think its bs i dont read it or care for you think SaveUK is fullof sh-t..then dont worry about it

  98. SaveUK

    #91 I don’t have a source. My best friend works in the UK admin in the AD

  99. bluewhite022

    i meant to agree with 94..but the rest was towards 90

  100. Moving4Ward

    90) If you want smoke and mirrors go to Trueblue or HOB and shut the fu<k up.

  101. Wall2Cousins

    not to mention Memphis was leading with Cal as coach now he comes to UK and is on TV more then any program in the NCAA and plays in front of 24,000 a night!!

  102. Brick Tamland 2.0

    98- Good enough for me. Also, how difficult can it be to find out if Liggins is going to class or not? Someone here has to be on campus, chances are they have a class with him or have a friend that has a clss with DeAndre. Just ask them if he is coming to class or not. Sounds easy enough.

  103. Moving4Ward

    96) HaHa!! Basteballer is a gay fish. You suck #90

  104. bluewhite022

    102, i dont know..but i can tell you who is going to class, have two with them tomorrow, our boy meeks..hopefully worried about his grades since hes planning on coming back..haha..i hope

  105. Wall2Cousins

    Oh and Coach Cal is gonna be on 3 different stations 2morrow…he has something big to announce??

  106. Moving4Ward
  107. Brick Tamland 2.0

    104-Who all do you have class with?

  108. bluewhite022

    105- something ‘big’ would be henry or Wall…i doubt it would happen tomorrow…the biggest it could be i think would be him announcing Padgett on staff..hasnt officially done it

  109. raisingkain8

    105. he cant talk about people who havent signed letters of intent, unfortunately.

  110. Wall2Cousins

    If I had one song to describe John Calipari and coaching it would be this song:

  111. bluewhite022

    107- this semester, just him

  112. CAnTuckeeBoi

    105.) Well it wont be about recruiting I can promise you that…..if he does then we will have much more important to worry about

  113. UKKILLA005

    i live outside memphis and have for my whole life (26 yrs) and i just remember hearing Emmanuel Negedu who goes to UT, at one point was a 5 star pf (6-7 225)and was considering Memphis until he chose UT..he is really good and had basically 0 PT last yr…thats the only name besides maybe Terrico White (who is really really good,goes to Ole miss) that wanted to go to memphis but choose somewhere else

  114. Brick Tamland 2.0

    111-Do college athelets usually have serious majors? I’ve noticed in the directory at home games that some of them have general studies, but a few of them actually are committed to a certain field. Any idea what Jodie is majoring in? You’d have to think that if he has a serious major, he’d want that degree as a back up plan in case his whole NBA thing doesnt work out, thus making it more likely he returns.

  115. SaveUK

    #113 I have guess who the “secret” player the staff is recruiting that
    is a well known name but not a name people are talking about is but
    I haven’t thought about Terrico White. You might be on to something there.
    Has he signed a LOI?

  116. bluewhite022

    114- i know its business, and im pretty sure its marketing

  117. raisingkain8

    115. yeah, he signed with Ole Miss.

  118. Secretariat

    I think Bastballer works is on Maggard’s staff and pissed that he keeps getting scooped not only by Matt, but now by his posters, too!

  119. dsolzman

    okay, seriously, why do i have to see my picture on here what seems like every month?

  120. Brick Tamland 2.0

    SaveUK, at Calipari’s presser, he said players from Memphis wanted to follow him to UK as transfers. Could it be one of them or are they not options. I do remember Cal told them to stay there at Memphis, but you gotta wonder.

  121. SaveUK

    #120 I have no clue. Your asking the wrong person if your looking
    for that kind of information.

  122. Wall2Cousins

    Why some of you asking SaveUK questions like this is his live blog or something??

  123. bconover

    what if the transfer was jai lucas?? he has already sat out his year and would be of interest to UK fans. likely too short for Cal’s offense, but a good PG, nonetheless.

  124. Wall2Cousins

    Ortons gonna stay Alrich is returning to KU..

  125. Brick Tamland 2.0

    123- He is at Texas, so it’s highly unlikely, if not impossible. Plus, if GJ Vilarino is to small to play the DDM, so is Lucas. Still would be a great story.

  126. SaveUK

    #122 Good question. I think some people think I have really juicy inside
    information, which I do not.

  127. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #126–Your right, you don’t. However, you are aware when something is going down. You are also aware the direction, just not the names. That is good enough for me (us) in the late night crowd. You and I figured out who the player was the other night (Solomon Hill)–so any info that can start the wheels are a turnin’ is fine with me. Keep getting every tidbit you can. There is enough of us that would be able to get pretty close if not dead on.

  128. Secretariat

    Is it safe to go to bed yet, or will I miss something?

  129. Wall2Cousins

    Good night all!!

  130. SaveUK

    #127 I have something for us to think about and see if we can figure it out.
    What if the player that UK is trying to get, who is a well known name, but
    nobody is talking about is no other than Sidney?

    Maybe that is why Hill committed to Arizona but then said he wasn’t committed.
    Maybe Calipari knows something new about Orton and might have room for
    Sidney and Hill. Maybe while he was in Cali he talked to Sidney

    That is just a wild guess but something to think about. The reason I mentioned
    Sidney is because he has never seemed solid with his decision to go to USC

  131. crazydave

    I haven’t been able to keep up with much of the other teams as much as normal, but who are some good players that that casual fan doesn’t know?

    Who is really good, but not good enough to make the jump this year, that would benefit from a sit out year and hten another….

  132. crazydave

    130) Isn’t USC being invesigated right now with the BUSH/Mayo deal. It might look fishy when Renardo drives up in his new 3 class to class.

  133. crazydave

    OBTW…I just pulled into DUBAI…no basketball, just cricket, soccer and rugby.

  134. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    You might be right and I thought the same thing the other night. Sidney was a kid that everyone wanted here at one time. Not sure if he would fit in. The “package deal” seems to be X, Wall and Cousins. If Orton were to leave and be replaced with Sidney and Hill–that would be a class of Hood, X, Wall, Cousins, Sidney and Hill. The only problem I have with that scenario is what to do at PG. Let’s say Liggins does not qualify. That means you are putting all your eggs in one basket. At least with Dennis, you would have someone that could fill the void (along with Galloway) in case of foul trouble or God forbid, injury. I would question that motive if that is the case and don’t believe Cal is looking that direction.

    If I had to guess, your buddy works in the “travel” department and is privy to the itenary of everyone. Either that or the PR person. Really doesn’t matter to me and I would actually prefer to not know.

  135. Moving4Ward

    130) Sidney hasn’t signed a LOI yet either. Very interesting. I do know that Gillispie was putting in a last minute pitch to Sidney a couple of months ago. So, there has been contact between UK and Sidney, it just happened under different coaching staffs. I don’t think that Coach Cal would recruit a committed player however. It’s unethical. Goodnight y’all, gotta get up in a couple of hours. GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. SaveUK

    Here is what I am thinking about right now.
    Carter – Cousins
    Porter – Hood

    and if Orton does back out

    That is 4 more rides:
    Wall – we know will get one if he wants to come
    Henry – same deal
    CJ – got to think if a spot is open that would be a selling point to get Xavier

    That leaves one spot

    Now what about
    Liggins – Does me make the grades to stay in school
    Patterson – does he go pro? Didn’t mention Meeks because I think he will be back.

    Now we are talking about 3 potential rides still being availble and a need
    for a big man and another wing player.

    and still 1 ride left – either Bledsoe or Dennis

    It is very possible we could end up having 7 09 players.

  137. SaveUK

    I am just thinking there is a good possibility that we lose Orton
    and Patterson. We will have a need for another big man and what better
    player to get than Sidney. If Hill really wants to come to Kentucky
    as bad as people are saying then maybe Calipari will take Hill in a
    package deal with Sidney.

  138. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #131–PP and Meeks. Actually there was a list posted this morning in a thread that had all of the NBA Draft breakdown of who is likely and who is unlikely to enter the draft. Some of them I had never heard of and others I was scratching my head. If PP goes, I will be shocked. There are a lot of players that will be eligable and is a crap shoot on his part. He would simply be drafted on his potential with a lot of work to do. He had his shot blocked a lot this year and at the next level, that means sitting on the bench unless you are with a Laker or Cavs team that has good spacing and gets up and down the floor. In the playoffs when things get more tight, PP could find himself on the bench for a few years. Good thing about going 17-21 in the draft is that the team you are on is just a few pieces away from being really good. Top 5 picks usually end up on bad teams that have to grow for a few years.

    I think what PP is considering is who might come out next year. It is possible that by coming back, he still may be a 17-21 range draft position. Tough call. Also, if he goes next year, he and Meeks both will be going along with Wall and whoever else.

  139. SaveUK

    #134 We have to remember that we dealing with the DDM offense now.
    So if we did lose Liggins and gained Wall, we might be set at the PG position.

    can all play the PG position in the DDM offense

  140. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    You might be right. Sidney had some issues at one point I thought but maybe not. Neither player has “signed” with anyone. At least I don’t think so. I am sure the rumblings are not good for USC. It was announced that the NCAA was going to combine the investigations of Mayo/Bush into one. You could see a reduction of scholarships throughout the entire athletic department.

    As for CJ–he is not an option for a scholarship. The kid is a walk on at Memphis and if the NCAA allows him to transfer without sitting out, he will be a walk on at Kansas or Kentucky. The New York Yankees are paying for his education so it makes no difference where he chooses to go.

    You have to think that if he is cleared to play that he would follow Cal to UK. He has a much stronger relationship with Cal than he does with Self.

  141. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    I like Hood but he would get eaten up at PG. He is long but slow. Imagine Hood trying to guard Devon Downey or Eric Bledsoe type. It would not be pretty.

  142. mattcat68

    Meyer listed Dennis as the best ball handler among the shooting guards.

  143. mattcat68

    Here’s what Meyer wrote about Dennis:

    “The buzz: At times more of a point guard than anything, Dennis has the potential to develop into the same type of player that Evan Turner has become at Ohio State.”

    So Dennis could at least be a secure backup option at PG, should he come.

  144. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    I agree. I thought Dennis was a lock to come to UK but apparently Cal is waiting to make adjustments to the roster before offering. That and waiting to see who is coming. As much as Dennis admires Cal, I believe it would be hard to tell the kid that he will not be coming to UK. What a roller coaster that would be for him. Going from the #1 recruiting class to being an outsider. I want Dennis at UK but not at the expense of losing Wall and Xavier. I think there will be room for him in the end. I have said before, he is a Jasper/Prince mixture with a bit more athleticism.

  145. mattcat68

    I can understand Orton’s hesitation. He did manage to establish a relationship with Bill Self during the recruiting process. Cal is basically a stranger to him. They have talked for what, an hour and a half? Orton has to feel comfortable about the coach he’s about to lay down 2-4 years for. It’s a huge decision. I don’t blame him for wanting to know where he’s going to fit in with Cal.

  146. crazydave

    One least I’ve missed…the ego factor. Once we get this big blue machine rolling again, how are all of these one and two year players egos going to fit in the lodge.

    Team chemistry: Will it be there? Will there be enough touches to go around?

    If we hot the lottery and get our best case scenario our depth is going to be off of the charts. At any one point in time…especially if PP and JM return…we will have nothing but four and five star talent on the floor at all times. There is nothing a Cat fan likes more than winning by 30-40!!

    Hell, Stevenson will be the fourth option in the post.

  147. mattcat68

    144) I totally agree with everything you’ve stated. I also think there will be room for Dennis in the end.

  148. bleedingblue

    I don’t think anybody commits until somebody transfers. Looks like we pushed somebody out.
    C.J. will not get a free ride from UK since the Yankees pay his tuition per his contract. CJ is a plus in the Henry stakes.
    We could have 4 more rides available if Orton decommits and Liggins doesn’t make the grades.

  149. crazydave

    BCG was a “defense” minded coach….Cal more of an offense oreineted coach. I remember one of the very few games i got to watch this year the announcers made comments of how tight the rims were.

    Does Cal loosen them up?

  150. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #150–With the athleticism on the team they will be a defensive team. Memphis was highly ranked defensive team this year. Many thought that their defense would carry them to the finals and that their offense may let them down if they had an “off” night. Because of his style, it is assumed that they do not play defense but that could not be further from the truth.

    #149–Your right. That plays right into the plans. Xavier is not visiting until next week and Wall is not visiting at all. He has already been to UK twice so he is going to see what other schools have to offer. I believe he is visiting Miami next week. By the time they are ready to make a decision, the defections will have already taken place.

  151. mattcat68

    Here’s my problem with Bomani’s Wall to UNC view. First, Lawson would need to declare for the draft. Wall would see limited playing time with Lawson still at UNC.

    Next, UNC already has a top 5 PG coming, Larry Drew. Wall would at least have to split time with Drew. I just can’t see that as an option unless both Lawson and Drew were to leave. UNC is a big pond but I’m not sure it’s big enough for three top 5 PGs.

    Now in contrast, look at UK’s situation. Wall would be the guy and Cal puts PGs on the fast track for the league.

  152. AwesomeUSA!

    Why John Wall shouldn’t go to Duke:

  153. Band Of BlueCats

    Ole Miss seems to have alot of bad luck…David Huertas quit school and went back to Puerto Rico to live.

  154. RuppsRingFinger

    You dumbasses!!!

    Don’t you get it?

    Saveuk IS Keyser Söze…I mean, Matt Jones.

  155. TheCaliparinator

    154>LOL. Yeah, its like he’s in the thread then “poof” he’s gone! Could this scenario be playing out: Coach is having two more tryouts, um, practices before the 15th cutoff. Could he already know who is going to get the ax, but for PR purposes giving them a “chance.” The players who want to come may have been told, “just wait till a spot opens up, for the integrity of the program.” Wednesday: last practice, Thursday: informs players they are not a fit, Friday: releases names of the dead men walking, Saturday: X and Wall, with two or three schollys being available, put on the UK hats on prime time national TV? I’m just saying, could happen. Then again, I never took much stock in Penthouse Forum either. Whatever the case, I can hear a swishing sound coming from the Wildcat Lodge when I walk by….rumor has it its the sound of Harrellson shakingin his jorts.

  156. Band Of BlueCats
  157. RuppsRingFinger


    This is my favorite line from that link.
    I thought I would wet myself…

    Greg Paulus: The Sack Lodge of college basketball.

  158. Beatle Bum

    I have seen more of Cousins than I have of Orton, but from what I have seen, I believe Orton starts over Cousins if Patterson returns.

  159. RuppsRingFinger

    (William Shatner voice)









  160. DevilDawg

    Sorry if this has been linked already but Coach Cal will be on the Dan Patrick Show at 10:20 this morning!!!

  161. DevilDawg

    More links of interest…
    CNNSI “Storylines for next season”….
    Cincy Enq. “We’ll miss Porter”…

  162. DevilDawg
  163. UKclam

    Here is why I think our chances on Wall are pretty good, and I’m surprised that I haven’t heard more people making this point: Calipari has already successfully recruited Wall once. Wall did not go to Memphis for the academics, the city, or the program’s history; he went to Memphis so Cal could prep him before he goes pro in one year. Nothing changes in that equation with Cal at UK, except that Wall would get even more exposure and better resources now. Of course, he can get the same exposure at at UNC, Duke, KU, etc., but he won’t have the coach who already successfully recruited him once this year. None of the other coaches in the mix are known like Cal is for his NBA pipeline.

    This doesn’t mean, of course, that Wall is a lock, but it does give me confidence that there is a good chance he will be at UK next year (and next year only). He already committed to Cal at a much lower-profile school, so it makes sense that Cal at UK would be more attractive that a non-Cal school.

  164. DevilDawg
  165. DevilDawg

    164 – He never committed to Memphis, only said they were his leader at one point…

  166. Remember &quot;The Member&quot;

    163: Wall has never been publicly committed, so I have no idea what you mean. He was said to have been a Memphis lean, but still. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

  167. Remember &quot;The Member&quot;

    165: I got owned.

  168. Morning Newspaper for April 14th, 2009 |

    […] another Calipari television appearance, this time on ESPNU, as well as making many radio appearances starting today.  Coach Gillispie and Coach Cal could not be further apart in this […]

  169. DevilDawg

    Cal is everywhere but I hope he’s got some “new” phrases, if I hear “Coming to KY was the easy part, leaving Memphis was what was hard..” again I’ll shoot myself, not really, I still LOVE IT!!!

  170. Band Of BlueCats

    Yeah he’ll be on ESPNU sometime today along with Tom Crean as part of a signing day special.

  171. Band Of BlueCats

    I meant tomorrow in #170.

  172. DevilDawg
    May not know anything but encouraging nonetheless…

  173. RuppsRingFinger

    Wall, Henry, and Cousins at UK makes us a shoe in for the final four.
    All 3 are one and done players.

    Dennis, Bledsoe, and Orton with Patterson and Meeks
    is still a pretty good set up and makes us legit FF
    contenders. All three of those guys will be here 3 or 4 years.

    I know it would be great to have Wall and possibly the best class ever recruited,
    but it would also be nice to have some solid long term players to build around.

    I know I am going to ragged on, but I think we go ahead and sign Eric and Nolan now.

  174. GeneralLee1138

    For those wondering about Liggins going to class, I know for a fact that he had to be dragged into his advisors office, by the guy that makes sure that the players go to class, on the very last day to sign up for classes. That does and doesn’t speak well with me. GOOD: It looks like he may be back next year. BAD: sounds like he doesn’t care and hes lazy.

  175. UKclam

    Gotcha: I assumed Wall was a verbal to Memphis before Cal left.

  176. BleedBlue33

    169, no I agree with you, start talking about the future coach cal!

  177. DevilDawg

    176 – He can’t comment on Wall or Henry but YES talk about the future!!!

  178. DevilDawg

    Has everyone gone back to work?
    Cal in about 10 minutes on Dan Patrick, scroll up for the link…

  179. repsol-69

    Cal is giving Patrick hell

  180. DevilDawg

    Great interview so far!

  181. OneAndDone

    (73,90)Basteballer, Why are your pannies in a wad? Who cares if SaveUK posts are vague? My advice to you is to take a few deep breaths, and not read anything he posts anymore…..geeez.

  182. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    What a great, great interview. man this guy could talk about the phone book and make it sound interesting. What a change from Gillispie. We have the best basketball mind and personalilty in College basketball. Damn I’m proud.

  183. ukclassof93

    Why does Bledsoe list Florida as his favorite when they have Boyton coming in?

  184. repsol-69

    it did sound like Cal needs a few days off…maybe getting a little cranky

  185. meeksppatshow

    Can someone tell me what Coach Cal said on the interview ? Quick recap, thanks in advance.

  186. Basteballer

    OneAndDone: The thing you can’t read in my posts is that I’m laughing when I’m typing this. I think it’s hilarious that this dude/dudette is dangling nothing out there and has people asking him/her questions like they have some kind of insight! SaveUK has offered NOTHING! And yet he/she has so many people begging for more! I think it’s hilarious!

  187. repsol-69

    if you have heard any of his other interviews, it was basically the same, just dan patrick was a little more abrasive than the other interviewers and Cal was a little more abrasive back…but, overall a very good showing. now to wait for the next on in 35 min.

  188. good ole Uk fan

    does anyone have the direct link to the 2nd interview?

  189. BankSchott

    My only question is why people feel the need to come on here and start nerd fights. Do any of us really expect to get wholly legit info here? We all know that what we read here, inside the post, is just a bunch of fans bouncing ideas/themes/hopes off the walls for discussion.

    The beauty of it is if you don’t like what you read, you can pretend to have never read it, ’cause only you know you were here.

    That is, until you start picking a nerd fight.

    And now, the Kettle will wait for the Pot….