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Patterson to put name in draft

According to Brett Dawson’s twitter account…brief story here.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

88 responses to “Patterson to put name in draft”

  1. catinlvl


  2. jaxcat07

    #1 = LAME

  3. plinytheyounger

    Foregone conclusion. Pat will be back next year.

  4. s9m3h74

    Not unexpected but still a bummer. Hopefully it is more of an evaluation similar to Meeks.

  5. meeksppatshow

    catinlvl must have no f’n life.. he’s usually lurking to be #1.. what a tool

  6. RamonPorter

    I think Pat should skip it…TD and Scott P. can let him know what the workouts for teams are like etc. without actually going thru the motions to try out without an agent.

  7. Jonah Hex

    Yeah, this is sort like when you tell your new girlfriend that is alright to have a girls night out. You want to trust the situation but it still makes you nervous.

  8. OneAndDone

    4) Is Meeks definately an evaluation? Who’s to say he won’t pull the trigger??

  9. Band Of BlueCats

    Cal is tellin him to test and it’s a good move…I think he’ll return though.

  10. Jonah Hex

    I agree #8. Perhaps its good they are still practicing with the team but we should all be nervous. We cant count on these new guys coming when they havent said if they are. We need to keep the great current guys we have.

  11. TheEasternKentuckyHeartbreaker

    Jonah Hex 7 .. that is a great analogy. I have been there before ha

  12. RuppsRingFinger


    He would be silly to not test it, but would also
    be silly to not come back.

    He can be a top 5 pick next year if he comes back and works hard.

  13. 7isntenuf

    It’s the consensus of most of the Guru’s tha Jodie isn’t quite ready yet. I think he is going to learn what he needs to improve on specifically to guarantee him a draft next year.
    Ppat will probably be p/u this year though. And Jonah’s analogy is exactly how I feel.

  14. cardhatinsob

    cal on espnu, selling the program and the ddo. He is the man!!!

  15. Jonah Hex

    If nothing else, Patterson and Meeks understand what it means to wear a Kentucky jersey. I try not to get all wrapped up in that but I believe it to be true with those guys. It can only help having them around one more year to bridge the gap with the next gen that Cal IS bringing in.

    And dont lie, when you new GF went out on the girls night out….you called your backup plan just to make sure she was still in the bullpen. 🙂

  16. cityoflights

    oh well, not sure PPat was going to start next year anyway

  17. catinlvl

    5 – yeah, that’s me. A complete tool.

    I think you’re secretly just jealous at my mad skills, though. And for a 30-something to use the term “mad skills” takes up my cool factor, also.

  18. RuppsRingFinger

    Jonah, you are all over this, man.

    You are supposed to “accidentally” show up at the same club.

  19. MEWH

    Meeks needs a better handle, Pat needs to show he can play facing the basket. Neither would be great defensively coming out now.

  20. Band Of BlueCats

    18- good stuff. lol

  21. Pablo

    I understand you can only test the waters once. Call me crazy but Patrick might have been early on the move. He might be a big man, but unless he develops into a player who can create a shot, not just a pure post up player who dunks a lot. He will be back.

  22. Band Of BlueCats

    Cousins mother signed her part of the Letter of intent and it’s on it’s way to DeMarcus in NYC for him to sign and then it will be sent to UK. Welcome DeMarcus!

  23. Jonah Hex

    Well the problem with showing up is that she might think youre stalking her and you need to seem comfident and cool with this “freedom” she has. So while accidentally showing up might be a good route to take, I prefer the backup plan (girl) and staring at the clock. Then once she comes back you act like you were busy the whole time and didnt think about it.

  24. catfanjohn

    We knew this was coming so its no surprise.
    I think Patrick will be back next season.

  25. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #21–I was going to post the same thing. Jody is in a good situation because he is a Junior and will have no choice but to put his name in the hat next year. As for PP, he is a Soph, so let’s say that next year there are a ton of players that blow up and enter the draft. PP’s draft position may be the same as it is today. He will not be able to test the waters next year and will be forced to enter or return without being able to work out. Hope it works out for the kid but IMO, he is not ready just yet. It is shocking to think how good he is and still may be in the 15-20 range on draft day.

  26. seattleUKdiehard

    22 – do you have a link to this?

  27. Jonah Hex

    Back to the actual topic, I agree. He needs to be able to play a whole season facing the basket, which he hasnt done at all. Which is why he would benefit from coming back. Having said that, he is also the type of guy an NBA team will say we can coach him on that and take the chance (because it isnt much of a chance).

    So, back to being nervous about the situation.

  28. Cats Fan CWR

    16 – surely you’re joking? He’s one of the best big men in UK history and has two years experience on Orton and Cousins. He’s set for an All-American caliber year if he returns.

  29. Thaxonator

    I hope whenever he goes pro, he makes it big. If there is one guy who deserves its him

  30. Mr.knowitall

    he’s gone

  31. meeksppatshow

    Kentucky will be ok but this is the BIGGEST LOSS we could see, well besides BCG… LMAO

  32. rabidcat

    Patterson would go much, much higher than Meeks, but he is not ready. I think he will be back.

  33. Band Of BlueCats

    Here is a funny video of Orton and Henry together…maybe they can co-exist. lol

  34. RuppsRingFinger

    31 disagree

    We have 4 other post players on board.
    If we lose Jodie and do not sign a perimeter shooter
    THAT would be the biggest loss we could sustain.

  35. SlickRick48

    Can we live blog the Hurricanes/Devils game tonight?

  36. CAnTuckeeBoi

    18.) 23.) Your on the right path, its when she says she is going out with the girls you come back with, thats cool, “I think some of the guys were going out so I’ll just meet up with them.” Then you barhop til you find her (in lex thats not hard) and thats when you say, “Ohh i didnt think we would see you here, we’ll find somewhere else.” and hope she will say, “Noooooo, stay and party with us!” If not then you got a worse problem……

  37. SaveUK

    #31 1st – I bet Patterson returns. 2nd – how is this the biggest loss
    we could see? In the DDMO there is only 1 big man on the floor. Lossing
    Patterson would suck but I feel pretty comfortable with Cousins, Orton,
    and Pilgrim. 3rd- the biggest loss would either be a) lossing Meeks or b)
    NOT GETTING Wall or Bledsoe.

    as far as our front court goes, having Patterson would be freakin awesome
    but not having him, we still have one of the best frong courts in college basketball.
    Cousins, Orton, and Pilgrim and in the DDMO you only need to play one of them at
    a time. That is still a great rotation

  38. RuppsRingFinger

    Great video.
    Orton seems like a kid who would be a DREAM to parent or coach.
    I love the contrast of the two guys.
    X has a great deal of swag and personality.
    I would love to have both young men.

  39. CAnTuckeeBoi

    18.) 23.) Ohhhhh and most importantly, ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS impress the D.U.F.F. if you can do that it doesn’t matter if you you fart in front of her on the first date…. your a shoe in……

    If you dont know what a D.U.F.F. is you should, but think about it for a sec. it will come to you!!!!

  40. wildcatmatt

    18, 23, 36))) What is wrong with you all? If she says she’s “going out with the girls” You tell her to bust her ass. Then, you call a guys night out and hit all the bars. If you see her, you run away to another bar. Preferably, you leave town all together to make sure it don’t happen…….WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO PARTY WITH YOUR GF?????? YOU PARTY WITH STRIPPERS, AND SLEEP WITH YOUR GF!!!!!!!!!

  41. RuppsRingFinger

    39 i must be old.
    What is a D.U.F.F?

  42. Dark Helmet

    33) That was a good find. Orton has that hilarious rip on you – sarcastic – laugh but don’t laugh humor. That’s a good brand of humor.

  43. wildcatmatt

    I should go back in college, let all you punks know how to do it. My 6 years for a bachelors wasn’t enough.

  44. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    Smart move Pat, just test the waters and get some feedback. You still going to run this town no matter who commits next year, this your team!

  45. Dark Helmet

    18) Girls night = guys night & Guys night = randoms and all things you missed about guys night when they used to be regular nights

  46. GummyBear

    40.. THANK YOU.. I was going to say the same thing. Most of these (guys?) need to man up (I’m looking at you Jonah Hex).

  47. Remember "The Member"

    D.U.F.F. = Dog ugly fat f*ck?

    I’m assuming it’s the ugly friend. Most chicks have them.

  48. Remember "The Member"

    Hell, I party with my woman all the time. Why do I need a damn stripper whne she will do it for me for free?

  49. RamonPorter

    Should I get my son the Schutt Ion 4D or the Riddell Revolution Speed helmet? I need some help here…

  50. Remember "The Member"


  51. GummyBear

    48… That’s not the point, the point is when you’re girl wants a girl’s night, you welcome it and don’t sit around w your thumb
    up your ass watching the clock, waiting for her to get home. Nor do you try to stalk the girls. You enjoy the time off, have some beers with your buds, watch a sporting event in peace, and maybe even get in a “house to yourself” jerk.

  52. SaveUK
  53. bigpapijugg

    40. call me crazy but i party with my gf…..but sleep with strippers, my bad, i got it backwards

  54. CAnTuckeeBoi

    41.) 47.) It is the Designated Ugly Fat Friend…… all girl groups have them (some more than others).

    40.) 46.) Naaaaa not for me man, not if you like your girl anyways…… Plus he said new girl… not your wife.

    48.) Thats more like it……

  55. bigpapijugg

    SaveUK, i used to like you. But your links are always that rank’em shit and it gets old. i actually thought ur info was legit but when you put these old links it angers me.

  56. CAnTuckeeBoi

    51.) hahahah nice touch at the end …. but when its a new girl you cant tell me your all giddy when she goes out on the town with “the girls”. Now if my wife was to say that, then I would tell he to pick up a 12 pack on her way home, and to puke before she gets in the house!!!

  57. chaddaman

    43- that is funny, i heard a comedy bit about guys like u that think they could haul tons of a$$ since they graduated and know how women work now. here’s to u being settled on by some girl that was at the end of her prime and had to find someone quick. lol. i bet u tell kids all the time about how much u got in school as u got older.

  58. Burly

    LOL at Patterson who couldn’t make a contested layup the last half of the season. NBA drafts on potential and I guess they look at his body and athleticism.

    If he goes 1st round I guess he goes. I don’t like his game in the NBA.

  59. wildcatmatt

    57) It really is funny…. I’m now at the ripe old age of 27…I’m sure with my good paying job, nice car, and home (complete with a mortgage), I’d really have trouble landing a drunk Chi-Omega at Two Keys. Sure, I’m getting a bit older, and still out of that general age demographic….but trust me, I’d have no trouble getting laid (if I wasn’t married that is)…..

  60. bluetexan

    #38: Watched Orton play for three years…he’s a real catch for us…good student, strong family values, VERY hard worker (after serious knee surgery – has worked hard in rehab) and is a fine young man. We’re lucky to have him wear the Blue!

  61. wildcatmatt

    56) Glad you’re seeing what it’s like to be married…..stay single (GF DOESN’T COUNT, UNLESS YOUR A PUSS)…and in college forever. Good luck!

  62. bigpapijugg

    anyone heard anything from the signing day show?

  63. Remember "The Member"

    51: “…and maybe even get in a “house to yourself” jerk.”


  64. wildcatmatt

    63) They are truly much better than the “wife in the next room” jerk. Hard to stretch out properly on the toilet.

  65. KYERIC

    33. Thanks for the post, but I think this video actually shows very clearly how much they DO NOT like each other. Orton occasionally looks like he wants to smack X on the back of the head.

    Whatever. Let’s get both of those trap starz!

  66. chaddaman

    59- y would any bad ass bachelor get married already when he was pulling in so many girls. a 92 honda civic isnt that nice a car. a 2 bedroom house close to campus isnt that nice, 10 dollars an hour isnt that good paying of a job, and knocking up passed out girls doesnt count. lol jk.

  67. Cawood2Cal

    John Wall interview was taped before the straight to NBA talk…..

    – he’s in the process of narrowing down
    – no “top” teams
    – Espn then lobbied for N. Car. and brought up Ty Lawson leaving… Wall – I haven’t talked to Roy W. lately
    – Espn…Cal to UK? Wall – opened up a lot…Memphis was fav…reconsidering them all a lot
    – wants a NC next year

  68. dmw8067

    62, YES, PP has declared for the draft

  69. bigpapijugg

    signing day, meaning people signing to colleges. i know patrick is leaving. did anyone sign on the show?

  70. Iceman

    I really wished this wasn’t going to happen. It’s going to take a miracle for us to get him back. I really think he’s a lottery pick and some have him as high as 13. With a great workout he could potentially move that up to 10th. 🙁 A very sad day for UK.

  71. Cawood2Cal

    It says Orton has signed…Is this news?

  72. Moving4Ward

    62) Wall was just on the ESPNU signing day show. He did a good job of not really leaking out any information. The suit on T.V. was trying to steer him towards dUKe/UNC, but he just said that he would wait until after his visit to Miami to make a decision.

  73. bigpapijugg

    im not thinking he is lottery type. but if he did have a GREAT workout he might get a mid 1st round consideration

  74. bigpapijugg

    orton has been signed, question is, will he opt out

  75. Cawood2Cal

    Henson is Perry Stevenson with a bad case of the anorexic….And Orton has signed with UK!

  76. scfcats

    72 – How pissed would everyone be if he signed Miami or Baylor?! Ha!

  77. scfcats

    75 – Pretty sure Orton signed his LOI back in the fall. I think the real speculation is if he will back out of it.

  78. Cawood2Cal

    I just like how it read traveling across the screen.

  79. cat1

    40 maybe the best post ever on this site.

  80. Jonah Hex

    some of you take yourselves way too seriously.
    I was just trying to inject some humor into the subject.

  81. cat1

    Henry sounds like a tool.


    65. You are so right. I was wondering whether someone actually picked up on the tension between the two. I am not saying that it wouldn’t be worth it to have them both and try to make it work. Part of coaching is the psychological aspect that coaches have in creating team chemistry, keeping egoes in check, etc. (see Phil Jackson–he’s pretty good at it–Rodman, Kobe and Shaq, etc.). But this video seems to confirm the claims that the two, on some level or anotther, are not too fond of each other. Not sure why. But seems that way.

  83. Moving4Ward

    81) You are a tool. Henry’s like 17 in that video and would crush you.

  84. chaddaman

    82- whatttttttt??? i’m no psychologist but they looked like they liked each other and if they didnt y would they agree to an interview at the same time.

  85. Patterson to put name in draft |

    […] Patterson to put name in draft […]

  86. TayPrinceJr.

    was it me or did I hear Cal say that Ppat hadn’t put his name in yet?

  87. payne

    Let’s just assume for a minute that he actually goes pro. Is he the greatest UK player to never have played in an NCAA tournament game? I obviously am not the best UK historian, but it seems like he has to be somewhere in the conversation.


    84. I am not saying they are mortal enemies. But there was clearly some tension there. When Orton cracked that joke about Henry’s team not making it so far in a tournament (it was something along those lines), it didn’t seem as much like good-natured teasing as is usually the case when you see such jokes. I am not a psychologist either but am pretty good at reading people, etc. and in my HUMBLE opinion, there is something between the two. I am not saying they cannot co-exist, it might even be good. They might end up pushing each other to be better than the other. I can understand if some didn’t see that in the interview. Just the way I intepreted the exchange. As to why would they do an interview together. Think about it. You’re a high school stud and the media wants to interview you…I don’t think I need to expound on that further. Shit I hope I’m wrong and we’re all a happy family next year with Pat, Jodie, Henry, Orton, Cousins, etc. etc.