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Could This be the Weekend for Xavier?


Smooth shooting Xavier Henry is playing in the Jordan game this weekend and speculation is that he may make a decision before the weekend is over. Jerry Meyer of says that all signs point to Xavier coming to UK and his family has suggested that the decision should be made very soon. Originally there had been some talk that he might make a visit after the game, but that looks to have been postponed. Either way, his whole family will be together beginning tonight and the fact that an announcement might pop, maybe even during the telecast, means that this weekend could be very newsworthy.

I personally cant wait….and I think this weekend will be very interesting indeed. You can get up to the minute updates, even if you are Keeneland, if you sign up for our Twitter account below and allow updates sent via text:

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Article written by Matt Jones

146 responses to “Could This be the Weekend for Xavier?”

  1. demoCrAT

    we can only hope so

  2. SaveUK

    I been trying to tell everyone not to worry about Wall or Henry, just
    let it play itself out. Relax guys, we have the perfect circle: The School,
    The Coach, The Sponsorship, and the right connections.

    I think Matt Jones is thinking like I am. If Henry wanted to go to KU,
    there should been nothing holding him back from already doing it.

    Oh, and don’t worry about Wall

  3. Cal's Cats


  4. gmo

    F’in A.

  5. gmo

    I’d love to have Wall, but he’s 1 and done. I’d rather not have to replace Meeks, PPat, Wall, and maybe Cousins next year. I think Galloway and Liggins will fit great into this system if we don’t get Wall.

  6. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    Wow, how big would this be. Cal said yesterday that he would like to bring in 3 or 4 more recruits, If Wall and the Henry boys are 3 of them, this will be the best recruiting class that I czn ever recall.

  7. gmo

    With two wing shooters like Meeks and Henry/Hood, the point guard doesn’t have to be a great shooter. Just distribute.

  8. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    If Wall doesn’t come at all, you’d have to replace him anyway next year(that sounds weird, but true)

  9. meeksppatshow

    Why are we making comments about not getting Wall ? He is COMING !!!

  10. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Xavier says, “I’ll come to Kentucky, but please don’t make me wear a headband Matt, you sellout.”

  11. Old Henry Man

    #7, That is why I believe that Liggins could do the job if Wall does not come.
    This class could be better than: Flynn, Conner, Grevy and Guyette, sorry about the spelling, and were all of the previous named players Mr. Basketball in their state.
    Flynn Indiana
    Conner Kentucky
    Grevy Ohio
    Guyette Illionis

  12. FrostyTips

    I sure hope he does come to UK. That would really make my weekend.

  13. gmo

    The only reason I’d like to get Wall is so Duke or Florida doesn’t!

  14. Old Henry Man

    #12, It would make my Derby

  15. SeoulCat

    Can you imagine this starting lineup/seven man rotation?

    C–Cousins or Orton
    SF-Miller or X.Henry

  16. gmo

    Henry is the best shooter I’ve seen in a lot of years. Love to see the lefties shoot it.

  17. Old Henry Man

    I do believe that PPat is gone, but Cousins, Prigram and Orton will hold down the 4 & 5 spots

  18. SaveUK

    #5 that doesn’t make sense. Wall could mean the difference between a
    final four and an early exit from the tournament. Not only do we need
    Wall we really need Bledsoe as well. We have to get some PGs.

    #8 Makes a good point

    and my other point would be if Calipari does get Wall he is a lottery
    pick a year from now. Rose, Evans, and Wall. What makes you think that
    Calipari won’t have his pick of an elite PG from there on out?

    Yeah we could be in rebuilding mold after next season but in the long
    run sending Patterson, Cousisns, Henry, and Wall to the NBA, then sending
    Orton and Pilgrim the year after – Calipari will have not only guards begging
    to play for him but elite big men as well.

    Adding Wall and Henry is worth rebuilding the season after next. Plus we
    would be quote “rebuilding” with Miller becoming a junior, Hood a soph, Orton
    a soph, Pilgrim a senior, and Liggins a junior. You add Ferguson, Brandon Knight,
    and another elite player – AND YOU ARE NOT REBUILDING – JUST RELOADING

  19. UKKILLA005

    galloway and liggins are u kidding??? did u not watch any games last year?? Calipari is gonna get a point guard and a great/good one at that…this isnt and dones is just how it is these days and u can thank the nba for that..but what some of yall dont understand is that if we have 4 one and dones this year calipari will replace those 4 for 4 more one and dones the next year..just boggles my mind how some of yall think

  20. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Liggins will be ready to start at PG once Wall is ready for the NBA. Wall has been quoted as saying that he wants to go to college for the 1 or 2 years it takes to get his game right.

    Who knows what he thinks he needs to work on. Maybe he wants to improve his jumpshot.

    Maybe he wants to be able to do a between the legs bounce alley oop from his right hand to help balance out his game.

    But, once Wall is on the NBA train, Liggins will be ready. If Wall choses to take 2 years in college Liggins could even red shirt a year (to get grades right) leaving him still a Junior when Wall leaves.

    Liggins could learn a ton from Wall.

  21. A-to-the-Z

    I’d feel uneasy if Xavier was making the decision this week. I’d rather have him schedule the visit and commit while on campus. It would be quite a leap of faith to commit without ever visiting UK.

    (John Wall and Cousins both have visited UK b/c BCG was chasing them).

  22. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    You people not caring if we get Wall or not are drunk. If you are hung up on the “one and done” thing, get over it, cause it will be a way of life going forward. Wall is the single biggest impact player that has come along in years. We are no longer in a postion to be held hostage by one single recruit, and we will be fine even if he doesn’t come. But for those that are blowing this kid off, step away from the bong.

  23. UKKILLA005

    plus if wall comes here for a year liggins will become alot better player because going against him in practice everyday

  24. SaveUK

    Liggins is a 3 in Cal’s system not a PG. Liggins and Galloway could
    play the PG in Cal’s system if that were the only options but Cal wants
    Elite Level PGs running his show.

    Wall, even without the experience, might still be the best PG in the nation
    next year. Guys, he is really that good

  25. HanOfTheBluegrass

    5) Unless there’s a ridiculous change in roster before next season, we’re going to have huge turnover at the end of the year.

    If they return, Pat and Jodie will both go to the NBA (both graduating). Stevenson, Harris, Galloway and Pilgrim (if all on roster) will graduate.

    Cousins may be hoping to be 1 and done. Wall and Henry likely hope to be 1 and done.

    I don’t think Miller or Liggins will explode to NBA level, but that was Liggins’ original hope, I think.

    The only people I’m fairly certain would be back would be Hood and probably Orton (seems more of a 3-4 year player). If Harrelson and Stewart are still on the roster, they’ll be back (having them likely precludes Wall and Henry, or Bledsoe and Dennis, etc).

    That’s upwards of 7-8-9 players will leave next year. Fact is, Calipari needs to recruit a massive class (including transfers, potentially) to replace everyone who’s leaving next year. (Whether or not he gets the players he hopes to still get.)

  26. UKKILLA005 exactly right..wall is the best point guard i have ever seen in college and ur ABSOLUTELY INSANE if u dont care if he comes or not

  27. BigCatDaddy4263

    Don’t forget the kid in Memphis, Joe Jackson, there’s a good chance that he stays in Memphis, but if Coach has sent the last three PG that he has coached as the number one pick in the draft, ANY and ALL PG will be wanting to come to play for Coach… Hearing Coach talk on his call in show, I honestly believe that he knows that he’s getting both Henry’s and Wall and that both Meeks and Patterson is coming back, because he kept talking about “Special Year” next year….

  28. SaveUK

    #23 Well said

    I want to add more about Liggins. Liggins is not a smart player and
    you have to be smart, instinctivly smart. What did you all see from
    Liggins that makes you think he is that player. Wall is that kind of
    player, even without college experience.

    If you don’t want Wall because he is one and done, then you don’t like
    Calipari because he will recruit many one and dones. If you don’t like
    Calipari then you must not like winning.

    I on the other hand – LOVE WINNING!

  29. HanOfTheBluegrass

    Wait, is Pilgrim a Jr or Senior next year? I originally thought he was same year as Pat, but I thought he has already played 2 years and has now sat out his third?

  30. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #24 – SaveUK – If we get Wall, who do you think Cal has as the opposing PG in practice?

    From this roster, I say Liggins.

  31. Band Of BlueCats

    I read somewhere that Florida was an unlikely destination for Wall…and whoever said on here that Wall was just teasing Billy D. may be right. lol

  32. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    Word #18-You hit the nail on the head brother. I honestly think it will take a while before some of our own learn how to WIN again. You made 2 great points. One being the difference between rebuilding and reloading(which you can do now that you have pipeline of super talent wanting to play for you, and second and probably the most important, The Point Guard Situation. We get Wall and he shines, which he will do, we will get to choose from every top point guard prospect in the country.

  33. BigCatDaddy4263

    Guys don’t forget, CJ Henry can play PG and knows Coach’s system already, plus he will not be using up a scholly

  34. SaveUK

    And who is to say Wall is for sure one and done? Yeah, I think he
    will be but Willie Warren was Mr. One and Done – Where will he be
    playing next year? Oh, in college.

    Tyreke Evans was also another Mr. One and Done. He is going to be just
    that but he has stated that he was leaning towards staying another year
    if Calipari hadn’t left.

    Next years draft is going to be loaded with RARE Big Men that NBA teams
    worship and there isn’t enough of. It is possible that Wall could stay
    another year if it meant he be the #1 pick

  35. BigCatDaddy4263

    I cannot see Wall going to Florida with them already signing Boynton and possibly Calathes coming back, but hell, everyone on Florida’s team is jumping ship, bet Old Billy boy wishes he had taken the job now, but thank God he thinks he’s too good for UK

  36. SaveUK

    #30 No I don’t think so. So that makes you right, it will have to be
    Liggins. Liggins will be the PG if we don’t get Wall or Bledsoe.

    I am just saying that in Cal’s system, Cal rather have other PG options
    and move Liggins to a wing spot

    But as of right now I agree that Liggins is the PG but that will change

  37. ConverseDenimJerseys

    25 – I thought Pilgrim has 2 seasons left. If Meeks comes back, will Henry honestly be a 1 & done? Harrelson and Stewart will not be on the roster. Miller, Hood, Orton, Pilgrim, Fergie, Liggins, and hopefully Knight will be the top 7 man rotation for 2010.

  38. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #33 – BigCatDaddy4263 – Good point. CJ Henry is the big question as far as PG future.

    I still think Liggins has a chance backing up Wall next season. Many people think of Liggins as the player he became under BCG. That was a kid pissed off at a coach who he felt was holding him back.

    Cal doesn’t hold players back so I see Liggins being a totally different player (the unselfish one coaches awed about in high school). He’s got a lot of work to do a lot of growing up to do but I feel we haven’t seen but 10% of his capability.

  39. calipeari

    I don’t understand why Bledsoe would rather go to florida and play behind Boynton rather than go to UK and potentially play behind Wall OR be the starter next year, doesn’t make any sense.

  40. nessa5555

    If Xavier makes a decision without visting UK doesnt that mean he is going to Kansas.

  41. ConverseDenimJerseys

    #39 – It’s called EGO and EXPOSURE

  42. msteffen

    18–Save UK–What’s your scoop on all this? You seem like you have a pretty good “source”. Is Wall and the Henry boys coming here or not? Give me your gut instinct!

  43. SaveUK

    Guys UF is in some trouble right now. UF was a very attractive school,
    still is very much, when UF football was rebuilding and basketball was
    #1. Now that UF football is back, nobody around UF cares about basketball
    anymore. They just won two straight National Titles not that long ago in
    basketball and still can’t sellout a small arena.

    UNC, KU, Duke, UCLA where and still the big schools. Now UK is getting
    a freakin ton of attention once again. Tom Izzo’s stock as never been
    higher. Grant at Bama is destine to great things and a very attractive
    place to play now. Miller at Arizona. WVU and IU are back on the move again.
    Wake Forest is a hot school right now. Missouri is becoming very attractive to
    recruits. Schools like Texas and UL are still big programs with great coaches.

    Florida is lossing their luster and lossing it quickly. Donovan made the
    3 biggest mistakes of his life in just 3 short years. Turning UK down, backing
    out of the Magic job, turning Barnhardt down again.

    As long as the got Donovan they still have a chance to dig out of there hole
    and become great again but even Donovan is starting to lose the “edge” he once had.

    UF is an SEC school, so look at this:
    UK – Calipari – perfect match
    TENN- Pearl – like UF football is #1 but Pearl isn’t going to let his bball
    go unnoticed, even if he has to take his shirt off and rap
    BAMA – Grant – WATCH OUT! Grant has great connections and a good coach. The state
    of Alabama always has great talent, enough to build an elite program. Bama just hasn’t
    been able to keep them in state. Grant will!
    AUBURN -Lebo is the most underated coach in the SEC maybe in the country. He is getting
    it done at a school like Auburn, WOW!

    and now
    Johnson at LSU, Horn at USC, Stallings stating to bring in top talent to Vandy.

    Florida is slipping and slipping fast.

    Not to mention that Miami and FSU are the hot bball schools in the state of Florida
    right now and Isiah Thomas just took over at FIU.

    Donovan’s biggest mistake was not growing up and becoming his own man. He let
    Pitino influence him and now Pitino has screwed him over.

  44. ConverseDenimJerseys

    #42 – SaveUK always has good, solid info. Usually reliable.

  45. adamnjohnson

    It might have been posted before but is there any place to see the Jordan game or other parts of the event on the internet?

  46. repsol-69

    i’m gonna get twitter’d by matt…lol

  47. sbrock

    Save UK, I have seen on here for the past couple of days how you have been saying not to worry about Wall and Henry. I am just curious are you just tired of seeing BBN freak out over every little comment that the kids make, or do you believe that they will indeed be in a UK uni next year?

  48. SaveUK

    #42 I do have a GREAT, so called “source” but unfortuntley that person
    doesn’t give me details that you are asking for.

    Now if you just want my personal opinion or say, gut feeling:
    Wall and Henry will both be at UK and even maybe Bledsoe if someone like
    Orton backs out or something happens we didn’t expect.

    I think Calipari is selling Bledsoe on the fact that UK needs to PGs
    and there is room for both he and Wall. Wall will start next year but
    Bledsoe will get a fair share of PT. Not only that, after Wall leaves
    next year it will be Bledsoe’s job to lose for 3 straight seasons.

    I would hope that would be attractive to Bledsoe. If it isnt, then maybe
    we don’t want him anyways

  49. sbrock

    Forget my comment, posted it before I saw 48.

  50. kyfan31

    Best Gus Johnson Clip EVER…Takes a few times to get, but is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

  51. calipeari

    41- I agree with the EGO, but not the exposure part.

  52. SaveUK

    #47 I am reluctant to answer that because you ask the question like
    I have some good inside sources and knowledge. I don’t want to mislead
    you because I don’t have anykind of special knowledge. I am just like
    every other UK fan when it comes being in the “know”, which is actually
    being in the “dark”.

    I do have about as good as a source as you can have but unfortuntly he
    doesn’t give me the details, names, or stuff we want to know. It would
    probably cost him his job and he isn’t going to jepordize his career to
    tell his best friend (me) info that he knows I will spread all over the

    Now if you asking me my opinion I would be happy to give it to you and
    break down why I have that opinion but if I do please don’t take it as
    I have some kind of special knowledge because I don’t

  53. cristoforouk

    After next year the roster will not look so bad like some of you say:

    This is who is gone (assuming we get the Henrys and Wall):

    Perry? – rumblings of him redshirting
    Patterson – most likely
    Cousins – most likely
    Henry – most likely
    Wall – most likely

    This who we’ll have back:

    CJ Henry

    Hopefully adding:

    …and others

    Yeah we lose a ton of talent (which is not guaranteed), but the cupboard will be far from bare, and you know Cal will bring in a bunch of studs if he has that much time to give out.

  54. recruit_a_shooter

    Does it hurt UK’s chances of getting Henry if he doesn’t visit?

  55. The_Source

    There is no way Liggins plays point for Cal. If he had
    too then we could expect a season as bad as this past one
    or worse. Wall is coming so it is a mute point anyway.

  56. mdc


  57. sbrock

    Save UK thanks for the answer, I like everyone else on this site appreciate your info. and the way you go about sharing it.

  58. SaveUK

    #51 it also has to do with the fact that Donovan has won two national titles
    and has put many guards into the NBA. As much as manny of us hate Billy D,
    lets not forget the fact he is a very attractive coach to play for, especially
    if you are a guard.

    Last thing we need to do is downplay reality.

    With that said, if I was a guard with a chance to play in the NBA I would
    want to go play for Calipari before Donovan. Not because Donovan isn’t
    a great coach for a guard to play for because he is an ELITE coach for guards
    to play for. Calipari is just that much better and UK has the “name” and “resources”
    to market players better as well.

  59. cristoforouk

    Cal did say the other day that he expects Liggins to be pretty much unrecognizable on the floor next year. He will be a different player.

  60. nessa5555

    If Xavier doesnt visit UK does that mean he is isnt coming here.

  61. SaveUK

    #54 I would say it hurts are chances at any player if they don’t visit
    but the only reason I would think Henry wouldn’t visit is because he is
    going to KU. If he was going to KU, then why hasn’t he already done it?
    Both of Henry’s parents went to KU. Henry grew up a KU fan. KU just won
    a national title a year ago. KU is close to his home, friends, and family.
    KU is going to be loaded next year and be a national title contender, yet
    the positions he can play will allow him to have a great chance of starting
    even on a loaded team.

    Yet he hasn’t committed to KU – Think about that

  62. sbrock

    60. I dont think so, I just think that he knows that the facilities and resources at UK are the best in the nation, and you know he wants to play for Cal.

  63. sbrock

    I read a statement his dad made the other day that said if his son wants to play for coach cal that he did see any reason for visiting uk, because that is what he is making his decision on.

  64. sbrock

    61. Do you think X has just been holding out so he can commit to KU on national tv, to give them some tv time?

  65. A-to-the-Z

    61 – KU fans would argue it is because he is waiting on the NCAA decision on CJ. If they let CJ go, they could easily go to Kansas or UK. If not, the brothers are headed to Memphis. Read the SI artcle on Pastner and Henry. He recruited him rabidly.

    Unless Matt knows something that we don’t, I’d say it’ll be Kansas if he decides on Saturday

  66. SaveUK

    #60 I would think if any player didn’t visit UK then the chances of
    getting them a almost zero.

    However, why hasn’t Xavier already committed to KU when everything around
    him suggest it is the perfect fit.

    Not to mention that Henry committed to Cal at Memphis. Now if he committed
    to Memphis for Memphis he still either be going there or already committed
    to KU, which suggest he really wants to play for Cal.

    So eventhough I think it is unlikely to ever land a player who doesn’t visit,
    Henry doing so without visiting would be a shocker to me.

    Just think about it. If Henry was going to play for Cal at Memphis, then
    what does he really need to see at UK? UK has the coach he wants to play
    for and he has to know without visiting that the facilites and resources
    are much nicer and better than what Memphis has to offer.

    However, I still think Henry will visit. His family seems like a well
    grounded educated family that would want to visit a school before their
    soon went there. They seem like they do their homework

  67. adamnjohnson

    Jordan Game on Internet anywhere? please

  68. ThatsAShame

    SaveUK is like the Jim Cramer of UK basketball.

    Random Poster: “SaveUK is Wall coming to UK?”
    SaveUK: “That’s a booyaa! Buy Bear Stearns and Wall would be smart to come to the Big Blue!”

  69. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    This is one of the greatest periods of Kentucky basketball. Renaissance time. Rebirth to one of the greats. The absolute phenomenal thing about all of this is that of Xavier decides to come to Kentucky, I believe Wall would show high interest as well. he wnats to contend and having 2 of the top 4 along with a returning Patterson and Meeks which is likely but not yet determined, thats contention. All we need is a PG. missing piece you say, John? Fantasy starting lienup for next year would haft to be a 3 guard, 2 forward lineup.


    Not to mention one helluva bench including Orton, Pilgrim, Miller, Hood, Galloway, a progessing Liggins I know. Wow and two veteran leaders to secure the NCAA run. Lets go UK. OUR TIME IS NOW!

  70. Mojo Wilkins

    It’s obvious to me that Liggens was never the problem he was accused of being. BCG was the problem. The kid is a huge talent, and he gets to start over fresh next year!

  71. Band Of BlueCats

    67- Google the Jordan Brand All-American game and go to the site, and there may be something on there…it wont let me link the site just like you can’t link UK athletics on here, iono why.

  72. nessa5555

    What is Cal Plan if Xavier commit to Kansas this weekend.

  73. Mr Schwump

    65, right. The NCAA decision on CJ is the missing piece of the puzzle.

  74. nessa5555

    Are thier anyone else That Cal could go after next week if Xavier commit to Kansas tomrrow.

  75. UKclam

    My info tells me that EKU is now recruiting Wall. They sent him a letter saying that he could be given a full ride for enrolling and playing on the Colonel’s basketball team.


    72) i wouldn’t worry about that, in worse case scenario we will have dennis. Which would be a better get than what we were expecting w/ billy g, the recruiting master.

  77. Shaffer42

    First off, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank one Derrick Jasper for transfering. That kid bleeds blue. He knew if he hung around we’d have been in the NCAA’s….possibly 2nd weekend. But he also realized the same coach would be “leading” UK. Now because of him we have a new coach and new hope! Secondly, damn it is good to be on our way back were we belong. Enjoy the ride and Go Big Blue!!

  78. repsol-69

    ok seriously people, everyone knows the possible line-up that could come to fruition…so please stop thinking noone has seen it or thought of it before and stop posting it until it actually happens. there, i feel better.

  79. SaveUK

    #64 Maybe, I don’t know. That is as good as a possiblity than any other
    since we all are just guessing.

    However, from listening to Henry speak he seems like a shy well-grounded kid
    who doesn’t really care about that kind of stuff. That is just my guess.

    Plus if that is what he wanted to do, why not do it on National Signing Day?
    He would have been the hot topic of the day.

    I think this is taking so long because:

    1) We as fans think it is a long time but to these kids and family who are
    still living their daily lifes, it probably isn’t as long as we make it
    out to be.

    2) I think Henry really wants to play for KU but is concerned about PT. I think
    Henry wants to know how he fits in if Meeks stays. HERE IS A WEIRD AND SILLY
    THEROY I HAVE – Meeks wants to stay and knows he needs to stay. I think Cal knows this but yet encouraged Meeks to take advantage
    of being able to get evaluated. Also I think Cal wanted Meeks to do so, so it might put
    in the mind of Henry that PT might be availble.

    I think Cal really wanted Meeks to enter his name quickly so it would push Henry’s
    decision back and give Cal time to a) with limited scholarships, evaluate what he
    has and if he even need Henry over someone else. b) Convince Henry that he will
    get all the PT he wants regardless if Meeks stays by starting that the SF position
    opposite of Meeks and getting Meeks resting mins as well.

  80. catinlvl

    1G – Beisner
    2G – Jones
    3G – SAVE UK
    1PF – repsol 69
    2PF – Bomani Jones

    Shirts against the blouses.


    I have to agree w/ save, Coach Cal is a genious. I think he has everything planned and out and going accordingly.

  82. nessa5555

    Dennis doesnt have UK on his list of Schools.

  83. Band Of BlueCats

    82- I think Cal realized he wanted Hood and not Nolan Dennis.

  84. nessa5555

    His list is Baylor, Tezas A&M, UConn and Memphis.


    he doesn’t because he don’t think coach can bring him along, if coach called him he would come.

  86. repsol-69

    what’s up catinlvl….u always come through.


    If we had numerous scholarships he would come, but we don’t. We have to save the scholarships for Xavier, and Wall.

  88. sbrock

    All makes sense to me.

  89. SaveUK

    #70 I agree that there were more things going on behind the scenes
    that Gillispie failed on, should have done better, could have done better,
    and wasn’t fair to some of his player about.

    I think Gillispie screwed Galloway’s development as well as Miller’s.

    I think there are a lot of things Gillispie did wrong behind the scenes with
    his players and not treating them right.

    However, I KNOW for a fact we shouldn’t say Gillispie failed Liggins.
    For all that we can rightfully blame Gillispie for and say he should
    have done it better or different, this isn’t one of those cases.

    I know for a FACT Gillispie had every intention of starting Liggins from
    day one. Liggins “F” himself over with his attitude.

    Liggins has an opprotunity to grow up and change his attitude. He has
    new life and right now seems very happy. So maybe things will change
    with Liggins, I hope they do because he has NBA talent.

    However, I am betting if Wall and Henry come, that Liggins won’t be happy
    sitting the bench behind guys like Wall, Henry, Meeks, Miller, and even
    Hood. That is not even counting who we will bring in the 2010 class, 2011 class,
    so on .

    I do believe in that case, we will began to see the true colors of Liggins
    once again. I hope not but I think we will.

    The difference is that A) Calipari doesn’t have to put up with like Gillispie
    did because of lack of talent on the team B) and Calipari simply won’t
    put up with it

  90. nessa5555

    If Xavier And Wall both say no then what.

  91. repsol-69

    90. bledsoe and dennis

  92. nessa5555

    But what if Dennis and Bledose both commit to another school by the time Xavier and Wall makes thier decision.


    Nessa, are u ok? Don’t worry, things are getting a hell of a lot better my friend. The Billy G era is over, enjoy this, this is going to be one hell of a ride.

  94. repsol-69

    well spoken 93

  95. SaveUK

    #83 That could very well be true and I tend to agree with you that Cal
    wanted Hood more than Dennis because Hood in Cal’s system has a unique
    skill set that makes him a dangerous weapon in Cal’s system. He is a quad threat
    scorer, as I like to call it. Having a player who I call a triple threat scorer (Long, Mid, and point blank)
    is something very special to have that every team needs.

    But there is something even more rare – a quad threat scorer, that person
    is a basically a triple threat scorer who has the the right combination of
    physical tools to shot over people as well.

    That is why I think Cal wanted Hood over Dennis


    It have just as much to do with PR. Cal in his first year at UK wouldn’t look
    good if he let Mr. Basketball in Kentucky go. Not only let him go but if that
    person ended up at a school like Tenn, UL, Duke, UF, etc and ended up a star
    really wouldn’t look good.

    So I like to think that Cal really just simply wanted Hood over Dennis. Which
    I do think is part of it. I also think there was a PR part to it that the higher
    ups (Mitch B/Dr. Todd) bascially told Cal that he can do what he wants but he
    will keep Hood.

  96. The_Source

    Hopefully the administration offered counseling
    for our boys to help process the abuse by BG. I just
    pray that Cal does not do mean things to these guys
    they have suffered enough.

  97. msteffen

    Thanks for the info Save UK!


    Hell yeah, if he lost Hood, the whole bluegrass would be upset.

  99. SaveUK

    #92 First look at Calipari’s history and what can we assume:

    1) He didn’t get to the level of being an elite college coach by being
    an idiot.

    2) He is the best of the best when it comes to recruiting

    3) again, he isn’t an idiot or he wouldn’t be at the level he is at

    3) He knows what he is doing and plays the PR game right

    So knowing those things and combining that with a very logical question
    you asked in your post

    What does that tell you?

  100. Shaffer42


  101. RuppsRingFinger

    Here is the scoop on Wall.

    He has already verballed to Cal.
    He is waiting to be the LAST player to sign.

    It is a great ploy because it keeps him in the spotlight.
    Look at what Patterson did and it worked.
    Patterson is a brand name and Wall will be too.

    Oh yeah, you can write that down.

  102. CasualObserver

    #11 Don’t forget GJ Smith. He probably would have been Mr. Basketball if not for the greatness of Jimmy Dan.

    Still, this could be THE greatest class ever! Anywhere!

  103. The_Source

    you got it 101

  104. Flag City Cat

    25/37. Tie breaker…yes Pilgrim has two years left.

    Flag City

  105. catfanjohn

    why would Wall want to wait to be the last player to sign and stay in the spotlight? for more exposure for what reason? the nba? or does he just love the spotlight? i`m not being sarcastic at all, please dont think that. im just curious why he wouldnt just go ahead and sign and what the benefits of waiting to be last are

  106. The_Source

    It keeps his name in the headlines 105

  107. SaveUK

    #96 Gillispie had to go for not only obivious reasons but reasons
    that went on behind the scene. Lets get that out of the way – we all
    agree Gillispie wasn’t the right fit and didn’t treat his players right.

    Okay, now that we have put that aside

    Don’t think for once that Gillispie as a coach wasn’t going to succeed.
    He was indeed making the right moves to a bright future, in terms of recruiting
    and coaching. It was just going to be at his pace and his way, which takes
    time but he was headed in the right direction.

    For all we rightfull and justified bashing we give Gillispie we do owe him this
    He left a team that is in top notch physical shape. I personally think we were in
    better physical shape than any other team in America.

    He left us with a team that is mentally tough. He did prove that over the last two
    seaons. Especially his first two seasons.

    He did not leave the cuppbard bare – Two All Americans, legit possible future NBA
    players in Miller, Pilgrim, and maybe Liggins. He recruited and got Orton and Hood.
    Now if Orton stays is another question but Gillispie did put Cal in a great position
    to be able to hold to Orton.

    Because of Gillispie top future players have already visited UK, which makes it
    easier on Cal. We lost Ferguson but the fact he was already committed and Cal’s offensive
    style, will make Ferguson Cal’s player to lose. Thanks Gillispie.

    I agree Gillispie was a “a” hole, who mistreated his players, and he neeeded
    to be fired.

    But he left UK and an Elite already proven coach in Calipari a HELL of a lot
    more than Tubby left Gillispie.

    NOT EVEN CLOSE – Gillispie left Cal in a position to maybe put together a championship
    team. Tubby left Gillispie with the possiblity of no matter how good of a coaching job
    Gillispie does in his first season, he was bound to go to the NIT his 2nd season, regardless.

  108. CAnTuckeeBoi

    Just listen for a second. This is a strong possibility ….

    Cal is in Bama today to sell Bledsoe on the fact that “chances are John Wall will be at UK next year, but that doesnt mean there isnt room for you. Wall is going to be a lottery pick in 2010 whether he plays 15 or 40 minutes a game, and there is no one player that can play 40 minutes a game in my offense. You could be the John Wall/Tyreke Evans/Derrick Rose of 2011.” Think about it…..

  109. The_Source

    BG was a monster and some of our kids may never be the
    same after him. I could never condone taking up for him
    on any level. The AD also has some of the responsibility
    for allowing the abuse to continue. These are not nice

  110. RuppsRingFinger

    The longer the name, WALL is on ESPN the bigger his brand becomes.

  111. catfanjohn

    what do you think would have happened if we would have hired coach cal two years ago instead of billy g? do you think that we would have still went to the NIT and missed the Big Dance?
    i think we would have had a little better of a season but im just curious what u think

  112. catfanjohn

    thanks, i understand what you are saying. im a little slow sometimes but i usually catch on sooner or later. lol

  113. SaveUK

    #105 – #101 is on to something.

    Rather you like it or not, everything and every person involved with
    John Wall is about PR for the the 2010 NBA draft, etc.

    So what does that include:
    1) Building up his name now and building up the hype as much as possible
    2) Going to a school that can promote him at the highest level. Duke, UF,
    and KU can do that but UNC being UNC, having Roy, and now fresh off a NT
    is just a steop above those other elite schools in terms of PR. So is UK because
    we are the new “HOT” “COOL” “FUN” school.
    3) Having Meeks and Patterson being Pre seasons ALL-American helps the exposure
    even more of Wall even more
    4) Cal helps the exposure of Wall at UK even more
    5) Cal plays a system that will allow Wall to suceed early on and put up the
    kind of numbers he needs to put up as a freshman to be a high lottery pick

    Everything around Wall right now isn’t about him coming to UK or anywhere, it is
    about the 2010 draft and building up the hype.

    With that said, that is why I think Cal and now UK, is the smartest choice for Wall.

    Whats funny is that I wouldn’t be surprised if Calipari is right in the middle of
    all this encouraging the build up of hype and all the PR stuff.

    Think about how that looks to other future recruites and handlers of future recruits if Calipari supports and encourages that

  114. CalipariSafari

    There is a whole lot of uncertainty on this board as to who’s going where, why they’re going where they’re going etc……………. Let me sum it up for all of you.

    Coach Calipari is now our head coach. Coach Calipari is the PERFECT Kentucky coach because he understands the nature of our program. Coach Calipari’s credentials speak for themselves and with that being said, I’d say we can sit back and prepare for what could (and should) be the most exciting era in the history of UK basketball.

    Lastly, don’t worry about Wall and Henry and Orton etc because this is Kentucky. Rupp didn’t worry about things like we do today and neither will Coach Cal. The players will come, give it time and if they come wearing headbands and arm bands etc, then buy your kid one because that’s the new era.

  115. catfanjohn

    It has been a long time since UK has been the new HOT COOL FUN school. I remember in the 90`s when Pitino was coaching, i would always make sure i was home to watch the games, i would never miss a game or any reason. if i made plans i made them around the Kentucky games. that mentality kinda faded away from me over the last few years. But i feel it coming back strong now! It is really gonna be a lot of fun to watch our Cats and i cant wait! GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  116. SaveUK

    #111 No doubt that we would have been better off hiring Cal two years ago.
    No we wouldn’t have been in the NIT because Cal would have done a much
    better job than Gillispie. Why would tha surprise you? Cal is and was
    then, at a higher level than Gillispie.

    All I am saying is that many people build Tubby up to be the great coach
    and yet he left Gillispie with nothing.

    Gillispie and Tubby both took over UK with the same type of coaching experience.

    Tubby took over THE BEST PROGRAM in college basketball and handed A JOKE OF
    A PROGRAM to Gillispie.

    Gillispie took over a joke of a program that he was destine to fail with
    bc of Tubby and in two years prepared his current players and built up
    a once weak recruiting base left by Tubby, for us to bring in the RIGHT
    COACH and ELITE COACH, who could take it to the next level.

    Like I said, I am a Gillispie basher for all the things he did behind the
    scenes and I think he should have been fired.

    However, you can’t deny the fact that where our program was when Tubby
    left it and where it was when Gillispie got fired – we are in much better
    shape after Gillispie than after Tubby.

    I do think if Calipari was hired two years ago we wouldn’t been in the
    NIT this year but I don’t think we be a final four team this last season
    either, close but not there just yet.

    However, Gillispie was not an elite coach like Calipari and took over
    a crap program left by Tubby and didn’t do a awesome job but didn’t
    a good enough job that Calipari could very well put together a championship
    caliber team in his first season.

    In other words, For all that Tubby gets praised for, a$$ kissed, and credit
    for – I think Gillispie is the better “Basketball” coach. Now as for the
    behind the scene stuff and PR stuff, that is a different story but as a
    basketball coach, Gillispie did a good job bringing us from rock bottom
    to where we are now.

    Don’t let the NIT this season full you, that had as much to do with
    Tubby as it did with Gillispie, IMO, more so with Tubby.

    You can say Tubby didn’t go to the NIT but Tubby also left as soon
    as we hit rock bottom so he wouldn’t have to deal with his own failures.

  117. The_Source

    These no news days are getting old. Hopefully
    this weekend will give us another commit or two

  118. CalipariSafari

    117: Even if we get no more commitments, we’ve still got a great team to put on the floor in November.

    PG: Liggins/Galloway
    SG: Meeks/Hood/
    SF: Miller/Harris
    PF: Patterson/Pilgrim/Stevenson/Stewart
    C: Orton/Cousins/Harrellson

    That’s not the 96′ Cats but it’s better than the last 5 years.

  119. The_Source

    We would have to have a pg, but Cal has that
    taken care of.

  120. calipeari

    SaveUK- Gillispie didn’t have to go NIT this year if he could’a kept Jasper around to run point this year. Not apologizing for Tubby, cause I agree with you, but BCG made his own bed.

  121. BPsycho

    #68 LOL

  122. SaveUK

    #118 I hope your right but don’t get your hopes up with Patterson

  123. Jray72

    Is there a site I can listen to last nights call in show?

  124. Jray72
  125. repsol-69

    117. read my comment earlier…

  126. Beatle Bum

    Great!!! Let’s talk Tubby!!

  127. Jray72

    I would bet a paycheck that the cats sellout Freedom Hall for this years annual game in Louisville. Practice should also be packed like it was in the old days. Damn I am pumped!

  128. SaveUK

    I just think we really need Wall and Xavier for obivious reasons but
    also because we need all the elite level talent we can get because
    I am afraid Patterson isn’t returning. Although they don’t play Patterson’s
    position, they both highly upgrade two other positions and combind that with
    the a front line of Cousisn, Orton, and Pilgrim, I still think we are in
    great shape

  129. catfanjohn

    It feels great to be a Kentucky fan again! GO BIG BLUE!!!

  130. The_Source

    We are in great shape and geeting even better
    soon. Within a month we most likely have the top
    recruiting class. Hopefully they all gel and were
    on our way to great things.

  131. catfanntx

    save, do u think orton will stay since Cyprien has been hired at Memphis

  132. KentuckyCal

    Not sure if the link was posted, but Wall has really emphasized
    the importance of a great coach. The offense is set for guard dribble-
    penetration. All signs point to Kentucky.

  133. dmw8067

    I can’t wait to see who oommits to UK this go-around. And did you hear what coach said on the call-in show? We are in the hunt for eight of the top 10 players for next year! How awesome is that?!

  134. Jray72

    Pretty damned awesome. A welcome change.

  135. IcemanG2

    Potentially bad news here, folks …

    A source very close to the Henrys, who has been verified as “legit” by TCP’s own Jeff Drummond, is saying Henry is not likely to go to UK … and the factor? His mom. Let’s not have a meltdown if he doesn’t commit to us, okay?

  136. catfanntx

    that would explain why he doesn’t plan on visiting Lexington. But it would have been great to have him here. But, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. GO CATS

  137. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    SaveUK – I completely agree with your take on BCG. I think you nailed it.

  138. BuckeyeBigBlueFan

    I’m not sure why everyone is all hot & bothered about the Henry kids coming to UK. They’ve NEVER been gung-ho about the notion of coming to UK, or even hinted as such in anything I’ve read about it over the past few weeks. Maybe I’m crazy, but I want kids that UK recruits to really WANT to be there and not have to be convinced into doing so like it seems like we’re doing with X and CJ.

    Part of the reason I say this is that the recruit’s talent is only part of the equation. The system is important, too. The big gripe I had against Tubby Smith was that he never developed anyone’s skills, but he sure got them to work well in his system. Calipari’s system is KNOWN to work, so it’s reasonable to think that any blue chip talent will thrive. Give me Nolan Dennis or any other top-tier 2-guard and I’m sure that Cal will make him a can’t-miss choice.

    I don’t care if Xavier and CJ come to UK or not at this point. Big Blue is going to rock no matter what.


    If Henry comes here…how does playing time get split between him and Meeks at the 2, if Meeks returns?

  140. Jray72

    X can play 2 or 3. Just wish the brother wasn’t a factor.

  141. plow

    “Jerry Meyer of says that all signs point to Xavier coming to UK”

    Jerry said made no such statement. You should actually ask him next time.


    3? shit the 3 is Miller’s, and if we wanna go big, Pilgrim/Cousins/Patterson/Orton/Stevenson are gonna have to shift around to the 3 at some point, so it is not gonna yield much playing time for anyone else.

    I guess between him splitting time with Meeks & Miller it would be enough, but damn we will be loaded like crazy next year!

  143. justacatfan

    Jordan Brand game is on ESPN2 Saurday night at 8:00.

  144. ukequipmentman

    I just talked to a guy that was at the ky/indiana all star tryouts and he said Hood was really talented and would be a big timer in a year or 2
    in a year or two.

  145. ukequipmentman

    sorry about double up, first time doing this thing

  146. ukequipmentman

    I watched the Jordan Classic, The Wall kid is really fast. No one on the Duke team could get down
    court to receive a pass from him. I don’t think we have to worry about them. He is not their style.