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The House that Wall Saw


As details emerge from the Wall breaking and entering charge, it looks more and more like a bunch of kids trying to hang out in an abandoned house to do their thing than an attempt at theft. Above is the house that Wall allegedly entered, and it is for sale if you are interested in purchasing. I am not in any way excusing Wall’s action, as a kid in that kind of spotlight has to be more careful, but the “breaking and entering” looks to be more about a kid walking in the back door of an abandoned house than a full fledged criminal act.

Still yet, it will be interesting to see if the local publicity makes Duke back off….we shall see.

Article written by Matt Jones

91 responses to “The House that Wall Saw”

  1. tacukwildcats

    He was simply putting up some UK wallpaper and the North Carolina police didn’t like it

  2. KYStout

    Ugh, vinyl siding….

  3. bige

    In a year he will be able to buy the whole neighborhood.

  4. thndrkg

    #1… that’s hilarious!

  5. veeper

    Flash flash, Coach K will soon announce on of the newest speakers at

    The Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics– John Wall.

    Ooops – that was last week – never mind.

  6. blizzard man

    I call BS. Everyone knows all homes in NC have wheels on them.

  7. ibleedblueforUK

    I still say we get him. There was no major wrongdoing here…just some kids being kids. It jsut happens that THIS kid is the #1 recruit in the nation with UK hot after him lol

  8. king_solomon

    this probably won’t amount to anything, but what a dumb move

  9. deuceinyoeyeISBACKagain

    sounds like a UNC set-up to me

  10. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    The value of that house just went way up.


    Bring abandoned and being foreclosed on are two different things. The article states forclosed, so the bank would own it. His judgment is certainly at question here. Young people make mistakes but there needs to be consequences for those mistakes that are equal to the mistake. It shouldn’t ruin his life nor should it keep him from attending Kentucky. At the same time, to blame law enforcement or to even call them racists, as I read in an ealier thread, is stupid and irresponsible. Lets wait for it to ease it’s way through the court system, which will probably be some time after he comitts.

  12. daddy43040

    bunch of kids doing there thing?I remember when i was around 10 i used to do this sort of thing all the time but at 18?Unless they needed a place to smoke some good ol marijuana drink a 40 or gang bang some hot chick im not sure i see the excitment in going into and abandoned house anymore.

  13. Lexblue00

    You would think a kid that quick on the bball court would be able to shake a couple out of shape cops. C’mon john, what happened man?

  14. UKhoopshysteria

    Details on the Home: 500 square feet living space with 400 sq ft being garage.

  15. Thomas Beisner

    that house just looks like it’s doomed….

  16. ben4UK

    11) Sometime after he commits? The only thing slower than the wheels of justice is John Wall’s ability to pick a college.

  17. TheBigBooyah

    Wall was also cited in the summer of 2008 for ripping tags off a few mattresses, but nobody talks about this!

  18. Cal Purnell here

    The previous owner of that house needs to get their car
    checked for leaking oil!
    Also, a little Scotts Fertilizer wouldn’t hurt that yard either.

  19. _Blackhawk_

    #6 – classic!

  20. TheBigBooyah

    15. hilarious link

  21. FearOurFuture

    It was reported that while Wall was being escorted to the police car he was
    yelling and screaming at the officer-

    “#8 biatch”

  22. _Blackhawk_

    how many people go into a house that is for sale, that is open and who don’t want to deal with a realitor each day?

    If there is no damage I think the owners will ask that the charges be dropped.

  23. tzuzaki4

    Maybe this will encourage Wall to finish his recruitment and select a school — you know, before anything else happens.

  24. TheEasternKentuckyHeartbreaker

    #14 no joke! That house appears to be all garage

  25. FearOurFuture

    I looked into the future and Wall gets arrested again

    He is charged with stealing UNC’s hopes of every claiming the title as the winningest
    program ever.


    16) You may be right about that but this may be one of the reasons he hasn’t reduced his list, perhaps he is getting an opinion from each coach to see if this affects thier attiltude toward him. I am sure if this is a criminal charge, it will take longer than the comitment decision. If it is a non-criminal citation, like the article implies, then it may be quicker. I say we get Bledsoe while we wait. Many kids go to college with some stupid things on their records, but it does speak to character, no matter what excuse some fans will make for it.

  27. veeper

    Matt is now in detailed negotiations with Rahm Emmanuel over the potential for a Presidential pardon for John Wall. Matt is still holding his one bargaining chip — KIGE!

  28. Cal Purnell here

    Lance Stephenson is grinning today…..

  29. Cal Purnell here

    Hopefully we can get a video of Kige re-enacting the scene at
    a Vinyl sided garage uhh I mean house.

  30. veeper

    Flash flash — negotiations on the Wall Presidential pardon have broken down over the insistence of Matt that Alan Cutler be assigned press credentials for Hillary.


    How dumb is this kid? Last think Cal / UK needs
    is reputation of recruiting punks like this?
    Sign Bledsoe and call it a day….we get 3 years
    out of Bledsoe and 6 months out of Wall…

  32. MGH

    This entire Wall saga is getting more and more ridiculous.

  33. soup

    Commits to Duke, GUILTY AS HELL!!!

    Commits to UK, HE WAS FRAMED!!!

    I knew a guy in the 80’s who got arrested for breakdancing and entering…

    SaveUK had a vague post about this 2 years ago.

    Carry on with your afternoon…

  34. Cal Purnell here

    The only thing bigger than that garage is Frosty Tips EGO!! bawwdaBING

  35. catsfan420

    this doesnt even compare to what bud mackie did last year at scott county.

  36. jreeves5319

    This story is ridiculous…

    The kids were messing around (in) a vacant house. In my hometown, these kids would have been escorted home not cited for B & E.

    Of course, in Georgia, if the girl was a little younger…Wall would be facing rape charges. Remember that kid?

  37. Mr Schwump

    You people want to dump on this guy for THIS?

  38. TOMPAV83


  39. catsfan420

    #31. i wish youd keep your girly opinions to yourself wall might be watching, and other future superstar point guards.

  40. BigCatDaddy4263

    A lot of you guys are too quick to be judemental of a young kid, there was no damage to the house, nothing stolen from the house and only thing that this kid did was to go into a house and hang out with a girl. Don’t throw rocks at a glass house guys.

  41. soup

    mm reporting that the police called him to make a positive ID of Mr. Wall.

  42. Old Henry Man

    Was he quick enough to run from the Cops+

  43. Cal Purnell here

    mm has now reported the Vinyl siding is Butterscotch YELLOW, not PEE Yellow.


    He needs to go elsewhere….UK
    is holy ground….no thugs allowed!

  45. veeper

    Andy Kennedy at ole miss is now heavily recruiting John Wall. Kennedy is quoted as saying,” he knows the system — and I know it better than him”

  46. MGH


    Not for this. Just so long as the kid doesn’t become John Stephenson, I’m all good.

  47. 4U2NV

    That house is 3/4 garage, seriously, there does not seem to be much to that house


    Tipton made the 911 call.

  49. soup

    mm now officially saying that his hair dye killed the grass in the front lawn during a freak rain storm. mm later confirmed the rain storm via radar imaging.

  50. catsfan420

    i cant believe how judgemental these people are. i bet they look at michael phelps as a sex offender. cmon guys he didnt vandalize and he didnt steal. he was just looking for a place to hang out like most high school kids do.

  51. UKhoopshysteria

    What do Wall’s breaking and entering charges have in common with his college career? They both will get six months…ba domp cha Just jokin…I know no serious allegations.

  52. catsfan420

    BLUEBALLS you dont even know what a thug is

  53. Cal Purnell here

    Why is there 1 curtain hanging and 1 open? That could only mean it
    is down to UK and HighPoint?

  54. veeper

    Just another reason for John Wall to commit to Kentucky.

  55. Cal Purnell here

    The only thing bigger than that garge is Bryan the Interns

  56. wildcatfandave

    Calm down people! He had just recently added this house to his list of places to visit. Now we have a complete list of
    Kentucky, UNC, Miami, Duke, North Carolina Central, and this random house.

  57. UKfaninAlabama

    I thought B&E required forced entry…this sounds more like trespassing.

  58. veeper

    Duke associate sports information director Matt Plizga and N.C. State assistant athletics director for media relations Annabelle Myers said the schools would have no comment on the Wall report other than, aljtaewljq34u053ip4rmalr4309u.fmarmq34o5uopurajl~!!!!!!!!xxxxx.a/fjalj’w slkjfasjfsfj – idiot.

  59. jreeves5319

    Seriously this is the biggest NON-Story I’ve ever seen…

    He was hanging out with some friends in a vacant house.

    I stole my neighbor’s car one time and took a joyride with some friends. Upon returning the car…all everyone had to say was — is everybody okay? We were and so was the harm no foul. No arrests were made and everything was fine!

    If this doesn’t make the kid want to get out of NC I don’t know what will…

  60. soup

    53- magical

    I say that house needs “the door” installed on it, and then film all of Kige and youtube sports from the basement.

  61. KYERIC

    Girl with John Wall has gone on the record stating, “there was no forced rear-entry”.

  62. veeper

    Dave Telep, national director of recruiting for men’s basketball for, followed Wall for more than three years. He said that unless “something bigger” comes of the charge, he doesn’t see it as an issue.

    “I wouldn’t jump to conclusions,” he said. “It’s a misdemeanor. It could be nothing more than a mistake,” he said.

  63. veeper

    We need answers — where is Geraldo??

  64. ibleedblueforUK

    60. “I say that house needs “the door” installed on it, and then film all of Kige and youtube sports from the basement.”

    That’s classic!!

  65. nybrasky

    I sense Kige Ramsey for YouTube Misdemeanors will be doing a report on How to Break & Enter Without Getting Caught.

  66. jbrady630

    just trying to smoke a j and get a bj …. let him be. and for those of u who think cal will stop recruiting him bc of this lets not forget about tyreke evans being in the car when someone shot and MURDERED somebody last year

  67. The Fake Fake Gimel Martinez

    If you read the story, this looks like nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, many people don’t read the story, only the headlines. Those people will get the wrong idea here.

  68. UKfaninAlabama

    I’m glad I wasn’t famous when I was his age. I done a lot worse shit than this…and I’m sure most of you did as well. He’s just a high school kid trying to get his noodle wet. Good locations were hard to come by back then.

  69. Blueyouaway

    Whis is there a pot or something sitting in front of the front door ?

  70. middlesboro

    Come on Wall just commit to UK today and get this behind you!!!!!!!!!

  71. jca020367

    Part of his plea deal will be for him to go to Duke. It is all a set up. Those Duke lawyers will take care of that.

  72. STLouisBBFan

    Hey Matt, isn’t this type of behavior being recommended by your friends at Acorn? So, he should just say that he was supporting Obama nation and he’s good to go.

  73. Blueyouaway

    Perhaps this will encourage Wall to announce sooner than later to reduce the negative publicity.

  74. TheBigBooyah

    72. Larry Craig and Ted Haggard totally agree with you.

  75. WildcatsOne

    It looks like a garage with an attached house (or more like closet).
    Somebody ought to buy the house…..when Wall becomes rich and famous in the NBA, it will be worth twice as much.

  76. wildcat_99

    Since today seems like it is going to suck I thought I would update the twitter of Cal. He now has 16, 292 followers and wants 20,000. He should be there by the end of the week IMO. Again just bored anf thought I would put that out there

  77. jca020367

    72 if you are going to go political just go over to fox and put comments. they will love you over there.

  78. Blueyouaway

    First “The Door”… the “The House” & “The Wall”.

  79. UKhoopshysteria

    This was staged to get more publicity…quite possible. ???

  80. mcmermaid

    Across the street from the house he broke into is Bagwell Cemetary. He was re-enacting “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

  81. Robshairgel

    Kids being Kids..If I was Wall when I got to the NBA,I would buy this house and give it to a single mother.Then it’s all water under the bridge.

  82. STLouisBBFan

    74 Your reference seems a little misplaced . . . perhaps you should read this article to see how it actually pertains to this situation in a comical way

  83. HollywoodCat

    i don’t think that will affect coach k…don’t forget he recruited shelden williams. i can’t remember any specifics, but i remember there being some serious issue with that guy coming out of high school…

  84. catdawg

    A deal will be cut to have him serve community service and all will be forgiven. Now he will have to do said community service in NC. So he’s favor in return will be to sign locally.

  85. BigBlueThunderCats

    18 year old boy and 16 year old girl…Yeah, I wonder what they were doing?

  86. dcsports

    Two dudes…one girl…yeah, they were going to break in and enter all right….This dude is a scoring machine! John, come to Kentucky, we’ll make locking the door illegal, just for you!!

  87. payne

    Shouldn’t a high school student be in school on a Monday morning?

  88. bdiddy923

    I knew we should have tried to hold on to Konner Tucker!!!!!!

  89. cobrecat

    On second thought I think that coach k was behind the setup of Mr. Wall, we know how the “legal” system works in that part of the country reference the little dookie mens soccer or field hockey or whatever team that was railroaded for the rape charge. k get’s Wall 2 years probation from the friendly court, judge is most likely a little dookie lawyer, and of course k is assigned as his probation officer, Instead of Wall being one and done he now receives 2 to 4 as the little dookie PG preparing for his next step as a QB in Big East.

  90. StitchJonesSays


  91. WildcatDJ

    90> I bet you are perfect. Like Jesus.