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Eric Bledsoe is a Cat; Now What?


What a day….what a few weeks! I have said this so much that people may be sick of it, but it is truly unbelievable what has happened these past five weeks. Today Kentucky received the commitment of a 5 star, top 25 point guard that just a few weeks ago told me that Kentucky was very unlikely to be his destination because he felt like he was their “second round pick.” But John Calipari turned on the charm and convinced Bledsoe not that he was their first round pick, but that he could play WITH their first round pick if he came. And now Bledsoe joins the UK class, making it the #1 class in America. A truly amazing accomplishment.

Now there is a lot of fallout from all of this, but lets get to it in some quick hits.

— Lets first talk about John Wall. He told Jeff Drummond of TCP that he was going to narrow his list by Friday to three schools and that Kentucky would definitely be one of them. However something may happen even quicker than that. I spoke with a source close to Wall who said they thought there was a “50 percent chance that Wall makes a decision this week.” According to the individual, the attention has actually grown a bit tiresome for Wall and he has talked this week about pulling the trigger soon. I have said all along that the sooner that Wall picks, the better it is for UK. As with everything with Wall, this could all change before you have even finished this paragraph, but dont be surprised if we hear something pop very soon.

— Much has been made of Bledsoe’s presser and the way he spoke to the media. Folks need to give the kid a break. He is not a public speaker and that has never been his job. I have spoken with him on a couple of occasions and he has always been unfailingly polite. Judge him on that, rather than smart-alec remarks about his comments (and that is saying something from me). But I do have so say, Bledsoe saying that he and Wall would “get sh** right” in a press conference did make me laugh.

— Bledsoe also said that he thought Patterson would be back. That is a nice sentiment, but I read virtually nothing into his comments. Patterson will make his decision over the next couple of weeks, but it wont be leaked out by Bledsoe. All indications are that it is still not made in either direction.

— So the next question becomes, what about scholarships? I spoke with someone familiar with the situation today and they told me to think about things in possibly a different way than I had before. Rather than thinking about it by who leaves, think about who is almost guaranteed to stay. The Cats have 13 scholarships. If Wall comes, then:

6 Newcomers:

The Locks:


Now if the above were to hold steady, 12 of the 13 scholarships will be taken. The new guys all get scholarships, the starts keep theirs and the Seniors who want to return are allowed to return. Of course, Wall might not come, Patterson could stay in the Draft and some Senior might make the staff change their mind (I am told that Galloway had a really bad series of postseason workouts). But I think that it can probably be said that if the 12 above choose to want a scholarship, they have one. (for the record, I hear that Calipari will likely only keep two walk-ons and Krebs and Perry are the two favorites)

That leaves 4 guys for one scholarship. DeAndre Liggins, Matt Pilgrim, Josh Harrellson and AJ Stewart all dont meet the above criteria. Could they be fighting for one spot? And if so, who has the lead? One has to think that AJ Stewart is the most vulnerable due to academic issues, but I am told that he actually did well during the workouts. DeAndre Liggins is the most heralded of the players, but he too had academic issues and is looking at three other PGs on the roster if Wall comes. Matt Pilgrim is the practice legend of UK, but there were also performance issues there. And most assume that Jorts wont fit Calipari’s system but I have been told by multiple people that he had the BEST workout of anyone not named Patrick Patterson and Calipari loves his outside shooting.

It will be interesting to use the list above when evaluating the future. If Wall doesnt come, those four guys are going for two spots….if Patterson leaves, three spots. If a Senior has his status change, maybe four for four. But as of now, the margin for error for those guys is small…and it is worth following over the next two weeks.

Big day today…we learn more about Bledsoe, my Derby story is released online and we look at the greatness that is Rondo. Stay tuned…..

Article written by Matt Jones

177 responses to “Eric Bledsoe is a Cat; Now What?”

  1. Beautiful Loser

    i think we’re set either way

  2. CalipariSafari

    If John Wall wasn’t in the picture, all UK fans would be going nuts over Bledsoe. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a true TOP PG and that’s why I could give a crap less about John Wall. Welcome to UK Eric, now lead us to the 8th title.


  3. Broadway Danny Rose

    -Even at an Alabaman high school and three online classes, it’s hard to believe that Bledsoe could achieve a 2.2 GPA.

    -Miami, Florida, Duke, and Kentucky will be Wall’s final four.

  4. blay-z

    This team is going to be absolutely sick next year!

  5. lexcath6808

    what about ramon going off scholarship his senior year? if im not mistaken dont his parents live in lexington now and his dad might even be a police officer for UK? I could be totally off on this but if this is the case i could see him going off for his last year, but again thats asking a lot from a young man and his parent to go off a free ride especially in these economic times.

  6. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    If he said Kentucky is a definite, then could we be presumed as leader? Why else say that?

  7. wildcat_99

    I would have to agree that wall has to begin getting a little worn out- even if you love the attention you still need some time to breathe and we all know he has yet to get even a few minutes without someone trying to get the inside scoop! Anyways hope we do hear this week and hope its that he is wearing the true blue and white next year!

  8. wildcat_99

    I would have to agree that wall has to begin getting a little worn out- even if you love the attention you still need some time to breathe and we all know he has yet to get even a few minutes without someone trying to get the inside scoop! Anyways hope we do hear this week and hope its that he is wearing the true blue and white next year!

  9. ukwildcatwildfan

    John Wall to Kentucky in the same week as Bledsoe to Kentucky would be amazing! If Wall commits this week to UK, I just don’t know what I would do with myself. Man, I wish we could hurry up and get to March Madness! I’m tired of all the hype, I just wanna see some games! AHHH! I’m going crazy.

  10. HoboKat

    Matt’s back!!!!

  11. wildcat_99

    Sorry about the double post

  12. tltaworl62

    I went back and listened to Matt’s inteview with Bledsoe from the Derby Classic. He said if Kentucky came to him and said they want him no matter what John Wall does, it “would make things different” or “things would be different”. Looks like Cal & the Cats did just that. Thanks Eric for telling us what we need to do to get your skills in blue 🙂

    Go Cats!

  13. CalipariSafari

    I think a lot of you are going to be left feeling VERY dejected when/if Wall picks a school other than KENTUCKY. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have John Wall but I hate Soap Operas (my wife watches way too many) and “The Days of John Wall’s Lives” has lost its luster with me. I can’t stand hearing his name anymore and it’s much like the names of:

    1. OJ Simpson
    2. Christian Laettner
    3. Bruce Pearl
    4. Billy Gillispie
    5. Tubby Smith
    6. Dog the Bounty Hunter (LMAO)
    7. Billy Donovan

    Be glad we’ve got Eric Bledsoe because last year we had Porter!!!!

  14. high and mighty

    3. why is it hard to believe?

  15. KYStout

    “Lets first talk about John Wall. He told Jeff Drummond of TCP that he was going to narrow his list by Friday to three schools and that Kentucky would definitely be one of them.”

    So, Kentucky and who else?

    Miami? Duke?

  16. nessa5555

    Problay UK,DUKE,Miami.

  17. SaveUK

    I bet Pilgrim goes nowhere. He is a future NBA player and if Patterson
    stays we will be lossing Patterson, Cousins, and Stevenson after next season.

    leaving us with only Orton and the 2010 class doesn’t have a lot of great
    frontcourt players.

    Why get rid of a NBA potential player with experience?

  18. IfThenElse

    17 – Agreed. I’m guessing someone is judging on a persons speech.

  19. wildcat8

    #1 Deandre will play the 3 under Calipari if he can’t play the PG position, so the argument about Liggins leaving because there is a log-jam at the PG position isn’t very effective.
    #2 Harrelson, although Matt is hearing that he “had the best workout out of anyone not named Patrick Patterson” I still think the log-jam at the big man position is much greater, therefore needs the most weeding out.

    SO…Gone: Harrelson, Stewart, Galloway. Send it in.

  20. IfThenElse

    sorry. 15

  21. gmphidelt

    Does anyone else think Bledsoe is Tony Delk’s son? Maybe, thats how Cal got him to sign by hiring his Dad on staff.

    I’m not serious I just think Bledsoe and Delk look alike.

  22. SlickRick48

    Bledsoe signs and the Hurricanes win in OT, what a great day!

  23. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    Is there a possibility for anyone to go on an academic scholarship?

  24. IfThenElse

    24 – Jodie Meeks could definitely go on academic scholarship. Also, I have heard Patterson (like Meeks, depending on their return) is set to graduate a year early, so could he possibly go on academic scholarship? Maybe, I don’t understand all the nuances, but it seems to me that could be a plausible solution.

  25. bdiddy923

    Did Bledsoe not say “Pat’s comin back” in a matter of fact way? I mean I Pat WAS his host on his visit…

  26. drewster

    Does redshirting Liggins and/or Stevenson — or any other returning player — help us out with the scholarship logjam?

  27. I Miss 1996.

    3) Don’t worry about Bledsoe’s grades. He can major in Kinesiology or Social Work or something. We just need to put him in every Nate Sullivan class offered—anyone piddling around on here who is familiar with ‘ole Nate knows Bledsoe will be just fine under that guy’s watch.

  28. SaveUK

    a redshirt player is still on scholorship

  29. IfThenElse

    I don’t understand redshirting Stevenson. Liggins, yes. Stevenson, I just don’t understand that.

  30. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    Cool..I was thinking Meeks and or Patterson too, but curious about who’s leaving (aside from the obvious). Guessing we lose to Liggins to grades, Stewart will transfer, and Williams will be off scholarship..just my opinion.

  31. drewster

    28 – that’s what I thought.

  32. CalipariSafari

    Great info on Bledsoe, check it out:

  33. BigBlueThunderCats

    I guess that it could be a pride thing but players like Meeks and Patterson are well due their schollys but what would keep them from giving them up? They are not going to be hurting for money in a year or so, and even if they can go on academic scholarship what would stop them? Someone with more knowledge than I care to explain this to me?

  34. wldctky

    The Seniors might not be “FORCED” to leave but are well aware they won’t be playing!!!

  35. Remember "The Member"

    So, how did your stopover at the Shiloh’s Roadhouse of London, KY go this evening, Matthew?

  36. Fastcats007

    “Matt Pilgrim is the practice legend of UK, but there were also performance issues there.” (what type of performance issues??…hopefully not what she said…(academic or the individual workouts…(again hopefully not what she said).

  37. HoboKat

    I dont think redshirts count against the scholarship limit for two reasons:

    1. We wouldve had 20 people on scholarship this year.

    2. Marquis Estill was a redshirt senior.

  38. pete

    i’m so happy for chuck hayes that he’s lasted in the league. he’s getting some good pt right now in the playoffs

  39. IndyKat

    21-LOL–EB is a dead ringer for Delk’s son

  40. Zidane


  41. IndyKat

    Wouldn’t we have the option of redshirting Stephenson and Liggins? It would make a lot of sense
    since the cupboards would be bare in 2010. Stewart leaves and now you only need one scholly.

  42. drewster

    Clearly most people would agree — with a little give and take — that IF Wall does sign with UK and Meeks and Patterson return, we would have a starting five of: Wall, Meeks, Miller, Patterson and Cousins with the second five of Bledsoe, Hood, Harris, Stevenson/Pilgrim and Orton. You may substitute Liggins or Galloway for either Bledsoe, Hood or Harris… but pretty much that’s the way I see it. That’s our 13 scholarships right there. Harrellson, Stewart and Williams are the odd men out in my view.

    Oh… I forgot Dodson! Damn! How is Calipari going to figure it out? Never would have dreamed just a month ago that we would have this problem…


    37) redshirts count

  44. pointblankporter

    Renshaw got fiiiiiirrrreedd.

  45. tyson

    i have heard from two different people that told me earlier this week that bledsoe was committing today that wall is committing to uk tomorrow. anyone else hearing this? matt i am sure you have heard it so why arent you mentioning it?

  46. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    You know people, the beautiful part of all this is, we could end this recruiting trail today. We could be done with the best class in the nation because ESPNU’s system is fricken gay. Rivals all the way and not just because of Knetucky being the No. 1 class. BUT THE BEAUTY! Wall is still being recruited. He stated TODAY-not yesterday BEFORE Bledsoe signed-TODAY, that we were a definite lock for the top three. Calipari truly is unbelievable. Best coach I’ve watched recruit and he’s ours… This has been one helluva start to the UK offseason. If Wall comes and Meeks and Patterson stay which signs are pointing towards just that, I will cry. I will literally break down and cry. Lets see it happen. UK FANBASE, MY MESSAGE TO YOU ALL IS STAND UP AND GIVE ONE MORE CHANT, JUST ONE MORE CHANT! …we want Wall! We Want Wall! WE WANT WALL!

  47. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    44 – No kidding? When did this happen?


    44) i heard he did it for free anyway

  49. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    ACADEMIC SCHOLLIES are not likely. A player can not just say, “Hey I have good grades so put me on an Academic Scholarship.” In order for them to do so, they would need to apply with the general population of student body and be awarded the scholarship fair and square. Possible, but not likely or it would happen more often.

    REDSHIRT SCHOLARSHIPS COUNT AGAINST THE NUMBER OF 13. Count the scholarship players last year. Pilgrim counted. You have 5 years to play 4 and it counts against the number.

  50. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks


    If you thought Fulmer had little holding him back from recruiting from the jail cells of America Lane Kiffin has set up a recruiting office there.

    Check out the latest

  51. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    46 – Couldn’t agree more and am completely psyched about BB season! I WILL be at madness this year and plan on buying Final Four tix next year..let’s turn Indy Blue!

  52. IfThenElse

    51 – Latest what?

  53. pointblankporter

    47- No idea, the guest hosts on the freak show said he would not be back.

  54. GetShitRight

    My roommate is not a Kentucky native and I am trying to explain to him how great Hayes was here and how much he loved Kentucky. Can anyone find his career stats here or that great picture of him tearing up during My Old Kentucky Home on senior night? It would be a big help.

  55. wildcatreligion

    54 This is all you need to show him right here

  56. middlesboro

    It says 3 schools. So Kentucky, Duke, and Miami…… I hope he just comes out and says he’s going to UK and skips his list of 3!!!!!!!!

  57. ChuckHayesAward

    54: Tubby didn’t create an award for Hayes for nothing

  58. Donna Smith
  59. catzfan

    Great photo of a great move by Rondo tonight…

  60. wildcatreligion

    Does anyone know what’s going to happen with dwight perry?

  61. ChuckHayesAward

    Donna Smith, good find, but he states at the end “my stand point as of right now, I am coming back”, but a lot has changed since that interview.

  62. gossie21

    37 – do you know the difference between a redshirt and a walk-on? A redshirt sits the season out to maintain eligibility. A walk-on is a player not on scholarship. All of the players you described were walk-ons. Redshirts count against the limit.

  63. KowboyKyle

    Pitino is gonna be a daddy!

  64. Moving4Ward

    ‘Fish’ just punked Scola, did anybody see that shit? BOOOOOMMMMM!

  65. student_4life

    LA fans are idiots for cheering him when he left. I hope he gets his next game.

    BTW… does a Flagrant 2 mean hes out for the next game??

  66. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Here’s what I was talking about in post #50…

    Rural Kiffin is scraping the bucket folks…

  67. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Watch the video here on WLEX TV about the Bledsoe commitment and right afterwards Mary Joe Perino says some details of the University of Tennessee New Low Prison Grab.

  68. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    Nice to see that the NBA also believes in moving screens. Although, I think Joe Crawford gave the Rockets a few makeup fouls in return.

  69. Moving4Ward

    65) Not sure. Walton and Vujabitch running the break is poetry in motion, just hope Wall and Bledsoe can be half as fast as those two…lol.

  70. student_4life

    69. Yea 2 nice fast breaks in a row.

    Lakers are getting called for everything…… wow….

  71. Moving4Ward

    67) That is unbelievable. I hate to judge somebody, but how can Kiffin even offer someone with that on their record. The act that the new Vol committed is beyond disgusting. Truly disgusting person that shouldn’t be on the streets. I wonder how the Vol fanbase is going to react to this.

  72. flipisatrip

    i read somewhere that he said “get the SHIP righted” not get shit right.

  73. flipisatrip

    that country grammar is too much for most of these yankees up here in KY to understand

  74. Moving4Ward

    Kobe is on fire, this game is getting ugly.

  75. jeanine edwards sly grin

    Coach Cal said via twitter at 9:35 pm “Big Day tomorrow. I get to watch Brad play in AAU tournament”. Now could big day be a way of cal tipping his hat on a possible John Wall commitment tomorrow? I know im grasping at straws but maybe possibly? who knows?

  76. SaveUK

    or it is a “Big Day” to him because he gets to watch his son play

  77. jeanine edwards sly grin

    also cal via twitter, “get to spend some quality time with ellen tonight”. TMI coach, TMI.

  78. wildkatninja

    this is awesome, Bledsoe and Wall, what a combo that could be in Cal’s offense? this is an exciting time to be a cats fan. On some of the other boards I post on fans of other teams are giving UK and Cal a hard time because they are getting scared as well they should be. Coach Cal for Prez!!!

  79. BPsycho

    You shouldn’t get a tech if it’s true!!

    Kobe just told Shun Bate”Ay’ ” you can’t guard me ” after draining a shot in his face.

    Lol thought I’de put that out there. I hate SB

  80. Moving4Ward

    72) It was ‘get the shit right’. It sounded like he was pretty sure that Wall would be playing along side him.

  81. BPsycho


    He PITB I gurantee……lol

  82. nessa5555

    This is from someone on Catpause

    Hood to be a walkon
    Guys don’t shoot the messenger on this just passing on something I read over on the Duke board. A poster there, who says he is attending UK, but is a Duke fan says he has heard in Lexington that Hood has told UK he would walkon his freshmen year to make room if it is needed. Has this been discussed and I just missed it or is this coming out of left field. Again I’m just asking.

  83. Moving4Ward

    78) I agree, I’ve been getting a lot of shit from UNC fans. For a team that just won the national title, they are coming across as a very insecure fanbase.

  84. wildkatninja

    82 that could make things interesting

  85. BPsycho

    OMFG Kobe. MJ? who?

  86. Moving4Ward

    82) Interesting scenario, kind of unlikely though. If true, Hood would be the best walk-on in history. Kobe is unbelievable.

  87. wildkatninja

    83, tell me about it, UNC fans, UL fans and definately Memphis fans make it almost unbearable to post other than a strictly UK site

  88. BPsycho

    #86 YES !!!!! that was also an uncalled and 1.

  89. Moving4Ward

    85) He got fouled by Yao on that play! HOLY SH!T

  90. Moving4Ward

    87) You just can’t reason with ‘those people’. That’s right, I said it.

  91. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #82–That is possible and something I have addressed on here in the past. Darren Feldhaus did the same thing his senior year in order to make room for a player. The “in-state” boys have the advantage of paying a much smaller tuition than the out of state kids. If someone wants to win (and what true blue blooded Kentucky raised kid playing for the CATS would not want that to happen) then they would easily offer it up for a “special” player that could mean the difference between Final Four or not.

    I am not saying it is going to happen, only that it is more likely than someone going on an Academic Schollie. Miller could do the same thing.

    I don’t believe the “walk-on” has the same privilidges as the scholarship players. By that I mean meals, books, etc would not be paid for either.

  92. BPsycho

    I know alotta people on here don’t like the NBA, but hot damn this is some entertaining s**t.

    Jordan gave me soo many memories as a kid, but atm I’m very glad I’m alive to watch Kobe. He passes Larry Bird next game.

  93. crazydave

    Wouldn’t suprise me about Hood…..also wouldn’t suprise me if the BB family would be paying his way either…just like ole Ford a few years back.

    Come on down John Wall.



  95. nessa5555

    Miller would be a Better Choice because he could get an Academic Schollie.


    Im sure about the whole team try to apply for one

  97. Moving4Ward

    92) Right there with you man. Rondo is putting on a display for the ages.
    That dunk he had tonight was nasty.

  98. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS


    Dougie is wrong about this one. Wall may go elsewhere but it will not be because of Bledsoe.

    If I am Cal, I am spinning this thing like this:

    To Wall: We both know you are better than Bledsoe but the kid is a three to four year player. You told me you wanted to get to the NBA as fast as possible and be prepared. I don’t know if you have seen what was on this team but what good would it have done to have no one push in practice? You need more than game experience to be the best you can be. You would not have been as prepared if I did not bring in a “good” guard. This helps us get you where you want to be.

    To Bledsoe: I helped Rose get where he wanted. I will help Wall get where he wants and I will help you as well. You are not quite there yet but it will be great for you to learn from Wall and see what all he has to go through. Once he leaves, you will be the man and on your way to the next level. Wall will push you in practice and show you what we need to work on in order to make you a lotter pick. Regardless of where you go, you will be in college at least two years, probably three and maybe four but the choice is yours. Come join us and grow into a lottery pick.

    It is not hard to believe that both could end up at UK. Why? Because Cal is that good.


    So what does Bledsoe – also a point guard – think about perhaps being teammates with Wall. Here’s what he told The Kentucky Sports Network.

    “If he is, I would be playing against a pro in practice every night,” Bledsoe said. “That will make me better.”

    Check out the Bledsoe interview at this LINK

  99. GoCats2010


    Its almost impossible to get an academic scholarship at UK. You have to compete with the student body in your college. Anyone in Business and Economics has no chance and I’ve heard other colleges are just as bad.

    I’m a junior and have a 3.9, am employed, and hold board positions in multiple groups on campus and they wont give me a red cent from the B&E college. My drawback is being a white male, so maybe the players would have a better shot.

    Everyone drop the academic crap…its not happening. (maybe they could get $1,500 per year because that is the only non-college-specific scholarship offered by UK once you are enrolled)

  100. catdawg

    98) Blue once again you make great points. I hadn’t even thought of it that way but it makes so much sense for both of them.

  101. Moving4Ward

    I don’t pay that much attention to the NBA during its regular season, mainly due to CBB, but their isn’t anything much better than the playoffs.

  102. BleedBlue33

    98) I love that in the interview he mentions the UK fans at the derby classic. Who knows how big of an impact we made on him that night alone….I love it

  103. Moving4Ward

    98) Bledsoe is getting an unfair rap from some haters out there because of how he conducts himself in his interviews, which I think is bullsh1t. EB seems like a good kid that has been in a sub-par education system, it’s not his fault. Had to get that off my chest. He seems very excited to be a CAT, and I couldn’t be happier for him and his future teammates.

  104. Moving4Ward

    102) I was there, cheering my ass off for him, your welcome sir.

  105. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    I remember a guy that Rick Pitino said he could not understand a word he said that turned out to be fan favorite. If I am not mistaken, he is the Agricultural Secretary at this time.

  106. crazydave

    Everything makes sense about Wall coming….even to match up with a very good point guard day in and day out. If people thought UK fans were insane before…..STANDBY!!!!

  107. nessa5555

    This Came from the Duke Scout Board LOL.

    Wouldnt Hood Rather Play somewhere else then Walk on.

  108. catdawg

    107) Remember where it came from. Some people just don’t understand.

  109. Band Of BlueCats

    Eric Bledsoe will be a fan favorite.

  110. Flop

    I can’t believe that any of you think that Hood should have to walk-on. The kid could have played pretty much anywhere in the country and now he should have to walk on to make room? It’s just ridiculous to even fathom this. If anyone should walk-on, it should be Harrelson, Stevenson, or Harris. In-state tuition rates be damned!

  111. Flop

    For the record, I doubt any current scholarship or incoming player has to walk-on. Donald Williams is the only one you could see doing it and he’s pretty much already out the door. People will be transferring to make room eventually. No one wants to pay for school when they don’t have to.

  112. Meetme@EuclidnWoodland

    I remember a guy by the name of Wayne Turner that Bledsoe draws comparisons to in his size, gameplay, and high school statistics. If Bledsoe can pan out into the 4 year player that Turner did, and share similar success as a CAT, I’ll be one happy fan. Who says we can’t be a legitimate final four contender next year? Doug Gottlieb? Lets get serious now.

  113. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Whoa there Floppy–No one suggested that Hood be a walk on. I only pointed out that it is an option that has been done in the past. If I am Hood, grew up a fan, have the desire to win at all cost and it comes down to having players (friends) leave the team to make room for a star like Wall or me take one for the team–I would “offer” it up without the coach asking. Feldhaus did it so it has been done in the past. Feldhaus was a senior and not a freshman but nonetheless, it made the CATS better and we started a run at the Championship because of it.

    I am not saying that Hood should do it but if he feels that is what is best and does not mind paying his own way then by all means be a hero and team player. If not, I will not support him any less than 110%.

  114. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #112–Turner, I believe, played in more games than any other player in UK history. If Bledsoe plays every game for four years, he will beat that record due to the four straight Championships UK will win–LOL

  115. Flop

    Unless the kid openly desires to walk on to help the team, I’m completely against it. It’s his decision and I would accept it, if it’s his idea alone.

    I would rather not land Wall than ask Hood to walk on. Asking a top 40 freshman recruit to walk on is a lot different than asking a senior like Feldhaus or Estill to do it. They understand the situation completely and have gotten to experience the benefits of being a scholarship player.

    You have to draw a line in the sand somewhere.

  116. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #115–Then you and I are on the same page. Pressue should not be put on the player to give it up but if he “wants” to do it, then his wish should be granted.

  117. nessa5555

    Bledsoe still has a qualification issue. Due to the NCAA’s sliding scale he needs at least a B in a summer AP Math class to become eligible.

  118. Flop

    Gulp…. Are you sure that’s an AP Math class he needs to get a B in?

    I was hoping for Algebra I, honestly.

  119. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    It is a “core” class and not an AP class.

  120. UKSoCalCampus

    117- He’s taking AP Calculus?

  121. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Also, it is not a “summer school” class. If he doesn’t get a “B” in the class, he could then take summer school to get qualified. He scored a 17 on his ACT and needs that “B” to maintain something like a 2.3 GPA. Alabama has an Exam that must be passed in order to graduate. He has also passed that so it all hinges on passing the math class.

  122. adaircam4

    with Bledsoe going to a major university and being a nationally ranked player, I’m pretty sure he will make a B regardless…school officials will make sure that happens…I’m sure his math teacher got the memo.

  123. one_time

    anyone with a 17 on an ACT and is borderline to get into college that is paid for already is not taking AP calculus and risking not getting into school. People quit making things up just to worry the hell out of other people. thanks im off the soapbox

  124. soup

    I think its crazy that Kentucky fans would make fun of the way a southern boy talks. Damn. At least he didn’t say “IDK.” Bledsoe seems like a nice kid that the fans should adopt as one of our own and a fan favorite. I’m excited as hell to have him.

  125. UKNation

    If that would have been me in that chair having a press conference and I said “get sh** right”… I would have been back handed by my mom and then my dad. When did it become acceptable to do this in front of your parents?

  126. Cals Italian Army

    MIlls was a walk on because Pitino didn’t recruit him. He turned out very well I thinkk. Mills could have gone to college somewhere on a scholarship.

  127. Cals Italian Army

    About the way Bledsoe talks. If you have ever been around ghetto people you would know their language is not like people’s who don’t live in the ghetto. I read somewhere a long time ago that UK had a program for freshmen that taught them to do interviews. And that freshmen were not allowed to do interviews until they were sophomores. Is this correct? Asking some older fans.

  128. TheRallyCat

    Speculation of current players future status is ofBad Taste. I hope none of them read this blog! We should be ashamed as fans to discuss it in a public forum. The whole situation could blow up in our faces.

  129. GetShitRight

    I know Tubby used to have a thing where he didn’t let freshmen do interviews, period. I don’t know if there is any merit to them taking an interviewing class or not.
    Also 128, I agree. I’m a junior at UK right now and read this blog religiously, and I don’t know if I would be more pissed off or depressed if I played ball here and read some comments bashing me. Yeah, they’re gods, because they play for UK – but they’re also college kids.

  130. Cals Italian Army

    125 you must be an older person. This generation of people do and say anything. Just watch some movies on TV. Some of the young people wear some of the biggest crosses they can and live like the devil.

  131. booted

    129 – that is why as a player you don’t read these boards. Just like entertainers don’t watch TMZ…it is gossip!

  132. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    128 – I disagree. Everyone knows whats going to happen. We just don’t know who its going to happen to. We have all the right in the world to speculate, especially the media because its their job and we want to hear what they think.

  133. » BBL: Eric Bledsoe signing links John Clay’s Sidelines

    […] Kentucky Sports Radio gets a kick out of Eric Bledsoe’s rather colorful press conference language. […]

  134. edgehoops

    Who would you rather have for one season at Kentucky?:
    Patrick Patterson or John Wall

    I truly believe it is a better pick up if Kentucky keeps Patterson than to pick up Wall. We now have a point guard to go along with Liggins & Galloway. Furthermore, Patterson is an experienced big man that shows great leadership. Having Patterson around the young guys in Coach Cal’s system will provide the kind of example and work ethic for the young post players, and the team in general. Ultimately we would love to have both, but I find that people are more excited about John Wall coming than Patrick Patterson staying. It doesn’t make sense at this point. Patterson is one of the best big man to wear a UK jersey and I think we are forgeting how valuable he really is.

  135. BravoBigBlue

    If need be, I would send Stevenson packing, senior or not. He had a horrendous Jr season, when he was counted on to perform for a team that needed him. He will horrible in the dribble drive offense, even if he were to somehow get off the bench to play. But he does have the dribble walk down pat. The guy has no heart, and hates the Kentucky fans. Enough said. Good bye, so long, adios, catch ya later.

  136. edgehoops

    KSN interview with Bledsoe after signing with UK:
    very interesting

  137. crazydave

    127)If you’ve been around the way some of KY people talk…granted i do have a good sense of self depricating humor and like all teh jokes but speaking is the last thing that we should stereotype.

    Ya’ll ‘ave uh guuden…lol.

  138. Flop

    I think we should petition the NCAA to give us 16 scholarships next year, so know one gets their feelings hurt…

    Come on, guys. These kids don’t want to be here if they aren’t going to get playing time anyway. Jasper and Legion left, when we really needed both of them. It’s a two-way street. Cal has said that no one will be forced to do anything.

    The reality is that we can’t keep everyone. Not on scholarship at least. It’s hard to ask a kid that’s been going to school for free to start paying his own way. It only makes sense that some of them would rather go to another school and get a free education. Expecting a good player to walk on is more insulting than expecting them to transfer.

    Speculation is what forums are for. No one should take this stuff seriously, especially the kids themselves. We don’t set the scholarship limits. We’d gladly keep 20 scholarship kids if the NCAA would allow it.

  139. Mr Schwump

    Why don’t you people suggesting that this player or that player give up their scholarship, become a walk-on so someone else can have their scholarship, contact their family with an offer of a low interest loan to replace the thousands of dollars they’d have to pay out of pocket for tuition, books, fees, etc?

  140. Flop

    *no, Kentucky education shining through….

  141. Laker Cat 18

    I was talking to a buddy of mine last night and he brought up a very good point. (Shoutout to the Double Deuce!) Wall will end up at Florida and I’ll tell you why. They started out late as kind of the dark horse. Bledsoe says if Cal had stayed in Memphis, he would have signed with Florida. That doesn’t make sense that Florida wasn’t at least in his final 3 at all. Also about 2 weeks ago when Wall was dropped by Coach K for his book signing…Wall meets with Cal and Billy D. A day or 2 after, he says he thinks he knows where he wants to go. UK is definitely still high on the list, but in my opinion Florida is that other school to worry about…not Duke, not NC State, not Miami, not whoever…

  142. BBL: Eric Bledsoe signing links |

    […] Kentucky Sports Radio gets a kick out of Eric Bledsoe’s rather colorful press conference language. […]

  143. Remember "The Member"

    141) Not a horrible theory, that’s for sure. But, if that’s what Wall wants… then… well… whatever.

    Donovan can’t coach his way out of a paper bag. I thank God daily that the guy spurned our offers TWICE, probably because he KNOWS he wouldn’t last long here. The “miraculous” Donovan who coached back-to-back champions… then goes to the NIT two years straight with two top 5 recruiting classes. Well done. Stay in Gainesville.

    If that’s what Wall wants to play for, then more power to him. Have fun getting whipped by the Cats next year (twice). Our post players will eat UF’s for lunch.

  144. crazydave

    141) Interesting…..however, JW wants to be the dude on campus. At Florida, he will be no where near that. Heck, the back up defensive end gets more pub that NickyC.

    Even when they won back to back, they were talking about this kid who hadn’t even made it to campus yet and that dude is back for another run at the heisman. I live down in those parts and unless you’ve experienced it…the same thing we say about UK bball….you just can’t understand what it is like at a major football school/state.

    It’s the same way in Athens…lived there for 6 months….basketball just doesn’t have a chance.

  145. Laker Cat 18

    143. I thought that theory was insane when we first talked about it. Then I started thinking a little more about it. It could go either way. I’m just glad we got Bledsoe. He’ll do fine here, with or without Wall…although, both would be nice.

  146. yen

    Galloway only has one year of eligibility – if we get Wall, he will never see the court. I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides this isn’t the best situation for him and transfers to a school where he can show off his NBA potential (at 6’7″, with a lot of seasoning, he could get a look). Stewart is out, Stevenson or Pilgrim might look to move on if Patterson returns (Patterson-Orton-Cousins leaves *maybe* one spot for a big), and Hood or someone else will elect to walk-on if we get Wall (remember, Hood was one of Wall’s most persistent recruiters).

  147. Laker Cat 18

    Just kind of shocked me that Florida was Blesdoe’s leader about 2 weeks ago…then they weren’t even in his top 2 just like THAT. Seemed to change after both coaches visited Wall. Bledsoe makes it sound like Memphis wasn’t even an option from what he said about signing with Florida if Cal had stayed.

  148. Mr. Obvious

    If Wall wants maximum exposure than it has to be UK, Duke or N. Carolina… If Williams would offer he’d go there, but I think it’s UK as of now!

  149. Mr. Obvious

    146- What about Harrelson, I feel he’d be gone before Pilgrim…

  150. edgehoops

    I’ve seen Pilgrim first hand…. he is not going anywhere. Way to talented and he has already transfered once.

  151. catfanjohn

    I already love Eric Bledsoe!
    He said in the inteview that he really wanted to come to UK because of the fans and the tradition, and he really wanted to a part of the UK tradition. Thats what we needed most I think!
    Unlike Henry that said he knew nothing about UK or the tradition at UK. We are better off with kids that understand the UK tradition and want to be a part of that history.
    He also said that he gets excited when he thinks about playing with Wall next season because no one in the country will be able to get the ball up the court as fast as they will be able to. I love this kid! I hope Wall gets to see that interview

  152. UKhoopshysteria

    #134 How much is a bag of what you are smoking? Yes, I know Patterson is an experienced frontcourt player with solid skills. However, do you realize how loaded we are in the frontcourt? I am being dead serious when I say this, “next years frontcourt is comparable to many NBA teams.” Absolutely sick!!! Although I love PPat, John Wall is a game changer in the truest since. With the ball in his hands he controls the flow of the game and can take over in various ways. To all those who are saying they are done with Wall’s recruitment are the very ones probably constantly checking his status. Don’t kid yourself boys he is a phenom and deserves MOST of the attention. I believe many fans are protecting their own ego by stating they could care less what Wall does. That way if he goes somewhere else…its who cares we got Bledsoe and if he comes then great.

  153. wildcatmatt

    Look at what Oprah done with her chicken deal.
    KFC riots.

  154. UKhoopshysteria

    sense not since…sorry bout that ^

  155. wildcatmatt

    and I can’t remember which poster is responsible for it!!!! hahah

    BTW link is from Louisville.

  156. BigCatDaddy4263

    I’m not ashamed to admit it, I check on Wall’s status on an hourly basis and I honestly believe that he’s coming to Kentucky. He can get the National Exposure on Television on a weekly basis, he will be treated like a rock star and he will excell in the offense that has landed Derek Rose as the 1st overall pick in the draft. Not to mention, he will be surrounded by GREAT TALENT…

    Just a side note, I heard Howey “Doody” Lyndsey from the Cardinals Sports Report just a few minutes ago on radio and he was saying that he would not have Kentucky in his top 20 because of the unknown factors and those kids being freshman and you will not know what to expect out of them. He would rate Kentucky’s recruiting class behind N.C. However, if Wall was to sign with Kentucky, then he could see Kentucky being in the top 10?

  157. Mr. Obvious

    153- Have you tried their new “baked” chicken?

  158. Mr. Obvious

    156- Lyndsey’s an idiot!

  159. catfanjohn

    Didn`t Bledsoe say that if Cal would have stayed at Memphis he wouldn`t have gone to Memphis? I love it! Bledsoe wanted to play for UK! But he apparently didn`t want to play for BCG. We are so lucky to have Coach Cal as our head coach now! I feel like the whole state of Kentucky won the lottery with him! We could not have done any better! I don`t care what anybody says I think Coach Cal is the best coach in the country and he will prove it over the next couple of years! The last time I said that I got kinda bashed by a few people on here but I don`t care, I truly believe we landed the best coach in the country. I can`t think of anyone else who could come in and make such a difference in such a short time. And Coach Cal loves UK and is proud to be a Wildcat. That means everything

  160. edgehoops

    152, Your right that Wall is a great player, but your wrong if you think he will have as much of an impact as Patterson coming back. Yes we are loaded in the front court, but don’t forget that Patterson is one of the best big men to ever wear a UK jersey. There is also the experience and maturity factor. Furthermore, Patterson has shown great leadership qualities. That takes nothing away from Wall and his abilities. It would be great to have both if not one, but given the decision of having Patterson come back or picking up Wall… I’d take Patterson.

  161. dcsports

    156 – I think we can all agree that Lindsey is nothing more than a player hating oxygen thief!!

  162. BigCatDaddy4263

    I’m beginning to hate listening to the station in Louisville, they are so freaking biased, but I know, the ESPN radio is located in Louisville, but what the hell is lyndsey thinking??

    How can you not rate Kentucky’s recruting class # 1 No matter if you’re from Louisville or not…

  163. veeper

    Final Four caliber team – per zagsblog……………..

  164. veeper

    Which Kentucky team??? Our team with next years recruiting class — or this one??

  165. edgehoops

    Patterson would also be coming back to win a championship, whereas Wall would be looking to get to the NBA after one season. I think Patterson would be hungrier to perform for Kentucky and Wall would have to mature into understanding the importance of wearing that jersey. Wall doesn’t want to spend much time in college, he wants to get to the NBA.

  166. veeper
  167. Laker Cat 18

    159. I agree. He was our best hire possible at the time. My interpretation of what Bledsoe said was that Memphis never had a shot. Just didn’t make any sense he had them in the final 2. He wanted to play in the SEC. Said that Florida would have been his school if Cal had stayed in Memphis. Didn’t make any sense to me. Florida pissed Bledsoe off…that’s the only solution I can think of.

  168. catfanjohn

    I agree, something had to have happened to make Bledsoe change his mind so fast about Florida.

  169. Blueyouaway

    Did anyone notice at the 2:10 mark of the KSN video it showed Bledsoe signing his LOI ? His name was already written & he was tracing over it. Hope it was because he had already mailed the original in & it wasn’t to make sure he spelled it right…LOL. I tried to make out the date on it, but couldn’t. I wonder when he actually signed the original & Cal knew for sure ?

  170. chuckmarzjr


    PG Bledsoe / Galloway
    SG Meeks / Hood
    SF Miller / Dodson / Harris
    PF Patterson / Stevenson / Harrelson
    C Cousins / Orton / Pilgrim


    PG Wall / Bledsoe / Galloway
    SG Meeks / Hood
    SF Miller / Dodson / Harris
    PF Patterson / Stevenson / Pilgrim or Harrelson
    C Cousins / Orton

    OR both PG in starting lineup

    G Wall / Galloway
    G Bledsoe / Hood / Harris
    G Meeks / Miller / Dodson
    F Patterson / Stevenson / Pilgrim or Harrelson
    C Cousins / Orton

  171. chuckmarzjr

    I imagine these would be the starting linups, what do the rest of ya’ll think?

  172. dcsports

    I don’t think there is much question that the starters with our current roster will depend on who we are playing and what the matchups will be. Look forward to seeing versatility. Patterson could play the 3,4, or 5 at any given time. The same can be said for a lot of the other guys as well.
    Bledsoe,Meeks,Miller,Patterson,Cousins or Orton will be the most used starting lineup. If we add Wall, it will cut into Miller’s starts more than anyone else’s. If we lose Meeks (not likely), it will mean more minutes for Hood and Miller.

  173. BigGamer54

    REDSHIRT PERRY STEVENSON. Get him in the weight room.

  174. Mr Schwump

    No PS redshirt, he needs to complete his eligibility ASAP!

  175. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    Anyone who hasn’t read the John Wall interview with Rivals the other day needs to. Most encouraging shit ever. Wall pretty much flat out said we were the leader. The Bledsoe situation was brought up and he said no problem. Amazing kid. All the recruits adore Coach Cal. He truly is our savior.

  176. dmw8067

    127, Coach Hall had some sort of training program or sessions every year to train the players on speaking in public and doing interviews. I think he did more in this area than any other UK coach to this point.

  177. The Scholarship Situation « KySportsFan

    […] we’ll probably start to here about transfers and stuff if there are any. Here’s also a blog entry from Matt Jones that gives his take on the situation. So the wait should soon be over so […]