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Did the Courier Journal Accidentally Leak Sypher Story?


A reader sends me this picture above that he claims was on the Courier Journal website earlier yesterday. It shows the protestors outside the Karen Sypher indictment yesterday, specifically those on Sypher’s side. The young man to the fari right is Sypher’s son and according to our reader, this picture was on the Courier Journal site yesterday. I looked today and was not able to find it again, but if the young man is Sypher’s son, it gives some indication as to which of the many rumors may be the center of Sypher’s allegation in the Sypher. The Courier Journal does however have another picture up today that looks strikingly similar:


As you can see, it looks as if the Courier took the same photo, cut out the picture of Sypher’s son and then put it back on the site, where you can see it now in their photo galleries. Why did they do it? You tell me. Add to it the fact that apparently WAVE3 showed the same video last night and pulled it from their site later, and I think we see a pattern.

The Courier Journal is a terrific news organization and its storied history has been a beacon of journalistic integrity in this state. But here we have a case of this bastion of journalism self-editing a picture, without explaining why, or even telling the public that it has done so. Is this a journalistic decision? Is this because of some belief into the veracity of the young man’s sign or a policy that the paper has towards all protestors? Or is it something else….perhaps a phone call from the folks at Louisville or a symbol of a newspaper scared to print the news for fear of a lawsuit? You tell me.

UPDATE: Thanks to a reader, here is the Wave3 video of the story:

Article written by Matt Jones

139 responses to “Did the Courier Journal Accidentally Leak Sypher Story?”

  1. cityoflights

    Holy F

  2. LizzieB

    Oh my. Worse than I thought.

  3. MEWH

    Hard as hell to prove though.

  4. deuceinyoeyeISBACKagain

    wow..this should be linked to everyone in the city of louisville. what a joke

  5. MEWH

    Unless she has photo/email/phone taps of Slicky P telling her to do such a thing

  6. SlickRick48

    Matt Jones ain’t scared!!

  7. tltaworl62

    Oops, some web editor got fired

  8. cobrecat

    Wonder what they are attempting to cover up?

  9. catty

    I saw the same pictures yesterday. There also were 2 signs. One with the name Rick on it, and another with these last letters of a word– ino. mmmm wonder what that word was. Neither sign would they show completely. I looked through all of them for a pic of the whole sign.

    Unbelievable that they are censoring themselves and not reporting the whole story. It is really sickening to know that.

    I remember the heat that the reporters at the CJ took when they wrote the stories about UL. One of them got suspended. Then he went to a national network. I hoped he would have the same b–ls and write a real story about this. But apparently he traded them in to write that book last year.

  10. Beatle Bum

    Why all the kiss-butt language regarding the CJ?

  11. catty

    There were 12 photos yesterday, only 11 today.

  12. thehow

    Wow. Does anyone else feel like the coverup job being done by the media is making this feel even bigger and more grave than it otherwise might?

  13. Kicker

    why is Pitino getting this hush hush treatment! break the story already!

  14. Cobb

    Well, looks like the cat’s out of the bag. This is going to get ugly.

  15. ukhooligan

    they cut it out because it has the word “abortion” in it – duh. which confirms the rumor that Pitino knocked her up and forced her to abort the child. i believed this rumor the first time i heard it – it just makes the most sense.

  16. coachclyde

    Anyone else think that the sign in the background that is partially covered up reads, “Right to Life”? All you can see is “Right to”. This would lead alittle more credence to the other sign.

  17. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    Wooh, this is heavy stuff. If the allegations floating around are true, honestly the best thing Ricky P can do is to go ahead and spill all the beans and get it over with. The truth will eventually come out, and the longer this festers the worse it will be. The “Encounter” in 2002. Sounds like the making of a book deal to me.

  18. Cali-Party

    for sale “I BANGED KAREN SYPHER” T-shirts.

  19. Big Blue Cali-Zone


  20. bubbleup

    Pitino better hope that these amateurs don’t get the Right to Life folks down there picketing. You think that would get edited by the CJ?

  21. drewky

    Pitino doesn’t want right to life folks coming to town, they are easily the worst, most disgusting, hate-filled group of protesters there are. Make PETA look like boy scouts.

  22. bd4769

    Can anyone else hear the KAR-EN SY-PHER chant coming from Rupp?

  23. BigCatDaddy4263

    According to some identified sources, she had the abortion in 2003 about the time that Rick Pitino took off for the Cleveland Clinic on a “personal” nature. She has proof you guys, don’t think for one minute that this lady is trying to snow job Pitino. She has proof and it will come out during the trial and this will throw the “great” Slick Rick under the new basketball arena..

  24. jon in jeff

    No Pitino fan here, but think the CJ got it right. They have no proof of anything except what is on public record in the court proceedings.

    Probably should have just gotten another picture though.

  25. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    #22 — That kind of chant will cause bloodshed in 2010. Mark my words

  26. jon in jeff

    23- what proof? and proof of what. The only “crime” in which there is apparently any proof is that she tried to blackmail him. Hope they throw away the key on her.

    As for Pitino, hope theres some major discomfort but no real pain.

  27. Kicker

    i always thought pitino was gay 🙁

  28. johnhenry

    Hey BigCatDaddy4263 where are you getting your sources from? Ricky P didnt go to the clinic in 2003 it was in 2004.

  29. GtheWildcat

    so how long till Jurich yanks Matt’s show for putting this picture up

  30. tacukwildcats

    Silly Louisvillites

  31. bigclubswinger

    This is just so weird. Why would she let her son hold a sign like that? She’s got to be a bit off. It must be her son as he’s in the current picture on the CJ front page next to her. Maybe the CJ is trying to protect him. There may be some validity to what happened with Pitino but almost every person that hears the story (Media, FBI, even her own lawyer) seems to question to validity of her accusations. My guess is that Rick probably did nothing illegal but will he be able to withstand the PR hit of what did happen? Not looking good but I’m not buying in to the big conspiracy to cover it up yet.

  32. jon in jeff

    And what are these IDIOTS protesting. Lets say for the moment that he did have an affair with her and there is all kinds of proof. Thats not a crime. Blackmail on the other hand tends to be prosecutable.

    Then again, most protesters (not all) tend to be idiots so there ya go.

  33. johnhenry

    She said on the news last night when they interviewed her that she didnt know any of the people out there….hmm sounds like she knew what she was doing and having her son do, also they older guy in the glasses is a good friend with her’s that is also good friends with the gentleman that made the call to Ricky P for the demands.

  34. johnnypittman

    off subject…watching first take and wondering why they would humiliate Ron Harper and continue his interview although he is struggling MIGHTILY with speaking. he needs to go to the same teacher/program as Bill Walton…it’s BAD.

  35. Ollie

    Matt, are you serious? The CJ was once a very respected publication and it is far better than the LHL, but to say its a terrific news organization is a stretch, it used to be, but since 90% of newspapers across America are pretty much committed to the left, there are very few respected publications. And those that are committed to the right, I feel the same way. Just tell us the news and don’t put a slant on it.

  36. STLouisBBFan

    24, 26, 32 . . . I don’t have a dog in this fight other than I hope it negatively affects RP’s ability to recruit top players but let me ask you this. Why is it alright for the CJ and “media” to print RP’s allegations of blackmail and not KS’s allegations of whatever. They are both just allegations at this point.

    You don’t know anything . . . and how often are allegations withheld or censored in this case by the media . . . they often enhance even a suggestion of an allegation into big headlines . . . the CJ and Louisville media “appear” to be in the tank for RP and TJ and UL in general.

    I am not a fan of the LHL but at least they called out UK when they probably needed to be called out. It’s called integrity.

  37. bubbleup

    It’s not hard to connect the dots on this, but there is also a twist that will surprise people when (if?) it comes out. The real question will be for Jurich and Ramsey…even if he did not do anything illegal, do you still want him coaching 18 year-old kids and representing your univeristy?

    If I’m a parent of an 18 year-old…would you let you son play for him? Maybe (except that it’s Louisville and my son would know better)

    If I’m the parent of an 18 year-old daughter who wants to be a trainer for UL….NO WAY IN HADES would she get near him.

  38. STLouisBBFan

    31 Maybe her son is trying to support his mother and keep her out of jail? What son wouldn’t. Maybe he’s doing whatever he can to get her side of the story out. HMMMMM.

  39. deuceinyoeyeISBACKagain

    this is the deal, given to me from a buddy here at work. i would seriously expect a plea bargain in this case. BECAUSE, if it goes to trail, all of the information within that trial will be made public. since it isnt a civil matter, they cant just simply “settle”. BUT we shall see how much pull Ricky Peezy has with the Lou Metro Gov’t, because if it reaches a blea bargain…it’ll all go away. and why would Sypher want a plea bargain? OFCOURSE she would! she isnt going to A) make this go to trail (i.e. take a heavier sentence, because she IS guilty of extortion) just to prove he sex-ed her up numerous times. she will take a plea bargain, not go to jail, and will be forced to shut her mouth about it

  40. thehammer

    Sports blog?

  41. veeper

    Did I hear someone say – John Wall is the daddy?

  42. slappy

    Calipari said last night at the Governor’s mansion that there would be news today that would make UK fans smile.

  43. johnhenry

    She seems like she is a doorknob…….

  44. slappy

    I don’t think this is what he was referring to.

  45. KowboyKyle

    I can’t wait for the entire Rupp arena crowd to chant Karen Sypher..over and over
    and over…and we beat those nasty ass cards by 30….That would be so awesome!!!

  46. student_4life

    40. mm knew that last week…. will leak soon

  47. johnnypittman

    lawdog matt, please correct me if i’m wrong but there is only an indictment…ms sypher has not been convicted – though it doesn’t look good – and is innocent until proven guilty. her accusations against RP are not criminal in nature – affair/pregnancy/abortion – because she was a willing participant. three questions:

    1) Could the court put a ‘gag’ order on her/her family and not allow her side of the story to be told?
    2) Could the judge order a ‘closed’ trial with no media or reporting sources allowed to be inside – with the procedures kept private?
    3) Could this be the primary reason RP is pursuing this through legal channels (doing everything he can to prevent her from telling her side of the truth)?

    thank you. i’ll hang up and listen…

  48. gobigblue32

    Before I read this post I just thought that was some random guy playing a joke….that made me laugh.

  49. bnoe

    OH SNAP!

  50. BigCatDaddy4263

    I can hear it now, the signs of Karen Syper, the chants and ugliness that’s going to be Slick Rick Pitino

  51. AJBUK

    Any possibility that Ricky P did something illegal to force her to have the abortion? You would have expected a counter suit from her side by now i guess….but is it not possible?

  52. bnoe

    normally 400-600 dollars

  53. omflshark

    21. People praying peacefully for the lives of unborn children and their mothers are the absolute scourge of the earth. Give me a break. Could there be a more righteous cause then trying to save the lives of babies?

  54. sbrock

    41. I read that somewhere also, lots of speculation on all the boards about this, but he did indeed say that some information will come out today and that it will make all uk fans smile. I think it will either be: Wall, Meeks, Asst. Coach, other than that I have no clue. I don’t think if it were something small that he would of brought it up. Also I read that Mitch B. was speaking somewhere and he was quoted saying that we still that one more recruit that is about to announce his decision to come to UK.

  55. johnhenry

    I wish I could find the poster that said he would bet everything he has that Little Richard P was having a relationship with Tim Sypher ha-ha wow if you read the courier-journal article it says Karen and Tim met in 2003 after an incident with Rick P. and Tim Sypher was there to console her.

  56. Old Henry Man


  57. Squirms

    32, on the surface, sleeping with another woman and getting her pregnant and paying for an abortion isn’t illegal…but, who’s to say there’s more to the story? maybe she wanted Rick’ child? and was ‘politely forced’ not to have the baby… what about the mental anguish she went through? it’s not as cut and dry and you seem to want to make it…

    she is a human being with emotions and she was possibly forced into circumstances that put her in danger…

    there’s a baby both Pitino and Syphers children will never know…even though it’s not ‘illegal’ that, is indeed, a crime…

    we have no idea what was done to her to make her have this abortion

  58. Squirms

    32, on the surface, sleeping with another woman and getting her pregnant and paying for an abortion isn’t illegal…but, who’s to say there’s more to the story? maybe she wanted Rick’ child? and was ‘politely forced’ not to have the baby… what about the mental anguish she went through? it’s not as cut and dry and you seem to want to make it…

    she is a human being with emotions and she was possibly forced into circumstances that put her in danger…

    there’s a baby both Pitino and Syphers children will never know…even though it’s not ‘illegal’ that, is indeed, a crime…

    we have no idea what was done to her to make her have this abortion

  59. R. Smith

    To me the issue is not whether the woman actually had an abortion or whether Pitino is the father but that the CJ took a newsworthy picture and then caved under pressure when they did nothing wrong. They are simply reporting that protestors are out in support of Karen Sypher. By publishing that photo, they aren’t endorsing what the signs say as truth – just that protestors are saying it and what they are protesting.

  60. BigCatDaddy4263

    I will say this and I will keep it very basic, my son goes to school with her son and they are friends, I don’t know her or her family. I have only spoken to the son on a couple of occassions and he seems like a very nice kid. So, I get my information from my kid….

  61. AJBUK


  62. tzuzaki4

    Rumor control, people.

  63. UKCatFan01ABC

    37, you may just want to lock your 18yo daughter up in the basement if you don’t want her to be around any adult male teachers or coaches who have had affairs.

    If it did happen, I wonder why she’s waited till now to try to get some of RP’s money?

  64. matt s

    Sypher may be the victim of something else but if she wanted to stay the victim then she should not have tried to blackmale Pitino

  65. Red Rooster

    Is he a minor?

  66. AJBUK

    She waited until now because Rick P decided just decided to end it….

  67. Mr Schwump

    RP must be glad he’s not at UK, Tipton would be on him like white on rice.

  68. bnoe

    what happened to the freak John Renshaw? I guess i have been living under a rock…

  69. bnoe

    a quote from last nights freak show…

    “both you guys look like you pay for sex”

    directed towards matt jones and some other guy.

  70. CatsfaninFL

    I love how everyone is ready to villianize (is that a word?) both parties in this case. I’m not saying I’m siding with her or RP, but let’s let the courts decide who did what wrong and to what extent. Everything everyone is saying on here now is pure speculation and regardless of what happens, things won’t be the same for either of them.

    On a side note, I’ve always believed in matters like this there are 3 sides to the story… his side, her side, and the truth. My guess is they both have some bad things they shouldn’t have done, just one sides was probably illegal… maybe both, who knows.

  71. Squirms



  72. gossie21

    46. – You can indict a ham sandwich, or so the saying goes. Indictments are not hard to come by. A gag order would not be issued unless there is danger that it could prevent the right to a fair trial. Since Pitino is not on trial, I doubt that a gag order would be issued. And I believe the court already denied a gag request by the prosecution.

  73. 081305

    Not sure if it has been mentioned here yet, but Bud Mackey has been arrested again

  74. BigCatDaddy4263

    Sypher’s son is a minor and is currently attending the same high school as my son. No, I will not give you the high school’s name, I don’t want this kid to suffer through the public forum like his mother is suffering right now…

  75. Beauregard Ulysses

    Good news is…Cal closes on his house today at 1pm.

  76. asdfasdf

    No one is really saying Rick did anything illegal, as far as I can tell, so we don’t need all the posts saying how he didn’t do anything illegal. Regardless, this is still a big deal and very interesting, I hope it all blows up soon.

  77. asdfasdf

    72, Where and for what?

  78. drewster

    21. Is it “hate filled” to want people to reconsider having an abortion? I can think of a lot of worse things to become a protester for. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard.

  79. tzuzaki4

    72. Link? Explanation?

  80. westkywriter

    Does anybody know the significance of the roses in the picture? A lot of the protesters are carrying them…

  81. BigCatDaddy4263

    I honestly think that the only thing that Rick Pitino is guilty of is extra-marital affairs and I think that everyone in the state of Kentucky knows that was going on in both Lexington and Louisville. If you don’t then get your head out of your ass. How many years has it been since JoAnne and Rick have even lived together? How many basketball games did you see JoAnne at this year? I find it odd that Rick lives in the Condo over in Jeffersonville Indiana and that JoAnne is living up in the Northeast.

  82. johnnypittman

    71. thank you…where would you find if a gag order has been denied? just curious…

  83. payne

    Several people keep saying that Rick hasn’t done anything illegal but if he had an affair then he most definitely did. Adultery is still a felony crime in some states and a misdemeanor in almost all the rest (I think it is only a misdemeanor in KY). Nobody tends to prosecute for it, but it is technically a crime.

  84. ryanfertig

    Matt- what about Jurich shutting down the ticket/zone??
    UL is much involved with this as is the media. Why you think Fox 41 covered story first?? They lost their UofL contract a few years back!!!


    OK all my Kentucky Peeps!!!! I have very reliable friends who know this woman personally and up close – she is, I am told, one the most conning, conniving woman you can imagine. Trust me, she will do and say anything if it benefits her. A few tacos shy of a platter – if you know what I mean. Her MO, apparently, is to place a tremendous hardship on just about everybody she becomes acquainted with. I would say the FBI found that out really quick. I don’t doubt that probably something went on between the two of them, BUT I would take everything she says with a grain of salt. I am sure Rick is no angel. He also has his “troops” in New York, so I’d stay away from the concrete shoes. The person I feel the most sorry for is her second, third, or fourth, however any she has, ex-husband, which by the way says a lot about her!!!

  86. johnnypittman

    82. i see what you are saying but wouldn’t that charge be brought against Ms Sypher as well or because she was single at the time of the ‘encounter’ does she avoid prosecution? (if there was an encounter – for the UL fans out there – hahaha.)

  87. travyork


  88. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    She will no doubt go to a Federal Penitentary over this, but what the hell is up with everyone on here trying to give Ole Ricky a get out of jail free card? He may not have done a thing illegal, which is good, but it is obvious that he was playing Hide The Sausage with The Milf, and his little fishies were able to swim upstream. If this was the case, and she indeed did abort, are you silly enought to think that there are not medical records that she has or will attain? And someone is suggesting that a Gag Order being initiated,,,Hell it looks to me like the Friggin Media has already institued one. If this was one of our coaches, can you imagine the National Media frenzy? Yea, Ole Ricky has stepped in the doo doo this time. It will come out, eventually.

  89. johnnypittman

    84. Do your friends know where John Wall is going to play next year?

  90. CatFanForLife

    55. If you don’t have a link to a credible site, then hush. We will all know when he is going to commit ahead of time, because there will be a press conference. Unless we get a leak of course.

  91. thehammer

    ksr=rumor mill

  92. I am the Grand Poobah

    Here is the bottom line. Sypher will go to jail, and everyone in the state will know that Pitino is a sleazeball. Thats it. Excuse me, just got a tweet from Coach Cal. Coach is closing on his house at 1:00 today. Good to know coach, good to know.


    OK people think logically. If you were the connving type as I am told she is – if you were pregnant with Rick Pitino’s child – you are not going to go and have an abortion, you are going to have that baby and hold that baby over his head for the next 18 years to life and get anything and everything you ever wanted…..she’s smarter than that folks.

  94. Get Shit Right

    I hope all of the UL recruits can get out of their LOI. I’d hate to have to play for that guy. His reputation is sinking fast.

  95. I am the Grand Poobah

    Coach Cal wants us to quit trying to find “hidden messages about recruiting in his tweets” Says he really is closing his house at 1:00

  96. kildee

    Pitino is protected by the media more than Barack Obama.

    OK. Maybe not that much.

  97. Cawood2Cal

    Toward question we’re asked, “Why did they do it? You tell me.” … I bet it was a mistake. I think the photo was put up without realizing that he was her son. Someone notified the paper of his identity as soon as they saw the photo, and it was cropped. The alternatives are more complex. … 1) A reporter at the CJ knew it was her son and put it up to leak the story. It surely could have been what happened, but it seems risky. 2) The CJ itself made the decision to leak the story in a manner that makes it look like an honest mistake to Jurich and their fans. Very possible, but this would mean a conspiracy. Plus, they cropped the photo too fast, imo, to make this likely.

    Now whether cropping it was the right decision is an altogether different question. It would first require knowing the reason behind doing so.

    This is what we talked about on here the other day — info kept secret vs. info released. The dilemma faced when attempting to protect reputations and the innocent involved while reporting the story.

  98. BigCatDaddy4263

    oh lord, don’t bring the President into this and it turns out to be a nerd fight over politics

  99. johnnypittman

    KSISALOSER = Tim Sypher…seems like he knows her better than we think…

  100. jllouisville

    I thought Rick lived in Mockingbird Gardens behind the old Azalea. If Karen Sypher is a milf, you all must not get out much.
    She looks like my old Birkin bag. (It is a pretty bag, I guess.)

  101. BigCatDaddy4263

    The last I knew of, he lived in Jeffersonville in the Condo over looking the Ohio River with a great view of the downtown arena…

  102. Secretariat

    18- has some Sypher shirts, since you asked.

  103. STLouisBBFan

    Don’t forget that Tim Sypher was allegedly “wronged” too and that the couple is in the middle of a divorce proceeding.

    Maybe . . . after receiving a hefty payout by Rick to do something that she later regretted and likely signing a confidentiality agreement, she said to Tim, “Pay me what I want in the divorce or you and your slimy boss will be deposed by my lawyer and you know what will be asked!”

    Then RP says oh SH*T and what can I do to avoid this. Let’s see, call KS and ask her what it will take to get me out of this, and oh . . . tape the call and allege exhtortion.

    It seems like it’s ok for RP to buy his way out of his problem but not ok for him to be asked to be bought out of his problem. Thus the difference between exhtortion and bribery.

    The CJ are cowards.

  104. holiday01

    they cropped my pic out also

    It said

    “Success and Abortion is a Choice”


    100. You are a wise one – BUT THAT CONDO WAS FOR ONE OF HIS “GIRLFRIENDS”…….

  106. Epps2Shep

    Matt Jones on TV??? See last night’s episode in the FReak Show archive (5-13-08)

  107. johnnypittman

    103. funny…bad but funny…

  108. BPsycho

    I have been cropped outa this photo as well.

    I was standing far left, my sign said: ” Save a whale- harpoon a fat chick! “

  109. BigCatDaddy4263

    My bad, is that where Patty Swope lives?

  110. jon in jeff

    Alright people, I just still dont get the protesters. If a person tries to rob a bank to pay the rent, you dont protest the guy that owns the appartment building for his rent being to high. Not a great analogy but you get the point.

    What she aledgely did is ILLEGAL. Why what he alledgley did is morally and ethically wrong, there is no law broken, (although Jo-ann my have him serving the rest of their days together in solitary if ya know what i mean.)

    The courts have said its the womans right to an abbortion. I you can get an abbortion without the fathers consent, you can certainly keep the child without his.

    So lets review. Pitino may have done something wrong. Sypher may have done something wrong and illegal. One can not be prosecuted, the other can. SO WHAT WERE THEY PROTESTING?!!!

  111. BravoBigBlue

    What if Pitino not only got her pregnant, but had unprotected sex with her when he knew he had an STD? I bleieve that is a criminal offense. Maybe that’s why he went to the Cleveland Clinic.

  112. drmarc

    Video briefly shows the “Abortion” sign…


    110. I like your investigative thinking!!!! I had not heard that synopsis!

  114. bubbleup

    109. They are saying that he encouraged/insisted/forced her to get the abortion against her will. I wonder if ole Father Bradley will sit on Pitino’s bench this year?

  115. jon in jeff

    113- I cant stop my wife from getting an abortion if she wants one. How can Pitino make her get one if she doesn’t.

    Think before you type people.

  116. BPsycho

    #114 ” Rednecks ” thinking to them selves “sure ya can brother it’s called your left and right hands”


  117. jon in jeff



    114 – WTG THANK YOU – you people obviously don’t think anything through before you type it – did Pitno put a gun to her head and force her out of bed, drive her to a clinic with a gun to her head, stand beside her while she filled out the paperwork in a busy office with a gun to her head, did he stand in the room while the procedure was being performed with a gun to her head and in the other hand a gun put to the head of the doctor – NOT!!!!!! You cannot force someone to an act of that nature. He may have “monetarily convinced her” to have an abortion and now some years down the road – she is divorcing, she has no job, she has no friends, suddenly what he paid her several years doesn’t seem like it’s enough money so she just thought she would EXTORT some out of him………..please think before you speak.

  119. johnnyversace

    I love how the CJ will print her allegations against her ex-husband;

    That year, Sypher and Wise were divorced for the second time. In a petition for an emergency protective order against him, she alleged he had beaten her, called her names and held her “by the feet and scrubbed the floor with her head.”

    but not print her allegations about Pigtino. These allegations certainly sound damaging to her ex-husband’s reputation and cannot be corroborated.

  120. STLouisBBFan

    117 So you’re saying that the Courier Journal should only report things that are of a criminal nature. I believe the argument in this post is about why the CJ is censoring itself . . . not whether your boy RP did anything illegal. The abortion issue and whether RP had anything to do with it is allegedly part of her story . . . that is being voluntarily censored by the CJ. So . . . please “read” before you post because I haven’t heard anyone “speaking” in this comment section.

  121. robby

    what if the kid holding the sign in the picture(her son) is pitino’s illegitament child?

  122. bubbleup

    117-Semantics…I’ll go with “monetarily convinced her” instead of encouraged/insisted/forced.

  123. The Meck Deck » Blog Archive » Kentucky Newspaper Blinks on Pitino Story

    […] Weird one going on regarding Louisville hoops coach Rick Pitino and woman accused of extorting him. […]

  124. ale8one

    Does anyone remember the Pitino allegation while he was at UK? was it a sexual harassment accusation coming from one of the female trainers about a staff member or about Pitino himself? I can’t remember exactly, someone please refresh my memory.


    119. I have lived in the lovely City of Louisville for 50 years and grew up reading the defunct Louisville Times and the now the “Communist Journal”. They have, and will always, print what they want to print and, obviously, they will continue to censor. The bottom line – why not lay it all out there on the table whether they, or the local TV news channels, can corroborate it or not. Since when have they ever cared about ruining someoneone’s reputation. As far as I am concerned KS has taken of her own reputation over the years, and people who know what she is all about know exactly what I am talking about. RP has been known for years to have girlfriends from the Middletown area to the condos on the river in Jeffersonville. The rumor-mill is spinning out of control – give us some “new ideas” as to what could be going on. Apparently, the “folkf” in the photo know more about what’s going on then the rest of us…..

  126. Bluelogic

    Jon if Jeff and KSISALOSER, what’s your connection to Pitino? you’re spitting a lot of venom on here to not be working for anybody..

    Pitino is a powerful man.. a persuasive man.. he doesn’t need a gun to get his way, although I am surprised he went to the Feds when one of his cover ups got out of control. Perhaps he saw them as a tool he could use?

    I think its shameful how people’s morality changes when a winning coach is involved. all of you that want Karen thrown in jail and to never tell her side of the story want this for the winning coach pitino, not the loser husband Pitino.

  127. BlueEnvy

    Pitino took up residence at the condo in Jeff when he got booted out after Joann found out about Patty Swope. This happened while the remodeling was being done on his house, not long after he took the Loserville job.

  128. STLouisBBFan

    124 Sounds like we’re on the same page . . . just print both allegations and let the truth sort itself out.

  129. IhateDuke

    The CJ has been doing this kind of crap reporting for years regarding politics. They have decent journalists and good coverage of events from time to time, but the people at the top of the paper are clearly biased and want no part of truth. This is why print media is failing and will continue to be replaced by truth-seeking blogs.


    125. Here’s my take: I could care less what happens to KS and truly what happens to RP. If she’s guilty sobeit (we know she is of a few things), if he’s guilty sobeit – I just want to know guilty of what!!!! One of my best friends knows KS very well, and I can assure you I have been hearing stories about this woman and her unprincipled actions for several years now – long before this news story every broke. I see a definite pattern with her when to comes to men and money – that’s all I’m gonna say. So excuse me if I am a little less sympathetic towards her than I am him. Do you think the FBI are intimidated by RP – hell no!!!! They obviously thought there was enough there to indict her for extortion: EXTORTION: Most states define extortion as the gaining of property or money by almost any kind of force, or threat of 1) violence, 2) property damage, 3) harm to reputation, or 4) unfavorable government action. While usually viewed as a form of theft/larceny, extortion differs from robbery in that the threat in question does not pose an imminent physical danger to the victim.

  131. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Hey Matt your quote…

    “But here we have a case of this bastion of journalism self-editing a picture, without explaining why, or even telling the public that it has done so.”

  132. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    They must have learned that from you.

  133. Gaytor Hater

    The media certainly had no problems printing the allegations of rape against Chuck Hayes. Why should this case be any different.

  134. Luther

    Ms. Ugly was in the LaGrange Walmart on Saturday. Does anyone know if
    she lives in Oldham County?


    133. No, she lives in Hikes Point/St. Matthews area.

  136. Farwest

    Can you say MAFIA!!

  137. DennyCrumsHair

    #132 I completely agree. Everyone that has defended the reason for the accusations not being reported by saying “nothing has been proven”, must have a short memory. I can remember watching as every news outlet up here in Louisville ran with the story about Chuck Hayes. Hell they were live at Wildcat Lodge. Do you think anyone besides Pitino could escape having the reasons reported for 5 weeks? I would guess someone(Jurich or Pitino) is holding some cards to get the media to be quiet. Wonder if anyone has had their U of L press credentials threatened?

  138. StuckAtWork

    Oh man! Rival or not I hope this isn’t true. If it is I just lost every bit of what was a great deal of respect for Rick! If you’re gonna go that route man up and take responsibility for your actions!

  139. JTScratch

    And so continues the greatest offseason in UK history… ba ba ba ba ba, I’m Lovin IT!