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The Latest John Wall Non-Update “Update”


Its Sunday and what is John Wall doing? As of this moment, no one knows. Yesterday internet reports ran wild that (a) he was deciding today and (b) it would be two months. As of this point, I dont think either story is correct. John Wall’s AAU coach, Brian Clifton, is the main source of one’s sites stories about Wall and it is Clifton’s hope that he ends up not at UK. Thus according to Clifton, the decision will be some time away. Wall himself has spoken with a couple of people on the other side of his “handlers” (the high school coach side) and has said he wants to decide any day. For those people, it looks like Kentucky could be the option.

Here is the situation from an individual in Raleigh who knows the intracices of what is going on. Wall at this point is leaning Kentucky, but also likes Miami a great deal. To quote Patrick Patterson during his recruitment, he “aint feeling Duke.” Wall’s AAU camp does not want him at Kentucky and prefers Duke. His high school camp prefers UK, and Wall and his mother are UK leans. But both camps have Miami as choice #2 and Wall likes Miami as well. This has led my source in Raleigh to say to me, “if he chooses in the next week, it looks really good for Kentucky to be the choice. The longer it goes after that, the more I like Miami as the favorite.”

So that is where we are. Wall to Kentucky is the most likely option IF the decision is made this week. If not, then it becomes much less likely and the smart money may be on Miami. Either way, anything can happen and I am just ready for it to be over.

Article written by Matt Jones

73 responses to “The Latest John Wall Non-Update “Update””

  1. StitchJonesSays

    Who cares? I am so sick of this drama. All this BS aint worth it. Tell the Prima Donna to go elsewhere…….. We want kids who want to come here to play!

  2. StitchJonesSays

    Oh yeah…FIRST!

  3. blitzmr2

    I’m tired of the indecision, though it must be stated that this whole process has been marked by a very clear lack of information, posturing, quotes (outside of Clifton), etc., so Wall can’t really be accused of “drama,” though “indecision” is clearly an issue.

    I think he’ll come to Kentucky, and honestly that is the best move for him from all that has been said and implied.

  4. UKBBallRules

    I’m ready for it to be over too, but I really hope he chooses Kentucky this week. You just can’t get to tied up in the “drama” of it. This is recruiting in todays world.

  5. Bluegoose41

    I am ready for it to be over too so I can spend much less time on the internet this summer. If this kid comes to UK, he is worth the wait.


    I bet he will go to Miami Clifton is such a dick

  7. gobigblue32

    I think he is going to Morehead…book it.

  8. NickSanford44

    I like our chances

  9. recruit_a_shooter

    Momma knows what’s best Johnny boy!

  10. NickSanford44

    Give the kid a break…he has many people he cares about in his ear…I say give him as much time as needed…this is a huge decision for him

  11. UkBballFan18

    I think he would be dumb not to decide by wed cause what if he don’t decide n something happns and he gets hurt n can’t play

  12. coachholland

    Guys like Clifton are the reason that Calipari mentioned AAU basketball during his presser. All indictations are everyone wants to go to UK and Clifton wants Duke. The decision should really be up to Wall, but Clifton apparently has WAY too much influence over him. If it weren’t for Clifton, I would say without a doubt that Wall would have committed to North Carolina early this year. It’s his dream school and he has never hidden that. However, Roy never recruited him that hard because of Clifton and his influences.

    I like Wall. He seems like a decent kid. However, I’d like to see him go to Miami. If you all thought that Alex Legion’s mom and the drama she brought was bad, you don’t want any part of Clifton. The man is pure slime.

  13. UK81

    Momma gets final vote. He will be at UK. I have been saying that for weeks.

  14. HeGetsIt

    honestly, my feelings are if he decides for UK by Wednesday, then I’m fine with it…after that date I say we move on with the best 13 we have (which is a really good 13). The thing about May 20th is it is the last day to sign a Letter of Intent which binds both the school to the athlete and the athlete to the school. After that date he can sign scholarship papers which only bind the school to the athlete. I feel like Clifton is trying to get the decision to be made after the LOI date so even if he signs papers Clifton can still persuade him to back out and go elsewhere.

  15. wildkatninja

    my sources say that John Wall has to take a crap!!! lol

  16. UK81

    If Clifton is an unbiased advisor, he tells Wall go to UK because:

    Patterson & Meeks Both Likely Return
    #1 Recruiting Class
    UK Likely Preseason # 1 with Wall
    Maximum TV Exposure
    Final Four and Championship Caliber Team

    This is a no brainer unless there is an ulterior motive.

  17. bakert

    It’s a shame that a total slimebag like Clifton can get involved in a situation like this. And I would feel that way even if he was saying UK and Wall and his mother were saying something else. It should be the kid’s decision along with his parent(s). Not some leech who wants to maintain maximum control so he can retire early.

  18. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    Clifton is one of the most horrid advisors ever. He truly doesn’t intend to beneift this young man’s chances at the NBA. But that doesn’t matter to me. Wall and his mother are more important than his AAU coach. Sure, Clifton may be a father figure, but he isn’t his daddy. But his momma is saying Kentucky. He’ll decide one Wednesday. I guarantee it. It’ll be the last day and the most media-concentrated day to pull the trigger. I think Wall wants Kentucky. Clifton, this isn’t about you. This is about benefiting the life of a young man who YOU KNOW YA’ JACKASS, WILL BENEFIT MORE UNDER EXTREME EXPOSURE WITH A COACH THAT’S GOTTEN PG’S TO THE NBA. Cal has already. K’s been at Duke for 20 or 30 some years and he’s produced…? Duhon, Deng, Battier, Boozer? Duhon isn’t known that well and the others are big guys? Rose is already the Rookie of the Year and played like a star in the Playoffs. I feel Wall will be a Cat before Thursday. ESPNU probaly will cover the last day and even if not, Wall will hold a presser and sign a letter of intent with my guess: Kentucky.

  19. BigCatDaddy4263

    John you better be listening to your MaMa…. Don’t disappoint MaMa. I really hope that this young man is smart enough to see what Clifton is trying to do, Clifton is only out for HIMSELF and no the best interest of John Wall…

  20. HackRichards

    If everybody would just ignore him he would go ahead and pick UK like he is going to do anyway. He just likes the limelight. With or without him we will win the NCAA next year and probably 3 out of next 5.

  21. catfanjohn

    If mama wants him to go to UK then he will go to UK.
    If you remember, Henry would have probably come to UK but his mom wanted him to go to Kansas. So yeah, what mama`s want mama`s usually get.

  22. soup

    Lets look at this recruitment.

    Wall to UK means he plays for a national title.
    Wall to Miami means Miami makes the sweet 16.
    Either way Wall would seem to be the number one pick in 2010.
    Mama Wall wants Kentucky.
    John Wall wants Kentucky.

    All signs point to Kentucky.
    So, in my opinion with the way this recruitment has gone, Wall will be wearing a Miami uniform next year. Its the only choice for him because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  23. catfanjohn

    It will be another day of crashing the KSR server when Wall holds his presser

  24. BigCatDaddy4263

    There are a lot of great AAU Coaches out there across the US that want what’s best for their players, but this guy beats them all with his selfish attitude and all about the “handler” Did he not get his son a job at Baylor because Baylor thought that if they hire this guy, then John Wall would come to Baylor? It’s all about the Cliftons’ and what they can get at John Walls expense…

  25. Wall2Cousins

    If he goes to Miami…he will drop off the face of the earth…no championship…no tv exposure…a offense that doesnt complement him…OH but he will get a 6 month vacation in sunny Miami!!!

  26. catfishblue

    It all comes down to Wall’s Mamma-just ask Xaviehhh Henry 🙂

  27. truBLU

    Eric Bledsoe if you read this, know that I am a believer! It seems like the majority of cats fans are hung up on Wall but I know that whether we get him or not, Bledsoe is the real deal. He might not be as flashy or as good a scorer, true. All I am saying is that we now have a SOLID TRUE PG to hang our hat on for the next 3-4 years and thats enough for me to be absolutely pumped. If we get Wall then of course it will make me happy. Worst case scenario we already have a legit ball handler/floor general with a plethora of inside/outside weapons. Let’s go ahead and rename Lexington to Lob City.

  28. catfishblue

    Wall never planned on attending Miami–he did that as payback to UNC for not recruiting him and then giving him a token call and never following up…

  29. wildkatninja

    my sources also say Clifton is an arsehole

  30. UK81

    #27, I do agree with you about Bledsoe. Although I trumpet the cause for Wall, I really like Bledsoe and I am confident he will be a tremendous asset at the point, with or without Wall.

  31. BigCatDaddy4263

    I agree with 27, Bledsoe is a GREAT PG, but why not have 2 GREAT PG if you can get the best player in the nation at the high school level? Nobody is saying that they don’t want Bledsoe, most of everyone on here is saying that Wall can get us to that next level at this time, I believe that Bledsoe will be able to get us at that same level in a couple of years, but not right now…

  32. catfanjohn

    Is plethora a real word? The first time I remember hearing that word was in the movie The Three Amigo`s. Since then I have heard it a lot. That was a hilarious movie. LOL

  33. catfishblue

    John Wall’s mamma says Clifton is an arsehole.

  34. syrin23

    We got Bledsoe. Wall is just the icing. If he goes to Miami, no big deal at all.

  35. pizzinmeoff

    We ban Clifton from the State.

  36. catfishblue

    #32 plethora is a real word not often used because it is a bit of an archaic term. #27 must be old school…

  37. catfanjohn

    Thanks, lol

  38. catfishblue

    I asked Eaves this morning to use his clout to talk to Wall and Mamma sans the arsehole Clifton… I hope he is able to get the real poop-it seems as if Maggard is like a lawn jockey: lots of turf but no horses to ride…

  39. truBLU

    #32 yeah its a word lol. 3 Amigos is a great movie I agree… If you could hear me I actually said the word “plethora” in that spanish accent when I typed it on that last comment lol.

  40. catfishblue

    #39 sounded more like an Irish accent to me…

  41. truBLU

    And YES! #36 that is my entire mantra. I am definitely old school. Not too many 26 yr olds out there that are older school(?) than me.

  42. catfishblue

    I think Wall is holding out for tickets to the Celtics vs. Cavaliers playoff games and a phone call from Lebron inviting him to sit on the Cavaliers bench… any thoughts?

  43. Virginia Cat Fan

    He is being pulled in different directions by those who mean the most to him, and that is probably why he has delayed his decision. He doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. We can speculate, ruminate, and try to articulate, but we have no option but to wait and see. Wall is certainly a nice-to-have, but it is a new day in KY basketball, there will be more five-star trains pulling into the station.

  44. catfishblue

    Not to be a pain Matt; but, you were able to get in contact with Mr. Wall the other day but now you cant? Did he change his number? Or did they find out that you dont really work for ESPN? 🙂 Kidding of course…

  45. catfishblue

    #43 That’s what I told myself about women but I am still waiting on another 5-Star train to pull into my station, if only to get some wood 🙂

  46. soup

    Breaking news! Wall still deciding on breakfast… He is leaning towards biscuits and gravy, but Clifton wants pancakes. May end up visiting the freezer section and settling on waffles.

  47. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    Nice job #27 trying to throw the fanbase under the bus. Bledsoe is a great land for us. He is perfectly capiable of leading us thru the NCAA Tourny, light years better than what we have had in years at the point,,BUT,,for you to downplay the importance of Wall because he’s not deciding quick enough for you is absurd. He is a team changing player, no matter which team it is. He will make everyone on the team better, including Bledsoe. I want this over as much as you do, but your philosophy is moronic.

  48. Vote For Nader


  49. soup

    I wish John Wall would committ…. Not THAT would be a first for the ages.

  50. TheCaliparinator

    Phone call from Eggza V. A. Henry to Wall: So I hear dat yo momma withes you to pasoo yo basstbaw karreer at UK. Well momma’s awways right. YOu should listen to yo momma. Mista Coach Calipaireee will be good fo you. Plus Miami has alligatus and momma sayz day onry cause all dim teef and no toof brush. Plus souf beach has a lot of gulls and momma sayz days da debil!

  51. IcemanG2

    In other words, this is what Bomani Jones is telling Matt.

  52. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    Wall WILL sign a letter of intent. I don’t see him dragging this out any longer. If his momma wants to get it over with, then Wall will too. Wall deeply cares about is momma as he should. If she says Kentucky, he’ll look past asshole Clifton and be headed to Kentucky this Fall. My guess is we see the announcement Wednesday. He’ll have the media starin’ him down and he’ll boldly announce… KENTUCKY!

  53. cooler92

    Clifton is a moron! Who cares about AAU? Tell this dude to make his own life and living instead of relying upon a high school kid and the direction he chooses. Wall needs to stand up and make his decision and kick this bum to the curb.

  54. Ken T. Ucky

    I hope John Wall goes where he wants to go, not where his “handler” wants him, if that is UK, Miami, or some other school. What’s Clifton’s stake in this, is he trying to profit off John Wall? Wall will be a millionaire without his help.

  55. Magnoliacat

    I wonder if his “camp” has to tell him which pair of socks to wear in the morning?

  56. blueblood66

    JUST IN!: Wall is coming to Kentucky but he is going to Centre. Wants a great education he says. I didn’t see this one coming.

  57. truBLU

    #47 WTF man I’m throwing noone under the bus. All I am saying is that some people act like the whole season depends on Wall. I would LOVE for Wall to play for us but I don’t think its a do or die situation. If you think I don’t want Wall, then you sir are moronic. Or can’t read. Or both I dunno.

  58. Dusty Bottoms

    Hopefully John Wall understands the Momma knows best!

  59. repsol-69

    is anyone else hearing something that sounds like the teacher from ‘Peanuts’? waah waah waah waah waaaa

  60. cobrecat

    “handlers”? Is this the same as the problem with Mayo at USC? If so is Wall worth the risk?

  61. Cal Purnell here

    “Handlers”? Is Wall a Horse or something?

  62. Old Henry Man

    I am always worried when the people are called Handlers. I think that the family and high school coach should only be involed.

  63. Iceman

    If john wall is a good kid like everyone is saying, even after the incident. He is coming here because he is going to listen to his mother. I said the same thing about p squared coming back. Under calipari I was 100% sure he was coming back. His mother wanted him to graduate and he has the chance to do it in 3 years. If your a good son you do what your mother asks of you and you want to make here proud. It is obvious that mrs Patterson wants her son to graduate college more than anything else.

  64. Jnet389

    I wish i could go into a coma and wake up when he decides

  65. mattcat68

    Clifton better get on the UK wagon soon. Wall could simply tell him to eff off that he’s going to UK, then what is Clifton to do? I just find it very interesting that an AAU coach from North Carolina continues to steer a kid toward Duke even though the kid “aint feeling” Duke. It sounds to me like Wall isn’t the only one with someone in his ear.


    #65 I agree with you. If Clifton pushes against John to hard John may tell him to hit the road. I wonder when his last day of high school is? I’ve been wondering if John is waiting for school to end and then drop Clifton and then pick his school and move onto the campus of his choice. This way he can be rid of Clifton. Maybe he will get to think Clifton is not watching out for his best interest. Just a thought.

  67. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    66, May 15ht was his last day. He graduated Friday.

  68. Epps2Shep

    Watch Matt, Chip and guy who got UL on probation on TV…

    1)Let player load, click on demand

    2)Click Freak Show

    3)Pick May 14 and 15 episodes

  69. CatFan4444

    Wall going to Miami would be as big a waste as OJ Mayo to USC. Seems Mr Mayo had other reasons to choose USC. $$$$. Come on Wall, just make the call and put on the UK hat at your presser and be done with it. UK vs Miami in recruiting… brainer son.

  70. PatMan

    HAVE LOST INTEREST !!! if he comes here fantastic, if he doesn’t, woop tee doo. maybe miami will make the tournament one year and then he’ll be gone.

  71. Dusty Bottoms

    Clifton is holding this process up for UK , but if not for him Wall would be UNC bound.

  72. _Blackhawk_

    I love the folks that say enough of this crap we don’t need him. Just let him go somewhere else. Yet if he announes he is coming to UK they will be the first to go crazy and start shouting “the great Wall”. Fact is we have the number 1 class with out him, so if he comes it’s just icing on the cake. Why worry??? It isn’t like the past few years when we HAD to have him. Has for the crap of going to Miami will hurt cause no TV exposure, correct me if I’m wrong….wasn’t he projected to be top 3 pick out of high school? I think if you can play those that need to see you will be able to. If UNC wanted him they already would have. His ‘handler’ wants Duke, Wall doesn’t.

    He’s coming to UK, should get the news by Tuesday.


    Wall doesn’t “owe it to anybody” to make his decision now!
    Of course I want to know now and hope he comes here, BUT the kid has no reason to rush this if he is not sure.
    He doesn’t owe any of us a damn thing, or anyone else. The media are the ones that have made this a circus and gotten all of us in a fit over it by giving this situation WAY too much coverage and making false statements about a date when he will make his decision. How bout this…just report that he is undecided and when he decides, we’ll be the first to know.
    If he’s not ready to make his final decision, so what? Let the kid take his time. If he comes here GREAT! If he doesn’t, well that sucks, but we’re gonna be just fine and we are back, either way!