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Clyde Chilling at McCarthy’s



I am to the point where I think Billy Clyde may become the official mascot of Lexington, Kentucky. He clearly aint leaving anytime soon and he has no problem going anywhere and doing anything. Last night, numerous text messages came my way that Clyde was at McCarthy’s (otherwise known as “Tomlin’s favorite place”) and all reported that he was in rare form. Then late last night, a poster on The Cats Pause posted this story from the evening:

I ALWAYS and ALWAYS stuck up for Billy G before and
wasn’t afraid to admit it. Before the firing

Then, met him tonight at McCarthy’s with a bunch of friends.

My buddy decides to take a picture of him. No harm, just a picture because a public figure walks into a VERY college bar near campus. He was just hanging out with his group…which included Perry Stevenson randomly.

So, instead of being OK with it (Billy couldn’t stop taking pictures with hot college co-eds all night) he literally…LITERALLY, gets in my friends face. Starts putting his finger in my friends face and calling him a ‘****y’ for taking a ‘guys’ picture. Etc., etc.,.

After myself and my friend (and others) talking to him, I COMPLETELY understand why he didn’t fit in here and didn’t fit in as UK’s coach.

If your going hunting at a college bar, you gotta be able to deal with some people who at least want to say “wow, that is UK’s ex-coach”.

I rambled some tonight, but I am still so unbelievably pissed at him for the way he acted tonight I can’t help it. I always stood up for him until tonight. How does he get off getting in my college buddies face for taking a picture. And I understand what some will say “That’s wrong, can’t take pictures, hes a person, etc., etc.”.

But that’s all it was. Was a picture, and he was taking them all night….but with the ladies. A flash just set him off and my group and to pull me and him apart because words kept escalating.

I immediately love any coach or player for UK, but when you get in my friends face, we have problems. So now, I believe all the awful things I’ve heard about him even more. And can’t believe he was our coach for as long (only two years) as he was. So angry right now!!!! Lol

Now of course we have no notion of whether this story is true and it is all simply the allegation of the original poster. However I am not sure what part of all of this makes me laugh more. Is it the thought of an internet poster ignoring all evidence of Gillispie until something happens to him? Is it the fact that he was passionately annoyed that Gillispie rationall had problems letting him take his picture, likely because he knew it would end up on a site like this? Or is it the brilliant sight of Billy Gillispie wearing sunglasses inside a bar? All of those are equally appealing to me. And on a Saturday night of a holiday weekend, you owe it to yourself to read the above post, complete with the internet tough guy posters saying what they would have done to Clyde (they wouldnt have done anything) and try to figure out where this whole “Clyde in Lexington” thing will end. Would he conceivably buy a ticket and come to a game in Rupp next year? I say yes, but either way this story is far from over and I cant wait to see where it leads. Maybe to more of this:


Article written by Matt Jones

108 responses to “Clyde Chilling at McCarthy’s”

  1. MGH

    I’m going to be so disappointed if he doesn’t end up inside Rupp Arena at least once this year. The atmosphere is a must.

  2. WildcatRick

    first bitches!

  3. jbrady630

    what a dipshit… was this guy ever uk’s coach

  4. Secretariat

    I’m just surprised that any girls worth looking at would have their picture taken with him. Doesn’t he realize that all the attention he is getting is sarcastic in nature? Or does he still genuinely believe that there are more than 3 people in Lexington who still like him…

  5. MrBlueHead

    Clyde is an ONION farmer.

  6. holiday01

    its comical what a turd this guy turned out to be, who was the Iowa state coach who got fired for being at a party? times have changed….

  7. brentg1117

    so, all these cameras and no one took a pic of him getting in the dudes face?

  8. HeGetsIt

    I’m in agreeance with your bold comments…that’s a big time douche move wearing sunglasses inside. That ranks up there with faking like you are on a phone call…EVER!

  9. Band Of BlueCats

    Most of these girls are probably getting pics taken with him for their boyfriends so they can laugh to their buddies later. lol

  10. HeGetsIt

    6) Larry Eustachian (don’t know about the spelling)

  11. kukblue1

    How much are college age women charging now a days to sleep with men in their that 40’s?

  12. Band Of BlueCats

    I think it’s Eustachy…he’s at Southern Miss now.

  13. Kentucky Roots

    These pics are even better. Apparently Gillispie “confronted” the guys that were taking pictures…

  14. ukhooligan

    I saw him at McCarthy’s too and Stevenson out front. He was with a couple hotties at the end of the bar and Stevenson alone on his cell phone – kind of pathetic. I could totally see him going off on someone just from the vibe i got.

  15. Pholey22

    Billy is G-A-R-B-A-G-E!!!! I hope he goes broke and never works again!!!

  16. Cawood2Cal

    If this poster’s buddy was standing right there with a camera phone, why are you posting this pic and not the confrontation pic of BG in the dude’s face, Matt? He would have taken one right?

    The only person’s cred that get harmed with these type of posts is the guy who will amplify any random, unverified claim while digging for dirt. I’d watch that if you want to continue in radio, Matt.

  17. Band Of BlueCats

    Were him and Perry together?

  18. Kentucky Roots
  19. BlueEnvy

    How the hell can this d-bag walk in a bar or any establishment
    in Lexington and people not ridicule this piece of crap out the door. I can only hope this is the last time I see this a-hole mentioned here or elsewhere.

  20. Cawood2Cal

    18. Wow, scathing. If that’s it, I can’t see anything that looks like BG was “in his friends face.”

  21. Cinderella

    16 – are you that horrid Chris Cross guy that sucks on the radio in Lexington? Pour the ridicule and not-so-veiled threats on someone who deserves them — Clyde.

  22. The Blue Guru

    Just me, I’m not a big guy, but there is NO WAY that I would have let Billy G. call me a pu$$y in front of my friends like that… I Would have laid him out and been a Lexington Legend. (or at least tried my hardest) If this is true, your friend is a pu$$y because he got punked by the worst UK coach of all time.

  23. Briar Gates

    Until someone gets cold cocked this is a non story.

  24. The Dooz

    As an employee of said establishment, and as a UK fan/alumni/Billy hater, I feel it a moral obligation to share with all of my fellow KSRers (?) the following…

    Overheard as Billy was taking one of many pictures on the street with less-than-ugly co-eds…

    “How about I grab your butts in this one?” He then must have realized that this was a terrible idea to be brought up in any future job interview, and backed off at the last minute.

    BTW, Perry is such a cool customer, literally. We always enjoy seeing him and he has said he likes coming to McC’s because he doesn’t get hassled. He is always responsible and never causes any problems. If only every customer was like him. I enjoyed and respected watching Perry going out of his way to avoid any contact with Billy and shared with us the fact that Billy knows how much Perry doesn’t like him.

    Billy was seen the rest of the night with his sunglasses and hat on dancing with any young thing that happened his way. I took some pleasure in having to check him out of way when he stood blocking the end of the bar. Then thought to myself that I should never have even been in a situation where I felt this way towards a former University of Kentucky men’s basketball coach.

    Just goes to show you how a grow man can act like more of child than the 21 year old college student.

  25. The Blue Guru

    I’d be willing to bet if a fight broke out there wouldn’t have been anybody pulling you off Billy, it was there if the guy wanted some… He didn’t want none. Billy punked him out.

  26. Thomas Beisner

    Tomlin has good taste.

  27. Cawood2Cal

    21. Umm, no. I would love to see Matt have a show especially is it was a package deal with Kige….and certainly Tomlin with old tyme baseball reports. Criss Cross sucks royally.

  28. Band Of BlueCats

    24- Thanks for clearin up that Perry wasn’t buddying up with him. I bet Perry would like to pimp slap BCG.

  29. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    I too was a BCG supporter but have since changed my tune because of the Matt Jones stories. Not that I hate the guy or anything–he is the one that has to live with himself. Chances are our paths will never cross since I live in AZ but one thing is certain–the longer he sticks around and acts the way he has been, eventually some type of bad incident is going to happen. When it does, he will wish he were in Kansas or Texas.

    Funny how he is still wearing Kentucky Blue while out.

  30. CalifCatFan

    BCG, don’t go away mad, just go away.

  31. tacukwildcats

    Wall and Siva matchup should be fun to watch

  32. Cawood2Cal

    I’ll bet BG is doing stuff in part because it adds pressure for UK to settle quickly so he’ll leave town. The potential for an incident is his leverage.

  33. Stormcat35

    Billy Clyde, you’ve officially overstayed your welcome. After nearly running the greatest basketball program in the country into the ground, you inexplicably stick around after getting fired and watching your successor rejuvenate your fan base. Speaking from past experience, it’s considered poor form to stick around in the employee cafeteria after being fired. I think I speak for all of Kentucky Wildcats fans when I say, Billy Clyde….you ain’t got to go home, but you got to get the hell outta here.

  34. nashvillecat

    OK – seriously – doesn’t he have “people” that should be concerned about his image so that he can obtain gainful employment somewhere else? If so – why on earth are they allowing him to stay in Lexington and apparently wander around acting like a moron?


    34) Good point, i honestly don’t see him getting another quality job in the near future. What a joke he has become, he needs to get out of Lex quick.

  36. Cal Purnell here

    34…lol I have No problem with Billy G running around bars, but he is running around bars in the city he got canned. You would think someone would say “Hey Billy, this may not be a good idea” It’s only a matter of time before a drunk kentucky fan confronts the ol ball coach in the bar.

  37. drurytony

    I wonder if that was thursday night , cuz I saw him thursday at Churchill Downs wearing a shirt that looked like that. I swear , you have to give him credit he has some balls roamin around the state like this.

  38. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #34–Is that “wander around” or “wonder around”?

  39. frankfurt with a u

    where is Blond32746 or whatever her name is. i had this ridiculous argument with her last night where she attempted to defend him…this guy should have let billy punch him and then sued for 3 million and a 10 bedroom mansion. that would have gotten ridden of our billy problem right there. come on guy…take one for the team.
    bottomline…billy is trash.

  40. Secretariat

    I really can’t comprehend his thought processes. The man has no shame. Or maybe he just has no pride/self-esteem left.

  41. TheCaliparinator

    I’ll tell you what I would have done..I’d call him a drunken loser and make some comment how he couldn’t hold Cal’s jock. I’d pretty much beg him to hit me. Not cause I’m a badass, I’d just have dropped like a ssack of potatos, go thim sent to jail, perhaps getting UK out of giving him money. Then I’d have called Becker and said I couldn’t sleep at night. Really tramatic. I’d at least try to get my house paid off by the old drunk fart. He is a snow pea (douche bag of the salad bar). If he had left we’d all shut up. Sounds like he deserves every comment he gets. That being said, get out of town you drunken baffoon. You are a laughing stock. YOu could quite possibly be the dummest som bitch in the world. Douche.

  42. TheCaliparinator

    39>you said it as I was typing my rant!

  43. HeGetsIt

    This story coming out, coupled with the AJ being gone rumors just make me think of Matt’s story about players calling practices and wanting to get better. Why didn’t you guys call me and tell me you wanted to practice…AJ – I don’t know your number

  44. Phili5

    LOL. I wish i went out last night.

  45. Ken T. Ucky

    What will he sabotage next?

  46. frankfurt with a u

    #33 great post

  47. kaiser

    41- wow- you are a real internet tough guy. How much do you owe on your doublewide??

  48. recruit_a_shooter

    Why would any hot college chick want to hook up with bat shit crazy ass loser Gillispie?

  49. Azubuikebicep

    First, is he wearing a UK shirt?

    Also seeing as Billy has nothing else to do, he should just enroll into UK as a student. Perhaps he can work on his master’s degree, enroll into a frat, and live the life. Can you imagine how great life would be as a millionaire college student?

  50. Rajay333

    You Billy bashers are pathetic. Of course, Matt is one of the biggest Billy bashers. Last I checked billy still has a house here and lives hear.

    I wish he’d leave, too….to get away from all you ash haulers.

  51. The_Source

    I can picture this ending with Billy going to jail
    on an AI charge if he doesn’t move soon.

  52. gay jlazer

    Hey Billy, those people aren’t laughing with you. They’re laughing at you!

  53. KennyD

    Matt I hope you read this… just for credibility sakes this is Randi Bishop’s boyfriend (dance team)… this story is 100% accurate and does not even justify what exactly went down at this bar last night… The guys in the picture you’ve posted are some of my best friends and the way this whole incident went down was absolutely absurd. The man blew up on them for no particular reason and it was honestly so heated people were having to pull people away from BCG so things didn’t get out of hand. I have never been so ashamed and so astounded by someone that is suppose to represent the University of Kentucky. I’m really not sure what he is even doing in Lexington anymore and, in my opinion, its getting out of hand how ridiculous he is.

  54. frankfurt with a u

    #50 thats what we are talking about here. we dont want him to have a house here anymore. law of the public eye, my friend.

  55. DrCal

    So I was there last night.

    I spoke with Perry outside and he was NOT there with BillyG. It was funny because he even said “He knows I don’t like him.” He was there with some other people.

    BillyG was there with another basketball player who I wasn’t familiar with. He was not a current player. The girl that is in the picture with him in the glasses with her back to turned to us – he went up to her and grabbed her ass at the bar. It was a very weird situation.

    Oh well. Life goes on.

  56. Blueyouaway

    52) BCG does NOT represent UK or KENTUCKY. He has been terminated. Besides, he didn’t represent UK or KY when he was still coach. It wasn’t in his job description, Billy said that himself…….

  57. Cal Purnell here

    fyi…Caliparis latest Tweet:

    “Way to go jon hood!! High jump state champion…and I love high flyers!! Can’t wait to coach him. He’s gonna be good! See you all tomorrow”

  58. Blueyouaway

    Is this thing going to be like when Lebron hit the shot last night, or when UK came back from 31 on LSU. Everyone says they were there, except Rupp only holds 24,000 & I bet 50,000 or more claim “I was there”….lol

  59. UKSoCalCampus

    50- Well technically his house is in Jessamine County. And he IS going to a bar where he is well over the average age of the normal patronage, and he IS clearly intoxicated. And he IS hitting on and feeling up young coeds…and the guy in that picture taken out front. That behavior would be creepy and probably get him kicked out of most bars as a generic 50 year old man… but he’s taking advantage of his public persona which was bestowed upon him by the people of this community and the university.

  60. DrCal

    I guess I don’t have “proof” but I guess you could take my word for what it’s worth. Perry stood outside in front of the bar most of the time.

  61. Vincent Vega

    41 – stop it – you are the douche.

  62. Blueyouaway

    Breaking News : Croatia has been invaded by Big Blue Nation. Ramel now has 97% of the vote…


    This is kind of like getting a divorce and the ex living in a room in the house after you’ve already married some new not babe.

  64. soup

    If someone doesn’t pick his ass up and throw him in a stall until closing time, then you are all a bunch of Peeholes…

  65. Blueyouaway

    Unbelievable !! Calathes is going to play pro ball in Greece. What’s this say a BD & UF…?,0,5121197.story

  66. NotTheSlickistRick

    Perhaps Billy is hanging around KY waiting for Pitino to crash and burn this summer. It would be sweet to crush the Cards & BG at the same time.

  67. NotTheSlickistRick

    Let us hope that Calathes remembers the Greek Army’s motto:
    Never leave your Buddies behind.

  68. Muser24

    Anyone else notice that the pictures changed? Billy def looks pissed. I would love it if he got drunk and assaulted some undergrad, then had to go to jail. I think that would definitely seal his departure from the Bluegrass. Get lost Clyde!

    Why do you think UK wants to buy his house? Are they really gonna tear down a million dollar house for a parking lot? Hmmm…

  69. Blueyouaway

    Uhh. I just looked at those pictures again. Isn’t the guy in the first picture with Clyde & the girl the same guy in the “Fight” picture ? And where is “The Picture” that caused the fight(of Clyde by himself)… just wondering.

  70. Blueyouaway

    One of the guys with Clyde is holding a Camera. Where’s his pic’s if he is the guy in the “fight” with Clyde ?

  71. HanOfTheBluegrass

    I thought I read a rumor that UK is asking for Billy’s house in the buyout so he’ll have to get out of town. Was that just playful guessing?

  72. gmwilson

    I think this definitely shows why Kentucky is considering buying his house in the buyout of the contract or should if they are not. Maybe this is why he is out trying to be an embarrassment… LOL Unfortunately I think the rumors about a drinking problem may not be that far off and I do not like to talk about stuff like that but this is craziness.

  73. Blueyouaway

    70) It was reported that Cal bought the lot next door to put in a pool & tennis courts.

    The Truth : Cal bought it to keep Billy from buying it. He had heard of Billy’s reputation & didn’t want him near Megan…..

  74. secretagent0014

    Maybe BCG is trying to beat out Henry Earl’s record. What’s sad is, who’s creepier??? Our old coach or 60 something alchoholic who thinks he is James Brown or Chuck Norris depending on the night.

  75. Braddy

    Mitch is loving this! Justification!!

  76. GetShitRight

    So I originally found the Bradley poll and site this morning at about 10:00 AM. I was the 100th voter and Smooth only had 28% of the vote. Since then, 2298 people have voted, and Ramel now owns 97& of the vote. That means 2298 members of the Big Blue Nation got on and voted for Ramel today.Well done. I bet Frano ÄŒolak is pissed, he had 33% of the vote when I found it. He now has 1%

  77. madblue187

    Billy…Get tha F out of Lextown. Ur tenure is OVER…nobody wants ur drunk=ass around!

  78. jasonspurlock

    Here’s a promise: If I ever see this dirt bag in town, I’m taking one for the team and going to jail…with one big damn sucker punch to the chin.


    Send me bond money. It’s going to be sweet, ya’ll.

  79. BPsycho

    #2 EPIC FAIL NOOB! lol j/k

  80. jasonspurlock

    P.S. If I ever see the two douche bags in the bottom picture out…I’m going to kick their ass for taking his shit talk. They totally deserve it.

    One night in jail, for an immortal experience as the one who said, “Hell nahh” and kicked the geezers ass is totally worth it.

    I’d hire Jones and Company to represent me with cold hard cash.

    If he’s got the right to talk smack, I have the right not to have a picture on the Internets trying to explain why “it’s cool.”

  81. BPsycho

    I’m sure your friend didn’t say anything to piss him off….. I’m not taking up for him in anyway, I’m glad hes gone /just sayin

    He looks like he wants to kick that dude in the balls in that pic lol

  82. secretagent0014

    78 funny

  83. BPsycho

    What would be funny is to be in a bar hes about to walk into, then when he enters yell ” ITS JOHN CALIPARI YEAH!!!!!!!!!!” then act all dissapointed and be like ” No.. Wait its just some drunk “

  84. UKCatFan01ABC

    My my, aren’t we fickle? O, it was not long ago when UK was 5-0 in the SEC and fans were lining up so suck his schlong for doing so well with the suspect “talent” that ol Tubby left us. When he’d go out in town then it was cool. Now he’s a dirty old man. Now he’s a drunk(I’m pretty sure he didn’t just start drinking when he came to KY) and he’s run the program in the ground. I think Tubby pointed the nose of the program into the ground and BCG just plowed along. You all should be happy because if we’d won one or two more of those close games we’d been in the NCAA tournament and he’d more than likely would be here still. I blame Barnhart for hiring him to begin with. I like BCG. I mostly like that he didn’t cotten up to the rich ass kissers that are such an integral part of the whole thing. And I liked his work ethic. However Calipari is the caliber coach we need and Mitch should have “tapped” him before hiring BCG in the first place.

    Being at the FL game with Butthead missing the free throws at the end and the UNLV at Memorial game are great memories for me and they’ll forever be linked with BCG.

    It’d be a good idea if he kept a low profile, but it’s his life.

  85. kittylitter

    I used to never believe all those stories about his drunken escapades around town and his womanizing. I just passed it off as haters being haters. Now, after this, I’m beginning to believe it’s true. What a jerk this guy is. Trying to use his waning fame in this town to bed down some 20 something is kind of pathetic if you ask me. If these broads didn’t know he had money, they’d never give him even a second look. I can’t believe this guy was actually once our coach. No self respect whatsoever.

  86. bussy

    Perry was not with billy g from what i saw…i was there, and he stayed super far away from billly all night. wanted nothing to do with him.

  87. Secretariat
  88. Secretariat

    Oh, warning…not family/work appropriate!

  89. jtadams

    This shit is way too easy. It’s all true, and it has become and incredible story to tell friends, family and anyone else that will listen. Can’t believe it jumped from CatsPause to here. Jumping sites just makes it that much better.

  90. justacatfan

    It’s a shame Bruce Pearle got married. He could have hired Billy as assistant. Both could chase Tennessee’s co-ed’s together. What a pair they would have made for the Orange Nation. Maybe Bruce still has a position open.

  91. V-in-K

    Hope I run into Clyde after I get my UK Witness shirt!! What a fun conversation starter.

  92. justacatfan

    90. I’m sure Billy would love to have that shirt. Just kidding. Billy wouldn’t break out the shirts for Jodie’s 54 points sent by Nike. Sat in a box for months until Cal came along. He needs to be a tumbleweed and move on. He enjoys gambling and drinking move to Vegas and spend his money.

  93. Muser24

    If that really happened to me, I would probably get nervous and back away.

    But I wish I had the balls to say “Are you gonna hit me COACH? Or make me sit on the toilet cause you can’t stand to look at me?”

  94. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    I wouldn’t at all be surprise if this Goofy Bastard shows up at our games, he is that much of a looser. He’s a bipolar version of Bruce Pearl. If he keeps his bar scene routine up, someone will make him pay. Lots of cash and a smart ass mouth makes a volatile recepie.

  95. ale8one

    I love it!!

    This is great comedy and well deserved for the boobs that were in LOVE with the guy and ignored all the signs.

    It’s a great study in how sometime people see what they want to see.

  96. TayPrinceJr.

    I always stuck up for him but for his own sake, it would be better if he would go. He nor anybody else needs problems right now.

  97. TayPrinceJr.

    “My my, aren’t we fickle? O, it was not long ago when UK was 5-0 in the SEC and fans were lining up so suck his schlong for doing so well with the suspect “talent” that ol Tubby left us. When he’d go out in town then it was cool. Now he’s a dirty old man. Now he’s a drunk(I’m pretty sure he didn’t just start drinking when he came to KY) and he’s run the program in the ground. I think Tubby pointed the nose of the program into the ground and BCG just plowed along. You all should be happy because if we’d won one or two more of those close games we’d been in the NCAA tournament and he’d more than likely would be here still. I blame Barnhart for hiring him to begin with. I like BCG. I mostly like that he didn’t cotten up to the rich ass kissers that are such an integral part of the whole thing. And I liked his work ethic. However Calipari is the caliber coach we need and Mitch should have “tapped” him before hiring BCG in the first place.

    Being at the FL game with Butthead missing the free throws at the end and the UNLV at Memorial game are great memories for me and they’ll forever be linked with BCG.

    It’d be a good idea if he kept a low profile, but it’s his life.”

    83, my thoughts exactly.

  98. BigCatDaddy4263

    What better to be a legend on KSR than to get into a fight with Billy Clyde and go to jail for assault

  99. Tim

    So this man was so lacking in integrity that he refused to be an ambassador for the university when the Dr. Todd asked him to be, but he’s more than happy to use his fame to get the attention of twenty-something young ladies? The man is a snake, and the sooner he finds some other rock to crawl under the better.

    Also, it should be pointed out that Mr. Super-Christian, Mitch Barnhart, totally failed in his assessment of Gillispie’s fit for this job.

  100. Blonde32746

    #83 has the best analysis of the BCG situation.

    Once again, it’s his life. Why are we so consumed about it?

  101. Blonde32746

    Does anyone know that he is actually sleeping with these 20 year old?
    Are there any first hand accounts that he went home with them?
    Any cell phone pics of encounters?

    This bashing Billy after he is gone is sickening.

    Cal is our coach now.

    Let’s move forward

  102. TOMPAV83

    I agree with 100, where can we find some pics of BCG bending some of these sluts over and sticking it in them….

  103. gmwilson

    99. The whole point of what most people are saying is lets move forward and that includes Billy Clyde. No one would care if he was doing this in some place other than Lexington. Do you think Perry Stevenson wants to go to his hang out and have a coach he doesn’t like starting fights and scenes.

    Lexington is not that big of town and he needs to go. I am not a hater but lets move forward as you said and that includes him.

    Some people are definitely being more hateful than they should though I agree.

  104. gmwilson

    To me the whole point of this post is why would he feel the need to put himself in this position?

  105. Tim

    100. It’s not “sickening,” because he’s not gone. That’s the point.

  106. Cawood2Cal

    104. That is a very, very, very bad question. He hits the bars to give himself the chance to get whipped so he can get tougher.

  107. meeksppatshow

    Can somebody give me directions to this a-holes house ? I’d love to put some for sale signs and get the F*CK out of town signs there…. Can this dipshit not figure out that he isn’t wanted around here ? Go back to Texas where you belong !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. FrogWilson5