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Lexington Legends’ Thursday News and Views


With the NBA Finals now done, it is BASEBALL TIME IN THE BLUEGRASS! Ok well that is as excited as I can get as while I now tolerate baseball, I simply cannot get excited about baseball for the next two months. Nevertheless, a night out at the minor league games in Lexington and Louisville are still a lot of fun. I love going to Legends games and am petitioning for a KSR NIGHT at Legends field. Maybe a discount ticket if you mention Kige at the door, a special section for KSR folks…appearances by Woo, Bobby and Jarmon, all the writers throw out the first pitch. Make it happen Legends! While we may not be quite the draw that Patrick Patterson and the players above were when they went (doesnt that one guy look like a fat Ron Mercer?), we can still bring a good time. And if its Thirsty Thursday, the fans will be rowdy either way and we can all blog it out together. So make it happen Legends…you can do it!

To the news….

(1): The big event beginning today is the NBAPA camp in Charlottesville, Virginia. This has become one of the premiere summer events in high school basketball and may potentially be the most important event now for establishing player rankings. This year 99 of the top 100 players in America were scheduled to be there and every person who follows recruiting (including Dustin from this site) will be there to participate. This is the event that led Patrick Patterson to really explode onto the national scene when he was named MVP of the camp and won the title with Jai Lucas as his teammate. (You can thank this event for the Patterson/Lucas joining). The big news for this event is that Tywanna Patterson, Patrick’s mom will be speaking to all the parents at the event about dealing with the recruiting process. With such a classy and strong spokesperson for the program doing that talk, it cant help but be a good thing for UK.

(2): Harrison Barnes had this to say about Calipari today and what his move from Memphis to UK has meant for his recruitiment in this interview:

It hasn’t really. He’s a good coach. I don’t know if I like the way they’re doing things right there now though. Seems like he left Memphis kind of in a bad situation and then guys at Kentucky are getting their scholarships taken back. I don’t know yet. It’s a competitive place though, you know college basketball, and it’s only getting more and more competitive.

If you wonder what this about, Kevin Galloway was Clyde’s communicator to Barnes when UK was recruiting him. His departure may have had an effect on Barnes’s UK view, which is a shame. Barnes is a stud but UK has been a longshot for some time.

(3): It is Freshman time at UK as the players get ready for college life. Daniel Orton is in California and John Wall arrives for good next week, but the other players are here and ready to go. I have heard (but not confirmed) that Jon Hood and DeMarcus Cousins have a summer job at a local bank and that Eric Bledsoe is absolutely killing it on the pickup courts. Either way, these guys are going to start being everywhere and their pictures in great places have already started showing up (hint, hint for later today). I hope to get to see some pickup action this weekend, so we will let you know how it goes.

(4): Finally, it was announced tonight that the 2013 All American Camp will be in Lexington this summer. This event brings together the best rising high school freshman (aka Michael Averys) onto a college campus every year and UK is trying to be the host going forward. This is great exposure for a school and UK fought with UNC to host. The event is next weekend and will be open to the public. We will have more information on it next week but will be a great way to see the next generation of superstars live.

We will have more all day, so be ready. In addition, I did want to tell everyone that my time with the CW Freak Show will come to an end in a couple of weeks. The show is taking a summer hiatus and will likely come back in a slightly different form by football season. I will likely be involved in some way with a different show on the network, but the hours behind the nightly tv show makes it impossible for me to do anymore. I enjoyed it on the air and interacting with fans, but the difficulties the morning after when I headed to the law business made it to hard to continue. I will finish my time through next week and hope to be back on the radio airwaves very soon. But I do thank all of you who supported us after we filled in for the Freak for the last couple of months. As always, our fans are the best.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. KeithRichardsRightNostral

    KG with da fancy jorts

  2. fogt333

    Is that not a fat Ron Mercer? Sure looks like him to me.

  3. sethicus59

    is the one on the right cousins?

  4. JoeBandDenny

    Orton, Patterson, Erckel, Mr T, Galloway and Pilgrim.

  5. blizzard man

    Damn I miss Kevin Galloway 🙁

  6. Band Of BlueCats

    I wasn’t sure if players were aloud to have summer jobs but I guess they can.

  7. bigblue2410

    Dosnt barnes read into the news if he did he would realize that calipari didnt leave memphis in a bad situation it was the universitys fault and he had to let people go because they were over the scholarship limit and hes gonna get the best players possible because that is his job to recruit the best and win i dont see wat we are doing that is so wrong he mite be really good but if hes gonna bash us like we are doin things dirty and wrong i dont even want him

  8. mikaeli33

    Who won the twitter contest today, and what do they have to do?

  9. TheUniversityOfFive

    Pilgrim didn’t even get a chance to get off the Santa Maria.

  10. BigBlueDunks

    I wish that Pilgrim could have had a chance to play but I wish him well wherever he ends up going.

  11. OneAndDone

    9) Nice!

  12. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    Orton is huge. Our frontline of Orton, Patterson, Cousins, and even Stevenson is just nasty, folks. N-A-S-T-Y. And now we have a SUPERSTAR PG to get them the ball when they are open, not to mention draw weakside help when he drives for the open dish/dunk. Get over the loss of Meeks, because this is gonna be FUN.

  13. bigblue2410

    12 i agree thats wat im lookin forward to most wall or bledsoe driving in and dishing to one of the for a nasty slam to its gonna be awesome look for a lot of sportscenter top ten plays

  14. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    If either Wall or Bledsoe can hit a floater or midrange jumper in the lane on a pull-up after a drive, they will be deadly. You simply cannot double team these guys, because they will dish to a capable scorer (i.e. not 3 non-scoring options like last year).

  15. kenan14

    Sucks to hear that you won’t be doing the show anymore, but I can understand the hours getting a bit crazy. Now that we know that this isn’t a long term thing, I feel better saying this now…the subs on the Tuesday shows are, in the words of Charles Barkley, ‘just turrible.’

  16. bigblue2410

    yea and i hope wall will just keep goin to the basket and posterize guys like tyler smith and vernardo its gonna be awsome

  17. Flop

    I feel sorry for Galloway.

    The dude ended up losing his one year scholarship for no reason at all.

  18. bigblue2410

    17 hopefully we find someone to fill it so it dosent go to waste

  19. wyldcatzrool

    Awesome about Patrick’s mom speaking at the NBAPA camp…can’t hurt the recruitment of any of these young men…heard also (I am sure right here on KSR) that Pat’s mom took Daniel under her wing since his mother passed…what quality folks Pat’s mom and dad are…explains why Patrick is such an outstanding young man…the acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree…

  20. GoCats2010

    19. So Jodie is a blowhard like his dad? haha, seriously though

    The Patterson’s are a great family.

  21. nessa5555

    Where is Dobson.

  22. Band Of BlueCats

    Cal meeting with Drake tomorrow…he’s suppose to be the next big rapper (I find it funny he was an actor on that cheesy shoe Degrassi, he seems a little poser like to me) and now bangin Rihanna, wonder where this could lead.

  23. tltaworl62

    17. Why do you feel sorry for Galloway. If he has a chance to play at the next level it will not be realized by riding the bench for his senior year. Cal did him a favor. Not just saying that, KG’s interview basically spelled that out. Now Pilgrim is another deal. Not sure he didn’t get the raw end of the deal. But something had to give if Meeks was coming back.

  24. nessa5555

    Why is Wall going to cal.

  25. wyldcatzrool

    and who’s been whispering sweet negatives into Barnes’ ear? Pastner? K? all of the above and more? ah, the vicious world of recruiting…I am confident Cal will set ’em straight…If I was Cal, I woulda called Pastner after returning from China…after hearing Barton’s remarks that Coaches Pastner & Cyprien told him that the NCAA inquiry wasn’t really a Memphis thing, more of a Coach Cal thing…the total opposite of the truth…Cal MADE Pastner…now Cal’s havin’ to pull Pastner’s knife out of his back? Pastner’s a weasel…like I said…the vicious world of recruiting…

  26. Band Of BlueCats

    25- Bill Self is whispering to I’m sure.

  27. wyldcatzrool

    20) I knew someone would read between the lines about Jodie and Orestes…never meant that at all… I think Jodie and his dad are quality people too…I don’t begrudge them for not returning…different circumstances…BBN will always love Jodie…but will always LOVE Patrick somethin’ extra special…it’s reciprical really…because Pat turned away a guaranteed 1st rd pick b-cuz of his love for Kentucky…but P-Pats are rare this day & age…and that doesn’t make Jodie “bad”…GO CATS!

  28. wyldcatzrool

    26) no question! Self is Self-serving…Self is stuck on himSelf…pun intended…

  29. Jnet389

    25- could not have said it better myself my friend… i was wondering why cal never said anything about that obvious incident of Pastner stabbing him in the back. My only conclusion is that he actually has class, something that every douche bag reporter has been saying he doesn’t have since UK hired him. Interesting… way to take the high road cal!

  30. BPsycho

    I don’t see any fat guys in this pic? That dude in the back isn’t fat, you tards. Hes built like a tank his upper body is swoll as hell. That shirt barely holds his guns *pause*

    Hes got a chubby face is his prob.

    You wanna see fat people? watch NASCAR. Or go to Texas

  31. sethicus59

    ooooooooooor eastern kentucky

  32. manbearpig
  33. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    1. Barnes was never coming to UK anyway. He has been a Duke lean for a long time and Kansas and others are trying to pull him away.

    2. Pastner did what most coaches do and likely learned from Cal and Jughead how to do it. Pastner has been at this for a long time. He had his own recruiting service (MM-esque) when he was like 17 years old.

    3. Jodie made the right choice and anyone who thinks different–you are the one being selfish. Just like winning a title can boost players stock into more than they are, Jodie was as high as he could be due to the draft prospects for next year. I don’t care if he doesn’t get drafted, he will be on a roster next year. That year of experience in the NBA is more important than the year of college if the NBA is his dream.

    4. Don’t feel sorry for Galloway because he lost a spot after coming to UK–feel sorry for him that BCG did not do enough to let him grow as a player. That is where the setback is. BCG lived on the “Look what I did for Acie Law…..” line but didn’t do that for anyone else. If anything, he held them back. I am going to miss Galloway too but it is in his best interest to leave if he wants to grow as a player. If Bledsoe and Wall did not come, he would still be here. Which would you rather have?

  34. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    ANOTHER thing as it pertains to Jodie–If he is not drafted and doesn’t sign with an agent, then he can return.

    I guess we are all waiting until the 25th.

  35. wildkatninja

    31-or whereever you are from!!! you are fat dude!!!

  36. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    For those of you said Jodie was making a mistake and not ready, if you are right he may make us all happy and return. If he is drafted, his dream is attained so just drop it and support “our” CAT.

  37. TheHoraceGrantHalftimeReport

    It is highly unlikely that he goes undrafted.

  38. ivhalo

    Thank u 37. I love meeks and wish he would come back but it’s over with him he will be drafted prob in first round. So we have to think about what’s next. Hey just think we did get the one we wanted we got WALL and PAT came back. We went to the NIT last year and we will be in the top ten this year big jump come one people number 8 will come we will have it before UNC gets 6. Can I hear it ohhhhhhh C……… A…….T……..S cate cats cats

  39. ivhalo

    Wake the hell up. I want to know who won the UK-UNC tickets I said some crazy sh£t I would do to get those tickets but I bet it was a goofy one that won and Matt your blog has not been as good when u started your T.V show………….. Get back on your game Matt, can I get a Amen?????

  40. DaLongshanks

    #9 FYI, the Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower. Columbus came over on the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

  41. Azubuikebicep

    Matt why would you drive an hour on I64 to watch the Legends, when you could drive an hour on I71 to Cincy and watch a major league game? Or just stay in Louisville and watch the Bats.

  42. NewWildcatOrder

    That is not a fat Ron Mercer. If anything he’s a geeked out of his mind Ron Mercer. He’s one of if not the biggest dude I’ve ever seen at the gym.

  43. MIDDAY

    The short guy in the middle is World Wide Wes. Who knew? What a pimp.

  44. dchagy

    #30 and #31–Save your money and just look around Lexington. You won’t have to holler “where’s the beef” for long!

  45. Jonah Hex

    Where did you hear that Barnes quote first on this website?

  46. meeksppatshow

    Looks like Chris Tucker giving a Judy Chop

  47. FormerLouisvilleFanCraig


  48. GetShitRight

    43, hahahahaha. WWW has some major game.

  49. justacatfan

    In recruiting most coaches tell kids what they want to hear and run down the other teams on the list. Against Cal they will have to lie and run down our program.

    In my opinion he has been honest with the UK players who were returning. Unfortunately this is a tough situation for a new coach and it’s players. Lie and you could keep your team from reaching it’s full potential. Last year proved what turmoil can do to a team. As a UK fan I will cheer for them wherever they go. After all they are Kentucky players and always will be in my mind.

  50. cristoforouk

    33 – Sorry man, I completely disagree about Meeks. He’s not ready and riding the pine all next year in the NBA is not better than playing under Cal for a year. And that’s only IF he is on a roster. If he’s not, it’s an even worse decision as his development in that year really takes a hit and he may have to go the Kelenna route. His draft status may not have improved by coming back, and maybe even gotten worse with a stronger draft next year, but he would have improved a lot under Cal and would have been more NBA ready. As the scouts have said, he is purely looked at as a spot up shooter right now by the NBA. That really limits his opportunities and means he has to find the perfect situation to stick. That’s a hard thing to do.

    Jodie is a great shooter, no doubt, but in my opinion Crawford and Kelenna were both better all-around players, and more suited for the NBA game, when they went pro and look at the difficulty they had, or are having, at first.

  51. GoCats2010

    41. If you think Cincy is an hour from Louisville…you need to slow down

    27. Simply my opinion. I like Jodie and I know he will succeed. Orestes on the other hand is a blowhard. He complained non-stop the last two years TO THE MEDIA…stop whining and take it up with the staff. No excuses.

  52. Red Rooster

    I am going to really like Orton.

  53. blueblue

    You mean the 25th of June or July???

    Let’s just say this happens and Jodie doesn’t hire an agent and doesn’t get drafted. He could go to an NBA summercamp, AS A FREE AGENT, and as long as he sends a letter to Barnhardt by July 25, 30 days after the draft, he COULD still go back to school!! July 25th!! That’s like, what, two weeks, or so, before the start of the fall semester! I wonder if Jodie is still enrolled in classes for the fall. If he wasn’t, it would seem like an illegal move as far as the NCAA would be concerned to make special arrangements for him to get enrolled after the enrollment deadline for the rest of the student body. The NCAA legislates out all special treatment for athletes.

    All of this is just interesting to think about, but it will never happen. Jodie will get drafted, probably in the second round. I wish the best for you Jodie. I hope you are a first rounder. If you think about it, to be a second rounder seems like a curse to me. No guarenteed contract, you can’t just be a free agent and try out with any team who will give you the chance, and you can’t go back to school. I think I’d rather go undrafted than to be a second rounder.

  54. Niswander

    I can make a KSR night at Applebees Park happen – we’ve talked about it before. We’ve had quite a few UK folks here over the years, too. Bobby Perry awkwardly won a race on the field, Billy G was here a few weeks after he moved to Lexington to throw out the first pitch (and act really weird), and of course Pat for a first pitch after he announced his return.

    I’ve got some ideas, so email me if you’re serious.

  55. justacatfan

    51. I remember someone reporing after a game, that one of the relatives of player was screaming “fire the Bum” outisde the locker room. They never gave a name, and have never heard who it was screaming. I just wondered if it was Jodie’s father.

    I think Jodie could have used another year. He didn’t play much as a freshman, sophmore year was injured and pretty much a wash. Last year he had a very good season but wasn’t consistant enough to call it great. Another yr. simalar to last would have made his case more legit. His decision though hope it works out for him.

  56. Niswander

    There are also a huge # of KSR fans on staff here – even after working with that creepster Rob Gidel. Great site.

  57. justacatfan

    Always enjoy any information Rob has for this site. Always looked forward to Matt and Rob’s radio show. Jurich and UofL couldn’t compete so they had them shut down. GO KENTUCKY WILDCATS!!!

  58. TonyDelk00

    What bank are they at? All of the sudden I need to open up an account there…

  59. minton

    The one in the middle look like a small Sammy Sosa. I shall call him Mini-Sosa.