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USC Hires Worst Coach Possible


Sometimes you see something coming and ask yourself, “they wont really do that will they?” That really has been USC basketball recently, who took another step towards trainwreck status by hiring former Vol failure Kevin O’Neill. After showing that it had very little in the way of judgment in hiring Tim Floyd and allowing “instant probation” OJ Mayo to come join the program, the Trojans stepped it up to another degree. It went and hired a coach that (a) failed at UT, (b) is liked by no one and (c) single-handedly nearly ruined Arizona basketball in one season. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, KEVIN O’NEILL to USC! Oh and Billy Clyde….USC just picked Kevin O’Neill over you…get comfortable.

Article written by Matt Jones

26 responses to “USC Hires Worst Coach Possible”

  1. JTcatfan


  2. UKSoCalCampus

    How did he nearly ruin Arizona, he took them to the tournament after being named head coach weeks before the season, and they hadn’t made the tournament the year before i don’t believe?

  3. WereBack

    Arizona hasn’t missed the tourney in forever. O’Neill only got the UT job because Marquette beat UK in the tourney way back when.

  4. UKSoCalCampus

    3- Yeah my mistake, he still made the tournament on a few week notification that he was going to be the head coach.

  5. Waitin' on 8

    Wow… Gillispie –> Pwned!

  6. jasonspurlock

    Matt, this is the best post ever. I love it when you come through like that. Great stuff that will be picked up by media’s everywhere.

    When they come read your shit, please tell them to drop by my site. I need visitor traffic for my new business. And yes, I’ve already inquired about a media buy.

    Stop by today! I’m running a big sale!


    P.S. Billy Clyde sux. And I was right all season…but I got banned 2X by ASoB. Thax Tru.

  7. Big Blue Storm

    This is a re-post from earlier, but I want to make sure everyone sees it and goes to vote. Scroll down a little, the poll is right next to where he talks about Kansas. The poll is titled “Who deserves the #1 pre-season ranking next season” Everybody go vote. It is very very close between UK and Kansas. UK has 41% and Kansas has 40%. Only around 20,000 people have voted and I know BBN could push it a lot higher. r-200

  8. Big Blue Storm

    Damn I did it again, I put the wrong numbers in there. UK has 40% and Kansas has 41%. We are behind, go vote everyone.

  9. Jack Bauer

    Who in the hell cares about a preseason poll? Let’s see who raises the trophy at the end of the year. Polls are meaningless, especially when our entire fanbase votes for it.

  10. catfanjohn

    Billy Clyde would have been a much better hire than Bozo O`Neill. He really makes me think of Bozo the clown every time I see him, I think it has something to do with his hair. lol
    USC must not want their basketball program to excel at all hiring O`Neill, the only success that I ever remember him having is when he was at Marquette and he beat UK in the NCAA Tourney. After that its been failure after failure, and I am surprised that he can still land a head coaching job at all.
    He must able to talk a great line of bullsh!t.

  11. Big Blue Storm

    9) Now you are a true blue UK fan, not. I’m not saying that preseason polls mean anything, it’s a poll and it would be nice if everyone went to vote so true blue UK wins, dumb a$$

  12. Big Blue Storm

    People post links to polls all the time, it’s a fan thing, that I guess you can’t understand

  13. Big Blue Storm

    12 comment was meant for 9

  14. sunnycat

    I think BCG would have been a worse hire. I hope he never coaches again unles its Jr Pro.

  15. catfanjohn

    Well I got my vote in! I will vote for UK on any pole just because the competitions fans are voting for the other teams and I don`t want the other fanbases to think that they are superior to us (even if it is a meaningless pole). lol
    Its a fan thing and its all in fun

  16. Big Blue Storm

    15) Perfectly said. Glad you voted!

  17. Big Blue Storm

    UPDATE: UK and Kansas are now tied at 41% on the poll

  18. BigBlueDunks

    14)I dont know if I agree with this hire for USC but I completely agree that BCG would have been a disaster.

  19. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    Clyde won’t get another Head Coaching job for years, at least not in D 1. He’ll have to suck his way into an assistants job somewhere. No A.D. with half a brain will hire him to run a program.

  20. Tim

    They hired the 2nd worst possible. Gillispie was the worst.

  21. BigCatDaddy4263

    What a freaking joke of a coach, besides BCG

  22. macon_volfan

    Matt, O’Neil didn’t fail at UT. He quit. Recruited like a mofo, and left Jerry Green with a ton of talent.

  23. demoCrAT

    UT=fail period

  24. BTIsNose

    What is really killing BCG’s chance of getting another job is his:

    1. Reluctance to sign a contract with UK

    This wasn’t any contract either. This was an huge promotion job. And he played it like he was only moving sideways in his career.

    Then when he’s pushed out forfailing to meet his job rseponsibilities (and trust me, the media can act like BCG was pushed out because he went to the NIT, but the AD’s around the country will see through that. They will contact Barnfart and get the scoup –> “That’s not in my job responsibilities”).

    What do you think a smaller school considering dealing with him will think? As you know he won’t shelve his ego. Hell, he might even walk into it with the mindframe that he’s moving down the ladder in his career, giving them even less respect than he gave UK.

  25. BTIsNose

    Oh and UT = Fail

  26. BTIsNose

    Nice post Matt.