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Draft Talk: Jodie in the First Round?


As we get ready for a new week around these parts, I talked to a couple of people close to Jodie Meeks this weekend and both said that Meeks has been given assurances that he will get a guaranteed deal next season. That can of course come in one of two different ways, either by a first round selection (by rule) or an early second round pick with a guaranteed deal given by the team. According to both people, Meeks believes he will be taken by one of two teams at the end of the first round (Bulls and Timberwolves look to be the favorites) and has two teams in the second round that have told him if picked, he will get a contract. Both of these sources are solid, and I think that if true, this helps explain a lot of Jodie’s ultimate decision.

The Draft is Thursday and the KSR Draft Live Blog (one of the highlights of the year on here) will get you through it all….

Article written by Matt Jones

33 responses to “Draft Talk: Jodie in the First Round?”

  1. Crawfords Corner

    I am wondering if it might be the Cleveland Cavaliers talking to Meeks about picking him

  2. Kige Ramsey
  3. Rock_Cat78

    Can’t wait for the draft on Thurs. and will be following the live blog here. I’ve always loved the NBA draft, the surprises, the trades, rumors, etc. I think draft night just might be better than the season itself, certainly the regular season.

  4. Papa_Burgundy

    Good luck Jodie

  5. Go CATS

    whats the chances of the server crashing during the live blog Thursday?? what time does that blog begin??

  6. segdirb1

    Sweet… GIVE um’ HELL JODIE!!

  7. SlickRick48

    Hell yea, Get ’em Jodie!

  8. ukwildcatwildfan

    If that’s the case, then I’m extremely happy for Jodie, but still, what could have been…

  9. bulliet

    I have a friend that works for the Bulls. They are definitely not taking Jodie.

  10. BTIsNose

    Is Marc Maggard Jodie’s advisor? 😉

    If Jodie pays Marc $9.95 will that be considered an NCAA infraction? lmao

  11. tsevans29

    new website to checkout guys. it has great info on the pickup games after the camp this weekend, and some good stuff on matt pilgrim. he even knocks marc maggard. you should really check it out.

  12. tsevans29

    one little excerpt from the website:BIGCAT: hey Matt have you decided where your going to school next year ?

    MATT PILGRIM: “aw man I got a couple of options but I got some tough choice’s”.

    BIGCAT: I read somewhere that Nebraska might be trying to get you and Galloway ?

    MATT PILGRIM: “aw man don’t believe that junk on the Internet, they never called me”.

    BIGCAT: is there anywhere your leaning ?

    MATT PILGRIM: “There’s one thing I hope works out, but I really cant say yet, I just want to get to a Final Four”. (then he winks at me ) Now I know they call me BigCatSexy for a good reason, but I don’t think that’s why he was winking.

    So to sum this up, I really have no idea if there’s a chance that Matt stays on the team, but it is a strange set of circumstances, to have a kid with this much raw ability and not give him a chance with an open scholarship. Anyway I wished Matt luck, and where ever he ends up I don’t think you have heard the last of Matt Pilgrim.

  13. tsevans29

    and another good piece on cousins:Demarcus Cousins

    Man this guy is a specimen, He is one of the largest human beings ive ever stood next to, now im 6-5 and im looking at his pits, and he has a massive frame. But he looked like he is getting in great shape and didn’t look lazy or slow as some have stated, the kid flat out put on a show, He is without a doubt the most skilled freshman big man that I have ever seen, and I have seen alot. He has the entire spectrum of skills in his game, he is super strong and when he goes to the rim he just imposes his will, but he has a massivearray of weapons, baby hooks, fade aways, drop steps, face up moves, and that is just on the blocks, the guy went coast to coast on several occasions and has excellent handle for a guy his size, he crossed guys up, he would start to drive then pull up from fifteen feet, and seemed to have a nice deep ball. If this young man plays to his ability any center in the country would struggle to guard him.

  14. tsevans29

    i really hope pilgrim gets the open scholly. why else would he be working at the camps this weekend.

  15. Go CATS


  16. Cawood2Cal

    Like there’s no incentive for NBA teams to give out guarantees to as many players as they wish.

    There’s no solid guarantee for late 1st/early 2nd round player — just an attempt to guarantee the team gets as many choices as possible when their turn comes. The T-wolves and Da Bulls will take the player they want regardless of any guarantee — if it’s Jodie then they can act like the “guarantee” was real. If not, well, it was just a “business” decision. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

  17. BigBlueDunks

    I hope Pilgrim come back. I didnt want Galloway to leave either but I hope Cal will decide to give him a chance.

  18. Tim

    People need to drop the “Cousins is lazy like Morris” meme right now, because it’s not accurate. Cousins would be the top-ranked player in the class if not for Wall, and also if not for Wall he’d likely be all we talk about on here.

  19. BTIsNose

    Hey Tim, will you be here to defend your statement down the road? Will you come back and defend?

    I’ve played basketball for years (I’m 34 now) and the one thing I hated more than anything was lazy players. I busted my ass when I played. It’s not fair to your teammates if you take off plays as that then instantly puts them at a disadvantage of 4 vs 5.

    I don’t care how good our talent is next season, if at anytime one of our guys takes a play off it puts UK at a disadvantage (4 vs. 5). That might not matter when we play Pumpkin South but when we face off against teams that will test us (Kansas, Villanova, Michigan St) they certainly won’t have kids taking off occasional plays.

    Is it fair to give the kid a hard time before he’s put on the blue and white? I agree it’s premature and for us to define him, as that doesn’t define him, it only defines us as ones who need to define others. Let’s let him define himself with his play. Demarcus, your turn.

  20. blueblue

    this time next year we’ll all be interested in watching the NBA draft as we will have two and maybe three lottery picks. Wall, Cousins, Patterson!!

  21. Witness the Quickness

    Anywhere but Chicago- I wouldn’t be able to watch Jodie because of my self-imposed no Noah rule.

  22. blueblue

    I think I’d rather see Jodie in Chicago rather than Minnesota. I like seeing our former Cats in the playoffs. It’s really the only time of the year I can get excited enough about the NBA to actually watch the games.

  23. Go CATS

    22 I agree, I wouldn’t mind seeing Rose and Meeks as teammates.

  24. mikaeli33

    ^And that’s what I like about it.

  25. HeGetsIt

    If Jodie goes to the Bulls, what r his chances of continuing wearing #23??

  26. macon_volfan

    Matt, what are you hearing about the Darius Miller ‘violation?’ Stupid NCAA let’s a player get his SAT taken for him, and then throws a fit because a guy is helping out (for free) at a high school camp!

  27. mikaeli33

    UK vs UF on espnu right now. Galloway’s best game. Can’t stand seeing BG on the sideline.

  28. mikaeli33

    Too bad butthead won’t be around next season to choke on freethrows again.

  29. mikaeli33

    Too bad Meeks won’t be back to lead the Sec in freethrows again.

  30. mikaeli33

    They just showed the first Jeanine Edwards interview. What a bonehead, and no, not the restaurant.

  31. billmill87

    26. Ncaa is not on millers case. Sandy bell caught wind of it and uk is self reporting the violation. He will not be in the pamphlet now and I doubt anything happens. If it were not for blogs we probably world have never heard about it.

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  33. BonzaiBluegrass

    Thank god Jodie got out early or else he would have been burdened with a college degree. There is a stigma attached to those in regards to making money ballin’.