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Coach Cal on Meeks, Summer Workouts, and Roster

Article written by Bryan the Intern

11 responses to “Coach Cal on Meeks, Summer Workouts, and Roster”

  1. reesewitherspoonschin

    See you later Liggins.
    Elliot Williams, who transferred from the Duke Blue Devils, has decided to continue his basketball career with the Memphis Tigers

  2. gobigblue112393

    1. There’s a rumor that Matt Pilgrim might transfer to Memphis. But hey, I rather have John Calipari.

  3. bballdoc

    If it’s a true rumor, what a deal UK and the fans got.

  4. nessa5555

    it probaly that someone didnt quailty.

  5. wyldcatzrool

    Elliot Williams, Harrison Barnes, and Matt Pilgrim…Memphis should be able to continue to be a formidable team if they keep it up…I know Barnes won’t be there ’til next year and it’s still to be decided by NCAA if Williams and Pilgrim would be able to play right away, but still…they’ll all 3 be there in 2010-2011 for sure…and the selection committee setting us up to play Memphis in the Big Danceis just the kind of thing they like to do to make Calipari go up against his former team…so…if and when that happens down the road…we best take care of business and beat their butts!

  6. wyldcatzrool

    oops…meant Will Barton…not Harrison Barnes…mercy! it must be gettin’ late! lol

  7. rutterb0

    I think WAY too much is being read into that statement…he said “Ya never know,” as in “Anything can happen.” I don’t think he meant that it’s likely someone else will leave.

  8. Pepete2

    This may sound ridiculous…but am I the only person that finds it ironic that Cal drops Alaska and Hawaii and then goes on to talk about the importance of offseason training? Anyone seen Razor around Lexington lately?

  9. lsprice1984

    The addition of the “beast” in Memphis should be a good team. Don’t we get their 1st round pick next year plus cash? Great trade by our front office.

  10. DaytonKat

    Dodson–could he be in trouble?

  11. lsprice1984

    Mabey Cal was just motivatinga certain player or players. He is running this like a pro team and I love it. Please be basketball time when I wake up!