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BREAKING NEWS: Xavier Henry May Change Mind?

Xavier Henry’s father just did an interview with a Kansas radio station in which he suggested that the circus around his son might not be over. He said that Xavier was having serious second thoughts about Kansas and that the family was “meeting tonight” to determine what they would do. He said Kentucky is an option, but Europe is not.

There is of course no word whether UK would still be interested or what drama might still play out of this…but if the meeting is tonight, get your refresh button ready. And our host provider should now be on red alert!

Article written by Matt Jones

194 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Xavier Henry May Change Mind?”

  1. Pabenny

    Best recruiting class of ALL time!

  2. Pabenny

    X takes the extra scholly w/ brother CJ walking on letting the Yankee’s pay his way. Just show up and enroll for classes and you are a wildcat and hanging up a banner!

  3. _Blackhawk_

    Never a dull moment with the Henry boys. If they do come they don’t disrupt things. Certainly staying with Kansas would be intresting sinnce they probably damaged some relationships with this.

  4. I'm Just Sayin

    Coach Cal did say the roster wasn’t set yet. This is gonna be great!!

  5. Pabenny

    1st, 2nd, and 3rd by the way!!

  6. ben4UK

    1, My thoughts exactly. Meeks is gone and now there seems to be a lot of available PT at the 2 spot. Hmmm…

  7. MGH

    Lance Stephenson he is not. If he wants to come here, I’ll forgive and forget the first KU commitment, BRING HIM IN CAL!

  8. IcemanG2

    My only issue here is with CJ. Carl stated he think she is one and done, better than Collins for KU. Umm …

  9. wildcatmatt

    I sure hope so….wonder what is making him reconsider?

  10. IcemanG2

    Nobody should hold the commitment to KU against Henry, since we all know that he really wanted to come to UK to play for Cal, but his mother wouldn’t let him. To me, that’s no reason at all to frown upon Xavier. Like I said, it’s CJ that I worry about, given their father’s remarks.

  11. Pabenny

    CJ should know Cal and Cal should know CJ better than ever. Remember CJ played for Cal last year at Memphis.

  12. ThatsAShame

    I would not put too much into what dad says regarding his kids. Every dad thinks their kid is the best. Plus we all know Mom runs the joint.

  13. Biggass Hungguy


  14. UK-Basketball-Freak

    Man this is nuts.

  15. IcemanG2

    11 – right, but I’m thinking more in terms of Carl being a problem by demanding more PT for his other son.

  16. BPsycho


  17. cobrecat

    Just in time, you have to confess it was becoming monotonous around here! Extra scholarship is just hanging around.

  18. Dribble-Drive High-Five

    My opinion (which is worth the paper this written on), we have enough freshman. I think we’re good without exzaveeyay.

  19. kenan14

    This whole thing is a mess. Granted, I’ll welcome the Henrys here, but does this mean that nothing negative can be written about them until the 1st day of classes? Can Mr. Henry accept his sons being, at best, tied for option C on a loaded team? This is gonna be interesting. Get your popcorn ready!

  20. deuceinyoeyeISBACKagain

    that starting line up is flat out silly (incl. henry). i mean if they play well together and work hard all year..they might not lose but a couple games at most..crazy

  21. phat jones


  22. MGH

    Let his Dad talk. He’s their DAD, what’s he supposed to do, not talk his sons up? Once the season begins there would be nothing he could do about it, and Henry will probably be gone in one year anyway. We need him next year.

  23. Greg NJ

    Funny how I do believe in one of your prior blogs you claimed the sources at TBK were making this all up. Funny how the information that far in advance was down right truthful. Now make sure you go back and delete that like you always do and make sure you delete my post. Hate when the truth bites you in the ass dont you Jones.

  24. thndrkg

    Kansas, welcome to second place… again.

  25. dhwildcats10

    21. Let me know when Pilgrim suits up for UK, mmmmmmmkay?

  26. PuddingTime4543

    I’ll care when he decommits from KU and commits to UK. Until then this is a bunch of drama.

  27. lsprice1984

    Why are they un-happy? Did Self lie to them or just regreting going to Lawrence?

  28. stare

    Interesting. Meeks leaves and Xavier is having second thoughts.

  29. judoant

    they can stay in kansas for all i care. the drama surrounding these guys is rediculous. And the father! OMG. This guy does not know when to shut up. i agree this kid is good, but do you want to listen to his dad on every media outlet?

  30. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    This is serious business or his father wouldn’t be talking about it. He is a Kansas Homer, and if the obvious were not about to happen, he would sugarcoat the matter and try to downplay it. Here’s my question,,,if he does transfer, will he have to sit out a year?

  31. ukhooligan

    everyone needs to read this story – if you already have, read it again. these guys are big time tools and i think they would F things up if they came here.

  32. scfcats

    Did X sign a LOI with KU? I couldn’t see Self letting him out especially to UK.

  33. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    The only drama is that his parents bullied him into a decision, and now the chips are falling. He wanted to come here to start with, but his parents herded him to the Midwest. If he were to transfer here, where he wanted to be in the first place with Cal, the drama is over. And man does he have a sweet stroke.

  34. Biggass Hungguy

    X signed an LOI with Cal and Memphis. They let him out of it so he is free to go anywhere.

  35. sethicus59

    31. he didnt, hes still just a commitment at this point.

  36. dhwildcats10

    No, he signed an LOI w/ Memphis. You can only sign one LOI. He didn’t attend summer school either. He is not binded to KU.

  37. XsandOs

    you can only sign 1 LOI and X did that with Memphis, meaning he only has a verbal to KU and has not enrolled in classes there. So X can go anywhere he wants anytime, all he has to do is show up and enroll

  38. ukhooligan

    26 a big part of why they’re unhappy is the story posted #30. the story below published yesterday explains everything and once again displays what DOUCHEBAGs the Henrys are.

  39. Pabenny

    No letter on obligation to KU. He could show up at UK tomorrow, enroll for classes and be a wildcat on the spot.

  40. I am the Grand Poobah

    34, no loi with kansas because he already had one with memphis. he owes nothing to ku

  41. stvhunter2002

    Did Cal possibly see this coming, since he keeps hinting about our roster not being complete yet?

  42. DaytonKat

    31–Dude he sign with Memphis…he cannot sign another LOI. He will
    just enroll in classes.

  43. Old Henry Man

    You have to love it, the summer will no longer be boring in Wildcat land.
    I do not know any of the Henrys, so I will not judge them, but from afar, there is alot of DRAMA.

  44. kenan14

    25, 31 – no LOI, no need to decommit. Only thing they need to do is enroll and go to class on day 1.

  45. I am the Grand Poobah

    no way do we want the henry brothers here. xavier has no interest in going to classes. why would we want this? really, this kid is a DIVA!!!!

  46. _DP_

    Does anyone know if the Henry’s have to decommit from Kansas before they can play at UK? Just kidding.

  47. asdfasdf

    there is Drama surrounding them, but mostly bc 1) Carl Henry is very confident in his sons 2) they WANTED to play for Coach Cal originally but appeased momma (and pops a little bit)esp since they are both KU alum……. i realllllly fail to see how this will effect the BOYS as they play for the Cats. Carl Henry doesn’t make substitutions and he knows that John Wall and Bledsoe are the real deal

  48. ukhooligan

    all i got to say is if they’re thin-skinned enough to jump ship after a critical write up in the paper:

    they won’t last a week with Clay and Tipton on their asses. also they’re a bunch of douchebags – did i mention that yet?

  49. NewWildcatOrder

    44) You want this kid because: He fills a huge question mark in the shooting department, and you take a great player away from your biggest competition for a NC this upcoming season. What other reasons do you need? The kid always wanted to play for Cal, but he thought he would appease his mom by going to Kansas. Now he’s having second thoughts. Give the kid a break. He’s ~18 years old!

  50. I am the Grand Poobah

    We dont need this. lets leave the xtra scholarship open and get a kid for the 2010 class that wants to play for us. Way too much drama, not just with the kids, but with the parents as well. i see no upside in accepting the henrys

  51. Pabenny

    This guy is the best SG in the country,he can shoot the lights out, we just lost meeks… Are you guys crazy. Welcome to UK Henry’s!!

  52. sethicus59

    maybe the kids didnt wanna go to kansas in the first place and their mom was just being a b*tch. and now that shes had a change of heart, who knows?

  53. Pabenny

    Let Cal handle the drama, I’m sure he can handle it just fine.

  54. asdfasdf

    i believe the article is just a scape goat: rumors came out once Meeks decided to stay in the draft, the article is just the reason that Daddy Carl isn’t fighting for his kids to stay at Kansas

  55. I am the Grand Poobah

    i see no benefit in taking a kid that wants to play for the name on the back of his jersey and not the name on the front of the jersey.

  56. MGH

    44) Who is this “we”? I damn sure want him here.

  57. thndrkg

    Guys, think a little before posting please. None of this drama has been brought about by Xavier or CJ. CJ was playing for Memphis, Xavier was all set to go there as well; Calipari then takes the UK job and sets everything in disarray; Xavier wanted to play for Calipari not Memphis, but his mom didn’t want anything to do with Kentucky; Mr. Henry, loving Kansas, pushed the kids that way; Kansas radio stations start bashing the Henry family because they’re stupid, Meeks goes pro; Xavier still wants to play for UK; mom gives in and says she’ll move if that’s what they want. DON’T BLAME THE KIDS FOR THIS CRAZINESS!!!

  58. blay-z

    I wouldn’t call anyone’s mother a bitch, (figuratively or otherwise) when there are still cards on the table. I don’t know the family, and I agree, they seem to love attention, but I’m going to trust Calipari will get the right players he needs to build his team, not my version of it.

  59. ukhooligan

    yeah but the kids are douchebags.

  60. I am the Grand Poobah

    the kid is a diva 55, he plays for the name on the back of the jersey not the name on the front. thats why I dont want him here. I should have clarified myself, sorry about that.

  61. sethicus59

    nah i just call it how i see it, if she was like “no im not gonna go where you wanna go” when its his decision, i think that, thats bitchy.

  62. BigCatDaddy4263

    Please, welcome the Henry’s with open arms. This kid can flat out shoot it and fill it up quickly….

  63. thndrkg

    58… speaking from experience

  64. blueman80

    well i think its safe to assume he didnt want to play for KU at the start and was stuck with the whole family bs…hence he didnt go to classes…probably because he didnt think KU was a good fit for him…maybe if he came to Ky, things could change? only time will tell…i wonder how self is gonna re-sell the idea of playin for KU again…

  65. I am the Grand Poobah

    everybody cheering on here are the same people that were cussing the henrys when when they chose kansas in april. this is too funny.

  66. recruit_a_shooter

    I just emailed Lance McAlister at 1530 Homer as I live in Northern KY about Xavier and here’s his reply.

    Already heard it’s done

    Lance McAlister
    Host Sports Talk/Inside Pitch, 6-9pm
    700 WLW
    Afternoon host 3-6pm
    1530 Homer WCKY
    8044 Montgomery Road
    6th Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45236

  67. UKgriffy

    I will still refuse to call him “Zav”-“E”-“A” if he comes to UK.

  68. BigCatDaddy4263

    Just heard on the radio from Kansas City that they believe that this is a done deal and that X and CJ will be at UK

  69. ukhooligan

    wasn’t the reason Jon Hood committed to UK that Henry didn’t come and went to Kansas? I say we keep the combo of Miller/Dodson/Hood happy – that’s better than 1 really good douchebag.

  70. GoCats2010

    54. reality check, they can say what they want, but these guys want to play for Cal, not Kentucky

  71. dboyer

    UK would be able to make the NBA playoffs in the Eastern Conference next season


    first of Save you were right I am wrong you son of—-
    this cat said 2 weeks ago this could happen kudos save

  73. asdfasdf

    Im waiting for the proof or even circumstantial evidence of Xavier (or CJ) being d–bags????

  74. blay-z

    I just wish some of us could be classy about this, either way it goes, but apparently that is too much to ask. If the Henry’s couldn’t take the heat in Kansas, this would eat them up in a day – or the first time X misses a free throw. I can hear it now “he missed that because of his poor attitude… he must not be trying hard enough… he doesn’t care about the name on the front of the jersey…” or something else to that affect.

    I think many of us still have the sore loser attitude of the last few years. We’re back, we don’t have to be so damned negative all of time. Let’s just kick everyone’s ass and get on with it!

  75. nessa5555

    Hood will leave if Xaiver come.

  76. nessa5555

    Wouldnt CJ need a ride to.

  77. phat jones

    73… some of us can be classy about it; but it’s too much to expect that everyone who posts will be.


    hood aint going no were he was not going to start this year anyway

  79. ibleedblueforUK

    is this the good news that everybody was saying would come this week??

  80. asdfasdf

    74 where did you hear that about Hood!?

  81. GoCats2010

    77. agreed. He wasn’t going to get much PT and Xavier is a one and done. He may bet 3 minutes less a game because of this

  82. GoCats2010

    and by bet i mean get

  83. nessa5555

    He problay wont stay if he doesnt get any playing time.

  84. Beatle Bum

    75 – I will take that bet.

  85. GoCats2010

    83. for 1 year? He’s a 4 year player, he won’t transfer bc of reduced pt as a freshman

  86. Beatle Bum

    BTW, remember that Hood came to UK thinking Meeks was on the roster. Henry is seen as a one and done. Hood needs time to beef up and improve. I bet he comes if Xavier announces for UK.

    However, I think X stays at KU.

  87. ukhooligan

    ok fine i’ll stop calling them d-bags i just got a bad feeling about this. i mean they didn’t even go to kansas to train with their team! the kid has no interest in going to class! they’ve never made a decision for themselves in their lives on account of their relentless and overbearing father. whatever, we’ll see what happens…

  88. votedmostlikelytokickurazz
  89. nessa5555

    think Cal is kicking off Liggens or Harrleson to give CJ a scholorship.

  90. Vote For Nader

    How do you make room for Xavier and CJ? Let go of Liggins. That way, Hood can stay, and we have an experienced point guard who can log some solid minutes.

  91. XsandOs

    CJ cant have a scholly he is paid by the Yankees

  92. ukhoops859

    89- CJ is getting his college paid for by the Yankees.. he would just walk on.

  93. Pabenny

    CJ needs no scholly. Yankee’s pay his way.

  94. BluegrassHoopster

    In other UK news: Donald Williams has transferred to Miss. Gulf Coast CC. I talked to their asst. coach earlier and here is what he had to say:

  95. wfc7

    Welcome (hopefully), THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, best recruiting class EVER!

  96. dboyer

    87 – P. Pat and Orton aren’t training with thier team either right now, but I bet you have no complaints there. Perhaps they didn’t start to train with KU because they had some reservations about going there.

  97. BluesMan

    Now Bill Self is meddling, attempting to ruin our fun by convincing Henry to keep his commitment. This is on the front of the Kansas page at Rivals.


    Holy ShamaLamaDingDong, MonkeyNuts!!!

  99. BigCatDaddy4263

    Guys, all signs are saying that Xavier Henry is coming to Kentucky…. Why on earth would Carl Henry call Coach Calipari to inquire about a scholarship for Xavier if he wasn’t coming to Kentucky? Carl Henry called Coach Calipari to see if he would be willing to give Meeks scholarship to Henry and Calipari said, HELL YES!!!

  100. Vote For Nader


  101. UK98Champs

    All you people quit acting like you care about what name these kids play for, the name on the front or name on the back! The truth is, you DON’T!! If X comes, and we just so happen to win a championship, who is going to give a crap about their motives? NO ONE!!

  102. meeksppatshow

    How come it’s posted 1,000 times that CJ doesn’t need a scholarship but people keep thinking we need to boot someone for him?
    GEEEZ Pay Attention folks.

  103. dboyer

    101 – agreed…the championship banner will say “Kentucky” and thats all that matters!

  104. BigCatDaddy4263

    According to the radio station, the Henry’s are meeting right now with Bill Self and Danny Manning. There will be an announcement later today where Xavier will attend school…..

  105. kenan14

    97 – Hey, isn’t this a no-contact period? Somebody needs to report this! Obviously, somebody’s feelings are mighty hurt if we’re to this point.

  106. Vote For Nader

    Why don’t we give CJ a scholarship and let the Yankees cover the expenses of revamping the locker rooms, fulfilling 2 of Calipari’s wishes?

  107. BPsycho

    Everyone needs to chill and hope that X Henry comes here..If you want the best team available that is.

  108. Fastcats007

    DMX SAYS!!!! and then there was X!!!

  109. Fastcats007

    we be tha best, you see the rest, they lookin’ like they needa rest…one more time…ima spit some ish like dr. peppa be messin’ with BCG’s mind.

  110. Attention Whore Status? (Henry Brothers)

    […] semi-refuted, has caused some eyes to open about whether or not the Henry boys, Xavier and C.J., will be suiting up for Bill Self this fall. While the primary reason this is even a topic has to do with the NBA’s “one year out […]

  111. Iceman

    Wow, is this really happening?

  112. bigpapijugg

    So is he coming or not? I want them BAD

  113. IfThenElse

    I’m still up in the air a bit about this, but I will give
    this to Xavier, and that is that the kid is still a kid. Regardless of his
    parents or whatever, the kid is still a kid. It pretty much sounds like he wanted to keep his
    momma happy. There ain’t nothing wrong with that. I just hope he’s a team
    player. I think he could be because he is pretty close to Wall and Orton.

    “RC Cola and Moon Pies!
    That’s my momma!”

  114. Laker Cat 18

    104. For the 3rd consecutive time. I’ll believe it when there is proof that they’ve enrolled and it’s sealed.

  115. bosshogg24

    Please don’t call kids bad names when you have never met them and know nothing about them. Leave this to Cal to make the decision.

    Commiting and decommiting means nothing, this is like me telling you I will be at your house tommorow and I don’t show up!

  116. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    I could care less about motives or anything else involving this kid and hope to see him here soon. Unless you know the family and or situation, refrain from making ignorant statements, as it’s been well documented he wanted to come here all along. Seriously, how many boys do whatever their mother says or in this case, commands? Give the kid a break and let’s all welcome him with open arms if he decides to come along for the best ride in the NCAA for 09-10!

  117. catfanjohn

    Well since we lost Jodie I hope we do get Henry or the Henry brothers. Landing Xavier just might put us at the #1 spot without Jodie. I know we will be top 10 anyway but I would really love for us to be #1 again just for the bragging rights.
    Plus Henry can play! I think we still have a legitimate chance at a final four now and with Henry our chances are much much better in my opinion. I guess we will find out soon enough if he is coming to UK or not.

  118. HeGetsIt

    All I can say is that all those hating on the Henry’s need to calm down. I don’t think anyone knows everything and knows the kids or the parents personally. All I know is that Xavier can flat out ball and shoots lights out. If he is interested in coming to UK, then I am all for it! We do not need to get rid of anyone, we have an extra open scholarship for Xavier and CJ’s school is paid for by the Yankees. Either way we’ll be fine, but to fill our greatest need and to make a major hit into Kansas’s national title hopes is all I need to know

  119. SDiegoCats

    Do we know for sure that Xavier’s dad contacted Coach Cal?

  120. recruit_a_shooter

    Carl Henry contacted Coach Cal a couple of weeks ago as soon as he found out from Xavier that he wanted to go to UK, hence how Matt Jones said there could be good news coming soon. Matt must have found out from a “source” that Mr. Henry contacted Cal.

  121. bosshogg24

    #119, the story is in the COURIER JOURNAL.

  122. TayPrinceJr.

    Carl Henry seems like the new Orestes Meeks if you ask me.

  123. ThomasUPS

    I want to know when are we going to get a post count on this site.

  124. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    I just don’t understand why Coach won’t give Meeks’ scholarship to Pilgrim!!

  125. BCO

    108) i just started blasting “X Gon Give It To Ya”…and I dont even like rap hahaha

    Like I said…Xaiver Henry, COME ON DOWN!

  126. IfThenElse

    122 – What exactly does that mean? Could you be more specific?
    God forbid a father is involved in his son’s life.
    Crazy or not.

  127. smiggs

    so what would be the individual player rankings of all seven of our recruits? rivals or scout or whomever. would love to see a metric

  128. GoCats2010

    122. At least its only for 1 year

    I agree thought

    126. Orestes was a blow hard, he complained all the time

  129. BCO

    LIVE BLOG!!!!

  130. GoCats2010


  131. BCO

    I believe Wall, Cousins, and X were all in the top 5 on most recruiting sites.

  132. Flop

    What a freaking mess…

  133. IfThenElse

    I gotcha. All I know is who really cares what the parents say or do.

  134. catfanjohn

    I wonder how this recruiting class will rank if we do get Henry.
    This will have to be considered one of the best classes of all time if not the best.

  135. NotTheSlickistRick

    When does the server Crash????????
    I bet all the Kansas sites are really giving us some love now!!

  136. monstermash

    the Deadspin article today about the brothers turns me off of xav—ee-yah…..please

  137. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    128 – I agree. What’s with that guy complaining about BCG? I mean, come on! Your son is in college now. Can’t you take a little bit of abuse from a lunatic coach? You gotta learn to wax cars before you learn the crane kick, right? BCG was just teaching Meeks how to wax cars.

  138. smiggs

    ok so scout:

    Wall – 2
    Cousins – 3
    Henry – 6
    Orton – 17
    Bledsoe – 37
    Hood – 45
    Dodson – 3 star transfer

  139. NotTheSlickistRick

    BG only wanted to wax young coeds

  140. NotTheSlickistRick

    BG turned down a better offer last year from UK because of termination clause.

  141. smiggs


    wall – 1
    cousins – 2
    henry – 8
    orton – 22
    bledsoe – 23
    hood – 40
    dodson – 4 star transfer

  142. Iceman

    wall -1 5*
    cousins -2 5*
    henry -8 5*
    orton -22 5*
    bledsoe -23 5*
    hood -40 4*
    Dodson 4*


  143. IcemanG2

    134 – umm, it’s already right up there. Add Henry and it is not even a discussion. This class will be better than Michigan’s Fab Five and Ohio State’s Thad Five on paper, by a longshot. And given that the Fab Five was proven to be illegally compiled, I really don’t consider them part of the thought process.

  144. bosshogg24

    Where is SAVEUK? Give us your take SAVE!

  145. Iceman

    Man I seen Wall and Bledsoe on campus today. They were laughing and having a good time. IT WAS A SIGN!!!!

  146. NotTheSlickistRick

    Saw a dead crow today not sure if was a Card or Jayhawk

  147. kyeric

    146. It was a crow.

  148. MEWH

    Everyone saying we don’t want them because of drama needs to be hit in the head with a shovel.

    #1-nobody deals with egos better than Cal, you don’t pull in the kids he has to the dump that is Memphis without being able to stoke some egos

    #2-the kid loves Cal, and would have played for him at UM. He decommits, and his parents pile on for KU. He clearly has never been happy with that decision, and Jodie being out of the starting spot has made him regret it even more. Why is he to blame for that?

    #3-Morons, we need a 2-guard like Tubby needed a PF for the last four years he was here. It’s the missing piece of the pie.

  149. BPsycho

    #147 LMAO

  150. NotTheSlickistRick

    Time to get the glasses changed

  151. mjbiven

    X to UK
    CJ back to Memphis
    KU between a rock (chalk) and a jayhawk

  152. wfc7

    If CJ comes too, we name the class “THE EIGHT WONDERS”

  153. NotTheSlickistRick

    now for something completely different…………
    The Case against marriage

  154. NotTheSlickistRick

    If they both come to UK can we call Cal Octo-Cal???

  155. HeGetsIt

    Why in the hell would CJ go back to Memphis??

  156. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    I don’t know about this. To be honest, I don’t quite understand why Xavier is having second thoughts. Maybe he doesn’t like the system or something else but it seems to be he may have acted excited because his parents wanted him to go there so bad. But honestly, I feel his dad just wants him somewhere big and his mom just pressured him like crazy to go to Kansas. I don’t know that I see him actually deciding to pull out of his LOI, but maybe something special would happen.

    HERE’S A THOUGHT! Jodie Meeks was spoke of earlier on as undoubtebly remaining at Kentucky however shocked us by going to the draft and staying there. Maybe and I mean maybe as in “Who the hell knows?”, Xavier was too hesitant to commit to Kentucky because of Meeks being such a good shooter which is what Xavier is known for. Now that Jodie has stayed, it could be possible that Xavier has said he wants to play for Cal now that the perimeter threat vacancy has reopened. Who knows? This will be an excellent team regardless, but Xavier would be wonderful.

  157. sethicus59

    what is a jayhawk anyway?

  158. sethicus59

    156, no loi was ever signed, hes just a verbal right now.

  159. mjbiven

    CJ back to Memphis because:
    1. playing time – would be behind Wall, Bledsoe and Liggins
    2. He spent almost a year there and is familiar wiht Pastner.
    3. Wasn’t going to KU until “X” and him decided to go there without Coach Cal at Memphis.

  160. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    158, thank you for clarifying that. For whatever reason, I thought I saw on Rivals that he had signed with Kansas. However, i still am extremely curious as is everyone else as to why Xavier is having these second thought in the first place.

  161. HeGetsIt

    159)Don’t see it happening, but never thought we’d be talking about not having Meeks next season and possibly having Xavier Henry on June 30th…so, WHO KNOWS!

  162. MEWH


    That would be our 2nd five, with Harrellson, CJ Henry, Harris, and Liggins fighting for scraps

    X Henry

  163. Basteballer

    Who cares about the Henry boys? What’s the word on Jai Lucas?

  164. whackamo

    The only problem I see in this (which would be a good problem to have) would be that after this year UK would be rebuilding or reloading (however you want to look at it) Stevenson, Harris, Patterson, Wall, Cousins, Henry would all leave. The only one that may not leave is Cousins and that is a long shot now I know Cal will land good recruits but another 6 person class would throw off who he could get in 2011. I would love to have Xavier and CJ and I think this may be the finishing touch to the FF puzzle but it may be hard to keep up this turnover. I may just be looking for something bad in a very good situation but lets put our hope in Cal because he knows what he is doing.

  165. BG631
    Chris Fisher’s got the latest again. . .
    Xavier Wanted to go to UK all along, but mommy didn’t want to move to KY. . . now thats changed

  166. edk17

    andy katz take..dont know if its already been posted..he makes several mistakes

  167. dhwildcats10

    166. He sure did. You would think that an ESPN writer would do a little more research. It’s kind of like Dick Vitale getting every UK player’s name wrong too.

  168. edk17

    seriously..ive noticed this several times from katz

  169. UK IS MY LIFE

    Everyone over at 610 saying Henrys are wildcats now.

  170. IcemanG2

    Chris Fisher at Kentucky Ink said the meeting was occurring at 3:30 CT … you’d think there will be a decision tonight.

  171. IcemanG2

    169 – link to that station, please?

  172. soup

    610 Kansas City is a good listen. Seriously.

  173. soup
  174. soup

    There is NO WAY Xavier is headed back to those hostile waters in Lawrence. There is no going back to that place with these comments. This is must hear radio!!! WOW!

  175. IcemanG2

    Wow these callers are ROUGH on the Henry brothers. If I were them, I’d actually listen right now if I had any doubts about how I might be treated there next year.

  176. rackemup

    Between 610sports and and kansas city star, I’ve never seen such drama! Rock Chalk Upchuck!

  177. MGH

    I love it. Go on Kansas fans, dig your own graves! These morons don’t even realize they’re pushing him farther and farther away by being asses.

  178. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    There’s enough bullshit on here to grow a 1000 acres of corn. Those of you bashing Henry, are the same asswipes that bashed Cal before he came. Who needs Henry,,,We need Henry. This guy is one of the best, if not THE BEST shooter in the class, which just happens to be our only weakness. And for those of you making out the lineup and listing him as second string, and Bledsoe starting, you are drunk. Bledsoe is a super great POINT GUARD, Henry is a super great SHOOTING GUARD. Everyone is trying to disect this thing, it’s simple, HE DIDN’T WANT TO GO THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE,,HE WAS DRUMMED TO KANSAS BY HIS MOTHER, AND NOW THE SHIT IS HITTING THE FAN. He wants to Play for Cal, he always has, and nothing has changed.

  179. dhwildcats10

    Yeah, the 610 guys were basically saying that it is hard for the Henrys to go back to KU with all of this stuff coming out and saying that it might hinder team chemistry.

  180. soup

    177- They are pushing them because they DON’T WANT them. I’ll speak for the both of us when saying we’ll gladly welcome them to the Commonwealth. As well as Carl and momma Henry. Yall get in the truck, time to get on over to the Big Blue house!

  181. MGH

    180 – Hell yes. I’ll order the pizzas. Party at the Henry’s new house!

  182. Iceman


    You left out time to be the team of the century.


    I think everybody should only compliment the Henrys when they arrive. Be nice just for one year.

  184. Iceman

    Re: guys read this.. Reply
    Still waiting on Maggard to confirm the Henry’s will stay at KU..

    Then I’ll believe that they’re coming to UK.


    That is a post on LOOOOOOOOOL

  185. soup

    Evan Daniels from scout will be on WHAS with Drew Deener @ 7:20.

  186. wyldcatzrool

    no time to read through all 177+ comments, so probably will sound repetitive…I hope we do get Xavier…then anything short of Banner # 8 will be a disappointment…heck, we could schedule the Sacramento Kings for an exhibition! They were only 17-65 last season. He would fill the hole (and the role) left behind when Jodie stayed in the draft, therefore eliminating the last and ONLY “weakness” this year’s squad was perceived to have! WE WILL BE STRAIGHT UP awesome! Four 1st round draft picks in Wall, Henry, Cousins, and Patterson…before you even mention Bledsoe, Orton, Hood, Dodson, Miller and the rest of the gang! I believe 2 or 3 of those guys are likely 1st round picks later on down the road themselves! I do have to eat a little crow as I was guilty of a little bit of sour grapes when Xavier chose Kansas saying we didn’t really need him and that we didn’t need the hassle of his brother and dad…blah, blah, blah…but…if this happens, I am ecstatic…because I know how good Xavier is and because he would immediately plug that hole and push us over the top…this could end up being arguably the best college team ever…if they win a Title of course…gotta do that to get into the conversation…but man! WOW! I sooooooooo hope this happens! Bill Self is meeting with Xavier and family in Oklahoma City tonight to try to keep Xavier…DON’T LISTEN TO HIM XAVIER!!! Come join your pals John, DeMarcus, Eric, Jon, and Daniel in Lexington and let’s go stomp across the USA and whip everybody and bring home the Championship!! GO CATS!!!

  187. wyldcatzrool

    I guess if this happens Bill Self is probably not likely to want to schedule a made-for-tv neutral site game against us like Calipari was said to be working on…I can live with that! lol!

  188. hayzardous

    This was reported on WCN last thursday. Jones is slipping.

  189. wyldcatzrool

    interesting article as Bill Self comments on the situation…one excerpt: “Either they are coming or not coming. There’s no reason for fans or people who support the university to be concerned. They gave us their word they are coming. If an article keeps them from coming, of course it’d be disappointing but it’s not anything I can control.”

  190. MGH

    189 – It almost sounds like he’s talking with a defeated tone and knows he’s going to lose them, or at least Xavier. That’s just me of course and I could be really off base, but he doesn’t exactly seem confident.

  191. wyldcatzrool

    190) I agree. I think Bill Self sounds like he has reached the point of being fed up with the drama and wants a definitive answer one way or the other. I can’t say as I blame him. If the roles were reversed in this saga, I would not want Cal putting up with it…we are UK and that says it all…and I am sure that Self and Kansas feel the same way about their program…

  192. atomicdawg02

    I haven’t read through all 190 comments, but you have to remember this is an 18 year old. His mom didn’t want to move, so he “settled” for Kansas. Obviously his heart is telling him he wants to play for Coach Calipari, but mom does rule the roost. I’m sure the Henry parents will support their son no matter HIS decision, but that’s the point, it has to be his decision to live with, not theirs. Best wishes to Xavier, no matter what his decision he will upset some folks but he shouldn’t worry about that. He has to do what’s best for his career.

  193. blitzmr2

    He is coming to UK bc he wants to, not bc Dad is “mad” at KU.

    And if, somehow, he is indeed coming to UK bc he’s upset over an article, their time here will be short.

    Come to UK, Xavier, be that missing piece, and leave the baggage behind.

  194. BG631

    Live chat with chris fisher and a dude from the shiver, kansases’ses’ website.