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Multiple Sources Saying It Sounds Like Henry to UK

I am hearing from multiple sources that Xavier Henry to Kentucky is likely. Now, to be sure, nothing is confirmed yet and if this situation has taught us anything, it is to wait until all the dust settles. But as of right now, things are looking pretty good.

Matt Scott, who works for The Shiver, said on Kentucky Ink:  “I have been told by two very good sources that they are UK bound and that this has been in the works for some time now.” Apparently, Chris Fisher has been hearing the same. Couple that with what I have been hearing, and you’ve got yourself a lot a chatter saying Xavier to UK is looking like the likely ending to this saga.

Again, nothing official as of yet, but it sounds like everyone’s sources are in agreement that the Henry’s to UK is likely.

Update: Here’s a link to the Live Chat on Kentucky Ink. Wanna see if the big blue nation can bog it down??

Update the Dos by Fake Gimel: All KY Hoops dot com is smelling the same smell. You know what it smells like? Victory.

Article written by Dustin Rumbaugh

I enjoy basketball, Kentucky sports and extremely short walks on the beach, followed by a nap. Sorry ladies, I'm taken.

232 responses to “Multiple Sources Saying It Sounds Like Henry to UK”

  1. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    Sweet Jesus

  2. ale8one


  3. Goose_is_Golden

    NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. anderson41

    Well remember a few days ago when Matt said that Calipari seemed to be hinting at more roster moves?? Bet this is why…

  5. CatzFan319

    Somebody please pinch me!


    He better go to class and not make a disgrace of his semester in school! 3-4 one and done’s will make for a championship tainted with lifelong controversy! Not sure this is the legacy I am looking for!

  7. BigCatDaddy4263

    That’s the freaking icing on the cupcake baby…..

  8. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    Someone on Cats Pause said there was a JayHawkSlant post that X was going to UK but CJ was staying at KU … but that post was taken down. Hmm …

  9. Megan Calipari Is Fine!


  10. Badamike

    Geeeeez Is Coach Cali A freakin “G” or what…..Man is on a mission

  11. Wildcatfan09

    And remember last week the said big news for uk basketball was comeing this could be it.

  12. soup

    Matt Scott is sketchy. Read that live blog and you will see. I’ll take his word along with Chris “Barton to UK” Fisher’s words with huge shakers full of salt.

  13. BigCatDaddy4263

    I just read the same thing on Phog.Net and people on there are saying that if CJ ends up at Kansas, they will boo him off the floor during Midnight Madness…..

  14. wildcatfan81


  15. cablaw3

    Two thoughts: (1) it is simply amazing how much pull Cal has and how successful meshing UK and Cal has been so far…we could have an all-5 star lineup…Wall, Bledsoe, Henry, Cousins, Patterson. DAMN!! BUT (2) I wonder how Darius takes this, and it stands to reason that Henry might take his spot. Kind of have mixed feelings about this. But on its face, what an unreal turn of events.

  16. SeoulCat

    #11, that’s exactly what I was thinking.

  17. HeGetsIt

    So, what was the “good news” for this week? Clarion or this??? God bless it feels sooooo good to be a member of the Big Blue Nation right about now! GO BIG BLUE!!!

  18. dkplayer

    If you say sources enough, the word starts to lose all meaning. Sources, sources, sources, soorces, sorces, sorses, sorsus, sosays, soses.

  19. MGH

    This is just amazing. The off season of the gods continues.

  20. SlickRick48

    I went and saw CJ Leslie play in a Chavis League game here in Raleigh wearing a UK t-shirt. He came next to where I was standing and started stretching before his game. He looked up at me and said, “Hey man, I like that shirt!” I told him I was glad he liked it and that he would look good in it. We had a brief conversation and he told me that he was planning on visiting Kentucky “soon.”

    The game was pretty chaotic, but his jumper looked really good and he had a ton of blocks.

  21. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    Fisher over at KY Ink said earlier today that this Henry business was NOT the good news coming this week … said there is one more thing, still waiting …

  22. BigCatDaddy4263 message board is saying that Xavier Henry will be at UK and on campus by this weekend….. Don’t know where they got this, but these people on Kansas Message boards are freaking pissssssseddddd

  23. BCO

    Just to give some props to Wildcat Nation Forum. They broke this a few days ago.

  24. wildcat_99

    15) miller will fit perfectly at the 3 spot. That’s exactly where he would start if meeks had stayed and now that’s where he will start if x comes

  25. UKBBallRules

    If this comes through, I will take this as the good news anyway!

  26. BluesMan

    Its going to be good to be hated again. Really really good.

  27. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    Well, here’s to another all-nighter waiting on a decision from Xavier Henry. Deja-vu, anyone?

  28. HeGetsIt

    Let’s see who we’ve got pissed at us:

    Memphis (obvious reasons)
    Kansas (soon to be obvious reasons)
    UNC (will lose out big time in the all-time wins race that they would’ve likely taken over)
    Loserville (because they are envious)
    Any other college basketball team looking to recruit top-notch talent over the next decade!

  29. Iceman

    I was here too lol.

  30. BigCatDaddy4263

    The following is from Phog.Net about the situation at hand……

    Say what you want: you want the Henry’s, you love the Henry’s, you hate the Henry’s…..whatever.

    However, how are you feeling about it in your stomach. The whole situation makes me sick to my stomach, queezy, let down, and overall just empty. When I get past the angst that these guys have resurfaced as apparently undependable commits to KU (again), I have to admit —– it makes me feel pretty lousy.

    Coach has put in a ton of effort, let players go, turned down Lance Stephenson, and the whole staff has bent over backwards for this guy……including letting bygones be after they crawled back in April.

    Just makes me ……. Yucky.

  31. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    27. he better not break our heart again

  32. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    28 – don’t forget IU

  33. jasonspurlock

    This just in over the Twitter:

    “@fewfirstchoice: Just got off the phone.Xavier has informed Cal. hes coming to UK.He meet with Self earlier and told him hes coming to UK.Its done Henry 2 UK”

    Posted 6 minutes ago.

  34. Wildcatfan09

    What i was trying to say is that. last week on this website they said there was going to be big news about uk basketball this week and were X might sing with uk it could be the big news.

  35. HeGetsIt

    Oh, good call 32…their coach can’t even beat our women’s coach’s twitter followers

  36. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    WOW!!!!!! 33

    That guy is a very credible poster …

  37. HeGetsIt

    Hell yes 34…I knew X could ball…but he can sing too!!! This day keeps getting better and better


    Fisher & KYINK are on everything

  39. lsprice1984

    Cousins- Orton

    Hold on I just messed my pants.

  40. true blue1

    33 are you serious?

  41. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    Is CJ going to follow, or will he stay at KU? Hell, I’d rather he stay at KU, personally … we’ve got a LOADED logjam at PG already.

  42. unioncowrestling

    i want some of that good good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. CatzFan319

    41 the fact that you can call are problem at pg a logjam is amazing to think what we had last yr

  44. Unconfirmed reports: Xavier Henry to UK

    […] Kentucky Sports Radio […]

  45. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    39 your forgettin liggins/hood

  46. Blueyouaway

    If Carl & the boys were upset & wanted to leave because of what Brady wrote in the newspaper, all Self would have to have done is sent him the Heral Mis-Leader columns of Jerry Tipton. They haven’t seen negative news yet……

  47. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    43 – trust me, I am well aware. I still shake my head at the thought of fighting non-stop over the Porter v. Liggins v. Galloway debates of ’08-’09 compared to the Wall v. Bledsoe (do we start both?) debate of ’09-’10. Laughable.

  48. BigCatDaddy4263

    Comments made by Bill Self a little more than an hour ago:

    Kansas University basketballl coach Bill Self today commented to the Journal-World on reports that Xavier Henry and C.J. Henry were having second thoughts about attending KU and still might attend Kentucky.

    “I’m still looking into this,” Self said, acknowledging the Henry family was upset about a weekend story in the Kansas City Star that the Henrys felt portrayed the family in a negative light.

    “I am ready for the finality of it (on where Henrys are going to school). I believe that will occur very soon,” Self added.

    Self said the Henrys gave their word they were coming to KU and thus he is “past the point of being concerned with (their) recruiting. Either they are coming or not coming. There’s no reason for fans or people who support the university to be concerned. They gave us their word they are coming. If an article keeps them from coming, of course it’d be disappointing but it’s not anything I can control.”

  49. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    46 – many people have alluded to the fact that the news story is the scapegoat in all of this. They just needed their “out” while waiting on Jodie.

  50. jasonspurlock

    I would take it as just one report right now. Everyone is saying that something will be confirmed very shortly.

    Hang tight.

    I don’t know how the twitter dude is above, but someone saying they “just got of the the phone and that Cal has been called” and shit sounded like something that could be repeated in the blog comments.

  51. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    48 – I think I read that this afternoon, actually.

  52. jasonspurlock

    More reports of confirmation:

    “Reports of Xavier Henry to Kentucky are trickling in”

  53. lsprice1984

    45- I just did it again thanks

  54. Wildcat83

    I don’t post on here much but I can talk about some insider knowledge I’ve had since Friday. I was told by someone who regularly has dinner and meetings with Cal that Carl Henry has been in contact with him for several days (more like weeks but couldn’t confirm). I also know that Carl Henry initiated these calls on behalf of his sons. I was asked not to post or tell anyone about this because no one thought it would be done until mid July. I guess now that the “Cats” are out of the bag it doesn’t matter on keeping “hush hush”. But there was no wrong doing of Cal. All phone calls were made by Carl Henry.

  55. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    I cannot contain my excitement and am psyched! Is it October yet!?!

  56. blay-z

    This team is either going to really really really friggin’ good OR trouble with a capital “T”

    I have faith in Cal but wow, I mean, that’s a lot of talent to juggle.

  57. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    This is just unfreakin believable if it is true, and though I am one that don’t count my rosters before they hatch, there sure is an aweful lot of smoke not to be a fire somewhere. Like I said earlier, the good thing is that this won’t drag out long. The word will come down soon. As for Darius, I don’t think this effects his role at all. Darius is a 3, not a two, Bledsoe is a 1 not a 2. This probably puts Bledsoe as the backup to Wall as he should be. Henry is a sweet stroker, and I love them leftys. Come on November.

  58. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    on the live blog there sayin the henrys were inrolled in class which means they would be transfer players!! =[

  59. williamtitan

    We better WIN the championship. If not this year, I dont know when.

  60. jasonspurlock


    this is nuts, ya’ll.

    We’re seriously going to be loaded like mother truckers next year, huh?

    I don’t think any of us can imagine how exciting this is going to be after the last 5 years of hell.

    I mean, if we’ll have 5 first round draft picks on the floor at any one time next year.

    When does that every happen? And who the frig could beat us?

    Jizz everywhere.

  61. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    58 – classes didn’t start; doesn’t matter.

  62. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    58 – Untrue. They never enrolled at KU.

  63. fyrebird_86

    #58-They did not enroll in classes yet. That was confirmed by their father on the radio today.

  64. Blueyouaway

    BREAKING NEWS : Xavier Henry was just diagnosed with “Verbal Dyslexia”, a rare genetic mutation of Dyslexia. “Verbal Dyslexia” causes individuals to get their letters backwards when speaking. When Xavier told his parents he wanted to sign with KU, he actually meant UK. The NCAA has been contacted & is hearing his appeal. We’lll keep you posted ….

  65. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    62/3. thank you!

  66. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    64 – Good one.

  67. fyrebird_86

    You wanna know something funny.

    KSR is running


    Maggard’s site is down, lol

    He is always trashing the KSR server, what a fruit.

  68. bluedynasty

    WTF!!!!!!!!!were stacked.this could be the best recruiting class ever

  69. BigCatDaddy4263

    Over on, they are saying that Andy Katz has picked up on the Henry situation and that Carl has informed him that Kentucky would ultimately be the destination for his sons, not just Xavier, but CJ as well

  70. meeksppatshow

    57 – are we counting ‘roosters’ or our loaded “roster” ? just sayin
    58 – inrolled, seriously ? enrolled cuz.

  71. CalipariSafari

    This is insane!!!! If this isn’t the #1 ranked class of all time, then I’m not hung like a field mouse.

    ***** John Wall
    ***** DeMarcus Cousins
    ***** Eric Bledsoe
    ***** Xavier Henry
    ***** Daniel Orton
    **** Jon Hood
    **** Darnell Dodson

  72. Blueyouaway

    62, 63 : Better tell Carl they didn’t enroll :

    From Bomani’s Part 2 link, last sentence quote from Carl….

    “I think classes start somewhere around August 19th. I think we are heading up on like the 17th or so,” Henry said. “Both boys have been enrolled in classes,” added Henry.

  73. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    70. aw true my bad lol

  74. BPsycho

    #71 lol field mouse… I’m hung like a field clydesdale then..

  75. tyleryoungjj

    Anybody a LITTLE worried about this guy’s waffling, or we just kinda letting that slide.

  76. jasonspurlock

    #67 I noticed that, too.

    Dickwad’s site hasn’t been up all night.

  77. funkadelic

    71. u forgot cj.

  78. Goose_is_Golden

    75 I’m more than a little worried about the influence that his mother has on him. I don’t want another Mrs Legion episode

  79. Blueyouaway

    A post over at is titled ” KU gets CJ, UK gets Xavier” . I don’t have access to read the rest…..

  80. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    Any word on whether the Henrys are going to follow them to Lexington?

  81. CalipariSafari

    77: My bad. He just slipped my mind. I guess he’s probably a three star so here’s the new look:

    ***** John Wall
    ***** Daniel Orton
    ***** DeMarcus Cousins
    ***** Eric Bledsoe
    ***** Xavier Henry
    **** Jon Hood
    **** Darnell Dodson
    *** CJ Henry

    Simply UNREAL!!!!

  82. BigCatDaddy4263

    Carl and Barbara Henry are divorced, I believe

  83. bleedblue23

    75. lettin it slide

  84. Biggass Hungguy


  85. Blueyouaway

    Never mind…posted by a UK fan….LOL

    I could see this happening though cause no way CJ starts ahead of Wall & maybe not Bledsoe….

  86. westernsig

    pg: wall pg: bledsoe/liggins
    sg: Henry sg: hood
    sf: miller sf: dodson
    pf/c: patterson pf: harrleson/stevenson
    pf/c: cousins c: orton

    bench: harris, cjhenry,

    not bad i am sure with a little mix and match you could have 2 sweet 16 teams in there

  87. ukbbfan

    #6… im right there with you. i will enjoy it, it will be fun to watch next year but i dont really like this NBA factory image we now have. it could get old really quick.

  88. Basteballer

    I’m with ukbbfan. I like watching the kids stick around a while.

  89. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    87 – The chance of winning a title never gets old to me.

  90. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    Besides, this will change a little in a few years when college players will be required to stay 2 years instead of 1.

  91. BPsycho

    I like seeing us win Championships more.

  92. bsmith8208

    I’m not a salesman so you can disagree all you want and you can also quote me on this…. If Calipari lands Henry then he is a cheater. No one is a good enough recruiter that a player just up and changes his mind late in the game under the same situation as the Henry’s. It’s impossible and within the next two years I GUARANTEE Calipari gets caught.

  93. westernsig

    the great pat ford is saying that X could be bailing… Hes really going to have some good things to say about cal now..

  94. CalipariSafari

    88: No offense but 1998 was a long time ago and KENTUCKY basketball isn’t supposed to go that long without some type of banner, either a title or Final Four etc. Smith and Gillispie would give a scholarship to anyobody with two legs and a pecker (hint hint: Jared Carter, Dakotah Euton, Porter, Alleyne, Obrzut, Perry, Thomas, Sims, Adam Williams, Donald Williams, an 8th grader) etc. etc. etc. I’d MUCH rather see one and dones win some titles at UK opposed to watching Jared Carter and Dakotah Euton stay and play for four years. That’s just my personal opinion.

  95. Basteballer

    With the rotating cast of 1-and-done folks, it wouldn’t feel “right” no matter how many championships we won. But the NCAA would step in before it got out of hand.I don’t want to follow a pro team. I like the college ranks and watching a kid grow and have a sense of loyalty, belonging, and community. I ain’t just cheering for the shirt.

  96. Cyps_forehead

    67, I know the guy that works on that site and it’s not down because of a turd internet server. It’s down due to scheduled maintenance that’s been planned for a week now. Call it bad timing…

  97. BgallowayUofK
  98. Hayesfan

    All I have to say, is Coach Cal had best be like Doc Rivers lite and deal with the egos right away. This many talented kids are bound to have some issues when they feel “disrespected” one way or another during the season.

    Are there enough balls to go around for five or six potential NBA draftees next year?

    I do hope that Xavier and CJ make a decision that they feel is best for them, but I don’t want UK to have another season of chaos.

    We need shiny happy people next season all gunning for the same goal without egos getting in the way.

    In Coach Cal I believe… for now 😉

  99. Gogh Big Bleu



  100. CalipariSafari

    92: Are you nuts??? Xavier said himself that he wanted to pick UK but his mom influenced him to pick KU. Now he realizes that his friends (Wall and Cousins etc) are on UK’s campus and are about to destroy any and all competition and he simply wants to be part of that. Kids have the right to change their minds and Coach Cal hasn’t done anything to make anyone suspect him of “cheating.” Good gracious son, go to bed.

  101. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    92 – I completely disagree with you. Nothing about this situation is wrong and he will not do anything to harm himself or the school.

  102. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    92. where you live im comin to whip that ass you dirty b@st@rd

  103. nessa5555

    I guess this mean orton and hood are leaving.

  104. Cawood2Cal

    Zav-ee-ay went to KU because he thought Jodie would come back to school. Zav-ee-ay started leaning toward UK on June 15 when Jodie stayed in. That’s the deal here, if anyone says different it’s BS.

  105. blue42

    I am just as excited to see Jon Hood as any of the other freshmen.

  106. edk17

    make it official jonesy

  107. CalipariSafari

    I know none of these 2009 kids have played a single college minute but laugh all you want, I think this team (if we get Henry) is right there toe to toe with teh 1996 Cats. I think the 96′ Cats would beat the 09′ team but potential and talent wise, the 2009 team is neck and neck.

  108. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    Haven’t seen this linked yet, so here it is.

  109. BigCatDaddy4263

    92 Your a freaking idiot, how are you going to call someone a cheater that has NEVER been in trouble with the NCAA? Just because a young man changes his mind and that young man’s dad calls Coach Calipari and inquires about a possible scholarship, now he’s a cheater….. Go back to Kansas Message Boards and talk your garbage


    Hood and Orton are not going anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. bleedblue23

    92. What kind of crack cocaine did u get a hold of?

  112. mesacatfan

    #67 Thanks for the heads up. My brother is a mod at KSR and he always talks smack about this site. This gives me another in a laundry list of jabs I can throw.

  113. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    92 is just trying to get ya’ll riled up. Who cares what this douche has to say. Probably an IU or UL fan. Moving on …

    F5 is bringin’ some heat tonight … who’s got the beers ready?

  114. jasonspurlock

    Presser set for Henry to UK tomorrow morning in OKC.

  115. bsmith8208

    109 Im actually not a fan of Kansas and I live in the state of kentucky and no I’m not a fan of louisville. Just an observer pointing out the obvious.

  116. jasonspurlock

    12:O0 EST Press conference set tomorrow morning for X and CJ to come to UK.

    Live blog, cameras???

    This site is crashing.

  117. mesacatfan

    112. Oops, i meant to say he is a mod at tbk and talks smack about ksr.

  118. Basteballer

    Think there’ll be a door at the presser?

  119. Mr. Bentley
  120. bleedukblue77

    Bad news everyone…

  121. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    114 – Your link is from April 22nd. Pretty certain that’s no longer valid.

  122. mesacatfan

    114. That was his original presser. That was posted in April.

  123. edk17

    114…that was dated 4-22-09

  124. gmwilson

    I may have missed this USA today article being posted but interesting take from Xavier’s dad:

  125. TheBigBooyah

    My sources say the sources above are all talking about each other.

  126. MGH

    103 – …because…..?

  127. catfan-tn

    I can’t remember a crazier 3 months in my life…. GO CATS>….

  128. bleedukblue77

    There is not enough room in Rupp to hang up all the banners we’re about to get

  129. bleedblue23

    Does anybody know what happened to the “Freak Show?”

  130. jasonspurlock

    Evan Daniels is reporting the same thing:

    “Thursday…it is. Press conference set for Henry.”
    5 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

    (I didn’t notice the link at first…so, yeah…I’m just relaying the feeds from all the recruiting reporters going on right now. Take it for the electrons it’s posted with. Just enough excitement that it’ll keep you up all night, right?)

  131. BCLong2

    Evan Daniels reports presser tomorrow…thats a MUCH MUCH better source

  132. HeGetsIt

    There are some serious numb-nuts on here tonight…Cal has done nothing wrong in assemblies this class, so nothing to get “caught” on. Next, I can’t help but laugh when I hear we’ll have too many NBA players on the roster. I don’t know about you buy I didn’t enjoy the NIT and having one player picked last Thursday and in the 2nd round at that

  133. nessa5555

    Why would Hood want to stay he wont get any miuntes.

  134. nessa5555

    Why would Hood want to stay he wont get any miuntes.

  135. Iceman

    133 Hood wasn’t going to get that many minutes anyways. He is a 4 year player. That’s why he stays.

  136. jasonspurlock

    Pat Forde just reported a Thursday presser for X and CJ, too.

    “espn4d: Press conference set for Henry Thursday.”

  137. UK IS MY LIFE

    133 your joking right hood would not have gotten any minutes this year anyway.

  138. MGH

    133 – He’s a 4 year guy. Even without Henry he wasn’t playing much next year in the rotation. He knew that when he signed. And I have no idea where Orton came from.

  139. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    Why Thursday?? How about tomorrow?

  140. lagarfa1937

    Hood stays because he’s a lifelong UK fan. Kentucky is his home.

  141. bigpapijugg

    why not wednesday morning? why thursday morning? its confusing. why not just come out and tell us

  142. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    wheres link?

  143. BigCatDaddy4263

    Why Thursday? Why not tonight or tomorrow??

  144. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    Where’s Matt? Why is he not chiming in on this stuff?

  145. jasonspurlock

    I don’t know why Thursday…I’m just repeating Evan Daniels and Pat Forde on Twitter.

    The link is their Twitter account.

  146. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    143 – haha, yeah, let’s call a press conference at 11pm or midnight, depending on the time zone. Hell, UK fans would still attend/watch!

  147. jasonspurlock

    Whoever the hell Kent Taylor at Wave3 is (a KC TV guy) is also picking it up.

    Looks like it’s pretty much a done deal (for a effen press conference that is).

    But why he would have a presser to just silence rumors wouldn’t be right…

    So one can expect it’s for X and CJ to come to UK.

  148. TheBigBooyah
  149. true blue1

    I think it has something to do with CJ. I think CJ will go to Memphis in my opinion….

  150. westernsig

    how many players will we have that could be in the nba if college was wasn;t in effect. wall, cousin, henry, and patterson?

  151. TheBigBooyah
  152. ruppcrazy

    Starters Bench

    Wall Bledsoe
    X Dodson
    Miller Hood/Liggins
    Pat Stevenson
    Cousins Orton

    And think about our 4 guard lineup to run the floor and press a lot… Wall, Bledsoe, X, Miller, Pat/Cousins!!!

    I can’t wait for November!!!

  153. uky-ladyt

    Henry had his chance to be a WILDCAT! We are loaded now and there are not enough B-balls to go around if he comes.

  154. bigpapijugg

    BTW people saying that CJ and XAVIER would make it 8 recruits…..
    CJ IS A TRANSFER which in my opinion (and officially in the NCAA) isnt a recruit at all.
    so it would be

    THE SEVEN SAVIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. blay-z

    looks like false alarm on the presser? Evan Daniels recanted via twitter

  156. BCLong2

    hahahahahahaha ok thats too funny that daniels fell for that one
    thats why he said thursday

  157. ruppcrazy

    153- If we score 100 a game, then everyone will get theirs.

  158. bigpapijugg

    i wish the HENRY HATERS would just go to bed. your already grumpy. please wake up next march when we win it all and you will be much happier

  159. westernsig

    wall, henry, patterson, cousin, and miller vs sacramento kings… Who would win the best of 7 series?

  160. Ares

    Until I see X at UK I am not going to believe anything. Look there is a lot of speculation right now everyone needs to just calm down. We have not heard a lot from X or CJ only their father. Who wouldn’t want to have a top 5 talent on their team but right now we are no where near getting the Henry’s. Cooler heads will prevail.

  161. bleedblue23

    no presser Thursday

  162. jasonspurlock

    BREAKING NEWS Xavier Henry tells 610 Sports Radio he will stay at Kansas.

    BREAKING NEWS Xavier Henry tells 610 Sports Radio he will stay at Kansas.

    Listen Live right NOW…

  163. BCLong2

    bill self left X’s house at 11:57pm est

  164. MGH

    BREAKING NEWS Xavier Henry tells 610 Sports Radio he will stay at Kansas.

    1 minute ago from mobile web

    Well s***.

  165. bigpapijugg

    if you say we are no where near getting the henrys who is. the whole KU fanbase has turned on them and their family. there is no going back there. and we happen to be the team HE wanted in the first place. Im a year older than Henry, but still if my mom and father wanted me to go to a college that was so-so to stay close to home and keep the family together i couldnt turn her down

  166. bigpapijugg

    i hear nothing bout him

  167. bigpapijugg

    its nothing about college

  168. HeGetsIt

    If he stays I’m blaming the negative assholes on here tonight.

  169. jasonspurlock

    My above link came directly from 610’s account…

    I don’t know if they have something or not…but if they don’t, they’ll be huge pieces’ of shit for making the claim.


    I’m listening now, too.

  170. AssistByJohnWall

    Sounds to me like a situation where the kid speaks and no one respects it.

    The mom, Bill Self, the dad… why don’t there adults let Xavier be a man.

    Bill Self is going to use the “you gave your word” line. But Xavier’s word was swayed by his mom refusing to let Xavier go where he wanted to go. So it wasn’t really his word.

    I don’t think UK has much to worry about if thsi kid does eventually end up here because it seems to me like that’s what he’s really wanted all along, to play for Cal.

  171. MGH

    I’m listening now as well. So far that lone tweet is the only sign of anything. I’m hoping some big mistake was made there.

  172. bluedynasty

    Has any1 heard anything

  173. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    Shit …

  174. Goose_is_Golden

    they got it up on their website and everything now, folks it looks like all this hubub was fer nuthin. This recruiting class has had more premadonnas than any I can ever remember, i’m with cal, let’s get this season started.

  175. MGH

    Well … look at us getting excited over nothing I guess.


  176. jasonspurlock

    BREAKING NEWS: Xavier Henry will stay at KU

    Up now at

  177. bigpapijugg

    its true….he broke our hearts again….wow

  178. bigpapijugg

    now we just look like morons…i hate my life

  179. Flop

    How in the world could he go back to Kansas after it got out of the bag that he really wanted to be at UK?

    There’s no way his teammates or coaches would rally behind him. He basically said he didn’t want to play with them.

    The damage is done at this point. He should either head to UK or head to another school because he’s burnt his bridges with the KU players and fanbase.

  180. scfcats

    176 – Was just about to link it. Too bad.

  181. HeGetsIt

    Now the mm fan’s can come out and bash this site and say that they were saying Henry was coming to UK

  182. westernsig

    if the kid wants to be a one and done, then uk nor kansas would be the best choice unless he can perform exceptionally. if he wants continuing press coverage and hype then UK would be his best choice. if he wants a national title then either uk or ku is a decent choice. i cant see what kansas can offer him that uk cant top. UK will have more press coverage, UK will have just as good of a shot at a national title, UK also has a spot for a SG and that is their only weak spot on the floor, so he would be an instant impact. Fans? handdown uk…UK averages more attendance than any NBA team ( )… no question go UK.. We want you

  183. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    Well, that’s it for me tonight. I simply cannot believe I went through this AGAIN with Henry. Fool me once … fool me twice … unreal. Oh well. I guess Self made one hell of a last-minute pitch … probably re-guaranteed him a starting spot or something.

    Can’t wait to see how the Kansas fans retract what they said today, absolutely tearing the kid apart over this.

  184. MGH

    I’ll say this, I don’t know how he’s going back to KU now. After all this broke and the entire KU fan base turned on him? That won’t be fun.

  185. Megan Calipari Is Fine!

    fckn new it!!!!!!!!!!!! fck!!

  186. BigCatDaddy4263

    It’s all over the Kansas Message Boards that says he told 610 after the Kansas City Royals game that he was staying at Kansas… I have listened and did not hear anything like that, if he does, oh well, he does…

  187. SlickRick48

    Read my post, #20 if you’re getting down tonight guys.

  188. bigpapijugg

    the whole KU fanbase is going crazy and is pissed at him

  189. smiddy911

    Hes coming to UK.

    In da bank.

  190. smiddy911

    stop reading 610… seriously.

  191. meeksppatshow

    how stupid do we look?

  192. jreeves5319

    179 — that’s what I’m screaming…

    KU fans have hated him ever since he chose Memphis over KU…

    and then when KU became a consolation prize once Cal jumped ship…KU fans still didn’t like X…

    Henry Brothers,Come play for Cal!

  193. Basteballer

    I heard Carl and Barbara were BOTH spotted in town looking at real estate today.

  194. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    Yup, UK fans walk away from this looking like fools once again. Every message board had about 25+ threads proclaiming an undefeated season, calling it confirmed that X to UK was done, etc. etc. … what I want to know is, who or what were the sources that allegedly pointed toward X coming to UK? This is a perfect example of situation where people need to own up …

  195. bluedynasty

    what do they see at KU

  196. uksoon2be

    im on 610 homepage but when i click on the link to listen to the interview i just get stuff from earlier today
    i dunno, kinda sketchy….

  197. CO Wildcat

    I’m ready to move back “Home.” Anyone hiring back in Lexington or NKY? I’m in the insurance industry…

  198. MGH

    Fool me once, fool me twice, blah blah you know the rest.

    What a downer. This is just like Jodie again. Every source minus maybe one was 99.9% certain it was Jodie back to UK for his senior year, then all of a sudden BOOM out out no where the bad news.

    Built up all day all for nothing. Man, that just sucks.

  199. Iceman

    Guys we don’t look stupid at all. This is horrible for the team chemistry at Kansas. This is actually very good for us still.

  200. bigpapijugg

    it doesnt look good now. it was wide open just a few minutes ago and now we are left hart broken

  201. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    I stated earlier today that Xavier could hurt(will hurt KU’s) the APR.

    I thought that the one shot of getting him to UK (which I had mixed emotions about) would be his father wanting to promote his kid through maximum exposure. This would have been the first sign of the ESPN/SEC package paying off.

    I really didn’t want him to come in and mess up the chemistry or bring that zoo to UK. That being said, once he started dropping 34 foot lefties like rain, I would have been on board.

    Oh well, maybe next time.

    Who the hell am I kidding? He will drop a story next week that he is coming to UK and we will all be right here soaking it up.

  202. Goose_is_Golden

    Smiddy gotta luv da positive attitude. Sounds like if your bank keeps making guarantees like that though, the fed will have to bail them out

  203. bluedynasty

    i havent heard anything yet.thats only words i want to listen

  204. smiddy911

    lol – dudes, 610 is full of shit.

    trust me

  205. uksoon2be

    im with smiddy

  206. westernsig

    Hot off the press….. Coach cal is building a pool house on the lot next to his house and barbara is moving in until her job as a persuasive speaking professor at uk pans out

  207. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    BREAKING NEWS: Self arrived in a Brinks truck and left on a tri-cycle.

  208. bigpapijugg

    that does kinda hurt their team chemistry….but they have a solid core either way. plus they can rebuild b4 the season starts

  209. bluedynasty

    u cant ever trust a colleges fan site that is on the negative side as KU’s is right now

  210. bigpapijugg

    yea but a radio station wouldnt post it if it were not true….

  211. blay-z

    whoops! a post and re-post by beisner coming up in 3…2…1…

  212. BigCatDaddy4263

    Guys, I have been trying to listen to 610 and cannot get anything that says or hear anything that Xavier has said he is staying at Kansas, I’m just ready for this thing to be OVER

  213. Goose_is_Golden

    Zah Vee Ay, why do you build me up? Just to let me down…

  214. bigpapijugg

    i just hope the patriots have a good year…..then UK has a great one too

  215. BCLong2

    X texted goodman from fox that hes staying at kansas

  216. uksoon2be

    goose, dont give up hope. 610 is just tryin to get some publicity

  217. Basteballer

    Beisner’s post was obselete before it hit. Hadda take it down pronto!

  218. jasonspurlock

    RT @EvanDanielscout RT @goodmanonfox Xavier Henry just texted me that he is sticking with his Kansas commitment

  219. RunninRamelLeftTCP

    It’s done, folks. Off to bed. Pissed off.

  220. westernsig


  221. TayPrinceJr.

    210. Like that hadn’t happened before already

  222. uksoon2be

    who to believe?

  223. uksoon2be

    being a uk fan im with katz

  224. TayPrinceJr.

    With xavier it’s never official either way ain’t that the truth

  225. scfcats

    Another link saying he’s staying at KU.

  226. smackmyfitch
  227. smackmyfitch
  228. uksoon2be

    im seein some animosity between mr. and ms. henry

  229. bluedynasty

    so is a cat or gayhawk

  230. uksoon2be

    no idea

  231. Xavier Henry the latest top 10 recruit to have trouble deciding where to go to school | Human Trend

    […] to say, Kentuckians are going crazy over this (here are some posts: Strait Pinkie, A Sea of Blue, Kentucky Sports Radio, Kentucky Ink, […]

  232. supernova75

    Perhaps it is a good thing. Kansas’s top talent doesn’t really want to be there, could cause some distention in their ranks this season.