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Is Calipari Sending a Warning?


I must admit that I go back and forth on Calipari’s twittering. There comes a point where I cant read any more inspirational messages or shout outs to friends he is going to eat with who are “great people.” But as soon as I am ready to give up on it, he gives us good insight. I like when he talks basketball, lets people know what he is up to or gives pictures of his movers (the last made me laugh a great deal for some reason). You can tell that Calipari treats Twitter like we all do with new toys….he is either obsessed about it for the moment or forgets he is doing it. And while sometimes he may make slip ups (like telling the entire state where he was going to eat dinner Saturday night), overall its a positive.

But on Sunday, Calipari may have been using Twitter for something more important…a warning shot to the masses. After I had received about 15 pictures from fans of moving vans outside of Calipari’s new house, it became clear that the “Cal move-in fest” had begun. And Cal must have known that his whereabouts were causing a stir as well. For on Sunday, he twittered three different messages about how vicious his dog is and how people need to not get close to it. He said it was so vicious that he might even have to put up a fence in order to contain its ferocity. Now whether Cal has a vicious dog or not is ultimately irrelevant…what is clear is that Cal wants UK fans to THINK he has a vicious dog. And if so, maybe they will give he and his family some distance from their house.

As anyone who knows me can attest, I am afraid of all dogs, no matter their size, shape, ethnicity or judicial philosophy. So I wont be getting near Calipari’s house regardless. But it looks like Cal may finally realize that his house on Richmond Road has attracted attention. And with that attention comes loons. How do you combat loons…with either logic or vicious dogs. Calipari has chosen the latter…be warned.

Article written by Matt Jones

39 responses to “Is Calipari Sending a Warning?”

  1. GoCats2010

    I think he is, I bet it is vicious, but seriously, he needs to move on

  2. GoCats2010

    Matt, so you are afraid of loose-constructionist chihuahuas?

  3. scfcats

    Who would win in a fight between Kujo and Beethoven? I think it would be close, ya know cause Beethoven is smart.

  4. BJ

    So ‘vicious dog’ is code name for Erin, I take it?

  5. Ebrums

    4.. hahaha

  6. Band Of BlueCats

    Matt, would you even be afraid of Buck from Married With Children?

  7. coachclyde

    With as much traveling as Coach does I think it was meant more for his family’s protection. You know there’s a nutjob out there that would think about harming his kids or hiw wife. The viciious dog isn’t protecting Cal, it’s protecting the ones he loves most. I, for one, won’t be going near the house the next time I’m in Lexington.

  8. coachclyde

    Also, perhaps it’s meant to be a proactive measure to guard against stupid pranksters TP’ing his house. What 15 y/o wouldn’t love to say he TP’ed Cal’s house.

  9. sn8r

    And for all the rest of you crazies who didn’t know:”his house on Richmond Road”. WTG dip-shit.

  10. Band Of BlueCats
  11. stloUKfan

    I honestly think he’s just being silly. Can you imagine what kind of security system he might have had installed before his family moved in??? Not to mention im sure he’s got enough cash to through at some sort of security agency to watch over the area if he wanted. If his family made it through Memphis for almost a decade, I doubt they have much more to worry about in little ol’Lexington, lol. Weirdos will be weirdos and every town has them no matter the size, however I fail to believe Cal is worried about his family staying by themselves.

  12. Crow

    This is where the local police should come in. They should seriously beat the snot out of anyone that is idiotic enough to disturb a man in his own home where is family is for something as trivial as a sporting interest. If the Calipari family is not comfortable in their own home then they are not going to enjoy living in Lexington, it’s as simple as that. So do whatever it takes to ensure they get the privacy they deserve. If it takes drubbing a nightstick upside Kige’s head on Cal’s front lawn, then so be it.

  13. agenda


  14. vegascatfan

    After the barrage of mindless twittering put out by Coach Cal on Saturday, I pulled the plug on Twitter altogether. Invariably, Coach Cal would twitter some mindless tweet when I was in the middle of an important phone call and it just proved to be too annoying. Perhaps when we get closer to the season, this diehard UK fan, trapped in Vegasland, will reconsider… but, for now at least, the Twitter experiment is officially kaput.

  15. rackemup

    “Judicial philosophy”???? The rule of law is supposed to be immune from philosophy/feelings. Cujo the dog will maintain the rule of law, don’t you know.

  16. drmarc

    A couple weeks ago Coach Cal made a small “in passing” reference to the fact that his “alarm” was set up at home. Alarm and vicious dog are subtle hints to respect his privacy at home.

  17. coachclyde

    The Calipari girls wrote on Facebook that there was a 3 car accident on Richmond Road in front of their house yesterday. Also, interesting point of curiousity. I remember Mr. Jones stating a while back that he was “Friends” with the girls on Facebook because he was disturbed by the attention they were getting; guess that changed since he’s now friends with them.

  18. pcslex

    FYI: To anyone who may be arguing against Matt Jones in a court of law, just bring in Lassie and you’ll win the case cause he’ll flee at first sight.

  19. tyleryoungjj

    I’m just surprised no one told him it might be a bad idea to buy a house in the heart of Lexington. Seems a gated community might have been a better fit

  20. gossie21

    “Judicial philsophy”? Was that a shot at Sotomayor? I’ll take that as a yes.

    I actually think Cal is probably just trying to prevent people from getting bitten by his dog, moreso than worried about his privacy. He doesn’t want some idiot coming on his property and getting bitten by his dog. Then he would have to worry about the Jones & Bruce’s of the world coming after his personal assets.

  21. GoCats2010

    If you know which house is his then you know it isn’t exactly up against the street. I don’t think solicitation would be a problem

    The real question is…will the Malone’s family of restaurants try to save face by signing Cal up. BCG was their previous spokesman.

    I for one am a Sal’s kind of guy. Menu selection is way better than Malone’s (althought the steak can not compare) and Harry’s food isn’t as good, but the atmosphere is the best. Which do you all think is best

  22. Crow

    You want to know which guy’s meat we like best?

  23. blueblood

    #20 – Malone’s and Sal’s are owned by the same group (bluegrass hospitality) who also owns Regatta’s Seafood. Just fyi.

  24. WildcatScratchFever

    Slow day, huh?

  25. nervousTic

    If you check the Calipari girls’ facebook then you may be the one this “warning” was meant for. Good God.

  26. GoCats2010

    22. DUH

    notice “Malon’s family of restaurants” and that Sal’s and Harry’s are both owned by the same people. Regatta is not worth the price, have eaten at them all.

  27. EuclidOnFire

    20, 22, 25: No Props for Drakes?? owned by the same people

  28. sethicus59

    …….afraid of dogs jones? thatll be one man card sir.

  29. jzoneblue

    “shot at Sotomayor” — you have to be kidding. Jones is big Obama sycophant, and she is a pure reflection of his views. Besides, we are still too busy morning Michael Jackson and such, to be concerned with our freedoms and rights.

  30. wyldcatzrool

    Although I think Cal went about this the wrong way perhaps by tweeting repeatedly about his mean and nimble german shepherd, I will back Coach up on this one all the way. The day it came out in the media about the home he had purchased, one of my first thoughts was, “Cal is going to have to build a 12-foot wall around the entire perimeter and install a state-of-the-art security system.” No, Lexington is not Memphis in terms of crime. BUT- given that Coach Cal is THE single most high-profile figure in the entire state of Kentucky- protecting his home and his family should be a top priority. Be it Lexington, Memphis, or FriendlyTown, USA- there are always nut-jobs out there. Even if it is more of a privacy issue than a safety issue, I would advise Cal to beef up the security at home. I am sure that Cal does not want to go overboard with it and appear “standoff-ish”, but he should take the necessary steps to ensure his family’s privacy and safety. The 99% of us fans who are not nut-jobs will understand and agree!

  31. soup

    Sick balls, chopper!

  32. Jesusisastud

    I love Cal’s tweets. It shows that he’s a solid, approachable guy that loves his family. I really respect the coach we have been given. Its odd that we criticize a guy that gives encouraging thoughts and lives a noble life. I think he’s pretty awesome so far, and I look forward to a coach that will build solid characters into our players as well as incredible basketball.

  33. HackRichards

    Why don’t these ignorant fans just leave him the hell alone.

  34. wyldcatzrool

    33) You answered your own question: because they ARE ignorant. They do not stop to consider anything but their own wants. Anyone who feels the need to hang around the Calipari estate for a thrill desperately needs to get a life! It’s this simple folks: out in public, John is fair game and he knows that and he accepts that about this job. His ability to embrace it and embrace the fans is one of the many reasons that made Cal THE man for this job. But a man’s home is his sanctuary people. It’s a man’s (and his family’s) safe place, private place, and escape. Respect it and consider it “out of bounds”.

  35. TOMPAV83

    Is his dog’s name Alan Cutler?
    Boom! roasted!

  36. jack

    9) did you honestly think that people didn’t already know this??? In Lexington Herald, on the news, posted all over the internet… everyone has known about this for sometime bud

  37. catinhotlanta

    You could have least shown a picture of a German Shepherd, rather than a Rottweiler. Another way of continuing the overkill that Rotties are vicious.

  38. irish_eyes

    Cal really needs an alarm system from the company I work for. We could do everything from something small like a home security system with motion detectors, door contacts, window contacts, something moderate like cameras inside and out, or something so over the top like an infared perimeter to detect intruders before they even reach the infamous dogs territory lol.

  39. irish_eyes

    id even work for free, granted he hooked me up on a date with his daughter meagan. lol