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The Football Story is on the Precipice


So by now most of you know that there is a serious football story going down. The last 24 hours have seen what has become the norm for most stories in the internet age. The internet sites and the message boards are abuzz…the mainstream media is (understandably) silent. There are a lot of stories running around and some are false, some have grains of truth and some may be dead on. While there is still a lot we dont know, here is what I think can be said with some certainty:

— There was an altercation on Saturday night at Royal Lexington involving UK football players.

— Also part of the altercation were a number of Tennessee football players invited into town by another (secondary sport) female athlete at UK

— The UK and UT football players began talking trash to each other and things got heated.

— Something else happened and the police were called.

The “something else happened” is of course the devil in the details. While there have been no charges and nothing is certain, it does seem like a weapon was involved and it is likely that the one being investigated came from the UK player end. There are reports that UT players also had weapons, but I havent heard any confirmation of that as of yet.

Now the next question of course is which players? Lots of names have been thrown about, however most speculation is centering around Micah Johnson, who was at the party at the time. Micah commented on his Facebook yesterday that the “truth will come out”, which one assumes was referencing this event. There are other players who were there and while none of those names are confirmed, unfortunately from a fan’s standpoint, virtually all are prominent members of the team.

We will see how all this plays out. It is important to remember that no charges have been filed and no arrests made at this time. Most of the stories we have read attributing a particular action to a particular person are, at this time, still just rumor. But it is clear that an incident occurred…it is becoming clear that UK and UT players were involved…and I expect a media circus to develop soon. For now, cross your fingers and hope that we end up with the best possible option….which is a silly fight where nothing serious or criminal occurred.

Article written by Matt Jones

107 responses to “The Football Story is on the Precipice”

  1. Waitin' on 8

    Good grief.

  2. bigpapijugg

    and we thought we had to worry about our basketball players………

  3. EllisUK10

    Unbelievable…. Believe it! Hope the Truth Surfaces

  4. gmo

    F&*$. The Football off season has been a disaster already with Jarmon leaving and people not qualifying. 5-7 coming. All the attention on basketball. This sucks.

  5. BayouCat

    The female athlete that invited these goons is obviously at fault. Arrest her.

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  7. bfrey

    Don’t get me wrong here, b/c I certainly don’t condone weapons and athletes getting in fights. But, unfortunately, that’s college (and life) these days. It happens. Shouldn’t, but it does.

    I hope we at least mopped the floor with them at the party, since we can’t beat them on the big stage. We’ve been turning the tide on our program and to be cliche, if this doesn’t kill us it should make us stronger. Sometimes a good fight is great for a team.

    I’m excited that the rivalry now has some bad blood again. Then again, that will quickly turn to embarassment if they extend the streak.

  8. GoCats2010

    weapons charges are very serious these days. If one of our guys pulled a gun, that is bad, if it was unregistered, then he is going to jail for at least 12 months

  9. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Kick her off the (whatever) team!

  10. payne

    On the bright side, at least the offseason hijinks will give you guys another lame excuse for why you always lose to the Vols in November.

  11. booted

    Do you and malconvol have like an email alert that goes off when someone mentions TN on this board?

  12. bigpapijugg

    im hearing rumors that MAYBE a bball player was present/involved. any truth to it or is that Kansas fans just trying to mess with us?

  13. etstit2

    Of course this is just hearsay, but I have heard that the girl that invited the UT players is a dancer on the UK dance team from Tennessee. I have also heard that she had invited some UT players to royal lex a few months back, and something similar happened, but the police werent called. Plain and simple, those UT players only come up to Lexington because they are looking for trouble. If anything, they should be the ones getting investigated! On the other hand, how dumb does someone have to be to put their football careers in jeopardy and carry weapons on them? It makes me ashamed to be in college and associated with these idiots.

  14. bigpapijugg

    10-whats gonna be ur excuse why we demolish your bball team at least twice this year…our coach cheats right….?

  15. GoCats2010

    11. Macon and Payne are friends of MJ and have been coming to this site WAAAYY longer than you have

  16. TayPrinceJr.

    Haha more trouble for Kiffin, more power to him! I honestly think he will be another Krapthorpe/BCG at UT.

  17. Biggass Hungguy


  18. Biggass Hungguy
  19. Aaron_Lucas

    I bet LAME Kiffin sent them up to casue trouble. With his little feet trying to fill big shoes.

  20. Robshairgel

    Unreal that this stuff still happens!! Got to class, play football,stay out of trouble,go pro, make millions of dollars!! how hard is that?

  21. Gaytor Hater

    10. First, tell your players to stay the f@#$ out of our state. I know UT women are dirty skanks but tell them to look elsewhere. Second, we actually have excuses. What’s yours when Lame Kiffin completely destroys your football program. The guy is so dumb he let’s espn film his recruits while on campus.

  22. btcoop71

    Inside the Ville is acting like it is Christmas in July for them.

  23. 8isComing

    Future Millionaires pissing away their professional lives. Mind-blowing how stupid some of these athletes are, vol and wildcat alike.

  24. bigpapijugg

    these other message boards are really hoping its got to do with bball but it doesnt….i hope

  25. dachri0

    Can we please tear down that disaster that is Royal Lexington? Nothing good has ever come out of that place…it’s where UK’s athletics promise goes to die.

  26. BluesMan

    I’ve never heard anything this dumb in my life.

    Except perhaps for this “I certainly don’t condone weapons and athletes getting in fights. But, unfortunately, that’s college (and life) these days. It happens.”

    Yeah I always pack just in case someone from another school taunts me and I need to put a good scare into them.

  27. booted

    Never tear down royal lex…

    Greatest summer spot!

  28. monstermash

    I once saw Shagari at Royal Lex, just saying…..

  29. bigpapijugg

    i think he meant fighting is college life….weapons arent excusable. if it was just fighting i would be ok. but that doesnt seem to be the case

  30. TonyDelk00

    S.O.F.B.! I really hope nothing comes from this.

  31. WildcatScratchFever

    Royal Lex should be burned to the ground. I think every UK student has been arrested there at one point.

  32. cat1


  33. supernova75

    This is just one of those thing that happen when you get a bunch of juiced up footballtards together.

  34. cats123

    You cant let UT players come to LEx and talk crap about UK football. They did the right thing.

  35. smackmyfitch

    Now Coach Brooks needs to implement the same “No Gun Policy” that Miami’s players have to adhere to.

  36. Thomas Beisner

    when i was in lexington last (april?) i woke up on a strangers couch at royal lex and then threw up. i dont think the vomit wasnt from drinking the night before either. thats just how my body responds to royal lex.

  37. smackmyfitch

    It’s a shame if this is true. One more idiot making gun owners look like a holes

  38. El_Radio

    34) Beisner, must’ve been too many Diego Salad Bowls the night before

  39. Get Shit Right

    Man, we aren’t going to have any weapons on defense.

  40. macon_volfan

    #38-nice pun!

  41. gossie21

    37. Let’s start the rumor that it was Lones Seiber and Mike Hartline instead…. who’s with me?

  42. Tavin_Dillard

    The assclown who called the UK players to Royal Lex to help deal with the UT players should be the one burned at the stake by our fanbase. They were just asking to get those kids in trouble.

  43. bubbleup

    Agree 41, what’s wrong with just calling the cops?

  44. bigfila

    I swear UK athletics is like a woman. You have to put up with crap for a week every month. We would think we hit menopause a while ago, but evidently not!

  45. asdfasdf

    This is ridiculous that our players get in trouble, when other players around the country nevvvvvver get in this kinda trouble. I have seen multiple UofL fball players pull out guns at MULTIPLE parties, not to mention the lot of them doing drugs along with basketball players. Don’t forget TWill pulling a gun on his own teammate too. and yes it happened

  46. BravoBigBlue

    Nothing will come of this from a legal standpoint. If so, an arrest(s) would have been made the night of the incident. Just more smoke.

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  48. kyjerry

    what is Micah Johnson getting arraigned for on the 28th?

    is it completely unrelated?

  49. drmarc

    8, guns aren’t “registered” unless their full auto or some other National Firearms Act type of firearm. They could be charged with carrying a concealed deadly weapon without a license, or a myriad of other charges but firearms are NOT registered in Kentucky or most states for that matter.

  50. AssistByJohnWall

    This story is of no consequence. The UK Wildcats will take the field in the fall with all the kids who deserve to be on the field at that time. The ones who aren’t able to follow the rules SHOULD be removed.

    I sympathize with Jarmon, however tere is a reason for the rules in place and that is to prevent any kid who wants to compete in college football from feeling that PED’s is the only way.

    It’s not always “Only the strong survive”… many times it’s “only the smart survive”

    Hopefully the girl who invited the UT players is expelled from school.

  51. UK7xCHAMPS

    I guess UK football is now becoming like the rest of the SEC East in that it has to deal with fights, guns, and cops. I just hope Coach Brooks disciplines the appropriate way rather than letting them off like some other SEC coaches do. I have always been proud that UK stays out of the news with negative behavior from athletes, but it looks like that could all change. Hopefully this is an isolated incident and won’t happen on a regular basis like it does in Gainesville.

  52. ben4UK

    My personal opinion of what went down is that the person who called the cops said there was a gun but none was found when the police arrived. If a player had a gun they would have been arrested saturday night. That being said, I’m extremely disappointed that some of our football players would make such a stupid decision that put them in this situation.

  53. dchagy

    A friend of mine checked Court.Net and found that Micah Johnson was in court on “expired license plates.” A warrant HAD been issued, but was quickly withdrawn. Apparently, he missed a previous court date. Nothing that she could find showed any gun charge. But I’m guessing you guys already knew that.

  54. ukhooligan

    #7 hahaha! awesome reaction.

    I don’t think Micah would carry a gun. I’ve seen him out before – he just doesn’t seem like the type to roll like that. Plus he doesn’t seem like a total idiot.

    I agree with those saying this moronic girl should be punished not the players.

  55. TOMPAV83

    I live off Virginia Ave. and all I can say is that Saturday night there were a TON of police cars rolling by forever and my roommate literally commented when wakling in the door “it looks like something crazy is going down at royal lex”

  56. ukhooligan

    I also agree that royal lex should be burned to the ground. Every time I went over there as a student there were a bunch of pussies acting like they were going to fight until the cops eventually came. Bunch of little punks live over there.

  57. reinle11

    I live at Royal Lex (unfortunately, I’m moving out in 17 days!) and I saw the party going on when I came back from the movies. There were tons of people at the pool partying with loud music. I would estimate as many as 50 people were OUT IN THE OPEN AT THE POOL DRINKING AND PLAYING LOUD MUSIC. It would seem moronic for football players to go to a party out in the open like that. Cops get called out to royal lex regularly, and often roll through on bicycles while on patrol. I’m going into my senior year at UK, and I don’t even like partying at my residence anymore as it is commonly known that only idiots party there and there is a high risk of cops showing up. These guys knew better, and didn’t use their heads

  58. lsprice1984

    Micha carries two guns. Hope he can use those on the field.

  59. Miller's High Life

    every decent royal lex party I have been to while at UK has gotten the cops called..Athletes should know not to party there

  60. macon_volfan

    #14-I feel the need to respond to this.

    If UK beats UT twice, there shouldn’t be an excuse necessary. To hear you all talk, this team will go 34-0 next year and win it all. Shouldn’t you run through the weak SEC unscathed? I’ve said since day 1 that UT would split with UK this year and most years as long as Cal and Pearl are the coaches. The DDO that Cal runs is a better match to Pearl’s style, plus it helps that UT doesn’t have a bunch of 1 and 2 star guys like in the past. I look forward to an improved UK. For better or worse, when UK is good the SEC is also perceived as good. But with more SEC schools putting basketball success at a premium, a UK-like run from the past is probably not likely.

  61. sethicus59

    man you guys are all idiots. if it were something truely major someone would still be in jail and the charges would be public already. quit raggin on your school for something you dont even know about yet.

  62. sethicus59

    and 57 theyre kids too man, they deserve to be at that party as much as anyone. they work harder than most of us could imagine so, lay off dude. ive been to a million parties there. the only mistake made was the stupid b*tch that invited the UT players.

  63. sethicus59

    most of the parties i went to there i was underage 17ish? AND HAD A BEER IN MY HAND the cops just roll around to keep the noise down.

  64. macon_volfan

    not sure why the young lady who invited the UT players should be condemned. If adults can’t act like adults, then that’s the problem. As a UT fan who lived in Lexington for undergrad, I never pulled a gun nor had one pulled on me because of my fan allegiance. This is silly. She should be allowed to invite whomever she wants to a party. Just silly.

  65. reinle11

    62- I agree that everybody deserves to party. This party was pretty wild (even on Royal Lex’s scale). I guess it is easy to point fingers after the incident occurs and we get to look back on it

  66. dchagy

    #62–Please think of comedy as your next job. I’ve actually split my sides on the “they work harder than most of us could imagine line.” Now THAT is funny shit.

  67. dchagy

    #62–Please think of comedy as your next job. I’ve actually split my sides on the “they work harder than most of us could imagine”. Now THAT is funny shit.

  68. sethicus59

    64, inviting athletes from a rival school, certainly one thats beaten you for the last 20 years, is a TERRIBLE idea even when people are sober. these kids are super competitive off the field too, it just doesnt snap off when they leave the field. alcohol was involved. im willing to bet the ut guys started rubbin in the fact that uk cant beat them. and if im a uk athlete and im on my home turf im gonna be pissed, alcohol or not. and yes im saying that the ut players acted in bad form to show up on UKS campus and talk trash to anyone much less OUR football players.

  69. ukhooligan

    I don’t think anyone ACTUALLY thinks the girl should be punished. It’s just annoying and typical that this overly dramatic situation was probably caused by a terribly conceived plan by some girl(s).

    Also volfan I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on the bball conversation. You guys pretty much got owned by BCG in the last few years while failing to accomplish anything with a few of your best teams ever. Coach Cal’s perennial squad of first rounders will pound UT into the dirt every year.

  70. lsprice1984

    What the hell did u think was gonna happen? Two rivals all buddy buddy. Mix the alcy with rivals and shit happens. They hopefully beat that ass. WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!

  71. macon_volfan


    #69-while I don’t think an excuse will be necessary if UK sweeps UT with the scenario you layout, I do have an excuse for the BCG years. His style was just a pain in the a$$ for UT. UT has trouble with slower teams, or teams that have players that score 750 points in a game…

  72. macon_volfan

    #70, I wouldn’t consider a public housing area (not public housing, but for the general public) to a place worth defending. Rupp/Commonwealth/Memorial/Hagan Field yes, but not a Tomlin/Matt Jones lived in apartment complex.

  73. sethicus59

    royal lexington apartments is a student housing complex. just a apartment style one. also its in the thick of the campus area. its not some random apartment complex around the city. so yes, that definately counts as home turf.

  74. sethicus59

    just for clarity its about a quarter of a mile from campus

  75. lsprice1984

    Lexington is worth defending. How bout UK guys going to Knoxville and starting crap. I’m sure u would defend UT players right?

  76. macon_volfan

    it’s not a student complex, and not owned by UK at all. Sure, mostly students live there, but anyone could. It’s managed by a for-profit organization. I used to live across the street (behind Winn-Dixie and the UK credit union), so I know where you are talking about.

  77. macon_volfan

    #75, why would I? If the UT players are at fault in this sitauation, they don’t deserve any defending. But there presence alone should be worth defending. Same if it happened in Knoxville. It would be naive to think that other teams players don’t have friends that attend other SEC schools and that from time to time they visit.

  78. RUPPS_rhetoric

    73 – Royal Lex has no affiliation with UK whatsoever. It is just like any other apartment complex around town other than the fact its 2 seconds from campus… Not trying to get smart, just pointing out facts.

  79. ukhooligan

    volfan i’ll put it this way, when was the last time UT made it passed the Sweet 16 in the tournament? Ok. How many teams do you think Coach Cal will have that only make it this far?

    Don’t lose perspective here: Tennessee basketball is, has been, and always will be BUSH LEAGUE. I mean we crushed your teams in the darkest ages of our long history. Now we will absolutely punish you guys.

  80. sethicus59

    its built solely for the purpose of housing uk students. to me, that makes it student housing, offically not uk, but uk student housing, i.e. making a trip from a rival school a retarded idea.

  81. sethicus59

    its not just some RANDOM apartment complex

  82. macon_volfan

    Don’t know what UT’s tourney history has to do with a UT v UK HEAD TO HEAD discussion. I understand that UK has had a tremendous amount of basketball success, and that UT has had very, very little. But let’s look at facts: when UK was most successful they were really the only SEC school that gave more than 2 craps about basketball. Also only 1 team per tourney was allowed in the NCAA. I would argue that if a 64 team tourney was the norm for history UK (or UCLA) would not have as many titles. Still, if you want another fact (that can certainly be twisted) UT has defeated UK more than any other team in NCAA history. Still, Pearl’s style of play matches up with Cal’s better. When Cal was rolling with teams at Memphis UT was competitive with UM. UT defeated UM with DANE BRADSHAW at the PF position. UM had Rose at PG….Tyler Smith is a little better than Dane.

  83. lsprice1984

    You can go to another campus just don’t run your mouth and not expect to defend yourself. If they want to come to Lex that all good. I’m sure they were running their mouth and stuff happens. Mix cooch, hooch, and a rivalry and this is what u get.

  84. macon_volfan

    #81, we’re certainly splitting hairs here, but it’s not a UK complex. Transy students (like Matt Jones) lived there. LCC (is it still called LCC?) students live there. My wife (a Transy student) lived in University Commons, a similar and just as crappy version of the ‘Royal’ Lexington. Point is, it’s not ‘our house.’ It’s a place with alot of UK fans. Does that mean a UT player shouldn’t visit Corbin? Chris Lofton wasn’t allowed to visit Tomlin back home in Maysville?

  85. macon_volfan

    Mixing cooch and hooch is never a good idea. Agreed. You might not like the result the next morning.

  86. lsprice1984

    85- wake up with the squirts and the clap. That was a bad night I mean it would be a bad night

  87. sethicus59

    were not talking about corbin or maysville. were talking an apartment complex less than a quarter of a mile from UK’S CAMPUS, thats made for STUDENTS. primarly UK students. where ive personally partied with uk athletes millions of times. its not just some random apartment complex or a little town in the middle of no where. youre selling yourself short if you dont think that those kids knew full well what they were getting into. this isnt some other city, this is a college town. that means anything directly around uk is uk’s turf. and as far as your argument to other students in royal lex, the uk library allows people from vitually every college in the state to check out books there. does that make it not uk’s?

  88. sethicus59

    also back in the day lcc was infact associated with uk but since the lcc campus has moved to newtown pike (or is in the process of) and is now just kctcs.

  89. macon_volfan

    It is UK’s because it’s owned and operated by UK, thanks to the help of the late, great Bill Young, Sr.

    /off to buy some JIF now

  90. macon_volfan

    Newtown Pike? Wow. When I was there it was just the Griffin Gate out there. Wow.

  91. ukhooligan

    volfan, well to answer my own question (and what a splendid one it is), it appears UT has only ONCE advanced beyond the regional semifinal and of course they lost.

    “But let’s look at facts: when UK was most successful they were really the only SEC school that gave more than 2 craps about basketball.”

    A) what? that’s untrue to the point of being absurd.
    B) when you say “let’s face facts” try saying something that would actually be a fact even if it were true.

  92. BonzaiBluegrass

    Tennessee has always cared about basketball, they just suck at it. They have their women represent them in that area. They send their women to the NCAA to do a mans job.

    UK football can at least claim one national title. UT mens basketball can only claim a sweaty coach whose biggest claim to fame was splitting a season with UK.

  93. macon_volfan

    I think that in the 40’s-80’s, most SEC schools were happy if their basketball teams did well, but the fanbase (and to that same end, the administration) only really cared about football. Except UK.

    Didn’t it go something like this?

    “Great season, Adolph! Enjoy this new car.”
    “Oh and, um thanks Bear for our best football season ever! Here’s a lighter!”

  94. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    All this story needs is for Jerry Reed to get off a Tour Bus with a letter from the N C DOUBLE A saying that the waterboy can’t play. Of he is dead, so that probably didn’t happen.

  95. payne

    91- You are missing the entire point. It is a “fact” that non-NBA-talented Bruce Pearl teams compete with and beat NBA-talented Calipari teams. Changing the uniforms from Memphis to Kentucky will possibly make a slight difference, but to just assume that Calipari will now be able to run rough shod over the Vols is a joke.

  96. macon_volfan

    #92–and being the only coach in SEC history to lead a team ahead of UK for 4 straight seasons. Don’t forget that.

    I think UK will win the SEC East and probably the SEC overall this year. But it would be very interesting to see what kind of response I would get here if UK lost twice to UT (unlikely, I know) but still won the SEC East/overall. Would the response be, “yeah, we won the SEC, but we lost to UT twice. They’re clearly the better team. Bravo on the accomplishment. Pearl’s team was a match up nightmare for us.” Or would it be “Piss off Vol fan. Why are you even here? This is a UK board. A board for the 2009-2010 SEC champs! Nothing sucks like a big orange!”

  97. macon_volfan



  98. sethicus59

    i have to agree with 95. both tubby and gillispie had styles that conflicted with bruce pearls and countered it well, took tennessee out of their game. calipari runs an up and down the floor game which allows pearl to run the game he wants. pearl has done well against calipari. the only thing that remains to be seen at this point is how much having kentucky on the jersey makes a difference.

  99. Not Necessarily the News

    You sweep and embarrass UT, yet the Vols still want to talk about the 40’s.

    Why is it rival fans try and discredit UK by saying it’s all history, but yet they bring up history to try and give themselves credit. Bringing up the 4 straight years says two things. You really don’t have much smack to talk, and it shows just how dominate UK has been over UT.

    Also Calipari at UK isn’t Calipari at UM.

  100. macon_volfan

    #99–actually it shows how much dominance UK has had over the entire SEC….because no one in the SEC cares about basketball like UK.

    Also #99, the Cats might have won the battle (the sweep), but UT won the war (SEC East title)

  101. Not Necessarily the News

    Only a Volfan would think the SEC East title is the war.

  102. Not Necessarily the News

    “#99—actually it shows how much dominance UK has had over the entire SEC….because no one in the SEC cares about basketball like UK.”

    So who’s fault is that?

  103. macon_volfan

    for the 2008-9 season it was. See my comment above #96. I would love to see the reactions if that happens….

    It’s the schools’ fault for not caring about basketball, but it certainly should be taken into account when describing UK’s SEC dominance.

  104. Not Necessarily the News

    A conference division title is not the war. Even for a season. The only one it’s the war to, is the UT fans trying to grasp any kind of smack talk against their dominant neighbors.

    Also, why are you trying to discredit UK’s SEC achievements? BTW, where’s a link. Am I suppose to think we accomplished all our SEC success because other teams didn’t care. That’s pretty stupid.



  105. macon_volfan

    54, 24 we’ve all got numbers to throw around….

    and it’s clear to just about everyone that football was (and is) THE priority at 9 of the 12 SEC schools. Vandy has no Ath. Dept priorities, as they have no athletic dept, and Arky likes basketball and football pretty equal, I think. Of courese there is no link, but it’s clear.

  106. Not Necessarily the News

    Geez dude. It’s no secret SEC is a football powerhouse. It’s just desperate to try and use that as a tool to try and discredit the dominance UK has in basketball. UK is not only dominant in the SEC but NCAA as a whole. LOL

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