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UK Leader for Josh Selby According to Jeff Goodman


Now here is some news to get you going. Josh Selby, a top 10 player in the Class of 2010 decommitted yesterday from the Tennessee Vols (likely because of the Mexican Jew curse). But the news is much better today as Jeff Goodman reports that word from his source is that Kentucky is a strong leader for Selby’s services. This is BIG news as Selby has been getting better by the day and may have the ability to be the next HUGE commitment, and the first of the 2010 class. We will have more later.

And oh yeah, have we mentioned that Cal gets it done?

Article written by Matt Jones

52 responses to “UK Leader for Josh Selby According to Jeff Goodman”

  1. bower44

    good news

  2. wyldcatzrool

    link to Goodman’s report on Selby:

  3. Band Of BlueCats

    Getting Selby could get Will Barton wanting to be a cat.

  4. bower44

    Selby = no Knight

  5. slappy

    Woot woot

  6. middlesboro

    I hope Cal doesnt waste no time getting Selby so no other schools can get involved. Yes I would also like to steal Will Barton away from Memphis. Why the Hell did he even go there in the first place?

  7. Beatle Bum

    I don’t think Selby at UK means Barton at UK. Selby at UT did not mean Barton at UT. And, if Selby comes to UK, he would do so knowing that Barton is committed to Memphis. These cousins, it appears, are okay with playing apart. Of course, if Selby goes to Memphis, then Pastner is rivaling Cal and Williams as a great recruiting HC. Also, someone somewhere mentioned that Barton has a brother or another cousin that alson plays PG and THOSE two may want to play together. Is that right?

  8. Beatle Bum

    Not sure about Knight, but Selby plays above the rim, has shown that he can finish after the hit (which Cal loves in his offense) and seems to be a very good playmaker.

  9. middlesboro

    #4. Selby is a combo guard use him at the 2 and put Knight at the 1. We can land both.

  10. Cman

    Super news!!!

  11. Beatle Bum

    Who are Goodman’s “sources?”

  12. wyldcatzrool

    I have to admit I am not very informed about Selby since he was a UT commit since last September…but Rivals has him as the #2 overall PG and the #7 overall player for 2010…he had an offer from Rickee Pee before verballing to UT…and I’m certain Pastner will go after him too…so looks like U of L and Memphis maybe will be the main challengers for his services? We’ll see what happens, but if the kid wants to come to UK it would seem that you sure don’t turn away a commit from a guy like that unless you are certain of getting Brandon Knight…and I doubt that Knight is an absolute certainty…of course, Cal pulled off getting Wall and Bledsoe…so anything’s possible…it’d be hard to duplicate getting the #1 and #2 PG 2 years straight…especially since Bledsoe will still be around after Wall leaves…such a sticky situation…guess this is why Cal gets paid the big bucks! lol

  13. bower44

    Won’t get Selby and Knight with Bledsoe…imo

  14. wyldcatzrool

    11- hopefully not the same as Frosty’s!

  15. Beatle Bum

    Is Knight better at PG or better at SG? I have not seen him play. Any online video of that kid?

  16. lagarfa1937

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want a kid who just up and decides that he’s changed his mind about where he wants to go to college after making a commitment? When there’s a coaching change, that’s one thing, but Selby just backed out on the most important decision of his life. Plus, he chose Tennessee. Why spend time on Selby when we could have Knight, who would be a great complement to Bledsoe next season? I guess my point is we don’t need Selby and there are still better options available.

  17. MGH

    After everything that has happened in the last month or so, I’ll believe this when I see it.

  18. Tim

    This is the difference between the Wildcats and the Vols. This is Cal pushing Pearl down and taking his lunch money. I hope the dozen or so fans of Man Vol basketball enjoyed their recent time in the sun, and recorded all of the games they could. They’re just memories now because the orange’s time in the spotlight, which was the product of being over-hyped, is over.

  19. Tim

    16. Yeah, you’re the only one.

  20. Beatle Bum

    This is a kid in HS who has not even begun his senior year. Cut him some slack, #16.

  21. Beatle Bum

    Why would he leave it up JAV? Are you goofheads going to raise the same issue in the comments of each post? I don’t think this place is full of Matt Jones lovers, but your comment makes you look like a fourth grader who just found his penis and cannot leave it alone.

  22. wyldcatzrool

    16- I know how ya feel…I posted the same sentiment earlier on the previous Selby thread…players that commit and de-commit without there being a coaching change make me a bit uneasy…you wonder if they are a flake or just what’s going on…I am sure that Cal looks beyond ability only and also looks at a kid’s personality and motives and mindset…in determining if he will be a good fit for our team…like Cal has said before, he wants givers and not takers…there’s no way we fans can get into Selby’s head or judge him…we can only speculate…but I trust Cal to make the right choice when it comes to recruiting…if Cal takes Selby, then I’m on board…GO CATS!

  23. soup

    Okay, I hate posts where people list lineups and depth charts. Loathe them entirely. So here goes our 2010 class or at least a partial wish list.


    God I’m a greedy bastard.

  24. chaddaman

    To comment on the guy who got deleted and has posted the same thing over and over, who gives a damn. Matt Jones posts free info for those not dumb enough to pay for it. MM sends u trolls here to bash this site bc he is a frosted tip douche bag that has no more connections and really liked billy d coming and Billy g staying as well as being an insider with great recruiting finds such as euton.

  25. CalipariSafari

    Kentucky could be equivalent to an NBA team VERY shortly with Coach Cal at the helm.

  26. macon_volfan

    Don’t really think a lot of this would be happening if UT was a Nike school…if you don’t think silly shoe contracts have anything to do with this, you’re mistaken. If this is what is going to be the future of college basketball, then I’m done.

  27. macon_volfan

    #25–I don’t mean this, but I’m going bite anyhow…

    #25, you mean with a player payroll of 120 million dollars and mega shoe contracts?

  28. wildcat_99

    This may be the reason the we have yet to see a doron lamb commitment

  29. Tim

    26. Do you think Cal and the Wildcats could look to, say, the sterling UT football program as an example of probity and fair play in amateur athletics?

  30. RichieFarmer'sMustache

    4) you’re right, since Bledsoe meant no Wall

  31. drurytony


  32. bconover

    not much info, but awesome nonetheless.

  33. Hitman206

    Frosty tips said on his board that he said a few months ago that Selby’s commit to UT wasn’t solid.

  34. SagaciousMind

    The kid is probably 16 or 17, like people really know what they want at that age. Maybe he doesn’t like the path that UT is headed down. Maybe he sees that UK has a lot going on and feels that maybe Calipari would suit his style the best. Who would blame a kid for de-committing from UT for a chance to play at UK and win championships when every analysts is saying UK basketball is back on the map. He is a top 10 player so if he wanted to come to UK, more power to him. There is no guarantee with Knight so if Selby wanted to come to UK, good. At least we know that UK will always be getting top notch talent from now on. But kids do need to realize that they are not going to go to college and immediately start, they are going to have to work hard and earn it. If they think they are automatic starts, then they probably have ego issues and we don’t really need them at UK anyway…i.e Lance Stephenson.

  35. KeithMyath

    #33) In the same thread, when asked about Barton, he said, “Oh, he will be a Wildcat.”

  36. Rock_Cat78

    16) I guess you hated when we signed Cliff Hawkins, Joe Crawford, etc. too then eh?


    i’ll be damned…

  38. Mr Schwump

    Leader of Mexican Jewish team is Jose Martinez Finklestein.


    Selbys mom meet with WWW at Lebron camp.


    31 Save said it wasnt Selby

  41. irish_eyes

    Could someone shed some light on why it would matter to a high school player what athletic company your college was involved with? IE Nike, Adidias, Reebok,etc.

  42. Fear54

    41- Shoe contracts/connections to reps and agents for once they get to the NBA, this kind of stuff only matters to top prospects who don’t plan on being around for too long. WWW and now newton will definitely help pull the bigger recruits with their Nike connections in the coming years, even if its just indirectly

  43. HackRichards

    I bet bruce pearl has shit on himself. Just like Billy Donavon did the day we hired Cal.

  44. AssistByJohnWall

    Please take this next minute as a moment of silence for Scotty Hopson…

    60 sec, 59 sec, 58 sec……..> 1 sec, 0 sec.

    OK, you may now resume day.

  45. pji

    This guy will really be good once he hits puberty (no leg hair).

  46. irish_eyes

    42- thanks. that is what I thought but Id rather know for sure before I go and act like I know what im talking about. If we land this kid other teams trolls will never shut up about Cal being dirty and WWW being a college agent.

  47. JMFATZ47

    Between Knight and Selby, you take the 1st one who commits. And if the other follows suit, the more the merrier….

  48. ReverendBlue

    I think I would take Knight over this kid. The video I’ve seen of Selby shows that he is athletic in getting to the rim, but I don’t think I ever saw him hit an outside jumper. The video I’ve seen of Knight seemed to indicate he could shoot the 3.

    I’m all for having athletic guys that can penetrate and get to the rim and make the dribble drive offense go. But I also think we’ve got to get some shooters to keep the defense honest and prevent them from packing it into the lane and stopping our penetration.

  49. wyldcatzrool

    48- I’ve only read that Selby can knock down the long ball regularly, but you’re right- it sure doesn’t show it in any of the vids we’ve seen of him. I’d love to see some stats of Selby but can’t find any. I have the same luck- or lack of it I should say- most of the time when it comes to seeking stats on high school players. I’d like to know the # of 3-pt shots he attempted and the number made for his junior season- that would tell us a lot. The question is- if Selby does want to commit- does a Selby in the hand beat a Knight in the bush? It’s hard to turn down any top 10 player has DDM-type skills who wants to come…

  50. Old Henry Man

    I think UK and Memphis will be a battle for Selby.
    This is big even if Selby goes to Memphis, then Tennessee does not get him.
    Pearl is yesterday’s news.

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  52. Indycatfan

    From the kid who Selby’s blowing by….Ahhhhh the fresh smell of ass in the morning