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Pearl speaks on Selby

Fresh off his humiliation of the Mexican Jewish Men’s Basketball Team and overall triumph at the Maccabiah Games, Bruce Pearl had to return stateside to the harsh reality that the crown jewel of his recruiting class for 2010, Josh Selby, had opted to reopen his recruitment. Now, I happen to think that Selby just went through the same issues as the good looking girl who moves to college and starts dating the first guy who shows an interest in her, only the guy’s friends all know there’s no chance it lasts once she realizes what’s out there for her. They’re really all waiting to try and get with her after she inevitably breaks it off with the loser guy. It’s just the natural progression of things when a kid realizes that he’s committed to Tennessee, and there are schools out there that are men’s basketball schools that he could maybe play for. Pearl spoke with Andy Katz in Orlando Monday and discussed the Selby decommitment:

“Now, student-athletes have a right to do what’s in their best interests.

“And if they think it’s in their best interests to open up their recruiting and look at something else, then they should do that because I don’t want somebody that doesn’t want to  necessarily  play for us. And I think every mother or father wants what’s best for their kids. And if I’m not what’s best for their kids…then that’s fine. Then you go find somebody that is.”

So if a kid wants to go to another school, that’s kosher, according to Pearl. It seems, however, that the Orange One thinks something a little fishy might have been going on with Selby, and he doesn’t like it. To continue the crude metaphor, Pearl’s main problem is with the other guys that may be Facebooking the new girl or sending their friends to let her know they might be interested if she gets rid of that pesky boyfriend. Pearl also touched on this:

“I think as coaches, we want to ethically make sure that if a guy’s got a commitment, leave him alone,”

 I think the big thing is…Once I see a guy committed, that’s it. No more phone calls.  You don’t put it out there, ‘In case we had interest, would you open up your recruiting?’

“It’s over, leave him alone.”

You don’t have to be a world-class sleuth like me to figure out that he’s probably talking about our beloved Coach Cal. Even the untrained, like yourselves, likely came to the same conclusion. So, what does this all mean? Potentially nothing. Unless Selby comes to Kentucky. Then it means a lot. Like, we’d be getting one of the best players in the class of 2010. More importantly, since we’ll be beating up on Tennessee with or without Selby, we’d get to watch Bruce Pearl’s ‘Shades of Orange’ anger alert level jump from Ticked Off Tangerine right up right up to Perturbed Persimmon and the UK/UT rivalry would reach an astronomical level. Now, for some reason, Coach Calipari doesn’t seek my input very often when it comes to roster and recruiting issues, but can’t we sign this kid just based on the fact that it’ll irritate the hell out of the Vols? Please Coach? Can we?

(via Zagsblog)

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.

36 responses to “Pearl speaks on Selby”

  1. bleedingblue

    Heck Pearl was in Hopson’s ear while he was commited to Miss. St. What goes around comes around.

  2. dcsports

    Bruce Pearl is a big fat orange whore.

  3. jasonspurlock

    I like the Facebooking metaphor.

    What’s the over/under that we’d ever see Cal in full body paint?

    It’s called ‘class’ Pearl. Get some.

  4. TheRallyCat

    Coach Cal has had no (Zero) contact with this kid, all reports say that UK assistants are communicating with Selby but that was only after he reopened his recruitment.

    I wish we could get the truth instead of speculation, is this website becoming Anti-Cal?

    Otherwise a very well written piece, enjoyed it.

  5. wildcatwesw

    i cant see a guy like cal going after a kid when hes commited to another school. it just doesn’t sound like something he would do. i dont think he is that kind of guy

  6. Jlone28

    Pearl should tell the UT football coaches to leave UK’s football commits alone!

  7. macon_volfan

    #3-class is supporting a team, and fulfilling a promise to a friend. That’s what Pearl did with Pat Summitt and the body paint thing.

    And Hunter, don’t be too sure that the Cats will be beating up on the Vols. I look for a split most years. Pearl’s style of play meshes up well with Cal’s. Not so much with slower teams like BCG had.

  8. macon_volfan

    #6-those coaches are gone, also.

  9. gossie21

    5. Was that sarcastic? Of course he would. And there’s nothing wrong with it either. The old saying used to be a verbal commitment just let you know who the competition was.

    4. How is making Pearl look like a hypocrite and an idiot Anti-Cal?

  10. Jlone28

    #8 you really think Kiffin is gonna be hands off commited players? Think again.

  11. CalipariSafari

    7: Kentucky leads the head to head series with Tennessee 142-65!!! And with Cal now in charge, that’s about to get a lot more lopsided on your end. By the way, why are you on a KENTUCKY board anyway??? Don’t you have anything better to do down there in Pearl World???

  12. Tim

    Macon, you’ll split in your dreams. Without Leftover Lofton UT has been a joke, and the thought of them competing with Kentucky is laughable to anyone not drinking orange Kool-Aid. You’re looking at what Tennessee did during your “high point” with Lofton (remember that Wichita State game?) against Cal at Memphis. The trajectories are different now (and you were also over-rated back then, too). I will say that you’re at least consistent in sticking up for that bloated, co-ed-pawing showboat.

  13. C4LisMyH3R0

    2. i just lol’d, well played.

  14. EuclidOnFire

    Its time for Bruce ‘the snake’ Pearl to call up HS kids and tape the conversations. We need to get to the bottom of this.

  15. macon_volfan

    #10–he’ll be hands off UK-type players. The bar has been raised (in terms of recruiting, anyhow.)

    #11–Those 65 victories against UK are more than any other team has against UK. That stat is drug up on this site often, but like Fox News, you’re only reporting half the story. Not sure that “I” was over rated, but UT may have been.

    Still, if you think any team with Dane freakin’Bradshaw should beat a team with 3-4 NBA players, keep dreaming. Lofton was great, but not enough to make up for Dane. He played PF! He’s 6’4″!!! Cal v Pearl/ UK v UT will be a good, competitive series for the foreseeable future. That’s not a bad thing.

  16. TheRallyCat

    9. The only people reporting Cal has interfered with Selby is this website and Sea of Blue. The Zagsblog doesn’t mention Cal.

    Hunter implicates the Coach by saying.

    “You don’t have to be a world-class sleuth like me to figure out that he’s probably talking about our beloved Coach Cal. Even the untrained, like yourselves, likely came to the same conclusion. So, what does this all mean?”

    Think about it, Selby was not on the radar, Brandon Knight was and is. Of course only because Selby was committed to UT. It doesn’t take a world class sleuth to deduct that.

    Your just another KSR drone are you not? Just read what Hunter has implicated on his own. I like to know the sources. People should choose their words carefully. That’s my humble opinion.

  17. JoeBandDenny

    RallyCat, you my friend are a dreamer. Wake Up and smell the Orange.

  18. StuckAtWork

    Why does it seem like everytime we see ol’ big nose he is trying his hardest to be our biggest rival? Does he need us or something? Does his very being depend on Tennessee being our biggest rival? Sorry Pearlie that spot is filled and we ain’t gonna be circling UT’s game day on our calendar.

  19. JoeBandDenny

    Hunter implicates that the Swine Pearl (squeal pig squeal) is placing the blame on Coach Cal. Not that Coach Cal is actually doing the deed.

  20. Tim

    15. That’s cute. You don’t question my use of pronouns. It’s common practice to refer to fans as a part of their team’s successes and failures, e.g., “we suck,” (you might be familiar with that usage) or “we’re going to be great this year” (you might also be familiar with that one, but it never comes to fruition). But resorting to such petty quibbling is what I expect from a fan of the SEC’s traditional doormat. It’s difficult to fend off such numbers as 101-40 and 54 without changing the subject. Oh, and how many NBA players did the Wichita St. Shockers have?

  21. MOU12

    #15 hey Macon, care to respond to #1? you addressed every thing else. also your fact regarding UT’s 65 victory is not quite as impressive when you compare it to a team like UNC, who actually owns a winning record against us, or to teams like IU, Marquette, or Michigan State, who we only have a slim lead over. but if you want to claim a moral victory with your 65 wins, which for the record, took UT 207 tries (if you wanted to know the other half of the story), by all means go ahead.

  22. Crow

    “we’d get to watch Bruce Pearl’s ‘Shades of Orange’ anger alert level jump from Ticked Off Tangerine right up right up to Perturbed Persimmon”


  23. macon_volfan

    #22-if Pearl (or UT assistants) recruited Hopson while he was already committed to Miss St, then it’s ethically wrong. I, for one, don’t believe that Cal had anything personally to do with Selby. I think it’s a NIKE thing, and if so, will lead to the decline of college basketball.

    #20, and upsets in the NCAA tourney never happen, do they? Oh, hey UAB! Nice to see you again. You just did what, defeated the #1 overall, undefeated in SEC play, refusing to cut down the nets in NOLA because ‘we’re gonna save that for when we win the NCAA tourney here in 4 weeks’ UK Wildcats? How many NBA players are on your team? None? Wow. That #1 team was over rated, for sure, right?

  24. TheRallyCat

    19. Wrong! Pearl is too smart to mention names unfortunately KSR is not. The implication comes by this entries assumption that everyone thinks Pearl is talking about Cal. Even though no names were mentioned. Don’t put every member of the BBN in a category it’s simply not the case. If I’m a dreamer give me some sources, otherwise I put you in the Anti-Cal category. Careful of your words please, If this is going to be a big time blog (I’m a fan) then we must be more responsible. I think if I was a parent of a recruit I would be turned off of Coach because of what I read here. Trying to be cute, clever and smart, about this issue hurts the Coach, hurting the Coach hurts the Cats.

  25. macon_volfan

    #20, are your use of 2 and 3 digit numbers is impressive. If I remember correctly, that 101-40 came in Lexington during the SEC tourney, after UT had already defeated UK earlier that season.

    And if we’re going to throw out numbers, I’ll throw out a few

    4- Years UT has finished ahead of UK in basketball
    1- number of coaches to ever accomplish that in SEC history. (Yes, UK has a great, respectable history)
    24-Vol victories over UK in footbal (NCAA’s longest active streak–yes, leave it to a UT fan to bring up football in a basketball discussion.)

  26. wyldcatzrool

    Pearl needs to lose that fat gut before he takes his shirt off in public again…maybe he just wanted to show off his man-boobs! 😛

  27. MOU12

    #23-Strictly out of curiosity, do you think its OK to recruit a verbally committed kid in football? Personally, I think its ridiculous for it to be acceptable in one sport, but not the other. As far as the shoe company influence is concerned, its been going on for at least 20 years now, I don’t see it bringing the game down anytime soon.

  28. bosshogg24

    I love the way that the Vols split with UK last year! Selby took a look at the Vols and saw that they were not going to win in the future. He also saw that Hopson didn’t develop under Pearl and Tyler Smith didn’t improve enough to get drafted. So, Selby said I can do better, I want to play for a winner so he looked north.

  29. macon_volfan

    Why is it so hard to think that a coach’s style of play is hard for another coach? Pearl owns Billy D. Were the UT teams better than UF when they won 2 NC’s? No. But the style Pearl play confounds Billy D.

  30. macon_volfan

    #23–I think what Pearl said above is what I think. Whether or not that’s his truth if between him and his Jewish God.

    I think that’s the case though. Should be like that in any/every sport.

  31. MOU12

    I understand that UT finishing ahead of UK 4 years in a row is a historical first, but why should that mean anything to a UK fan? It only goes to show how dominant UK has been in the SEC and how bad the past 4 years have been. After all, UT did accomplish this feat during the worst 4 year stretch (based on winning %)since the 1920’s.

  32. yen

    we don’t need the Pearl making phone calls to the NCAA, or recording conversations (like in the Gene Hackman film, The Conversation)

  33. BCO

    I find it kinda silly that a Tennessee basketball fan just called a Kentucky team over-rated. Pot, meet kettle. You guys have been habitually over-rated every single year after BP had one decent season, a trend that will repeat this year it seems. I understand the point you were making, but still, you have to admit you guys fail to live up to the hype set around you almost every single year.

  34. macon_volfan

    #33, Of course I was just making a point above. That UK team was incredible. I watched them mow through the SEC tourney competition in NOLA.

    I think (and Pearl said before the season started) that the expectations on last year’s squad were WAY too high. And most years(last year excluded) they were picked pre-season to finish 2nd or 3rd in the East. Usually they do that or better.

  35. justacatfan

    Macon your new football coach recruited and signed a player, who had been committed to Florida. It seems Tennessee sports has a double standard.

  36. macon_volfan

    #35-as was mentioned above, it’s okay (legal) to do in football. That doesn’t mean that I agree with it.