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Dicky Lyons Signs With the Falcons

Alan Cutler reports tonight that Dicky Lyons has signed with the Atlanta Falcons and is on his way to report to camp tonight. Good news for one of our favorites.

Article written by Matt Jones

23 responses to “Dicky Lyons Signs With the Falcons”

  1. wildcatfan81

    Great news! Congrats Dicky!

  2. UK98Champs

    That’s awesome!!

  3. CalipariSafari

    Did Alan chase Dicky down to get this story??

  4. bigjas

    Glad to see a team give him a chance.

  5. slappy

    Awesome! Hope that knee’s ready.

  6. sethicus59

    3, joke is not officially old. let it die son, let it die.

  7. sethicus59


  8. sethicus59

    lol when i worked at the jimmy johns on main street, it was like midnight, and all of a sudden we see this big ass white dude just JETTING so were all like “wtf was that” then (we gave the bouncers free food, they gave us protection from drunks, it worked) come storming in and just goes “MAN F*CK DICKY” apparently dicky was being an ass and hit one of the bouncers and just bounced. lol true story.

  9. sethicus59

    man, totally forgot the part where they were from A1A

  10. soup

    Jai Lucas is a beast.

  11. wyldcatzrool

    Ron Perlman is a beast

  12. mattd05

    Can anyone confirm Steve Masiello is working at a car wash in Baltimore?
    I swear I saw him there recently….

  13. SWATS

    I love it! I hope he makes the final roster since camp is just starting. I live in Atlanta and the Falcons are my favorite team.
    That damn Dicky Boi!!!!!!!!

  14. Basteballer

    Wait… I thought he had to drop out of football with a career-ending injury.

  15. sethicus59

    it was season ending, effectively ending his uk career because he had used up all of his eligibilty

  16. CalipariSafari

    6: Sorry brother but Alan’s 100 yard dash and his heavy breathing will NEVER die!!! That was a once in a lifetime made for TV incident that I will cherish until the day I perish.

    GO CATS!!!

  17. Glorious

    Good luck to Dicky. He deserves it.

  18. mattd05

    17 — that’s what she said.

  19. HackRichards

    I hope he makes Good!

  20. drmarc

    Great to see Dicky get a shot.

  21. UKfaninAlabama

    Congrats Dicky! Very happy for you.

  22. UKfansNKY

    Congrats Dicky!!! Good luck we look forward too watching you. GO CATS!!!!

  23. dub1803

    18 – That a was miserable one.