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Fab Melo to Syracuse…..and…..Harris is Officially Offered, Rivals Get Commitments, and Rosters

As I was typing this update and planning on telling you guys of the Melo to Syracuse rumblings, it became official. Fab Melo, ranked as the 2nd best center in the 2010 class by, and someone that Rick Pitino’s staff had made a primo target, is officially going to Syracuse. Fab, who is planning on traveling back to his home country of Brazil today, decided on Syracuse over his other three finalists: Louisville, UConn and Florida. Towards the end, many insiders saw it as a two horse race between Louisville and Syracuse with Louisville having the slight edge. Many insiders were apparently wrong.

Justin Young of National Hoops Report gets the credit for making it official first, but the rumblings spread like wildfire about an hour ago and many sources indicated that this was indeed the case. This is a major loss for the Cards as Melo was a recruit that their staff spent plenty of time making game appearances with during the July evaluation period. Evan Daniels of has the scoop on quotes from the big man’s coach here. You may need a subscription to read it.

Now…back to the original report

Just wanted to update you guys on a couple of things.

First, Torrel Harris, via text, confirmed that two weeks ago when the Cats really picked up the interest in Tobias, they did extend an official offer. It was the head man Calipari himself doing the deed. Tobias and his family plan on narrowing the list down at the end of August and we’ll keep you posted on who makes the cut. Two other bits of news on the Harris’ family front is that Tobias will be attending the Syracuse Elite camp at the end of August and his little brother, Tyler Harris, who looks like a shorter version of Tayshaun Prince, will be reclassifying to the 2012 class. Smart move for the kid as he has a lot of developing left to do, especially in the muscle department.

Second, UNC and IU both picked up some pretty big in-state commitments. UNC got a verbal from’s #19 overall ranked prospect in PJ Hairston. He’s a 6-5 shooting guard who just got the official scholarship offer from the Heels a few days ago. IU received a verbal from Austin Etherington. He comes in at #57 on Scout’s 2011 list and is a 6-6 forward, but is probably more equipped to play the shooting guard position at the next level. I really like his game and I guess Coach Crean does too.

Lastly, Justin Young, a national expert in the recruiting game and the man I referenced above, writes a very nice blog called National Hoops Report. He’s got the complete Adidas Nations rosters and the Nike Global Games rosters posted and he also did a very nice job of ranking the top 25 in the 2010 class. If your a recruiting junkie like me, you’ll love it.

Tomorrow I’ll have an update that I’m sure you guys will like, looking into the 2010 class, so don’t miss it.

Article written by Dustin Rumbaugh

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21 responses to “Fab Melo to Syracuse…..and…..Harris is Officially Offered, Rivals Get Commitments, and Rosters”

  1. EllisUK10

    GO BLUE!

  2. BayouCat

    I’m glad it’s Syracuse. We don’t want Louisville getting anybody good. When will our first commitment come? I’d have bet $100 we would have one by now.

  3. IcemanG2

    IU should not be getting commits before UK.

  4. gatorhator

    i really love this a whole lot. where are you LouisvilleFanCraig??? EAT IT!!!

  5. blitzmr2

    7–Apples and oranges.

  6. dhwildcats10

    7. Dude the kid is a 3* on rivals, just relax.

  7. EllisUK10

    Yeah Craig Eat It!Hopefully you drownd.

  8. EllisUK10

    Yeah Craig Eat It!Hopefully you drownd.

  9. slappy

    Aaaaahhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  10. Jack Bauer

    Syracuse’s game is perfect for Fat Melo. He just has to stand there in the middle and not move.

  11. deuceinyoeyeISBACKagain

    bwahahahaha, suck it UofL. ricky p cant close a deal for his life. wait, he closed the sypher deal. yep, locked it up reeeal tight


    Personally I kind of like the idea of Louisville getting good commits because I want to beat them when they feel all high and mighty. There’s a lot more glory in beating a team that’s good than one that’s down.

  13. slappy

    Whoever this UL kid is you all looking for to come back and take his medicine on this site, don’t count on it. UL fans like to talk a whole lot of crap when something could go their way, but they all run like little bitches the second something goes wrong. Which is pretty much exactly why they can’t keep anybody in the stands past halftime.

  14. gobigblue32

    I could care less if UofL has good players, feeling high and mighty, or if they have no one and feel like they are a football school again…I want to beat the crap out of them. I find glory in beating them whenever really.

  15. Squirms

    I was at a game at Rupp, pre-Rick-becoming-a-traitor, during the early Cliff Hawkins days…and during the game, they announced UL getting beat by Tulane or someone obscure, and the crowd barely cheered, I turned to the person beside me, ‘oh yeah, i forgot, we’re s’posed to hate UL’…

    that’s where I want to be again, back to them being silent without an inflated ego, and no one really cares about them…seems like we are heading that way

  16. smackmyfitch

    Mabye UL did have the lead in the race for Melo until Melo and his family discovered how big a philanderer Ricky is.

  17. wyldcatzrool

    Cal was just on the news talking about polls and he said that if you want the real deal, you look at where the Vegas oddsmakers put you…because they don’t have any biases…and they don’t care about any team…they just care about getting it right…right now they have UK 4th as far as who will win the 2009-2010 Championship at 8 to 1. Kansas is 1st at 4 to 1, followed by Michigan State at 6 to 1 and then Texas at 7 to 1.


  18. asdfasdf

    Fab Melo may be a bit overrated, all I am trying to say is that Daniels and Telep are annoying as hell on twitter when they talk about the Fabolous One and feeling fabolous. Jesus, even more annoying when they try to talk ghetto, these guys are tools.

  19. bluedude

    hmmmm…. kentucky 8 to 1 .. i usually don’t bet futures but i think with those odds the cats will see some money look for that to be 4 to 1 before to long.

  20. wildcatsballer23

    this is late MM already reported this, and flab melo will hopefully terrorize Usmell. And an official offer to Harris has been old news. come on now get with the program