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Some Marquis Teague stuff….

Zag’s blog has a post up today confirming that Marquis Teague will go forward with plans for an August visit to UK. Our good buddy Dustin is on the road, but just spoke with his dad and asked me to post this for him. Enjoy:

Right off the bat, his dad told Dustin that “Marquis likes UK a lot. We just need to go there and sit with the coaches and do those kinda things to get a gauge of where we’re at”, saying that they are definitely in the top of his potential schools. When asked if that meant in the “top 5” or “top 3”, Teague’s father said he had “no problem putting them in the top 5”. He then reiterated the strong interest Marquis has in UK and said that he just needs to sit down with the coaches.

Also, Sir Rumbaugh asked if there was a chance that during a visit, not specifically his UK visit, that Marquis would commit to a school.  His father replied definitively by saying “No, definitely not. We like to separate ourselves from the coaches and university and sit down as a family and see where we’re at.”

As far as when the visit will come, he is not sure of, they are in Dallas for Adidas Nations right now. When asked if they were going to try to get it in before school starts, Dustin was told that Teague’s classes started Tuesday, so it will be a weekend visit after the school year starts.

So, there you go.  Another top point guard – and one who was widely believed to be a Filthy Card for a long time – taking a look at UK.  That’s not a bad thing.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

15 responses to “Some Marquis Teague stuff….”

  1. gatorhator

    man, things are looking AWESOME for 2010!!! COME ON CJ LESLIE, come down and make some great memories!
    wish we could skip football and head straight to the hoop!!

  2. wyldcatzrool

    Getting Teague would be great! John Wall this year, Brandon Knight next year (hopefully), then Marquis Teague the year after! And all 3 getting to play beside Bledsoe (assuming Eric stays at least 3 years)! I would call that extremely strong at the guard position! I hope Coach Cal, the rest of the staff, and the players knock the socks off this kid on his visit! Teague being 2011 though, it’s going to be the Fall signing period in 2010 at the earliest before the kid inks his name. A lot could happen between now and then to either increase or decrease our chances with this kid. But I love the fact that we are high on his list. I guess I still haven’t gotten used to being involved with so many top 5-star players. It sure is great to be back!

  3. jon in jeff

    On they have a poll on who is the favorite to win the national championship this season on their college basketball page. Get on there and vote for KENTUCKY!


    dustin’s all over

  5. ballsout

    maggard is now saying that dustin was talking to him and not teague’s father. that trickster has fooled us all again.

  6. MGH

    5) Could MM be acting more like a 10 year old spoiled child? My god.

    As for Teague, I want him, but I still have to believe we’re a long shot.


    so mm saying dustin made this up, we need audio to end this, lol

  8. gossie21

    I hate that I am giving frosty tips more hits on his site, but I just can’t stop going over there to check what lunacy he is spewing. Honestly it is hilarious what he is trying (yet failing) to do to discredit Dustin.

    Keep up the good work Dustin.

  9. ballsout

    no mm is saying he tricked dustin into believing he was teagues father gave him fake interview to throw him off the real trail and make dustin look stupid. that sly sob has done it again.

  10. UKSoCalCampus

    9- that would be on YouTube quicker than a trailer for the new Battletoads for Wii if true… Frosty has seen his number of visitors drop by 50% over the last 3 months, he’s really grasping for hits, if you do feel the need to go on there use the ad-block plus addon, keeps away ad revenues and cuts loading time by about 2 seconds. Also never order appliances from sears if you are counting on them to deliver it. Their home delivery department is the frosty of the retail world, pompous, incompetant, and incapable of normal human interaction.

  11. BPsycho

    #9 If he actually did that ” I would beat the ***k out of him ”

    What kind of *too much time on his hands* kid does that? lol

  12. dlhill00

    Maggard is the biggest douche around

  13. JBradley008

    KentuckyInk has a post stating a top PG could be decommitting from a school soon and that he wants to hear from UK if/when he does. The only information they really give is that its NOT Austin Rivers, and the assumption that it isnt from 2010 since we are already in pretty well with the top 4 PGs. Myck Kabongo is the best committed PG (Texas) after Rivers in 2011.

  14. JavaGuru

    #13 i’ve heard that too. kendall marshall maybe? 5 star PG headed to unc. another fan base we can piss off! 🙂

  15. Waitin' on 8

    I’m just happy Teague is not a UL lock…