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John Wall dunks on Jerry Stackhouse

From last night’s game at the NC Pro-Am.  Props to nybrasky for the link.


Screw it, it won’t work. Here is the link.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

30 responses to “John Wall dunks on Jerry Stackhouse”

  1. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    That Wall kid looks pretty good. Do we have a shot of getting him?

  2. catfanjohn

    I have a feeling that Wall will be on ESPN highlights quite often next season, ESPN may have to give him his own channel

  3. TiMbO_sLiCe

    Wall is freakin’ nasty! Pretty stoked about watching him play this year. And SOO glad he’s wearing Kentucky blue!

  4. wildcatfan81

    Here’s a better look at Wall’s dunk on Stackhouse…

  5. jtstur2

    where is this taken place?

  6. ukcats7

    wall is a freak!…although I think they will call carrying the ball when he crosses over on the hesitation to get to the rim.
    still absolutely spectacular! go blue!

  7. Kernel Sanders

    #6, check out the youtube video linked in #4. I watched 3 times and it doesn’t look like he’s carrying on the crossover. Looked legit to me! I imagine we’ll see that a few dozen times this season!

  8. slappy

    Man’s game, bitch.

  9. Ken T. Ucky

    Anyone that dunks on Crackhouse is my hero.

  10. SagaciousMind

    Yeah, Wall is just nasty. For some reason one of the games I am looking forward to the most of the South Carolina games…Devon Downey will be bitched. I cant wait for the season.

  11. agenda


  12. dhwildcats10

    Damn, I thought Reggie Bullock was supposed to be the man? Wall blows by one Tar Hell to dunk on another.

  13. thebigjra

    This video made my day, sending to all of my UNC Alumni family and friends in 3, 2, 1…

    oh, and

    5) North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC

  14. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    What I like most about the video…..

    Business as usual by Wall and after he is finished…. a little Toine-like shimmy without being too overly in your face. Okay maybe a bit but I LIKE IT!

  15. AlDirt

    wow, that was great… and these Looserville fools think Sosa has a chance against Wall… DELUSIONAL!!!

  16. SeoulCat

    If you look closely at Wall’s lips after the dunk, I think you’ll see him mouthing “that was for Riddick, b**ch…’Sheed is next.”

  17. Flag City Cat

    Wow, I’ve heard rumors he might be going to UK and he will become the NBA star that will pave the way for the next 15-years for recruiting.

    Just Sayin,

    Flag City

  18. wildcats

    good play against stackhouse but wall took 3 steps

  19. HoratioCane

    Who was that he juked? Was it Marvin Williams?

  20. bradbcats

    18 yr old boy just dunked on a 36 yr old man….Nasty. thats only 4 of his 35 points, where can we see the rest?


    Did Stackhouse’s reps try to confiscate the tape?

  22. gobigblue32

    Oh my

  23. sethicus59

    john wall is a pretty cool kid, he dunks on NBA players and he doesnt afraid of anything.

  24. crazydave

    maybe that should have been over D-ferg….for making a bonehead move to FIU. I can understand SIU, Drake, Drexel, Murray, but FIU….?????

  25. Waitin' on 8

    This appeared to be MUCH nastier than the Crawford/Lebron dunk.

  26. liveactionjames

    cant wait to watch this kid all year…even if it is only gonna be one year.

  27. soup

    So far I’ve tried to temper my enthusiasm for this year. Stuff like this is making it hard (thats what she said).

  28. cooler92

    John Wall is an unbelievable athlete. Can’t wait till the season starts, should be very entertaining!

  29. Basteballer

    This season’s gonna be fun!

  30. Basteballer

    I really hate the automatic start on this video, though.