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Alex Legion….We Hardly Knew Ya


And just like that, the Alex Legion era at Kentucky is over. It was a quick turn of fortune for Legion and Kentucky as a relationship that just a week ago seemed to be flourishing….decent amount of playing time, probablity of a heightened role in the future, went from seemingly good to in the pits over a span of four days that left all the participants shaking their head in absolute wonder. The story of Legion’s time at UK will unfortunately be remembered as a combination of a demanding coach, a somewhat immature player and a meddling mother that led to a perfect storm that boiled over on one December weekend in Lexington.

The story of Legion’s departure began with a meeting late last week between Coach, player and mother. As an initial matter, that sentence should immediately raise eyebrows on every reader’s face. When parents are heavily involved in the child’s team relationship, the result is almost never good, and this situation was no different. We originally heard the meeting took place on Thursday, but Billy Clyde confirmed tonight it was Friday. According to the folks I talked to tonight, during the meeting, Legion’s mother expressed frustration over the way that Gillispie managed the team, specifically that she believed he was too tough on the players. According to the person I talked to, Legion’s mother would often express dissatisfaction about the language used by Gillispie and how tough he was on the players. Through the course of the meeting, much was discussed and those around the team believed the air had been cleared and the problems worked out.

Fast forward to Saturday. If you were around press row or the family section, you couldnt miss the groaning from members in the crowd. Specifically the father of one player who has been notorious in his criticism and Legion’s mother were vocal about the role their children were playing on the team. Legion’s mother was heard by multiple people expressing her displeasure and letting folks know her feelings on the matter. I only heard one comment due to my seat being elsewhere, but those close said that the criticism continued throughout the game. Legion checked in with ten minutes to go, after the crowd chanted his name and proceeded to play on and off for the rest of the game.

Then we move to today when Legion did not show up for practice and departed the team. The news broke around 4 that Legion was transferring, but even the Coach was not for sure about the details at the time of his call-in show, saying that he had yet to make contact with him. Legion however had already made his decision, and by the time contact was made, the Coach was unable to make him change his mind.

In the post-mortem of this whole thing, lots of overreaction has taken place on all sides. First, it is true that this transfer is a big deal. I dont think we can simply write this off and say “Kentucky didnt need him.” Legion is a great player and was Billy Clyde’s first solo recruit to take the floor. His transfer will be used against Kentucky on the recruiting trail and that is a reality that must be faced. Having said that, I think it is wrong to place too much blame on the Coach, or even the player in this instance. Coach Clyde is a stickler for effort and embodies a “tough love” approach that some thrive in (see Patterson and Bradley) and some wither under. Just because his first recruit may have left does not make that system a poor one. Similarly, I cant completely blame Legion or throw him under the bus either. Alex is a very smart and polite kid who is not the “thug” that some have made him out to be. He has had problems at his high school level with coaches, but his Oak Hill guys like him and I have always found him to be interesting and engaging. While he may not have been a good fit for Billy Clyde, he is not a bad kid.

I do however blame a bit of this on the culture that is around parts of the basketball program right now. Simply put, some parents need to take the Rock’s advice and “know your role and shut your mouth.” More than one player’s parents have been very vocal in their criticism and that type of behavior often spills onto the team. More than one current player is considering transferring and most of it stems from the behavior of their parents. Attitudes on the team need adjusting and contrary to what many people think, its not the usual suspects. In fact, most on the team should look at the much-maligned Seniors (especially Bradley), who have worked hard and complained little in the new system and the amazing ethic of Patrick Patterson who has been a beacon other guys should follow. The parents meddling has to stop, and in the same way that Tubby Smith essentially letting Michael Bradley hit the door helped that issue nearly ten years ago, Legion’s departure may do the same for Billy Clyde.

Its a shame that Alex has departed the Big Blue, but the reality is that such a transfer was bound to happen and more may be coming. New coaches often begat transfers as new styles are implemented and old ways are changed. However this transfer is especially difficult. Legion was not a member of the old regime, but rather was Billy Clyde’s recruit who came here to play for him. Losing him, especially considering his top-notch pedigree will have effects on this team and future recruiting. However his loss should not necessarily be blamed on the Coach or the player. I think it has more to do with the interference of a family member and a needed change in the culture of the team. I expect more change to come, and in at least one case, it could be a net positive for all involved. But until then, the rocks on the team will hold down the fort…..Patterson, Meeks, Jasper and yes, the Seniors. Their attitude should be the basis for the team going forward, and the background noise should be pushed to the side….and my guess is that it will.

Article written by Matt Jones

147 responses to “Alex Legion….We Hardly Knew Ya”

  1. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    who’s the “notorious”ly displeased father?? not mr meeks, i hope

  2. Brandon21

    This is not good. No Jasper, no Meeks, no Legion…I’m afraid to see what Indiana is going to do to us on Saturday.

  3. Mr. Boombastic Fantastic Lover

    Im assuming Jared Carters dad, if so I will happily show up to Wildcat Lodge and help his son pack his bags when he decides to leave the team.

  4. high and mighty

    1) why would Mr Meeks be mad? Jodie’s hurt and in street clothes. he can’t play no matter how much his dad wants.

  5. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    5) based solely upon very, very, very rumor-ous rumors that gillispie was being blamed for the injury

  6. ppatsweedman

    Has to be Mr. Carter…..Still is unbelievable to me, I knew parents expressed their displeasures during high school athletics but not at the college level…I still have to take coache G’s side, and trust that the high demands will pay off…tough day for cats fans, it seems like we are near rock bottom so there is only one way to go from here…Beat the Hoosiers!!

  7. ppatsweedman

    3) haha..I’ll pay for the U-haul

  8. fuzzyzeller

    Seriously, who is the dad? Or at least just tell me it isn’t Meek’s dad.

  9. GregJ

    I’m sorry I just don’t think Legion is that crucial to our future. Yeah he’s good, but we’ve got guards, and more coming in with scoring ability. Please Matt, tell me Patterson is here to stay. If the left, that one would crush me. Not Legion.

  10. wyldkatzky

    Damn, my bowling coach would have laughed at my parents if they walked up to him and said ANYTHING about the way he coached or what they thought should happen lol… college athletics is different.. these parents are psycho..

  11. chucknorrisstotalgym


    Thank you for the G2! I appreciate all the work you put in given you have a day job.

    It could be bull, but I’m hearing rumors that Billy G has Terry Bowdenidis- going after cheerleaders.

    I’m not sure if I agree with all of his tactics. But, let’s give him time to try it his way.

  12. SagaciousMind

    Well when Billy G gets this team up and running in a couple of years and they are in the final four, Legion will be watching it on TV thinking “damn, why did I do that?” Look on the bright side, that’s another open scholarship.

  13. fuzzyzeller

    11) If a cheerleader hooked up with Terry Bowden then they have the problem, not Terry Bowden.

  14. chucknorrisstotalgym

    My parents use to swarm both my clogging & horse shoes coach. So, #10 I know where you are coming from. Parents just want to live vicariously through your career.

  15. BlueinTN

    Parents on all levels need to let their kids be coached. Now I am no proponent to cursing players but these guys are in college and we have guys their age with the same tactics training to fight for our country. We have babied our children way too much and not made them accountable for their actions. We have given the the presumption that they are entitled to playing time and therefore don’t have to earn it! I too hate that Legion left but sometimes we have to lose a battle to win the war. If this event tells future recruits that Ky basketball is SERIOUS,then you’d better think about what is your level of commitment if you attend here. I want loyalty to our coach, our team and our tradition of excellence in basketball. Without heart men and women of this board the body and mind cannot follow!!! Go Cats!!

  16. cobrecat

    Must be something in the water in Detroit City.

  17. SagaciousMind

    I just wonder how the players on the team feel. It would be nice to eventually see some comments from Patterson, Bradley, and some of the others. Wonder if they tried talkin him out of it or if he just left.

  18. KentuckyWildcats

    from – “We met with Alex and his mother Friday, and SHE informed us of HER desire to seek a release FOR HER SON. Shortly after that meeting, Alex told me [Gillispie] that he still wanted to be a part of our program…” (emphasis added)

  19. IkeDaddyUK

    14) As a former coach, I can tell you that parents living vicariously through their children is the nightmare that has kept me from teaching kids the game I love.
    15) I agree about kids being coddled, too. Many people in my generation are growing up with entitlement issues and my feeling is that they had parents who were “friends.” I’m starting my own business and I guarantee there’s no way I could be without the discipline and work ethic I learned from my parents.

  20. BlueinTN

    #19 AMEN I coach today and just have to overlook parents because I love the game and the kids even thoug I might not always like the parents

  21. bcgobsession

    I have to wonder if Legion’s mom was upset that another freshman
    was getting too much playing time & why Alex wasn’t also being
    ‘rewarded’ PT. Not bashing on Legion, b/c I think he would have
    been star material for the Cats; but it was obvious his skill-level
    was not as developed as PP’s. Given a season to gain D1 experience
    Alex would be a starter/entire game player by the beginning of next
    season. He (& his mom) are used to being stars of the show, so IMO
    her nose was out of joint.

  22. bcgobsession

    I’m not a coach, but I can empathize with some of you. Parents
    need to teach their kids to respect authority (coaches, cops,…)
    and work hard at whatever they choose (basketball practice, grades,
    jobs, etc). My parents were strict, but not harshly strict–rules
    were enforced (like curfews & chores), as was punishment. Many of
    my friend’s parents were “cooler” b/c they got to stay out late &
    do whatever they wanted. These were also the same parents that
    wanted to be best friends & in-the-know on the high school gossip.
    Most of my friends wanted the tough love that my parents gave & to
    this day, many of them seek out my parents for advice, while barely
    speaking to their own. Its not always fun at first, but once you
    (& parent’s like Legions) realize its done with your best
    interests at heart– you’ll become a better person. Too bad that
    Legion won’t have BCG’s influence to develop under. His mom is NOT
    doing him any favors.

  23. high and mighty

    man I never thought we were gonna miss Kerry Benson. looks like we will until Meeks or Jasper come back. We only have 3 guards
    on scholarship.

  24. bcgobsession

    Look at the bright side~ at least now we have another scholly to
    offer to a big…. 🙂 I’m thinking we’ll be seeing some ju-co
    transfers joining the team relatively soon. C’est la vie.

  25. Mitch

    When Crawford tried to transfer mid-way through his freshman year, wasn’t the problem that he would lose a whole year of eligibility for not finishing the year out? Won’t the same apply to Legion?

  26. The Truth

    ^no, Legion didn’t sign a LOI with UK.

  27. 01S281

    I don’t think its Carters dad. I’ve heard his dad is in jail. Anyone else hear this?

  28. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    So if a kid is a top high school player, he should not sign a LOI and just tell the coach at the school he wants to play at he wants to play there, he just won’t sign a LOI.

    Is that a loophole of protection for a player to protect their interests?

  29. TommyT46

    As far as Legion sitting out. It is my understanding he will be eligible the second semester next year,wherever he goes. Assuming UK releases him,since he is on scholarship.

  30. UK_Angus

    meddling moms (and dads) need to be told how it is. Sounds like Billy G did that …good for Billy G.

    Its far better that she become a headache for some other coach rather than continue to be a source of bad karma for our team.

    Its never good to lose good players but sometimes you have to tear down in order to rebuild on a more solid foundation. Im sure Billy G is stepping on the throats a little more heavily now than he will have to in the future but that is needed now to find who wants to play and who don’t and unfortunately that includes the parents sometimes too.

  31. adaircam4

    what the hell is going on with this team? I support Coach G, but at a time when I didn’t think things could get any worse, this happens. Just throw this on top of all the injuries, spotty play, terrible offfensive play, ugly turnovers, and lack of leadership from the upper classman, and it has all the makings of a terrible season. I feel sory for PPat. He is busting his ass and playing great on a team that is selfish and refuses to play the coaches way and you can see the frustration on his face. The only positive from all of this is that now there is one less player that Scotty Hopson will wory abhout taking PT away from if he is thinking about coming to UK. I thought Legion was going to be a very good player but now we will never know. Maybe he can follow in the footsteps of Carruth and take his act to Southern Miss. Carter on the other hand, he can leave whenever he feels like it, that guy is terrible!!

  32. AlohaStateWildcat

    So where is the man upstairs guiding Mom and Alex now? I get pulled away from a computer all day and then I come in to see things going a tad crazy back home.
    I wish Alex luck in severing that cord. Stage parents honestly think they are doing things in the best interest of their kids, it just rarely works out that way. The Fountainhead’s Peter Keating comes to mind.
    Lots of good comments, guys.

  33. 01S281
  34. AlohaStateWildcat

    Rodney Legion, Sr. sure seems thrilled with the situation.

  35. BluesMan

    I was about to say that I feel sorry for the kid because he will have trouble catching on with a good school since the coaches will all know that his mom is a looney overbearing dingbat. Then I read the article posted at 33. I still feel sorry for him because his mom is a looney overbearing dingbat, but it may not effect his basketball future that much. I hope he finds success, and I hope his mom stops being a looney overbearing dingbat.

    Looney overbearing dingbat.

  36. bigjas

    When Gillispie took A&M over, him and Acie Law repeatedly butted heads, and Gillispie had to meet with Law a handful of times because Law wasn’t happy and wanted to transfer. Law stuck with it, and Gillispie helped mold him into one of the best players in all of college basketball the last couple of years. Law and Gillispie have a great player/coach relationship, and Law is the first person to tell you that Gillispie made him into the basketball player he is today.

    I’m not even going to go into the embarrassment of having a parent’s negative involvement with an athletic team, but I would think Gillispie is happily thinking, “good, get the hell out”. Obviously you don’t want that kind of negative PR running through your program, but the last thing Gillispie needs is some ignorant parent telling him how to run his program. He knows what he’s doing. He’s proved that.

  37. AlohaStateWildcat

    I know this is off topic, but I wanted to share this info:

    Today on morning sports radio in Honolulu they were interviewing Ryan Parker, that guy who Matt posted last month singing “Saturday in the Bluegrass”. He wrote a song for UH this weekend, and it received a lot of praise out here.

  38. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    #33 01S281 – Nice link. The father (Rodney Legion Sr.) knows whats up… (From article)

    >>>… Meanwhile, Alex’s father, Rodney Legion Sr., divorced from Annette for 10 years, is
    >>>… hopeful his son can finally make a decision he can stick with.

    >>>… When I talked with Rodney on Monday, he said he talked to Alex about a week ago and got
    >>>… no indication the player was unhappy.

    >>>… So this news is a surprise, but not necessarily a shock.

    >>>… “It’s kinda deja vu times three with me,” said Rodney of watching his son juggle with
    >>>… his future all these years.

    >>>… “It’s like, ‘Wow, here we go again.’ If he can end up (in-state) it would make things
    >>>… easier.”

    FOLKS, this was going to happen at anytime. He won’t find the perfect situation and will have to compromise. That’s the lesson he struggles with.

    What is disturbing is when the blogger Eric Lacy (check his pic in the link #33 gave) quotes Wu-Tang Clan at the end of his article.

  39. AlohaStateWildcat

    You have to have street cred like me and Mr. Lacy do to quote Wu-Tang. Quoting them isn’t for amateursI’m sure the memory of ODB’s memory is honored.
    But then again, the one Wu-Tang concert I went to might as wel have been sponsored by Saltine.

  40. AlohaStateWildcat

    I meant… oh nm I’m going to bed.

  41. MEWH

    Let him and his loony-ass momma go. You have two families when you are on a sports team, and there needs to be a
    separaration between them. BCG will get rid of the wankers that want to be babied. I only wish Tubby would have
    had the stones to tell the other Michigan kid to stay gone when he pulled this same crap 3 years ago. You want
    playing time, earn it bitch. It’s time to weed out the bad seeds, and start the new era. This is UK basketball, not
    “I want playing time U”. For the other guys with interfering parents: there’s the door. It would be one thing if the roster
    was jam-packed with talent, but there is merely 1 legit first round NBA player here. And he has bought into the system.
    The rest can do so, or leave. Their departures merely opens the door for new blood, say in 2009, where there is a scholly

  42. asdfasdf

    I fully stand by coach on this matter.

    Not only does his mom seem to be absolutely crazy, but every time they showed footage of her at the game she looked like she just left the crack house.

    And secondly, I guarantee that this is not the first time players or parents thought Gillispie was too tough on players at any school. However, he may not have had many players who had talent enough for almost enough school. I would have loved to see Legion play here, and I may have been a tad disappointed at first, but he had bright spots. I think he just needed to say “Hey, this isn’t about me. This is about the team, this is about winning. This is about coming together as one and busting my ass doing what coach says, because you know what, he knows this game better than me.” When you find a group of players who let that click in their mind, they can transcend their talent and as a working machine, together. You can have over matched teams with that attitude who can win some big games against lottery picks. It takes sacrifice, phyically and mentally, to reach that point. I wish Legion could have been there. Hell, I wish Crawford would have been AN EIGHTH of the way there. Maybe Legion’s mom held him back from that, filling his head with bullshit about being nice to players and whatnot. But ya know what, that isn’t to make them better one damn bit, and thats exactly what coach is here to do. That’s what Bobby Knight does, that what the greatest coaches of all time do. Even the greatest high school coaches can pull this off.

    Google Dick Devenzio.

  43. Marshall in Virginia

    Sorry but Kentucky is not a place for momma’s boys and I hope we never have to deal with another combo like that any time soon.

    Legion good luck to you, you will regret it for the rest of your life!

  44. Marshall in Virginia

    I think this transfer says a lot to recruits in a positive way… if you don’t want to play hard don’t come here period.

  45. Jack Hammer

    I’ve heard there have been several problems with her hanging out at Wildcat Lodge too much and “preaching” at other players about their lifestyles!

  46. Jack Hammer

    Tubby would not release Crawford and tried not to release Marvin Stone, I’m glad Clyd is wishing him well and granting his release!!!

  47. kyfan31

    Matt, explain this to me….If Legion’s mom is psychic, how come she didn’t see this coming before Legion committed?

  48. Marshall in Virginia

    Legion’s mom is psychic? Can she the finger I am holding up in her honor?

  49. Carlisle1974

    Judging from the articles written about Legion’s mom since last spring, no one can honestly say they’re surprised that something like this happened.

  50. demoCrAT


  51. demoCrAT

    i really need to know who the other unhappy parent is, matt…please give at least some initials

  52. NewUK

    if alex thinks he does not have to work hard to make it in college hoops or even the nba, then he will have a rude awakening at his new school. meeks, jasper, and patterson are the foundation of this team for the up coming years.

  53. ukcatfan88

    His mamma is a nut job. And all you all wanting Scotty Hopson, remember his mamma is making his decisions also. Not that they are even in the same league talent-wise…Hopson is way better. BUt his mamma said she wanted to wait util spring to make a decision. So…..Do we still want him if she is pulling the strings? If he’s a true one-and-out, it don’t matter, I guess.

    Legion’s mamma thinks her son is a future NBA all-star and millionaire and needs to be treated as such. BUT HE AIN’T EARNED IT YET. So goodbye and good luck elsewhere. He will disappear like Rashad Carruth and the ultimate idiot, Michael Bradley. Kid was a freshman on a national championship team and leaves over PT. Kid played all the time…..How was the Villanova experience, Mr. Bradley?

  54. David Shelton

    And we think all the relgious
    crackpots are in the middle
    east and SE Asia.

  55. chucknorrisstotalgym

    Is his a Mom a prophet or for profit?

  56. niwhite

    Matt…come please speculate the other(s) that are unhappy…I am taking it by reading your article it is not Meeks, Jasper, Patterson, or the two seniors….which is exactly what i want to hear…I say this because you point out that their attitude should be the basis for this team…so i hate to lose anybody…but as long as we dont lose those guys….I AM PERFECTLY FINE….although…I would like to keep AJ Stewart…I just like him a lot and think he can help us this year and down the road….he is a freak athletically and hustles….so give me those six counting AJ….the rest can leave…..if they want….but come WE NEED MORE INFO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  57. demoCrAT

    54- we agree on few things, but this is one

  58. CapitalCityCatsFan

    I pray to God all the dumbass bandwagon UK fans that dont know
    their ass from a hole in the ground, dont jump the gun and start
    yelling out “fire Billy” just because he lost a good recruit. I
    look for it to start happening anytime now! Legion is a loss, but
    its not the end of the world or the team. GO CATS!

  59. UKfaninAlabama

    His mom is a nutjob. If she couldn’t see this coming, I guess she’s not a very good prophet huh?
    I think you got it #55. She is looking to profit ASAP from her son. I wander if she forsaw
    him having to set out a year now. If she is not careful, she will ruin the kids career.

  60. jzoneblue

    54 and 57 – I really wouldn’t compare this to cutting off heads with a machete, or lashing a rape victim…

  61. KYERIC

    This is going to be a tough time for the Wildcat faithful, as we are in a serious transition of changing of the guard (no Legion pun intended).

    Nothing good could really come with having a talent like Alex Legion on the team and the insanity of Momma Legion yelling at Coach 15 feet behind him. Talent is one thing, and it is mighty difficult not to be really upset at seeing him hit the road, but Billy’s gotta put his stamp on the team and that is “hard work earns playing time”, and that doesn’t always correlate with the most talented person on the bench.

    I don’t wish any ill will toward the kid, but @#%&, Momma Legion is gonna be the death of his career. At this rate, he will transfer 14 times and end up graduating when he is roughly 29 years old. I can picture him sitting the bench on the Mad Ants with Momma complaining about how many shots he gets per game…

  62. CapitalCityCatsFan

    61- I liked that. And I agree. I wonder if any of the UK players, especially Alex, read this site? lol If so, he feels like such an immature idiot. 🙂

  63. KYERIC

    I don’t think the majority of the Wildcat faithful are going to blame Billy G. one bit. There will always be fair weather fans, glory year Pitino clones, and nutjobs that I will now refer to as “mommalegions” that are going to start questioning the meaning of their existence now that UK is on a slide.

    It will take three years to really get this program where it needs to be and there will be even more shocking news than the Alex Legion saga, but ultimately, Kentucky will be back to getting top tier talent and becoming an elite team again.

    Change sucks, but that is why BCG is such a great hire for Kentucky. We NEED a guy that can reel in top talent year in and year out, but also be able to CONTROL that talent into a cohesive, winning unit…

    In the grand scheme of things, Legion just happens to be a bump on the road back to glory.

  64. Mr Schwump

    So…did BG know Mom was a fruitcake when he signed the guy? Alex, learn to think for yourself. Mom won’t be there forever to take care of you.

  65. CapitalCityCatsFan

    63- Ha! I like that…the “mommalegions”. Thats classic! And you are right, this program cant be rebuilt in just one season. I think him and Carruth should get together.

  66. deWildcats

    “When parents are heavily involved in the child’s team relationship, the result is almost never good, and this situation was no different.” – I agree – I side with the coach and have faith he’ll restore the program.

  67. funkadelic

    Legion will have a fine career. He’s already proven he can dedicate himself for months…

  68. deWildcats

    #54 – David Shelton
    I agree with you too

  69. UKchrisb

    I glad Matt was able to find a picture of him playing defense!!!:-)

  70. cheekdaddy

    Legion and his mom,

    Get used to being broke, i can predict this definitively for your futures.

  71. CapitalCityCatsFan

    69- LOL! Pics like that ARE pretty hard to come by arent they!!!??? 🙂

  72. southernfriedyankee

    Apparently Legion has a history of this kind of stuff up in Michigan. Check out the title of the entry by The Realests (a Detroit-area sports blog):

    I hope he gets what he is looking for, but I doubt he will.

  73. deWildcats
    John Clay did a nice article too
    He too mentions one or two more departures (most likely during Christmas break)
    Coach BCG is demanding – reminds me of a young Bobby Knight

  74. deWildcats

    The REALESTS (a Michigan blog) piece suggests Legion should stay away from Michigan – maybe it’s more Mom and the kid than Coach BCG is telling us.


    If we want our team to get back to where it once was, then we need to let go of all the players that are not willing to bust their butts. I am a school teacher and kids in this generation are so quick to quit when they don’t get what they want. SPOILED!

  76. Getcha Popcorn Ready

    I’m sure mommy will find little Alex a nice school. Hopefully she’ll pack him a nice healthy lunch in the Scooby-Doo lunchbox.

  77. CapitalCityCatsFan

    76- Maybe she will change his diaper too!


    I think Coach G should have a quick meeting with his players and say: If you don’t bleed Kentucky Blue, then get out. If you are not willing to work hard in practice, then get out. If you are not willing to be a team player and sit the bench when needed, then get out. THIS IS UK, not little league. Whoever is left standing will be the new team and we all can move on from here.

  79. deWildcats


  80. ukcatfan88

    Mamma Legion saw a transition at the best basketball school in the country and thought her son would walk in and start and star. And when that didn’t happen, they packed up and left. It’s a pretty transparent front to me. Beilein coming in at Michigan didn’t fit his style of play and UK did, but it didn’t work out, so they move on again. He’ll be here in Pike County playing for the CBA E. KY Miners in 3 years. BTW they had a brawl there the other night and 10 players got ejected, with one of the great names ever being one of them…Sir Valliant Brown.

  81. slappy

    great report, matt. thanks for the insight.

    does anything lead you to believe that whichever player you’re talking about possibly leaving will be doing so in the near future?

  82. lexslamman

    I am seriously starting to think that Gillispie is not good enough to coach at Kentucky.

  83. kingshill

    82. What an idiotic statement- you apparently have limited basketball knowledge.


    lexslamman-Its not the coach, its the players. They are not tough enough mentally. That is why we haven’t made it past the 2nd round of the NCAA with these players. Maybe we need a clean sweep and keep Patterson and Meeks as our foundation.

  85. KYERIC

    I am seriously starting to think that Keightley is not good enough to coordinate equipment at Kentucky.

  86. tzuzaki

    I find it interesting that they had a talk about transferring on Friday, and then the coach “inexplicably” doesn’t play Legion until late in the game against NC on Saturday. Connection maybe? Like maybe BCG was deomnstrating who was boss. It’s his way or the highway…. guy like that will have success, but will ruffle many feathers along the way.

  87. deWildcats

    lexslamman – did you read the articles published by the Realests? Especially the one dated 4.10.2006.
    Legion aspires to be his own coach – he needs to play elsewhere so he can achieve his goal.

  88. kingshill

    UK is in the position talentwise because of one person- Tubby Smith. Whether Legion is on the roster
    or not, Flubby’s longterm lack of effective recruiting is why UK will struggle this year. It is a disgrace
    how he conducted the recruiting and now UK pays the price.


    Weed out the pretenders and keep the players with
    HEART. Our team will rise again….keep on your plan
    BCG. Molding a masterpiece has it’s bumps to rub out.
    Oh, and AJ needs more minutes. Besides PP, he is the
    most active player on the floor. Reminds me of Walter.

  90. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    #58 – Now that we know what we know, this was NOT a good recruit. Too much baggage that was a ticking time bomb. I personally feel like that is Alex’s fault for not telling his mom to back off. Yea, the mother is certainly the enabler, but Alex is 18.


    88 and 89, I agree. AJ does look like he has potential. I would like to see him play more.

  92. Clandestine

    I am seriously starting to think that lexslamman is not good enough to cheer for Kentucky.

  93. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    Also, didn’t Alex skip practice on friday? Billy G. doesn’t play you if you miss practice. Doesn’t that explain why Alex didn’t get his regular minutes?

    The stupidest part is he survived boot camp and leaves afterward. What a sad piece of satisfaction he’s conditioning his mind to accept.

  94. EKUballa

    sounds like someone got scared of the recruitment of Hopson…

  95. Alex Legions Mom

    I am a prophet and you can ask anyone I predicted months ago i was going act all crazy and get my son to transfer. Lucky for you I am not mad at the UK fans and am going to release my “Prophetic Bowl Game Predictions” that me, Jesus and J-Hova have been working on. For $99 you get the winner of the Hawaii Georgia game, the Illinois USC game, and the total of the Arkansas Missouri game. For the first 100 customers I will throw in when the world will end for free! Don’t miss this great opportunity to have my future predicting powetrs benefit you!

  96. CapitalCityCatsFan

    89- I agree in saying that AJ needs some more playing time. I wanna see where this kid develops. He has potential it seems. However, DOES ANYONE HERE AGREE THAT PORTER IS A WASTE OF SPACE ON THE COURT??? Or is it just me?

  97. EyewearMan

    Until Alex transfers to another school, we the fans should not throw him off the bus. Remember Joe C left and came back. Legion could do the same!

  98. KYERIC

    #93…Interesting point, but moot. Looked like mommalegion was trying to get Billy to change his coaching style and tactics. Good for everyone involved to break now.

    Aslo, I don’t think his mind doesn’t have the choice to accept circumstances or not. As bad as it is for UK to lose Alex, they don’t have to deal with the toxic nature of his Momma. Alex will have to deal with her the rest of her life.

  99. CapitalCityCatsFan

    95- LMAO!!!

  100. CapitalCityCatsFan

    If Ashley Judd was at the UNC game, she woulda punched MommaLegion in her scary face for mouthing the whole time. Or think of this…Donna Smith vs MommaLegion. Ding Ding! lol

  101. deWildcats

    #95 – where do I mail my check?

  102. deWildcats

    Porter is the son of Coach Porter – the Coach of recruit Reeves
    If Coach BCG thinks Porter deserves to play, then he should play.
    If he never improves, then our basketball Coach will probably alter his line-up
    As for me – Porter plays
    And, I want him to succeed.

  103. CapitalCityCatsFan

    102- Its not that I am against Porter, I just dont see that he has proven anything on the court. Is it because there is nobody else to play that position? Will he be playing once Jasper is back???

  104. tzuzaki

    Not everybody on the court has to be a star. Porter does a good job filling in, playing D, and hitting a 3 every now and then. Until the roster improves overall, he’ll continue to get playing time, as he should.

  105. deWildcats

    I think Porter has what it takes; maybe he wouldn’t be starting if Jasper was able nor may he play much once Jasper returns – but I think he’ll contribute to our success before he graduates.
    He must be doing something right and has earned the right to play.

  106. CapitalCityCatsFan

    104- Thats cool, I’ll accept that and see where he goes with his talent. I just wanted other opinions because most that I talk to here in Frankfort agree that he doesnt need to step on the floor. I think he could be a good fill in to give a better player a breather, but thats about it. Maybe he will prove me wrong though!

  107. bcgobsession

    I hate to keep posting this in every thread, but people need to
    read this small article about Acie. May shed some light on Legion
    and his decision. He wasn’t the first (maybe at UK, but…) and
    he won’t be the last.

  108. cheekdaddy

    I’ve questioned the play of Porter all year. I have full faith that Porter is really showing good some things in practice. I think if the boy performs the way he does in games in actual practice that BCG would not allow him to play. I have full faith that Porter will start to play better in games.

  109. cheekdaddy

    It seems Legion would like to stay, but his mother wants him to go. C’mon momma’s boy you gotta start making decisions for yourself at some point. All successfull people are self-motivated and make their own life decisions, not let mommy make ’em for you. GET WEENED OR GET OUT. Just a punk kid trying to act like a man. Alex, your future looks dismal at best.

  110. CapitalCityCatsFan

    109- AMEN BROTHA!!!

  111. ppatsweedman

    Jacob-who was right

  112. bigjas

    I think we all have to remember that the reason Porter is getting so much playing time is because of the lack of depth at the point because of the injury to Jasper.

    Don’t be surprised if there are more transfers this year. Billy Clyde is trying to find out who really wants to be here and who doesn’t. Those who buy into his system, will get the playing time. Those who don’t…there’s the door. Under normal circumstances, he likely doesn’t recruit Legion because of the baggage. But, last spring wasn’t normal circumstances and he was trying to find bodies and salvage a recruiting class.

    As for Legion’s mother…”It’s Division I basketball! It’s the SEC! It ain’t intramurals!”

  113. CapitalCityCatsFan

    107- Great article! Everyone make sure they get the whole address copied to make sure you get the right story. Hey ALEX, if you read these posts, PLEASE GO READ THIS ARTICLE!!!

  114. KYERIC


    Great, great article. EVERYONE must read this before posting.

  115. KYERIC

    great minds think (and relink) alike…

  116. CapitalCityCatsFan

    115- haha, hell yea! 🙂

  117. KYERIC

    One more and I’m done…

    Good video with Acie talking about Coach.

  118. MEWH

    Porter is a PG, and we are short on PG’s. Until Jasper gets back, he will play. There are no other options besides MP and Bradley. It is what it is. We are who we thought we are. Lambasting Porter will not make him play any better, he has the skills he has.

  119. CatfaninaHat

    109- No doubt….been waiting for someone to point out that Alex lacks the intestinal fortitude to tell his mom to butt out. All men have to facce that reality at somepoint in their lives, be it w/ a father or mother.

    55- ABOSOLUTELY! MamaLegion will soon be gracing our late nite T.V. screens in the genre of Miss Cleo.

    CapitalCityCAtsFan- Michael Porter was recruited heavily by USC for D-Back for their Football squad. He chose to stay and play here cause that’s what his heart wanted. He plays defense as well as anyone on the floor and he has a great outside shot if he can keep his nerves in check. We will be seeing alot more of him, and hopefully the added PT will calm his nerves and his offensive productivity will increase.

    All that aside, BCG has alot of work to do to prove that this is WHERE he belongs. I, for one, am still not sold on his coaching methods. Only time will tell.

  120. CapitalCityCatsFan

    118 and 119
    Sounds good to me! Thanks for your input!


    I don’t think that Porter has stepped up his game from last year. It seems like he turns the ball over way to many times and loses his man on defense. I guess we will have to deal with it this year. Its funny how we had so many guards at the beginning of the season and end up like this.

  122. CapitalCityCatsFan

    121- At least SOMEONE sorta agrees with me and sees what I am talking about. I was beginning to think I was the only one on here. LOL


    122-yeah, I don’t think he would get this much playing time (if any) under normal UK basketball circumstances. We haven’t been normal in a long time though. Thanks TUBY

  124. CapitalCityCatsFan

    123- Yes sir, I 100% agree.

  125. Jacob Adam Brooks

    Anyone figured out who the mystery pissed off dad is? Through a process of elimination I think I’ve narrowed it down…

    I think we can safely assume that it is not

    -Bradley, Patterson, or Crawford, due to the amount of PT they’re getting.

    – Harris’ parents still live in Alaska and probably don’t make it to many games.

    -Carter was my first instinct, but later I heard that his father is supposedly in jail right now, but I can neither confirm nor deny this, however, if he is, that would rule him out.

    -Porter is getting good PT and I’ve heard he has a good relationship with BCG at this point…

    -Meeks father has always been very respectful of UK, so I have a hard time imagining him screaming every game along side Mrs. Legion… especially since Jodie has been injured lately…

    Since those guys are pretty safe to mark off, and I’m sure none of the walk ons parents are screaming at BCG… these kids would seem the most likely to have their parents getting upset and voicing displeasure.

    -Williams, maybe, but he knew he wasn’t going to see minutes much this year so I’d like to assume his parents would know this… plus I’m not sure if they live here or back in England, but he hasn’t played hardly at all so if I’m wrong and his parents come to the games, then he is a possible candidate.

    -Stewart has seen his time go up and down, but he has been in and has played in every game with the exception of the one he was being disciplined for… I guess some parents are crazy though so maybe his father is upset with the lack of consistency regarding his playing time.

    -Stevenson falls almost exactly along the same lines as Stewart and sees his time go back and forth…

    If anyone can add or correct anything in this so we could narrow it down further, it’d be a great help

  126. Rajay333

    I feel sorry for Alex. It’s no easy thing to tell your Mom who brought you up to “butt out.” And it wouldn’t make a difference if he did, because people like his mom never butt out, they never go away.

    Hopefully, Alex transfers so far away from Michigan that his mother won’t be able to follow him, like she did moving to Lexington. West coast? Hawaii? Lithuania?

    I bet the players at the Wildcat Lodge are secretly glad the “Prophet” is done pounding them with her Bible…the Gospel according to Annette.

  127. As Alex Legion’s World Turns

    […] hands all over Alex’s decision to transfer. To celebrate this theory, a number of bloggers, UK-related or otherwise, poked fun at Legion’s mother, something I was guilty of myself in my guest […]

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