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Joshua Harrellson Rocking the Jean Shorts


As you know, we have been a big fan of Josh Harrellson since his first moment on campus. If you will allow us to reminisce back to his opening visit, Josh came to campus, proudly rocking the Jean Shorts everywhere he went, leading to his nickname “Jorts” that hopefully will live forever. And what is even better? Josh likes being known for the denim. In the last few weeks, we have seen him out and every time we chat with him, he mentions his affinity for the site and his connection to wearing the shorts made of denim

So the last time I saw him, I mentioned that I couldnt find a picture of him since arriving on campus, rocking the jean shorts. He smiled and said, “I will take care of that.” Then yesterday, I received a message from Josh and next thing you know, this picture arrived, especially for Kentucky Sports Radio:


Two things of note….first the Wildcat Lodge dorm rooms are a bit more barren than I would have thought….and second, Josh Harrellson is officially Kentucky Sports Radio’s favorite player.

Article written by Matt Jones

34 responses to “Joshua Harrellson Rocking the Jean Shorts”

  1. flipisatrip

    nice work matt

  2. Yesterdays

    Damn, those freakin rooms are nasty. I hope this doesnt jinx him like woo and ramon.

  3. veeper

    During the eddie sutton era you would have seen a 65 inch plasma TV on that dresser.

  4. bmwuk

    I agree, the rooms do look bare. I have never been inside Wildcat Lodge but imagine the amenities outside of the rooms are pretty nice. Didn’t they give it an overhaul in recent years? Josh thanks for your much welcomed humor and welcome aboard the Big Blue Nation.

  5. adamnjohnson

    funny stuff

  6. Phili5

    Does that bed even fit him?

  7. tzuzaki

    The rooms are barren, because they don’t have time for anything but basketball. And that’s the way it should be. Heck, Billy Gillespie doesn’t even own a refrigerator. Harrellson better get some playing time.

  8. deuceinyoeye

    those chics…wayyyy below average. up your game harrellson

  9. jcb973

    Josh, this is your mother….clean your room.

  10. IkeDaddyUK

    Going to be pretty intimidating seeing this “big man hit it from outside,” right Tyler?

  11. ThatsWhatShe

    10) I also thought that was quite a “That’s what she said” moment.

  12. The 5 Star Dribbler

    3 on 1 can be a positive.

  13. Jackie Treehorn

    Those chicks are smokin’. Yowsa!

  14. UKBoo

    I now have my jorts. Do you have your jorts?

  15. drewky

    how’s the smut business, jackie?

  16. EyewearMan

    He kind of looks like Brendan Fraser from Blast from the Past, The Mummy, and George of the Jungle!

  17. wick

    flash cameras are for terrorists and sissies. Attaboy, Josh.

  18. make it eight

    he might rock the jorts but he aint got nothin on me in rock paper scissors!!

  19. cat_fan_4ever

    i think the girl on the far left has a minor poop tooth

  20. flipisatrip

    #17 ha, nice

  21. SlickRick48

    I can’t even tell if those are jorts. We need clearer pictures Josh!

  22. -H A Z E L S M A C K-

    The girl on the right looks like his sister (just a guess). The girl below looks like Skeletor. Regardless, he’s the man!

  23. abortionshowers

    first SEC home game we should have a jorts white out

  24. -H A Z E L S M A C K-
  25. HanOfTheBluegrass

    I’m still trying to figure out why Matt thinks jean shorts are something silly or worth laughing about. Do they not wear them at Duke law school or something? Because I’ve seen them plenty of places, and wear them sometimes myself. They’re just shorts.

    Now, if you wear them too tight, or too short, or they’re cutoffs with the pockets hanging down below the cut, that’s different (and often implies homosexuality in a guy, “not that there’s anything wrong with that”), but otherwise, seriously, just shorts. Be glad Josh is a good sport, because if it was me, I’d be annoyed.

  26. -H A Z E L S M A C K-

    Is it wrong to “tight roll” your jeans these days?

  27. BBallSophist

    They say this cat Jorts is a bad mother…


    I’m just talkin’ ’bout Jorts…

  28. bigdinky

    The wildcats should wear denim in a game this year, even if it is a scrimmage or midnight madness. Bring out the denim. Jorts leads the way.

  29. GoCats2010

    28. yes the 96? unies

  30. Steady

    Jorts for all sports.

  31. slappy

    25- I think your jorts are on a little too tight.

  32. RyanInLondon

    can anyone say hairy bush?

  33. Mark

    Hair Pie for desert, anyone?

  34. bcgobsession

    Don’t you mean hair 3.14? Oh that’s right, Vandy students are the only ones that know that….

    As for Josh’s jean shorts– if he can rock ’em right, then girls don’t mind. However there are several types of jean shorts that should be put away for another decade. Nothing tight, short (as someone eloquently described already), and the color of them is important. But for a UK basketball player to wear them, it doesn’t matter– they will always get a$$. And kudos to Josh~ he’s got a smile that would make girls melt 🙂